Diablotin 1 session 74

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Diablotin 1 session logs
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Diablotin Game 74 From RocksfallWiki [edit] Summary

Eighth-month, 2197:

   * 5th: With Blackhope's armies two days from the city, the group go on a dangerous mission to retrieve the Rod of Dust. With the help of a magic item borrowed from the Imperial Treasury, they teleport to the Blackhope camp and confont Sister Isabeau Langevin. Before she dies, she manages to destroy the Rod, releasing the lich whose armbone it once was. They defeat the lich, which crumbles back into its armbone-state. Taking this armbone to the new Patriarch, Loftus, they learn that the Warlord has just passed away. Tristane asks Boden to be the new Warlord, and he agrees. 

[edit] Logs

   * Game 74