Aidan, Kolya & Isabel, 1/16/2003

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<Aidan> Should I be frightened?  :^o

  • Aidan wonders what is going to be done to her poor innocent nocker boy

<Kolya> (nothing he'll complain about ;D) <Aidan> eeep? <Aidan> (Kolya suddnely realizes he plays for the other team?  ;^D) <Kolya> (You need to set the scene)

  • Aidan would be pleasantly surprised if that's the case. ;^D

<Aidan> (thinking)e <Aidan> (Hazel must be afk) <Aidan> (n/m with that, then)

  • Aidan is at Aberystwyth to borrow some sugar for Tara. j/k
  • Aidan is at Aberystwyth to help Marguerite oversee the decorations for a yuletide musical event. He has good taste in interior decoration. :^D
  • Aidan will also be playing piano in this event, but that isn't until tomorrow night.

<Sleet> (absolutely no Christmas crap)

  • Aidan heads out to the gardens to ask the gardeners to fetch some more holly and mistletoe, which are not originally Christmas crap but Druidic crap and so should be acceptable. ^-^

<Sleet> (yup)

  • Kolya is out in the gardens, then, getting a breath of fresh air. There is a guard around somewhere
  • Aidan wanders around, looking for a gardener but also just enjoying the desolate beauty of the gardens in the winter.
  • Aidan is not exactly in a hurry to find a gardener, that is. :^)
  • Kolya is wearing a wool sweater and pants, and a scarf
  • Kolya is looking up at the sky initially, leaning back agains one of the stone garden walls
  • Aidan is wearing non-elaborate clothes for once because he doesn't want to get his usual brocades and stuff messed up by throny holly and sap and stuff; also, hard to climb a ladder with a long coat one.

<Aidan> (-e)

  • Aidan is thus wearing: pants and a black turtleneck sweater! They look like they could be Tally's clothes.
  • Aidan has mittens on, too. :^D
  • Kolya doesn't
  • Aidan has to take good care of hs pianist hands. :^D
  • Kolya hears someone coming, and looks over

<Kolya> ... <Kolya> Aidan?

  • Aidan looks over and smiles.

<Aidan> Oh, hello Kolya. <Aidan> How are you?

  • Aidan probably looks pretty weird in normal clothes...
  • Aidan 's long hair is still pulled back and tied with a black bow, though.

<Kolya> chilly

  • Aidan heads towards Kolya.
  • Kolya grins

<Aidan> (unsuspecting...  :^D) <Aidan> It *is* winter...

  • Kolya still looks a bit haggard, but maybe a bit more cheerful

<Aidan> The weather could be worse. <Kolya> tell me about it... <Kolya> Prarie winters were visciously cold

  • Aidan glances up at the sky. At least it is not a Diamond-induced blizzard...
  • Aidan turns to look up at Kolya then. :^)

<Aidan> Yes, I've heard.... <Aidan> Ontario wasn't too bad. <Kolya> I think we get nastier wind... <Aidan> New Brunswick could be pretty miserable, though... <Kolya> err... got. <Aidan> Not as bad as the prairies, though... <Kolya> I've never been there <Aidan> I was there briefly, when we first went to Concordia. <Aidan> We wanted to visit the farm that belonged to our mother and Smith. <Aidan> Not much left of it now...

  • Aidan smiles sadly.

<Aidan> Anyway... <Aidan> Aside from being cold, how are you? <Kolya> Oh, alright I guess.. <Kolya> The headaches are getting better

  • Aidan nods.

<Aidan> I'm glad to hear it. <Aidan> Are they any closer to finding out who did this? <Aidan> Or would they not be telling you even if they did?  :^/

  • Kolya shakes his head

<Kolya> I don't think so

  • Aidan looks glum.

<Aidan> That's too bad. <Aidan> . o O (Well, maybe the Dreaming will punish whoever it was.) <Aidan> I was... just looking for a gardener. <Aidan> We need more mistletoe and holly for the concert hall. would you care to join me? <Kolya> sure :) <Kolya> I was wondering what you were doing around here... <Kolya> Getting ready for the concert, though, I suppose :)

  • Aidan nods.

<Aidan> I'll be glad to play before an audience again but it will be strange, not being accompanied by my siblings. <Kolya> not even tally?

  • Aidan starts walking.

<Aidan> No, he didn't feel like playing or something. <Aidan> Anyway, there's not a lot of arrangements for piano and flute that wouldn't sound like Zamfir.

  • Aidan smirks.

<Kolya> hmm? <Aidan> Oh... I thought you'd get the reference. <Aidan> Never mind. <Aidan> So, what have you been up to of late? <Kolya> well, mostly the same stuff, I guess <Kolya> I got a letterfrom an, ah, old friend the other day, though, and that cheered me up <Aidan> Oh?

  • Kolya blushes a bit

<Aidan> An old girlfriend?

  • Aidan smiles.

<Kolya> ...something like that.....

  • Kolya says

<Aidan> Hmmm...

  • Aidan scrutinizes Kolya.

<Aidan> Ah well, it's none of my business.

  • Aidan shrugs.

<Aidan> . o O (I wish Cid would write...  :^( ) <Kolya> it's hard to explain anyway...

  • Kolya shakes his head

<Kolya> I just won't go there <Aidan> Fair enough. I didn't mean to pry. <Kolya> oh, no.. <Kolya> You weren;t prying. <Kolya> Don't worry about it <Aidan> All right, I won't.

  • Aidan smiles.

<Aidan> Do you have any plans for Yule or will be remaining here? <Aidan> Er... probably you don't have a choice, really. sorry. <Kolya> where else wold I go? <Aidan> I don't know... <Kolya> Technically, I'm still a member of the court, anyway <Aidan> Maybe your old friend's...

  • Aidan grins.

<Aidan> Yes. <Kolya> heh, no, I think that would probably be a bit difficult to arrange

  • Kolya grins

<Aidan> And what of Lady Isabel? Will she be going to spend time with her father? <Kolya> I don't know... <Kolya> She hasn't mentionned leaving, though <Kolya> I hope you don't have any hard feeling about the other night <Kolya> Isabel's a Fionan... She takes things to extremes sometimes <Aidan> ...

  • Aidan looks off into the trees.

<Aidan> It was funny at first, ha ha. But I was not pleased when she picked me up and stuffed me into a sack.

  • Aidan says bitterly.
  • Kolya shrugs

<Kolya> Like I said... extremes <Aidan> What is the old saying? "No means no." <Kolya> It isn't like she was going to toss you in the river or anything <Aidan> I told her not to do it but all she could think of was how much fun *she* was having. <Kolya> I don't think it's quite the same <Aidan> No regard at all for *my* dignity or feelings. <Aidan> It's too bad, I was looking forward to meeting your friends. <Aidan> Anyway, I doubt I shall have the chance now.

  • Aidan shrugs.

<Kolya> why not? <Aidan> Well, I am "so lame", of course. <Aidan> Anyway. <Aidan> That is in the past and I do not wish to dwell on it.

  • Kolya shrugs

<Kolya> sure <Aidan> If she wants to apologize to me she can do it herself. <Aidan> Will you be attending the concert tomorrow night? <Kolya> I know <Kolya> Probably.. <Aidan> I hope you do. It should ber diverting. <Aidan> Also I like to show off.

  • Aidan grins.

<Kolya> fair enough :) <Kolya> I don't really have an ear for music, though <Aidan> Oh well, there will be some other things as well. <Aidan> Some poems and stories, perhaps. <Aidan> Quite a few people will be involved.

  • Aidan spots a gardener.
  • Kolya nods

<Aidan> Oh! Let's catch up to him. <Kolya> Well, I will go, if I'm feeling up to it <Kolya> hmm?

  • Aidan quickens his pace in the direction of the gardener.
  • Aidan hails the gardener once close enough and puts in his request.

<Aidan> (Well, finds out who he *should* speak to first, actually)

  • Aidan is a good boy.

<Aidan> (The gardener offers togo cut the greenery himself and Aidan thanks him)

      • Sleet is now known as Isabel
  • Isabel hums 'the holly and the ivy'

<Aidan> I ought to head back to the hall soon... Marguerite is probably wondering where I am. <Isabel> hmm~

  • Aidan explains to Kolya.
  • Isabel steps lightly down the path, clutching what looks like a handful of blood and fire ... something very shiny and jewelly.
  • Kolya nods

<Kolya> well, I won't keep you, if you've got what you need... <Isabel> Kol-ya~ <Isabel> and Ai-dan~

  • Aidan nods as he watches Isabel's approach expressionlessly.
  • Isabel is wearing a bright red lambswoll coat, which sweeps the ground as she walks.

<Aidan> Good morning, Lady Isabel.

  • Aidan says formally.
  • Isabel smiles broadly.
  • Aidan looks weird in Tally's clothes.

<Isabel> Oh, oh, you have to see this... <Kolya> what is it?

  • Isabel holds out the thing in her hand, which seems to be a net of gold, with shimmering blood red rubies at the intersections...

<Isabel> It's a hair thingie... Oh, it's so pretty. <Isabel> And she *gave* it to me! She gave it to *me*, just like that! <Isabel> :o <Aidan> Who did? <Isabel> My lady aunt. :D <Isabel> Oh, it's so lovely. She said I should wear it to the soirée... <Aidan> (So she can mind control you! MWAHJAHA!) <Aidan> It's lovely. <Aidan> Will you be going home to your father the Count's for the Yuletide? <Isabel> And she says I ought to sit with her, and the Lady Melisande! <Kolya> wow :o <Aidan> . o O (Oh dear... a new toy. It took her a while to get interested.) <Aidan> How lucky you are.

  • Aidan smiles politely.

<Isabel> Oh yes, very much so. :D <Kolya> that's pretty cool <Isabel> Oh, Aidan, you aren't still angry with me, *are* you?

  • Isabel smiles and bats her eyelashes.

<Aidan> . o O (Maybe she just wants to have another pretty girl to flank her since Rachel isn't around...) <Aidan> . o O (I hope that's all it is... for appearance.)

  • Aidan is not turned by Isabel's feminine wiles.

<Aidan> Not angry. Just waiting. <Isabel> waiting for what?

  • Isabel asks innocently.

<Aidan> Well, that is something you must figure out for yourself, my dear cousin. <Isabel> Oh well...

  • Isabel puffs out a steamy breath.

<Isabel> I prolly shouldn't have tried to make you come with us, anyway... <Isabel> I should have known it wasn't so much your thing

  • Isabel says casually.
  • Kolya sighs
  • Aidan raises an eyebrow. That will not do, it simply won't.
  • Kolya shakes his head
  • Isabel elbows Kolya. "His father never wanted to play with me either!" ;D

<Kolya> heh <Aidan> What a fascinating world you must live in, where everything revolves around you, Lady. <Aidan> Have a good day.

  • Aidan bows and leaves.

<Aidan> See you around, Kolya.

  • Aidan refuses to stand around while he is made the brunt of yet more little jokes.

<Aidan> (sensitive, isn't he) <Kolya> (yup) <Kolya> ... <Isabel> Boy... what a jerk. <Kolya> he's touchy <Isabel> I *said* I was sorry... well, sort of. <Kolya> not well enough, I guess <Isabel> Well nuts to him, I'm not going to bow and scrape to some... well... nevermind that

  • Isabel is going to say 'baseborn commoner with delusions of lordship', because she isn't Diamond :D

<Isabel> It doesn't matter.

  • Isabel hops from one foot to the other, clutching her prize.

<Isabel> Everything's going to be alright, Kolya.