Ilphère deQuessenet

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Player: Longpig

Race: Human

House: Wolf

Class: Sorceror

Alignment: TN

Vital Statistics

Gender: F

Age: 19

Height: 5’10

Weight: 145 lbs

Hair: Dark chestnut

Eyes: Grey-green

Skin: Olive


Ilphère is a tall, willowy, beautiful young woman who bears all the marks of a noble heritage. Her features and bone structure are fine and delicate. Her hair falls in loose, soft curls around her face and midway down her back, although she often pins it up or braids it. Her large almond-shaped eyes are fringed with long, dark, smokey lashes, giving her an exotic look.

Her clothes are typically of excellent make and very fashionable, but sometimes a bit queerly put together as though she got dressed without really looking. She is most usually found floating around the Castalia, where she studies Conjuration and esoteric archaeology, or on the Down in Rhenea. She is almost always attended by her raven familiar, Hali.

Personality-wise, Ilphère has an earnest demeanour, and is very passionate about her studies, to the exclusion of a real social life. The meetings of the Antiquarian Society are about as social as she gets! She can come off as a little odd – her manners are impeccable, she knows all the ettiquette and such (her mother made sure of that), but she's just a little quirky, and maybe too 'intense.' Because of that, and her devotion to her studies, she doesn't have many friends. She's a little too into her work at the Castalia, and the antiquarian society. She earns extra credit by helping out at university’s library, and is always trying to wheedle her way into the rare and restricted collections... She has made friends with a relative newcomer to the Castalia, Ysabeau Chanuier, who is also driven to succeed in her studies, and spends a lot of time in the stacks herself.