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*11th: Hugo, Denise, Genevriel, and Aubrienne meet with Loick, Ilphere and Silvia about how to help Sirris. ([[Diablotin 3 session 69]])
*11th: Hugo, Denise, Genevriel, and Aubrienne meet with Loick, Ilphere and Silvia about how to help Sirris. ([[Diablotin 3 session 69]])
*12th: Denise, Hettienne, Dorien, Aubrienne, and Genevriel meet with Ander and the new Warlord, Bryson Arguelles. ([[Diablotin 3 session 69]])
*12th: Denise, Hettienne, Dorien, Aubrienne, and Genevriel meet with Ander and the new Warlord, Bryson Arguelles. ([[Diablotin 3 session 69]])
*14th: Empress Janelle's coronation. Hettie is on hand to avert a disaster. ([[Diablotin 3 session 70]])
*14th: Empress Janelle's coronation. Hettie is on hand to avert a disaster. Aubrienne and Titania talk show business with Korisse. ([[Diablotin 3 session 70]])
*15th: Dorien, Hugonel, Denise, Argent, Aubrienne, Justen, Xandhil, and Ilphere remove the Irminsul from Sirris' head. (Diablotin 3 session 70]])
*15th: Dorien, Hugonel, Denise, Argent, Aubrienne, Justen, Xandhil, and Ilphere remove the Irminsul from Sirris' head. (Diablotin 3 session 70]])
*16th: Madds is healed! All praise the One! ([[Diablotin 3 session 70]])
*16th: Madds is healed! All praise the One! ([[Diablotin 3 session 70]])

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The calendar is an easy way to keep track of upcoming important dates. Feel free to add your PC's important dates, including birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc. We do sometimes have in-game birthday parties (usually drinks at a pub) for player characters, and weddings are almost always celebrated in-game. ;) Important dates will continue to be added as dates are announced for significant events like balls, deaths, disasters, etc.


The timeline will provide a chronological ordering of events that happen during D3, with links to the relevant session logs. Typically updated soon after each session, it can be a useful tool for tracking down a particular scene you need to refer back to!

If you think your in-character forum thread conversations should be here, please add them in at a logical spot.  :)


Diablotin calendar



  • 1st: Denise tells Argent about her zombie rat encounter. Zola has an awkward dinner with her family, and learns that her sister, Elianne, is to be married. Hugonel runs into his ex-fiancee, Dasra. Dasra takes Lathra to visit her ailing husband, Raimond. Aubrienne goes out for drinks with Briza and Cassandreia; everyone ends up hooking up with someone. Dorien, Argent, and Gen run into Dorien's ex-fiancee, Emelinda, at the cabaret. (Diablotin 3 session 4)
  • 6th: Zola has lunch with her friend, Valeen, and learns that Geffrard at work is looking to marry his love. (Diablotin 3 session 5)
  • 8th: Dorien's mother tracks him down at the cabaret with bad news about his father. Gen hides from her aunt Sylvise and from feelings. After checking on Gen, Dorien goes to the hospital, where his sister Lucette is nasty to him. (Diablotin 3 session 5) Gen goes to the Downs to pray for Uncle Jerard's recovery, meets a crazy cat lady, and then Sanadhìl Órecalo. (Diablotin 3 session 6)
  • 9th: Jaspart overdoses on exile, but is luckily found in time by Aubrienne and treated by Lathra; while under the influence, he speaks incoherently of forest in a valley and a beautiful lady... (Diablotin 3 session 5) Aubrienne and Titania have a friendly chat after work. (Diablotin 3 session 6)
  • 10th: Denise and Argent run into Collete at the cabaret; she offers them a lucrative job that may involve a demon. (Diablotin 3 session 5)
  • 11th: Hettienne wakes up to find Serge-Yves a bit distraught; Vairon has not showed up for a date. They track him down, only to find he has been murdered. Diablotin 3 session 5 Argent tells Briony about his potential demon fight. (Diablotin 3 session 6)
  • 12th: Hettienne tries to comfort Serge-Yves; when Denise shows up, they start planning how to get some context for Vairon's death. Zola takes Elianne out shopping.(Diablotin 3 session 6)
  • 13th: Denise and Argent scout out the route for the Crouch End Heist with Enver. Hugo is not successful in selling himself to Titania. (Diablotin 3 session 6)
  • 14th: Denise works up the courage to ask Ander for a favour regarding the identification of Vairon's murderers. (Diablotin 3 session 6)
  • 16th: Hugo attends one of Dasra's salons, and possibly gets a lead on the whereabouts of the Psyrene Songbird, Eirini. (Diablotin 3 session 7)
  • 17th: Dorien tells Puce that he wants out; Puce is not going to let him off easily. Lathra and Aubrienne share thoughts on the veterans and others having visions about "strange places and people who can't go home". Zola goes home with Bright.(Diablotin 3 session 7)
  • 18th: Aubrienne gets some unsettling news about her lost brother, Jean-Faust, from his commanding officer, Cora of Gouge. Gen asks Lathra about training for her healing gift. (Diablotin 3 session 7)
  • 19th: Hettienne compares notes about Nycki with Ander, and finds out Nycki turned coat and joined the Hush. (Diablotin 3 session 7)
  • 20th: Lathra tells Tristan about Raimond's visions, which sounded similar to his, and asks Tristan if he can help Raimond in any way. (Diablotin 3 session 7)
  • 21st: Denise and Argent fight a screaming devilkin and take home some nice loot. August approaches Gen and tells her that he's a Seventh, and that he and others would like to speak with her.(Diablotin 3 session 7)
  • 22nd: Gen meets the other Seventh. (Diablotin 3 session 7)



  • 1st: Gen and Dorien visit Polly Hayn and discover some weird plants. Dorien is disappointed to discover that Gen couldn't care less if she is executed or imprisoned.(Diablotin 3 session 11)
  • 2nd: Genevriel revisits Sanadhil and enlists his aid. Zola and Noren go on a date.(Diablotin 3 session 11)
  • 4th: Hettie meets her new niece; Hettie and Denise vent their frustrations about Patric; Lathra and Aubrienne drop in to Orecalo Research and Exploration Services. (Diablotin 3 session 12)
  • 5th: While Dorien learns about Misery's misery, Gen turns herself into justice, accompanied by August. Hugo and Zola find out that the author, Luc Berthillon, Eirini's lover(?) is dead. Denise visits home and then agrees to a second date with Enver. (Diablotin 3 session 12)
  • 7th: Hugo and Zola attend Luc Berthillon's funeral. Afterwards, they go to a very peculiar dinner party at Klara Dannan's home. (Diablotin 3 session 12)
  • 8th: Argent and Denise sell their ill-gotten gains to its previous owner. (Diablotin 3 session 12)
  • 10th: Dorien asks for Aubrienne's help in identifying the properties of the weird Shade fungi and trees. They decide to visit the Shade together. To get into the subterranean mushroom farm, they ask for, and receive, help from Denise and Hettienne. (forum thread and Diablotin 3 session 13)
  • 11th: Gen meets her lawyer, Noren. (Diablotin 3 session 12) Zola and Hugo meet Loick Silveira and report the weird party at Klara's. Aubrienne, Dorien, Argent, Hettie, and Denise, accompanied by Misery, check out the weird plants in The Shade. (Diablotin 3 session 13)
  • 14th: Gen is led to an injured Raina, and takes her to Silvia Rionet's residence in The Grand. (Diablotin 3 session 13)
  • 15th: Argent speaks to Briony about his ancestry. (Diablotin 3 session 13)
  • 16th: Argent and Mireva go on a date. (Diablotin 3 session 13)
  • 18th: Denise and Enver go on a date. (Diablotin 3 session 13)

Festival Days

  • Bear: Hugo and Zola speak to Xandhil Orecalo about the weird dinner party. Denise and Enver go rat hunting. (Diablotin 3 session 14)
  • Lizard: Lathra and Leiris go on a date. (Diablotin 3 session 14)
  • Ox: Denise and Argent meet with Alea Pervenche for an exchange of goods. Hettienne has a discussion with Ander about drugs and Nycki. Aubrienne brings Jed to her family's home for a meal. (Diablotin 3 session 14)
  • Wolf: Gen is found out by her aunt Sylvise. Dorien and Gen have a surprisingly smooth Wolf Day dinner with his family. Hugo visits Sirris at his temple. (Diablotin 3 session 14)
  • Owl: Denise, Hettie, and Mikel exchange gifts a little in advance of Rat Day. (Diablotin 3 session 14) Dorien and Misery go ice skating, and then start dating. (Forum posts)
  • Cat: Zola and Noren go on a date. (Diablotin 3 session 14)


Diablotin calendar


  • 1st: Denise celebrates Rat Day with Enver and her family, while everyone else attends the staff party at the Cabaret. The party comes to an abrupt end when the Shadar-kai present in the Cabaret are attacked by an invisible foe, and a portal opens, letting in an antlered, ice-covered, 9-foot-tall humanoid. Meanwhile, back among the Rat celebrants, Denise finds out that several factory workers were arrested at the labour protests.(Diablotin 3 session 15)
  • 2nd: Hettienne teaches Zola how to knit while Denise plays hostess (Diablotin 3 session 15). Zola, Aubrienne, and Hugo talk more about the fae problem. Aubrienne then goes on to report what they've learned to Titania. (Diablotin 3 session 15)
  • 3rd: Dorien, Argent, Denise, Gen, and Misery are ambushed by ice fairies; Denise gets turned into living ice temporarily, but with Argent and Briony's help, she is returned to normal. Out of concern for her safety, Argent tells Mireva what happened. Denise tells Syrez about it. Lathra, Aubrienne, Hugo, and Zola have an audience with the Emperor. Hettie gets an anonymous warning about Nycki.(Diablotin 3 session 16)
  • 5th: Gen asks Lathra for help with kicking her drinking habit (Diablotin 3 session 15). Aubrienne asks Hettie to teach her how to use a firearm.(Diablotin 3 session 16)
  • 7th: Aubrienne, Hettienne, and Korisse shoot things and come up with a new movie idea. (Diablotin 3 session 16)
  • 6th: Denise tells Enver about the ice fey attack. (Diablotin 3 session 16)
  • 8th: Gen and Dorien visit Sylvise to ask her about potential fey on Gen's family's farm; Dorien learns of some job opportunities from Jerard while Gen has a private chat with her aunt. (Diablotin 3 session 17)
  • 9th: Hettie, Argent, and Denise investigate Clarence Molniere's workshop, where they kill some robots; Aubrienne and Lathra travel into Raimond's dreams with Ilphere, Cordovera, and Ruchard Kizer. (Diablotin 3 session 17)
  • 10th: Zola discusses Geffrard's wedding plans with Valeen and then with Geff himself. Lathra learns something of the depth of the issues Gen is struggling with. (Diablotin 3 session 17)
  • 13th: Denise asks Ander if there is any way to help the poor with the fey attacks. (Diablotin 3 session 17)
  • 16th: Denise asks Alain for help in setting up a neighbourhood newspaper. (Diablotin 3 session 17)
  • 21st: Zola has a dress fitting with Vernel. (Diablotin 3 session 17)
  • 25th: Since the Penumbra was set on fire over the weekend, Shadar-kai performers have joined forces with Cabaret performers to do a benefit for the reconstruction of the Penumbra. Many conversations ensue! (Diablotin 3 session 18)
  • 26th: Denise suggests to Mikel that he could move in with Uncle Alain; at work she and Zola discuss poverty and boys. (Diablotin 3 session 18)
  • 27th: Denise, Argent, Aubrienne, and Zola compare notes about the fey invasion; Denise asks Ander about the possibility of starting citizen's patrols. Later that night, Denise goes on a date with Enver. Zola breaks up (?) with Noren. (Diablotin 3 session 18)
  • 28th: Genevriel is interrogated by the military tribunal officers. Upon her dismissal, she visits August. Denise spills all to Mireva. (Diablotin 3 session 18)
  • 29th: Denise visits her mother to ask about boys (Diablotin 3 session 19). Gen and Dorien go out for supper and discuss her future (forum thread).
  • 30th: Denise asks Hettie about boys. Lathra takes Gen to see Tristan and Lurancy Rademacher. Zola visits Valeen to discuss Noren. (Diablotin 3 session 19)


  • 1st: Dorien takes Misery to inquire about an apprenticeship with Julienne Sormet. (Diablotin 3 session 19)
  • 2nd: Argent goes to The Eclipse night club with Mireva. Hugo and Zola discuss the Eirini quandary. (Diablotin 3 session 19)
  • 3rd: Hettie finds out that Nycki harbours a strange attachment to Maze Olivier. They visit him on his deathbed.(Diablotin 3 session 19)
  • 4th: Aubrienne tells her parents about Jean-Faust. Denise asks Hettie about boys. Hugo and Zola discuss Eirini. (Diablotin 3 session 19)
  • 5th: Denise talks about sex with Enver. Argent discusses the supernatural with Margaux. Zola asks Titania about using the Cabaret as a wedding venue.(Diablotin 3 session 19)
  • 6th: Genevriel introduces Lathra to Sylvise and Jerard, and arranges to move in with the Voclains. (Diablotin 3 session 19) Hettie and Nycki talk about going on a treasure hunt (Diablotin 3 session 20)
  • 7th: Hugo tries to locate Eirini. (Diablotin 3 session 19)
  • 8th: Dorien takes Misery to meet Korisse (Diablotin 3 session 20)
  • 9th: Aubrienne, Jed, Lathra, Argent, Denise, Zola, and Hugo, accompanied by the Princesses Ilphere and Cordovera, romp about in Raimond's dreams, rescue Jean-Faust, and bring back a faerie queen. Aubrienne and Jean-Faust speak together shortly afterwards. (Diablotin 3 session 20)
  • 11th: Genevriel visits Sanadhil and learns about some potential avenues for investigation into the identity of her patron deity(ies). Denise and Hettie discuss the dream adventure and plan a treasure hunt. (Diablotin 3 session 20)
  • 12th: Zola and Denise discuss a joint birthday party. (Diablotin 3 session 20) Aubrienne brings Jean-Faust home; Dorien has a job interview; Hugo answers a booty call. (Diablotin 3 session 21)
  • 13th: While awaiting the outcome of the faerie queen interrogation at the Orecalo residence, Zola meets Justen, Argent meets Alma, and Lathra meets Dozilva.(Diablotin 3 session 21)
  • 14th: Gen has a rendezvous with Madds, while Hettie and Denise take Nycki and Enver on a romantic sewer crawl double date. (Diablotin 3 session 21)
  • 15th: Denise has a driving lesson with Ander, and learns a bit about Rat treasures. (Diablotin 3 session 21)
  • 17th: Serge-Yves swings by to visit Hettie and Denise, and gets pissy about Nycki; Zola, Hugo, Argent, Lathra, and Aubrienne chat with Eirlys. (Diablotin 3 session 22)
  • 18th: Hettie defends her interest in Nycki to Serge-Yves. Puce brings renewed angst to the lives of Dorien and Misery. (Diablotin 3 session 22)
  • 19th: Aubrienne questions Eirlys about her intentions towards Jean-Faust. She then discusses things with Zola and Xandhil. Later that day, Zola, Hugo, and Argent meet Osmyn. (Diablotin 3 session 22)
  • 20th: Lathra and Aubrienne are attacked by the Colour Guard. (Diablotin 3 session 22)
  • 21st: Denise and Argent catch up. A concerned Genevriel brings Lathra some flowers. Aubrienne goes home with Titania. (Diablotin 3 session 22)
  • 22nd: Guillame and Ander talk politics. Denise and Enver discuss loss. (Diablotin 3 session 22)
  • 23rd: Denise has an early morning story session with Serge-Yves. Later that day, she and Zola talk about first times and love. (Diablotin 3 session 22)
  • 26th: Dorien and Misery ask Syrez for help dealing with Puce. The Murodeas have a big family dinner at which Patric once more alienates family members.(Diablotin 3 session 23)
  • 28th: Zola learns of a new Mico music deal from Hector. (Diablotin 3 session 23)
  • 29th: Aubrienne learns that Cassandreia has a new romantic prospect in the form of Ysabel Olivier. Gen and Lathra meet Karala. (Diablotin 3 session 23)
  • 30th: Argent reports to Briony. (Diablotin 3 session 23)


  • 1st: Argent asks Dorien about his visit from Puce; at work that night, a group of people discusses what they can do about the fey incursions. At home, Hugo is surprised by a visit from Eirini. (Diablotin 3 session 23)
  • 2nd: Gen asks August for advice on how to handle Madds. Hugo tells Zola about what he learned from Eirini. (Diablotin 3 session 23)
  • 4th: Dorien nearly kills Misery with his latest drug, made of the evil mushrooms everyone is worried about. Hugo and Zola attend the wedding of Geffrard and Osmyn, after which Osmyn is attacked. (Diablotin 3 session 24)
  • 5th: Lathra agrees to a date with Leiris. (Diablotin 3 session 24)
  • 6th: Hettie, Denise, and Argent go back to the undercity, and meet the ghost of Ander's grandfather. Denise then goes to tell Ander about it. (Diablotin 3 session 24)
  • 8th: Denise and Enver learn from Zola about the attack on Osmyn. Gen and Madds establish that neither of them is looking for more than friendship at the moment. (Diablotin 3 session 24)
  • 9th: Aubrienne prevents Jean-Faust from murdering Dasra and Raimond. Hettie chats with Nycki about the capture of Servan Aigel; Nycki suggests starting a family. (Diablotin 3 session 24)
  • 10th: Aubrienne tries to understand why Jean-Faust was trying to kill people. She then tries to chill out with Jed. Hettie learns that Gen knits. (Diablotin 3 session 24)
  • 12th: Argent learns about Laeken from Margaux... and also that she has a crush on him. (Diablotin 3 session 24)
  • 13th: Zola arranges a date with Haft. (Diablotin 3 session 24)
  • 14th: Denise learns a little about the Bloodforged from Haft. (Diablotin 3 session 24)
  • 15th: Argent asks Denise for advice about what to do about Margaux. (Diablotin 3 session 24)
  • 16th: Zola and Denise celebrate their joint birthday. All sorts of conversations ensue! (Diablotin 3 session 25)
  • 17th: Denise visits Serge-Yves; they chat about Vairon being inhuman, possibly. (Diablotin 3 session 25)
  • 18th: Hugo meets with his Uncle Loick. (Diablotin 3 session 25)
  • 20th: Dorien and Misery make arrangements to pay off various mob debts, with Denise for moral support. (Diablotin 3 session 26)
  • 21st: Lathra, Zola, Hugo, and Aubrienne get a research update from Xandhil. Hettienne and Nycki get Ander's consent to their baby-making scheme.(Diablotin 3 session 26)
  • 23rd: Gen visits Karala who asks some questions on her behalf. Aubrienne reads Zola's future love life in her Harrow deck. (Diablotin 3 session 26)
  • 25th: Hettienne and Nycki plan to move in together. (Diablotin 3 session 26)
  • 26th: Lathra meets Briony, and they decide to work together to help Marika overcome her xenophobia. (Diablotin 3 session 27)
  • 27th: Dorien gets a visit from Cyril and learns that the government may be up to something shady.Gen gets a visit from Silvia, who tells her that there may be another servant of the One. Aubrienne helps Jed through some of his own family drama. (Diablotin 3 session 27)
  • 28th: Zola meets her sister, Elianne, for lunch. (Diablotin 3 session 27)
  • 29th: Hettienne, Denise, and Argent, accompanied by Enver and Nycki, continue their treasure hunt, and find a musty old tarot deck. Hugo and Eirini go on a date sort of thing. Denise and Enver talk about shacking up and getting married. (Diablotin 3 session 27)
  • 30th: Hettienne, Denise, and Argent, accompanied by Enver and Nycki, take their musty old tarot deck to Aubrienne, who identifies it as a very powerful magic item. Zola and Noren discuss kink. (Diablotin 3 session 27)


  • 1st: Zola asks Denise if she will be a bodyguard for Mico on the 6th; Dorien plots treason with Misery. (Diablotin 3 session 28)
  • 2nd: Dorien brings Denise in on the treason, and Aubrienne brings Hugo and Zola in on it. (Diablotin 3 session 28)
  • 3rd: Lathra and Hugo learn that Raimond's mother wants to take him away from Dasra for perceived indiscretions (with Hugo, of course). Hettie and Nycki interrogate Servan. (Diablotin 3 session 28)
  • 4th: Denise talks to Mikel; Gen testifies against Guydain Larache, which causes her to break her abstinence from alcohol. (Diablotin 3 session 28)
  • 5th: Aubrienne tells the Vjestaci about the superHarrow deck found in the Undercity. (Diablotin 3 session 28)
  • 6th: Zola does a radio interview as Mico. Aubrienne asks Cora to look into the government experimental farm for her. (Diablotin 3 session 28)
  • 8th: Denise and Enver explore the sewers beneath the Cabaret. That evening, Denise tells Zola what they discovered. Zola invites herself over to Jonas' place. (Diablotin 3 session 28)
  • 9th: Argent asks Titania about Katha. (Diablotin 3 session 28)
  • 10th: Argent learns that Servan Aigel is one of the Inquisitors. (Diablotin 3 session 29)
  • 11th: Dorien and Aubrienne meet with Cora of Gouge, who gives them a lead on the fairy fungi investigation. Denise compares notes about Servan with Argent. A drunken Gen escapes in a futile attempt to get herself killed; Lathra thwarts it. (Diablotin 3 session 29)
  • 12th: Denise asks Hettienne about family in Ariège. Hugo argues with Drusilla about Raimond, Dasra, and impropriety. (Diablotin 3 session 29)
  • 13th: Denise leaves for Ariège. Zola asks Lili for advice. Hettienne is mugged by a Bloodforged. (Diablotin 3 session 29)
  • 14th: Madds 'kidnaps' Gen. Zola goes home with Jonas. (Diablotin 3 session 29)
  • 15th: Denise inquires about family in Ariège, and meets her aunt Aina. Lathra learns about the Cyst from the visiting Shadar-kai priest, Ranighar.(Diablotin 3 session 29)
  • 16th: Denise meets the rest of the Ariège branch. Later that day, she and Enver track down his family members. (Diablotin 3 session 29)
  • 17th: Zola and Hugo meet Linthira. Lathra takes Ranighar to visit Xandhil. Denise gets assigned a task by Ander; she and Enver get it done. (Diablotin 3 session 30)
  • 18th: Shit hits the fan in the Shade. Gen is attacked by a blighted Jerard; Dorien barely saves his father. Argent and Margaux head to the Shade to observe. (Diablotin 3 session 30)
  • 19th: Hettienne and Aubrienne begin work on "Shadows in her Mind" amidst mounting tensions in the Shade. Hettienne is disappointed to learn she is not pregnant. (Diablotin 3 session 30)
  • 20th: Zola visits Xandhil, then Lathra, Aubrienne and Titania join them to try some crisis management. (Diablotin 3 session 30) Gen and Dorien discuss things while keeping vigil over Jerard in hospital. (Diablotin 3 session 31)
  • 21st: Denise tells Argent about the Cyst; Zola joins their conversation. Argent tells Briony about the Cyst. (Diablotin 3 session 31)
  • 22nd: "Shadows in her Mind" is falling behind schedule due to the disturbances in the Shade. On their way home from the studio, Hettienne and Aubrienne meet Lyth du Champe, who shares some information with them about the powerful Harrow deck. Hugo meets with Loick about the city's fairy problems. (Diablotin 3 session 31)
  • 23rd: Denise visits her mother, telling her about the Ariege branch of the family. Argent begins assembling a crack squad to venture into the sewers and kidnap Amanita. (Diablotin 3 session 31)
  • 24th: Aubrienne asks Eirlys about Amanita; Zola tells Haft about his possible origins; Denise and Hettie catch up; Denise tells Ander about the Cyst. (Diablotin 3 session 31)
  • 25th: Argent requisitions some supplies for the Amanita-saving expedition from Ser Danyel. (Diablotin 3 session 31)
  • 26th: The expedition to save Amanita begins. The party members are taken to the First World by Amanita. (Diablotin 3 session 32)

First World Adventure

  • Day 1: The expedition members wake up. Some remember their actual identities clearly, some only as a dream, and some have no memory of it at all. Once they have sorted out who's who, as much as they are able, Amanita sends them to request aid from the Winter King to defeat the Blight for once and for all. (Diablotin 3 session 33)
  • Day 2: The fey set off towards the Lake of the Black Swans, where they cure seven blighted swan maidens. Kara, the leader of the swan maidens, and Henla, one of her sisters, provide some information to the expedition. (Diablotin 3 session 34)
  • Day 3: The expedition heads to Lamis' Court with the intent of weeding out Blight-spreaders among them. On the way, they are attacked by swarms of mandragora. (Diablotin 3 session 34) After a tough fight, the mandragora leave, and the heroes arrive at the Hollow Hall, Lamis' court. (Diablotin 3 session 35) Several of them discover a skin-stealer at work; it is captured and handed over to Lamis for punishment. (Diablotin 3 session 36)
  • Day 4: The fey head into the winter lands. (Diablotin 3 session 37)
  • Day 5: They encounter a couple of frost giants and their remorhaz, whom they charm rather than kill. (Diablotin 3 session 37)
  • Day 6: They arrive at Eranthis' ice spire. (Diablotin 3 session 37) After being admitted, they succeed in convincing Eranthis to help end the Blight by convincing his frozen undead girlfriend to release his heart to him. Immediately afterwards, he sends everyone home to their plane. (Diablotin 3 session 38)

Time flew faster in the mortal plane than in the First World, so it is now mid Fifth-month!


  • 19th: Everyone returns to Diablotin after their First World Adventure. Hugo and Zola try to sort out what happened. Gen goes to see Madds. Argent and Margaux try to sort out their experiences. Hettie and Denise are happy to return home to their family, and even Patric seems glad to see Hettie returned safely. Dorien seeks out Misery. Zola spends the night with Noren. Aubrienne goes to see Titania, then her parents. (Diablotin 3 session 38)
  • 20th: Gen and Madds decide to move in together. Denise learns what Ander has been up to while she was away. Argent reports to Briony and learns that Servan Aigel has escaped prison. Gen, Madds, Dorien, and Misery drop by Sylvise and Jerard's home to share their news. Aubrienne visits Jean-Faust, then helps Eirlys deliver her baby. Denise tells Enver about Ander's special ability. (Diablotin 3 session 38)
  • 21st: Denise tells Aunt Hettie about Ander's ability to turn people into were-rats. Later, Hettie and Denise go to see Ander and get turned into were-rats. Zola gets a professional opinion from her cleric friend, Valeen. Gen meets up with August to tell him her news. Argent asks Titania about moving into security at the Cabaret. Denise shows Enver her rat form. (Diablotin 3 session 38)
  • 22nd: Very early in the morning, Argent visits Margaux and learns that there may still be an open connection between the First World and the Material Plane. Argent visits Denise to ask if she can help close the connection, and to tell her that Servan has escaped. Denise tells Ander about Servan's escape.(Diablotin 3 session 38)
  • 23rd:Everyone is summoned to the Palace, where they meet with Emperor Marl and Loick. Afterwards, Gen discusses her small fortune with Madds, while Denise and Enver buy gifts for Denise's family. (Diablotin 3 session 39)
  • 25th: Lathra returns home, then goes on a date with Leiris. Dorien takes Misery and Lhyphena out for supper and tells them he will pay off the debt. (Diablotin 3 session 40)
  • 27th: Aubrienne finds out something about the Wastelord. Denise accompanies Ander to a political meeting, learning that Janelle Rionet plans to try to be the next Emperor. (Diablotin 3 session 40)
  • 28th: Argent and Margaux return to the sewers, and find that all is not well. (Diablotin 3 session 40)
  • 29th: Hugo learns that Eletheni is still with him. (Diablotin 3 session 40)
  • 30th: Zola and Noren have supper with her parents; she finds out that her father has purchased the Dark Tapestry. Aubrienne asks Ander if he's the Wastelord.(Diablotin 3 session 40)


  • 1st: Argent shows Denise and Zola what he found in the sewers. Lathra visits Marika to tell her she's done.(Diablotin 3 session 40)
  • 2nd: Zola visits Loick with more troubling magic items. (Diablotin 3 session 40)
  • 3rd: Hugo visits Loick and requests help with understanding Eletheni. Hettie and Denise ask Silvia about what to do with the Deck of Many Things. Zola accompanies Noren to a campaign strategy session. (Diablotin 3 session 41)
  • 4th: Lathra is accosted by Titania. Denise and Argent meet Em; Argent dreams of Katha. (Diablotin 3 session 41)
  • 5th: Very early in the morning, Argent tells Margaux about his dream. Later in the day, Zola visits Aubrienne and Hyacinth. (Diablotin 3 session 41)
  • 6th: Hettienne and Denise fill Argent and Aubrienne in on what they learned from Silvia. (Diablotin 3 session 41)
  • 7th: Denise tells Mikel all the latest ratte news. Titania asks Aubrienne to be her date at an important public and family function. (Diablotin 3 session 41)
  • 10th: Aubrienne accompanies Titania to Leolin Kizer's engagement party.(Diablotin 3 session 42)
  • 11th: Lathra tries to figure out whether it's legal to separate Dasra and Raimond and put him in a sketchy private institution. (Diablotin 3 session 42)
  • 12th: Argent stalks Hugo, then discusses him with Lathra. Hugo learns that Eletheni is real, then accidentally stumbles across Argent's conversation with Zola; there he learns that he might be Argent's father (and is unimpressed). (Diablotin 3 session 42)
  • 13th: Zola scolds Bright and goes for a spin in his car. (Diablotin 3 session 42)
  • 14th: Hettienne and Denise take the Deck of Many Things to Silvia. Afterwards, Denise reports the successful completion of the operation to Ander. (Diablotin 3 session 42)
  • 15th: Argent makes inquiries about Nalyrr Kah'lien. Lathra asks Titania, Aubrienne and Argent for help in Raimond's case. (Diablotin 3 session 43)
  • 16th: Hugo stalks the red-haired elf who sold the Dark Tapestry. Denise and Hettienne get a lead on Servan Aigel. (Diablotin 3 session 43)
  • 18th: Gen visits Psyra, accompanied by family and Madds. Zola asks Loick for information about the Dark Tapestry and its related codex. (Diablotin 3 session 43)
  • 19th: Aubrienne learns that the Vjestaci wish to question her. Denise asks Argent to spy for her. (Diablotin 3 session 43)
  • 20th: Aubrienne talks politics with Ander. Dorien punches a racist in Nys. (Diablotin 3 session 43)
  • 24th: Dorien and Misery try to find a retailer for their alchemical goods. (Diablotin 3 session 44)
  • 25th: Gen meets with Philida Chantranes, who appears to be another oracular-type person; that evening, she tells Madds about it. (Diablotin 3 session 44)
  • 26th: Denise strikes a deal with Collete and Francois. (Diablotin 3 session 44)
  • 27th: Hettienne and Nycki commiserate about pregnancy. Zola witnesses an assassination attempt on Noren. (Diablotin 3 session 44)
  • 28th: Zola tells Denise about the assassination attempt. Lathra, Aubrienne, and Argent check out Raimond's "care home." They discuss their findings in the car on the way back to the nearest village. (Diablotin 3 session 44) Later the same night, Aubrienne and Argent return to the "care home" to case it, while Lathra and Leiris play cards with some villagers. (Diablotin 3 session 45)
  • 29th: Dorien learns about Suzetta Claar's shifty research on veterans. That night, he shares what he learned with Aubrienne and Gen. Denise and Argent visit Servan's sister, Aronne, at a barber shop. (Diablotin 3 session 45)
  • 30th: Genevriel attends Guydain Larache's sentence hearing. Hettienne visits Servan Aigel's family's church. Dasra tells Hugo everything she knows about what's happened to Raimond. Zola and Nolen discuss the Bloodforged suit. Genevriel, Madds, and Gen's old squad mates go for supper. (Diablotin 3 session 45)


  • 1st: Zola proposes a Mico benefit concert to Hector. Later that day, Denise and Aubrienne recruit Zola.(Diablotin 3 session 45)
  • 2nd: All nine protagonists raid Lynwood. Denise and Argent recover from the excitement of the night by having a discussion about it.(Diablotin 3 session 46)
  • 5th: Lathra, Hugo, and Aubrienne interview Raimond once he regains consciousness. That evening everyone meets at the Cabaret to discuss things. (Diablotin 3 session 47)
  • 6th: Dorien has a strange dream; he tells Argent about it.(Diablotin 3 session 48)
  • 7th: Gen and Lathra interview Safaya and learn a little more about the patients' condition from Princess Ilphere; later that night, Gen confesses her doings to Madds. Meanwhile, Argent meets with Briony. Hugo meets with Loick and learns some more about the Dark Tapestry. (Diablotin 3 session 48)
  • 8th: Aubrienne and Hettienne ask Jonas if he knows anything about the Irminsuls. Denise and Enver take Collete and Francois to Rat-Man. (Diablotin 3 session 48)
  • 9th: Dorien gathers people to discuss next steps. (Diablotin 3 session 49)
  • 10th: Genevriel meets with Polly for lunch, and begins the steps to get a job at the creepy experimental farm. (Diablotin 3 session 49)
  • 11th: Lathra visits Leiris and asks him to research Claar, Molniere, and Calondre on behalf of the party. Aubrienne scries the mad scientists for Argent; afterwards, Argent tells Aubrienne about his Inquisitorialness.(Diablotin 3 session 49)
  • 13th: Aubrienne and Hettienne learn that Jonas is missing; Denise helps them locate him. (Diablotin 3 session 49)
  • 15th: Hugo chats with Eirini; Argent confesses to Dorien. (Diablotin 3 session 50)
  • 16th: Misery go out to Lynwood to see if they can spot a new portal tree. Ander and Aubrienne are questioned by the Vjestaci while Denise is present. Afterwards, Denise debriefs with Ander. Gen tries to sleep without casting Pleasant Dreams. (Diablotin 3 session 50)
  • 18th: Gen gets hired by Veronise Calondres. Argent and Hettie find Servan's hiding place. (Diablotin 3 session 50)
  • 19th: Lathra asks Princess Ilphere about he interest in dreams. (Diablotin 3 session 50)


  • 2nd: Cyrell visits Dorien. (Diablotin 3 session 51)
  • 3rd: Aubrienne and Titania learn from Jed that Princess Cordovera is pregnant. (Diablotin 3 session 51)
  • 5th: Hettie and Denise learn that Serge-Yves has been dishonourably discharged. Hugo and Aubrienne chat about the fey situation. (Diablotin 3 session 51)
  • 6th: Gen and Madds go for a country weekend. (Diablotin 3 session 51)
  • 7th: Hugo learns that military people have been harassing Dasra. The Murodeas have a family reunion, while Dorien and Misery go on a double date with Cyrell and Caz. (Diablotin 3 session 51)
  • 8th: Aubrienne learns some of Hyacinth's charming abilities. (Diablotin 3 session 52)
  • 9th: Return to the First World.

Return to the First World

  • Day 1: The PCs get a visit from Eletheni. (Diablotin 3 session 52)
  • Day 2: The PCs head into the Weeping Woods, where they encounter a blinded nymph. Together they rescue Jonas, and return with him and Caurisa, the blind nymph, to the mortal plane. (Diablotin 3 session 53)

Eighth-month continued


  • 1st: Denise, Hettie, and Argent take out Servan and Juditte. (Diablotin 3 session 54)
  • 2nd: Aubrienne visits Jean-Faust with Hyacinth. (Diablotin 3 session 54)
  • 3rd: Dorien's mother tries to set him up with Nedezde; Misery thinks it's an interesting possibility. (Diablotin 3 session 55)
  • 5th: Gen asks Sylvise about Suzetta Claar. (Diablotin 3 session 55)
  • 6th: Prince Leolin gets married. Aubrienne proposes to Titania. Gen talks metaphysics with Xandhil, and meets Madds' parents. (Diablotin 3 session 55)
  • 7th: Lathra restores some of Elcina's mobility. Hettie takes Denise to see her, then they chat about the news together with Mikel. (Diablotin 3 session 55)
  • 8th: Dorien and Misery visit Nedezde. Gen gets some intelligence on the farm. Denise, Argent and Hettie interrogate Servan. (Diablotin 3 session 56)
  • 9th: Hugo interviews Roskilde about the class action law suit. Aubrienne tells her parents about her engagement. Emperor Marl dies. Enver shows Denise a house they could buy. (Diablotin 3 session 56)
  • 10th: The Dissolution. Since everything is closed, everyone meets at Gen and Madds' apartment to discuss the Kaorti and their allies. Afterwards, Denise asks Hettie for help designing a wedding outfit. Hugo finds out that Loick is quite familiar with the Kaorti. Denise gives Ander and Ralf a drive to Janelle's, and finds out that Janelle has proposed to Ander. Afterwards, she tells Nycki about it. (Diablotin 3 session 57)
  • 11th: The new Imperial Candidates make themselves known. Argent and Margaux discuss the Arch's potential vulnerability to Cyst entities. Gen asks Madds for emotional support. (Diablotin 3 session 57)
  • 12th: Gen and Madds have tea with Madds' parents. Hugo gathers intelligence on the Imperial candidates. Dorien and Nedezde try to sort their feelings out. Aubrienne and Titania get married. (Diablotin 3 session 58)
  • 13th: Argent, Margaux, Denise and Enver chat with Chalniss, the Guardian of the Arch. (Diablotin 3 session 58)
  • 14th: Genevriel uncovers Sister Harmony as a Cyst entity, and finds something unusual about Sister Harmony's driver, too. (Diablotin 3 session 59)
  • 15th: Gen tells Dorien, Argent and Aubrienne about what she's learned about Sister Harmony and her driver. (Diablotin 3 session 59)
  • 16th: Argent spies on Sister Harmony, while Dorien works on a way to detect Cyst entities. (Diablotin 3 session 59)
  • 18th: As things are being set up for Ander and Janelle's wedding, Denise speaks to the groom, and asks Silvia if she can help protect the Arch from the Cyst. (Diablotin 3 session 58) Janelle and Ander are officially married. Janelle offers Hettie a job as dressmaker should she be elected as Emperor. Denise and Mireva catch up on each other's doings. An attempt is made on Patriarch Velten's life. Hugo gets a call from Dasra who is frightened for Raimond. Hugo calls Genevriel to come help heal Raimond, but he is beyond healing. Concerned that his passing may result in a new Irminsul, Gen and Hugo ask Sirris to come over. Raimond dies and Sirris absorbs the Irminsul. (Diablotin 3 session 59) Denise accompanies a shocked Ander and Janelle after the assassination attempt on Velten. (Diablotin 3 session 60)
  • 19th: Hugo gets a visit from Eirini, who lets him know that something is wrong with Linthira. Argent, Denise, Hettie, and Aubrienne kidnap Sister Harmony. Genevriel tells August about her newfound power, and asks whether it's okay, theologically, for her to use it. (Diablotin 3 session 60)
  • 20th: The Council votes and chooses Revelyne Fourre as the candidate who will go through the Arch. (Diablotin 3 session 60) Everyone meets to discuss current events and recent developments. Gen, Mikel, Sirris, Justen and Xan stop the Warlord from kidnapping all the patients from Silvia's home. They move the patients to Alma's house for safety. (Diablotin 3 session 61)
  • 21st: Argent, Denise, and Dorien interrogate 'Sister Harmony'. Hugo, Aubrienne, and Genevriel question the Chrestomath. Argent, Aubrienne, Hettie, and Denise attend the riots. Later that night, Denise visits Haft to ask him about Agate. (Diablotin 3 session 61)
  • 22nd: Emperor Marl's funeral. Revelyne goes through the Arch. Argent is summoned to the Arch, as is Yvie, whom Denise accompanies. Together, they help Chalniss and the retired Arch guardians keep the Arch safe, and destroy Revelyne who is attempting to tear down the fabric of the universe. Hugo witnesses the damage as a growing tear in the Dark Tapestry; he calls on Hettienne who is able to repair it with the help of her Norn sisters. Dozilva and Hettienne chat about Hettienne's feat over coffee. When Hettienne goes home, it's to find a pair of Norn shears that Denise has brought for her. Genevriel learns what the One is. Aubrienne keeps Titania company at her father's funeral. Afterwards, they discover that the Princesses Ilphere and Cordovera have fallen into a mysterious sleep. Argent and Denise debrief one another about their adventure in the Arch.(Diablotin 3 session 62)
  • 23rd: Gen tells Philida what she has learned about the One, and tries to figure out how to nurture a new divinity in Aveyrone society, with Madds' help. (Diablotin 3 session 62) Revelyne's failure in the Arch is announced and Janelle Rionet is put forward as the next candidate. Gen and Madds help Lathra catch Jed, who has been turned into a rat. Seth Argo, self-appointed guardian of the city, fills Aubrienne and Lathra in on Father Willem's presence and mad hatred for Shadar-kai. Aubrienne helps Lathra return Jed to normal. (Diablotin 3 session 63)
  • 25th: Janelle goes into the Arch. While waiting for her to return, Denise and Guillame chat. Janelle succeeds and Patriarch Velten presents her as the new Empress. Argent tells Margaux about what happened in the Arch, and the Church's corruption. Hettie's celebration of Janelle's succession to the throne is interrupted by Nycki, who brings news of Aigel & Co's release from her custody into the Warlord's. (Diablotin 3 session 63)
  • 27th: Hugo and Dasra say good-bye. Argent tells Hugonel about Katha and asks if he wants to see her. Dorien finds some resolution to his love triangle (?) (Diablotin 3 session 63)
  • 28th: Hugo checks on Sirris. Dorien tries to sort out what is going on with Nedezde. (Diablotin 3 session 64)
  • 30th: Aubrienne, Jed, and Titania plan a grand reopening of the club. Gen gets a 'promotion' at the experimental farm. Hugo asks Xandhil for help with Sirris. Dorien kits Genevriel out with some Personal Protective Equipment. (Diablotin 3 session 64)


  • 1st: Janelle commissions Hettienne to make a dress for her coronation, then Hettienne, Denise, Argent and Nycki arrest Clarence Molniere. Xandhil and Hugo visit Sirris together, and decide that to help him, they need to rescue Ilphere and Cordovera. (Diablotin 3 session 64)
  • 3rd: Everyone plus Xandhil and Justen head into Andusk to rescue Ilphere and Cordovera. While Justen and Xandhil do some reconnaissance, the rest of the group sets up a base of operations in the Undercity. (Diablotin 3 session 65) They head to the Rat Temple to investigate, and meet Sister Silvia, who is batshit crazy. They learn from her that Willem is trying to collect souls from the main plane who have doubles in Andusk, as a power source to stabilize Andusk's plane. They learn about a sinister ship and go check for it at the docks. Dorien recognizes it and its captain as the creepy trader he met in his dreams. They witness Pheria meeting with the creepy captain and learn she also is trying to collect souls, and selling them to the captain of the ship. After the meeting is finished, Dorien, Genevriel, and Denise stay behind to carry out surveillance on the ship, while Hugo, Aubrienne, Hettie, and Argent follow Pheria to the island. Denise gathers some intelligence from Loch the lich. (Diablotin 3 session 66) Hugo and crew meet Hugo's double, Hugozel, who takes them out for dinner. He turns out to be a vampire but Hugo avoids being charmed into becoming a power source to stabilize Andusk. Justen and Xandhil ask everyone to regroup so they can share what they've learned. the party decides not to delay rescuing the princesses since Hugo's double knows he's here. They disguise themselves and return to the island where Ilphere and Cordovera are being kept prisoner. Loch the lich shows up and reveals that he, too, is looking to use souls that have doubles to help stabilize Andusk. He intends to continue using the princesses for this and suggests that having Hugo help might speed things up. Genevriel comes up with a plan that would give the denizens of Andusk the power they need without sacrificing or harming anyone's souls. Argent strikes a deal with Loch: if Genevriel succeeds then he lets the princesses go, and everyone gets to go home in peace. Genevriel succeeds, and everyone wakes up in their own plane. Genevriel tells Madds and August about her close encounter of the Void kind.(Diablotin 3 session 67)
  • 6th: Hettie finds out that Nycki has been offered the position of Lady Grey. Denise and Enver find the Imperial Preserves. (Diablotin 3 session 68)
  • 7th: Dorien meets with Julienne Sormet and inherits her apprentice, Blanca. Aubrienne chats with her aunt Svara, the new Chief Sorceress. (Diablotin 3 session 68)
  • 8th: Loick helps Hugo through a mild midlife crisis. (Diablotin 3 session 68)
  • 9th: Genevriel learns that Veronise Calondres may in fact be a Good Guy™. (Diablotin 3 session 68) She arranges with Argent for Calondres to go into protective custody. (Diablotin 3 session 69)
  • 10th: Everyone meets at Argent and Dorien's apartment to discuss what to do next. They decide to try taking what they know to the new Warlord. (Diablotin 3 session 69)
  • 11th: Hugo, Denise, Genevriel, and Aubrienne meet with Loick, Ilphere and Silvia about how to help Sirris. (Diablotin 3 session 69)
  • 12th: Denise, Hettienne, Dorien, Aubrienne, and Genevriel meet with Ander and the new Warlord, Bryson Arguelles. (Diablotin 3 session 69)
  • 14th: Empress Janelle's coronation. Hettie is on hand to avert a disaster. Aubrienne and Titania talk show business with Korisse. (Diablotin 3 session 70)
  • 15th: Dorien, Hugonel, Denise, Argent, Aubrienne, Justen, Xandhil, and Ilphere remove the Irminsul from Sirris' head. (Diablotin 3 session 70]])
  • 16th: Madds is healed! All praise the One! (Diablotin 3 session 70)

Future events

11th month - Denise and Enver's wedding (20th of 11th)
12th month - Hettie's baby due
1st month, 2282 - Nycki's baby due

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