Beltane, 7/19/2005

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  • Seraph 's hair has bits of copper twined into it, and has been washed with henna to bring out natural copper highlights
  • Seraph lets herself be possessed by the music!
  • Seraph is covered in bodypaint, and wearing a short loincloth
  • Tally leaps over the fire everyone is near, grinning.
  • Tally is wearing leaf-green pants, his top is bare, showing off his muscles to good effect. The pants are belted with a belt wrought of golden leaves, winking here and there with emeralds and


  • Tally has a torque with a similar theme.
  • Seraph whirls *almost* into the fox!
  • Tally darts out of the way, laughing.
  • Tally 's red hair is set afire by the gleaming flames.
  • Seraph flashes a smile to the onlookers and does a sweeping bow to Tally
  • Seraph whirls around and does a crazy fire leap herself
  • Seraph grins challengingly at him, and continues to dance.
  • Tally bows back to Seraph with the grace of a wild animal.
  • Seraph seems to almost be coiling.
  • Seraph will vault over the flames gracefully, and land on her knees in a back bend at Tally's feet
  • Seraph will tease him a bit with some cool floor dancing stuff too ;D
  • Tally eyes her admiringly. She's flexible! Wow!
  • Tally leans down gracefully to scoop Seraph up again.
  • Seraph will let herself be scooped.
  • Tally looks her in the eye invitingly and swirls her off into a dance.
  • Seraph will smile right back, and dance with him.
  • Tally is nimble and athletic, he has beautifully defined muscles, being a gymnast.
  • Tally grins happily at Seraph.
  • Seraph is sculpted like a dancer, go figure, as far as athleticism and whatnot goes, the two are probably well matched
  • Rachel is wearing a creamy white kirtle belted at her waist with a heavy silver belt studded with opals to match her hair.
  • Rachel 's hair is mostly loose and dressed with ringlets and cream-coloured roses to match her dress. ^-^
  • Rachel smiles happily and leans over to her father.

Rachel: He looks so happy now!

  • Rachel is pleased with the change in her brother.
  • Janus, obviously, is not very into the whole Beltane thing. While he is even more formally attired than usual, he has avoided the 'theme' that most other celebrants seem to have adopted.
  • Janus's jacket and vest are a deep blue that seems to mirror the night sky, with tasteful gold trimming. They look so stiff and crisp, it's hard to believe he’d be able to sit down in them.

Janus: Mmm.

  • Janus says distantly.
  • Janus stands aside from the dancing, aloof and uncomfortable.
  • Rachel glances up at her father curiously.

Rachel: . o O (You are not, though...) Rachel: Father, that shade of blue is wonderful on you. It reminds me of the night sky, just after the sun has gone completely below the horizon. Janus: Thank you.

  • Janus watches the crowd.

Janus: Where is Aidan? Janus: Off already...? Rachel: I'm not sure... Rachel: Cid is here, I know that.Janus: I don't know what he sees in him.

  • Janus says critically.

Janus: He is so crude. Rachel: Well, you're right. Rachel: I'm not sure, either. Janus: It is repellent.

  • Janus absent-mindedly swirls a glass of wine.

Rachel: Perhaps he is just interested to see what other Nockers are like...?

  • Melisande applauds Tally's jump, laughing.
  • Melisande is enjoying the dancing, but mostly watching at this point.
  • Melisande has some vines twined in her braided red hair.
  • Melisande is dressed in a pale green gown that brings out her green eyes
  • Melisande 's dress is comparatively modest, covering her to the neck, but it is form-fitting
  • Melisande sways back and forth a bit, but isn't actually dancing.
  • Melisande moves in the direction of Janus and Rachel...

Melisande: Bonsoir. Melisande: I 'ope I am not interrupting? Janus: Ah, good evening, Lady.

  • Rachel curtseys to Lady Melisande.
  • Melisande will curtsey to them both.

Rachel: Good evening, Lady Melisande.

  • Janus bows slightly, glad of the distraction from such an unwholesome topic.

Rachel: What a fine night for Beltane. Melisande: Yes, I was under ze impression that it would be much more... rainy 'ere. Melisande: But it 'as been lovely. Janus: My mother is in fine spirits of late, it seems. Janus: ¬_¬

  • Melisande smiles at that.

Melisande: And yourself?

  • Janus fiddles with a black, silver-trimmed ribbon in his hair.

Janus: Well. Janus: Beltane is not exactly my... Janus: Well, I can never seem to quite get in to the spirit of the occasion.

  • Janus corrects.

Melisande: Ah.

  • Melisande smiles slightly, a glint in her eye.

Melisande: Would you like to dance, mon sieur?

  • Rachel smiles.
  • Janus looks uncomfortable... but it would be rude to refuse.

Rachel: Go on, father. It won't do for the hostess' son to stand aloof all evening. Janus: Ah, certainly...

  • Janus sets down his glass.
  • Melisande looks relieved.
  • Rachel smiles encouragingly.

Melisande: Ah, excellent! Rachel: I'll watch your drink, make sure no one drugs it.

  • Rachel winks.
  • Rachel is in high spirits herself.

Janus: I fear I will be out of practice... Melisande: It is no matter - I assure you no one is watching us.

  • Janus isn't really, though. He has Style.
  • Melisande dances moderately well, but she seems a bit nervous* Melisande keeps looking at her feet.
  • Janus is quite graceful, and of course, a perfect gentleman...

Melisande: Ah, how could you say you were out of practice? You dance wonderfully

  • Melisande smiles ruefully

Janus: You flatter me... Melisande: No, not at all Janus: It is not something I do often anymore...

  • Melisande looks up at him.

Melisande: Nor I, I confess.

  • Janus has a faraway, sad look in his eyes.

Melisande: Ah, it is because zis reminds you of something, no? Janus: Perhaps... Melisande: I am sorry, zen. I should not 'ave asked...

  • Melisande looks down again.

Janus: It is alright... Janus: That was a long time ago. Melisande: But not so long for some, I think. Janus: You are quite astute...

  • Melisande shrugs slightly

Melisande: It is not so 'ard to see in your eyes. Janus: ¬_¬

  • Melisande blushes.
  • Melisande is silent for a time.
  • Janus is as well.

Melisande: 'Ave I offended you, sir?

  • Melisande seems a bit worried about Janus's silence.

Janus: No...

  • Janus shakes his head slightly.

Janus: I apologize... I seem to have been overcome by nostalgia. Janus: Most impolite of me. Melisande: It is a natural reaction on a night such as this, I think

  • Melisande smiles at him
  • Janus looks down at her, mesmerized by the glint of the fire on her red hair.

Janus: Quite so...

  • Melisande meets his eyes.

Melisande: I 'ave 'eard that I look something like...

  • Melisande looks away again, embarrassed.

Janus: Oh... Janus: Oh dear. Melisande: I am so sorry.

  • Janus looks away as well, mortally embarrassed, and getting progressively redder.

Janus: ...

  • Melisande turns, breaks away from his arms, and runs off.
  • Rachel is watching the dancers and clapping along, and moving slightly to the rhythms of the music herself.
  • Handsome_stranger always seems to be in the middle of the dance somehow...
  • Handsome_stranger is a large, muscular but graceful troll with striking blond hair
  • Isabel wanders over to Rachel.
  • Isabel 's pretty blonde hair is swept up off her neck and gathered in a loose chignon, pierced with hairpins crafted to resemble jewelled roses...
  • Isabel wears a bloody rose coloured gown, which hugs her torso, but sweeps the ground with the whisper of petals as she walks.* Isabel 's shoulders and arms are bare.

Isabel: So, where's Nikolai?

  • Rachel turns to smile at her cousin.

Rachel: Hi Isabel. Rachel: He's around... he had to slip off for a bit. Isabel: Ah.

  • Isabel 's face is a little flushed, she's had a bit to drink. ;D

Isabel: Slipped off... and not with you?

  • Rachel blushes.

Rachel: I don't think it's anything like that... business. He's a good son to his father. Rachel: Would you like to dance with me for a bit? The music is too infectious to just stand here.

  • Isabel giggles.

Isabel: Okay, but don't get too frisky! Isabel: Remember, we're cousins!

  • Isabel giggles again.
  • Rachel blushes deeply and laughs.
  • Handsome_stranger spins by the two women in the course of the dance and winks in their direction

Isabel: ooh, who was that? Rachel: Hmmm? Isabel: That guy. Rachel: I didn't notice... what happened? Isabel: He winked at us! Rachel: Oh, he must like you.

  • Rachel grins at Isabel.
  • Handsome_stranger is some distance away by now.

Isabel: Hah, the two of us standing side by side, and he likes me? Isabel: That's rich! Rachel: Not standing! Dancing.

  • Isabel takes another drink.

Rachel: You're much better at it than me.

  • Rachel is perhaps a bit too self-conscious to really dance well.

Isabel: You just need to loosen up. Isabel: Maybe have a couple of drinks, it wouldn't kill you!

  • Isabel laughs.
  • Rachel and Isabel dance.
  • Rachel notices Melisande run off.
  • Rachel misses a beat while dancing and darts a worried glance towards Isabel.

Isabel: Hmmm? Isabel: What is it?

  • Rachel stops dancing and goes over to rescue Janus...
  • Janus stands in the midst of the other dancers, frozen with panic.
  • Rachel touches his arm gently.

Rachel: Father?

  • Janus doesn't know whether he should go after her, or what.
  • Janus starts, looking quite shaken.

Rachel: Are you all right?

  • Rachel looks up at him with concern.

Janus: She ran away... Janus: It is my fault, I made her feel uncomfortable Janus: I should go and find her...

  • Janus is growing more upset.
  • Hathaway tumbles out of the crowd, and puts an arm around Janus. He reeks of alcohol.Janus: Ahh!
  • Rachel gives Hathaway a glare that could kill.
  • Janus jumps back from the drunken boggan.

Janus: What is this?? Hathaway: Hhhheeeyyy, what's goin' on? Janus: How dare you touch me! Rachel: He's drunk, father...

  • Rachel tries to draw Janus away from the Boggan.
  • Hathaway raises his hands, slowly.

Hathaway: Hey, jus' seen what happened between you and the nice lady, 's all. Rachel: Nothing happened. Nothing at all. Hathaway: They like it when you go after 'em, you know. Janus: Get away from me! Rachel: Move along, Hathaway.

  • Rachel is a snob yet again!
  • Hathaway winks, and falls on his face.

Janus: Oh, that is simply infuriating!!

  • Rachel gives the boggan a disgusted glance and looks up at her father.

Janus: I think he *drooled* on me!!

  • Janus has worked himself into quite a state.
  • Hathaway snores.
  • Rachel pulls a scented handkerchief out of somewhere and gives it to Janus.

Rachel: Here father...

  • Janus angrily brushes off his shoulder.

Janus: Someone get that disgraceful creature out of my mother's garden! Rachel: I'll find a knight. Stay here, father...

  • Rachel tries to escort him out of the swirling crowd, back to his drink.
  • Janus stalks off, and stands at the edge of the courtyard.
  • Rachel looks around quickly to see if there's anyone about.

Rachel: Hathaway...

  • Rachel whispers urgently to the Boggan.

Rachel: Get up and go sleep it off somewhere. Rachel: You're going to trip the dancers. Hathaway: Hmm? Hathaway: Ahhhh, gocchha.

  • Rachel nudges the boggan gently with her foot.
  • Hathaway raises himself to his feet, a little unsteady.

Hathaway: 's the old codger gonna have me killed? Rachel: He might, at that. Move along, Hathaway, if you value your skin. And he's NOT an old codger, he is my father, the Baron Janus Gwydaine. Rachel: And I'd thank you not to insult him.

  • Hathaway apologizes, bows, falls over, gets up, and stumbles off.
  • Rachel feels sort of bad, but he deserved that, didn't he? Insulting her father, honestly.
  • Handsome_stranger swoops by and rescues the poor Isabel, who has been left all alone by her

partner Handsome Stranger: Care to dance, my lady? Isabel: Eek!

  • Handsome_stranger already has his arms around her.

Isabel: Um, alright... Isabel: Since you started without me!

  • Handsome_stranger smiles widely at Isabel

Handsome Stranger: I'm afraid we haven't been introducedHandsome Stranger: My name is Evan. Isabel: I'm Isabel, Isabel Morningstar Evan: Oh, I know who you are, my lady. Isabel: You do? Evan: How could I not? Isabel: I haven't seen you around here before... Isabel: Um, I don't know; I haven't really been here that long Evan: No? Evan: Well, your beauty has preceded you.

  • Evan_ winks at her again.

Isabel: Hee hee. Isabel: Flattery will get you nowhere...

  • Evan_ almost looks shocked.

Evan: It won't? Evan: Damn, it's always worked before... Isabel: I get so much of that bunk... Isabel: I don't even hear it anymore.

  • Isabel winks.

Evan: Ah. I can see I'll have to be honest with you, milady.

  • Evan_ smiles roguishly.

Evan: I'll just confine myself to saying you're the most beautiful woman here tonight, and leave it at that, then, shall I? Isabel: hee! Isabel: Please... Isabel: Everyone *knows* Lady Rachel is the most beautiful woman in all the land, blah blah blah. Evan: Right. No more of that bull, then...

  • Evan_ doesn't look convinced by her protestations.
  • Evan_ dances very well, for a troll ;)

Evan: Some of us don't like that ethereal type, though Isabel: Oh really?

  • Evan_ tightens his arm around her waist slightly

Evan: No... Evan: What I really heard about you was that you were a master with the sword. And by these muscles, I'd say I wasn't misled

  • Evan_ is gently caressing her back.

Isabel: Oh well... Some people think I'm pretty good... Isabel: Who told you that?

  • Evan_ shrugs.

Evan: You know how they talk... Isabel: I suppose I do! :) Isabel: Gosh, you seem to know a lot about me Isabel: But I don't know *anything* about you... Evan: Evan Pearce, at your service, milady

  • Evan_ manages to work a bow into the dance somehow

Isabel: Where do you come from, Evan Pearce? Evan: Here and there... Just a knight-errant Isabel: Originally, then. Evan: I'm on a quest of sorts, I guess you could say... Isabel: Oh a quest? Isabel: That sounds exciting... Evan: It has its moments... Evan: Like this one ;)* Evan_ twirls her around Isabel: Can you tell me what it is, or is it one of those secret kinds... Evan: I'm afraid it is something I cannot divulge until it is completed, sadly. Isabel: Oh well...

  • Isabel is slightly disappointed.

Evan: It would... Evan: Well, let us say it might prevent me from completing it, if people knew about it. Isabel: How mysterious, or something... Isabel: :) Evan: Or something.

Tally: You're Windrider's daughter, right?

  • Seraph smiles

Seraph: Yes...

  • Tally has never formally met Seraph.

Seraph: I think we've met... Seraph: If you were the little fox that needed rescuing that I remember

  • Seraph smiles impishly.
  • Tally looks embarrassed.

Tally: That must have been my evil twin brother. Seraph: Oh, of course it was ;) Seraph: It wouldn't do for it to be known that you needed rescuing from a farmer by such a wispy little girl, after all.

  • Tally gives Seraph a conspiratorial glance.

Tally: Certainly not.

  • Seraph laughs
  • Seraph will play with Tally's wild hair a bit while she dances.
  • Tally smiles and reaches up to play with a tendril of her hair as well.
  • Tally isn't entirely comfortable with "other women" yet but is definitely interested in Seraph. His gesture is kind of awkward and charmingly boyish perhaps. He looks a bit wistful.
  • Seraph smiles playfully

Tally: Your hair is pretty nice.

  • Tally compliments her with an understatement. ^-^
  • Tally really likes long hair.

Seraph: Well, gee, thanks, I even washed it just last week

  • Seraph grins
  • Tally nudges her playfully.

Tally: You know what I mean.

  • Tally smiles shyly.

Seraph: I do Seraph: You have a nice smile, you should show it off more Tally: I *could* have said "Your hair looks terrible" but how would you have taken that?

  • Seraph grins again

Seraph: I would have had to shave it off, surely

  • Tally looks mock-shocked.
  • Seraph looks away with mock demureness

Seraph: It's a good thing you didn't say it was atrocious, I would have made a noose of it and hung myself, I swear... Tally: Do you ever make promises to strangers?

  • Tally flirts with Seraph.
  • Seraph shrugs slightly

Seraph: I suppose it depends on what it was :) Seraph: I mean, if it is something like, promise me to, oh, I don't know, brush your teeth every night before you go to bed...Seraph: why not?

  • Seraph chuckles
  • Tally grins.

Tally: Promise me you'll never cut off your beautiful hair?

  • Seraph blushes slightly.

Seraph: I think I can handle that... Tally: Where did you learn to dance so wonderfully?

  • Tally asks Seraph.
  • Seraph grins.

Seraph: My mother, mostly... Seraph: But we travelled quite a bit. Seraph: And are you just naturally light-footed yourself, or have you trained?

  • Tally grins.

Tally: I went to ballet school.

  • Seraph giggles.
  • Tally starts poncing about like a ballerina, but only briefly. Then he comes back to Seraph.

Seraph: Did they make you wear a pink tutu? I heard that's what they do to all male ballet dancers

  • Tally smiles mischievously.

Tally: Yes, it was the most ghastly shade of pink, too. Tally: Clashed horribly with my hair.

  • Tally does his best imitation of a very effeminate voice.

Seraph: The gold suits you much better.

  • Seraph smiles widely.

Tally: Thank you, lovely girl.

  • Tally smiles at Seraph and envelops her in a gentle embrace and continues dancing with her.
  • Seraph will embrace this nice warm boy with a nice body and good sense of humour right back!
  • Tally is enjoying Seraph's company quite a bit. She's very pretty and he'd almost forgotten what having a girl in your arms feels like.

Tally: Are you enjoying yourself?

  • Tally asks, eager to please.

Seraph: Of course I am!

  • Seraph smiles at him encouragingly.

Seraph: I wouldn't still be here if I weren't! Seraph: And besides... I don't think there are many people here who could keep up with me, really... for dancing

  • Tally smiles and nuzzles her hair slightly.
  • Tally is pleased by the compliment.

Tally: I'm afraid, though, that I'm about to let you down... I am in dire need of a drink. I'm about to shrivel up and die. Would you care to join me? Seraph: Sure :D (Seraph reminds us that she’s topless!)

  • Tally isn't bothered, really... but he's a man, a young one... he's trying not to get too turned on, too fast.

Seraph: I suppose I don't really want to get dehydrated and pass out before the fun is all over :D

  • Tally is a little uncertain about getting too intimate; although he has partaken of the Beltane festivities in recent years, it was while he was decidedly Unseelie so he didn't really care who he did it with. He's Seelie again now and it matters more.

Tally: Great!

  • Tally puts his arm about her shoulders and escorts her to the refreshments.

Tally: What would you like?

  • Tally asks once they get there.

Seraph: Water, please!Tally: Water? Really?

  • Seraph nods.
  • Tally seems surprised.
  • Tally pours her a glass of water.

Tally: Do you mind if I drink something a bit stiffer?

  • Seraph pours half of it down her throat and half of it over her face

Seraph: Feel free!

  • Seraph grins.

Tally: I see now! You're much wiser than I.

  • Tally grins.

Seraph: hmm?

  • Tally pours some honey mead for himself and drinks it slowly, while glancing at the dancers every now and then but mostly admiring Seraph.
  • Seraph pours herself more water.
  • Seraph can't seem to stop swaying with the music.
  • Tally tries to keep his eyes on her face.

Tally: . o O (It was easier when we were dancing...)

  • Tally gulps down his mead and splashes some water on himself.

Tally: Ready for more?

  • Tally offers her his hand.

Seraph: Always! Tally: Do you know that you are the most remarkable creature here tonight?

  • Tally smiles.
  • Seraph will take it and skip back into the crowd.

Seraph: Nah...

  • Tally skips along with her, feeling quite alive.
  • Tally swings her into another dance.

Janus: ... Janus: Melisande...

  • Janus wishes Rachel would hurry up... perhaps she would be a better choice to go and find

Melisande. Janus: . o O (I do not wish to upset her further...)

  • Rachel wanders back over to her father.

Rachel: . o O (What has Nikolai gotten up to?) Rachel: . o O (Ah well, plenty to do here...) Rachel: Father?

  • Janus still looks quite upset.

Janus: Lady Melisande... Rachel: Yes...? Janus: She ran off... I upset her. Janus: ¬_¬ Janus: I allowed myself to be distracted by that... commoner Janus: I don't know where she's gone, or what I could say if I could find her...

  • Rachel nods at her father.

Rachel: She couldn't have gone far. Rachel: I'm sure she must be here somewhere still, if you wished to go look for her.

  • Rachel glances about, trying to locate Melisande in the swirl of dancers.

Janus: I do not know what I would say to her,

  • Janus repeats.

Janus: I have made a fool of myself...

  • Melisande is nowhere to be seenJanus: It is becoming a habit.

Janus: ¬_¬

  • Melisande headed out of the dance area, though...
  • Rachel brings her eyes back to meet her father's.

Rachel: I suppose a simple apology wouldn't do? Janus: I - I do not know. Rachel: Why don't you go try? Janus: You think that will help? Rachel: Certainly. Janus: You really think so... Rachel: Well, I am not entirely sure what passed between the two of you, but I should think an apology would work. Rachel: If you feel you did something wrong...?

  • Rachel really doesn't know what happened.
  • Janus will go off to try and find Melisande then, but seems quite uncertain...
  • Kolya is lurking around somewhere, watching people and feeling vaguely out of place...
  • Kolya doesn't have anything especially cool to wear, and is only kinain anyway :/
  • Kolya is keeping his eye out for certain people, but really staying on the edges of all the crowds and dancers and whatnot
  • Kolya watches the dancers and thinks about his mother.
  • Kolya watches Handsome Stranger guy and wonders idly about his father... could have been


  • Kolya watches Isabel dance with Evan, and sighs.
  • Kolya idly thinks that he isn't right for her...
  • Colin 's eyes are wide as he sees some particularly suggestive dancing.
  • Silas has also snuck into the dance area.
  • Silas spots Colin and makes a bee-line for him.
  • Colin glances over at the fellow satyr childling.

Colin: Hi! Silas: You wouldn't believe what I just saw in the woods!

  • Colin looks around.

Silas: Oh yeah, hi! Colin: Shhhhhhhh! We don't want them to notice us!

  • Colin looks around.

Colin: They'll send us back to our rooms. Colin: What did you see?

  • Colin asks curiously.
  • Silas shrugs

Silas: They won't notice us, I bet Silas: They're pretty busy Colin: Dovev might...

  • Colin shudders.

Silas: Don't worry about it, Colin: I don't think he's busy... I don't think dragons dance. Silas: It's a party - I think we're not going to be noticed. Colin: So, what did you see?

  • Colin prods Silas again.
  • Silas lowers his voice.

Silas: There was a man and a lady, and they were naked! Silas: And then this other lady ran by them, but I don't think she even saw them! Colin: Really?Colin: Could you see her jumblies?

  • Silas nods.

Silas: The first lady, not the second one.

  • Seraph 's jumblies are quite nice, and the firelight flashing off them! ;D
  • Colin moves his hands up and down in front of his chest to imitate bobbing breasts.

Colin: Really?

  • Colin 's eyes widen. He's almost a wilder himself. He'd really like to see some jumblies.
  • Silas nods again.

Colin: You have to show me.

  • Silas is only seven - he's not so interested in jumblies. ;)

Silas: Well, when the other lady ran by, they hid, and then I think they went somewhere else Colin: Oh...

  • Colin looks disappointed.

Silas: But you can see lots of ladies here, really

  • Silas is a bit confused by Colin's disappointment

Colin: I want to see naked ladies. Silas: Oh. Colin: Do you think there's more in the woods?

  • Silas points at Seraph.

Silas: She's got no top on.

  • Colin squints.

Colin: ...

  • Silas shrugs.
  • Colin 's jaw drops.

Silas: Maybe there are more in the woods... I'm not sure. Colin: Wow... I thought she had a little bra-thing on.

  • Colin watches Seraph closely.
  • Silas is perplexed by Colin's sudden fascination with fashion ;)
  • Colin shakes his head after a little while.

Colin: You know what? Silas: What? Colin: I think there's alkyholic drinks over there. Colin: Wanna try some? Silas: Sure!

  • Colin points to the refreshment table.

Colin: OK.

  • Silas will trot over to the refreshment table, as sneakily as he can.
  • Colin leads Silas off to the refreshments, imagining being as close to the Eshu girl's jumblies as that fox pooka...
  • Colin eyes the drink table with what he hopes looks like a discerning eye.
  • Silas spots Kolya and is even more sneaky, if possible.
  • Kolya is sitting along the treeline watching things.

Colin: I think that's good stuff, that golden stuff. Colin: Wanna try some?

  • Colin pours some honey mead for Silas and some for himself.
  • Silas looks impressed by Colin's discerning taste.

Colin: Here.

  • Silas takes the drink.
  • Colin sips the drink and wrinkles his nose.

Colin: It's kind of bitter, isn't it?

  • Silas sips it as well.

Colin: I thought honey would be sweeter. Silas: I don't know.. it's not that bad...

  • Silas takes another sip.* Colin also sips more.

Colin: Yeah, you're right, it's not too bad.

  • Colin can't be outdone by Silas! ;^D
  • Silas makes a bit of a face, though.
  • Colin will finish this cup up and then try something else, and get more for Silas, too...
  • Silas will finish his as quickly as he can.
  • Kolya stands up, and wanders over towards the drinks table.
  • Silas spots Kolya coming and hides his second drink behind his back ;)
  • Colin also hides his drink.
  • Kolya looks vaguely surprised to see the two youngsters.
  • Silas smiles at Kolya

Colin: Hi Kolya. Kolya: Hey Silas: Hi!

  • Colin grins cheekily.

Silas: Want a drink?

  • Silas holds out the half-finished drink.

Colin: We're the serving boys. Colin: We've been pouring out drinks for people.

  • Silas nods belatedly.

Colin: It's a very important job.

  • Colin says, puffing out his chest.

Kolya: un-huh, right you are.

  • Kolya grins, but it seems maybe a bit less natural than usual.

Kolya: don't worry, I'm not going to tell anyone on you. Colin: What's wrong, Kolya? Silas: Yeah, you look... sore or something Silas: Did you hurt yourself dancing? Colin: You should be dancing with a pretty girl and then going to the woods so she can show you her jumblies.

  • Colin is slightly tipsy.

Kolya: Ahh, maybe later...

  • Kolya says, flushing horribly.

Kolya: I think all the nice ones are taken, anyway. Silas: Taken by who? Kolya: Other boys, I think

  • Colin nods.

Colin: Aren't all jumblies nice? Colin: Not all the girls are dancing. Colin: There are more jumblies. Kolya: Most of them are Kolya: But I don't think they'd want to dance with me, anyway. Colin: Silas, didn't you say a lone girl went into the woods and passed the naked people? Colin: Maybe she'll dance with Kolya. Kolya: Heh, I doubt it...

  • Silas nods.

Silas: She had red hair. Colin: Oh. Too bad.

  • Colin doesn't seem to think much of red hair.

Silas: Hmph.

  • Silas rakes a hand through his red hair, making it stand up on end.

Kolya: I'm not important enough for girls to notice, I think Kolya: Not these girls, anyway... Colin: You should take more pride in yourself, Kolya.Kolya: eh, maybe...

  • Kolya pours himself a glass of honey mead, and sips it.

Silas: I think girls like that, right Colin? Colin: Like what?

  • Colin is startled.
  • Colin was watching Seraph again. ;^D

Silas: Guys who have pride in themselves... Kolya: hmm? Silas: Like, you can't act like you're all shy and stuff. Silas: Or they'll never notice you.

  • Silas shrugs.

Silas: But I don't know much about girls. Colin: Oh, yeah. Kolya: Oh, probably. Colin: And you have lots to be proud about, Kolya. Colin: You're *household* staff. Colin: I'm just a stableboy. Silas: And I'm just... nothing. Colin: I'll never get to have fine livery like you.

  • Silas smiles.

Kolya: Yes, nothing impresses the girls more by advertising "Hey, look at me, I'm just a mortal servant." Kolya: ... Kolya: Pardon my pessimism, I think I'm just going back to sulk under my tree again. Silas: Aw, don't, Kolya!

  • Kolya sighs.
  • Hathaway rolls out from under the drink table.

Hathaway: Y'know, if all else fails, you can jus... jus... Hathaway: That thing, where you don mean it.

  • Silas steps aside before Hathaway rolls onto his feet.
  • Kolya steps away from the guy before he harfs on my shoes or something :o

Hathaway: ...fake! yeah, fake it! Kolya: ... Hathaway: Oh, hey, Colilin!

  • Hathaway 's head rolls to one side. "wheeee"
  • Kolya looks down at the drunken boggan.

Kolya: You are going to have such a hangover tomorrow, buddy, trust me... Hathaway: I'll drink to tha!

  • Hathaway tries to get up, and misses.

Kolya: uh, right guy you do that...

  • Silas looks vaguely disgusted at the boggan.
  • Silas subtly dumps his drink out behind his back.
  • Kolya stands back some more...
  • Evan_ whirls Isabel around the dance surface.

Isabel: I think I need another drink! Evan: Sounds good to me, milady.

  • Evan_ will move her in the direction of the drinks table.
  • Isabel skips over to the drink table, and looks surprised to see childlings... and Kolya!
  • Colin smiles up at the Sidhe lady, slightly tipsy.

Colin: Would you like a drink miss? Colin: I'm pouring them for people. Isabel: Aren't you a little young to be tending bar? :o* Evan_ releases Isabel for a moment

  • Kolya looks up from drunk boggan, and starts.

Isabel: Hi-eee Kolya! :D

  • Isabel waves.

Kolya: Oh, hey Isabel...

  • Evan_ notices Kolya for the first time
  • Kolya raises his glass to her

Kolya: The cherry mead isn't too bad. Kolya: But it's really potent too... Evan: What can I get you, milady? Isabel: How about something that tastes like... candy! Evan: One Sex on the Beach, coming up! ;) Isabel: Wow, someone who remembers what that is!

  • Evan_ gives the other man a warning look, and gets Isabel a drink

Kolya: ...

  • Colin nudges Kolya.

Colin: She likes you, see? Colin: She even knows your name. I bet she doesn't know mine, though we've met. Isabel: Sure I do! Isabel: Col-in!

  • Isabel giggles.
  • Colin beams.

Colin: Wow! You did remember it! Isabel: It's *like* Kolya, but with a different ending!

  • Colin jumps up.

Kolya: Heh, I guess it is... Kolya: Ha... Isabel: Evan, this is Kolya, by the way Isabel: He's my frieennnd... Isabel: And Colin! Isabel: He's my friend too. Kolya: Um, nice to meet you.

  • Kolya is just a kinain.
  • Evan_ smiles at the others.
  • Evan_ nods in their direction.
  • Silas looks sideways at Colin.

Colin: Would you like to dance with me?

  • Colin grins.

Isabel: Dance?

  • Colin nods.

Isabel: O-kay! Colin: Great!

  • Colin flashes a glance at Kolya as if to say "See, it's not so hard!"
  • Isabel takes a big drink of whatever Evan passed her, and grabs Colin by the hand.
  • Colin lets himself be drug off.

Kolya: Wow. Kolya: That's vaguely impressive.

  • Hathaway laughs.
  • Evan_ looks somewhat disgruntled.
  • Kolya sips his mead.
  • Evan_ takes a swig of his drink.
  • Evan_ glowers.

Kolya: Ah, don't worry, she'll be back.

  • Evan_ shrugs.Evan: I guess the kid's not much competition...

Kolya: Probably, anyway... Evan: But you can never trust satyrs. Hathaway: Y'better watchim. Evan: Not even the young ones... Hathaway: He's a clever little thingie. Kolya: Eh, they're not so bad. Kolya: As long as you don't have a girl to protect... Evan: Well, I don't think she needs protecting... Kolya: From, variously, having frogs dumped down their dresses or girlfriend reviving

  • Kolya shrugs.

Hathaway: So, my morose frien, you gonnago for next dance?

  • Evan_ glances at the supine boggan.
  • Kolya glances down at the boggan.

Hathaway: Not you, the other one.

  • Hathaway waves a hand vaguely at Kolya.
  • Kolya shakes his head.

Kolya: nah. Silas: You should, Kolya! Kolya: I can't dance anyway. Hathaway: Neithen can Clilin. Kolya: He's doing better than I would... Silas: If she'll dance with Colin, she'll dance with anyone!

  • Kolya watches the crowd.
  • Hathaway gets to his feet shakily.
  • Hathaway puts his arm around Kolya. "c'mon"

Kolya: hey!

  • Evan_ takes another swig of his drink and sets the empty glass on the table
  • Kolya dodges the drunk guy's arm.

Kolya: Thanks but no thanks, buddy.

  • Hathaway spins around a couple times, then rights himself.

Kolya: I don't need any help.

  • Kolya says rather irately.

Hathaway: Oh?

  • Hathaway raises an eyebrow, and combines it with a really odd looking squint.

Hathaway: You seem like the "in desperate need of any help at all" tyype. Kolya: well, I'm not. Hathaway: So, why not just go cut in, if you're all self-relian... relinait... reliant. Kolya: because I don't want to. Kolya: I just came over here to get a drink, and if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go away again.

  • Kolya smiles apologetically to Silas, and walks away from the drinks table.
  • Silas smiles back.
  • Hathaway harumphs, and lies back down next to the bar.
  • Colin dances happily with Isabel.
  • Colin doesn't really know how to dance but he is naturally graceful, being a satyr. (He can't trip and stumble, anyway.)

Isabel: You're going to be really good at this, someday :)

  • Colin beams.

Colin: Thanks. Colin: You're really beautiful, you know! Isabel: Boy, Mr. Troll looks like he's 'n a bad mood all of a sudden!

  • Isabel glances over her shoulder as she dances.

Isabel: Hee hee.Isabel: I think he wants in my pants! Colin: In your pants?

  • Isabel giggles.
  • Colin seems surprised.

Colin: I thought girls showed boys their jumblies. Isabel: Well, he wants that too... Isabel: He's in for a letdown! Colin: Silas saw a girl showing her jumblies to a man in the woods, but I missed it.

  • Isabel laughs out loud.

Isabel: Oh, you'll get your chance someday! Colin: Oh, I've seen jumblies too...

  • Colin points at Seraph.

Colin: She's showing hers to everyone. Isabel: Hee hee Isabel: I guess so~! Colin: Silas noticed that too... he sees lots of things... Isabel: Well, those are hard to miss! Colin: I didn't notice...

  • Colin blushes.

Colin: You're a really good dancer! Isabel: Lots of practice. Colin: I think Kolya would like it if you'd dance with him, too, but he's too shy to ask. Colin: He doesn't think any girls here would like him. Isabel: I like him, he's my friend! Colin: You should ask him to dance, maybe. Isabel: Maybe? Colin: I don't think he'll ask you. Isabel: But I don't see why he'd be scared to ask me... Colin: He's really nice. I like Kolya. Isabel: Me too! Colin: He isn't very proud of himself, that's his problem. Isabel: Oh. :o Colin: He thinks he's nothing special, but I told him he is! Colin: He works *in* the castle. Isabel: He is kind of silly. Colin: I'm just a stableboy. Colin: Lots of stableboys dream of working in the castle. Colin: Oh! Colin: He's leaving! Colin: You'd better ask him fast!

  • Colin stops dancing with her so she can go catch Kolya.
  • Tally leads Seraph in a series of leaps through all the fires; they are met with gasps and applause. ;^D
  • Tally is pleased as punch to be dancing with Seraph and eventually will try to steal a kiss.
  • Seraph 's kisses will not be too carefully guarded.

Seraph: Hey! Isabels' date is pointing at me!

  • Seraph sticks her tongue out in Colin's general direction.
  • Tally glances at his cousin, sees the kid and laughs.
  • Seraph grins.

Seraph: I think he's a bit young for her anyway.

  • Tally turns back to Seraph.

Tally: Do you want me to go beat him up? Tally: That wouldn't be very sportsmanlike...* Tally winks. Seraph: ahh, naw, let the kids have their fun...

Isabel: Oh, oh! Isabel: Hey! Hey Kolya! Isabel: Come back here!

  • Kolya stops.
  • Isabel goes after Kolya.

Isabel: Kol-ya~~ Come ba-ack here~

  • Kolya stops and turns around

Isabel: Hee hee!

  • Kolya sighs resignedly.
  • Isabel puts her hands on her hips coquettishly.
  • Kolya still has half a glass of mead.

Isabel: *Some*body isn't having *fun*! Kolya: It's not my job to have fun...

  • Colin runs up and spits into Kolya's mead.

Kolya: hey!

  • Colin grins up at him.

Colin: You don't wanna drink that now, do you? Kolya: :/ Colin: I'll hold it for you, you go dance. Isabel: C'mon! Kolya: I can't dance.

  • Isabel grabs his free hand.
  • Colin takes the glass from Kolya's hand.

Kolya: Really, Isabel... Isabel: So, everyone's drunk, they won't care :)

  • Colin pushes Kolya gently.

Colin: Go on! Isabel: We can high school dance if it's really all that bad :D Kolya: ... Kolya: Probably worse...

  • Silas watches Kolya with some amusement.

Isabel: Oh pleeease. Isabel: *drag* Kolya: ¬_¬

  • Kolya will resignedly let himself be dragged.

Hathaway: Do it, ye dint.

  • Hathaway waves arms about.
  • Kolya wonders why no one ever believes him.

Isabel: Dance!

  • Kolya really does have no sense of rhythm.
  • Isabel wraps her arms around his neck.

Isabel: :) Kolya: Urg.

  • Kolya goes a bit red.
  • Colin watches gleefully.
  • Kolya will try, briefly, but is both nervous and a bad dancer
  • Colin high-fives Silas.
  • Silas laughs and high-fives him too.

Isabel: Just relax!

  • Kolya will probably step on her feet even...

Kolya: I'm sorry..Kolya: Really, you should find someone more fun.

  • Isabel doesn't seem to care. Maybe she's too blazed.

Isabel: You're fun! Kolya: . o O ( Right... more like, you're drunk, but whatever.... ) Isabel: I wouldn't be friends with you if you weren't fun! Kolya: Heh, thanks. Kolya: I do what I can, I guess... Kolya: Well, as long as you're having fun, I guess

  • Kolya tries to at least pretend like he is enjoying himself
  • Isabel is fooled. :)

Kolya: Uh, say, did you ever get that drink? Isabel: I forgot it... Isabel: :o Isabel: Let's go get another one then, m'kay? Isabel: *drag* Kolya: Right!

  • Kolya says with vague relief, and lets himself get dragged.
  • Evan_ shrugs and finds someone else to dance with, but keeps watching Isabel...
  • Melisande is sitting on a little bench at the edge of the woods, crying

Janus: . o O (Oh, no...)

  • Janus approaches her quietly...
  • Melisande looks up when she hears Janus approaching.

Janus: Lady Melisande?

  • Melisande looks at him.
  • Melisande 's eyes are full of tears, and a bit red
  • Melisande looks rather less than regal at the moment

Janus: I am so sorry to have upset you... Melisande: No, no.. Melisande: It was not your fault.

  • Melisande brushes her eyes.
  • Janus shakes his head.

Janus: I should not have made you feel so uncomfortable.

  • Janus says sadly.

Melisande: I am sorry, I was so rude Janus: I do not know what to say... Janus: I am ashamed of my... indiscretion. Melisande: It was... it was just... the way you looked at me... Melisande: But zen, I thought, he is just looking at me zat way because...

  • Janus looks down at the ground.

Melisande: ...because I remind 'im of... Melisande: ... and I 'ad 'oped you liked me for who I am.

  • Melisande shrugs delicately.

Melisande: It was silly, no?

  • Melisande tries to laugh a bit.

Janus: ... Janus: I feel like such a worm... Janus: I am so sorry... Janus: I do... like you... Janus: but...

  • Melisande looks up expectantly.

Janus: I do not think I can give you what I suspect you are looking for...Melisande: What is it you think I am looking for?

  • Janus closes his eyes and rubs at his forehead.
  • Melisande is not crying anymore.

Janus: I - well... I suppose I don't really know... Janus: But it seemed to me that when you looked at me, just then... Melisande: Yes? Janus: That you were perhaps ... expecting something...

  • Janus shifts his weight uncomfortably.

Melisande: You may sit, if you prefer.

  • Melisande moves over slightly on the bench.
  • Janus sits down on the edge.

Melisande: I expect you to be a gentleman, I suppose. Melisande: I hope... Melisande: I hope that you care for me, at least a little.

  • Melisande angles her body away from him slightly.

Janus: I do... Janus: That is... I would like to think that you are my friend...

  • Melisande turns her head towards him.

Janus: ¬_¬ Melisande: I think I am... Melisande: I 'oped.. perhaps one day... Melisande: ..zat I could be something more... but...

  • Melisande looks away again

Janus: Please, don't... Melisande: What should I not do? Janus: Don't say it... Janus: . o O (Too late) Melisande: I cannot lie to you... Melisande: I do 'ave feelings for you... Melisande: But I do not expect anything from you.

  • Janus looks miserable.
  • Melisande sits quietly, looking at her folded hands.

Janus: I'm sorry... Janus: I don't know what to say... Janus: I keep repeating myself...

  • Melisande laughs gently.
  • Melisande turns to Janus

Melisande: I 'ope... you are not too uncomfortable? Janus: ...

  • Janus fidgets with his hands.
  • Melisande reaches over and takes one of Janus's hands in hers.
  • Melisande 's hands are cool to the touch
  • Janus is quite warm.
  • Melisande just holds Janus's hand in hers quietly for a bit.
  • Melisande then turns to face him, still holding his hand.

Melisande: Will you tell me one thing?

  • Janus looks down into his lap.

Janus: What might that be?

  • Melisande reaches out and touches his cheek, gently turning his face in her direction.
  • Janus waits for the question...

Melisande: Is it true?

  • Janus is afraid to meet her eyes...
  • Melisande still fixes her eyes on him.Melisande: Do I really look like... your wife?
  • Janus closes his eyes tight.

Janus: ... you do... enough...

  • Melisande leans in and kisses him gently while his eyes are closed.
  • Janus ... lets her.
  • Melisande breaks the kiss after a few moments.
  • Janus 's eyes are streaming.

Melisande: Enough... so that you could pretend?

  • Melisande brushes a tear off his cheek.

Janus: Please, stop...

  • Janus 's voice breaks.

Melisande: You want me to stop?

  • Melisande is very close to him
  • Janus reaches up and touches her hair; his hand trembles.
  • Melisande turns her face into his hand and kisses his palm
  • Janus can barely see her through the tears in his eyes.

Janus: I .. Melisande: Yes? Janus: I want to... Janus: I don't know... Melisande: No?

  • Melisande is only inches away from his face
  • Melisande is looking into Janus's eyes...
  • Melisande waits to see what Janus will do.
  • Janus leans forward ever-so slightly.
  • Janus is so confused...
  • Melisande and Janus are so close they can feel each other's breath on their faces...
  • Janus leans forward and kisses her softly...
  • Melisande kisses him back, and puts her arms around his shoulders.
  • Melisande leans into him a little.

Janus: . o O (Hayley.)

  • Janus breaks away suddenly, looking panicked and stricken.
  • Melisande opens her eyes, surprised.

Janus: I'm sorry. I can't... This is - I.. Janus: Please forgive me.

  • Melisande smiles sadly.

Melisande: What is there to forgive?

  • Janus pulls the ribbon out of his hair and disappears in an flutter of black feathers.
  • Melisande sadly picks up the few scattered feathers and holds them to her chest...
  • Rachel fidgets.
  • Rachel goes to get a drink.
  • Nikolai looks for Rachel.
  • Rachel is back where Janus left her, just a second or two ago.
  • Nikolai finds her at last. HE looks a little red in the face (but not from liquor).

Nikolai: Oh good, you're still here... Nikolai: ...

  • Rachel watches her father's receding back.
  • Rachel turns to Nikolai and smiles beautifully.

Nikolai: You look... amazing. Rachel: Hi you.

  • Rachel blushes.
  • Nikolai says with an awed look.

Rachel: Thank you. You are quite the most handsome creature I have ever seen, myself.Nikolai: I'm so sorry I'm so late. Nikolai: ¬_¬ Rachel: It's all right... duty called, I suppose. Nikolai: You wouldn't believe it... it's the stupidest thing. Rachel: What happened? Nikolai: I... Nikolai: Well. Nikolai: I sort of accidentally locked myself in a bathroom.

  • Nikolai says, embarrassed.
  • Rachel 's eyes widen.

Rachel: What?

  • Rachel bursts out laughing.
  • Rachel covers her lips with a hand.

Rachel: I'm sorry Nik... are you serious? Nikolai: I had to wait until a boggan heard me yelling... :/

  • Rachel tries to contain her laughter.

Rachel: Nikolai, these sorts of things are not supposed to happen to our kith.

  • Rachel winks.

Nikolai: Well, at least you aren't angry... Rachel: Oh...

  • Rachel raises the back of her wrist to her forehead.

Rachel: Minor family disaster... father was dancing with Lady Melisande, something happened, she ran away, upset, he didn't know what to do... Rachel: I was kept quite busy. Nikolai: Oh no...

  • Rachel sighs expansively.

Nikolai: I hope everything is alright. Rachel: I hope so too. Rachel: But he's a grown man, capable of taking care of himself... Rachel: . o O (Most of the time.)

  • Rachel smiles up at Nikolai.

Rachel: So tell me... how *did* you lock yourself into the bathroom? Rachel: I'll have the household staff whipped!

  • Rachel jokes.
  • Rachel puts her arm around Nikolai's waist and begins strolling.

Nikolai: The doorknob was loose...

  • Nikolai says as he takes her arm.
  • Rachel leans her head onto his upper arm and squeezes him gently.

Nikolai: It was quite unfortunate...

  • Rachel looks up at him and grins mischievously.

Rachel: You're so embarrassed still. I can tell. I can't wait to use it as blackmail. Nikolai: Oh cruelty, thy name is woman... Nikolai: How could you exploit my tortured experience for your own gain?

  • Nikolai looks away in mock agony.

Rachel: Where men get by with their brawn, women must use their brains.

  • Rachel shakes her head "tragically".
  • Rachel slips her arm out from around his waist again and catches his spare hand.

Rachel: Would you care to dance? Nikolai: I- I don't know if I should dance with such a heartless girl. Nikolai: ;) Rachel: I'll be eternally grateful.

  • Rachel says dryly.

Nikolai: Well... Nikolai: Alright.Nikolai: I'll hold you to that.

  • Nikolai says as he pulls her into a dance.
  • Rachel is a good dancer.
  • Nikolai is too. He has all the mad court skeelz.
  • Rachel trips along lightly, a moonbeam given life. ^-^

Rachel: Have you seen the Countess or your father at all tonight? Rachel: I haven't since the procession... Nikolai: It's still pretty early. Nikolai: I'm sure they'll be along...

  • Rachel blushes.

Rachel: I've never been out on Beltane much later than this... Rachel: I take after father that way, I guess... I used to just go to my room and read after the procession. Nikolai: It's barely eleven!

  • Nikolai says with a wink

Rachel: I beg your pardon, it is past 12! Rachel: You must still be jetlagged from your long and strenuous Flicker Flash. Nikolai: Oh... what's this now?

  • Colin yawns, he's getting tired finally.
  • Silas is sitting by the drinks table nodding slightly.
  • Colin sits on the lawn near Silas.
  • Silas looks up when Colin sits down.

Silas: Have a nice dance?

  • Colin nods.

Colin: She's really nice.

  • Silas nods.

Colin: And so beautiful. Silas: I think Kolya likes her.

  • Silas shrugs.
  • Silas perks up when he sees the two coming towards the table.
  • Colin is too dozey to really notice.

Kolya: So, ah, something that tastes like candy. Isabel: Yeah! Kolya: Right... Kolya: What have we got? Kolya: I'm not as clever a mixer of drinks, I expect, but I'll see what I can find Kolya: Something blue? Isabel: I like blue. ;D Kolya: Smells like anti-freeze, tastes like koolaid!

  • Kolya passes Isabel something blue, and gets himself another glass of mead.
  • Silas sits quietly, and pays attention to what Kolya is doing (pointers for future use ;)
  • Kolya sips his mead.

Kolya: So, You seem to be having a good time... Isabel: Mmm-hmm... Isabel: It's a nice night. Warm and stuff. Isabel: And the decorations are beautiful, and everyone looks so lovely... Kolya: Yeah, I suppose it is pretty nice.

  • Kolya tries to be in a better mood, but the whole thing is just a bit embittering
  • Colin dozes off on the lawn.

Kolya: I see Rachel has found her man at last...

  • Isabel happily watches the dancers.

Silas: Huh?Kolya: They are pretty cute together, I must say. Silas: Oh, yeah.

  • Silas shrugs.

Kolya: How are you doing, Silas? Silas: Good... Silas: But I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight. Kolya: Too excited, too loud, or something else? Isabel: Huh? Isabel: Mr? Silas: 'S too loud, mostly Isabel: Oh, not me :) Silas: And all the people runnin' around in the woods... Silas: You never know when you're gonna get stepped on... Kolya: Heh, well, if you want you could crash in my room. Silas: Nah. I wouldn't want to get in your way...

  • Silas shrugs, trying to look manly and independent.

Kolya: Well, I'm probably not going to go to bed for a few hours yet, anyway, and it's inside the castle, so it is likely to be quieter. Silas: Well...

  • Silas looks tempted by the thought of sleeping in a real bed.

Kolya: Well, feel free, if you want. I think you know where my room is. Silas: Yeah... Silas: Maybe... Kolya: Rar. I think the mead is starting to get to me...

  • Tally swings by and wolf whistles his sister just for old times' sake.
  • Seraph playfully smacks Tally on the cheek.

Seraph: Lucky I know she's your sister!

  • Tally grins and kisses Seraph.
  • Seraph kisses back happily.

Tally: Let me know when you're tired, love... Seraph: I never tire! Seraph: Well, I do, but not for a while yet :D Seraph: Of course, if you are getting tired, we could always take another break Tally: All right, save some energy for later. Tally: I never tire. I keep going and going and going...

  • Tally swings Seraph around in a circle above his head. He's pretty strong. ^-^
  • Seraph giggles

Seraph: hey! Fireworks!

  • The sky explodes in a hail of white and blue fireworks... *
  • Seraph points.

Tally: No, really?

  • Tally grins at Seraph.

Tally: I'd never have noticed.

  • Seraph giggles again
  • Silas looks awed at the fireworks...
  • Rachel grins but peels herself away from Nikolai's chest to watch the fireworks.

Rachel: I'd watch the fireworks from my room... Kolya: woah... Hathaway: oooOoOooughagh...

  • Hathaway rolls back under the table, where fun noises can be heard emanating from.* Colin bolts awake and ooos the fireworks himself.

Silas: Okay, I can go to bed happy now, I think!

  • Silas looks rather awed by the whole thing.

Isabel: Oooh... Kolya: wow...

  • The sparks drift downward, and land upon the grass where they continue to glow, but not burn, forming a path to the edge of the courtyard. People are focussing their attention on the path... *
  • Diamond makes her entrance at last!
  • Tally sets Seraph gently down on the ground again for the Countess and Duke's entrance.
  • Seraph leans on Tally, a bit dizzy from having been spun.
  • Evan stops dancing with whoever he was with and watches the nobles make their entrance
  • Rachel leans her head on Nikolai's upper arm again.

Rachel: Let's see if we can get closer. Rachel: She's outdone herself this year...

  • Rachel admires her grandmother.
  • Kolya reaches into his pocket and takes out a little crystal.
  • Kolya cups it in his hand, and blows on it.
  • Silas wonders just what Kolya is doing...
  • Kolya watches the entrance of Diamond

  • Diamond and Michael walk down the glowing pathway. Diamond rests her hand lightly on Michael's. She is resplendent, seeming to glow from within. Her hair streams all around her, and seems to shift colour from silver to gold...
  • Diamond wears a flowing diaphanous gown which seems to be made of the delicate wings of giant luna moths. Tendrils of light trail out behind her.
  • Michael looks equally regal, wearing a long black coat which trails behind him on the ground. It shimmers like the deep pools of his black eyes. Beneath it he wears a robe of a red so dark it speaks of burnt roses, interwoven with intricate designs traced in silver thread.
  • The most striking thing however, is that... *
  • Michael has shaved off the beard. There is now absolutely no mistaking that his is the same face in the portrait.
  • Diamond looks around as she glides down the pathway, pleased at the gasps of amazement.
  • Michael looks impassive.
  • Michael stretches out his great black wings.
  • Rachel glances up at Nikolai to see if he's all right seeing his father like this (how *does* he feel about the whole situation, Sas?)
  • Nikolai 's face is hard to read.
  • Rachel gives Nik a comforting squeeze.
  • Rachel 's attention is fixed more on Nikolai now, rather concerned.
  • Nikolai looks a little distant...

Rachel: Nik? Nikolai: I'm okay.

  • Kolya looks distant himself.

Isabel: ...

  • Isabel looks away.
  • Evan seems very impressed by the entrance... by the Countess in particular ;)

Silas: eep!

  • Colin swears if he lives forever he'll never see such a beautiful sight again.

Rachel: I didn't expect this...Rachel: Not like this, anyway.

  • Rachel has a good idea what is about to be announced.
  • Rachel hugs Nikolai.

Seraph: What's going on? Tally: Well... I think they might be getting married.

  • Tally whispers to Seraph.

Seraph: ...

  • Diamond and her companion stop near the end of the path.
  • Diamond smiles, her face seems to bring light to the entire courtyard.

Diamond: Good evening to you, friends.

  • Diamond 's eyes sparkle brightly.

Diamond: We are so pleased that all of you could come to help us celebrate this festival of new beginnings...

  • Kolya clutches tightly the little crystal, and apart from that, hasn't take his eyes off the two


  • Through the cracks in his fingers, the crystal glows brightly. *
  • Colin stares at the nobles, awestruck.
  • Silas tugs on Kolya's coattails.

Silas: Is something the matter?

  • Kolya waves Silas away distractedly with his other hand.
  • Silas retreats, slightly wounded.
  • Silas keeps watching Kolya, a bit worried.
  • Diamond 's eyes rove around the courtyard.

Diamond: This year, I find I myself have special cause for celebration.

  • Diamond turns to Michael.

Diamond: My husband Michael, lost to me these many years, returns to me, as the Duke Merrill Garland.

  • Rachel tenses next to Nik; since she's close to him he can feel it.

Rachel: . o O (Always likes popping surprises, never a thought to whose feelings she might trample.)

  • Rachel is trembling slightly with anger.
  • Seraph looks on interestedly, not really aware of all the history and whatnot

Seraph: Ooooh....

  • Tally pulls Seraph in close.. Rachel told him and Aidan but it's still very strange.

Seraph: Hmm?

  • Seraph lets herself be pulled close, but looks questioningly at Tally

Tally: It's a bit weird, is all.

  • Seraph nods to Tally and wraps her arms around him.
  • Tally kisses her forehead to thank her for offering him comfort.
  • Seraph smiles.
  • Sir June frowns slightly.
  • Sir June is lingering at the edge of the green, not really part of the celebrations
  • Sir June is very intrigued by the goings-on, however.

Colin: . o O (It's TRUE, the Count did come back from the dead!)

  • Michael steps forward.

Michael: Long have I searched, not knowing what it was I lacked... Michael: Haunted by visions, dreams of a life lost to me.Michael: Now returned at last. A new beginning, with the promise of spring. Michael: Blessed be the forces of Dan, which have led us to this meeting.

  • Diamond smiles more broadly.

Diamond: Blessed be.

  • Diamond turns to face her guests again.

Diamond: We bid you all to share our joy this evening. Diamond: After all, the night is just beginning!

  • As she says this, the fire leaps higher, and troops of servants appear with even more fresh food and drink. More fireworks erupt, this time of all the colours of the rainbow... The band starts to play again, as Diamond takes Michael's hand again. *
  • Diamond and Michael walk over to the seats which were prepared for them while everyone was distracted.
  • Rachel turns to Nikolai, looking kind of pale and thin-lipped.
  • Nikolai sighs.

Rachel: Did you know? Did he tell you?

  • Rachel is not angry at Nikolai.
  • Rachel is angry *for* Nikolai.

Nikolai: Yes... That was the business I originally went to deal with. Nikolai: ¬_¬

  • Sir June appears almost silently by Nikolai's side.

Nikolai: Hello, Sir June...

  • Sir June nods.

Sir June: My lord. Sir June: Was this... expected?

  • Sir June bows to Rachel

Nikolai: Not by many, I think Nikolai: But yet... I did have some warning.

  • Sir June nods.
  • Rachel 's anger seeps away somewhat. She smiles at June.

Rachel: Hello Sir June. Sir June: Greetings, my lady. Rachel: I expected it, but not tonight. I thought she would have told me. Rachel: But Lord Nikolai knew, for which I am thankful.

  • Sir June nods.

Sir June: As am I.

  • Rachel glances up at Nikolai, love and concern for him swirling in her eyes.

Rachel: Nik? Would you like me to fetch you something to drink? Nikolai: Well... Nikolai: Perhaps just something cool. Sir June: Let me, sir.

  • Sir June seems a bit stiffer than usual.
  • Rachel nods at Sir June.

Rachel: Thank you, Sir June.

  • Sir June nods and turns to go fetch Nikolai a drink.
  • Sir June crosses to the drinks table and gets Nikolai a glass of cool juice.
  • Sir June pays no attention to the small satyrs and the drunken boggan clustered around the table.
  • Sir June retrieves the drink and makes her way carefully back to Nikolai, making sure not to spill any.

Rachel: Would you like to sit down for a bit? Nikolai: Want to sit down for a minute?

  • Nikolai laughs.

Nikolai: Jinx!

  • Rachel smiles when he laughs.Rachel: Come along, then, love.
  • Rachel guides Nikolai to a seat, not noticing the bogganism that slipped into her speech. ^-^

Nikolai: Let's sit on the grass. Rachel: Or the grass... it's dry enough, I suppose.

  • Rachel finds a nice place to sit on the grass and gracefully sinks down to it.
  • Nikolai sits down, and stretches out his long legs.

Nikolai: Ah, fresh grass. Nikolai: You know, the green here really is different than it is in Concordia...

  • Rachel edges up close to him to offer him comfort if he needs it.

Rachel: Is it?

  • Nikolai nods.

Rachel: How so? I hadn't really noticed, to be honest... Nikolai: It's deeper. Fresher.

  • Rachel loops her arm around his and holds onto his hand.
  • Nikolai squeezes her hand.

Rachel: Maybe it's more "dug in". Rachel: This lawn has probably been here for centuries... Nikolai: Maybe it's all the sheep. Rachel: It could be that, as well. Rachel: How have things been, between you and your father? Rachel: It must be strange for you... it is for me. Nikolai: It's... definitely weird Nikolai: I mean... Nikolai: Of course I'm happy that he's happy. Nikolai: But... Nikolai: He's got this whole other life now, you know...

  • Rachel nods sympathetically.
  • Sir June returns with the drink in hand.

Sir June: Sir. Nikolai: Oh, thanks.

  • Sir June bows slightly and hands him the juice.
  • Nikolai takes it and takes a drink.
  • Sir June retreats to a discreet distance, in case he needs anything else.

Nikolai: You should really relax, Sir June... Nikolai: You don't have to be my valet...

  • Nikolai smiles.
  • Rachel smiles companionably at the Sidhe knight.

Sir June: I'm afraid I can't 'relax', sir. I may as well help you when I can. Nikolai: You can't? Nikolai: . o O (Is it some kind of congenital defect?) Sir June: Not tonight, at least. Nikolai: No? Nikolai: Is there something going on that I should know about?

  • Nikolai sits up straight and looks a little concerned.

Sir June: I just have a bad feeling, sir.

  • Rachel looks concerned as well.

Sir June: Nothing I can put my finger on. Sir June: Perhaps it's nothing.

  • Rachel glances at Nikolai to gauge how alarmed he is.

Sir June: But, if you would prefer, I will withdraw and leave you to your conversation.

  • Nikolai begins to wonder if perhaps someone appointed June as chaperone. :o
  • Rachel thinks maybe that’s the case as well.

Nikolai: Well...* Rachel gives Nikolai an amused glance when June isn't looking. Nikolai: We were just talking about Father. Sir June: I don't wish to intrude. Nikolai: Oh, of course you aren't intruding! Sir June: Sir, it's Beltane, and you're sitting on the grass with your beloved. Of course I'm intruding.

  • Sir June bows to the two lovebirds and makes her retreat as quickly as politeness allows.
  • Sir June stands rather stiffly by the sidelines and looks uncomfortable.

Nikolai: Well, that was awkward... :/ Rachel: A bit. Rachel: She's just doing her job...

  • Rachel stops watching her leave and turns back to Nikolai.
  • Sir June gets as far away as she can, like to the other side of the dance space.

Nikolai: She really doesn't have much fun at these things. Nikolai: ... Or any thing, really. Rachel: That's too bad... Sir June: . o O (I hate Beltane.)

  • Kolya watches the nobles go and sit.
  • Isabel leans on the table. :/
  • Kolya exhales slowly.
  • Silas notices Kolya seems more relaxed and dares to approach him again
  • Kolya opens his hand, where the crystal is still glowing, and blows on it softly to extinguish it

Silas: ... Kolya? Kolya: Yeah? Silas: um...

  • Kolya sounds tired.

Silas: What was that all about?

  • Silas looks confused.

Kolya: It's... part of a present for someone.

  • Kolya puts the little crystal away

Silas: For who? Isabel: A present?

  • Colin listens with interest.

Kolya: Sorry if I was rude. Kolya: Oh, um... no one here.

  • Kolya tries not to look guilty

Isabel: Oh... Isabel: Oh! Isabel: I see... Kolya: sorry Silas: You do? Silas: Will you tell me?

  • Silas looks quite forlorn and small
  • Kolya grins half heartedly.

Isabel: Is that why you didn't want to dance with me? ;)

  • Isabel jokes lamely.

Isabel: It's for his girl-friend. ;) Silas: Kolya has a girlfriend? Kolya: No! I'm just really a bad dancer

  • Kolya goes bright red at that

Kolya: I do not! Colin: Yes, it’s Lady Isabel.Kolya: Wha? Isabel: Uh-huh... Kolya: No, I don't have a girlfriend, really.

  • Kolya sighs.

Isabel: Hm, well. Isabel: I think I'm gonna go powder my nose. Isabel: Be right back... Kolya: Err, okay.

  • Isabel rises from her chair, and turns to go. Anyone who looks can see a hint of sadness as she turns away.

Silas: Why does she need to put powder on her nose?

  • Silas whispers to Kolya
  • Kolya watches Isabel

Kolya: She doesn't....

  • Silas looks confused.

Kolya: Sec. Silas: Then why did she say... Silas: Never mind...

  • Kolya hesitates for a second, and then goes after her.
  • Kolya tries to catch up with her.
  • Isabel actually is headed in the direction of the wc, so she isn't difficult to locate.
  • Kolya will hop after her, but is a bit uncoordinated because of the liquor ;D

Kolya: Is?

  • Isabel looks back, and puts on a smile.

Isabel: Oh hi, Kolya. Kolya: Are you okay? Isabel: Yeah... Isabel: But boys aren't allowed where I'm going, you know. Kolya: Yeah, I know. Kolya: I just wanted to make sure you were. Kolya: Okay, that is. Isabel: I'll be alright... Isabel: Not much else I can do, is there?

  • Kolya nods.

Kolya: I...

  • Kolya hesitates for a second.

Kolya: I guess not. Kolya: Well...

  • Isabel smiles again.
  • Kolya wonders if he should tell Isabel or not, or if now would be the best time if he were to...

Isabel: I think I can handle the bathroom on my own Isabel: ;) Isabel: I'm not that drunk! Kolya: I hope so! Kolya: :o Kolya: But, anyway... Kolya: If I don't see you in the next half an hour or so, I'll send in some Boggans

  • Kolya winks.

Isabel: OK :) Kolya: Anyway...

  • Kolya lets Isa go, and will go sit somewhere where he can watch Di and Michael.
  • Kolya will get out the crystal again and sit there and watch the two of them.
  • Diamond is looking around the courtyard.* Diamond leans over and says something to Michael.
  • Michael says something back to her...
  • Diamond nods.
  • Diamond taps a perfect fingernail against the arm of her chair.
  • Tally wonders what Aidan thinks of all this... he knew too, of course, but...
  • Tally also wonders where Janus is.

Seraph: So, did you know that was going to happen? Tally: What? Tally: Of course, I know and see all. Seraph: Un-huh... Tally: You don't believe me? Tally: I'm hurt.

  • Tally winks a yellow eye.
  • Seraph looks at Tally.
  • Tally looks back at her.

Tally: Not bored of me yet? Seraph: Did you want to dance some more, or are you still in the mood? :D Diamond: Taliesin. Come here.

  • Tally grins and starts swinging Seraph then stops...
  • Tally frowns slighlty.

Seraph: What is it? Tally: I've been summoned.

Seraph: Oh.... Seraph: :/ Tally: Farewell my love, I fear I go to my death.

  • Seraph smiles

Tally: I'll get resurrected asap. Seraph: I'll be here when you return, or at least I'll stop by after to pick up the pieces :D

  • Tally bows to Seraph and hurries to Diamond.
  • Seraph will dance by herself, then...
  • Tally bows in front of Diamond and the Duke.
  • Diamond looks pleased by his haste.

Diamond: Well, you seem to be enjoying yourself.

  • Diamond says to Tally.

Tally: Not half as much as I could wish, Your... Excellency?

  • Tally isn't sure whether she should be "Your Grace" now.
  • Tally glances up at the Duke and bows somewhat more deeply but doesn't speak unless spoken


  • Diamond turns to Michael.

Diamond: I don't believe you've met our grandson... Diamond: This is Taliesin Gwydaine.

  • Tally tries not to fall over with astonishment.
  • Diamond gestures to the pooka with her delicate hand.

Tally: Your Grace. Michael: A pleasure.

  • Michael says politely, nodding.

Diamond: Taliesin, something troubles me.

  • Diamond says, fixing her attention on Tally again.
  • Tally straightens up from his deep bow.

Diamond: Where is your father?* Tally looks somewhat surprised.

  • Tally glances about. He tries to decide when the last time he saw Janus was.
  • Tally swallows.

Tally: Your Excellency, I'm afraid I haven't seen him since before it got dark... he was dancing with the Lady Melisande briefly. Then she left, and he followed shortly thereafter. Diamond: Oh?

  • Diamond arches an eyebrow.

Diamond: Thank you Taliesin.

  • Tally nods.

Tally: You're quite welcome. Glad to be of service. Diamond: You'd best go back now, before you lose the attention of your companion...

  • Tally bows again.
  • Tally smiles gratefully.
  • Diamond looks around, noting that yes, Melisande is also absent.

Tally: I thank you, Your Excellency, Your Grace.

  • Tally nods at each in turn and bows again, then leaves.
  • Diamond nods her head.
  • Diamond hopes for the best.
  • Seraph continues to dance alone.
  • Evan couldn't let a beautiful woman dance by herself. ;)
  • Seraph is looking a bit more smudged that she had started out, after dancing with Tally for so


  • Evan doesn't mind.
  • Seraph will kinda dance with Evan, and seems mildly interested.
  • Evan can be quite charming when he wants to ;)
  • Evan seems, however, to be mostly going through the motions.
  • Seraph will pick up on that, probably, but is mostly keeping herself amused until Tally gets back anyway.
  • Seraph is a professional calibre dancer.
  • Evan is a good enough dancer, for a troll.
  • Evan seems a bit distracted, and not in the way a man dancing with a topless woman usually is

distracted Seraph: Weren't you dancing with Isabel earlier? Evan: Yes, I was. Evan: I was also dancing with her, and her, and her...

  • Evan points to a few different women.
  • Seraph grins.

Seraph: My my, you really get around, don't you? Evan: There are a lot of women here, after all.

  • Seraph smirks.
  • Evan smiles roguishly.

Seraph: Got enough to go around, have you, or are you just shopping for the highest quality? Evan: I suppose I must have enough to go around, or I'd be long gone by now

  • Seraph smirks again.
  • Tally returns to Seraph, a slightly wild look in his eye.

Tally: I hate it when she does that...

  • Evan looks a bit surprised at the intrusion.
  • Seraph shrugs apologetically to Evan.

Tally: This is my dance partner, Sir Troll.

  • Evan bows slightly to the pooka.
  • Tally grins charmingly.

Evan: I was just keeping her warm for you, good sir.* Seraph smiles cheerfully. Tally: How very kind of you, sir.

  • Evan smiles politely and decides discretion = better part of valour, etc.

Evan: Pleased to have met you both. Seraph: There's a lovely little Satyr girl looking lost and alone in the corner over there Seraph: The one in the green... nice smile, pretty eyes Seraph: Perfect for you Evan: Really?

  • Evan looks in that direction, distracted
  • Seraph nods in direction of satyr girl

Seraph: It's been a pleasure :D Evan: Hm? Evan: Oh, pleased to have met you both.

  • Evan smiles and finds himself yet another dance partner.

Evan: . o O (All the good ones are taken :p)

  • Seraph pokes Tally in the chest.

Seraph: You are making me all smudged! Tally: I am? Seraph: Well look at me! Tally: You can smudge me, if you like. Tally: It's only fair. Seraph: Oh, I just might! Seraph: My nipples are just about showing :o Seraph: Well, I suppose they are pretty hard to hide, hmmmm.... Tally: Well... we ought to whisk you away so that your honour can not be besmirched then, hadn't we? Seraph: Hmmm, we could do that I suppose...

  • Seraph bites her lower lip thoughtfully

Seraph: It's still awful early though.... Seraph: We'll just have to come back for more dancing later. Seraph: Once everyone is too drunk to notice! :D

  • Seraph grins.

Seraph: Unless you're planning on tiring me out some other way... >:D

  • Tally grins slightly lasciviously.

Seraph: Well, then, shall we? Tally: Dance a bit more? Certainly.

  • Seraph 's eyes twinkle.

Seraph: certainly!

  • Tally sweeps her off her feet and spins her around a bit more.
  • Tally bends her into a tango-like position and gives her a long, drawn-out kiss.
  • Seraph will kiss right back!

Nikolai: Your brother just got summoned...

  • Rachel glances towards the noble pair.

Rachel: He seems to have escaped unscathed.

  • Rachel smiles wryly.

Rachel: He's not used to being summoned by her... Rachel: But, we were talking about *you*, My Lord... unless you grow weary of the subject. Rachel: It happens to be one of my favourites. Nikolai: Ah yes... Nikolai: Where were we? Rachel: Awkward business, he has a whole other life... somewhere around there. Rachel: He doesn't treat you any differently, I hope? Rachel: You're still his son. He raised you.Nikolai: Yes, I know that, rationally. Nikolai: It's still strange... Nikolai: And I'm about to have a stepmother, it looks like, if I don't already... Nikolai: I mean, technically they're still married.

  • Rachel nods.

Nikolai: And your father... Nikolai: Is technically my brother... Nikolai: I'm just still... wrapping my mind around it all.

  • Rachel nods and wonders whether she should hug him here or whether that would be too weird.

Nikolai: As if I weren't nervous enough about meeting your dad, huh?

  • Nikolai grins.

Rachel: It *will* take time, you can be sure of that...

  • Nikolai leans back, propping himself up on his elbows.
  • Rachel props herself up beside Nik and runs her hand through his dark hair soothingly.

Rachel: Well... it's going to be a very strange period of adjustment for both our families... Nikolai: I don't even think *they* know *exactly* what's going to happen. Rachel: But listen, Nik... His Grace *brought* you up, he didn't bring my father up. Nikolai: Yeah... It must be even weirder for him. Nikolai: In that way, anyway. Rachel: So I think he can't help but think of you as his son, more than he ever could think of my father that way... Rachel: I'm not sure if that helps.

  • Rachel bites her lip uncertainly.

Rachel: You and I, at least, can figure things out together.

  • Rachel smiles.
  • Nikolai smiles back.

Rachel: And I must admit I think I shall take secret delight in shocking everyone by telling them I am being courted by my uncle.

  • Nikolai laughs.

Nikolai: That will certainly be something for the court rumour mills...

  • Rachel winks, she's teasing.
  • Rachel props herself up on her side, facing him.

Rachel: Isn't it delightful? Nikolai: Extremely...

  • Nikolai gazes into her eyes.

Rachel: I miss being the center of all sorts of scandalous rumours. Nikolai: Do you really?

  • Rachel smiles and looks down.

Rachel: Sometimes.

  • Nikolai debates suggesting doing something scandalous. ;D
  • Rachel looks him in the eyes again.

Rachel: I miss Concordia... Nikolai: You know you can come and visit me any time... Rachel: If I can find someone to Flicker Flash me! Nikolai: What about Windrider? Nikolai: :) Rachel: Yes, I can always ask him, that's true. Rachel: He teases me terribly, though. Rachel: I wish I'd paid more attention in magic class as a child. Rachel: Perhaps I'd have Wayfare myself. Nikolai: Yeah, I'd have thought you'd be good at that.

  • Nikolai teases.
  • Rachel sighs.

Rachel: I'm an eternal disappointment to my father...* Rachel doesn't mean that completely, anymore.

  • Rachel smiles.

Nikolai: Doesn't one of your brothers know that art? Rachel: Tally, yes... but he hasn't been to Rosehill. Rachel: Can you stand having him come along next time I visit? Rachel: I'm not sure I can.

  • Rachel grins.

Nikolai: Sure, we can get June to keep him busy.

  • Nikolai jokes.
  • Rachel reaches out for Nik's hand and interlaces her fingers with his.
  • Nikolai sighs happily.

Rachel: All right then, I'll bring him next time. And now let's seal the deal.

  • Rachel leans forward to kiss Nik...
  • Kolya wonders what Tally is being summoned for.
  • Silas has fallen asleep beside the table by now, waiting for Kolya to come back.
  • Kolya will wander back over to the table.
  • Kolya sees the sleeping childling, and sighs
  • Silas is curled up in a very compact ball.

Kolya: . o O ( Man, I'm being a bad friend to everyone tonight, aren't I? )

  • Kolya wonders if he should just let him sleep, or what.
  • Kolya also wonders where Isabel has gotten to...
  • Kolya sits down beside the kid
  • Silas jolts awake.

Kolya: Hey, sorry I took so long. Silas: Don't. Silas: Oh, it's you. Kolya: What?

  • Kolya frowns

Kolya: Are you okay? Silas: Can I still sleep in your bed tonight? Kolya: Of course you can... Silas: Okay, good. Kolya: Did you want to go there now? Silas: Yeah. Kolya: Okay. Silas: I think I fell asleep there, Silas: for a bit... Kolya: Yeah, you did... Kolya: Here.

  • Kolya gives you a key.
  • Kolya seems a bit concerned
  • Silas will take the key

Silas: Did you get to talk to Isabel? Kolya: Kinda

  • Silas says groggily

Kolya: She's okay though... Kolya: I...

  • Kolya seems fazed for a second

Silas: Huh?

  • Silas blinks.

Kolya: Um...

  • Kolya shakes his head.
  • Silas yawns.Kolya: You should get some sleep Silas.

Kolya: It's really late for you. Silas: Yeah... Silas: I can find your room okay. Kolya: Night. Silas: See you later. Silas: Night.. Kolya: Goodnight.

  • Silas wanders off.
  • Kolya is feeling anxious, but can't quite put a finger on why...
  • Sir June paces a bit.
  • Kolya looks up at the moon.

Kolya: . o O ( Where is Isabel ) Sir June: . o O (Something is wrong here...)

  • Kolya looks up at the moon again, and freezes.
  • Kolya pales slightly.
  • Kolya shakes his head, and scans around for Rachel.
  • Kolya spots her with her boyfriend, of course....
  • Sir June looks around, trying to spot anything out of the ordinary
  • Kolya frowns, but hurries over to them anyway.
  • Kolya bows.

Kolya: Lady Rachel, Lord Nikolai... Kolya: I'm so terribly terribly sorry about this... Nikolai: . o O (This had better be important)

  • Kolya looks both terribly concerned and horribly mortified at the same time

Rachel: . o O (Who needs chaperones? Nothing's going to happen tonight anyway.)

  • Rachel sits up resignedly, glancing at Nikolai apologetically.

Rachel: What is it, Kolya? Rachel: Have you had a vision? Kolya: It's your cousin.... Kolya: She's fighting someone. Kolya: Out on the cliffs. Kolya: Alone.

  • Rachel seems suddenly very alert.
  • Kolya nods.

Nikolai: ... Nikolai: What? Kolya: Lady Isabel... Kolya: She's fighting the man who tried to have her killed!

  • Rachel pulls a pin out of her hair and it all tumbles down, whispering silkily against the silk of her gown. This is her bunk for Willow whisper.
  • Rachel ww's Dovev - he can get there fastest.

Rachel: Dovev, go to the cliffs, quickly! Kolya: No!

  • Rachel stands up.

Rachel: What? Why?

  • Dovev comes spiralling down out of the sky.

Dovev: Sss? Kolya: ....

  • Kolya looks kind of pale and shaken.

Rachel: Is it not happening now? Dovev: Which? Rachel: Dovev, Kolya's had a vison about Isabel...Dovev: Which cliffssss? Dovev: Ssss. Rachel: Kolya, can you tell him? Rachel: Kolya, he's the only one who can get there fast enough- is there nothing you can say to help? Nikolai: Come on, man! Nikolai: Speak up! Kolya: I don't know.

  • Kolya lies to the dragon.

Rachel: Take it easy on him, Nik... Dovev: I will find it.

  • Dovev flies off.

Kolya: Warn her.

  • Rachel throws her hair clip into the ground and that is her bunk to Willow whisper Isabel
  • Sir June notices the commotion over by Nikolai et al, and hurries over.

Sir June: Sir? What is going on? Rachel: Isabel, Kolya sees you fighting, Dovev is coming.

  • Kolya covers his ears briefly.

Kolya: No, I can't...

  • Kolya looks quite pale.

Kolya: I have to go. Rachel: Kolya, where are you--?

  • Kolya turns and races off.
  • Rachel shakes her head and lays her hand on her forehead, trying to decide what to do.

Nikolai: Maybe we should go after him...

  • Rachel nods.

Rachel: Come on...

  • Nikolai gets up.
  • Rachel picks up her skirts and runs after Kolya.
  • Kolya runs pretty quickly...
  • Diamond looks vaguely annoyed, as she notices the disturbance. She is confident it won't upset the ball, but...
  • Melisande approaches Diamond discreetly.
  • Diamond looks sidelong at Melisande.
  • Melisande lowers her eyes and nods at the Countess.

Melisande: I must speak to you, your Grace. Diamond: Is it urgent? Melisande: It is about your son...

  • Diamond fixes her with an intent look.

Diamond: What has happened? Melisande: 'E 'as... gone. Melisande: I am not certain where. Diamond: Gone? Melisande: I fear 'e may be in some danger, if zere is trouble afoot... Diamond: I see.

  • Diamond narrows her eyes.

Melisande: 'E... flew away, I believe. Michael: Flew? Melisande: It seemed so, my lord.

  • Melisande lowers her eyes again.

Melisande: I was.. not thinking clearly at ze time. Diamond: Is that so.Diamond: You will tell me all about it... Later. Diamond: *I* will look to Janus. Melisande: Thank you, milady. Melisande: It will put my mind at ease...

  • Melisande looks slightly guilty.

Diamond: . o O (Curses!!)

  • Melisande wrings her hands and is quiet.
  • Melisande watches Diamond for any sign of news...

Diamond: How annoying...

  • Diamond seems to be looking very far away.
  • Melisande leans forward to catch Diamond's words.

Melisande: Is 'e... Diamond: He's not in any danger.

  • Melisande breathes a sigh of relief.

Melisande: I am afraid I failed you, madame. Diamond: It is not entirely your fault...That little witch's spell is more powerful than I'd anticipated.

  • Melisande holds out her hand, which contains three black feathers.
  • Diamond has drawn off with Melisande by this time.

Melisande: I do not know what zese mean...

  • Diamond plucks one from Melisande's hand.

Diamond: He's gone home, I think. Melisande: 'Ome? Diamond: Oxford.

  • Melisande nods.

Melisande: Would it be wise to follow 'im there?

  • Diamond arches an eyebrow.

Diamond: It's quite a walk. Melisande: Ah... I meant more expediently, but if you think it is a bad idea... Diamond: It is probably best to leave him be, for now.

  • Melisande nods.
  • Melisande curtseys to the Countess.
  • Melisande's face is composed and calm.

Melisande: Is zere anything else I can do for you, Contesse? Melisande: I will do as you say, madame... Diamond: Not right this moment... I have much to deal with. Melisande: Very well.

  • Melisande curtseys again and retreats.
  • Melisande goes back into distraught mode.
  • Melisande will wander off to her room, crying a little...
  • Rachel glances over her shoulder at Nik as she runs.

Rachel: . o O (I was so looking forward to a nice romantic evening with Nik... but nothing's ever that simple, is it.) Nikolai: Should I come too, or cover for you?

  • Nikolai jogs along beside her.
  • Sir June will follow Nikolai at a run, not passing him.
  • Sir June waits for any instructions from Nikolai.
  • Nikolai doesn't know what he could do that Isabel can't. ;D
  • Rachel tries to smile.

Rachel: Who needs cover? Rachel: Come along. Some romantic evening, chasing villains down... Nikolai: I don't really know what's going on, June...Nikolai: But I suppose more help can't hurt.

  • Sir June grunts in response.
  • Rachel can't willow whisper Kolya, unfortunately, as she doesn't have Actor

Rachel: Kolya!

  • Rachel calls once the din of the Beltane stuff is behind her.
  • Kolya does not appear to have heard.
  • Rachel keeps calling Kolya's name... until he answers or her voice grows hoarse.
  • Rachel stops running after a bit so Nik and June can catch up.
  • Rachel keeps calling Kolya's name, though...

Rachel: I don't think we'll catch him...

  • Rachel tries to catch her breath when Nik and June catch up.
  • Rachel suggests they head to the stable.
  • Rachel rushes off that way and she pulls out three horses, the fastest, and she at least mounts bareback and without a bridle.

Rachel: Get on, Nik, June!

  • Rachel kicks her horse into motion and gallops out in the direction Kolya was going.
  • Sir June will mount and ride after her.

Rachel: . o O (Nik can never say life isn't exciting with me...)

Dovev: . o O (So many cliffs. Start with closest.) Dovev: *sniff* Dovev: *sniff* Dovev: ssssssssnakessss...

  • Isabel staggers down the stairs in the hillside, all alone. Her dress is torn, and her hair is falling down. One side of her face is bruised and swollen; her arms look pretty battered, too.
  • Dovev flies down towards her.
  • Isabel looks up.

Isabel: Oh, it's you...

  • Kolya runs.
  • Kolya knows where he is going.
  • Kolya just doesn't think he'll get there...
  • Kolya doesn't quite know why he is doing any of this, but just hears horrible ringing in his ears as soon as Isabel was called and needs to make it stop...
  • Kolya feels like he is about to collapse, and wishes he knew what was going to happen.
  • Kolya staggers as the ringing stops.
  • Three pounding sets of hooves catch up to Kolya. *
  • Rachel pulls up.

Rachel: Get up! Rachel: Get up, Kolya. Kolya: ...

  • Rachel lays her hand on his shoulder and does her best to lift him onto the horse’s back.

Rachel: Grab onto the mane and kick a leg over his back.

  • Kolya is breathing quite heavily, but doesn't seem to have much energy at this point
  • Kolya manages to do as instructed, though.
  • Sir June will help lift Kolya onto the horse if necessary.
  • Rachel kicks her horse back into a gallop before Kolya really has a chance to settle.
  • Rachel breaks a branch off a tree as she passes by and wields it hastily, in case she needs a weapon. ^-^
  • Rachel keeps going towards the cliffs.
  • Kolya manages to hold on, but barely.
  • The cavalry arrives at the beach. *
  • Isabel is sitting on the beach, with Dovev, in humanish form, standing beside her.
  • Rachel pulls up again when she sees Dovev and Isabel alone. Her horse prances.* Rachel looks quite fearsome and terrible, wielding her stick. ^-^
  • Sir June slows to a halt.
  • Sir June doesn't have any weapons, but she doesn't look like she needs any. ;)
  • Kolya looks quite pathetic in comparison.

Dovev: Ssss...

  • Dovev floats over to Rachel.

Dovev: She is injured.

  • Rachel slides off the horse and runs towards Isabel.

Rachel: Did you see anything, Dovev? Dovev: No.

  • Rachel nods at Dovev. "Thank you".

Rachel: Isabel, are you all right?

  • Rachel sinks down to look at her cousin.
  • Isabel shrugs.

Rachel: Isabel, what happened?

  • Rachel tenderly tucks her cousin's fallen hairdo behind her pointed ears.

Isabel: Got inna fight.

  • Isabel mumbles.
  • Isabel spits out some blood in an unladylike fashion.

Rachel: Kolya said it was that person, that Kirk Williston or whoever...

  • Rachel tries not to look disgusted by her cousin spitting like a man.

Dovev: ssssss.... Kolya: . o O ( Said too much... ) Dovev: ssssnakes. Rachel: Can you smell them, Dovev?

  • Rachel turns back to the dragon.
  • Dovev arches his back, and the sound of crunching bone emanates from his body as he shifts back into his reptilian form.
  • Rachel keeps a hand on Isabel's shoulder.

Dovev: Ssssmell it, yessss...

  • Sir June 's eyes widen, but she remains quiet

Rachel: Can you track it, or did they Flicker Flash?

  • Dovev coils and uncoils in mid air.

Dovev: Gone.

  • Rachel shakes her head unhappily.

Dovev: Should have let me eat it, lasssst time. Rachel: How many, can you tell...? Dovev: Jusssst the one.

  • Kolya 's face is red, and lips white, and his eyes barely open.
  • Kolya 's head is ringing.
  • Kolya tries to sit up too quickly.
  • Kolya falls off the horse, and lands on his knees in the sand.

Rachel: Nik, look to Kolya, please.

  • Rachel gives out orders without even thinking.
  • Nikolai goes over to the mortal.

Nikolai: Hey,

  • Nikolai says gently.

Nikolai: Hey, say something...

  • Sir June will dismount and help Nik tend to Kolya.

Kolya: mm Rachel: You recognize the scent? Dovev: Sssssss.... Dovev: Yesssss...

  • Rachel pats Isabel's shoulder gently.* Isabel dangles her hands in the air, resting her elbows on her knees, looking down at the sand.

Rachel: Who is it, Dovev?

  • Dovev searches his ages-old memory for the name...
  • Kolya winces again and tries to cover his ears, or squish his head to make it stop ringing

Dovev: Caelan Rea. Isabel: ...

  • Rachel glances sharply at Isabel.

Rachel: Oh, Is...

  • Rachel says gently.

Rachel: Thank you, Dovev.

  • Rachel crouches near Isabel again.

Rachel: Hey... you don't have to talk about it right now, OK?

  • Rachel picks up a rock from the beach and draws a picture with it on the rock Isabel is sitting on, it's a cross.

Isabel: Nng. Rachel: (bunk)

  • Isabel shudders slightly as her wounds heal.

Rachel: Is, can you stand up? Rachel: We ought to get you home... Isabel: okay... Rachel: Then we can figure out what to do about this...

  • Rachel helps Isabel up.

Rachel: . o O (What the hell are we going to do... I can't tell Dovev *not* to tell the Countess...) Rachel: Isabel... Rachel: What do you want us to do to him? Isabel: nf.

  • Isabel staggers to her feet.

Isabel: My problem. Isabel: Don't need any help. Rachel: ...

  • Rachel pauses.
  • Isabel wipes some blood off her chin.
  • Dovev hisses softly to himself.

Rachel: Dovev...? Dovev: Ssssss....

  • Dovev glides closer to Rachel.

Rachel: Dovev, I think we'll be all right now. Rachel: Thank you very much. Dovev: As you wish.

  • Dovev flies up into the night sky.
  • Rachel helps Isabel to the horses.
  • Kolya crouches down in the sand and hugs his knees
  • Kolya glances up at Isabel very briefly, but shuts his eyes tightly
  • Rachel kneels to look at Kolya.

Rachel: Hey there, how are you doing? Sir June: Let me take one of them. We should get them back for further help as quickly as possible.

  • Rachel nods.

Rachel: Can you ride, Kolya? Rachel: We're heading back.

  • Sir June will help Kolya to his feet.
  • Rachel smiles gratefully at Nikolai and June for their help.
  • Kolya stands up with help, but doesn't really seem to be all there, so to speak* Nikolai is still very confused... :o
  • Sir June is also confused, but doesn't show it.
  • Rachel shakes her head slightly at Nikolai. She'll fill him in when they get back.

Rachel: Isabel, you're coming with me.

  • Sir June will help Kolya mount her horse, then get on herself.
  • Kolya seems very off balance, but manages to hold on once he is mounted
  • Sir June holds Kolya firmly, so he doesn't fall

Rachel: Do you need help, Is? Rachel: Or are you feeling well enough to hop on yourself?

  • Isabel shakes her head numbly, then swings herself up onto a horse.
  • Rachel swings up behind Isabel.
  • Rachel holds Isabel up.
  • Rachel moves her horse into a walk.
  • Sir June will also ride slowly, so as not to jar Kolya too much.
  • Kolya seems to be basically feeling the effects of some kind of intense vertigo
  • Sir June supports Kolya if he wavers at all.

Rachel: We don't need to rush back so quickly... Rachel: . o O (It will give Isabel time to collect herself, and Kolya too)

  • Rachel glances over at Nikolai and Sir June regularly.
  • Rachel keeps her stick close to her just in case. It's tucked into her belt.

Rachel: Isabel... Dovev knows who it is. I can't guarantee he won't tell my grandmother. Rachel: You have to think about that, and think about what you want. Isabel: ... Rachel: Shh for now... I just wanted to tell you while we're not in the castle. I doubt she's watching us right now. Rachel: I respect that it's your business. That's why I'm telling you. Ok? Isabel: ...

  • Rachel squeezes her cousin gently.
  • Rachel glances over at Nikolai apologetically.
  • They arrive back at the castle. Most people are still partying or getting it on, oblivious. Evan is among them... *
  • Seraph and Tally, meanwhile, get to have happy fun sex and be ignorant of all this madness. Go us! :D
  • Diamond has withdrawn to confer with Michael, Dovev, and Windrider...
  • Hathaway is having a nice nap under one of the serving tables.
  • Sir June sees that Kolya is tended to, then bows to Nikolai and departs...
  • Rachel drops the horses off in the stable and rouses a stableboy to look after them.
  • Rachel helps Isabel get to her room or wherever she wants to go, and helps find a healer for


  • Rachel then goes with Nikolai back to her room so she can explain...
  • Rachel is looking rather dishevelled after the ride, etc. Not amazing anymore. ^-^
  • Rachel tucks her loose hair behind her shoulder.
  • Rachel takes a deep breath.

Rachel: And here I've been worried that I'm too boring... Hope the weirdness of my life hasn't scared you off...

  • Rachel smiles ruefully at Nik.

Nikolai: Seems like it's your cousin that's scary, not you...

  • Nikolai smiles.

Rachel: Yes...

  • Rachel sighs.

Rachel: About that. I don't know all the details and it's probably not really any of my business... but... as you know, the Eiluned coat of arms ought to have a cat, not a beetle on it... Nikolai: Yes?

  • Nikolai prompts.

Rachel: Long ago, before even I was born, Isabel's father had been invaded by some Unseelie interested in taking over... Rachel: They didn't know this of course, that's just hindsight. Rachel: One of them was a fellow named Caelan, and I suppose his last name was Rea... Isabel and he had a fling.

  • Nikolai listens...

Rachel: Members of the court later learned that Caelan and his cohort were from House Balor. Baron Morningstar did not like that one bit. Nikolai: I guess he wouldn't! Rachel: They managed to apprehend Caelan and he was brought here... Isabel thought he died here. Rachel: But evidently he didn't, because that seems to be who Dovev discovered fighting with her tonight. Nikolai: I see. Nikolai: There are some pretty big gaps in that story, though... Rachel: It's patchy, I know... Rachel: I'm curious to learn the details myself. Rachel: I suspect the assassination attempt has something to do with all this... Nikolai: I had no idea Lady Isabel had such a sordid past. Nikolai: O_o Rachel: Kolya has had visions of "snakes" and Isabel before... Rachel: Poor Isabel... she really cared for Caelan... Rachel: That's why she despises Aberystwyth so much. Nikolai: And evidently it wasn't mutual? Rachel: I don't know... I really don't. Rachel: I hardly think trying to kill someone is the best way to show one's affections. Rachel: You don't want to kill me, do you?

  • Rachel smiles, sort of. Just trying to put some humour in the situation.
  • Rachel sighs and runs her hands through her hair.
  • Rachel sits down on a chair and lays her hands in her lap.

Nikolai: Well no... Nikolai: But on the other hand, your grandmother hasn't thrown me in a dungeon for dating you, either Nikolai: ;) Rachel: No, be careful, though.

  • Rachel smiles wanly.
  • Rachel leans back in the chair.

Nikolai: She likes me... Nikolai: ... I think.

  • Rachel raises an eyebrow expressively.

Rachel: You don't know for sure? Nikolai: That was a joke. Nikolai: ;) Rachel: I know... I was just teasing back. Evidently not successfully...

  • Rachel smiles up at Nikolai.

Rachel: Well, they're all right for now, I guess... Nikolai: I can understand why Isabel's upset... Nikolai: But what happened to Kolya? Rachel: I'm not sure... something to do with his visions, probably. Nikolai: Oh... poor guy. Rachel: But I don't know enough about Kinain yet to understand all the ramifications of his gift.Rachel: He's been pretty accurate, so far. Rachel: It's interesting, really.

  • Rachel stands up, playing with the folds of her now-soiled dress.

Rachel: I must look a state.

  • Rachel glances down at herself.

Nikolai: You look fine to me... better than fine.

  • Rachel rolls her eyes upward.

Rachel: My hair's all loose and probably ratty, my dress is dirty, I am scratched up and down my arms from galloping through the trees... Nikolai: *NOthing* about you could ever look *ratty* Nikolai: And even if it did, I wouldn't care.

  • Rachel shakes her head at Nikolai, smiling.
  • Nikolai puts a hand on her shoulder.
  • Rachel tucks a lock of hair behind her ear and looks downwards, trying to cover up a blush.
  • Rachel looks up at him again.

Rachel: I love you too.

  • Nikolai is a bit surprised, because he hadn't said anything...
  • Rachel smiles at him.
  • Nikolai smiles back, slowly.
  • Rachel blushes under the gaze of his deep maroon eyes and long black lashes.

Nikolai: I do love you, Rachel...

  • Rachel 's eyes mist over... how lovely those words sound!
  • Nikolai leans forward and kisses her... at least all the excitement has eliminated chaperones!

Rachel: Well... in that case... shall we finish the kiss that was so rudely interru-

  • Rachel gets cut off. ;^D
  • Rachel kisses him back and melts into his arms.