Jessamine Olivier Jr.

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Jess is the namesake of Jessamine Olivier, Maze Olivier's sister. She is the eldest biological child of Martan Olivier and Ysabeau Chanuier. Older siblings include Justen and Mercy; younger siblings include Rémi Olivier, Hester Olivier, Gabriela Olivier, Theo Olivier, and Ysabel Olivier.

Jess' birth was foretold as part of the Prophecy of the Serpent Reborn:

"When a woman fathers a child, and her daughter to Greywatch is kin, when the starlight returns to its first form, as the serpent at last sheds its skin, then the mother of mercy seeks vengeance, and the wheel shall soon cease to spin." (Martan Olivier's Legend Lore)


"Your child and the child of another who passed through the Arch will give you a grandchild on the 5th of Second-month in your 52nd year. And the birth of that child will herald the death of your faith and the rebirth of another, the death of your love and the rebirth of another, the death of your child and the rebirth of another." (Butler Belden's Legend Lore)

Jess is an archaeologist.