Aleix Bertrand

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Aleix is the husband of Nebibit and father of Oshairana. He grew up in Villaras and is the son of a merchant. He was apprenticed at a young age to a Harper of good standing when he showed a musical aptitude, but has never felt entirely comfortable being a Harper. He maintains ties with his father but is happier being on the road with Nebibit and his children and the rest of the troupe.

Aleix first encountered Nebibit about 19 years ago when she was performing in a small village in Medeira, where he was passing through on a mission for the Harpers. He fell in love with the petite, exotic woman, and ended up travelling with the troupe. At first he told himself it was for the safety of numbers, but secretly he knew it was because he wanted to be near her. Eventually, she accepted him (he's one of the ones she was hard on at the beginning - she was quite wary of his affiliation with the Harpers) and took him as her husband. He is a very good singer; he plays several instruments and has composed original and well-received lyrics and scores for plays put on by The Leopard's Coterie. As a bard, he is quite knowledgeable about the history and geography of the Five Kingdoms and serves as teacher to the children of the troupe. He teaches them to read and write Common. He will also teach promising vocal talents and musicians among the troupe. While he maintains ties with the Harpers, relations are not always easy. Certain among the Harpers, including his former mentor, believe that Aleix is wasting his talents with The Leopard's Coterie. Some, though, remain his friends and occasionally he is called on to carry out some errand for the Harpers or an individual Harper. Aleix enjoys the relative freedom of travelling with The Leopard's Coterie and is usually rather wary when asked by the Harpers to do something. He is an attractive man of average height and build, with tanned skin, black hair and blue eyes.