Sanadhìl Órecalo

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Player: Elanya

Race: Half-elf (Cozovodë)

Class: Beguiler

Alignment: Neutral

Vital Statistics

Gender: Male

Age: Born c. 2225

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 130

Eyes: Blue-green

Hair: Dark honey blond

Skin: Fair with warmer undertones


He has large, almond shaped and slightly slanted eyes that seem either green or blue, depending, and short honey-blond hair. His ears are slightly elongated and pointed. He is thin, but poised and elegant in demeanor. When at work or out on the town, he generally in current street fashions, generally with a blue or green waitcoat and cravat of expensive imported fabrics of Cozovodë style (if not make) and accentuated with exotic jewelry such as hair clasps. At home he prefers more comfortable and familiar Cozovodë fashions. He is curious, polite, and very charming.

Sanadhìl arrived in Diablotin sometime in 2246 and billed himself as a scholar visiting long-term from Cozovodë in order to amass knowledge about human magics. He tutored language and astrology at the Castalia, and in 2248 was hired as a full-time professor. His working with Elisabet Lawfeld on comparative research in magical theory eventually led to the delineation of various bloodlines of sorcery, resulting in an explosion of variation of a magical field that had been very stable for a long time. He has also published on the history of the foundation of the empire, and the relationship of the empire with the peoples of the Shadow Plane. He is one of the empire's foremost scholars on enchantment magics.

Sanadhìl is exceeding private about his family life, and with good reason, as he has two partners who are both outsiders, Dozilva do Baru (a Shadar-Kai wizard), and Arek (an ex-succubus transformed by Emkathon and liberated to find his own path). He has children with both: Tazenir, Serhyl and Deznir with Dozilva, and Xandhil and Emkathon with Arek.