Tara-Nar, 11/12/2002

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  • Rachel_ was supposed to be doing the sleeping thing, right? ^-^

<Rachel_> (Alone? No Nik?  ;^D) <Paska> (OK, as I was saying... it is quite early, and rachel will be woken up by me, a boggan, running down the hall, screaming the following...) <Paska> (He can be there, just let me get this boggan thing done) <Rachel_> (ok) <Paska> THE SEER IS SLAIN! THE SEER IS SLAIN!!!!! <Paska> COUNTESS DIAMOND'S SEER IS DEAAAAAADDD!!

  • Paska shrieks in terror!!
  • Rachel_ bolts awake.

<Paska> Someone, send for physics!!

  • Kolya lies innert

<Rachel_> . o O (OH, SHIT.) <Rachel_> . o O (She'll blame *me*.)

  • Rachel_ gets out of the bed in a rush, trying not to steal all the covers.
      • Paska is now known as Nikolai

<Nikolai> ...Eh? <Nikolai> what's going on...? <Rachel_> Nik! <Nikolai> (lovely thoughts there< rachel...) <Rachel_> Kolya- something's wrong with Kolya. <Nikolai> The soothsayer? <Nikolai> The Kinain?

  • Rachel_ is dressing in a hurry.

<Rachel_> Yes.

  • Nikolai is pretty groggy.

<Rachel_> Hopefully he's just in a trance. <Rachel_> A boggan just ran by, screaming that he is slain. <Nikolai> (From down the hallway you hear the boggan screaming "... blood everywhere, oh my stars!" <Rachel_> ...

  • Nikolai sits up straight.

<Rachel_> Guess it's not just a trance...

  • Rachel_ looks pale and shaky.
  • Nikolai pales as well

<Nikolai> We'd better get down there... <Nikolai> You go on ahead <Nikolai> I'll be right behind you.

  • Nikolai starts getting his clothes on.
  • Rachel_ nods, pulling her hair back into a ponytail hurriedly.
  • Rachel_ exits the room.

<Rachel_> (Do I know where his room was?)

      • Nikolai is now known as Physic

<Physic> (yes, it's the one with the rapidly gathering crowd of people outside, and with the guards trying to keep people out) <Physic> (well, guard)

  • Rachel_ heads down that way.

<Physic> (if you play the 'Diamond's granddaughter' card, you can probably get in past the guard)

  • Rachel_ looks imperious for once, driven by fear of Diamond. ;^D

<Rachel_> I am the Countess' grandaughter. The seer Kolya was with me. I will enter.

  • Physic is admitted into the room just as Rachel approaches the guard.
  • Rachel_ stares down a guard.
  • Physic is a grump eshu, wearing a simple linen dressing gown over pajamas, and slippers on his feet.

<Rachel_> (The guard moves aside, I hope?) <Physic> (he does)

  • Rachel_ follows the physic in.
  • Physic looks over his shoulder at you, but assumes you're alright since the guard let you in.
  • Rachel_ surveys the scene.
  • Physic is carrying a well-worn leather bag with him.
      • Physic is now known as Abbalon
  • Kolya is lying supine on the bed, as if her were asleep, except that there is a large pool of blood that has covered his faces and coated the sheets and pillow..
  • Rachel_ looks at the Physic.
  • Kolya 's hair is matted with it and he seems very white

<Abbalon> Stars and mothers...

  • Abbalon rushes to the kinain's side.
  • Rachel_ moves to his side as well.

<Kolya> (The blood seems very thick) <Rachel_> I have Primal, if that is of any use.

  • Abbalon examines the wound.

<Abbalon> ...

  • Abbalon looks perplexed.
  • Abbalon touches the blood on Kolya's forehead.

<Abbalon> <m>It's cold...

  • Rachel_ closes her eyes.

<Abbalon> ... The wound appears to be chimerical... <Abbalon> He should... This is very strange... <Rachel_> Does he have a pulse?

  • Abbalon is talking more to himself than to Rachel.
  • Rachel_ would take it herself but the physic is probably much more highly trained than she is.

<Kolya> (~I'm just a prop, lucky me...~)

  • Abbalon takes a clean linen cloth from his bag and wipes the blood from his forehead.
  • Rachel_ feels sick to her stomach but looks calm and composed outwardly.

<Abbalon> (There is no visible wound.)

  • Kolya loos very pale, though, and is cold to the touch
  • Abbalon frowns.
  • Rachel_ watches Kolya closely - is there any movement? Is he breathing?

<Rachel_> What is it?

  • Abbalon feels Kolya's forehead.

<Abbalon> He's so cold... <Abbalon> And yet...

  • Abbalon reaches into the bag again, pulling out a small glass capsule.

<Rachel_> Is he *alive* still.

  • Abbalon will break it under Kolya's nose, to try and revive him.

<Rachel_> . o O (I would assume so, then.) <Rachel_> What is your name, please, sir?

  • Kolya gaps quietly

<Kolya> (gasps)

  • Abbalon looks up to answer but then is distracted by Kolya's wakingupness.
  • Rachel_ feels somewhat relieved.
  • Rachel_ leans in over Kolya as well.

<Abbalon> Can you hear me, boy? <Rachel_> Kolya?

  • Kolya coughs and his eyes
  • Abbalon says in a kindly voice.

<Kolya> cold...

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Abbalon> Can you remember what happened?

  • Kolya open's his eyes briefly and closes them right away

<Kolya> ... <Rachel_> Kolya, it's Rachel. I'm here, with a physic. Please tell us what you can.

  • Rachel_ says gently.
  • Kolya opens them again

<Kolya> everthing's so... dull...

  • Rachel_ pulls clean dry blankets up to try to warm Kolya up a bit.

<Kolya> ngh <Abbalon> Dull? <Kolya> <m> tries to sit up and grimaces horribly

  • Kolya does that, not says it ;)

<Abbalon> No, no. Don't get up.

  • Rachel_ lays her hands on Kolya's shoulders and presses him gently but firmly down.

<Rachel_> Conserve your energy. <Abbalon> You've suffered a very serious and... unusual attack.

  • Rachel_ glances towards the door. Is a guard looking in?

<Abbalon> (yes) <Kolya> Rachel?

  • Kolya seems confused

<Kolya> Everthing's gone... <Rachel_> What do you mean?

  • Rachel_ asks softly.

<Rachel_> . o O (Has he had his gift stolen? Is that possible?)

  • Rachel_ focuses her concentration on Kolya.
  • Kolya shivers

<Rachel_> Kolya...? <Abbalon> My lords and ladies will want to know of this...

  • Kolya holds his head in his hands and turns over

<Abbalon> Please, good lady, do not upset him. <Rachel_> I don't intend to. <Abbalon> Then perhaps we should leave him to rest. <Abbalon> (You people can hear Isabel's loud voice outside) <Rachel_> I do not wish to leave him unguarded. <Abbalon> I don't think that will be a problem <Rachel_> I also expect a full report from you on what you surmise has occurred. <Rachel_> What is your name? <Kolya> it hurts... <Abbalon> I will report to my lords and ladies.

  • Abbalon says, with a slight tinge of 'you're not the boss of me' in his voice ;D

<Abbalon> I am called Abbalon. <Rachel_> Abbalon. Thank you. <Abbalon> . o O (me-ow) <Rachel_> I am Rachel Gwydaine.

  • Abbalon will busy himself trying to make Kolya as comfortable as possible.
  • Rachel_ also tries.

<Abbalon> I will keep that in mind. <Abbalon> If you would please let me do my job...

  • Rachel_ isn't being snippy; she's just kind of wound up.

<Rachel_> Of course... <Rachel_> I am sorry.

  • Isabel is outside, in tears.

<Isabel> Kolya, Kolya! <Rachel_> The lady outside is his best friend... <Isabel> What's happened to him! <Rachel_> Could she be permitted to enter?

  • Rachel_ asks Abbalon.

<Abbalon> It isn't up to me, your ladyship. <Kolya> Is...

  • Rachel_ frowns slightly.

<Rachel_> Except that you are his physic, and have already asked me to leave him to rest. <Isabel> *sniff* *wail* <Rachel_> Would it be better for him to not have guests until he is a bit stronger?

  • Kolya looks as if he could really use a pain killer

<Abbalon> I have the authority to tell people to leave, but not to tell them they can enter.

  • Abbalon will pull something out of the bag.

<Abbalon> HEre, my boy, chew on this... It will help until I can brew something fresh. <Rachel_> Very well. <Rachel_> Thank you for your help, Abbalon.

  • Kolya will chewn what he is given
  • Rachel_ turns towards Kolya.

<Rachel_> Be strong, Kolya... <Isabel> *sob*

  • Rachel_ heads towards the door.
  • Rachel_ asks a knight to let her pass back out into the hall.
  • Rachel_ goes to Isabel.
  • Isabel is extremely upset, obviously. Nikolai is there as well, standing around helplessly.

<Rachel_> Isabel... Isabel, he's all right.

  • Rachel_ tries to lead Isabel away from the crowd.

<Rachel_> (I hope the guards are dispersing people by now.) <Isabel> (they are) <Isabel> Kolyaaa...

  • Isabel whimpers

<Rachel_> Isabel...

  • Rachel takes her cousin by the shoulders and steers her back towards a bench or her room, even.

<Rachel_> Something strange has happened but he is alive still. The healer says he must rest and so I had to leave. <Isabel> Who would want to hurt.. *sniff* Kolya...? <Rachel_> I am not sure, but we will find out.

  • Rachel_ says with resolve.
  • Rachel_ embraces Isabel comfortingly.
  • Rachel_ glances up at Nikolai; she looks troubled.
  • Rachel_ turns back to Isabel.

<Rachel_> We should be able to visit him later, when he has rested a little. <Isabel> *sniff* <Rachel_> Right now the best thing we can do for him is allow him to rest. All right? <Isabel> (This ought to piss Rachel off... who will rush to Tara Nar when she hears the news of the attack on Kolya but the Countess herself...) <Isabel> I... I guess...

  • Isabel rubs her eyes.
  • Rachel_ repeats.

<Nikolai> He'll be alright.

  • Rachel_ strokes her cousin's shoulder.
  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> He will. <Rachel_> . o O (I hope.) <Nikolai> And between all the wizards they have here, whoever did this won't go unpunished. <Rachel_> Quite. <Isabel> ... <Rachel_> We ought to go get some breakfast. It will help pass the time until we can see Kolya.

  • Rachel_ suggests.

<Isabel> I'm... I'm supposed to meet my dad... <Rachel_> Oh, right!

  • Rachel_ smiles warmly at her cousin.

<Rachel_> Would you like some company down to his quarters? <Isabel> He's sposed to come get me... I'm not even dressed... <Rachel_> Okay. <Rachel_> Go get dressed and enjoy the meal with His Excellency. <Isabel> Okay. <Rachel_> If I hear *anything* about Kolya, you'll be the first to know, all right?

  • Isabel says miserably. She doesn't look like she will be enjoying much of anything.

<Isabel> Okay.

  • Isabel repeats.

<Rachel_> Be strong, Is. <Isabel> ... Okay. <Isabel> :( <Rachel_> :^/ <Rachel_> I'm sorry... <Rachel_> I wish I could have known, somehow...

  • Rachel_ says sadly.

<Nikolai> No-one could've... <Rachel_> (If Soleil stole his seeing gift for Rachel, I am going to be very angry.) <Rachel_> (^-^) <Nikolai> (I didn't steal nothin' lil miss accusations) <Rachel_> (Okay... I'm just not sure about that guy...) <Rachel_> (Accusing my grandmother of treating me like a misbehaving child, and stuff...) <Rachel_> (Then Kolya's vision about an evil power trying to twist my heart into hatred...) <Nikolai> (hehe...) <Nikolai> (but I'm not evil :D) <Rachel_> (I'm not so sure... ^-^) <Nikolai> (no more than, say, Rook or Dovev...) <Rachel_> I'll see you later, okay, Is?

  • Isabel nods numbly.
  • Rachel_ waits for her to go, then.
  • Isabel gets up slowly and kind of shuffles off.
  • Rachel_ stands up slowly and heads to her room.

<Nikolai> Hell of a day, already... <Nikolai> <m> Hell of a day.

  • Rachel_ nods numbly.

<Nikolai> I spoke to Father, in the hall. <Rachel_> Oh yes? <Rachel_> What did he say? <Nikolai> I think there's going to be some kind of meeting, maybe with her High Majesty, evening... this is a pretty serious security breach, even if she's not personally atatched to Kolya...

  • Rachel_ settles down and mechanically begins brushing her hair.
  • Rachel_ nods.

<Nikolai> There's probably going to be a full investigation. <Rachel_> I should hope so.

  • Nikolai nods.

<Rachel_> He said... "Everything's gone..."

  • Nikolai walks up behind her.

<Nikolai> He said he would tell your grandmother. <Rachel_> And he was cold. <Rachel_> Of course, she needs to know. <Rachel_> I am very afraid for him, Nik...

  • Rachel_ replaces her brush on the bureau and lays her hands in her lap.

<Nikolai> Well... I hope he'll be alright.

  • Nikolai puts his hands on her shoulders.

<Rachel_> I hope so too.

  • Rachel_ lifts one of her hands across her chest to rest on one of his.
  • Rachel_ bows her head for a moment.

<Nikolai> I hope you're not thinking this was your fault. <Rachel_> No... how could I have known? <Nikolai> Yeah...

  • Nikolai was just worried about her overdeveloped sense of culpability

<Rachel_> (hee) <Rachel_> (Do I have one of those?)

  • Rachel_ turns and smiles wanly at Nik.

<Rachel_> I should take my own advice and go get something to eat. <Rachel_> Then... I believe I have a meeting with your father, if he remembers it in light of this morning's events. <Rachel_> It seems suddenly even more urgent...

  • Rachel_ stands up.

<Nikolai> I don't think he'll forget.

  • Rachel_ nods and smiles.

<Rachel_> Probably not. <Rachel_> Are you ready to face the world this morning or do you need a few more minutes? <Nikolai> I'll be alright.

  • Nikolai smiles encouragingly.
  • Rachel_ straightens her clothes out a bit.
  • Rachel_ eyes Nikolai and a smile plays about her lips.

<Rachel_> <w> Your shirt tail's sticking out. <Nikolai> You're always looking out for me.

  • Nikolai says with a wry grin as he fixes it.

<Rachel_> Someone must! <Nikolai> Are you quite certain you're not part boggan? <Rachel_> I never said that. <Rachel_> You haven't met Tara yet, have you... <Rachel_> We shall have to remedy that. <Elanya> (Nurture over nature! ;)

  • Nikolai smiles.
  • Rachel_ smiles and moves in to hug and kiss her boy.

<Rachel_> Good morning, by the way. <Rachel_> Shall we go?

  • Rachel_ heads out and they go have breakfast, whee!
  • Nikolai nods and holds out his arm
  • Rachel_ takes it, of course.

<Rachel_> (I think that's all we can do there...) <Rachel_> (and it's midnigt! sleepy time...) <Elanya> (Hee! I hope you had fun :) <Rachel_> (Baptism by fire...) <Rachel_> (I hope Rachel passes...)