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{{logtoc|Ye Olde Adventure Worlde|33}}
{{logtoc|Ye Olde Adventure Worlde|33}}
The [[Nēšu Abamātu]] leaders interview a number of the captured tribal leaders and come to an arrangement with some of them to create new political alliances and territories.  Meanwhile, [[Induriel]] learns that a famous mercenary in service to [[Aethrennar]], the [[Ola Sornë]] lead by [[Laito Voronwië]].  [[Korivan]] attempts to reconcile with the [[Hramuun]].  ON the way back to the city, [[Eyllia]]] intercepts an attempt on [[May]]'s life by the [[Curadh]].
The [[Nēšu Abamātu]] leaders interview a number of the captured tribal leaders and come to an arrangement with some of them to create new political alliances and territories.  Meanwhile, [[Induriel]] learns that a famous mercenary in service to [[Aethrennar]], the [[Ola Sornë]] lead by [[Laito Voronwië]].  [[Korivan]] attempts to reconcile with the [[Hramuun]].  On the way back to the city, [[Eyllia]] intercepts an attempt on [[May]]'s life by the [[Curadh]].
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<br><Induriel> !roll 4d6
<br><Induriel> !roll 4d6
<br>* Lan-werk rolls for Induriel: [ 4d6 ] getting [ 4 4 5 1 ] for a total of [ 14 ].
<br>* Lan-werk rolls for Induriel: [ 4d6 ] getting [ 4 4 5 1 ] for a total of [ 14 ].
<br><YOAW_Narrator> (Laito Voronwië is a commoner raised to, essentially, knighthood for his skill in battle and service to the throne. He's something of a hero of various wars/battles against the elves. He is, so far as anyone knows, loyal to the throne but not kept as a retainer by the Queen.)
<br><YOAW_Narrator> (Laito Voronwië is a commoner raised to, essentially, knighthood for their skill in battle and service to the throne. They're something of a hero of various wars/battles against the elves. They are, so far as anyone knows, loyal to the throne but not kept as a retainer by the Queen.)
<br><Induriel> (Eladrin, or elf?)
<br><Induriel> (Eladrin, or elf?)
<br><YOAW_Narrator> (...I was going to have him be eladrin, but elf is so much better. Let's say elf.)
<br><YOAW_Narrator> (...I was going to have them be eladrin, but elf is so much better. Let's say elf.)
<br><YOAW_Narrator> (Some of them stayed loyal. ;))
<br><YOAW_Narrator> (Some of them stayed loyal. ;))
<br><Induriel> (And what are the legal implications of this... he heads an independent mercenary company, so it doesn't really count as Aethrennari?)
<br><Induriel> (And what are the legal implications of this... they head an independent mercenary company, so it doesn't really count as Aethrennari?)
<br><YOAW_Narrator> (Pretty much)
<br><YOAW_Narrator> (Pretty much)
<br><Induriel> (Or it does, kind of, but under the terms of business rather than military, as they're providing a service?)
<br><Induriel> (Or it does, kind of, but under the terms of business rather than military, as they're providing a service?)

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Ye Olde Adventure Worlde session logs
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The Nēšu Abamātu leaders interview a number of the captured tribal leaders and come to an arrangement with some of them to create new political alliances and territories. Meanwhile, Induriel learns that a famous mercenary in service to Aethrennar, the Ola Sornë lead by Laito Voronwië. Korivan attempts to reconcile with the Hramuun. On the way back to the city, Eyllia intercepts an attempt on May's life by the Curadh.


Session date: 2019-04-19
In Game date: following shortly on previous game

Logistics of dealing with the captured tribal leaders and strategizing with Montano

<YOAW_Narrator> You have a bunch of captured tribal leaders. Do you want to meet with them there at the fort, or haul them back to NA to deal with them?
<May> I guess that would be Laris and Korivan's call?
<May> Or whoever actually has them
<Laris> how many are we talking?
<Korivan> I thikn we may as ell do it now
<Laris> yeah. if they come around and seem like they want to join us, we can show off the city and its benefits later :)
<Korivan> I do still need to talk to the Hramuun hrall anyway
<YOAW_Narrator> Well, there's some discussion as to what counts as a leader, but, essentially, 10 Osoro leaders.
<YOAW_Narrator> (Meaning from all their tribes, not just them)
<Laris> I'm fine with doing it here
<YOAW_Narrator> 2 from the Osoro, 1 from the Lontra, both from Nernehta, 1 from Pato, 1 from Hueso, 1 from Juramento, and both from Jinete.
<YOAW_Narrator> Other than Jourdain and Lena from the Osoro, the influential ones would be Adalid Verges from Juramiento (the most powerful Osoro tribe besides the Osoro, though they just lost the Rionino and Pedernal to you guys), and the leaders of the Jinete, Vozrio Berrowne and Adalid Cadwal.
<YOAW_Narrator> How do y'all want to deal with them?
<Laris> well.. is Montano around?
<YOAW_Narrator> Also, Tuck, the ships are there on the river, so May is there to deal with this, too.
<Laris> maybe we could ask his advice on how to handle these peeps
<Laris> he probably knows them better
<YOAW_Narrator> He is. Kraaz is itching to head after the rest of the tribes, and Montano will likely go with him, but he's around for now. He knows this is important.
<YOAW_Narrator> How about we do that as a scene right now.
<Laris> sure
<YOAW_Narrator> Who all wants to be around for this conversation?
<Laris> me
* Montano (webchat@ has joined #gnomeland
* Kraaz (webchat@ has joined #gnomeland
<May> Me
<Laris> (so maybe just us?)
<Laris> (unless Kraaz or Korivan wants in too)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Yeah, Kraaz will be around, at least)
<Korivan> (I can be too if that makes sense)
<YOAW_Narrator> Presumably you're gathering in a command tent?
<Laris> (yeah)
<Laris> Thank you for coming. I seek your insight into the leaders of the other tribes - how best to approach them.
<YOAW_Narrator> (Yeah, pretty sure Korivan is included wherever Kraaz goes, if Korivan feels like it ;))
<Korivan> (yup)
* Montano nods.
<Montano> I'm happy to help, though I wish Iowa were here. This is more her thing.
<Laris> You have the advantage of having dealt with them before, at least.
* Montano nods.
<Montano> Right.
<May> Do you think they'll be willing to listen to us at all?
<Montano> Jourdain won't.
<Montano> His mother's dead, and he'll want revenge.
<Montano> With the Osoro, it's better if you...we, try to deal with Lena.
* May nods.
<Montano> She and Iaga used to be...close, but not so much the last few years.
<Montano> She's more loyal to her people.
<Korivan> Who is she?
<Montano> She's their Vozrio, their priestess.
* Korivan nods
* Montano turns to Korivan.
<Montano> From what I understand, you might have a friend who could help with convincing her.
* Montano shrugs.
<Korivan> Mmm.... perhaps
* Eyllia (vess@CPEbc4dfb296af3-CMbc4dfb296af0.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #gnomeland
<Montano> That's not really my area, though.
<Montano> But, yeah, offer her mercy, show her it's best for the Osoro people, and you might can bring her around.
* Laris nods
<Montano> Jourdain...I don't know. Kill him, and he's a martyr. Exile him, he'll try to keep causing trouble.
<Montano> Enslave him, he'll do that same, but from inside your territory.
<May> Hmmm...
<Montano> Most folks, they'll take a defeat in stride, move or find some new balance. Iaga wasn't inclined to that, and her son's no different.
<Montano> Verges, the Juramiento Adalid, she'll be the same.
<Laris> We could arrange for them to... not be found.
<Montano> If you think it's workable.
<Montano> That might do.
<Laris> well... if they disappear, it's less of a public focus for martyrdom.
<Montano> Right.
<YOAW_Narrator> (How narrow would y'all keep this meeting?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Attendance-wise?)
<May> (I would think just us)
<Laris> (I mean, I don't really want a lot of extra people there. I guess I could have Rufus, though.)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Eh, I was wondering about Ferko, but if it's just a leader meeting, that's fine.)
<May> (I can always talk to him about it later if need be :) )
<Laris> (although I am interested to hear Ferko's report? He went off to try and recruit peeps and I don't think we ever heard about how that went)
<May> (Oh yeah)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Oh, yeah, they're in. I guess that never did get specifically stated.)
<Laris> (cool, I wasn't sure if they were in-in, or just 'we won't interfere in this battle but wait to see how things go' or whatever :)
<YOAW_Narrator> (The Pedernal and the Rionino are...happy is not the right word, but willing and content to switch their allegiances to NA. Well, mostly likely to the Katalal, and thence to NA.)
<Montano> Now, with the rest of them, the Jinete are going to be your way in.
<Montano> They're mostly middling, but they're more intact than anyone else in the Osoro alliance.
* Laris nods, listening
<Montano> Berrowne is a cautious man. He never liked Iaga much, but Verges is his wife's brother, and he followed him for the most part.
<Montano> But, since Verges followed Iaga into disaster...
<Korivan> (who was Verges? Does that name mean anything to me? ;p)
<Laris> (the Juramiento leader, he was in the list above of 'people we captured')
<YOAW_Narrator> (The Juramento Adalid. Mentioned like 5 minutes ago. ;))
<YOAW_Narrator> (I know it's a lot of names.)
<Korivan> (derp)
<Montano> (Ten minutes, rather)
<Montano> If I can ask, and I know this is a wider discussion, but what is the plan with all of this?
* Korivan nods
<May> Who should we have talk to them?
<May> Well... the overall plan is to make the region as secure as possible for the future.
<Montano> Right, right, but, sorry, I mean...are you taking the Osoro land? Or anyone else's?
<Montano> You took the Maazikai's, and that was good, they were a threat to everyone.
* Korivan shrugs
<Montano> But you'll probably need to keep the Osoro intact, at least a little, to keep the peace.
<Korivan> The Hrieffen have what land we can hold
<Laris> I'd be satisfied with taking the fort here, and the land around it, as a buffer and a means to keep a closer eye on the surrounding territory. They can keep their lands if they don't cause further problems.
<May> Yeah, it will depend on their attitudes now.
<Laris> We don't have the troops or the settlers to take these areas over and keep control.
<Montano> Well, to be honest, they might not be able to hold the territory they previously had, and you don't want, say, the Curadh coming in and taking it.
<May> Hmmm
<Kraaz> We might need to shuffle around some control.
<Laris> So it's better if they keep what they can hold, and don't cause further troubles in transit. If they need support against the Curadh, we can assist with that.
<YOAW_Narrator> Presumably, you have maps in the command tent.
<Laris> (I'd assume, yeah)
* Kraaz will gesture to specifics on the map.
<YOAW_Narrator> Nesu2.png
<May> Maybe we can eventually arrange for a small settlement here, near the river. To assist them and remind them we're here at the same time. And it would be good for trade.
<YOAW_Narrator> (Just so everyone is on the same page)
* Kraaz points to the ruins hex.
<Kraaz> Seems like this is Lugal Laris's, no matter what anyone else says.
* Korivan nods
<Kraaz> At least, if those ghosts have their way.
<Korivan> yes.
<Kraaz> And they seem good at getting it.
<May> That seems prudent.
* Laris makes a 'you said it, not me' nod.
* Kraaz points to the hex down and left from House Corvis's current holdings, and the one down and left of it.
<Kraaz> This worked fine before, but it might not be, uh, 'feasible' (seems to be trying out the Turathi word) in the future.
<Kraaz> We can take the lower area, south of the river, and Nesu Abamatu could take over the northern section.
<Kraaz> Then, if you have the troops, you could extend further west if you want, and leave the Osoro what lands you choose.
* Laris will let May decide on that, since it's her land
* May ponders over the maps for a moment.
<May> That is acceptable. We'll see how the Osoro deal with the change before deciding if we need to move further west.
<Kraaz> We won. They'll deal with it regardless.
<Kraaz> But, sure.
<May> I would rather have happy neighbors than angry subjects.
<Kraaz> How about dead enemies?
<Korivan> better to do it now...than wait
<Korivan> now they would uderstand.... later.... they will be more angry
<Montano> I do think the Gaath is right. If territories are going to change, better to get it over with.
<Korivan> you'd have to fight them again
<May> Hmmm
<May> How many people do they have left?
<Kraaz> Not enough.
* Kraaz grins.
<YOAW_Narrator> (Laris would know the numbers specifically, but, basically, a few units of troops between them, and not unified, nor actually led by their commanders.)
* Laris can detail that
<May> (I meant population-wse. Would one hex be enough land for them to live on?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (It'll be a season of guerilla fighting, but Kraaz, Montano, and their allies can handle it from here, pacifying the region.)
<Laris> (oh I'm sure Kraaz would hate that ;)
<Korivan> (they don't have to move, they just have to accept your rule)
<May> We'll take the territory then.
* Korivan nods
<YOAW_Narrator> (Yeah, you can give them the choice. Some will stay in newly Lalu lands, some will move, but they can fit)
<Laris> and so you think the Jinete are able to be reasoned with?
* Laris asks Montano
<Montano> Well, if you're moving folks around, the Jinete were pushed to where they are by the Juramento. Give them some of that land, and Berrowne will come around quick enough.
* Laris nods
<Montano> You can punish the Juramento, and the Lontra for that matter, and make sure the Pedernal and Rionino are happy.
<May> We'll need a friendly presence on the river there.
<Montano> Well...
<Montano> If you think Verges might disappear...
* Montano grins.
<Montano> The Jinete have a good claim to that land.
* May nods.
<Montano> They could just absorb the Juramento.
* Korivan nods
<Laris> And that would also satisfy the Pedernal and the Rionino?
<Montano> The Lontra might still be cantankerous, but Marcade isn't dangerous without Iaga to give him bad ideas.
<Montano> Or, good ideas for bad things.
<Montano> And, if you're keeping the fort...
* Montano shudders theatrically.
<May> It will remind them that we're here.
<Montano> Well, you'll be right here if he starts something.
* Montano nods.
<Laris> All right. I think we can work with that. I know you and Hraal Kraaz are impatient to get going, so unless there's anything else, we won't keep you from your pursuit.
* Kraaz gives a predatory grin.
<May> Thank you both for your time
<May> I have to say this seemed much easier to settle than last time. Or maybe I'm just getting numb to it.
* Montano smiles almost identically.
<Kraaz> Well, we all agree, and it's more spoils than our home territory.
<Kraaz> For all of us, at least.
<May> True
* Korivan nods
<YOAW_Narrator> (You will note, possibly, that Montano didn't ask for anything for the Katalal.)
<Laris> Are your people going to be satisfied with this arrangement?
<Montano> Huh? Oh, yeah. We were never really in this for loot, though we'll take our share, for sure.
<Montano> Iaga was a problem, and would have gotten bigger.
<Montano> This is better for everyone.
<Laris> Very well.
<Montano> Though, of course, if perhaps some of those nice, city-made steel weapons made it our way, we wouldn't be upset...
* May grins at that
<Laris> I'm sure that could be arranged.
<Laris> Thank you for your assistance.
<May> I'm sure we'll see you again at the inevitable celebration. ;)
<Montano> I look forward to it, and Iowa sure does want to see the big city.
<May> Happy hunting
<Montano> (To Kraaz) Time to ride, eh, big man?
<Kraaz> Let's see if your drakes can keep up.
* Montano laughs and will leave with Kraaz.
<Korivan> ...go with Bane
* Korivan says as almost an afterhought
<Laris> All right - I think that gives us a better grounding to deal with the captured leaders.
<May> Much
<Laris> If any of them do need to ...disappear... I'm sure we can find a way.

Korivan speaks more with the hramuun and assists with their wounded

<Korivan> (I think I'll go to them again though - better than having her come to see all my crazy regalia and such. So I'll go to them)
<Korivan> (I think it woudl be more offputting)
<Korivan> (Korivan is not super concerned abotu privacy)
<YOAW_Narrator> All right, you can make your way to their guarded camp.
<YOAW_Narrator> The Lalu guards will nod when you approach and let you pass.
<Korivan> (I shoud see about arranging for them to be guarded by Hrieffen actually)
* Montano is now known as Tenyx
<Korivan> (If I can do that I'll have ti done as I come back)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Yeah, you can have done that.)
<Korivan> (okay)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Hrieffen and Ankai, likely, as most of the Hrieffen will be getting ready to leave with Kraaz)
* Korivan will come with the Hrieffen and Ankai guards, then, and have them switch out with the Lalu peeps
<YOAW_Narrator> The Lalu seem happy to relinquish their posts.
* Korivan will leave them to sort that out then, and proceed in
<YOAW_Narrator> You can find Tenyx tending to a wounded young goblin warrior, holding a bowl of soup up to his lips so he can drink it.
<Korivan> Hraal Tenyx
<Korivan> (are there a lot of wounded here still?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (A few. Healing magic isn't as good as it will be in the modern day, and there were a lot of wounded.)
<Korivan> (yeah)
* Tenyx waits until the young man finishes, sets down the bowl, then looks up to acknowledge Korivan.
<Korivan> How are...your wounded?
<Tenyx> Gaath Korivan. They are wounded, but healing.
<Tenyx> Just a moment, please.
<Korivan> Mmm.
* Tenyx leans over the warrior, touching her forehead to his. You can feel a gentle surge of magic, and the young goblin leans back, sighing in relief.
* Tenyx straightens, holding herself a little stiffly.
<Korivan> (That's a mark thing, yes?)
<Tenyx> Did you need something, Gaath Korivan?
<YOAW_Narrator> (You're fairly certain it is, yes.)
<Korivan> Do you, Hraal Tenyx?
* Tenyx sighs.
<Tenyx> Come to try to enlist me again?
<Korivan> Enlist perhaps.... but not...convert.
<Tenyx> Oh?
<Tenyx> You're a gaath. I assume you know your way around bandages?
<Korivan> Some... it's not my strenght.
<Tenyx> You mind holding these while I work, then?
* Tenyx offers a handful of bandages and the like.
<Tenyx> If you want to talk during, well, it's the price I pay for assistance.
* Korivan nods and will accept
* Tenyx will continue on to the next wounded soldier, an old goblin woman with whom Tenyx will chat amiably.
<Tenyx> What's on your mind, Gaath Korivan?
* Tenyx begins working on changing the woman's bandages.
<Korivan> The future.
* Korivan says, moving to assist
* Tenyx smiles and stifles a laugh.
<Tenyx> You don't say.
<Tenyx> What about the future?
* Kraaz is now known as Goblin_Warrior
* Goblin_Warrior little young for that preoccupation, eh, Gaath?
<Goblin_Warrior> (Ack, she said that, it was not an action somehow)
<Korivan> who said it?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (The goblin woman who's bandages you're both changing)
* Korivan looks down at her
<Korivan> Why?
<YOAW_Narrator> (You'd say she's in her maybe early 40s, a bit old to be a front-line warrior, but she's wiry and fit.)
<Goblin_Warrior> You youngsters usually think you've got the whole of time ahead of you, so why worry?
<Goblin_Warrior> Ah!
* Goblin_Warrior winces at Tenyx.
<Goblin_Warrior> Don't know if that makes you wise or just strange.
<Korivan> hmp.
<Korivan> It's what the tribes need.
<Tenyx> Plenty of people are both, Mags.
<Tenyx> What do we need?
<Korivan> To consider what changes will come.
<Korivan> and what...roles we will play.
<Tenyx> What roles would you have us play?
<Korivan> We would rather have gaburrim as allies...than thralls.
<Tenyx> Even if we tell Bane to shove it?
* Goblin_Warrior laughs, then winces.
<Korivan> Yes.
* Goblin_Warrior is now known as Magrunum
<Tenyx> Didn't think you'd take that stance, given our talk yesterday.
<Tenyx> You'll notice your guards went unstrangled. I guess I'm just tired.
<Korivan> YOu will notice... your guards have changed
<Tenyx> Harder to strangle, easier to outrun. At least the buugbarrim (I can't remember my own spelling there).
<Tenyx> I don't want any more grief with you and yours anyway.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> That is.... a start.
<Tenyx> What do you want from us? You, specifically, not Bane.
<Magrunum> Bane?
* Magrunum spits.
<Tenyx> He's being civil, Mags. Let him talk.
* Korivan frowns a little.
<Korivan> The Amanya Hatal.
<Tenyx> What about them?
<Korivan> They are a threat.... to the stability we are building.
<Tenyx> I know you think that.
<Korivan> what do you think?
<Tenyx> I think they saved our people. I think we helped save theirs, in a way. I think they're not a threat unless you make them one.
<Korivan> Hmm.
<Korivan> and their other allies?
<Tenyx> The Curadh like a fight. Same as us, really.
<Korivan> There are always...other fights
<Tenyx> The Nalta Yaru...they're happy in their hills with their magic.
* Tenyx nods.
<Tenyx> That's true.
<Tenyx> You're looking to start more then, huh?
* Korivan looks down at her
<Korivan> The warriors...need it
<Korivan> they get...restless.
<Korivan> YOu shoudl know.
<Tenyx> Who? The Curunindil? The Lómë? Who's next on the list?
* Tenyx shakes her head.
<Korivan> you came here to fight for the Osoro.
* Tenyx sighs.
<Tenyx> I came to fight for Osoro gold, and steel.
<Korivan> yes.
<Tenyx> Steel protects my people, gold buys it.
<Magrunum> And you like a good rumble, Hraal.
* Tenyx smiles and chuckles a little at that.
<Tenyx> Yeah, I guess I do.
<Korivan> There is more steel, and gold, to be had
<Tenyx> And protection for my people?
* Korivan looks down at her again
<Korivan> We take care of...our allies.
<Tenyx> Didn't the Osoro fight with you against the Maazikai?
<Magrunum> Maazikai.
* Magrunum spits and makes some kind of warding gesture.
* Korivan also scowls
<Korivan> Some....who chose to come.
<Korivan> The Katalal came.
<Korivan> Some of...their warriors.
<Korivan> But the Osoro...woudl not commit.
* Tenyx nods, conceding the point.
<Tenyx> Iaga wasn't one to bow to anyone.
<Tenyx> Neither am I, really, but I'll fight alongside.
<Tenyx> I hear the Kobrakai have joined you.
<Korivan> Yes.
<Tenyx> And you freed the Ankai.
<Korivan> (I think? Or was we still in talks ;)
<Korivan> Yes.
<Tenyx> Did you give the Maazikai this talk?
<YOAW_Narrator> (Yeah, the Kobrakai are with y'all)
<Korivan> We gave the Maazikai... what they deserved >:|
<Tenyx> They were gaburrim, too.
<Tenyx> And, yeah, you did, I'm just curious.
<Korivan> They allied themselves...with demons. Against their own.
* Tenyx manages to hold her tongue about the Hrieffen doing the same.
<Tenyx> So we're one people, so long as we follow you?
<Korivan> We are one people...regardless. But we are ...stronger together.
* Tenyx nods.
<Tenyx> There's wisdom in that, sure.
<Tenyx> So, you want us as allies. What does that mean?
<Korivan> for now...peace... and information
<Korivan> If you think the Manaya hatal are no threat... you can speak to the others.
* Tenyx nods.
<Tenyx> I can do that.
<Korivan> I will...arrange it
<Tenyx> I am at your disposal.
* Tenyx says playfully sarcastically.
* Magrunum chuckles a little bit.
<Tenyx> That should suit for now, Mags.
* Tenyx stands, holding the old bandages.
<Tenyx> I should burn these.
<Tenyx> Get some rest.
* Korivan nods
<Tenyx> Gaath Korivan, shall I, uh, walk you out?
<Korivan> If you like... though if there are others... I will stay and serve
* Tenyx smiles at that.
<Tenyx> I'd appreciate it, yes.
<Korivan> (Then I will!)
* Tenyx motions with her head for Korivan to follow.

Laris and May speak directly with Vozrio Lena of the Osoro, and Vozrio Berrowne and Adalid Cadwal of the Jinete

<Laris> (let's talk to the Osoro first)
<YOAW_Narrator> All right, you can have Vozrio Lena brought to you.
* Tenyx is now known as Lena
<Laris> Greetings, Vozrio Lena.
<May> Hello, Vozrio.
* Lena is an older hafling woman, maybe fifty or so, with long, braided brown hair and skin a few shades lighter. She's short even for a halfling, but carries herself with a dignity that fills a larger space than her physical presence.
<Lena> Siru Lalu, I believe is the correct form?
<Lena> Lugal Corvis. Or is it Legatus?
<Laris> Either is fine.
<May> Yes, thank you.
<Laris> We wanted to discuss plans for the future.
<Lena> I can imagine.
<Lena> Do I have any say in that?
<May> I suppose that depends.
<May> What do you want for your people?
<Lena> Life.
* Laris nods
* Lena smiles sadly.
<Lena> That at least. Freedom, if possible.
<Laris> We have an offer to make that would ensure that, and somewhat more.
<Lena> I cannot but listen.
* Laris will produce a map of the territory in question.
<May> We are willing to let your people keep some of your lands under your control. And those of you who wish to remain on the land we will occupy are free to stay; with conditions, of course.
<Lena> Your land, your laws.
* Lena nods.
<Laris> We propose a solution that would allow your people to retain some territory, in exchange for providing some things.
* Laris points to some of the territory that we would be claiming, vs the territory that would be left for them.
<Lena> What would those be?
<Lena> What you want us to provide, I mean.
<Laris> To allow safe passage along the river, and loyalty to Nesu Abamatu. In exchange, you keep these lands, and we can provide support if the Curadh or other enemies try to threaten you.
<May> What we want is stability. Your people can benefit from that too.
<Lena> I see you're familiar with Curadh practices.
* Laris nods
<Laris> I know you want what is best for your people. Jourdain's path will only lead to further strife, and more death.
<Lena> Siru, Lugal, all I've wanted is stability. My...friend, Iaga wanted more.
<Lena> I can accept your terms, readily, but Jourdain will never do so.
<Laris> If you wish to try to sway him, for his own best interests, we would accept that.
<May> If not, we will find another solution.
* Lena frowns heavily at that.
<Lena> I will try, but I fear...another solution will be the outcome regardless.
<Laris> I understand.
<Laris> But aside from that, you think your people would accept this arrangement?
<Lena> Iaga's leadership was...polarizing.
<Lena> With her gone, and Jourdain...ameliorated, I think I can begin to heal my people.
* Laris nods
<May> That's all we can ask.
<Lena> I'm not sure I can thank you, but I am grateful for a second chance.
<Lena> I hope we can prove to be the allies Iaga was unwilling to be.
<Laris> I hope that in the future, our meetings will be more favourable.
* Lena nods.
<May> I hope this turns out favorable for both our people. We can both do a lot for each other, I think.
* Lena nods and, with permission, will turn to go.
* May will turn to Laris when she's gone.
<May> Man, that was super awkward.
<Laris> This is what war brings, Domina. This is the favourable outcome.
<Laris> It could be much more ... awkward.
<May> Yeah... I don't ever want to see the unfavorable one.
<Laris> Let us press on, and talk to the representatives of the Jinete.
* May nods.
<YOAW_Narrator> Guards will escort in Berrowne and Cadwal.
* Lena is now known as Berrowne
* Berrowne is an older man, thin and severe-looking.
* Magrunum is now known as Cadwal
* Cadwal is in his late 20s, broader than his father, but with a fair bit of familiar resemblance otherwise.
<Laris> Greetings, Vozrio Berrowne, Adalid Cadwal.
<Berrowne> Heri Lalu, Heri Corvis, greetings.
* Cadwal nods.
<Laris> I hope that we can reach an outcome that will be satisfactory to both our peoples from this meeting.
<May> Greetings.
<Berrowne> I pray likewise.
<Berrowne> Let us put Iaga's madness behind us and find a new path.
* Laris nods
<May> I take it you were never very keen on her ideas?
<Berrowne> My godbrother, Verges, was.
<Berrowne> I stand by those close to me.
<May> I understand
<May> We do as well.
<Berrowne> I've noticed the Hrieffen have done quite well since you arrived.
* May nods.
<Berrowne> Initial difficulties notwithstanding.
<May> It's a mutually beneficial relationship.
<Berrowne> One must assume.
<Laris> We understand that you lost territory to the Juramento. We would be willing to .. redistribute that land according to your former holdings.
* Laris gestures to the area in question on the map.
<Berrowne> Many would not put it as such, but, yes, we previously occupied lands they now hold.
* Berrowne looks at the map.
<Berrowne> Have you spoken to Verges about this?
<Laris> We have not. We felt we should approach you first.
<Berrowne> I know he is grieving the loss of dear Saye.
<YOAW_Narrator> (Saye was the Vozrio of the Juramento. She died in the first battle.)
<May> Do you think he could be convinced to support a peace on these terms?
<Cadwal> He would not take a peace on any terms.
* Cadwal says a little heatedly.
<Laris> That's unfortunate.
* Berrowne gives Cadwal a look.
<Laris> Perhaps his successor will be more amenable.
<Berrowne> Unfortunately, my *son
* is correct.
* Berrowne nods sagely.
<May> Whatever he may believe we don't want further bloodshed.
<Cadwal> Fleance? He won't be Adalid for years.
* Berrowne gives Laris and May a small smile at his son's remark.
<Laris> Mm.
<Laris> An interesting theory.
<Berrowne> We can only hope the Juramento leader, whoever they may be, will do what is best for all.
<Laris> We hoped that you might be in a position to help... adjust attitudes among the remaining members of the Osoro alliance.
<Laris> To demonstrate that cooperation with Nesu Abamatu is beneficial for both them and us.
<Berrowne> I understand you've already 'adjusted' the attitudes of a few of my fellow Osoro allies.
<Laris> Yes.
<Laris> Some required less adjustment than others.
* Laris says with a faint smile.
<Berrowne> The Rionino and the Pedernal have my respect, and I can see why they chose the allegiance they did.
<Berrowne> Perhaps it is best if Iaga's machinations are consigned to the past.
* Cadwal looks like he's about to say something, but is stopped by another look from Berrowne.
* May nods.
<Laris> This path is one that allows them to keep both land and dignity.
<Laris> And we can provide support against those who may feel less... willing to adjust.
* Berrowne nods.
<Berrowne> I think a peace can be achieved on those terms.
<Laris> Hopefully with your wisdom to guide them, most will come to see the benefits of this arrangement.
* Cadwal does not look happy about that.
* Berrowne nods again, the picture of gracious acquiescence.
<Berrowne> I can only hope the wisdom shown here today will guide all my people.
<Berrowne> And their leaders, whoever they may be in the future.
* Laris nods
* Berrowne will make whatever oaths or sign whatever papers are necessary.
* Cadwal will do the same, grudgingly.
<YOAW_Narrator> (I think we're good there, then?)
<May> (yup :) )
* Laris will also make sure that once they've made their deal, they get better treatment.
<YOAW_Narrator> Legit
<Laris> (like better food and more freedom, that sort of thing)

On the way back to the city, the Iron Drake is attacked

<YOAW_Narrator> May is presumably headed back to the city now, yes?
<May> (If that's all the adjusting she needs to do)
<YOAW_Narrator> (For the moment. I'm not going to put y'all through getting yelled at by Verges and Jourdain.)
<Laris> (Laris can get yelled at if need be, May doesn't need to ;)
<May> (heh)
<Induriel> (Rulership has its privileges?)
<YOAW_Narrator> So, headed back to the city on the Drake, with May, Marcus, and Meghan (did not mean for three M names) in tow.
<YOAW_Narrator> How would May and Eyllia be passing their time?
* May will be having a conversation with Marcus. Probably multiple conversations actually. And she will be studying the maps and treaties more. And hanging out with Eyllia if time and circumstances allow)
<Eyllia> (girl talk on how the negotiations on the surrender went?)
<May> (yesh)
<Eyllia> (sparing with Meghan)
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<YOAW_Narrator> It's a short enough trip back, let's say y'all head out in the evening after May finishes negotiations.
<Eyllia> (ok)
<YOAW_Narrator> We'll say Eyllia and Meghan (and maybe Marcus, switching off) are sparring on the deck. May is watching and keeping them company.
* Berrowne is now known as Meghan
<May> :3
* Cadwal is now known as Marcus
<YOAW_Narrator> For the heck of it, roll me a Fighting test :)
<Eyllia> !roll 8d6
* Lan-werk rolls for Eyllia: [ 8d6 ] getting [ 5 3 3 2 1 2 3 4 ] for a total of [ 23 ].
<Eyllia> (total of 19)
<YOAW_Narrator> A workaday performance for Eyllia, but everyone is tired. She's still lightning quick and quite skillful.
* Meghan has less of a finesse technique, but is also significantly stronger than either Eyllia or Marcus. She does well on attack, but occasionally leaves herself open to counterattacks, something of a specialty of the water dancer style.
<YOAW_Narrator> At the end of a bout with Meghan, Eyllia's blade at her throat, Meghan smiling and nodding concession, Eyllia feels a strange list in the Drake's course for a moment.
<YOAW_Narrator> It's minor, and no one else catches it, but she's very familiar with the ship's moods and movements.
* Eyllia glances in surprise and will search for the cause
<YOAW_Narrator> Roll an Awareness test please
<Marcus> What is it?
<Eyllia> !roll 3d6+5
* Lan-werk rolls for Eyllia: [ 3d6+5 ] getting [ 1 6 2 ] for a total of [ 9 ] which, after the modifier [ 5 ] totals [ 14 ].
<Eyllia> (14)
<YOAW_Narrator> You check over the side, but see nothing that seems like it might have caused the quirk of movement.
<YOAW_Narrator> Perhaps just a piece of river detritus?
<May> Everything ok?
<Eyllia> unexpected list... nothing seems to be at issue
<Eyllia> some debris in the river... not unexpected considering what's recently happened
<Marcus> I imagine we added quite a bit to it ourselves.
<Marcus> Shall we, Captain?
* Marcus will rise, grabbing his sword and shield.
<Eyllia> lets see how your step on a ship is
* May will perk up a bit to watch him.
* Eyllia will pick her blades back up
* Marcus salutes Eyllia with his sword, taps it twice on his shield, and assumes his usual combat stance, shield forward, sword up.
* Eyllia takes up her light footed water dance stance
<YOAW_Narrator> The two of you circle each other for a bit, Marcus content to let you test his defenses, like rain trying find the cracks in brick.
<YOAW_Narrator> As you move towards the fore of the ship, a glint on the quarterdeck, behind the current pilot, catches your eye.
<YOAW_Narrator> A shadow, barely perceptible against the night, looms large, and you realize it has a bow drawn with an arrow pointed at May.
<Eyllia> MAY! DOWN!
* May looks up, startled.
<YOAW_Narrator> At your call, the shadow looses the arrow...
* Eyllia rushes forward to close the distance between her and the bowman
<YOAW_Narrator> (If it works for you) Eyllia swings out with one of her blades, managing to knock the arrow out of the air as she charges the assailant.
<Eyllia> (sure)
* Marcus steps forward in front of May, along the path the arrow was previously on.
<YOAW_Narrator> A second and third arrow in only a few more seconds ricochet off Marcu's shield.
* Meghan Meghan's wings appear as she leaps into the air to follow Eyllia.
* May shrieks in a very un-rulerly way and hits the ground.
<YOAW_Narrator> The shadow, towering at 9 feet or more, drops the bow and brings a spiked club up to block Eyllia's first attack just in time.
<YOAW_Narrator> It seems quicker than anything that size should be, and it's hard to make out in the gloom, even for darkvision or low-light.
<YOAW_Narrator> Roll me a Fighting test again?
<Eyllia> (I'll spend a destiny to add my bonus dice to the roll)
<Eyllia> !roll 8d6+1
* Lan-werk rolls for Eyllia: [ 8d6+1 ] getting [ 3 6 1 4 4 1 4 5 ] for a total of [ 28 ] which, after the modifier [ 1 ] totals [ 29 ].
<YOAW_Narrator> (Nice!)
* May will summon her bow and quiver to her while on the floor and fumble to try and nock an arrow but probably fails.
<YOAW_Narrator> The shadow manages to block Eyllia's first attack, but her other sword bites deeply into what is clearly flesh under the shadow form. The thing roars and knocks Eyllia back with its club, her own weapons keeping it from doing more damage. As she recovers, Meghan is there, landing and charging to drive it back. Between the two of them, literally, the shadow puts up a monstrous fight but can't focus enough on either opponent to utilize its
<YOAW_Narrator> size advantage. Meghan keeps it off-guard and Eyllia is dart slash after slash past its defenses, eventually bringing it to its knees. It tries one last full swing at Meghan, knocking her down as her spear catches the strike, but Eyllia finishes the fight with a sword through the thing's throat.
<YOAW_Narrator> The shadowy outline fades, and verbeeg kneels before you, gasping out its last.
<YOAW_Narrator> (a verbeeg, rather)
<Meghan> You all right?
<May> Whu... whu... what... the... fuck.
* Meghan pushes herself to her feet.
* Marcus remains next to May, his eyes wary and watching.
* May will make her way back to her feet, a bit unsteadily.
<Eyllia> I'm fine, just embarassed
<May> Marcus... are you hit?
<Marcus> Not this time, no.
* Marcus will sheathe his sword to off his hand to help May up.
* May nods and accepts his hand.
<Meghan> Embarassed? Why?
* Eyllia will call a crewmember over and get them to double the watches, with more focus on the water.
<May> You saved my life. All of you.
<YOAW_Narrator> Crewperson: "Aye, Captain."
<Eyllia> It's my ship, I let this beast get on and get a shot at you.
<Marcus> I'm amazed you saw it at all.
<Marcus> Thank Fate you did.
* May will go over to examine the corpse.
* Eyllia will search the corpse, looking for any heraldry or possessions that may identify its master
<YOAW_Narrator> The corpse is a verbeeg, presumably one of the Curadh. Searching, you can see a charm you're certain was for water-breathing, and it has warpaint or something similar that you believe was responsible for the shadow effect.
* May will grab the amulet and summon her pen and notebook to make a quick sketch of the war paint patterns.
<Eyllia> Someone doesn't appreciate you May
<May> Someone didn't count on me having friends.

Induriel receives a missive from Queen Alcarinel about the arrival of the Ola Sornë

<YOAW_Narrator> Okay, Induriel, with the distances involved, this is somewhat of a rarity, but you have correspondence from home. :)
* Induriel opens the letter/scroll with interest
* Eyllia is now known as Eyllia_AFK
<YOAW_Narrator> To his lordship Ambassador Induriel Antalanon, as dictated by Her Royal Majesty, Daughter of Corellon, Queen of the Summer Court on Arth, Alcarinel of House Brescia.
<Induriel> . o O (Oh, I hope this isn't bad news...)
<YOAW_Narrator> Ambassador, greetings and good tidings from Aethrennar. We thank you for your efforts and hope that relations remain amicable as they have under your care. We write to you this day to have you present a request before the Lady of Nesu Abamatu, our dear friend Mamitu of House Lalu.
<Induriel> . o O (A request.... )
<YOAW_Narrator> A company of troops under the command of Laito Voronwië seeks permission to use Nesu Abamatu as a base for an upcoming campaign. The Ola Sornë are a free company of excellent repute, yet have no direct connection to House nor throne. It is my hope dearest Mamity will not see their presence as an attempt at undue influence.
<YOAW_Narrator> (Mamitu, rather)
<Induriel> (Have I heard of this person?)
<YOAW_Narrator> We put it to you, Ambassador, to secure their right to sojourn there, and have every confidence in your ability to do so.
<YOAW_Narrator> (Roll Knowledge)
<Induriel> !roll 4d6
* Lan-werk rolls for Induriel: [ 4d6 ] getting [ 4 4 5 1 ] for a total of [ 14 ].
<YOAW_Narrator> (Laito Voronwië is a commoner raised to, essentially, knighthood for their skill in battle and service to the throne. They're something of a hero of various wars/battles against the elves. They are, so far as anyone knows, loyal to the throne but not kept as a retainer by the Queen.)
<Induriel> (Eladrin, or elf?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (...I was going to have them be eladrin, but elf is so much better. Let's say elf.)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Some of them stayed loyal. ;))
<Induriel> (And what are the legal implications of this... they head an independent mercenary company, so it doesn't really count as Aethrennari?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Pretty much)
<Induriel> (Or it does, kind of, but under the terms of business rather than military, as they're providing a service?)
<YOAW_Narrator> (Well, that's up to you to argue to May et al.)
<Induriel> (There's no indication of what the campaign is about, I take it.)
* Induriel sets the scroll down, and ponders for a moment. Then he summons his advisers...
<YOAW_Narrator> (Not in her letter, no)
* Meghan is now known as Valtheriel
<Induriel> Valtheriel! Malliel!
* Marcus is now known as Malliel
* Mifflepon (webchat@ has joined #gnomeland
<Induriel> We have an assignment.
<Valtheriel> Ambassador?
* Induriel shows them the missive.
<Malliel> Something good?
<YOAW_Narrator> The two eladrin will read over it. Mifflepon will take it when they're done.
<Malliel> Excellent!
<Induriel> Perhaps. Her Majesty is asking us to secure a place for the Ola Sornë of Laito Voronwië here in Nesu Abamatu.
<Malliel> The Ola Sornë, here? This is great news.
* Valtheriel purses her lips at him.
<Valtheriel> It is not so simple.
<Valtheriel> This will be delicate.
<Induriel> Only if Heri Mamitu takes it well, Malliel.
<Valtheriel> At last count, the Ola Sornë numbered some five hundred troops. A significant force here.
<Valtheriel> That will require balance, whatever their intentions.
<Induriel> Unfortunately, their purpose here is not made explicit.
<Malliel> "An upcoming campaign?" The Amanya Hatal, maybe?
<Malliel> Or the elves further north?
<Induriel> The Amanya Hatal did occur to me.
<Malliel> Could even be the orc tribes south of us.
<Malliel> Good fights either way.
<Induriel> Surely even to vaunted a force as the Ola Sornë are not enough to take on all of Vanilorra on their own.
<Induriel> And I do not think Mamitu will be willing to make more enemies without needing to.
<Induriel> The Amanya Hatal, however...
<Valtheriel> That seems likely, if the Queen has tired of their recalcitrance.
<Induriel> I expect that Laito Voronwië can answer our questions. But what is the legal position of the Ola Sornë? Do they count as... well, a service? If it comes to that?
<Valtheriel> Though perhaps they do not, exclusively, come at the behest of the Queen.
<Valtheriel> That argument could be made, Heri.
<Induriel> Perhaps we will have to make it. I note that Her Majesty's missive is at pains to make the distinction.
* Valtheriel nods.
<Induriel> Let us consider this and determine how best to make our case to Heri Mamitu when she returns.
<Valtheriel> Of course, Ambassador. This is possibly precedent-setting.
<Induriel> We must make certain the precedent favours us.
* Valtheriel smiles.
<Valtheriel> Aethrennar, first and last.
<Induriel> Aethrennar, first and last.


May and Korivan catch up after all the battles

* May will track Korivan down after the meeting.
* Korivan is around, maybe justb haviong come back froim giving some final instructions/blessings to Booyagh who are going with Kraaaz
<May> Fancy meeting you here.
* Korivan grins
* Korivan looks a bit tired still, though he's actaully much improved from the past few days
<Korivan> May...
* May smiles.
<May> I hope your past few days have been as interesting as mine.
<Korivan> How did byou find...the battle?
<May> Oh, it found me.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> I know @_@
<Korivan> I was...in the river @_@
<May> That was you down there with that monster?
<Korivan> I...helped. Mostly...it bwas the river @_@
<May> The river? You mean its spirit?
<Korivan> She is...a spirit. Yes.
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* ChanServ sets mode: +o Longpig
<May> She?
* May raises an eyebrow.
<Korivan> Yes.
* Korivan grins
* May grins.
<May> Should I ask how you managed to secure her aid?
<Korivan> That depends....
<Korivan> On how much you want to know >:D
<May> Hmmm.... maybe you can tell me all about it next time have some time alone.
<May> *we*
* Korivan sort of looks around at what's all going on around them
<Korivan> I have...time
* May laughs.
<May> I'm sure you would make time even if you didn't.
<Korivan> Maybe. But now... I do have time.
* May looks around to see if there is anywhere they night go that is more private and unlikely to be disturbed.
<Korivan> Come
* May will follow him casually
* Korivan will take you back to his tent, where no one will bother you ;p
* May follows you inside and closes the flap behind her.
<May> I should tell you, you weren't the only one who managed to have fun in the last few days.
<Korivan> (I don't actually remember if you've been to his tent before)
<Korivan> Oh?
<May> (She has back after one of the parties, I think)
<Korivan> Yes... you should tell me.
* Korivan grins at that too
<Korivan> One of your....suitors?
* May nods.
<May> Marcus and I talked after the battle. And then more than talked.
<Korivan> That's good.
<May> You think so? I've been a bit worried about it, honestly.
<Korivan> Why?
<May> I'm not sure. Maybe I overstepped my bounds. He was quite a gentleman about it, but I don't want to show favoritism. And I don't wnat him to think this means I've made up my mind.
<May> I need to talk to him.
<May> We didn't have much chance afterwards.
* Korivan shrugs
<Korivan> Is the idea....to favour one?
<May> I suppose so...
<May> I don't know. I've never done this before :P
<Korivan> Just fuck the ones...you want to fuck.
* May laughs
<May> I wish it were that simple.
<May> Your people have the right idea, I think.
<Korivan> Yes.
* Korivan grins again
* May will kiss you.
* Korivan will kiss back, taking that as an encouraging sign ^-^
<May> *fade to black?*
<Korivan> (That's probably fair.... did you want to talk more after?)
<May> (Up to you. Did you have more K wanted to tell her?)
<Korivan> (More he wanted to ask her still)
<May> (Then sure)
* May will curl up into your arm under the furs.
<Korivan> ....YOu never answered....how you found the battle.
<May> Mmmm... it was... not what I expected. Everything happened so fast. I didn't know what was happening much of the time. Still, I think I held up ok. I didn't fall apart or anything.
* Korivan nods
<May> And I had excellent allies. Marcus and Eyllia and Meghan made the differnce. I owe all of them my life.
* Korivan nods
<May> And you and your river spirit too.
<Korivan> That's good.
<Korivan> Did you...enjoy it?
<May> ...I'm not sure. It was... exhilarating... but I don't think it's what I'm meant for. I'm not a fighter.
* Korivan nods
<May> My skills are better put to use elsewhere.
<Korivan> Still... it was important for you...to see @_@\
<May> Yes. I think so.
<May> It's important for a leader to know what it's like.
<Korivan> Yes.
<May> Do you... enjoy it?
<Korivan> Yes.
* May nods.
<Korivan> But...My place in battle is different @_@
<Korivan> It is....satisfying.
<Korivan> And Bane demands it @_@
<May> I suppose it's good to take pleasure in your work.
<Korivan> Yes.
<Korivan> As you said.... it is exhilarating @_@
<Korivan> But is is also ...duty.
<May> Yes.
<May> If anything, I think it's shown me the importance of surrounding myself with people who are better at it than I am.
<Korivan> Yes....
<Korivan> You have us. And... Lugal Laris.
* May smiles.
<Korivan> Are you going ....back to the city?
<May> Yes. I'll need to get back to the actual governing part of my job. Much as I'd like to avoid it. Eyllia will take me back on the Drake.
* Korivan nods
<May> You?
<Korivan> When my duties here are complete...I will take tribute to the ancestors @_@
<May> We may not get to see each other until the inevitable celebration then.
<Korivan> ... >_
< @_@
<Korivan> The celebrations are...ongoing.
* May laughs.
<May> I shouldn't be surprised. I thought it would at least wait until we got back, though.
<Korivan> The battle was just one... others are...coming. Why wait...when you might not see the next victory?
* May nods.
<Korivan> We can celebrate...more later. BUt also... now.
<May> Personally, I always hope that the next battle will be the last. Battle is necessary, but I hope to see a time when it isn't.
<Korivan> it is always necessary @_@
<May> Only if someone makes it so.
<Korivan> Someone...always will.
* May shrugs.
<May> Maybe.
<Korivan> It's nort a bad thing.... it keeps you strong.
<Korivan> Strenght is ...what hoilds your peace.
<May> It drains resources. People, weapons, support. Those all cost. They could be better spent on making people's lives better.
<Korivan> It's...alll the same @_@
<May> Mmmm.
* Korivan smiles, because even he can tell you are just avoiding arguing
* May lays her head across your chest in a "Shut up and hold me" way.
<May> (Carefully not stabbing you with her horn >.> )
* Korivan will move your hair out of the way
<Korivan> I is good for you to... test your stregth. You have more than you think @_@
<May> You keep saying that.
<Korivan> Yes.
<May> Well, at least the next few days should be nice and boring. I'm done testing my strength for a while.
<Korivan> Maybe @_@
<Korivan> There is always Marcus to.... test yourself against... if you get bored.
* Korivan teases
* May laughs.
<May> We'll see.
<Korivan> You can.... tell me later ^-^

May and Marcus talk about things between them

* May will make her way to Marcus' cabin after the commotion of the sneak attack has died down and most people are asleep.
* May knocks lightly.
<Marcus> Come in.
* May will open the door and poke her head around.
<Marcus> Oh!
<Marcus> Domina.
* May smiles.
* Marcus will stand up a little awkwardly.
<Marcus> (And also smile)
<May> Lord Zorika. I was hoping you were still awake.
* May will come inside and shut the door.
* Marcus gestures for May to sit if she would like.
* May will. :3
<Marcus> How may I serve?
<May> I think you've served plenty for one day. If you keep saving my life people might start to talk. ;)
<Marcus> A more than fair trade.
<Marcus> Thank Fate Captain D'Azzure saw the the assailant.
<Marcus> I am sorry I did not notice him sooner.
<May> All of you were amazing. I'm lucky to be surrounded by people I can trust who have my welfare in mind.
<May> Not all leaders can say the same.
* Marcus smiles at that.
<May> Actually, I came because I wanted to make sure that you were alright with... what happened the other day.
* Marcus blushes and grins.
<Marcus> More than all right, I'd say.
<Marcus> I hope you feel the same.
* May smiles in relief.
<May> Good. Yes. I do. I just... It happened so quickly and I thought maybe... I might have overstepped my place.
* Marcus chuckles a little.
<Marcus> I felt much the same.
* May smiles at that.
<Marcus> When my people reach that point, we are not always thinking so clearly.
* May nods.
<May> You were very... passionate.
* Marcus blushes some more.
<Marcus> Our elevation instilled us with a great hunger for life.
<May> In more ways than one.
* Marcus smiles.
<Marcus> (Oh, and nods)
<May> I'm... I'm very glad that you were able to accompany me on this trip. I think that, no matter what happens after this, we can be good friends. And maybe more.
<Marcus> I would like that.
* May smiles.
<Marcus> I am likewise glad I was able to accompany you. This trip has been...
* Marcus considers for a moment.
<Marcus> Enlightening.
* May laughs.
<May> For both of us.
* Marcus smiles.
<May> I hope when we get back we'll have more chances to get to know each other better.
* Marcus raises an eyebrow and tries not to look smug.
* May blushes and rolls her eyes.
<Marcus> I would imagine your time is well-occupied most days.
<May> It is, but I've been known to make time for things I consider worthwhile, however much my uncle complains about it.
<Marcus> I shall strive to be worthy.
* May frowns slightly for a moment.
* Marcus frowns in response.
<May> There's something else I should tell you.
<Marcus> Oh?
<May> There's another person that I... make time for.
* Marcus nods slowly.
<May> You deserve to know that.
<Marcus> It's not unexpected, given your position.
<May> I hope that you don't think less of me for it, but I would understand if it changes things for you.
<Marcus> Why would it make me think less of you?
* Marcus asks, genuinely confused.
<May> For not telling you beforehand.
<May> I understand it's courteous to do so.
<Marcus> It wasn't particularly relevant to me until things happened, and, well, you just told me.
* May nods.
<May> Anyway... I just thought you should know.
<Marcus> I'm not exactly given to casual relations, but I *am
* Thantopolitan.
<Marcus> You're not going to scandalize me.
* May smiles.
<May> Good to know.
<Marcus> If we're being honest...
<May> Of course.
<Marcus> I don't want to overstep my bounds, but you know why my companions and I were sent here.
<May> I do.
<Marcus> Were I your choice, ultimately, I would prefer us to only make time for each other, so to speak.
* Marcus looks concerned/awkward.
* May nods.
<May> That's... understandable.
<Marcus> As I said, I am not given to casual relations, and would ask for the same in any real partner.
<Marcus> I hope this doesn't have an overly negative effect on myself as a prospect.
<Marcus> And, even if it does, I enjoy your company, and I am becoming fond of Nesu Abamatu.
<May> I honestly don't know. But I would not want you to be untrue to your own convictions.
* Marcus nods.
<May> I'm glad you told me, and I respect your views.
<Marcus> The thread of Fate is difficult enough to spin for two people.
* Marcus shrugs.
<Marcus> I don't mean to be presumptuous.
<May> I'm pretty sure that anyone who gets involved with me will find their thread getting pretty twisted no matter what.
* Marcus smiles and chuckles.
<Marcus> Well, regardless, I'm happy ours met in the weave.
<Marcus> And I would welcome further...meetings.
<May> Me too. Whatever happens, I don't regret anything, and I hope you don't either.
* May smiles.
* lan_phone (uid135102@id-135102.brockwell.irccloud.com) Quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
<Marcus> I think that unlikely.
<May> Good.
<May> Should I let you sleep now?
* May raises an eyebrow as if suggesting an alternative also.
<Marcus> I am not particularly tired...
<May> Perhaps I could help with that?
* Marcus grins.

Laris tried to get some insight for Korivan about the situation at the keep

* Laris will arrange to talk to Korivan before he leaves.
* Korivan can be tracked down
* Korivan will come see you I guess, since my place is packed or being packed?
<Laris> Gaath Korivan, it's good to see you. You seem recovered after your exertions.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> there is... too much to be done @_@
* Laris nods
<Laris> I understand that.
<Laris> With all that's been going on, I imagine you have not had the chance yet to see the fortress.
<Korivan> I have seen it... but not much
<Laris> Perhaps you would come and walk with me while we talk.
* Korivan shrugs
<Korivan> What are we...discussing? @_@
<Laris> I want to get your... impressions of the place.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> or the place...or its guardians? @_@
<Laris> Yes.
<Korivan> (well then... I need Josh ;)
<Korivan> they are...territorial
* Laris nods
<Laris> They are, but they also accept me there. If I'm with you, it should be fine.
<Jimba> (I'm around :))
<Korivan> I'm not...concerned.
<Laris> very well
* Korivan will go with you but is still not exactly sure what you want to know
* Laris will take you to walk around the fort.
* Laris doesn't want to prompt you too much so will keep conversation low-key.
* Korivan will focus his attentions more on the otherworldly since3 that seems to be what you're more interested in anyway
<Jimba> (Roll Awareness, I suppose?)
<Korivan> !roll 5d6
* Lan-werk rolls for Korivan: [ 5d6 ] getting [ 4 5 4 1 1 ] for a total of [ 15 ].
<Korivan> (13)
* Jimba is now known as Kennesaw
<Kennesaw> (The place feels not entirely dissimilar from your own ritual space, though older, more powerful, and not at all welcoming to you.)
<Korivan> This is a place for... your priests.
<Kennesaw> (There's a feeling, like a chill in the air (something not common to your experience), and the loneliness of a long hunt or singular fast.)
<Kennesaw> (Something predatory, neither friendly nor hostile, but patient, and waiting.)
<Laris> well... I have asked Fata Dianthea to come here if possible. It may be that she will have some insight into its purpose.
* Korivan nods
<Korivan> Perhaps...
* Laris frowns a bit.
<Korivan> There is much power here....
<Laris> Yes. It's a place of ... guarding.
<Korivan> much...potential @_@
<Korivan> hmm
<Kennesaw> (Where in the fort are you taking him?)
<Laris> (well, probably I'd start on the main level and walk around from there - go up in some of the higher areas if it's safe, before heading down to the crypt at the end I think - unless something happens before that point)
<Kennesaw> (Just let me know when you get to the crypt :))
<Laris> (heh okay)
<Laris> They've ... I was going to say chosen, but I don't know that it was a choice. They've told me that it is my role to watch over this place.
* Korivan seems a bit more frowny but maybe he's just concentrating
<Korivan> hmm.
<Korivan> (in ngeneral in here, I mean)
<Korivan> Your connection? @_@
<Laris> I believe it is a matter of blood.
<Korivan> yes...
<Korivan> we discussed that...
* Laris nods
<Laris> I don't know the nature of the connection, beyond that.
<Korivan> do you still want to know...more? @_@
<Laris> Yes.
<Laris> Why me? Was I brought here for this purpose, or was it happenstance? What is the nature of the blood connection? Will it pass on to my children too, should I have any?
<Korivan> I can give you...all the answers
<Laris> you can?
<Korivan> (can;t!)
<Laris> (lol, okay)
* Laris nods instead, then
<Korivan> And the Ancestors.... demand my attention.
<Laris> I don't expect all the answers. But I also trust that you will give me honest answers, if you're able.
* Korivan nods
<Laris> What would we need to do, to try to ... begin looking for the answers?
<Korivan> blood @_@
<Kennesaw> (The ancestors, in general, do not like this place. It seems more a sense of awe and respect than, say, fear, but they are making themselves heard.)
<Korivan> it wulsd be better done here but... I might not be...right for this @_@
* Laris nods
<Korivan> But I can try.
<Laris> I don't want to put you in a position you are not comfortable with.
<Laris> Let's try going to the crypt - that may give you a clearer impression.
* Korivan snorts at your comment
* Korivan nods though
* Ulkash (webchat@ has joined #gnomeland
* Laris will take you down there, but will be cautious and keep an eye out for anything that seems concerning.
<Korivan> (crypt timez!)
* Ulkash will appear in front the both of you right before Korivan would take the last step down.
* Korivan is pretty frowny by this point anyway
* Ulkash levels a ghostly spear at Korivan, though her posture seems more guarded than threatening.
* Laris pauses
<Ulkash> Champion.
<Laris> Yes.
<Ulkash> Your companion should not be here. He serves another master.
* Korivan crosses his arms
<Korivan> Mmmm...
<Laris> I trust him. But I do not want to cause difficulty here.
<Korivan> (but any further impressions)
<Korivan> (including do I think I coudl take this ghost if I had to :V)
<Kennesaw> (There's another mystical sensation here, a darkness, a leeching. Superficially similar to that predatory air the rest of the place has, but hungrier, more malevolent. It's faint, a bare whisper, but you can catch it from time to time.)
* Ulkash frowns.
<Ulkash> Our people fought alongside Bane's chosen, and they are worthy allies. But this is not their place.
<Kennesaw> (Oh, interesting question.)
<Kennesaw> (Roll Awareness again?)
<Korivan> !roll 5d6
* Lan-werk rolls for Korivan: [ 5d6 ] getting [ 4 4 4 5 1 ] for a total of [ 18 ].
<Kennesaw> (13?)
<Korivan> (13 again)
<Kennesaw> (So, Korivan is prone to a high estimation of his abilities, but a fair estimation would put you at a slight disadvantage, and even Korivan would have to admit the metaphysical terrain favors Ulkash here.)
<Korivan> (yes)
<Korivan> YOur answers are not... here, in any case.
* Laris nods
<Laris> We will withdraw, then.
* Ulkash nods and her spear disappears.
<Ulkash> I hope we have offered no disrespect, favored of the Conqueror.
<Ulkash> I would hope our people still honor your sacred spaces as well.
<Korivan> Yes... There is... no offence @_@
* Ulkash nods and will watch until you ascend the stairs, then disappear.
* Laris sighs a bit
<Laris> I suppose I should let you get back to your more important duties.
<Korivan> Lugal... why are you asking this all... of me @_@
<Laris> because... Fata Dianthea is my wife. This impacts her as well as me. How can I ask her to take this burden? I wasn't even sure if I should ask her to come here, but ... it isn't fair to not tell her what has happened.
* Laris says after a bit of hesitation
* Korivan 's brow furrows more at that
<Korivan> SHe is your.... partner?
<Korivan> YOur ally? @_@
* Laris sort of nods.
<Korivan> And she is a voice....for your Lady of the Dead...
<Laris> Yes.
<Korivan> Then why not face this challenge.... together @_@
<Laris> This wasn't part of what she agreed to.
<Laris> Or.. I don't know. It was, in a way.
<Laris> but... it's a lot to ask of her.
<Korivan> Mmm.
<Korivan> You doubt her?
* Korivan is wearing his best unimpressed gaath face now tho
<Laris> It's not that I doubt her skill, or her courage.
<Korivan> YOU...fear. @_@
<Laris> Yes. I'm afraid of losing her.
<Korivan> That is somethintg... to face.
<Korivan> It will make you stronger @_@
<Laris> I already know what it is to lose someone.
<Laris> Not just to lose them by ... accident, or a twist of fate. but to have them choose to leave you.
<Korivan> You give this fear... too much power.
<Laris> I don't know how not to.
<Korivan> If you were Hrieffen.... I would have...other ways, to heal your spirit @_@
<Laris> how?
* Korivan sighs
<Korivan> It is not...easy.
<Laris> What if I was Hrieffen, though?
<Korivan> Then you wouldn't be 'married'.
<Laris> :|
<Laris> Fine. I've taken up too much of your time already today.
* Korivan is still considering some things so doesnt really immediately react to that
<Laris> Shall I escort you out of the fort?
<Korivan> Bane says.... that we must face and over come.... fear, failure...and other things that keep us weak. But we are a tribe...because we are all stronger together.
<Laris> Mmm.
<Laris> It's fortunate that you have that strength, then.
<Korivan> I don't know ...how to give you that.
<Laris> I understand. It was wrong of me to ask.
* Laris turns away.
* Korivan grumps
<Korivan> I will see.... what I can do.
* Korivan will go then