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Ye Olde Adventure Worlde session logs
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Plots thicken! May talks with Yula about the negotiations and what the future might look like. Korivan talks to Roimë about what the gods want, and what may be coming. Induriel speaks to Saḫḫiru about local dissenters, and tries to convince Ione Melda not to openly support the Green Legion. Laris discusses having dinner with Aulus Druscus at the villa with his partners. At said dinner, he attempts to convince Aulus to be aware of how disruptive the new Imperials could be.


In Game date: 2020-01-12
Session date: shortly after the following session (next day-ish)

May speaks with Yula about her mother and the negotiations

* May will seek out Yula in the evening after talking to Roime and Korivan.
* Yula will be sitting in the 'garden' where you met with Roime before. She seems lost in thought, or possibly prayer.
* May will approach and sit nearby, waiting for her to notice but trying not to be disruptive.
* Yula looks at May after a moment.
* May smiles at her.
<Yula> Heri Lalu. I'm sorry, I did not see you there.
<May> It's fine. I didn't want to disturb you.
* Yula gives a small smile in return.
<Yula> It is sadly too late for that.
<May> :/
<May> It's a disturbing time.
* Yula nods.
<May> Do you think your mother will listen?
* Yula sighs and shakes her head.
<Yula> She has not done so as yet.
<Yula> She is...set in her ways.
<May> What about the rest of your people? Do they follow her unquestioningly?
* Yula smirks.
<Yula> I know you know little of us,
<Yula> We do nothing *unquestioningly.*
<May> Maybe they would listen to you.
<May> You will be their ruler someday.
* Yula frowns.
<Yula> Possibly.
<Yula> I do not wish to undermine my mother.
<Yula> But, with so many lives at stake...
<May> I know.
<May> There are no easy solutions.
<May> We will wait and see what she says, of course. Maybe you can try talking to her one more time.
<May> She does care about you. I could see she was genuinely relieved to have you back.
<Yula> She cares about all her people.
* May nods.
<May> Then she's a good ruler.
* Yula nods.
<Yula> Yes.
<Yula> She does not trust your people, however, and I fear she never will.
* May sighs.
<May> I know.
<Yula> They killed many when they first came to this land.
<Yula> My father among them.
<May> Oh... I'm sorry.
* Yula shakes her head.
<Yula> It was long ago.
<Yula> And you are not they.
<May> No. But I look the part. For some people that's enough. I hope she can see past that.
<Yula> She has seen so much, it is easier to for her to believe that what she sees is all that is.
<May> Yula, my... associate... pointed out something to me. The gods gave you a vision, not your mother. They would not have done that if they didn't think you could do something about it. They have faith in you. Whatever happens.
* Yula 's brow furrows in thought.
<Yula> I have been praying upon this.
<May> I take it there's been no answer.
* Yula smiles.
<Yula> The gods have much to occupy their time.
* May smiles.
<Yula> And we are such small creatures.
<May> They do care though. Or they wouldn't have interfered at all.
<Yula> I have no doubt of their concern.
<Yula> But there is...only so much attention they can bring to bear.
<Yula> Favored or not, we are but a few of Corellon's children.
<May> I know first hand how much attention the gods can bring to bear, if they have a mind to.
<Yula> Then you know such can have dire consequences, regardless of intent.
* May reaches up and absently touched the scars on her neck.
<May> Yes.
<May> We can't rely on the gods alone, but we can have faith that they are on our side.
<May> And we can have faith in our friends. You are not alone in this, whatever happens.
<Yula> Likewise. My mother cannot prevent my aiding you, whatever her authority.
* May smiles.
<May> I'm glad you came to my city. And not just because of your vision.
* Yula smiles.
<Yula> Gods willing, I believe this may have planted the seeds for peace.
<May> If we get through this, I promise I'll help you water it.
* Yula smiles and nods.
<May> I'll leave you to your prayers then. I have an appointment to keep.

Sahhiru tells Induriel know about the dissenters and asks for his support

* Sahhiru will send for Induriel to meet with him at his convenience.
* Induriel makes himself look presentable, and goes to see Sahhiru
* Sahhiru will answer his door and smile when he sees Induriel.
<Sahhiru> Please, come in.
* Induriel smiles back as he enters
<Induriel> How are you, Sahhiru?
<Sahhiru> Well enough, all things considered. Yourself?
<Induriel> Still improving. But as you can see, I'm well enough to get around on my own now.
<Induriel> Though I have developed a new appreciation for the sense of touch. ;)
* Sahhiru smiles.
<Sahhiru> It is good to appreciate all that we have.
<Induriel> Mmmm.
<Sahhiru> Which, as it happens, relates to why I asked you to come here.
<Sahhiru> And, perhaps, other things as well.
* Induriel smiles
<Sahhiru> Are you familiar with Ione Melda?
<Induriel> I assume she is business we should deal with that first. Though I certainly hope there will be time for 'other things'...
<Induriel> (deal with first)
* Sahhiru smiles.
<Sahhiru> Yes, I would hate to be distracted.
* Induriel smiles back briefly; then his expression becomes more serious.
<Sahhiru> She is a merchant here in Nesu Abamatu. She owns the dyeworks that handles much of that industry in the city. She is wealthy, but not as influential as she'd like.
<Induriel> And she is Aethrennari?
<Sahhiru> Well, now, that's an interesting question.
<Induriel> !roll 4d6
* Lan-werk rolls for Induriel: [ 4d6 ] getting [ 4 4 2 1 ] for a total of [ 11 ].
<Sahhiru> She is eladrin, but she has lived in Nesu Abamatu for decades, and I think she sees herself as Turathi more than Aethrennari.
* Induriel nods
<Sahhiru> But she, hmm, plays at Aethrennari culture, despite herself being born in Bael Turath.
<Induriel> Yes, I believe I've even met her once or twice at events Minye has invited me to.
<Induriel> What about her?
<Sahhiru> The reason she is important at the moment is that she is among a group of prominent citizens who have, repeatedly and publicly, advocated for our acquiescence to this imperial nonsense from the south.
* Induriel frowns
<Induriel> Really?
<Induriel> I don't recall her saying anything of the kind to me, though I suppose she speaks as a resident of the city more than anything else.
<Induriel> But why? What motivates such a position?
<Sahhiru> A number of factors, I believe.
<Sahhiru> A mistaken belief that the old empire can be rebuilt, for one.
<Sahhiru> A disdain for our current allies, for a second.
<Sahhiru> And, not least, the presumption of advancement should she be seen as 'loyal'.
<Induriel> For whom - the Hrieffen? I thought that problem had been resolved, though I suppose resentment may remain.
<Induriel> Has anyone from the Legion been speaking to her, do you know?
<Sahhiru> Our guests have left, but I know at least that they attended events at which Melda was also in attendance.
<Induriel> Hmmm.
<Induriel> What is she advocating, exactly? That the city join the Legion in a program of aggressive expansion?
<Induriel> And what would you like me to do?
<Sahhiru> More or less.
<Sahhiru> And I was hoping you would speak to her.
<Sahhiru> You're the ambassador for Aethrennar. Your word would carry weight with her.
<Induriel> I see. Well, I can certainly approach her.
<Sahhiru> I would appreciate it.
<Induriel> Of course.
<Induriel> I'll make an appointment to see her soon.
<Induriel> In the meantime, however...
* Sahhiru smirks.
* Induriel approaches Sahhiru and puts his arms around him
<Induriel> Perhaps we have time now for, ah, 'other things'? ;)
<Sahhiru> In the meantime, I believe you were telling me about your newfound appreciation for your sense of touch?
<Induriel> Showing is better than telling...

Roime summons Korivan

<YOAW_Narrator> Korivan, Roime will ask you to meet with her.
* Sahhiru is now known as Roime
<Korivan> (what just me :o)
<Korivan> (cool that's cool)
* Korivan can meet her wherever
* Roime will have Korivan brought to a chamber high in the cave fortress, which has a carved rock and shaped vegetation balcony, on which Roime is standing, looking out over the forest below.
<Korivan> (What's a good title for her?)
* Korivan looks out over the heights
<YOAW_Narrator> (hmm)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Tulya, perhaps?)
<Korivan> (I would have orobably thought ti ask that much, anyway)
<Korivan> Tulya Roime.... you sent for me? _
* Roime nods, not looking at Korivan.
<Roime> Your people fought the Turathi, not so long ago.
<Korivan> Yes.
<Korivan> Nesu Abamatu.... is not Turath.
<Roime> But they are Turathi.
<Korivan> Some
<Korivan> Some are... Thantopolitan. Or orc, or Aethrenari... Or from...many places, beyond the dead empire _
<Roime> Thantopolis and Athrennari are of the 'dead empire.'
<Roime> (Aethrennar*)
* Korivan shrugs
<Korivan> it is.... not the same
<Roime> How so?
<Roime> Fifteen years is not so long a time.
<Korivan> not for you _
<Roime> Yes, not for me.
<Roime> And not for them.
<Korivan> But even our ancestors.... who fought the Turathi for generationds.... can grasp the change _
* Roime frowns.
<Roime> Your ancestors? You speak with them?
<Korivan> Theybwould never have made... or held... an alliance _
<Korivan> Yes.
<Korivan> They speak to me... always _
* Korivan gestures at his mark
<Korivan> They tell me what they see.... the past, the present... the paths of... possibilty _
* Roime nods pensively.
<Korivan> This threat from the south.... is real
<Korivan> If you hate the empire, or fear it.... they are the ones who claime is name, and power...
<Korivan> who woudl use that to build somethign... in its image
<Roime> And you? What are you building?
<Korivan> foundations _
* Roime gives a slight smile.
<Roime> That is...a good answer.
<Korivan> it is.... the truth.
<Korivan> This is a new age
<Roime> Foundations for what?
<Korivan> new strength for Bane's chosen... we have much to learn.
* Roime nods.
<Roime> Perhaps we do as well.
<Roime> You are...odd. Different.
<Korivan> This is a time.... for new legacies. Nogt to be trapped.... by old ways. We must carry forwrd what will help us.
* Korivan shrugs at her assessment - he gets that a lot
<Roime> Much has changed, and quickly, for your people, and the others of the valley.
<Korivan> Yes.
<Roime> It is...commendable that you have weathered such, and thrived, it would seem.
<Korivan> We are strong, but we do not stand...alone.
<Roime> Do you speak of your allies, or your master?
* Korivan looks at her
<Korivan> We have no master.
<Roime> I should think Bane would disagree.
<Korivan> Mm. We are not....shackled to his service. But yes - he gives us strength. And our allies.
* Roime looks out over the balcony again.
<Roime> There is beauty even in conflict.
<Korivan> Mmm...
<Roime> The lords of Arvandor and Avelas once rode to battle as brothers.
<Roime> I will think on this.
* Korivan nods.
<Korivan> Yes... BUt time is.... pressing,Tulya.
<Korivan> I will leave you to your... considerations _
* Roime will nod, but not turn to look at Korivan. She seems lost in thought.
* Korivan will leave her to that

Induriel attempts to reason with Ione

<YOAW_Narrator> Okay, what's Induriel's plan here?
<Induriel> Hmmm. Would I normally go to see someone, or ask them to come see me? Call upon her, perhaps, I think.
<Induriel> Then ask about her reasons for her public support of the legion.
<Induriel> Then ask her to tone it down.
<YOAW_Narrator> Heh
<YOAW_Narrator> I think it's acceptable either way.
<Induriel> In this case, I think I'll go to see her.
<Induriel> And who knows? Maybe she'll tell me some of what the Legion is up to.
<YOAW_Narrator> Okie doke. Sending ahead, or just stopping in?
<Induriel> Sending ahead, I think. I'm curious to pop in and see whether I catch her with anyone, but that would be rude. :P
<Induriel> And probably wouldn't work.
* Roime is now known as Ione
* Induriel sends a message to Ione Melda, saying he intends to call upon her that afternoon.
* Ione will have a servant greet Induriel when he arrives and bring him into her home. It's made in a mix of the Turathi and Thantopolitan styles common in the city, with a multitude of bright tapestries done in Aethrennari patterns. Ione awaits in the central courtyard.
* Induriel then does so, as long as she doesn't protest or indicate it isn't possible that day...
* Ione stands to greet you.
<Ione> Ambassador, an honor and a pleasure. Please, be welcome in my home.
* Induriel nods in greeting
<Induriel> Thank you, Ione Melda. It is my pleasure. I am glad you are able to receive me today.
<Induriel> How are you?
<Ione> I am well. Please, be seated. May I offer you something to drink? Eat?
<Induriel> Thank you.
* Induriel sits and accepts any offered beverage and/or delicacies
* Ione will pour Induriel a drink.
<Ione> To what do I owe the honor of your presence, Ambassador?
<Induriel> Well, in part I wanted to see how you were doing. There was some trouble with the Hrieffen a while back, but I trust that hasn't recurred?
<Ione> Trouble with the Hrieffen?
<Ione> Their raids on the flocks, you mean?
<Induriel> Yes. That was some time ago, I know.
<Ione> So far as I know, they've been curtailed.
* Induriel nods
<Induriel> Good. That was my understanding as well.
<Induriel> So I hope this means your business is doing well.
<Ione> Well enough, my lord. Our dyes are sought in Thantopolis and Morro, even in Aethrennar.
<Ione> But trade could be better protected, of course.
<Induriel> Hmmm. It is not as secure as it was in the old days, I expect. When the Empire still stood.
<Ione> Yes!
<Ione> Though perhaps those days are not so long gone.
<Induriel> That is something else I wished to discuss with you. I understand that since the Green Legion arrived, you have spoken publicly in favour of their project.
<Induriel> (Green Steel)
* Ione nods.
<Induriel> You think that Nesu Abamatu should join them with active support?
<Ione> They have thousands of troops. They could sweep the valley clean for Turathi in a matter of months.
<Ione> Free and open settlement, security, safety...
<Ione> Shouldn't we all want that?
<Induriel> Well, I believe we do have a measure of that now, already. And while I am not a military expert, I believe their goals go far beyond the valley alone. Do they truly have strength enough for that?
<Ione> They have more strength than House Lalu.
<Ione> Would we not be better served if Siru Lalu were to bend the knee?
<Ione> As Queen Alcarinel did to Ratha?
<Induriel> I think the Legion has more troops than House Lalu alone, perhaps. But Heri Mamitu does not stand alone... she has allies.
<Induriel> In any case, I think she is already considering this matter most carefully.
<Induriel> As I understand it, the Green Steel Legion intends to re-forge the shattered Empire into one once again. That is no trivial task.
* Ione nods.
<Ione> And it is a noble one.
<Ione> Difficulty is merely one aspect.
<Ione> It is worthwhile.
<Ione> And Siru Lalu should support it.
<Ione> For her people, if not for herself.
<Induriel> Hmmm.
<Induriel> As I say, I am sure she is considering it most carefully.
<Ione> That is heartening to hear.
<Induriel> And I can certainly raise these arguments with her.
* Ione smiles.
<Induriel> However... I think that is best done *privately*.
<Induriel> I have of course reported events to Her Majesty, and I am monitoring the situation on her behalf.
* Ione nods.
<Ione> Have you some sense of the Queen's thoughts on the matter?
<Induriel> If this movement takes on strength, that will doubtless affect her response as well.
<Induriel> For the time being, though, I think she will quite reasonably approach this matter cautiously.
<Ione> As is her prerogative. For those of us here, more directly involved, however, it is important we take a stand.
<Induriel> Well. As far as Aethrennar is concerned, I do not think the time is right for the Queen to come out in open support of such a movement.
<Induriel> As a result, it would be preferable for her subjects not to speak out publicly in favour of it either.
<Induriel> It may offer the Legion encouragement that is not warranted, which would be bad for them as well.
<Ione> With due respect, Ambassador, I am not one of her subjects.
<Induriel> Perhaps not. But you are Aethrennari, and may be perceived as one of Her Majesty's subjects by those who do not appreciate the distinction.
<Induriel> As far as Heri Mamitu is concerned: as I say, I think this is a matter to be addressed privately.
<Ione> As I have no opportunity to do so, I must limit myself to the public forum instead.
<Induriel> You have already made your feelings known, and I can assure you that has been noticed.
<Induriel> Now that you have, I think it would be best if you were to give Heri Mamitu to consider her actions without trying to influence them via public pressure.
<Induriel> So I have come to ask you to do that, and not comment publicly on the matter for a while.
<Ione> Siru Lalu is not even in the city. How much pressure can she be feeling?
<Induriel> She will return, of course. Her current mission is only one of many matters she must address in government.
<Induriel> And as she is not here right now, she is not present to hear your public views in any case.
<Ione> But others are, and they should be made aware of the situation.
<Induriel> Why?
<Induriel> To increase pressure on her when she does come back?
* lan_phone ( Quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity�)
* Retrieving #gnomeland modes...
<Induriel> From my knowledge of her, I can assure you that is not the best way to influence her decisions. It will have the opposite effect to that you seek.
<Induriel> So again, I would ask you to refrain from public comment for the time being.
<Ione> And what would you say is the best way to impress upon her the will of her people and the best course of action?
<Induriel> I think she is already most mindful of the will of her people, and dutiful in pursuing what she believes is best for the city.
* Ione nods.
<Induriel> Let us see whether any pronouncements on the matter are forthcoming once she returns.
<Ione> I will refrain from public statements of support, then, but I will make no such promise regarding private interactions.
<Induriel> Well, I would caution you against too much activism behind the scenes as well - you wish to advise Siru Lalu, but not to appear to be conspiring against her. That, again, may have the opposite effect to that you seek.
<Ione> I will take your advice under consideration, Ambassador.
<Induriel> Please do.
<Induriel> For my part, I will raise the issue with her. Perhaps she will want to hear your opinions directly.
<Induriel> She is always willing to listen to her loyal citizens.
<Ione> I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to bring this up with her directly.
<Induriel> I will see what I can do, then.
* Induriel stands up
<Induriel> Thank you for your hospitality, Ione. I shall speak to Heri Mamitu, as I have said - and I trust you too will consider what I have said.
* Ione nods and will see Induriel out.

Laris speaks to Dianthea and Rufus about how to sway Aulus Drusus

* Laris will find a chance to talk with Rufus and Dianthea at some point after talking to Sahhiru, I guess?
<YOAW_Narrator> It's probably not too difficult to talk to them together soon. Dinner that evening?
<Laris> (sure, that works)
<Laris> At some point in the near future, I need to have a friendly talk with Aulus Drusus. Do you know him?
* Laris asks them both
<Rufus_Metillius> The merchant?
<Rufus_Metillius> Some of the troops have dealt with his people.
* Laris nods
<Dianthea> We met him and his wife at...some event here at the keep.
<Dianthea> The celebration after the Osoro defeat?
<Dianthea> I forget.
<Laris> Ah yes.
<Laris> He's been expressing some discontent at the prospect of resisting the new so-called 'Empire'.
* Rufus_Metillius chuckles.
<Rufus_Metillius> He'd prefer we roll over for them?
<Laris> Perhaps he has fond recollections of being part of an empire before - I'm not entirely certain of his particular motivations. Maybe he just doesn't want to see trade disrupted.
<Dianthea> He doesn't think Thantopolis losing this outpost might disrupt trade?
* Laris shrugs
<Dianthea> I suppose it's not *actually
* our outpost.
<Dianthea> But you've put so much work into it.
<Dianthea> Losing the connection we have is bound to affect things.
* Laris smiles at that.
<Laris> I think the best course of action is to invite him and his wife for a dinner at the villa and discuss the issue. I would like to impress upon him the benefits that we've already gained here - how disrupting that would be a risk.
* Dianthea nods.
<Dianthea> I would imagine we can manage that.
<Rufus_Metillius> Is this something you need me for, or can I gracefully bow out of dinner with the plebe? ;)
<Laris> You'd be welcome, of course. But I don't think required.
* Dianthea smirks at Rufus.
<Rufus_Metillius> Well, I think I may have pressing matters to attend to in the city that night, then,
<Dianthea> Funny how you say that when we hadn't set a date yet.
* Laris nods, smiling.
* Rufus_Metillius grins.
* Dianthea sighs theatrically.
<Dianthea> I'll make the arrangements.
<Dianthea> We want this to look like a purely social occasion, yes?
<Laris> Thank you, darling. And yes - a friendly social occasion, with a bit of.... hmm, flair?
<Laris> The best ceramics and silverware and so on.
<Laris> And I was thinking some sort of suitable gift as well.
<Dianthea> Hmm.
<Laris> Perhaps some wine? Or other fine goods?
<Dianthea> Vibiana likes blue beadwork, as I recall.
<Laris> Ah, splendid.
<Laris> That would be perfect, then :)
<Dianthea> I'll see to it. :)
<Laris> I appreciate it. And whatever day would be most convenient?
<Laris> You know. Working around Rufus' busy schedule to ensure it's on a day he's obliged to be in the city ;)
<Dianthea> I will coordinate with them. Perhaps at the temple? Aulus is quite devout, I believe.
<Rufus_Metillius> I make the patrol schedules. I'm flexible. As you well know.
* Dianthea swats him playfully on the arm.
* Laris chuckles

Aulus Drusus and his wife Vibiana comes to the Villa for dinner and politics

* Dianthea will have arranged for dinner two days later, out at the villa.
* Aulus and his wife Vibiana will arrive by skeleton-borne litter at the appropriate time.
* Laris gets himself ready (probably with help from Calkas ;)
<YOAW_Narrator> Calkas will help Laris prepare, of course. :)
* Laris will go to greet them when they arrive.
* Aulus steps off the litter and helps his wife down as well.
<Aulus> Salve, Legatus.
<Laris> Salve, Aulus Drusus, Vibiana - be welcome here. I hope your journey out from the city was not too difficult?
<Aulus> No, it is a lovely trip. I hope we have more call to make it in the future, eh?
<Laris> Indeed.
<Dianthea> Please, be welcome to our home.
* YOAW_Narrator servants will take their cloaks and wash their feet.
<YOAW_Narrator> (Why did I /me that?)
<Laris> (heh)
* Dianthea will lead everyone inside.
<Laris> We have some pleasant refreshments prepared, if you wish - some wine before dinner?
<Aulus> No true citizen would refuse!
* Aulus will happily take some wine.
<Aulus> What vintage is this, pray?
* Vibiana (webchat199.38.187.252) has joined #gnomeland
<Laris> This is a local wine, from my own vinyards. It is young, but already quite promising I think. It will be even better with a few more years to age.
* Aulus nods thoughtfully.
<Vibiana> We have been meaning to lay in a few vines of our own.
<Vibiana> Have you found the climate good for your grapes?
<Laris> The climate is not bad for them - a little more wet than the ideal, but there are good locations to be found. I could help locate some promising areas where you might consider establishing your own vineyard.
<Vibiana> That would be lovely.
<Dianthea> I could make some cuttings, if you like our vintage.
* Laris nods
<Dianthea> That way we all benefit.
<Laris> How has your business been faring lately?
* Laris inquires
<Aulus> It would be better but for these pirates from the new islands.
<Laris> Ah, yes. I'm well acquainted with this issue, unfortunately.
<Laris> Have you lost ships to them?
<Aulus> One lost, two damaged. And it's not just the islanders. There's more activity up the coast.
<Vibiana> It's been a dreadful stress on our business.
* Laris nods.
<Laris> I have been in contact with some among the Elemental Order fleet, who have experienced similar problems. In response we've put additional ships on patrol, but longer term of course we want to find a way to stop these attacks entirely.
<Aulus> Is there any real prospect of that?
<Laris> Perhaps if there is a means to stop them coming through their portals. It is a matter for magic-users to address, but it is certainly under consideration. As well, in areas that I am capable of assisting with, we will be putting more materials towards increasing the size of both our fleet and that of the Houses of Elemental Order.
* Aulus nods.
<Aulus> Do you have the troops to man them?
<Laris> They have great skill as sailors and shipwrights but lack the materials needed - an alliance with them will be beneficial to both of us.
<Laris> I believe that the Houses of Elemental Order have been considerably ... cramped for some time. Expanding will be feasible for them, and we can reinforce them as necessary.
<Laris> Of course it is a gradual process - as you say, having sufficient forces is crucial, not simply building the vessels.
* Aulus nods.
<Aulus> What about the imperial troops to the south? Certainly they could reinforce our position here.
<Laris> I think that their ambition is not to reinforce what we have already made here, but to lay claim to it.
<Vibiana> How do you mean?
<Laris> Let me speak plainly. Under the rule of Domina Mamitu, we have gained in strength and security, and yet it has not cost us our freedom to seek our own paths and create our own wealth. She does not seek subservience or control of those under her. I think that this new 'empire' would be disruptive and possibly dangerous to what we have made here so far.
<Laris> At the very least, increased taxes, greater control over our trade and diplomatic endeavours. At the worst... I can only imagine.
* Aulus frowns, considering.
<Laris> People like you and I have prospered here, and that has attracted their attention. I don't think they would appreciate us continuing to serve the Eternal City while under their rule. Right now we have that freedom, and for me, that is a strong reason I value the current arrangement.
<Aulus> You think they would demand sole allegiance? Even Ratha didn't do so, as such.
<Laris> It's possible. While they claim the mantle of the late Empire, they are quite different in their outlook, from what I have been able to discern so far.
* Aulus frowns again, looking troubled.
<Aulus> Would Thantopolis send reinforcements should the need for resistance arise?
<Laris> I think so. And we have other, closer sources of strength as well.
<Laris> I understand that it can seem easier, less disruptive to business, to simply submit to them, hoping that things might return to the way they were before. But I think that a temporary disruption can ultimately lead to greater prospects for us.
* Aulus nods slowly.
<Aulus> I will consider what you have said.
<Laris> I appreciate that. And if you have any concerns about trade routes, please let me know. I can dispatch patrols as needed to specific areas, if you are experiencing difficulties, and aid in repairs on your vessels.
<Aulus> I appreciate your consideration.
<Aulus> More than any of that, at the moment, I feel better knowing Domina Lalu is taking these matters under serious consideration.
* Laris nods.
<Aulus> I, and the other merchants, know and trust you, Legatus, but she is still something of a stranger to us.
<Laris> I believe that she is. She is young, but has grown in maturity even since she arrived here. With a few more years, and with appropriate guidance, I think she will prove a most capable ruler.
<Aulus> Well, I am always happy to offer what aid and information I can to further the city's prosperity.
<Laris> Your wisdom and insight is valued. Thank you.
* Aulus nods graciously.
<Laris> Now, I believe dinner is ready - if you would care to accompany me?
* Aulus will happily do so.


Laris talks to Kraaz about a celebration to bring people together

<YOAW_Narrator> You sending for Kraaz or going to him
<YOAW_Narrator> ?
<Laris> I'll ask him to come to the villa, if that's convenient.
* Kraaz can ride out to the villa some time soon.
* Laris will ensure that there's food and drink ready - not a sit down (lie down?) dinner since that seems a bit too formal, but at least some nice refreshments
* Kraaz will come in and give Laris a big manly hug, then move to get refreshments.
<Kraaz> Good to see you, Lugal.
<Laris> Hraal Kraaz, thank you for coming.
<Kraaz> Or is it Legatus?
<Kraaz> :)
<Laris> Either will serve.
* Laris says with a slight smile.
<Kraaz> Hraal, maybe?
* Kraaz says slyly.
* Laris smiles more broadly at that.
<Laris> How have you been? It's been a while - I think we must just have missed one another before I went out to the fortress.
<Kraaz> Yes, I'm sorry, I came in to look after my gaath. If you break him, I don't have anyone nearly as good to replace him.
<Kraaz> I'm well enough. I should head west again soon, but it's not as though the fighting is pressing.
<Laris> I fully understand. He is doing better, I trust - well enough to travel, at any rate?
<Kraaz> Well enough.
<Kraaz> And you, how fares your...wife?
* Kraaz sounds like he had to remember the word for a moment.
<Laris> She's doing well. She has been attempting some rituals to commune with the spirits at the fort - it's similar in some ways to what she did before she came here.
<Kraaz> That's good. She seemed as though she needed her own purpose here.
<Kraaz> It's good to find different ways to contribute. Makes the whole tribe stronger.
* Kraaz will be munching while he talks.
<Laris> I hope that she will continue to explore new paths that interest her, indeed.
* Kraaz smirks.
<Kraaz> So you are learning from us.
<Laris> I want her to be happy.
* Laris says simply.
<Kraaz> And Magus Rufus?
<Laris> He's well, busy as always. The preparations for the anticipated fight keep him occupied.
* Kraaz nods.
<Kraaz> They're keeping us all busy, and will keep doing so, I imagine.
<Laris> Yes. How have your warriors been preparing?
<Kraaz> I'll be honest, this sort of defensive battle, especially if we're wanting to use the mountains, is not our strong suit.
<Kraaz> I mean, we'll do it, and do it well, as always.
* Kraaz grins.
* Laris nods
<Kraaz> But we're having to learn. I've talked with Severina about it, and I was hoping to sit with you and discuss it some.
<Kraaz> Your people are more familiar with...what was the phrase..."static defense."
<Laris> The terrain is a concern, yes. Gladius has agreed to do some scouting, in the hopes of learning more about its advantages and disadvantages - if there is a narrow pass, for instance, we can hold it for a considerable time with only a relatively few soldiers.
<Laris> what I would hope to enact is what I would call, perhaps, a defense of depth.
* Kraaz makes a curious expression.
<Laris> We can make it costly for them to come further into our territory, putting up even modest fortifications at the front and then further along. They may pass each one, but the further they advance, the more we weaken them - they push forward and we fall back, but with each step, they lose more troops.
* Kraaz nods.
<Laris> We have the .. shall we say home advantage.
<Kraaz> Much as we've resisted the imperials before, but with our own fortifications.
<Laris> We can prepare in anticipating their movements - they will be venturing out of their familiar territory.
* Laris nods to that
<Kraaz> The city and the new fort alone give us a lot of options.
<Laris> Yes. And even some wooden pallisades or other basic fortifications at key points may be beneficial.
* Kraaz nods.
<Laris> I know that your people are more accustomed to a battle where you move fast, strike, and retreat. Holding a position is different, but as you have been speaking with Varinia, I imagine she has given you some input on that.
* Kraaz nods.
<Laris> And there's still a need for those kind of strikes, in some areas, where it can work to our advantage.
<Kraaz> Like I said, we're up to it, it's just going to be uncomfortable. Like your first time taking a large dick.
<Laris> The difficulty of this ...ah.
* Laris is momentarily silenced by that.
<Kraaz> Well, we'll be ready for those, too.
<Kraaz> We've brought a lot of people together in a short time.
* Laris nods, regaining his train of thought.
<Kraaz> Maybe we can convince some of the orcs it's in their best interest to throw in with us.
<Kraaz> Even if we have to convince them in the same way we did the Osoro.
<Laris> Perhaps - do you think they would be persuadable?
<Kraaz> I really can't say.
<Kraaz> But the respect strength, and we *are
* strong.
* Laris nods
<Laris> It's worth a try, at least.
<Laris> We lose little by the effort, I think.
<Kraaz> Well, we lose some focus.
<Kraaz> But we have a little to spare.
<Kraaz> The Legion can only come over the mountains, so far as we know, and it doesn't take much to keep an eye on other routes.
<Laris> Quite, yes.
<Laris> On another subject, if we may.
<Kraaz> Hmm?
<Laris> I wanted to host a celebration at the city soon - once Mamitu and the others are back, of course. I hoped you and your people might join in the festivities.
* Kraaz grins.
<Kraaz> Have you known us to turn something like that down?
<Laris> No, but I didn't want to presume upon your time, with so much else going on. But, one night is perhaps not too much to give up, and the benefits are also considerable.
* Kraaz nods.
<Kraaz> Shared celebrations bind us together.
<Laris> I don't know if it's ... fitting, but if you feel it so, perhaps it could be the occasion for me to be more formally bound together with your tribe.
<Kraaz> Hmm.
* Laris says a bit uncertainly
<Kraaz> I will talk to Korivan.
<Kraaz> And the rest of the booyahg.
<Laris> I don't know what preparations that requires, or if it's the kind of thing that would be suitable for such a gathering. But if you and Korivan feel it would be, then ... I am prepared whenever you wish.
* Kraaz nods.
<Kraaz> It is usually a private thing, but perhaps we will need to conduct some sort of ceremony here, as well.
<Kraaz> Something for your people to see, binding us together.
* Laris nods
<Laris> I know it isn't ... customary, but I agree that something visible to the people would be helpful.
<Kraaz> I'll speak to the booyahg about it, as I said. And to Korivan, when he returns,.
<Laris> Certainly. I know that it isn't a decision for you to make alone. I just wanted to raise the idea, as we begin to prepare.
* Kraaz (webchat199.38.187.252) Quit (Quit:�)
<Laris> Regardless, a celebration would help to give people something to motivate them, remind them what we're working to build here - why it's worth protecting.
* Kraaz (webchat199.38.187.252) has joined #gnomeland
* Kraaz nods.
<Laris> Well - I'm sure we can put together something that will be enjoyed by all.
* Kraaz grins.
<Kraaz> We're happy to contribute.
<Laris> Wonderful.
<Laris> Now, since I've dragged you all the way out here, can I invite you for a bath before you have to go? I believe you enjoyed them before.
* Kraaz grins again.