Fiodus Casavant

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One of the captains of the Imperial Guard, with jurisdiction over the Imperial Island itself. Casavant rose from humble beginnings in Pearl City - it was rumoured his mother was a prostitute. His father was Martan Kizer, the dispossessed Duke of Friaul. However, Fiodus always claimed he never accepted any help from his notorious father during his rise to power, but accomplished it through his own merits. Their relationship was always strained for reasons that were never entirely clear. A charming man from House Wolf, he can come off as superficial and overly courtly, but he is also very good at his job.

Half-brother to Althea Deverara, uncle to Falke Sathin. He eventually married Elfea Rademacher; whether he knew about her previous involvement with his father is unknown.

Casavant is also an accomplished musician.