Goewin is interviewed by Janus and Kolya, 8/28/2005

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<Goewin> What's the setup? do I know I'm being considered to work for Janus yet? <Janus> Yes... <Goewin> Or am i just in Aber for some other reason and we're going to run into one another? <Janus> Your father probably heard that the family was looking for some sort of steward <Janus> and had your name put forward <Goewin> okay <Janus> You've probably spoken with Windrider at this point. <Janus> You know that your background and such has been thoroughly checked out by the family <Goewin> And am I going into run into you by accident or is this a pre-arranged meeting? <Janus> very pre-arranged <Goewin> okay.

  • Goewin will be sure to be punctual and all that.

<Janus> You know whatever rumours you want her to believe about Janus and his household, and whatever you think would be common knowledge,

 I guess

<Goewin> okay

  • Goewin tries to think of appropriate clothing description
  • Goewin wears a dark blue kirtle embroidered in white and a cotehardie overtop. She has dark blue slippers beaded and embroidered with a
 floral pattern on her feet.
  • Goewin 's pretty honey-blonde hair is pinned up with pearl-tipped hairpins and then allowed to fall in a silky cascade behind her back.
  • Janus has invited you to a smaller salon this afternoon. As you make your way through the castle it is strange to think that if you make
 a good impression, you might be managing all these pages, among other things! :o
  • Goewin hopes she will get the job but won't allow herself to be too disappointed if she doesn't.

<Janus> [One of the aforementioned staff will escort you into the room, where some plates of cucumber sandwiches and the like have been

 laid out, along with tea, etc...]
  • Janus is there with another man, a mortal.
  • Kolya is dressed in sharp looking house Eiluned livery... a black waistcoat with a silver scarab on the breast over a silvery white
 shirt, and black trousers and boots.

<Goewin> (Does the mortal have any identifying insignia on? I think she'd be pretty sure it was Kolya, anyway... ) <Goewin> (I mean, how many other mortals would be in the company of such an august personage as the Prince?)

  • Goewin curtseys deeply when she is announced, lowering her eyes demurely.
  • Janus wears a heavy-looking cape of black velvet brocade over a long black vest with thin silver stripes, a loose silvery-white shirt,
 closely-fitted black trousers, and gleaming black boots. A thin band of silver lays across his forehead.
  • Kolya has short sandy blonde hair, and looks like he has spent a fair deal of time outside... he's quite tanned.
  • Janus waits for the page to announce you and leave before saying anything.
  • Kolya bows his head in acknowledgement when you are announced
  • Goewin raises her glance once she finishes her curtsey and smiles in an open, friendly fashion.

<Janus> Well. Good afternoon... Have a seat.

  • Janus gestures with a gloved hand at a chair.

<Goewin> Thank you, Your Highness... and you must be Kolya, the Royal Seer? <Janus> (oh I forgot one thing.)

  • Goewin addresses Kolya when she says that last bit.
  • Kolya smiles in greeting.

<Janus> [There is a large black raven perched on the prince's chair, watching you closely. It gives you the creeps.] <Kolya> That would be me, My lady.

  • Goewin smiles again; if she is a bit uneasy in the creepy bird's presence, she does well to not show it.

<Janus> Kolya is a member of the Queen's own court, as you know.

  • Goewin takes the offered seat gracefully.

<Janus> He has also worked very closely wih Windrider over the past few years. <Goewin> Yes, Your Highness.

  • Goewin smiles.

<Janus> He will be, in essence, training my new steward.

  • Goewin nods.

<Goewin> A pleasure to meet you, Kolya.

  • Kolya glances at Janus

<Kolya> It's mostly a matter of learning the nuances of the routines *here*.... I know your qualifications for this position are

  • Goewin smiles modestly.
  • Kolya smiles in return
  • Goewin has a really nice demeanor. There's something about her eyes that makes most people feel at ease.
  • Janus shifts in his seat.

<Janus> What do you know about my family, Goewin?

  • Goewin turns her attention back to the Prince.

<Goewin> (What sort of details are you looking for, Hazel?) <Goewin> (I could launch into a biography of your family, but I'm not sure that's what you want.  ;) ) <Janus> (that's the question, answer it) <Kolya> (hey, you're not the psychic in the room ;)\ <Goewin> I know that His Majesty comes from a strong line here in Wales and is an accomplished sorceror. Her Majesty is of, I believe,

 Italian descent, and she is a proven administrator of the Realm.  Their Majesties were separated for a number of years due to an 
 accident His Majesty suffered, but recently, they were reunited.

<Goewin> You have inherited your father's sorcerous talent and, some say, exceeded it even. You have spent much of your life in England

 but when Their Majesties struck a pact with Ireland and succeeded to the throne of Wales, you were needed here to continue in the 
 administration of your ancestral home.

<Janus> [The raven ruffles its feathers a bit.] <Goewin> His Majesty has another son, adopted, from the intervening years when he believed he was Duke Merrill Garland. Lord Nikolai

 remains in Concordia to act in his father's stead at Rosehill.
  • Kolya glances sidelong at Janus, trying to gauge his visible reaction

<Goewin> (Does this seem to be what you are asking about, or am I way off track?) <Janus> That's all history. <Janus> What about now?

  • Goewin seems a little nervous, perhaps. The question you posed could have many answers and she isn't sure what you're looking for.
  • Janus shifts in his chair again. He seems perhaps a bit restless.
  • Goewin pauses, thinking.

<Goewin> Now you are still in the process of adjusting to your new role in life, and trying to balance your public duties with your

 interest in researching various forms of magic, and still have time to spend with your companion, Hayley O'Leary.

<Goewin> Their Majesties are busy with their own concerns and the former steward here, Windrider, has moved on with them. <Goewin> So you need someone to take his place and take care of the day-to-day aspects of running a princedom. A person who can make

 decisions about what things should be brought to your attention and what need not be, based on strong reasoning and logical skills.
  • Janus glances over at Kolya.

<Kolya> ... <Kolya> That's all true.... <Kolya> But serving the Gwydaines is not like serving just any family... <Goewin> No. It's not.

  • Goewin agrees.

<Goewin> (I plan to expound but am thinking of what to say)

  • Kolya nods, waiting for you to expound

<Goewin> Your family is a royal family and you need people whom you can trust to serve you well and loyally. You have a certain

 appearance to keep because you are public figures.  In public, you need a steward who will support you in every way.  But a steward 
 would not be a good one if he or she were a mere yes-person.  In private, you might need someone to discuss issues with you and give you 
 another point of view.

<Goewin> Of course, any decisions you choose to make would be final. It is your position to rule, the steward's merely to assist in

 whatever way he or she can.

<Goewin> ...

  • Janus glances sidelong at Kolya again.
  • Goewin seems to have finished for now, and is gauging your reactions subtly. (Empathy)
  • Janus is mostly bored.

<Janus> (mixed with a bit of restless and frustrated) <Goewin> (Well, as previously stated, I'm not psychic so i don't know what you want me to say or what you want to hear...)

  • Kolya is maybe a little anxious.

<Janus> All of that is well and good. It sounds as though you have done a great deal of... homework. <Goewin> (or what would not be boring/frustrating/whatever). <Janus> What do you really think?

  • Janus rests his elbows on the arms of his chair, steepling his fingers idly.

<Goewin> Begging Your Highness' pardon, but what do you mean by that? You desire my personal opinion of you? My impression? <Janus> I want to know what you think of our family, yes. <Janus> Our household. <Goewin> Well, I barely know any of you, so my experience is limited. <Janus> [The bird leans down briefly, almost as though it was whispering in the prince's ear.] <Janus> Surely you've heard things about us beyond the official releases. I was under the impression we were at least a little infamous... <Janus> I'm a little disappointed...

  • Goewin smiles slightly.

<Goewin> Well, as those are all rumours, I would hesitate to forge an opinion based on them. <Janus> Mmm. <Janus> ... <Goewin> However, in all honesty, I do believe Her Majesty is an eminently capable ruler. <Goewin> I know very little about His Majesty; there are not even really any rumours about him. He is rather shrouded in secrecy and, I

 understand, hard to get to know.

<Kolya> And what about His Highness? <Janus> Yes, what about me?

  • Janus smiles slightly, for the first time.

<Goewin> Well, you are also shrouded in a fair amount of secrecy. But not so much as His Majesty. <Goewin> I know you are extremely well-versed in sorcery.

  • Kolya waits for more

<Janus> EVeryone knows that... <Goewin> Some say you may even have some knowledge lost to the rest of us... <Goewin> And which you choose to keep guarded as it is extremely powerful. <Janus> We keep many things guarded in this family.

  • Goewin nods.

<Janus> Discretion is rewarded... <Janus> Indiscretion is... not. <Janus> [The bird Quorks ominously.] <Goewin> Of course. The reputation of House Eiluned is well known. <Janus> Should you come to work for us you will of course be sworn to guard our secrets.

  • Goewin nods.

<Goewin> I would not have expected anything less. <Janus> Here is another question. <Janus> You mention our dealings with Ireland as though it were just another kingdom. <Janus> Very tactful... but what is your real opinion of that alliance? <Goewin> If an alliance can be forged between a traditionally Seelie house and a traditionally Unseelie one, I am in support of it. <Goewin> They certainly proved their usefulness to your family when the Church attempted its coup. <Goewin> I benefitted from that as much as the next person; why would I want to denounce it? <Janus> I don't recall asking you to denounce it...

  • Goewin smiles.

<Janus> How about you Kolya, what do you think of House Balor? <Kolya> ahh... heh. <Kolya> It's always wise to be wary around them. <Kolya> Even the friendly ones can be a bit rough ¬_¬

  • Janus nods...
  • Kolya unconsciously covers the left side of his chest with a hand

<Kolya> They're dangerous, but they are powrful, and it is better to be their ally than their enemy. <Janus> Quite so... <Goewin> Yes, that's what I was trying to drive at.

  • Goewin looks a bit embarrassed by her lack of communication there.

<Janus> ... Why don't you tell Goewin *your* impressions of our family? <Janus> Of working for us, at least. <Kolya> .... I would say pretty much the same thing, Your Highness.\ <Janus> Really? <Janus> . o O ( I was hoping to kill a least a couple of minutes there :/ ) <Kolya> Well, basically yes. It isn't really that simple, though.

  • Goewin relaxes a tiny bit, though she is still nervous about being interviewed for such an important job, of course.

<Kolya> I like what I do here, and I've been given opportunities beyond what I probably would have imagined possible for, well, someone

 of my station.

<Goewin> (It's someone else's turn to talk... I'm out of the spotlight for a brief respite.) <Kolya> But I know that I wouldn't have ben given any of this if my loyalty were not guaranteed.

  • Goewin nods. She really didn't expect anything less from a bunch of Eiluneds.

<Kolya> And, well, also because I'm useful to ther majesties.

  • Kolya says, with an undercurrent of cause if I weren't, it would have been so much easier for them to get rid of me.'
  • Goewin 's expression remains schooled.

<Kolya> But since I've been in service, I've been treated exceptionally well, and I've never had any cause to even consider betraying your

  • Kolya finishes.
  • Goewin turns her attention back to Janus to see how he reacts to Kolya's statement.
  • Janus seems satisfied by it, anyway...
  • Goewin doesn't look alarmed; she seems quite well aware of the ramifications of working for you and your family.

<Janus> Well then. <Janus> Moving on...

  • Goewin smiles slightly and nods.

<Janus> What do you know about Hayley? <Goewin> I know that she is your chosen companion and that you care for her very much. <Janus> Yes. <Goewin> I don't think there is anything wrong with a Sidhe and a Commoner finding happiness together, though I must admit that it is

 surprising in one of your House.

<Janus> I want to make it crystal clear that she is not some kind of... <Janus> Well, she is for all intents and purposes a part of my family, and is to be treated accordingly.

  • Janus says stiffly.

<Goewin> Of course.

  • Goewin seems surprised that you thought you'd have to make that clear.

<Janus> Right. <Janus> One more thing then. <Goewin> I heard she fell ill not long ago. <Janus> This is Rook. <Goewin> I hope she is recovering well.

  • Goewin turns to the raven with an expression of interest.
  • Janus gestures to the raven.

<Janus> My steward will doubtless be called upon to work with him from time to time.

  • Goewin nods.

<Janus> Rook, introduce yourself, please. <Janus> ... He is a little quiet these days. Most of the time. <Janus> [The bird hops down off the chair ...] <Janus> [ ... And changes into something awful! (I'm sure you're familiar with what he looks like oog ;)] <Janus> <Rook> Greetings Lady. We are Rook.

  • Goewin blanches somewhat but stands up and offers her hand for a shake of greeting, politely.

<Goewin> Greetings to you as well, Rook. <Janus> <Rook> We are pleased that you also wish to serve Prince Janus. <Janus> Perhaps you'd like to ken him; he's quite special. <Janus> <Rook> Oh yes we are that, Prince.

  • Goewin does so with your permission, then.

<Janus> * Rook smiles creepily. <Janus> * Rook looks over at Kolya and blinks his 'eyes' at him slightly out of sync.

  • Goewin 's eyes widen slightly and she turns back to Janus.
  • Kolya smiles nervously at the nervosa

<Janus> Would that present a problem, then?

  • Kolya is more accustomed to Dovev

<Janus> * Rook changes back into a bird and flutters back up to his former perch. <Goewin> No. He is your servant. <Janus> Is he... <Janus> You're very nonchalant about it; I must say that surprises me... <Janus> I once had him eat a man's eyes. What do you think of that? <Goewin> ...

  • Goewin looks a bit unhappy because it seems you are being deliberately hostile...

<Goewin> I am sure you had your reasons.

  • Goewin replies quietly.

<Janus> He stole something of mine. <Goewin> It must have been something of tremendous value. <Janus> It was to me. <Janus> Knowing that... How do you feel about working here now?

  • Janus sits back in his seat.

<Goewin> Well, it is of course disturbing. <Goewin> However, I don't believe you would be in the position of ruling Prince if you were not suited for the job. <Goewin> I don't know the whole story behind what you've told me. <Goewin> Obviously you had been wronged because this person stole something from you. <Goewin> So it was within your rights to punish him. <Goewin> How you chose to punish him might seem rather severe to me, but as I said, I don't know the whole story. <Janus> What if it wasn't within my 'rights'? <Janus> What if I was, say, in the Kingdom of Willows?

  • Janus asks, not aggressively, but more curiously.

<Goewin> Well, you should probably have gone to the local authorities then. But I don't know when this occurred. If it was a number of

 years ago, you might not have had confidence that the local authorities there would see you given justice.

<Goewin> And if it was as valuable as you say, you might in a fit of pique have overstepped yourself. <Janus> What would you have done if you had been in my employ when that happened? <Goewin> I would have advised you against taking matters into your own hands, tried suggesting some alternatives or a slightly lesser

  • Janus looks over at Kolya.

<Goewin> But if after all that you decided to go through with your plan to have Rook eat his eyes, I would not have pressed the matter. <Goewin> Only been disappointed that I was unable to guide you as well as I should have. <Janus> Guide me, hm.... <Goewin> Even the best of us could use some guidance once in a while.

  • Goewin smiles slightly, trying to take the sting out of her words if you misinterpreted her.

<Janus> Well, this is running rather long... <Goewin> Yes. <Goewin> But it's important to be thorough. <Janus> Tell me before we adjourn... Why do you *want* to work here?

  • Kolya does his best not to shift uncomfortably

<Goewin> Because it would be an excellent opportunity for me. But that is not the whole reason. <Goewin> I think also... that you're a very interesting person, Your Highness. You are very much a member of your House, but in other

 ways, so different. You are something of a contradiction and it intrigues me.  I also think that in spite of some things you have done 
 in your past, you could make a very good ruler, and I'd like to help you be one, if I can.
  • Janus raises an eyebrow.
  • Goewin smiles an infectious smile, shrugging slightly. That's the truth - take it or leave it.

<Janus> Well, that will be all for today.

  • Goewin curtseys.

<Goewin> Thank you for your time, Your Highness, Kolya, Rook.

  • Goewin makes her departure with relief. It was pretty stuffy in there!
  • Kolya will try to catch up with Geowin later in the day
  • Goewin is taking in the gardens while she's here, in case it's a long time before she ever comes back.
  • Goewin has changed into a mid-calf length pink sundress and has a white lace shawl on, and a straw sunhat with a matching pink ribbon
 tied under her chin to keep it from blowing away in the breeze coming off the sea.
  • Kolya has changed out of his livery, and is wearing a short sleeved blue tunic with some simple embroidery, and tan trousers, with
  • Goewin stoops to peer with especial interest at some new hybrid of rose being developed by an enterprising gardener.

<Kolya> Lady Goewin?

  • Goewin straightens up, placing the voice before turning around with a tentative smile.

<Goewin> Kolya...

  • Goewin 's eyes slide to the side - she's not certain whether to be herself or be serious again. ^-^
  • Kolya seems much more at ease in this environment, and smiles in return
  • Goewin returns her full attention to him and smiles back.

<Goewin> Finished your duties for the day?

  • Goewin inquires?

<Kolya> have you seen the gardens here before?

  • Kolya laughs at us both asking questions simultaneously

<Goewin> Not since I was very small. <Goewin> My adoptive father brought me here for my Naming ceremony after my fledge-year.

  • Kolya nods.

<Goewin> And you? Are you finished? <Kolya> I am as finished as I ever am, I suppose :) <Goewin> Yes, it would be a 24/7 job, I'm sure. <Kolya> I usually have a fair amount of time to myself... Especialy here, where the castle staff are more used to the routines.

 Marguerite, the Chatelaine, is really quite efficient.
  • Goewin nods.

<Kolya> Cardiff is a little different, because there are always so many new people coming and going. <Kolya> So, let's just say, I'm not too upset at being left here a little longer. <Goewin> (Have Di and Mikey returned to Cardiff by now) <Goewin> (?) <Kolya> (good Question?) <Kolya> Of course, with the court getting ready to leave soon, things are a little hectic...

  • Goewin nods.
  • Kolya shrugs.

<Goewin> I have no romantic notions of the job, believe me. I know you'd be at the beck and call of everyone whenever they felt they

 needed you.

<Goewin> It doesn't bother me in the slightest.

  • Goewin smiles.

<Kolya> Ahh, its not so bad, really. <Kolya> You wouldn't be at anyone's beck and call save the Prince's, really... <Kolya> And he is most likely to let you alone to take care of the usual business <Goewin> Everyone who is anyone, perhaps I should have said.

  • Goewin says with a grin.

<Kolya> But everyone *else* is chasing you down because they expect you to know what's going on all the time

  • Goewin 's eyes seem to sparkle with a barely suppressed joie de vivre.

<Kolya> You look like you might enjoy that ;)

  • Goewin smiles mysteriously.

<Goewin> Don't you?

  • Goewin asks sweetly.

<Kolya> ehhhh.... <Kolya> I manage :) <Goewin> I can see that. <Kolya> It keeps me busy, most of the time.

  • Goewin nods.

<Kolya> 'Court Seer' is not reallly, well... <Goewin> Not always a demanding job?

  • Goewin supplies helpfully.

<Kolya> It doesn't really fill the hours, I guess. <Goewin> I mean... when they want a vision, they want one, but I don't imagine the request is made to you all that often. <Kolya> It can be demanding enough, though ¬_¬

  • Kolya nods

<Goewin> And even if it were, can you perform on demand? <Goewin> Or do they just come to you out of the blue? <Kolya> A little of both. <Kolya> More of the latter

  • Goewin nods.

<Goewin> I suspected as much. <Kolya> Dan likes to be inscrutable <Goewin> Fate is a fickle mistress.

  • Goewin agrees.

<Goewin> So, when you do have a rare moment of free time, how do you entertain yourself, Kolya? What do you like to do? <Kolya> Oh, different things.... I have some friends here that I try to see when I can. I just got a dog, so I've been spending a lot of

 time training him.

<Kolya> What about you? <Goewin> I like any number of things. <Goewin> Friends, fun, parties, boys, the pursuit of knowledge... <Goewin> The usual.

  • Goewin smiles.

<Goewin> What kind of dog do you have? <Kolya> A mutt :) <Goewin> Often the best kind. <Goewin> Are you training him to do anything specific or just basic obedience? <Kolya> I think he has some daschund in him, though. He's kind of short and long

  • Goewin laughs.

<Goewin> Cute. <Kolya> Just basics, for now.

  • Goewin nods.

<Goewin> If you're attached to him, probably best. Sending him into badger setts might be rather hazardous. <Kolya> Yeah... I'm not much of a hunter anyway <Goewin> Good. ^-^ <Kolya> Not a fan of sport? <Goewin> No, sport is good in moderation. <Goewin> But when you spend your entire life doing it to the exclusion of all else, it's a problem just as with any addiction.  :P <Kolya> Ahh <Goewin> (This seems to induce some bitterness in her. In case you hadn't noticed.) <Kolya> Sounds like there's a story there <Goewin> Mmm... <Goewin> A long and perfectly dull one.

  • Goewin agrees.

<Goewin> I usally need several drinks in me before I'll sink to the depths of recounting it. <Kolya> Well, I'll keep that in mind. <Kolya> it's still a little early ;)

  • Goewin laughs.

<Goewin> Indeed it is. <Kolya> (I was assuming an early morning meeting, unless I'm crazy) <Goewin> And even if it weren't, you'd be hard pressed to get enough in me, supposing you were that interested in my story. <Goewin> I'm a maudlin drunk and well aware of it so I try not to indulge to excess.  :) <Kolya> Maybe. I've been accused of being a very cleverly disguised pooka, though ;) <Kolya> But, nah...

  • Goewin eyes you with scrutiny.

<Goewin> Well, possibly there is something about the ears. But your height is all troll. <Goewin> ;) <Kolya> I was wondering, though, if you had any thoughts, or questions about things from this morning that you might want to talk about,

 off the record so to speak

<Goewin> ...

  • Goewin looks thoughtful.

<Goewin> All right, there is one thing... <Goewin> Maybe two.

  • Kolya nods

<Goewin> Is he *always* so serious? <Kolya> I think the only person who has seen a lighter side of him is Hayley <Goewin> Hmm.

  • Goewin files that away for future reference.

<Kolya> The Queen, I'm sure you know, is very keen on formality and courtly ritual, and she has instilled a very strong sense of social

 propriety in her son.

<Goewin> Well, there's a time for work and a time for play, but I can see that his time for play might be limited. <Kolya> Of course.... he hates it all, and thus does his best to avoid having to deal with any of it. <Goewin> I hope his steward will be able to free up a little more play time for him; he could certainly use some. <Goewin> Can't be healthy.  ;) <Kolya> It's not so much a matter of *time*.... though the more time he has for himself, the happier he is, to be sure. He's just a very

 formal person.

<Goewin> All right. <Kolya> For the most part, it translates to a very formal court.... <Kolya> But of course, there are exceptions. You've met Windrider.

  • Goewin smiles.

<Goewin> I sure have. <Kolya> He's a really great guy, and the most masterful diplomat I have ever met. <Goewin> He's a treasure, all right. Anyone hoping to follow him has big shoes to fill. <Goewin> But judging by the size of you, you'll fit.  ;) <Kolya> Heh

  • Goewin has not forgotten she might have another thing to ask, she just seems to have decided not to ask it.

<Kolya> I'm not hoping to step into them anytime soon <Kolya> So, what else? <Goewin> Oh, nothing pressing. I believe I already know the answer, anyway. <Goewin> So, is there any spectacular sights I ought to see here in Aberystwyth? <Kolya> Have you been down to the beaches yet?

  • Goewin shakes her head.

<Goewin> They looked kind of gravelly, not like our white sand beaches in Harlech. <Kolya> Well, I suppose Harlech is right on the coast too, isn't it?

  • Kolya nods
  • Goewin nods.

<Kolya> We have both kinds <Kolya> Closer to the town, it's all fine black sand <Kolya> And then smooth black pebbles closer to here

  • Goewin nods.

<Kolya> It's probably warmer out this way though :)

  • Goewin smiles.

<Goewin> Well, I suppose I could meander down that way before tea. Care to join me? <Kolya> Certainly. <Kolya> (do we want to call it there?) <Goewin> (sure) <Kolya> (keen)