Lora's past lives

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Originally researched by Benalda Grenrake, looked into further by Alma

  • Agna, F, 25, Bear, first century AF??: a priestess, married to a blacksmith, died in childbirth with third son.
  • Sieglar Rhem, M, 87, Cat, 723-810: warrior, fought against dragons when he was young, but lived to be very old and feeble, which he detested. Married three times, many children.
  • Venec Rademacher, M, 55, Wolf, 1302-1357: a cousin of Deniel III Rademacher, trained in the law, instrumental in getting his cousin removed from the throne, married, no children.
    • Benalda has confirmed that Venec existed, there is mention of him in various court records, Rademacher genealogy, etc. For someone of his social status, there are probably other documents that may have survived, but she hasn't tracked them down yet - she suspects they may be in Rademacher hands, possibly at their family estates or somewhere.
  • Delisea Baltisk, F, 40, Lizard, 1779-1820: a scout, she lived in the north and fought against goblinoids under Truphine vak Andras. Unmarried, but had one son.
  • Nyeri Casarez, F, 53, Owl, 1989-2053: minor noblewoman, never married, a scholar.
    • Benalda has confirmed that Nyeri existed, because she has tracked down surviving records pertaining to her life (record of her Castalia graduation, a few treatises she authored, a will, etc.).