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Lycadros, one of the Five Kingdoms lies to the north east, occupying the Black Mountains Lycadros shares most of its western border with Medeira, however to the north, on the other side of temp-River from Medeira it extends further west to meet the border of Jorlund. To the south lies the Copper Sea, across which lie Agathos, and unknown desert. To the east of Lycadros lie the lands of the Tchok, and to the north, the Orsh lands. Its capital, Messnia, is located in the south of the kingdom.

Lycadros is a very mountainous and rough country that produces most of the Five Kingdoms' ore. They are known for having the best metal workers and probably the best soldiers.



Taciturn and having little use for fine things many Lycadrans have red hair and stocky builds. Many paladins and monks come from Lycadros.


The current ruler of Lycadros is King Leondros. The oldest of the rulers of the Five Kingdoms at 65. Bald with a white goatee and surprisingly short (5’ 5”) it is obvious that he was a very muscular man. Once a feared fighter he is now contemplative and quiet in his old age. He has no surviving direct descendants and it is unknown who will replace him when he dies.

The Forlorn

Lycadros is also known for having an elite fighting regiment called The Forlorn. The Forlorn are the elite fighting regiment of Lycadros. Made up of approximately 1000 men (and women) in units of 100. Most are stationed in the major pass that leads to the lands of the Tchok. Unlike most free Lycadrans, who are trained in warfare but usually only practice it part-time, the Forlorn train constantly and are the frontline defense of the Kingdom. The Forlorn are made of veteran soldiers who have had at least one male child. You serve for 20 years at the end of which you retire. Those who survive to retire often join one of the monasteries that are in the mountains of Lycadros.

Joining the Forlorn effectively makes you dead. A funeral is held in effigy and you are expected to not have any direct contact with your family. However, serving in the Forlorn brings great prestige to all members of your family and even removes any penalties, such as indentured servitude, that may have been placed on your family. Service can also confer the status of being free Lycadrans on your family. If they survive for 20 years they can retire.

There are only three ranks in the Forlorn – general, captain, and brother/sister. The general is appointed by the king and the general appoints his captains. The mortality rate among the Forlorn is high because of the constant fighting, hard training, and various dangers in the mountains. Only about 10% survive to retire.

Currently Kadis fills the roll as General of the Forlorn. A very fit man in his mid-40’s with long red hair tied back into 3 braids. He is a famed fighter and a respected commander. He was once the personal bodyguard of Queen Majera before she took the throne.

Notable Lycadrans

  • Kadis, General of the Forlorn

Other Lycadrans

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The major influences for Lycadros are the Dacians and the Spartans