Hayley and Janus discuss his research, 8/26/2005

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  • Hayley has asked Janus if he could spare some time to discuss his research with her again.

<Janus> What do you want to know?

  • Janus responds, trying not to sound overly wary.

<Hayley> Well... how close you are to figuring it all out, for one.

  • Janus closes the book he was half-reading and sets it aside.
  • Janus is wearing a long, flared vest of pale blue and silver brocade, over a light white shirt ruffled at the throat & cuffs, and pale
 grey fitted trousers with high black boots.

<Janus> Actually... <Janus> I have been nearly ready, since... Well, since last we spoke of it before Georgia... <Janus> I require only one more thing before we can proceed.

  • Hayley is wearing a long, dark grey silk strapless gown.
  • Hayley nods.

<Hayley> It did sound like you were close last time we spoke of it.

  • Hayley agrees.

<Hayley> What is it that you're lacking?

  • Hayley asks, though she has an idea what it might be.

<Janus> Well... Dovev. <Janus> I have yet to really speak to him about it. <Janus> :/ <Janus> I am sure that he knows, since Mother is aware...

  • Hayley smiles understandingly.

<Janus> He is waiting for me to ask, I suppose. <Hayley> But it's kind of awkward asking someone for a - probably rather large - sample of their blood.

  • Hayley guesses.

<Janus> Yes... <Janus> I don't want to make it sound like... like I am treating him as a commodity.

  • Hayley nods.

<Hayley> If worst comes to worse, would another dragon's blood do? Say, if a knight was setting out to slay a dragon anyway... not that I

 know of any who are right this moment, but it could come up.

<Janus> Ah... <Janus> I don't think that would be a good idea. <Janus> That would be... extremely awkward. <Hayley> With Dovev, you mean. <Janus> I'm sure you can imagine.

  • Hayley nods.

<Hayley> There are all different sorts of dragons, though. Sorry... it was just a thought I had... I remember when people were pretty

 cavalier about killing dragons.

<Janus> There aren't that many around, now... You would have to go rather deep into the dreaming.

  • Hayley nods.

<Janus> Those little shoulder-dragons that one sometimes sees... Those do not have nearly the power of a true dragon. <Janus> Useless... <Hayley> All right, that's sort of along the lines I was thinking of. I just thought I'd ask. <Janus> Well, I did investigate the possibility.

  • Hayley nods.

<Janus> I will try to speak to him sometime over the next few days. <Janus> I promise. <Hayley> I was just trying to think of other ways to make it happen, supposing Dovev turns you down, which I doubt he will if you explain

 what it's for...
  • Hayley nods.

<Janus> No, I'm sure it will be fine...

  • Hayley settles down on a chair nearby.

<Hayley> Do you know of any potential side effects after it's done?

  • Hayley asks more out of a desire to be informed than anything else.

<Janus> There should be none. <Hayley> The Omens all agree on that?

  • Hayley smiles supportively.

<Janus> As far as I can determine, once it is fully healed, you should not notice anything...

  • Hayley glances at you, an amused smirk playing about her lips.

<Hayley> But before it's fully healed, I'm in for a world of pain? <Janus> There is no way to avoid that, unfortunately... <Janus> ¬_¬

  • Hayley shrugs.

<Hayley> Pain is nothing new to me.

  • Janus looks uncomfortable, but doesn't say anything.

<Hayley> Will we be going to Oxford for the ritual or staying here? <Janus> Oxford is a more optimal location...

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  • Hayley nods, smiling.

<Hayley> We'll get to see Tara's son.  :) <Janus> I suppose so... <Hayley> That will be nice. <Hayley> Will I be in any shape to travel back after the ritual, or will I have to stay there for a while? I guess you'd have to come

 back here right away.  :/

<Janus> Well, we could use a portal. <Hayley> I don't mind staying there, but I'd miss you if you had to go. <Janus> I think it would be better to bring you back here... <Hayley> Just because you'd miss me so much too?

  • Hayley asks cheekily.

<Janus> I would want to keep an eye on you. <Hayley> ...

  • Janus grins a little.
  • Hayley sticks her tongue out at you once she realizes it's not because something could go drastically wrong.

<Hayley> So... how will we know if it works or not? <Hayley> Will we just have to wait and see if I grow older? <Janus> More divinations... <Hayley> Fair enough.

  • Hayley smiles.

<Hayley> I guess I had better find lots of good books to read while I'm laid up... <Hayley> Any suggestions? <Janus> I'm sure we can find you something. :) <Hayley> I hope I won't be too cranky, drive you away. Then it will all have been for naught!  ;)

  • Hayley is teasing.

<Janus> I'll just have to take it back out then. ;) <Hayley> :P <Hayley> Meanie. <Hayley> So, you'll talk to Dovev in the next few days, and then you'll need to free up some time to do it... <Hayley> Any estimate on when it will actually happen?

  • Janus nods.
  • Janus thinks for a moment...

<Janus> Three weeks from Wednesday, the moon will be full... <Hayley> Three weeks?! I have to wait *that* long?

  • Hayley sighs.

<Hayley> Ah well, if it has to be an auspicious evening, it has to be an auspicious evening.  ;) <Janus> Indeed. <Janus> Try not to go mad with impatience in the meantime. <Hayley> I'll try... <Hayley> I was actually hoping it would be sooner, so I could say "Well, you had better get your fill of me before then!" because I might

 not feel like doing much while I'm an invalid, and who knows how long it will take for me to heal?

<Hayley> You might have to find a mistress to fill in for me while I'm out. <Janus> Ah... <Janus> I think I will survive... <Janus> ...

  • Hayley smiles wickedly.

<Hayley> You're sure? <Janus> ... Quite.

  • Janus flushes slightly.

<Hayley> Because you do have quite a lusty appetite, you know. <Hayley> I'm dubious.  ;) <Janus> ... <Hayley> Hmmm...

  • Hayley looks pensive.

<Janus> I assure you that I am not completely ruled by my baser instincts. <Janus> I am certain that somehow I shall manage to carry on.

  • Janus says dryly.
  • Hayley scrutinizes you.

<Hayley> Well, we shall see. <Hayley> You did promise to take good care of me, so you had better not let me overexert myself while I'm recuperating. ^-^

  • Janus sighs, sounding exasperated, and picks his book up again.

<Janus> Yes, dear.

  • Hayley gets up and crosses over to where you are.
  • Hayley settles down on the arm of the chair you're in.

<Hayley> I'm just teasing. <Hayley> ... <Janus> I know, I know... <Hayley> You know what they say about teasing, right?

  • Hayley reaches across to play gently with a strand of your hair.

<Janus> .... No.. <Janus> ¬_¬ <Hayley> Oh, you.  :P <Hayley> Don't tell me you were never teased mercilessly by girls, and told by an adult "It's because she *likes* you."

  • Hayley kisses you on your temple, then gets up and leaves you to your book.