Legacy of the Ancients session 14

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Edris, Elorim, Shul and Anyaveh form one of two crack teams to deal with any bandits who make it past Roan's palisade during the attack. The other team consists of Dorel, Harmon and Arben. The (reduced) party fights off one incursion, and heads to the town center when they hear that Kres, the bandit king, has made it that far. They combat him and his veterans, but then Kres uses an amulet allegedly dedicated to the Warrior for power. The item is corrupt, however, and turns him into a Chaos Demon - a minion of the Dark General. The party calls for aid as they face this new threat, and though Dorel arrives and smites the unholy creature with the power of the Pheonix, and Harmon runs up to provide what healing he can, Shul falls in battle with the creature, and his wounds are too great for him to be revived.

Everybody is very sad, but cavalry from Limberly arrive, and the town, at least, is saved.