Hayley talks with Jeanie about her good fortune, 4/29/2006

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  • Hayley thinks it is safe to say that today is a sunny day, since the lord of the castle did not lose his mama after all.
  • Hayley is on her way back from an exuberant run - she looks flushed and even more pretty than usual with the high colour in her cheeks from her exertion. She is carrying an armload of wildflowers and looks very, very happy indeed.
  • Hayley is wearing a sundress that falls just below her 'knees', and her feet are, as usual, bare.
  • Jeanie is walkign along the side of the road, with a basket, humming to herself

<Jeanie> ~What will we do if we have no money?

<Jeanie> Oh true lovers, what will we do then?

<Jeanie> I will hall through the town for a hungry crown

<Jeanie> And we'll yodel it over again

  • Hayley 's long curls are being held back carelessly by a kerchief at the moment. There is a very light dusting of tiny freckles on her cheekbones and the bridge of her nose.

<Jeanie> What will we do if we marry a tinker?

<Jeanie> Oh true lovers, what will we do then?

<Jeanie> I will sell a tin can and walk on with me man

<Jeanie> And we'll yodel it over again

  • Hayley smiles brilliantly.

<Hayley> Jeanie!

  • Hayley calls as she recognizes her friend.
  • Jeanie 's cheeks have turned a little red in the bright welsh sun... she is wearing a sleveless mustard coloured sundress that falls to just abover her knee, and a painted linen scarf over her hair, holding it back behind her horns
  • Jeanie looks up and waves
  • Hayley jogs up to you, dropping a few wildflowers in her wake.
  • Jeanie smiles

<Jeanie> Hello hayley :)

<Jeanie> you're shedding flowers!

<Jeanie> isn't it a gorgeous day?

  • Hayley looks back.

<Hayley> Oh, so I am.  :)

<Hayley> It is indeed!

<Hayley> It's the Best. Day. Ever.

<Jeanie> There was a strange mood in the castle last night... but today, it is like waking up in the middle of windter to find all the slush and snow gone, and nothing but the warmest summer sun :)

  • Jeanie grins... she'd been working on that analogy ;)

<Jeanie> why are *you* so pleased though?

<Hayley> Oh...

  • Hayley smiles.

<Jeanie> Are things all patched up with your prince?

<Hayley> Oh yes, a while ago now.

<Jeanie> well, good :)

<Hayley> We made some compromises and then made up. ^-^

<Jeanie> Well, I trust that you weren't the only one comprosmiing. then I should be very glad for you ^-^

<Hayley> I wasn't.

<Jeanie> You simply can't let men run your life, prince or not!\

  • Jeanie grins

<Hayley> Janus is a good man, really.

<Jeanie> I doidn't think you;d let him :)

<Jeanie> Well he must be, or he wouldn't have won you :)

  • Hayley grins.

<Hayley> I don't know if it's a matter of "winning." It's pretty hard to say "no" to a Sidhe when he tells you the sun rises in your eyes.

<Hayley> He's just trying to get a grip on this whole Prince thing, and I'm trying to get a grip on the Prince's companion thing... so I guess some growing pains are to be expected.  :)

<Jeanie> true...

<Jeanie> Oh did he really say the sun rises in your eyes? ohhh......

  • Jeanie does a fake swoon

<Jeanie> Boys never use lines like that with me :o

  • Hayley nods, blushing and ducking her face into her armful of flowers.

<Jeanie> not for *real* anyway.

<Hayley> Well, Janus is a poet and incurable romantic.

<Hayley> I am very lucky that way. ^-^

<Jeanie> sometimes, there are the ones that just like to talk the whole way through, but I htink mostly they just like the sound of their own voices, and shoul be paying more attention to what they're *doing* you know?

  • Hayley nods.

<Hayley> Mmm... Janus knows what he's doing. And if he doesn't, I tell him!  ;D

  • Jeanie chuckles

<Jeanie> ahh, a prince, a romantic *and* a good shag! You really *did* luck out! ^-^

  • Hayley looks smug.

<Hayley> Well, the prince part isn't really important to me. I mean, great that he is one, but he wasn't when we first met, and that's when I fell in love with him.

<Jeanie> I suppose I'd settle on one of the three, as long as it was the right one ;D

<Hayley> Actually... before I even met him, I used to dream of him.

<Jeanie> oooh? and *he's* the romantic?

  • Hayley smiles.

<Jeanie> ahh, well matched ineed.

<Jeanie> I never dream of the same boy twice, I swear :o

<Jeanie> (indeed)

<Hayley> Oh, well, that has its merits too, I'm sure.  ;)

<Jeanie> generally :)

<Hayley> Are you busy?

<Jeanie> No, not really.

<Jeanie> I was just out for a walk, picking some flowers for later..

<Hayley> Excellent... I was going to weave these into a crown and garland in the gardens. And maybe we could have a little picnic or something?

<Jeanie> sure :)

<Hayley> Great!  :)

<Hayley> Oh, you'd probably be keen on this: Lady Isabel and Kolya were thinking of throwing a huge beach party once the Balor boys get back from their business...

<Jeanie> oooh!

<Jeanie> a bonfire!

<Jeanie> I bet thouse soldiers are right rough :o

<Jeanie> :D

  • Hayley nods.

<Hayley> Uh, probably.

<Hayley> Anyway, I thought you might like to know.  :)

<Jeanie> well, thanks, I'll keep an ear open for more details :)

<Hayley> We're going to try to convince Windrider to guilt Janus into going, so I can go too.  ;)

<Hayley> I am dubious about the success of this mission, but we shall see.

<Jeanie> well, good luck :)

<Jeanie> maybe he'll let you go anyway

<Jeanie> so, the gardens?

  • Hayley nods.

<Jeanie> What will we do if we marry a soldier?

<Jeanie> Oh true lovers, what will we do then ?

<Jeanie> All me handle is gone and I will fight for the fun

<Jeanie> And we'll yodel it over again

<Jeanie> ~

<Jeanie> ^-^

<Hayley> ^-^

  • Hayley leads you up to the gardens.

<Hayley> Say, have you ever met Andrea?

<Jeanie> Andrea?

  • Hayley nods.

<Jeanie> I don't think so

<Hayley> She is another Satyr. ^-^

<Hayley> She owns that big sialing ship you sometimes see at the wharf, it's called La Petite Mort.

<Hayley> You should meet her; I think you'd hit things off well. She has a boyfriend but I haven't met him yet.

<Hayley> Ulysses.

<Jeanie> Ah, well, I don't get down that way much, but I'll keep an eye out :o

<Jeanie> I wonder how much longer we'll be here?

<Hayley> And you should meet Tally, Seraph and Salimah too! They're up visiting...

<Hayley> I'm not sure.

<Jeanie> who are they?

<Hayley> I don't know how far the soldiers have to go to intercept the Church...

<Hayley> Oh, okay. This is where things get complicated.

<Jeanie> oh, uit's up north...

<Hayley> Tally is practically my son... he's Janus' adopted son, anyway. Aidan's twin brother?

<Jeanie> The Count has returned to Bangor, because we might have to house them there for a bit while things are oprganized...

<Jeanie> oh, sorry

  • Hayley shrugs.

<Hayley> No problem.  :)

  • Jeanie says, maning for interrupting

<Jeanie> You think If I ask a question I shoudl at least listen to the answer

  • Jeanie rolls her eyes
  • Hayley smiles.

<Jeanie> I think I saw Aidan at one of the music nights but I didn't talk to him much

  • Hayley nods.

<Hayley> He's a bit shy.

<Hayley> Anyway, Seraph is Tally's wife, and Salimah is their little girl. She is sooooooo cute!

<Jeanie> that's a word for it. He looked like he thought I might bite! :V

  • Hayley laughs.

<Jeanie> ooh, how old?

<Hayley> Two and half, going on three?

<Jeanie> precious ^-^

  • Hayley nods.

<Hayley> She calls me Gammy Hayley... ^-^

<Jeanie> oh, pfft! You're far to young to be a granny!

<Jeanie> you need at least 8one* grey hair.

  • Hayley smiles.

<Hayley> I don't mind at all.

<Hayley> Actually... it's been really neat... I've met two little girls in the past week or so.

<Hayley> I always worried that I wouldn't really know how to relate to kids...

<Hayley> Because my childhood... well, I didn't have much of one.

<Jeanie> :/

<Hayley> But I loved playing with them. And I think they kind of liked me too... I hope.

<Jeanie> kids are generally easy to please :)

  • Hayley smiles.

<Jeanie> and easily distracted.

  • Hayley pouts.

<Jeanie> what?

<Hayley> Hey... I was so proud of my accomplishment and here you are belittiling it.

  • Hayley doesn't really mean it.

<Hayley> ;)

<Hayley> I'll survive. I'm tough.

<Hayley> This looks like as good a spot as any to have a picnic, what do you think?

<Jeanie> Looks lovely! Do we have anything to picnic on?

<Jeanie> Or shoudl I go and visit the kitchens?

<Hayley> Nothing yet, it was a spur of the moment idea once I ran into you.

<Hayley> We'll have to find someone to bring it out to us.

<Hayley> What do you feel like having?

<Jeanie> hmm?

  • Hayley sets her big bunch of wildflowers down on the grass in a small sunny glade surrounded by flowering magnolias.

<Jeanie> Cheese? bread?

<Hayley> Okay, sounds good to me.

<Jeanie> maybe some lamb, so we can make baps?

<Hayley> Sure!

<Hayley> Let's go!

  • Jeanie smiles sunnily

<Hayley> Maybe we'll run into Janus and I can convince him to join us... ^-^

<Hayley> We'll have to get some lemon cakes to lure him to us.

  • Hayley holds out her elbow companionably for you to slip your arm through hers. ^-^
  • Jeanie will take it, and will resume singing
  • Hayley will try to pick up the tune and words if she can.

<Hayley> (we go to the kitchen and get picnicky stuff! Hayley also finds a page and asks them to let Janus know that she's in the magnolia glade if he needs her or wants her for anything.)

<Hayley> What'll we have to drink? ^-^

<Hayley> Lemonade or wine?

<Jeanie> ohh/..

<Jeanie> lemonade is more picnic-y... but I have such a hard time saying no to wine :o

  • Hayley shrugs.

<Hayley> Let's get some of both?

<Jeanie> sure :)

<Hayley> A nice chilled white wine, I think...  :)

<Hayley> (We head back to the glade...)

  • Hayley spreads a cloth provided by the boggans and starts putting out the goodies. Mmmmm!

<Jeanie> ~I gave her cakes and I gave her ale, and I gave her sack and sherry~

  • Hayley settles down and sets to work on weaving her flowers into a chain, nibbling on her bap every so often.

<Jeanie> ~I kissed her once, adn I kissed her twice and we were wanderers merry!~

<Hayley> I like your voice...  :)

<Jeanie> thanks :)

<Jeanie> I like singing

<Hayley> So do I...

  • A_fox pokes his sharp nose through a bush, having caught the scent of something edible!
  • A_fox slinks along until he can see the picnickers clearly.
  • A_fox licks his chops.

<Jeanie> ~I gave her beads and bracletes fine, and I gave her gold and~ hey! :o

  • Jeanie sits up

<Jeanie> no on little foxy, you are not invited to our picnic! :o

  • A_fox looks at you and tips his pointed nose up in the air as if insulted.
  • A_fox turns his back on you.
  • Hayley smiles.

<Hayley> He looks like a pretty nice, clean fox to me.

  • Jeanie holds her snack well away from Tally
  • Hayley tosses the fox some cheese.

<Jeanie> Oh, maybe but you should have seen him! he was *scheming*

  • A_fox turns around again and snarfs it up.

<Hayley> Yes, well... that's what foxes do. ^-^

<Jeanie> well we don't have to encourage them :V

  • A_fox saunters right up to Hayley and sits down next to her. His body language plainly says that *she* is nice but he isn't so sure about *you.* ;)
  • Hayley gives him a nuggy between the ears.
  • A_fox sticks his tongue out and moves away from the pressure.

<Jeanie> Oh I see, feed them once, and they're yours for life

  • Jeanie rolls her eyes

<Jeanie> Pooka.

<Hayley> Tally, anyway... ^-^

<Hayley> Taliesin, this is Jeanie. Jeanie, meet Taliesin.

<Hayley> Back in his old haunts...

  • Hayley smiles fondly.

<Jeanie> ahh, I see :o

<Jeanie> well, nice to meet you, I *suppose*

<Jeanie> ^-^

<Jeanie> since you are a friend of hayley's.

  • Jeanie will offer him apiece of meat

<A_fox> I'm not so sure I can say the same about you. Meanie!

  • Tally eyes the meat for a moment, then moves up to pluck it daintily from your fingers.

<Tally> Ah, guess I'll forgive you this once. But only because you bribed me!

  • Jeanie chuckles
  • Tally has lovely sharp white teeth, and a very luxurious pelt.

<Jeanie> Good food is the answer to everything.

<Jeanie> almost >:D

  • Hayley smiles.

<Hayley> Where is your Head wife and daughter?

<Hayley> Shirking your responsibilities, are you?

<Hayley> I thought we'd raised you better than that.

  • Tally looks injured.

<Jeanie> head wife?

<Tally> They ran away from me... couldn't stand the fur any longer.

<Tally> Oh, I have a huge harem. At least 50 wives.

<Tally> Pretty impressive, eh? Are you jealous?

  • Tally grins, tongue lolling.

<Jeanie> Pft. What would I do with fifty wives? ;p

<Tally> I can think of a *few* things... ^-^

  • Hayley smiles.

<Jeanie> Oh I just bet!

<Hayley> Why *did* you leave Meyarne behind, anyway? I don't think I've ever met her...

<Tally> Um... maybe because she smells?

<Tally> We lost her in the desert, actually.

<Tally> Tragic, tragic tale... but the ungrateful girl took all our camels with her! With all our supplies!

<Tally> Salimah and I would have died if Seraph were not still lactating.

<Hayley> Tally! Ewww?

  • Jeanie munches her butty and wonders if Hayley can make any sense of what he is saying o_O
  • Tally grins, unrepentant.
  • Jeanie shakes her head.

<Jeanie> Boys.

<Hayley> Indeed...

<Hayley> But Tally and Seraph do have another wife. ^-^

<Jeanie> oh? :o

  • Hayley nods.

<Jeanie> well, huh.

<Jeanie> proper married wife?

<Hayley> I don't think so... But they are happy. Right?

  • Hayley asks her son.

<Tally> Only slightly.

<Hayley> They live in the Sahara... Seraph is Windrider's daughter, actually.

<Jeanie> Hmm...

  • Hayley explains.

<Jeanie> huh.

<Tally> So... where are you from?

  • Tally settles down into a sphinx-like position

<Jeanie> me?

<Jeanie> Bangor

  • Tally nods.

<Jeanie> have you been?

<Tally> Oh, many times. Lovely spot.

<Jeanie> Well, it *is* a lovely spot.

<Tally> Do you travel much? You must come here often if you and my little mother are such good friends.

<Jeanie> well, I'm here with my mistress, for the court

<Jeanie> we don't travel too far though

<Tally> Your mistress? Oh ho, now things get interesting...

  • Hayley gives tally a gentle cuff.

<Hayley> Tally, behave yuorself.

<Jeanie> Not that kind of mistress :p

<Jeanie> the countess.

  • Tally nods.

<Tally> Yes, yes, I know.  :P

<Jeanie> :p

<Tally> But can you blame a man for wishing? ^-^

  • Hayley rolls her eyes.

<Jeanie> No, nor would we be surprised ^-^

  • Tally grins.

<Tally> So... would you like to come live out in the desert?

<Jeanie> I can't imagine my mistress woud be very pleased to hear it

<Tally> Oh...  :(

<Jeanie> besides, what if I don't get on with your wives?

<Jeanie> I can be very jealous.

  • Jeanie munches

<Tally> I'm the man of the house, I'll whip 'em into shape.

  • Hayley shakes her head, amused.

<Hayley> Actually, *Seraph* is the boss.

<Tally> Hey!

<Jeanie> well, that *is* more likely

  • Jeanie nods to hayley :)

<Tally> <stage whisper> You're supposed to keep that secret so my self-esteem won't suffer!

<Tally> What kind of mother are you, anyway, dashing your little boy's self-image?

<Hayley> I think you're tough enough to deal. ^-^

  • Tally sighs.

<Tally> Women.

  • Hayley dangles a piece of cheese above Tally's nose.
  • Tally snaps it up.

<Hayley> Yup, Seraph's got you well-trained... you're eating right out of my hand.

  • Tally sticks his tongue out at Hayley.
  • Jeanie chuckles

<Jeanie> that's the way it should be, if you ask me ;D

<Tally> Well, I'm off. If I never see the likes of you two again, it will be too soon.

  • Tally gives you a foxy smile and executes a four-legged bow.

<Jeanie> have fun and stay out of the chickens!

  • Hayley smiles.

<Hayley> Have a good day, Tally.

<Tally> I'll try not to eat them all.

  • Tally runs off into the bushes.

<Hayley> I think Salimah's nap time is about over... those two are inseparable.  :)

<Jeanie> ahh

<Hayley> I hope he wasn't too overbearing...

<Jeanie> oh hardly

  • Jeanie smiles
  • Hayley smiles back.

<Jeanie> I was just startled when I first saw him

<Hayley> There!

<Jeanie> hmm?

  • Hayley holds up her finished garland.

<Jeanie> finished your crown?

<Hayley> All done.

<Jeanie> lovely :)

  • Hayley smiles.

<Hayley> Now... what to do with it? ^-^

<Jeanie> wear it, you silly girl ^-^

<Hayley> Mmmm...

  • Hayley reaches over and puts it on your head.

<Hayley> Lovely!  ;)

  • Hayley starts on another.
  • Jeanie takes it off, and takes off her scarf.
  • Jeanie braisn the garland in so it will stay
  • Hayley smiles.

<Jeanie> there

<Hayley> It looks really nice on you.

  • Janus wanders into the garden, carrying a large raven on his shoulder. He is wearing a long, blue and silver vestlike robe over a voluminous white shirt and tight black trousers. A thin cord of silver lays across his forehead.
  • Jeanie 's black hair is just about chin lenght
  • Janus feeds something to the bird, who gobbles it up eagerly, and then flies off.

<Hayley> The colours contrast so prettily with your dark hair...

<Jeanie> you need one too though :)

  • Janus watches it go...
  • Hayley smiles admiringly.

<Hayley> Oh... they'll clash with my hair!

<Hayley> Really, there's so few things I can wear.

<Hayley> ^-^

<Jeanie> so just use the white ones!

<Jeanie> and the yellow

<Hayley> I suppose.

<Jeanie> it'll look lovely :)

  • Tally nearly runs past the tall Sidhe on his way back to the castle.

<Tally> Oh, hello father - nice day, eh?

<Janus> Rather warm...

  • Janus says noncommitally.
  • Tally shrugs.

<Tally> I'd have a fire going in our tent back in the desert. ^-^

<Janus> Have you seen Hayley?

<Tally> Hmmm...

  • Tally hems and haws.

<Tally> I might have seen her in the magnolia grove.

<Janus> Thank you.

  • Tally smiles.

<Tally> If you'll excuse me? I have an important date to keep!

  • Tally darts off.
  • Janus will ignore your rudeness and head for the grove.
  • Hayley is braiding her second crown of wildflowers for the day and chatting with Jeanie.
  • Janus steps into the cluster of trees.

<Janus> Hayley, I was...

  • Jeanie is laughing at something she ot hayley said

<Janus> Oh... I see that you are entertaining.

<Jeanie> :o

  • Janus puts his Prince face on.

<Jeanie> Your Highness.

  • Hayley hears him and stands up to greet him, smiling happily, a string of flowers in her hand.
  • Jeanie skips to her feet and curtseys.

<Hayley> Hello Janus. :)

<Hayley> This is my friend, Jeanie.

<Hayley> Jeanie, His Highness, Prince Janus.

  • Janus registers your familiarity.

<Janus> Good afternoon, Miss.

  • Janus inclines his head politely.
  • Jeanie smiles pleasantly

<Janus> You travel with the Count and Countess of Bangor... Is that correct?

  • Jeanie is the girl who generally attends Countess Nerys, and seems to be well trained, courteous, and inobtrustive in your experience
  • Hayley smiles encouragingly at Jeanie.

<Jeanie> Indeed, your highness, I am honoured you remember :)

  • Jeanie averts her eyes politely
  • Hayley is so small compared to the Prince, now that you see them standing practically side by side. ^-^

<Janus> Well...

<Hayley> We were just having a picnic and chatting.

<Janus> So I see.

<Hayley> It's such a beautiful day out!

<Janus> I shan't keep you from your friend, then.

  • Janus says amiably enough.
  • Hayley seems practically to glow with happiness today.

<Hayley> Did you wish to discuss something with me? I'm sure Jeanie will excuse us for a moment.

  • Janus smiles a bit in spite of himself to see you in such high spirits. :)

<Janus> Oh no, no...

<Janus> Nothing of import.

<Hayley> Then, will you have a lemon cake? ^-^

<Hayley> We brought them all the way out here just in case you'd come along.

<Janus> Oh... I cannot stay...

<Janus> I... mind the heat.

  • Janus says, a trifle uncomfortably.
  • Hayley figured you wouldn't accept the invitation but thought she'd offer it anyway.

<Janus> ¬_¬

<Hayley> Well, I should probably head back up to the castle anyway. I wanted to ask Seraph something.

<Hayley> Do you mind if I accompany you?

<Janus> Oh... what about your friend?

  • Hayley smiles at Jeanie.

<Jeanie> Oh, I'll be fine :)

  • Jeanie says, honestly

<Hayley> If I can convince her, would you like to join me in a few Raqs Sharqi lessons?  :)

<Jeanie> Although I have enjoyed the company.

  • Hayley asks Jeanie.

<Jeanie> pardon?

<Hayley> Seraph is an accomplished dancer... Raqs Sharqi style. Belly dancing?  :)

<Hayley> It would be extra fun if you wanted to learn a bit with me. ^-^

<Jeanie> oh, dancing!

<Jeanie> when would these lessons be?

<Hayley> I don't know yet, but I'll let you know when I do!

  • Janus discreetly withdraws back to the edge of the grove.

<Jeanie> alright, well, let me know :)

<Hayley> I certainly will. I'll send someone to clean this up, too, once we reach the castle.

<Jeanie> oh, I'll take care of it, I don't mind :)

<Hayley> Oh... you don't have to. But if you insist, my thanks.

<Hayley> I'll see you later, Jeanie, okay?

<Jeanie> alright.

<Jeanie> Have a wonderful afternoon :)

  • Jeanie curtseys to Janus again.

<Hayley> I will! You too, I hope!

<Jeanie> You as well, Your Highness.

  • Hayley waves to Jeanie and skips up happily to where Janus has withdrawn.
  • Janus nods to the other satyr...
  • Janus holds out his arm for Hayley.
  • Hayley is practically bursting with energy and unbounded joy.
  • Jeanie starts humming quietly as she packs stuff up
  • Hayley takes your arm sedately, though she is grinning frmo ear to ear.
  • Hayley glances up at her prince happily.

<Janus> <w> You didn't have to leave... :/

<Hayley> <w> You came all the way down to find me for something!  :)

<Hayley> <w> Anyway, I've been hoping to see you for... oh, hours now!

<Hayley> <w> I had a page take you a message to let you know where I was - did you get it?

<Janus> I just had a bit of spare time...

<Janus> Yes.

<Janus> Why are you so excited, anyway?

<Hayley> Oh... well... your mother. Her Majesty.

<Janus> Well, we are all very pleased with her recovery, I suppose.

  • Janus smiles.
  • Hayley smiles back, indulgently. You are a silly boy sometimes, she thinks. Of course she's glad that your mother is going to be okay but there is obviously something more to it than that.

<Janus> ... Is that all?

  • Hayley nods, biting her lip shyly.

<Hayley> She welcomed me into the family...

<Hayley> And she meant it.

<Janus> ...

  • Hayley says. It obviously means a *great* deal to Hayley.

<Janus> That's great news!

  • Hayley is still having trouble believing it.
  • Hayley nods, smiling beatifically.

<Janus> See, I told you it was only a matter of time. :)

  • Janus hugs you tightly.

<Janus> After all, who could resist your charm...?

  • Hayley hugs you back so tightly! She's just so relieved.

<Janus> . o O ( Now we just have to work on Rachel... )

  • Hayley laughs.

<Hayley> Flattery will get you everywhere. ^-^

  • Kolya is coming out of the castle, walking Monster\
  • Hayley tips her chin up for a kiss.
  • Janus leans in to kiss you, not noticing Kolya.

<Kolya> ..

  • Kolya tries to lead the puppy down another path, not wating to intrude

<Janus> So... do you really have to go see Seraph...?

<Hayley> Mmm... Not right now, necessarily...

<Kolya> Come on Monster...

<Kolya> I know that's really fascinating, but think of all the exciting things you might be missing down *this* way.... -_-

<Janus> ...

  • Hayley 's ears flick in Kolya's direction.
  • Janus looks over as well, backing away from Hayley and flushing slightly.
  • Hayley blushes but looks smug.

<Kolya> -_-

  • Hayley hoods her smouldering gaze, composes herself, then turns her attention to the kinain.

<Hayley> Hello Kolya.

<Janus> Ah... hello...

<Kolya> Ahh, hello.

  • Hayley says cheerfully as if you had not caught them in a very intimate moment.

<Kolya> Your highness.

<Hayley> And little Monster too...

  • Kolya bows to Janus
  • Hayley smiles at the puppy.

<Hayley> (Is Monster on a leash?)

<Kolya> (yarr)

<Hayley> Isn't he adorable?

<Kolya> Sit, Monster.

  • Hayley asks Janus, crouching down to the puppy's level.

<Kolya> You're going to choke yourself if yu keep pulling like that --

  • Kolya isn't that close to you guys
  • Kolya sighs, because the puppy is not paying him any heed.
  • Hayley notices the leash and stands up again.

<Hayley> Sorry - I forgot that you always keep him on a leash.

<Janus> Charming...

<Kolya> well, he gets a little excited around people.

<Kolya> I'm working on that...

<Kolya> But i don't want him jumping up on people.

  • Hayley nods.

<Hayley> Very sensible. By the time he reaches his full height, he might bowl people over.

<Kolya> even if he is just little.

  • Hayley teases.

<Kolya> :p

<Hayley> No, it is a good policy.

<Kolya> yeah, not ewveryone is comfortable around dogs. and most people don't like being jumped on.

<Hayley> I'm sure some people would not be happy to get muddy puppy paw prints on their finery.

  • Hayley smiles warmly.

<Kolya> well, we were just out to work off some energy

<Kolya> We won't, ah, disturb you any further -_-

<Janus> ¬_¬

  • Hayley smiles... but the mood has been broken so your going away now will not help!
  • Kolya smiles in return

<Kolya> have a nice afternoon :)

<Hayley> Thank you. You too, Kolya.

  • Hayley turns back to Janus once Kolya is out of ear shot.

<Hayley> Next time we'll have to find a thicker stand of trees.

  • Hayley smiles mischievously.

<Janus> >_<

<Janus> Well. Maybe so.

<Hayley> Would you like to reconvene in a more suitable environment? Or is your break over? ^-^

  • Janus keeps looking over his shoulder for more people.

<Janus> Let's go inside, yes...

<Hayley> Very well then. Shall we?

  • Janus lends you his arm again.
  • Hayley is quite pleased to take it.