Hayley & Janus, 7/6/2002

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<Janus> Where should we pick up? <Hayley> (I have to go to your place I think... since you left me behind, and Ana warned me I had to leave... <Janus> (You were leaving right away though, from what I can make of this log) <Janus> (right?) <Hayley> (yup) <Hayley> (Just have to get my clothes) <Janus> (Well then, I'll be passed out on my bathroom floor if you're looking for me ;D) <Hayley> (So I'm about to appear at yo' place. On the roof, 'cause that's where I figure you'll be.) <Janus> (I don't know who all else will be at home... Tara certainly; possibly Aidan...

  • Hayley appears above Janus' house, and her cool special cantrip effect is lost 'cause no one's there to see it.
  • Hayley makes a sweeping pass over the roof on wings of flame and sees that he is not there...

<Hayley> . o O (Guess I have to go to the front door...) <Janus> (ahh... the tile floor is so nice and cool.. ;D)

  • Hayley is worried. She hasn't actually talked to Tara or Tally or Aidan since she left Janus... she'd just show up in rooms she knew they wouldn't be in.

<Hayley> . o O (What if they hate me for what I've done?) <Janus> (The study is warded though, so not there)

  • Hayley touches down and steps up to the door... the house judders and sighs slightly, warning Janus that someone familiar is here.

<Hayley> (I like your semi-sentient freehold-house...)

  • Hayley hauls down on the bellpull.
  • Janus 's eyelids flutter, and he groans softly...
  • Tara_ bustles out of the kitchen and goes to the door, wondering who *that* could be.

<Tara_> <m> Better not be a pedlar; I've about had it with pedlars.

  • Tara_ opens the door wide, frowning somewhat to deter pedlars... and her features swiftly move into an expression of shock and disbelief.

<Tara_> Hayley! <Tara_> What are you doing here?

  • Janus wonders, through a thick fog, where Tara is...

<Hayley> I... had to come. To help Janus...?

  • Hayley looks a bit frightened.

<Tara_> Help him, is that it?

  • Janus has the sensation of lying on a hard surface... Something cool is pressed against the side of his face.

<Tara_> I'm not so sure that you could help him if you mean to leave him again.

  • Tara_ almost hisses.
  • Hayley ducks her head.
  • Hayley gathers her strength and looks up at Tara again.

<Hayley> Please... just tell him I'm here. He is home, isn't he? <Tara_> Yes he's home. Come in I guess. All of this is very unusual.

  • Tara_ lets Hayley come inside and closes the door behind her.

<Janus> (heh... Tara doesn't know I left to see you in the first place ;)

  • Tara_ bustles off to find Janus, shaking her head.

<Janus> (She probably thinks I'm still up in the study) <Tara_> Highly irregular.

  • Hayley stands uneasily in the front hall.

<Janus> (She must have been outside taking in laundry or something when I got back; that's the only way she could not know what's going on...) <Hayley> (something like that.)

  • Tara_ bustles up to the study and taps on the door.

<Tara_> Your Lordship? You have a guest.

<Tara_> . o O (Probably an unwelcome one.)

  • Tara_ taps again when there is no answer.
  • Janus cracks one eye open... So bright, and everything's spinning...

<Janus> . o O (Whose hand is that...?) <Tara_> Baron? Are you in there? H- Hayley's at the door.

  • Janus fades out again.
  • Tara_ frowns and tries the doorknob to the study.

<Tara_> (I presume it is locked) <Janus> (It usually is)

  • Tara_ heads down the hall to his bedroom.
  • Tara_ knocks on the bedroom door.

<Tara_> Baron Janus! <Tara_> Hayley's at the door. <Janus> (I probably have my own bathroom, don't I?)

  • Hayley feels very small and very out of place and very nervous.

<Hayley> (I'd say) <Hayley> (You are rich. Master bedroom, master bath and all that.)

  • Hayley wonders where Janus might have gone if he didn't come home?

<Janus> (Right. Well, that's where I am) <Hayley> . o O (Oh, not the Countess', oh, please.)

  • Tally hears Tara and steps out of a doorway downstairs. He eyes Hayley.
  • Hayley eyes Tally.

<Janus> (I'm not wearing my ward... If you'll recall I didn't untie my hair to back home or anything...) <Hayley> (The awkward silence grows.)

  • Tara_ tries the knob on Janus' bedroom door... it opens and she walks in.
  • Tara_ scans his bed, the little seating arrangement by the fire place, etc.
  • Tally keeps staring at Hayley, expression unreadable.
  • Hayley feels small... and guilty.
  • Hayley breaks eye contact with her erstwhile son.

<Tara_> Your Lordship?

  • Tara_ notices the bathroom door is closed.
  • Tara_ taps on the bathroom door.

<Tara_> Are you in there? I'm sorry to come busting in on your room like this... <Tara_> But... Hayley's here.

  • Tara_ sounds a bit frightened, not sure what to expect.
  • Tally slinks away into the recesses of Janus' home once more.
  • Hayley feels sick.
  • Tara_ tries the bathroom doorknob...

<Janus> (not locked)

  • Tara_ turns it.

<Tara_> Are you in there?

  • Tara_ is embarrassed and worried that he might be...
  • Tara_ opens the door only a crack.

<Tara_> Your Lordship? <Janus> ... <Janus> nnnn...

  • Tara_ lets out a breath she didn't know she'd been holding.

<Tara_> Janus? <Tara_> Are you decent? <Tara_> Hayley <Tara_> Hayley is here... she wants to see you. I told her to wait downstairs. <Janus> ...can't <Tara_> I hope that's right, sir. I... didn't think I ought to just send her away- <Tara_> Can't, what do you mean can't?

  • Tara_ opens the door wider, nervous about what she'll see.
  • Tara_ peers in.

<Janus> help...

  • Tara_ opens the door wide at that and rushes to help Janus!

<Tara_> (what has he done? o.O)

  • Janus is sprawled across the floor, grey as ashes.

<Janus> ( A few black raven's feathers are scattered around him) <Tara_> (No blood everywhere?) <Tara_> (phew)

  • Tara_ crouches at Janus' side.
  • Janus looks a mess.

<Tara_> Your Lordship, what's wrong?

  • Tara_ is frightened but keeps her cool. She's well suited to managing an emergency situation.
  • Tara_ props Janus' torso up on her ample lap.
  • Janus opens his eyes, and cringes against the light.
  • Hayley grows more and more lonely by the minute, wondering if she's done the right thing...

<Janus> ... Tara... <Tara_> Yes? <Janus> help...

  • Tara_ says brusquely. She reaches up for a hand towel and turns the tap on, moistens the towel.

<Tara_> You're going to survive. You've had far too much to drink is all. <Tara_> Here. <Janus> Rook left...

  • Janus mumbles
  • Tara_ heaves Janus up some more and lays the towel on his forehead.

<Tara_> Tally!

  • Tara_ calls.

<Tara_> I need some muscles, please!

  • Janus is pretty limp.
  • Tally saunters out of a room again. He glances at Hayley.

<Tally> Are you coming?

  • Tally says a bit coldly, perhaps.
  • Hayley swallows and nods.
  • Tally runs upstairs.
  • Hayley follows.
  • Tally steps into the bathroom.

<Tally> Hello Dad, nice day.

  • Tally moves in next to Tara and manages to get Janus up into a sitting position.
  • Janus 's head rolls back onto Tara's chest.

<Tally> Have you puked it all up?

  • Hayley catches up and stands in the doorway, uncertain what to do. She looks pale.
  • Hayley feels so guilty.
  • Tally shakes his father's shoulders a bit.

<Janus> what? What? <Tally> Hey Dad, wake up! I need you here with me. <Tally> Did you puke it all out? <Janus> What?

  • Tara_ is preparing a glass of warm salted water.
  • Hayley crouches down next to Janus silently and Heather Balms him...
  • Hayley 's eyes are large and fearful.

<Janus> Who's at the door...?

  • Janus mutters to himself

<Tally> You've gone and poisoned yourself. I'm wondering if you puked it all up or if I'll have to pump your stomach. <Janus> I'm ... fine... <Tara_> No one now, Your Lordship. Hayley was but now she's right here beside you.

  • Tara_ says matter-of-factly.

<Tally> All right Hayley, let's pick up this sack of potatoes and get him into his bed. <Janus> Hayley's in Ireland

  • Hayley nods and bites her lip.
  • Tally takes a hold of Janus' shoulders.

<Janus> Hayley is laughing to me...

  • Hayley gets a grip on his legs and feet.
  • Hayley loses her grip when he says that.

<Hayley> No I'm not... <Hayley> I came to get rid of the birds, like you asked...

  • Hayley 's voice is small and strained.

<Tara_> Birds?

  • Tara_ snorts.

<Tara_> He'd be better off asking you to get rid of his alcohol. <Janus> Hayley is laughing to me all day long...

  • Janus continues to mutter incoherently

<Tara_> Get going, pick him up and get him to his bed!

  • Hayley feels like crap.
  • Tally doesn't make a move; he just keeps holding Janus up, and watching Hayley.
  • Hayley isn't sure what to do.
  • Hayley moves up closer to Janus' face and lays her hand, trembling, on his cheek.

<Hayley> I'm not... <Hayley> I've been crying for you all day long... <Hayley> Please look at me?

  • Hayley strokes his cheek with a small hand calloused from hard work.

<Janus> (liar, it's only been an hour or two ;D) <Hayley> (I don't think Janus is really in a state to argue the minutiae) <Hayley> (;^D)

  • Hayley moves her hand up to brush some blue hair gently out of Janus' face.

<Janus> (Where am I? AM I still suspended between Tally and Tara?)

  • Tara_ busies herself so she doesn't have to see a 14 year old... acting too mature... for her age.

<Tara_> (You're on the floor of the bathroom still; Tally has your shoulders and is supporting you. Tara is standing up and about to leave the bathroom. Hayley is sitting right in front of you, with her hand on your face.

  • Janus looks up.
  • Hayley tries to smile a bit, but she's very worried.
  • Tara_ is a bit uncomfortable about the whole 14-year-old with a 180-year old thing...

<Janus> Oh, hello... <Hayley> <softly> Hi there...

  • Hayley strokes his hair soothingly.

<Janus> <m> You shouldn't be here... <Hayley> You... you said you needed me to get rid of the birds... <Janus> <m> Shouldn't see... <Tally> This is all very sweet but my back's starting to ache... can you two continue your conversation once we get Dad into his bed?

  • Hayley looks a bit confused and maybe hurt.

<Hayley> Yes, yes we can. <Janus> <m>... see me like this...

  • Hayley focuses her attention on Janus once again.

<Hayley> It doesn't bother me. I am only concerned for you. <Hayley> But Tally's right, let's get you into your bed... <Hayley> Can you walk do you think? <Janus> Yes... <Tally> All right... <Janus> Maybe...

  • Tally manoeuvres himself around to Janus' side and rearranges his arms and Janus' so he can support Janus as he walks.

<Tally> Whew, I'll never eat black licorice again.

<Tally> You ready, Dad?

  • Tally looks at his father with concern.
  • Janus nods...
  • Janus leans rather heavily on Tally, but manages to make it across the room.

<Tally> Ok...

  • Tally helps Janus up, etc.
  • Hayley moves over to his other side and supports it.
  • Tara_ shakes her head slightly and goes about cleaning the bathroom up and airing it out.
  • Hayley and Tally lower Janus to his bed.
  • Hayley pulls some pillows up to prop Janus' back.
  • Rook is sitting quietly on the headboard of Janus's bed.
  • Hayley tries not to notice Rook.

<Janus> Oh, there's Rook

  • Rook eyes the others in the room carefully.

<Janus> I thought he'd gone... <Rook> greetings master. <Rook> We are forever at your service when needed master. <Janus> Did you put our things away? <Tally> Do you want anything to drink, Dad? *Non* alcoholic?

  • Tally says sternly.

<Rook> Most things have been stored nicely. <Janus> Good...

  • Rook glances at Hayley briefly while saying this.

<Janus> Water... <Tally> All right.

  • Janus lays back and closes his eyes.
  • Tally leaves Janus' room and goes to the kitchen to bring him a glass of water... he glances once more at Hayley as he leaves, expression unreadable.
  • Rook hops down on the bed next to Janus's head, not in the way, but so you see him as you look at Janus.
  • Tara_ closes the door to the bathroom so she can clean it up 3 times as fast.
  • Hayley sits quietly on Janus' bed.
  • Hayley doesn't know where to begin.
  • Rook waits patiently while looking at Hayley.
  • Janus 's head is slowly clearing, thanks to the Heather Balm...

<Hayley> I- I'm so sorry...

  • Janus opens his eyes again.
  • Hayley says suddenly.

<Janus> ...Why are you here?

  • Janus sounds a little confused.

<Hayley> I... kind of wanted to already... then you asked me to. <Hayley> But then you left... and I thought maybe, you didn't, after all. <Janus> I did...?

  • Janus sounds more confused

<Janus> Oh! <Janus> I suppose I did, after all. <Janus> You ... want to stay here, now? <Hayley> I wouldn't have come, because I thought maybe you didn't want me to, after all. <Janus> I would like very much for you to stay...

  • Janus turns his head to the side, and glances at the bird.

<Hayley> All right... if it will help you. <Hayley> It doesn't make sense for me to stay there, anyway... <Rook> We also think that we may be here for a while as well master.

  • Janus looks back up at Hayley

<Janus> But...

  • Hayley glances at Rook.
  • Rook seems to be giving the impression of smiling even in bird form....its not a pleasant sight
  • Hayley looks away.

<Janus> But you mustn't run away anymore.

  • Janus 's voice is quiet, but strained.

<Rook> (is that to Hayley or Rook?)

  • Hayley turns back. She looks pale and strained herself.

<Janus> (Hayley) <Hayley> <w> I won't... <Janus> You mustn't be wandering off, and leaving like that anymore...

  • Tara_ bustles out of the bathroom and glances at the three on the bed.
  • Rook flutters back up to the headboard of the bed.
  • Tara_ leaves them to themselves.
  • Tara_ goes down the hall, shutting the door behind her.

<Tara_> ... <Hayley> ... <Janus> ... Or it will be the end. <Rook> We would be happy to spend time with her while she stays here my lord. <Hayley> Can I go outside sometimes and walk around? As long as I'm back before dark? <Hayley> . o O (I have to be allowed to go outside...)

  • Janus closes his eyes again and seems to sink back a bit.

<Hayley> . o O (Please don't say no... I'm not like you. I can't be cooped up, not like I was at Aberystwyth...) <Janus> You must see... <Janus> I can't think about you going... somewhere else... <Hayley> I don't know where he lives, Janus. <Janus> Whilst you are living with me...

  • Janus 's eyes snap open.

<Hayley> I don't really know anything about him. <Janus> You could find out easily enough; or I could!

  • Rook looks reproachfully at Hayley.

<Janus> Or he will come looking for you... <Hayley> Send someone with me, if you don't trust me.

  • Janus turns his face to the wall.

<Hayley> But please, I must go outside sometimes!

  • Hayley pleads.

<Hayley> You can come with me. <Janus> Very well... <Janus> Or Rook can... <Rook> It would be our pleasure.

  • Rook bows to Janus.
  • Hayley doesn't like the idea of having Rook along very much... he's not very pleasant company. She'd prefer Janus!

<Hayley> Yes, Janus...

  • Hayley bows her head in acquiescence.

<Janus> (I'm not feeling so well lately.. In case you hadn't noticed, I've just had a nervous breakdown ;D)

  • Hayley 's subservient gesture is rather... pathetic. It's so much at odds with her usual personality.
  • Rook is pleased with Hayley's response.
  • Hayley looks beaten down.

<Rook> (but it doesn't show.)

  • Janus is pretty beaten down himself; and too worn out to really be as perceptive as usual.

<Hayley> (Eros would be pleased as well... her pride is finally failing her.) <Janus> You must be tired... <Hayley> A little. <Janus> I am... <Janus> You can ask Tara to open up a room for you...

  • Hayley nods and stands up, head still bowed like a servant girl's.

<Hayley> Yes, Janus. <Janus> Or you can rest here for a while, if you want...

  • Hayley glances up at Janus...
  • Hayley would very much like to...
  • Hayley hesitates.

<Rook> We would be happy to see to a room being prepared while the two of you rest together. <Janus> Yes, that's a good idea...

  • Hayley looks uncertain but climbs back onto Janus' bed.
  • Rook flies over to a dresser and transforms to human shape with his back to the bed. He picks up an old pair of sunglasses and puts them on.
  • Rook turns around and the sunglasses cover his eyes.

<Rook> With your leave my lord?

  • Hayley 's back hurts her so much... always there, reminding her of the shame she brought to Janus' family...

<Janus> Of course.

  • Rook bows and quietly exits.
  • Hayley lies down on her side wherever there is room.

<Janus> <m> We ought to get Tara to clean up your back...

  • Janus watches Hayley...

<Hayley> <m> I don't know what she can do. <Janus> <m> We'll see.

  • Hayley looks up at Janus who is still, I think, propped up on large fluffy pillows.
  • Hayley 's head is resting on the mattress.

<Hayley> Doesn't it bother you? <Janus> What? <Hayley> My back... it's there, it reminds me constantly of the dishonour I brought to your mother... to you. <Janus> It bothers me that it hurts you... <Janus> My mother can take care of herself... <Janus> And as for me... <Janus> well...

  • Janus looks away

<Janus> ¬_¬ <Hayley> <w> It does... <Hayley> <w> It does bother you.

  • Janus shakes his head slowly.

<Janus> Just you never mind that...

  • Hayley stretches her legs downwards slightly.

<Hayley> Oh, Janus... it's not that simple. <Hayley> I can't just forget. <Janus> I know exactly who is to blame for my problems, Hayley.

  • Hayley looks sadly up at Janus.
  • Janus withdraws some pillows and rearranges the remaining ones so that he can actually lie down.
  • Hayley rearranges herself as well.
  • Janus watches her.
  • Hayley has left some space between herself and Janus, uncertain how close he wants her to be... though she would like to feel his heart beat to remind her that not everything is bad...

<Hayley> <w> I love you, Janus. <Janus> <w> I love you too...

  • Janus reaches out for Hayley, but stops, uncertain whether he should actually touch her.

<Janus> ...

  • Hayley moves in closer to let him know it's OK with her...
  • Hayley watches him.

<Hayley> . o O (If he doesn't, he doesn't... I should be glad I am able to be this close.)

  • Janus sighs.
  • Janus cuddles up close to Hayley, but is wary of touching the wounds on her back.
  • Hayley takes one of his arms and drapes it over her waist...
  • Hayley burrows her head into his chest, then tries to sleep.

<Janus> Hmmmm....

  • Janus is soon asleep.

<Janus> (wonder if Tara will try to pry us apart when Hayley's room is ready. ;D)

  • Hayley stays awake a bit longer... she likes listening to his heartbeat. It makes her feel alive.
  • Hayley lays her own hand on the angle between his hip and rib cage, and falls asleep herself.