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Gnomeland was a short campaign wherein a small party of gnomes travelling from Brightlake Falls learn that their world is much larger than they'd previously thought.

Much to our delight, Gnomeland ended wide open for a continued storyline.

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Notable NPCs


The gnomes in this game were divided into a number opf territorial clans

Other Races

  • Dwarves
  • Elves
  • Orcs
  • Halflings
  • Humans


Most of the races have some sort of idea of a creator being, but don't really agree as to how exactly the world was formed, or what came next. Here is the basic gnomish version!

The world was created by am omnipotent, but more or less disinterest being, who spoke the world into existence, and then moved on. The Creator is not interested in the lives of the people who inhabit his creation. It is the creative power that this being breathed into the world that allows life to continue. Some beings are more closely tapped into this creative power, and so they live longer or shorter lives depending on how strong their connection is. Most gnomes believe in appreciating this creative energy, and the creator's design, whereby once something's life ends (and sometimes even before), it is recycled into sustaining other life, and so the creative power that went into the initial creation of the world is sustained. Gnomes don't worship the creator itself, but rather the mysteries of the creation, generally as Druids.

Gnomes do have one special kind of Cleric, however: the clerics of Echo. The clerics of echo focus on the power of the Word of creation, seeking to tap into the power of the Creator by listening for the echoes. They believe that the power of the creator continues to be carried by sound, in these echoes, and that by listening to and for them, they can tap into the prime force, and that all things carry these echoes with them. Detecting and deciphering the echoes is a difficult prospect, as they are always distorted and incomplete.