Faren & Anastasius, 11/16/2002

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  • Anastasius is in his cave, working on some magical experiments in connection to the Hayley thing
  • Faren pauses outside Ana's cave, trying to gather his thoughts.
  • Faren runs his hand through his short dark hair and steps in. His footsteps are light in the passage.
  • Faren steps into Ana's usual cavern. He is sombre and unsmiling.
  • Anastasius looks up, sensing Faren's presence as soon as he enters the caves...
  • Anastasius 's features darken for a brief second...
  • Anastasius sprinkles a bit of fine grey dust over the small magic circle he had drawn to keep it in stasis, and stands to go and meet his friend...
  • Anastasius strides out into the main chamber of the cave

<Anastasius> Faren. <Faren> Tierney. And so the dog comes back to lick its master's hand. Are ye surprised?

  • Faren has a nasty red scar on the left side of his neck.

<Anastasius> What happened to your neck? <Faren> I had an unfortunate run in with a bullet.

  • Faren doesn't smile.
  • Faren is stiff and a bit cold towards you, maybe.
  • Anastasius nods very slightly
  • Anastasius is being.... I can't think of the word. Like 'diplomatic', kind of.... Neutral.
  • Faren looks around the room, biding his time.

<Faren> Are ye alone? <Anastasius> Yes.

  • Anastasius scrutinizes Faren with his eyes, trying to get a sense of what is going on

<Anastasius> Would you care for a drink?

  • Faren turns his dark, impassive gaze back to Anastasius.

<Faren> Sure.

  • Anastasius nods

<Anastasius> (What is Faren's usual? ;) <Faren> (Hmmmm... whisky on the rocks? That's vile and manly enough, isn't it?)

  • Anastasius goes over to the cold ledge that serves as his liquor cabinet
  • Faren sits down without being invited.

<Faren> Do ye have that old chessboard handy anywhere? We could always talk over a game o' chess.

  • Faren says with perhaps a hint of nostalgia. ;^D
  • Anastasius takes out two glasses, and fills them with a dram each of some very well aged scotch whiskey
  • Anastasius walks over, and silently sets the two glasses down, then leaves the room
  • Anastasius comes back a few minutes later with the board.
  • Anastasius sets it down between the two glasses, and sits down as well
  • Anastasius also has two bags, one white, one black, with the pieces in it
  • Faren always liked the black. ;^D
  • Anastasius sets the black bag beside your glass.

<Anastasius> . o O (Always did overlook the strategic advantage of that.... )

  • Faren empties the pieces out and sets them up between sips of whisky.

<Faren> . o O (Never caught on that it's more of a challenge with the black.) <Anastasius> (It is very good whiskey ;D)

  • Anastasius sets up as well

<Faren> So, not goin' to ask me how the feck I got shot?

  • Faren savours his whiskey... you can tell he appreciates the fine flavour of this one.
  • Anastasius looks down at the knight he had in hand, and sets it down in place softly.
  • Faren sets his last rook in place and sits back, ready for you to make the first move.

<Anastasius> I had been worried, until you turned up again at Ravenshale. <Anastasius> How did you get shot?

  • Anastasius will make his move

<Faren> The day I left here... <Faren> I was fumin'. Had to get to the shore fast. <Faren> Why the feck did ye have to settle in a cave in the centre of the bloody island, anyway?

  • Faren is kind of pissy.
  • Faren moves his chess piece.
  • Anastasius doesn't answer

<Anastasius> (It isn't really in the middle, anyway... <Anastasius> (it is west-ish in the middle) <Faren> (I know it's not, so does Faren. But it's far enough from the shore that *he'd* never choose to live there.  ;^D)

  • Faren takes a sip of his whiskey and watches his one-time friend closely. Kind of an unsettling gaze, though not as unsettling as yours...
  • Anastasius is still keeping his face neutral

<Faren> Well, anyway. Cut across country to Lough Erne, then down the river to Donegal Bay. Not paying attention, I was that mad. <Faren> 'Twasn't so long ago fishermen shot us seals for bein' competition... But it's a rare mortal with a working gun these days. <Faren> Feckers.

  • Faren concentrates on the game for a while.
  • Anastasius will as well

<Anastasius> . o O ( What is he building up to? )

  • Anastasius will be paying attention to the game, but seems to be more paying attention to you, as if he can just learn all your secrets by sitting long enough in silence
  • Faren cracks a crooked grin.

<Faren> Ye know me too well. <Faren> (Faren always used to take his time getting to his point over a chess game. ^-^)

  • Faren 's grin isn't really friendly, though. More... resigned.
  • Anastasius seems like he's holding back from you, but then, what did you expect
  • Faren frowns, a bit resentful.

<Anastasius> I know your habits. <Faren> And I know yers, so why don't I just get to the point, hmm? <Faren> I'd be dead now if she of the three aspects hadn't decided to feck my life up even more than it already was. <Faren> Do ye wish I had died, Tierney? If not ye might in a minute.

  • Anastasius feels cold inside.
  • Anastasius closes his eyes for a minute
  • Faren 's voice is raised somewhat now. He's angry and frustrated and bitter.

<Faren> Guess whose beach I should wash up upon? <Faren> Half-dead and cold as ice!

  • Faren swipes the chess pieces off the board in anger.
  • Faren stands up abruptly and begins pacing.

<Anastasius> Well <Anastasius> I see. <Faren> She meant to kill me for meat. I wish she had.

  • Faren stops pacing and leans against a wall, back to you.

<Anastasius> . o O ( Is this Eros's doing, all of it? ) <Anastasius> . o O ( He is a fool, if he thinks any of this will stop me. )

  • Faren looks beaten, tall form drooping, shoulders slumped.
  • Faren turns slightly to look back at you.

<Faren> <softer, bitter tone> I wanted ye to know, because I am a liability now. <Anastasius> . o O ( A liability *now*? )

  • Anastasius 's eyes narrow ever so slightly

<Faren> Or more of one.

  • Faren snarls.
  • Faren turns to face Anastasius again.

<Faren> So what will it be this time? My skin, perhaps? Something worse? A practice target for your little army? <Anastasius> You think I should punish you for something that is beyond your control?

  • Faren is brought up a bit short by that little comment. ^-^

<Faren> I expect you are not too pleased that I have managed to complicate matters. <Faren> But I wanted ye to know... Tierney.

  • Anastasius breathes out slowly
  • Faren slides down to the floor and props his head up on his knees.

<Faren> Did ye get the message about Dovev snoopin' about Crawford's?

  • Faren asks in a tired voice.

<Anastasius> Stop sulking on the floor

  • Anastasius says with vague (but un-masked) annoyance

<Faren> I forgot to ask last time I was here... I am *not* sulking. <Anastasius> What would you call it, then? <Faren> Restin'. I'm worn out. <Faren> I don't have Wayfare, remember? <Anastasius> I did get the message. <Faren> It's a feckin' expedition every time I come here. <Anastasius> You did say your life wasn't challenging enough <Faren> And my stamina's not what it was, courtesy of extensive blood loss and prolonged infection. <Faren> Ha ha.

  • Faren says in a tone that is not amused. Evidently his life is more challenging than he could possibly want right now at this minute.

<Anastasius> . o O ( Be careful what you wish for.... >:| ) <Faren> Anyway, I figure ye owe Her Excellency. Hayley hasn't been back to pester your Irene since, as far as I can tell. Irene is not a very good liar. I'd know if she weren't tellin' the truth.

  • Anastasius nods

<Faren> <w> Hayley...

  • Faren shakes his head to rid it of thoughts of Hayley.

<Faren> Feckin' hell.

  • Faren looks like crap now that he's let the air out of his sails. No more intimidation making him look ominous.

<Anastasius> The Countess Gwydaine is no longer a direct concern, for the moment

  • Faren nods, only partially absorbing that.
  • Faren stares at the chess pieces scattered across the floor.

<Anastasius> As for Hayley.... I will continue my work <Anastasius> There is nothing more that I can do about it.

  • Faren glances up at Anastasius, a bit belligerent once more.

<Faren> Your work had better not harm her.

  • Faren finds the strength to stand up and look vaguely threatening.
  • Anastasius does not seem threatened

<Faren> (I didn't expect he would be, and neither did Faren... it's that stupid thing called "love" messing with his actions/reactions.) <Anastasius> It isn't my intention

  • Faren looks Ana in the eyes.

<Faren> Good.

  • Anastasius lets Faren read his emotions there, if he wants... Concern, but still, in the background, anger.
  • Faren moves towards his chair again and sits in it.
  • Faren seems to recognize Ana's emotions for what they are.

<Faren> I will apologize to ye, when ye apologize to me. <Faren> Otherwise, it would seem we are at an impasse.

  • Faren looks Ana in the eyes again.

<Anastasius> (The anger flares briefly, but then everything is masked again) <Anastasius> So it would appear <Faren> (You can tell that Faren's going to hang on stubbornly... he feels he deserves an apology but also that he owes you one.) <Faren> How is Caelan? <Anastasius> Well enough <Faren> I haven't seen the fecker since we were both here. <Faren> I suppose he still hasn't feckin' clued in that he's completely stuck on that colleen. <Anastasius> I haven't pressed him about it <Faren> They're a match for one another. Ill-tempered and brainless to boot.

  • Faren gulps down the last of his whisky.

<Faren> Can I spend the night here? I'm too weary to get back to the coast. I'll have to take my chances. <Anastasius> You may.

  • Anastasius reaches into one of the pockets of his robe, and produces the snowglobe, and sets it in the middle of the table.
  • Faren looks at it.

<Faren> For the night?

  • Faren asks a bit bitterly.

<Anastasius> No. <Anastasius> You have enough other challenges, now.

  • Faren gives Anastasius an appraising look.

<Faren> (Is there a sort-of apology in there somewhere?) <Anastasius> (If there is, he's not showing it) <Sascha> (it's pity. >:) <Anastasius> (He's not showing pity either, really.... he's just not giving you any clues)

  • Faren reaches for the snowglobe slowly.

<Faren> Thanks, I think.

  • Anastasius nods his head
  • Faren holds the snowglobe in the palm of his hand and regards it, feeling the comforting weight of it.

<Faren> I almost had her at Beltane, you know...

  • Anastasius watches impassively

<Faren> But she ran away. <Anastasius> She doesn't know what she wants

  • Faren 's eyes grow sad.

<Faren> I don't think she realized, until that moment... <Faren> I wasn't just trying to use her.

  • Faren rolls the snowglobe thoughtfully in his hand and tucks it into his dufflecoat pocket.
  • Faren turns to look at Anastasius again.

<Faren> Where can a wanderin' spirit get some rest?

  • Anastasius looks thoughtful for a moment

<Anastasius> They say there is a storm in the heart of the shadowlands that washes all lost souls into oblivion... But you can try the third room down in the left corridor.

  • Faren nods and actually *smiles* slightly then gets up and heads down to the offered room, leaving Anastasius alone with the table, the empty glasses, and the scattered chess pieces.