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  • 2014-08-29 - Welcome Diablotin 3!
  • 2014-08-27 to 29 - Bart dumped the database and I've moved the wiki over to my webspace so now you can just harass me directly if it breaks! I'm less likely to succeed at fixing it, but I'll fail faster! Yay responsiveness!
  • ~2010-10-30 - Welcome Scion!
  • ~2010-10-29 - Bart moved servers, everything seems peachy keen!
  • 2010-01-09 - Created new reCaptcha key. Changed settings so reCaptcha will work again. Created "Player" user group. Moved some Autoconfirmed permissions to Player instead. Added skipcaptcha to Player. Player group users can now add other users to the Player group. TO ADD A USER TO THE PLAYER GROUP, VISIT: Special:UserRights