Guns (Faust OOC)

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Firearms in Faust are fairly common, and are based off of crossbow templates. The simple weapon crossbows (two handed) are converted to rifles, and the exotic weapon repeating crossbow (one handed) is converted to a six shooter.

Guns start at a cost of fifty gold more than their crossbow counterpart. Guns gain an additional modifiers to hit because of their ability to pierce armor. This starts with a +1 to hit with the base gun and you can also buy a +2/+3/+4 to hit. These high quality guns cost an additional 500, 1250, and 2500 respectively. Sawn-off shotguns gain the ability to hide, but lose 20' of range.

Ammo for a guns is also more expensive. Each bullet costs 5 silver. Artificers have also started to develop special bullets for guns such as buckshot, poison and even ice…