Hayley, Tara & Janus, 12/3/2002

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  • Tara_ ministers to Hayley's back, as she does twice a day. Since Hayley has to be practically naked to have her back bathed and bandaged, Tara can scrutinize her closely.
  • Hayley dabbles her fingers in a pot of herbal stuff that soothes the wounds on her back.
  • Hayley is thinking of Janus and humming to herself, and making it a point not to wince when Tara runs a cloth soaked in the herbal stuff over her lacerations.

<Tara_> How are things with you, Hayley? <Hayley> Hmmm? Oh, just fine. As perfect as they can be.

  • Hayley winces in spite of herself as antiseptic runs into a raw wound.

<Tara_> You've managed to aggravate these since yesterday.

  • Tara_ tries not to think of the first few weeks Hayley was here, when she could see down to the bone in one of the wounds.

<Hayley> Yes, well. It happens.

  • Hayley tries to sound non-committal but has a feeling she knows where this is going.

<Tara_> ... <Tara_> Are you sure you're all *right?*

  • Hayley rolls her eyes.

<Hayley> I'm *fine,* Tara. <Tara_> You're young still... don't throw away your childhood.

  • Hayley bridles.

<Hayley> I'm *not* a child. I haven't been since I was six!

  • Hayley hisses.

<Hayley> I'm a Wilder, and what I do is really none of your business, Tara. <Tara_> He can be very intense - don't let him pressure you.

  • Tara_ is losing her courage.
  • Hayley whirls about.

<Janus> (oh, don't *yell* at Tara :o) <Hayley> Tara! I went to *his* room, okay?

  • Hayley doesn't quite yell. ^-^

<Hayley> I needed to see him. And what we did or didn't do really doesn't concern you. All right?

  • Hayley turns around again and leans on the sink.

<Hayley> Anyway... I was 15 *last* time...

  • Hayley smirks.
  • Tara_ looks flustered.

<Hayley> Just let it drop, Tara, okay?

  • Hayley sighs eventually.

<Hayley> I can still wear white to my wedding, if I ever have one. <Hayley> And nothing will be happening again for a long time, or did you fail to notice how he's been avoiding me all day?

  • Hayley hunches over the sink and looks glum.
  • Tara_ finishes tending to Hayley in silence.
  • Hayley gets dressed again as Tara puts the clean bandages and stuff away.

<Tara_> You missed your insulin injection this morning, didn't you?

  • Tara_ says finally.
  • Hayley shrugs and looks a bit sullen, perhaps.

<Tara_> I'll treat you as an adult when you take responsibility for yourself as one.

  • Tara_ turns and exits the washroom.
  • Hayley stares at herself in the mirror for a bit, then heads out as well, down to her room, and flops on her bed.

<Janus> . o O (Miffy boggan alert)

  • Janus gets out of Tara's way
  • Hayley reaches out for her insulin kit because she's about due for her second dose anyway. She rolls onto her back, pricks her finger, eyes the drop of blood that bubbles out, and then tests it for blood sugar.
  • Tara_ carries the pot that the wash for Hayley had been in and goes down to the kitchen to sterilize it so it's ready for the next ministration.
  • Tara_ doesn't seem to notice Janus getting out of the way. ^-^
  • Janus gets out of the way of miffy pot carrying boggan
  • Hayley measures out her insulin dosage and squeezes the air out of the syringe, all while lying on her bed, a classic po'd teen. ;^D
  • Janus sort of hovers at the door outside Hayley's room...
  • Hayley injects herself.

<Hayley> (I found out recently that juvenile onset diabetics have to give themselves shots 2-5 times a day...  :^( ) <Hayley> (First thing in the morning, check blood sugar, inject insulin... ) <Hayley> (not fun)

  • Hayley puts her things away and grabs a pillow to hug.

<Janus> ... <Janus> *knock* <Hayley> Who is it? <Janus> (how pissy does she sound?) <Hayley> (Kind of resigned more than anything) <Janus> It's me... Janus.

  • Janus looks back down the hallway for signs of boggans.
  • Hayley sits up, heart thudding.
  • Hayley stands up, then sits down again.

<Hayley> Um, you can come in.

  • Janus opens the door a little and looks in.

<Hayley> It's not locked- hi.

  • Hayley is sitting on her bed, which is neatly made still but a bit wrinkled from her flopping.
  • Hayley looks questioningly towards Janus.

<Janus> (I assume she's dressed...) <Hayley> (she is) <Hayley> (she did that in the washroom ^-^) <Janus> I see Tara's taken care of you... <Hayley> Yup. <Janus> Well, that is... good...

  • Hayley 's cheer is a bit forced perhaps.
  • Janus stands in the doorway

<Hayley> Did you want to come in?

  • Hayley gestures to an armchair by the window.
  • Janus takes a couple steps inside and closes the door.

<Hayley> . o O (Probably wouldn't want to be on the bed with me.  :^/ I'm such a wicked little whore.) <Hayley> To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?

  • Hayley smiles and puts on airs. ^-^

<Janus> I wanted to ... talk to you. <Janus> About, well, about today.

  • Janus does not enjoy talking about these things.
  • Hayley looks a bit surprised.

<Hayley> Um... all right? <Hayley> . o O (This is new.)

  • Janus is visibly uncomfortable.

<Hayley> What's there to talk about? It was... fun. <Janus> You're not.. You don't feel strangely?

  • Janus asks anxiously.

<Janus> You don't think I'm... some kind of... <Hayley> I wouldn't have stuck around so long if you made me uncomfortable.

  • Hayley shrugs.

<Hayley> I'm not ashamed of us. Should I be?

  • Janus wrings his hands a bit.

<Janus> I was afraid I might have... pushed ... too much...

  • Hayley draws her legs up and hugs her knees when he wrings his hands, but then forces them down again.

<Janus> Sometimes I find it difficult to think properly, and then afterwards I wonder if I've perhaps acted improperly... <Hayley> (a smile tugs at Hayley's lips) <Hayley> You're so funny...

  • Hayley says gently.

<Janus> ... Funny?

  • Janus stops his fidgeting and looks perplexed.
  • Hayley nods shyly.

<Hayley> In a good way...

  • Hayley draws her legs up again and sort of rocks on the bed.

<Janus> So... you're *not* upset and disgusted. <Hayley> No, not at all. <Hayley> I've had a wonderful day... <Hayley> I know I make you uncomfortable, though... <Hayley> I wish I were older for you...  :^/

  • Hayley tucks a lock of hair behind an ear and looks away briefly.
  • Janus will go over and sit down beside her.
  • Hayley looks back at him and smiles.
  • Janus smiles back...

<Janus> I'm not uncomfortable now.

  • Hayley giggles nervously.

<Hayley> It's that easy? <Hayley> Here I've been trying for more than 6 months to be a good little girl and not dress in any way that might make you think I was trying to... lead you on, or whatever... because you were obviously so uncomfortable... and all I had to do was tell you that you don't bother me? <Janus> Well... perhaps I've had time to adjust.

  • Hayley unfolds her legs and lays her hands in her lap.

<Hayley> Do... other people's opinions bother you?

  • Hayley searches Janus' gaze anxiously.

<Janus> It's none of their damned business!

  • Janus thinks of that strange nosey boggan Tara wants to bring in
  • Hayley sort of shrinks back because of the force of his opinion. ^-^
  • Hayley takes Janus' hands in her own.

<Janus> Well, it isn't.

  • Hayley looks down at their interlaced fingers.
  • Hayley nods agreement.
  • Hayley looks up at Janus again.

<Hayley> I- could make myself older, if that would be better... <Janus> What? <Janus> No, don't. <Hayley> Chronos... <Hayley> All right. I won't.

  • Hayley smiles, relieved.

<Janus> I'm what... Roughly a hundred and fifty years older than you? Three isn't going to make a difference. <Janus> Anyhow, I don't care anymore.

  • Janus might still be trying to convince himself of that, but he's doing a good job.

<Hayley> Nearly 170 years older...

  • Hayley grins mischievously.

<Janus> Yes well, the point being, that I'm frightfully old. <Hayley> You're only as old as you feel...

  • Hayley smiles up at Janus.
  • Janus smiles charmingly.

<Janus> (And I go to sleep now, vixen!)

      • Janus has quit IRC (Quit: Still the prettiest.)