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Diablotin 1 session logs
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Diablotin Game 76 From RocksfallWiki [edit] Summary

Eighth-month, 2197:

   * 6th (continued): Belden communes with her God, who tells her that they are not to enter the Arch. Then Althea leads them to the Arch. They confront its keeper, and most of them are nearly lured into its shadow before Pavo manages to break the trance. Belden, undergoing contractions, summons an avatar of the Ox, who lifts the Arch from its place and carries it to the Black Down, where it is rejoined to its partner. The stars representing the Rat return to the sky overhead, and the Void disappears. The group return to the Imperial Palace and heal Tristane, then explain what has happened. After the Empress is reunited with Althea, Boden, Kalman and Pavo go out for drinks to unwind and discuss what has happened. Loch and Belden go home and later that night Belden gives birth to a baby boy, Butler. Falke, embittered, returns home and speaks to Ilse, who tells him that she is pregnant, breaking his dour mood.
   * 7th: Belden brings her baby to meet Ganges, and speaks to him about how things are going to change. He resolves to leave his life of crime. (Solo 71) Kalman explains what has happened to Eglorine. Falke meets with Turien Kizer to attempt to resolve the feud between Grey and his family. Kalman visits Ganges, who, now that Izaguirre is dead, is able to tell him that the person who tried to kill him was Liese Valenze. (Solo 72) Falke confronts Maivenne, who, upon being bribed, admits that it was Izaguirre who hired her to kill Grey. Boden (sort of) explains what has happened to Tigranne, and ponders his future. (Solo 73) 

[edit] Logs

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