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Terry hates us! ;_; Now in D&D format!
Terry hates us! ;_; Now in D&D format!
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*[[Legacy of the Ancients session 27]]
*[[Legacy of the Ancients session 27]]

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Terry hates us! ;_; Now in D&D format!



  • Literacy is high, around 70% thanks to the church of the maker
  • Technology varies in strange ways. Some buildings and constructions are close to 17th century technology, but in other areas, are centuries behind.
  • The year is 817 TF (Temple Fall, referring to the destruction of the Temple of the Phoenix during the Second Dark War). There are 12 months in the year, named numerically with 30 days each month, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
  • Magic and the supernatural exist and are a part of life, but not such a great part that people are not wary of them. In the more civilized areas of the land, monsters are a rarity, and those who have never left the major cities have probably never seen one.