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(Aubrienne and Titania talk movies with Korisse)
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<Madds> (heh, true)
<Madds> (heh, true)
===Aubrienne and Titania talk movies with Korisse===
===Aubrienne and Titania talk show business with Korisse===
* Titania will attend the coronation with you, and maybe we can find some time to talk in between the ceremony itself and the ball that comes afterwards
* Titania will attend the coronation with you, and maybe we can find some time to talk in between the ceremony itself and the ball that comes afterwards
* Aubrienne is not quite as at home at these sorts of things as you, but always happy for a chance to get especially dressed up :)
* Aubrienne is not quite as at home at these sorts of things as you, but always happy for a chance to get especially dressed up :)

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Diablotin 3 session logs
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Session date: March 18, 2018
Diablotin date:


<Diablotin_Narrator> The day of Empress Janelle's official coronation and the grand ball to celebrate it has finally arrived. While in some regards it will be a traditional ceremony, in other ways it's clear that the new Empress wants to distinguish her reign from that of her predecessors.

<Diablotin_Narrator> The ceremony will be the first to be broadcast over radio, and will be filmed by the noted director Korisse Severin so that it can be viewed by people anywhere in the Empire.

<Diablotin_Narrator> As well, the celebrations will be shared with more than just the wealthy and noble populace of the city in other ways. The Empress has ordered a civic holiday for all, and free food will be distributed in the public parks of Diablotin as part of the day's festivities.

Hettienne prevents a disastrous coronation

<Diablotin_Narrator> Hettie, you are on hand to assist the new Empress with the dress you've created for her. I was sort of picturing this kind of thing: 7cd33df5ff47b3073c04834957ec2254.jpg

<Diablotin_Narrator> Pretty but easy to step on a hem because it's so long and has a train, so you are around with a supply of pins in case of emergency repairs ;)

<Hettienne> niiice

<Diablotin_Narrator> You don't need to do the actual 'helping her get dressed and move her train around', she has ladies in waiting for that, which is helpful because you're super pregnant anyway.

<Diablotin_Narrator> although I'm sure you're on hand for that

<Hettienne> supervising :v

<Diablotin_Narrator> yeah :)

<Diablotin_Narrator> You are watching as she finishes up getting ready, putting on her jewelry and any last touches on her makeup.

<Diablotin_Narrator> You do notice something a bit odd, though.

<Diablotin_Narrator> You had of course consulted with her about what jewelry she was planning to wear, so you could incorporate those ideas into the design of the dress. You recalled she had picked a particular necklace, one with diamonds and emeralds, but now she is putting on one with some black stones (onyx maybe?) instead.

<Hettienne> Huh.

<Diablotin_Narrator> It doesn't really suit quite as well, since you'd planned the neckline and so forth to go with the other one.

<Hettienne> What happened to the green one?

  • Hettienne frowns.

<Janelle> Oh... I changed my mind. I hope it isn't a problem.

<Hettienne> Well no, I mean, I only designed the whole dress with that in mind :|

<Hettienne> But you're the Empress, so do what you want I guess. >:|

<Janelle> Oh.. I'm sorry :( I just felt like I should wear this one instead.

<Janelle> The dress is so beautiful - you really did an amazing job on it.

<Hettienne> The black one is so big and clunky... why?

<Janelle> It just called out to me. I don't know if I can explain it.

<Janelle> It seemed more... fitting.

  • Hettienne scowls

<Hettienne> You don't think that's weird

<Diablotin_Narrator> At that moment, there is a slight knock at the door.

<Hettienne> Ugh, go away!

<Ander> Ah, hi, am I allowed to come in?

<Hettienne> Oh it's you.

<Hettienne> MAybe you can change her mind about this gods-awful thing.

<Hettienne> Look at this!!

  • Ander asks, sticking his head in the door. He's wearing his military dress uniform with some extra fancy bits, plus his medals and so forth.

<Hettienne> THe whole look is ruined!

<Ander> Huh? What's up?

<Hettienne> She's insisting on wearing this lump of coal

  • Janelle frowns, looking upset
  • Ander takes a look at it

<Ander> Well.. I think the other one was nicer, the one with the emeralds.

  • Ander says, agreeing with you while trying not to piss off his wife on the day of her coronation ;)

<Janelle> Ugh, I can't even decide what necklace I want to wear?

<Ander> Well, like, it's up to you, sure, but I know Hettie worked real hard on this dress with the other one in mind, yeah?

  • Ander says, glancing at you
  • Ander is giving you kind of a 'wtf is going on here' look.

<Hettienne> She said it called to her.

  • Hettienne narrows her eyes.

<Ander> Uh, necklaces shouldn't do that. Ain't nothin' good about jewelry that talks to you.

  • Hettienne grumbles <m> she oughtta hang up the damn phone

<Janelle> Look, I need to get going, they're waiting for me...

  • Janelle starts to try to leave.
  • Hettienne gives Ander an angry, pleading look

<Ander> They can't start the show without you, I reckon.

<Ander> But sure, let's get on the way.

  • Ander lets her go ahead of him so he can cast Detect Magic while she isn't looking.
  • Ander glances over at you, Hettie, hanging back with you as Janelle is leaving the room.

<Ander> <w> That thing ain't right. There's some kinda magic on it, like ... not somethin' for protectin' her or whatever, like the ring an' that stuff.

<Hettienne> <w> I thought this kind of thing wasn't supposed to happen!!

<Hettienne> <w> How are we gonna get it off?!

<Ander> <w> I dunno, I was thinkin' just grab it off her, but maybe we gotta be more careful.

<Hettienne> <w> Well I could try

<Ander> <w> Like, I'll try to stall her, talkin' wit hher, an' you come up behind an' grab it?

<Hettienne> <w> yeah... yeah.

<Ander> <w> okay, let's do it

  • Hettienne rubs her hands together as though warming them up.

<Ander> Babe, hey, wait a sec, I should go with you, yeah? We're supposed to come out together on the steps, right? or do you go out first an' then I go after?

<Hettienne> (YOINK)

  • Ander stalls her with talking about protocol ;)

<Hettienne> !roll 1d20+23

  • Denise rolls for Hettienne: [ 1d20+23 ] getting [ 11 ] which, after the modifier [ 23 ] totals [ 34 ].

<Janelle> No, we need to go together, but then you will go stand with the others while I make my speech, and...

<Diablotin_Narrator> You manage to sneak up behind her as they're talking and unhook the necklace so it falls off, and Ander kicks it out of range when it hits the floor.

<Janelle> What are you doing? :o

  • Hettienne runs off with the thing leaving Ander to deal with a potentially angry wife...

<Ander> Okay, so, let me explain...

  • Ander says as you head off.
  • Hettienne will try to find a more magic-y person :o
  • Hettienne holds it out away from her though, as if it smells bad.

<Diablotin_Narrator> You can head out into the palace and conveniently bump into Reverend Mother Alma, who is there as part of the church's representatives for the ceremony.

<Hettienne> You!

<Hettienne> What is this?!

<Alma> Yes?

<Alma> Ah...

  • Hettienne thrusts the necklace at her.
  • Alma takes it and holds onto it for a minute, then almost tosses it to the floor.

<Hettienne> It tried to make Janelle wear it!!

<Hettienne> That's bad, init?

<Alma> Yes. It's something from Father Willem. I would need to examin it more closely to know what its intended purpose may be, but absolutely yes, that's bad.

<Hettienne> Father... the rat guy??!

  • Alma nods

<Hettienne> Can you take it then?

<Hettienne> I don't want it nowhere near here :|

<Alma> We've been tracking him but he's evasive. I had concerns that his aim here might be directed at Janelle, and this may be part of his plan.

  • Alma nods and will tuck it away in her purse.

<Hettienne> I gotta get back over there... and get the right goddamn jewelry... FUCK. What a fucking mess!!!!

  • Hettienne runs her hands through her hair, so stressed.

<Alma> Ah... yes. Thank you.

  • Hettienne dashes off to find the emeralds
  • Janelle and Ander are talking and she seems calmed down somewhat now, so whatever he was saying to her must have worked.

<Hettienne> Okay... okay.. here's.. the right... one

<Janelle> I'm sorry, Hettie - I don't know what came over me. The other necklace is much prettier anyway :)

  • Hettienne pants
  • Janelle accepts the right necklace
  • Hettienne will wait until *after* the ceremony to tell her about father willem...

<Janelle> Thank you. Now I really do need to get going, they're waiting for me to start ...

  • Janelle takes Ander's arm so they can head out, and you can trail along behind.

<Hettienne> <w, to Ander> check her again!

  • Ander nods and will look her over again, the spell is probably still going as it's only been a few minutes.
  • Ander gives you a thumbs up.
  • Hettienne heaves a sigh of relief.

<Diablotin_Narrator> Okay - the coronation goes off smoothly after that, and afterwards Janelle will deliver a speech to the assembled audience, as well as for the benefit of people listening over the radio.

<Janelle> People of Aveyrone, I speak to you now for the first time as your Empress. I am proud to be able to serve you, and humbled by the knowledge that you have placed your trust in me. For as long as I live, I will strive to be worthy of that trust. My husband, who stands here beside me, shares my values and goals, and will work equally as hard to uphold his duties.

<Janelle> Today's ceremony, part of our ancient traditions that have been handed down by our ancestors, is not only a tribute to their virtues and their faith, a greatness that has bestowed on us, their descendants, over two thousand years of a strong, stable Empire, but a symbol of hope for the future as well, a hope that we can do better.

<Janelle> Our Empire has not always done right by all its people, or by our neighbours and guests in this land. Misunderstandings, greed, and outright prejudice have had their place as well, alongside strength, wisdom, and a spirit of trust and faith in one another.

<Janelle> The treatment of our brothers and sisters in Psyra can be improved, so that they are recognized for their long history and the wisdom they hold - so that their contributions to our Empire are about more than economic value but also a part of our shared culture and heritage from before there was even an Empire to speak of. Their religious traditions and cultural practices will no longer be

<Janelle> forbidden, but may exist side by side with ours.

<Janelle> The immigrants who have come to our Empire from the Shadow Plane, seeking new opportunities and a brighter future, will be welcomed here - with paths to citizenship open to them so that they can, if they so wish, become full and equal members of our society, able to practice their faith freely or to be part of no faith if they choose.

<Janelle> We are in an age of new discoveries and exploration, and while this brings great opportunities, we must also do our best to not repeat mistakes of the past, whether in dealing with the peoples who dwell in lands across the ocean, or in other planes that touch ours. We will send representatives and diplomats to these new worlds to establish lines of communication, rather than reaching out

<Janelle> with soldiers and weapons. We have as much to learn from them as they from us.

<Janelle> And even within the heart of our greatest city, the people of House Rat, who have been overlooked and discriminated against since they made themselves known to the surface-folk, will be embraced and honoured as the equal of any other House. Hvala vam, moji ljudi, za stavljanje vaseg povjerenja u mene.

<Diablotin_Narrator> (which for those of you who speak Rat, means "Thank you, my people, for placing your trust in me")

<Janelle> My presence here, as the first Empress recognized from House Rat, is a symbol of this change that is taking place at all levels of our society, but on its own is not enough to bring improvement to the lives of those who live and work in poverty. Not only those from my own House, but all those who deserve better - better wages, better education, better health and safety - can look to me

<Janelle> and my government with hope for the future.

<Janelle> I ask for your patience as I take on this great responsibility. I will always strive to do my best, and though no doubt from time to time I will fall short, I promise that I will take hope from the faith and loyalty you have shown me today, and continue to work to improve this great Empire that we all share. Thank you, and may all the Gods bless us as we begin our work.

<Diablotin_Narrator> Hettie, you are kept busy for the rest of the evening, helping out with managing Janelle's gown (and thwarting sinister plans from extraplanar invaders. well just the one.)

<Hettienne> (I will tell her about Willem when there's an opportune moment tho)

<Diablotin_Narrator> okay

  • Janelle can talk with you for a bit between the ceremony and the ball.

<Hettienne> Uh so, sorry about that thing with the jewelry

<Janelle> Oh, I hope that went all right...

<Janelle> oh.. it's no problem. I mean - you were right, this one is much better.

<Hettienne> Better than it would have if you wore the black one

<Hettienne> It was, uh

<Hettienne> I took it to that old priest woman.

<Hettienne> <w> She said it came from Father Willem

<Janelle> :o

<Hettienne> Yyyyyeah.

<Janelle> Where is it now? :o Is it safe?

<Hettienne> SHe took it somewhere

<Janelle> Reverend Mother Alma has it?

<Hettienne> Yeah.

<Janelle> That's good... probably there isn't anywhere safer for it right now.

<Janelle> I wonder if she can use it to track him down, finally... having something of his will help with divination.

<Hettienne> I dunno how that all works but yeah, hopefully.

<Janelle> What was it supposed to do? :o

<Hettienne> I dunno.

  • Janelle frowns, looking concerned

<Hettienne> Alma said she was gonna try and figure that out, but I don't imagine it were notin good...

<Hettienne> Where'd you get it, anyway?

<Janelle> It was just in the case with my other jewelry. It seemed... well, it seemed like it had always been there. It seemed familiar.

<Hettienne> That ain't good... that means someone was able to just sneak it in there...

<Janelle> But that means he's had access to my rooms in the palace... or I suppose that he has an ally who did :o

  • Janelle nods

<Hettienne> :|

<Hettienne> Guards got their work cut out for 'em -_-

<Janelle> Yes, we'll need to investigate this further.

<Janelle> Thank you - I don't want to imagine what it might have been like if you hadn't gotten it off me.

<Hettienne> Well, uh, anytime :)

  • Janelle hugs you, careful of your huge pregnant belly.

<Hettienne> (aww)

Dorien, Hugonel, Denise, Argent, Aubrienne, Justen, Xandhil, and Ilphere remove the Irminsul from Sirris

<Diablotin_Narrator> Okay - who all is going on this magical mystery tour of Sirris's head?

<Dorien> I will assuming my girlfriend gives me permission

  • Denise raises her hand?

<Dorien> Or I guess if she wants to come too :)

<Hugonel> well it would be pretty cowardly of me to back out now

<Diablotin_Narrator> heh

<Denise> (do you need/want me to Xan?)

<Diablotin_Narrator> Misery is okay with letting you go, but does not feel obligated to go herself

  • Genevriel wasn't going to tour but was going to be on hand to bring Sirris back from the dead if need be.
  • Argent is always willing to help out

<Diablotin_Narrator> Yes, Xan and Justen will go, so if you want to Xan that would be helpful :)

  • Ilphere is also part of this plan, of course.
  • Silvia will also be keeping an eye on her husband while you undertake this plan, so she can hang out with Gen I guess.

<Diablotin_Narrator> Okay. You can gather at Silvia's house to prepare for the trip.

  • Silvia will have made sure their daughter is with friends (lbr probably Mercy) for the night.

<Xandhil> Solange will keep her plenty distratced, I'm sure

<Silvia> no doubt...

<Justen> So the plan is to go in, look around, and try to get the tree out if we can?

<Denise> how're we gettin' it out?

<Ilphere> If possible, manipulate the circumstances of the dream to render it portable, and physically remove it.

<Ilphere> If that isn't possible, we might have to evaluate other options while we're there...!

<Genevriel> Where do 'we' put it once it's out?

  • Dorien has plenty of defoliatnt, just in case.

<Ilphere> Well, it would be my preference to take it for study... it isn't often one has such an opportunity...!

<Denise> huh

<Argent> with everything going on, isn't there a lot of risk in studying a planar gateway

<Ilphere> A proto-gateway...! for understanding how they form and develop...!

<Denise> There's another whole big one in the Shade already

<Genevriel> Isn't that enough?

  • Genevriel nods, agreeing with Argent... and Denise? (Not sure if Denise was suggesting that Ilphere could study the one in the Shade if she needs to study an Irminsul.)
  • Xandhil frowns a bit, knowing what his quasi 'aunt' is like but also that she isn't gonna listen to him :p

<Hugonel> Well, let's put it another way: what other option is there, than providing it to Princess Ilphere for analysis?

<Hugonel> It's not like we can destroy it ourselves.

<Xandhil> We could take it back to the first world

<Xandhil> It can probably be better directed.... or studied, there.

<Ilphere> destroying such a valuable item would be tragic...! but perhaps, in the First World, it might be better contained...

<Hugonel> As long as we can keep an eye on it there.

  • Xandhil nods

<Denise> well there's some folks there we can trust, I figure, if we can find 'em :3

<Justen> That seems like a good solution, then.

<Justen> as long as it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

<Xandhil> >.>

<Xandhil> There is that. BUt I still feel like that's a better bet than leaving it here

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> I'd prefer not to have more than one Irminsul in the city if we can help it. Even one is a bit... much.

  • Justen nods

<Diablotin_Narrator> Okay, well, while you've been talking, Sirris has been trying to fall asleep in the next room, and Silvia will report that he seems to be out now.

<Ilphere> All right, is everyone ready...?

  • Argent nods

<Dorien> As I ever am for this bit...

<Hugonel> Here we go again ...

  • Denise also nods

<Genevriel> Stay safe.

  • Ilphere heads into the bedroom, then, and will instruct everyone to hold hands so she can cast the necessary spell.
  • Genevriel hangs back with Silvia and watches.
  • Ilphere places her free hand on Sirris's chest.
  • Genevriel will use those Deathwatch Goggles to keep an eye on everyone while you're inside Sirris' head.
  • Xandhil will hold hands with Justen, and also someone non-justen ;)
  • Denise is not picky ;p
  • Ilphere casts the spell once everyone is ready.

<Diablotin_Narrator> You see a city of mud-brick and stones that stands in the midst of a fertile plain along the curve of a river. Small boats move along with the current, as smoke rises from its hearths and people walk through its streets - it is a busy, thriving community, but very much not one you're familiar with.

<Diablotin_Narrator> I have an illustration: hdYhs8K.jpg

<Xandhil> Am...

<Diablotin_Narrator> Hunters return with the carcass of a deer, while herders move their goats and oxen through the gates to bring them to the market where traders sell their wares. Small children run among the stalls of the marketplace, getting underfoot and then darting away laughing when the merchants yell at them.

  • Argent will prep now that we've arrived... greater longstrider, enchantment foil, tree stride, greater magic weapon on rapier, barkskin, see invis

<Diablotin_Narrator> Towering above the city are taller structures, step pyramids and a complex of temples or palaces, you're not quite sure except that they are large and ornate, painted in rich colours and decorated with statues and carvings, surrounded with lush vegetation and still ponds.

<Dorien> (Is it anything we might be familiar with from history?)

<Denise> (there's 6 of us here, right?)

<Xandhil> (maybe if you've read my book :V)

<Diablotin_Narrator> (Ilphere, Justen, Xan, Argent, Denise, Hugo, Aubrienne, and Dorien. 8)

<Diablotin_Narrator> well, Xan just said it's Am. so if you're familiar with Am, you might have an idea. but Am is not part of what like... everyone gets taught about in school or anything, it's more specialized and relatively recent discoveries.

<Argent> can you explain?

  • Denise looks ag Xan as well, curious

<Xandhil> Am Is where the ancestors of the empire came from.... it was up north, in what is now the silver destert.

<Xandhil> This is where the original arch was on our plane, and Sirris was it's last Guardian

<Justen> It's where Sirris comes from.

<Dorien> What happened to it?

  • Xandhil nods

<Xandhil> The priests here did... something to try and use the arch to go to the center themselves

<Xandhil> Serpent had Kavreshar, its avatar or Justice, destroy the city for their arrogance.

<Justen> It got destroyed and the survivors - or some of them - were the people who came to Diablotin.

  • Xandhil nods

<Dorien> Interesting...

<Xandhil> the refugees travelled south, and other the course of their travels, the totems they followed gained more power, and that's where the Seven come from... as wel as others that have been lost along the way

<Xandhil> well more or less lost

<Justen> I guess this is what it was like when Sirris lived here... something like twenty-five hundred years ago.

<Xandhil> but Sirris was punished more personally as well

  • Xandhil nods

<Dorien> I wonder how exactly one loses a god.

<Xandhil> That's... complicated.

<Xandhil> There was a war in the center and some fared better than others

<Xandhil> After Rat trapped Serpent

<Xandhil> tottems that didn't have direct association with the tribes that settled the empire didn't have as string an access to the power of the center

<Xandhil> and then.... their worship was stamped out by more mundane means as the Empire expanded later

<Xandhil> (strong an access)

<Diablotin_Narrator> People move around you as you stand there talking, and don't seem perturbed by your presence or your weird clothing, fwiw.

<Denise> (can we understand them?)

<Diablotin_Narrator> Yes, you can. But you don't think they're speaking Aveyronnais. It sounds weird, but you don't have any trouble making out their words.

<Diablotin_Narrator> but then, it is a dream...

<Denise> So what do we gotta do there then? I don't see any giant magic trees...

<Diablotin_Narrator> As you talk, the world around you seems to flicker, shifting from the bright and lively city to a dark and alarming vision. The sky is black, other than where it is occasionally torn by a flash of red lightning, sand is whipped through the air hard enough to sting your skin, and the fires of burning buildings cast jagged shadows on the ground. It is so hot that it hurts to breathe, and

<Diablotin_Narrator> the very ground seems to be melting beneath your feet. Screams echo around you, only to be abruptly cut off.

<Diablotin_Narrator> Then the view shifts back to as it was before - the city full of life again, its inhabitants going about their daily lives without any awareness of what has just happened - or may be going to happen in the future.

<Dorien> Void...

<Xandhil> woah. D:

<Ilphere> hmm.

<Xandhil> (ww)

<Denise> woah D:

  • Xandhil looks up what it happens

<Hugonel> Huh.

<Xandhil> ...The whole city now is basically vitrified

<Xandhil> it's a disturbing place

<Diablotin_Narrator> Again the vision shifts, bringing you back to the city in the midst of destruction, then returning you once more to the living, peaceful surroundings.

<Ilphere> It's quite unstable...!

<Dorien> That seems... not good.

<Denise> no kiddin'

<Xandhil> I think we might want to try and go to the well.

<Argent> so how do we do this? Find Sirris in his dream?

<Ilphere> I can try to stabilize it... I think perhaps in the non-destroyed version...?

<Xandhil> I feel like there's some... conflation, in his mind, about what happened then and what's happneing to him now.

  • Xandhil nods to both

<Xandhil> I think that's where we'll find him and... yes I feel like not being on fire is probably preferable :p

<Ilphere> I'll need to focus my energies on keeping the dream stable, then...

  • Xandhil more or less knows where to head, I think?
  • Ilphere concentrates, and the world seems to steady itself, no longer fluctuating back and forth between life and death.
  • Ilphere settles on 'life' for now ;)

<Dorien> We should probably hurry unless we really like barbecues.

  • Argent will cast Find Quarry to see if it will locate Sirris in his dream (worth a try)

<Diablotin_Narrator> well he's definitely within 20 miles of your current location... I think the problem might be it will discern his direction as 'everywhere all around you'

<Diablotin_Narrator> it's like all of these people are him

<Argent> well that wasnt helpful... he's like everyone here

<Dorien> Parts of him at least.

<Diablotin_Narrator> Xan, yes, you do know the general direction to the Well - it would be where those big pyramid temple things are.

  • Xandhil will head there then

<Diablotin_Narrator> Okay, I assume the rest of you are going with Xan, rather than letting him wander off on his own? :)

<Hugonel> (yup)

<Dorien> (yes ;) )

<Argent> (yes)

<Diablotin_Narrator> You can make your way to the complex of temples. It seems that there are a large number of them, radiating out from the central pyramid structure.

<Diablotin_Narrator> Walking around there are people - some who look much like the other inhabitants of the city who you've already seen elsewhere, but some who are quite distinctive.

<Denise> (how so?)

<Diablotin_Narrator> They appear to you like hybrids of people and animals - you can see it as though the animal aspects are layered over their human ones, giving them features such as horns or antlers or claws or feathers.

<Denise> huh...

  • Denise tries not to stare
  • Dorien stares.

<Diablotin_Narrator> You have the sense that it's like you're seeing their true forms, and the human shapes are more superficial.

<Xandhil> do I have any idea what we're seeing here?

<Hugonel> (is this like, how Sirris sees us or something?)

<Xandhil> (Also does it just aply to them? >.> )

<Diablotin_Narrator> how do you mean?

<Xandhil> (Do we appear as we want to or do those of us who aren't un their true forms also get overlays)

<Xandhil> (i.e., me ;p)

<Diablotin_Narrator> People seem to pay respect to the animal figures, but don't react strangely to them (i.e. don't seem to be freaking out or anything - treat them as a normal part of their world). All of you still appear as your usual selves to one another.

<Denise> (cool)

<Diablotin_Narrator> (I mean not in your true forms, if some of you are perchance not in your true forms ;)

<Denise> (gotcha)

<Diablotin_Narrator> The way the people react to the animal-hybrid figures suggests maybe they are priests/shamans, Xan. Maybe this is either how Sirris envisions them, or maybe you're able to perceive something about their connections to their totems?

  • Xandhil will look out for animals representing tribes he doens't already know about, but try not to get distrcted from the goal ;p

<Diablotin_Narrator> You can spot people who look like bears, lizards, oxen, owls, wolves, cats, rats, serpents, as well as foxes, ravens, horses, fish, deer/antelope maybe (antlers), goats, jackals...

<Xandhil> . o O (Neat!)

<Diablotin_Narrator> The priests (if that is in fact what they are) are heading in one general direction, to the big pyramid at the center.

  • Xandhil will keep heading there as well

<Denise> are they goin to the, uh, well?

<Denise> Should we ask someone what's goin' on or does it matter?

<Argent> what is the 'well'. Is it like the Arch?

<Xandhil> it is the arch, in its original form here

<Xandhil> and yes, that's where they're going

<Xandhil> As for asking what's happening...

<Xandhil> maybe?

  • Xandhil glances at Ilphere, who is concentrating

<Xandhil> They miht be gong to.... do whatever it was they did to try and go to the center, I suppose

<Justen> Should we.. try to watch that? or is that too risky?

<Justen> I mean, it might be informative, but I don't know if it's our main goal here.

<Xandhil> I don't know. I don't know if Sirris ever acgually saw it imself, or if it would just be what he imagined. BUt...

<Xandhil> like I said, I think there's some comflation between the arch and the Irminsul.... which makes sense

<Xandhil> they're not dissimilar

<Xandhil> ....probably related, really.

<Justen> so... yes, go to the Well, if that's where they're headed?

  • Justen glances around at the others to see if everyone agrees
  • Xandhil nods
  • Denise shrugs and looks to Argent
  • Dorien nods as well.

<Argent> seems likely

  • Denise frowns, and will go up to the neartest priest or whatever

<Denise> Uh, hey - where's everyone goin'?

  • Silvia is now known as Priest

<Priest> It is the Day of Ascencion. We go to meet our ancestors.

<Denise> okay..

<Denise> Is Sirris gonna be there?

<Priest> The Chosen? Yes, he will be there to open the gate.

<Denise> uhh, okay, thanks @_@

  • Denise will slink back to the party

<Denise> Uhhh so I guess he is gonna be the one to open the gate to they can go an ascned to mneet their ancestors?

<Denise> That sounds bad

<Dorien> Yeaaaaahhhh...

<Argent> like what maybe caused the place to be wiped out?

<Dorien> Maybe we should not be here when that happens.

<Denise> yeah

<Xandhil> That.... yes. That does sound like it.

<Argent> at least we've confirmed where Sirris is/will be

  • Xandhil nods to Argent

<Hugonel> Haven't you all always dreamed of seeing the end of the world?

<Xandhil> YOu have to think of all this as a metaphor though... We've already been here when it's destroyed, but it is still just a dream

  • Hugonel nods.

<Dorien> So we're safe then?

<Justen> so this might not be really how it happened?

<Xandhil> Its really just Ilphere that's keeping it stable in this state

<Xandhil> Yes.

  • Xandhil says to Justen

<Xandhil> I mean - maybe it is, but we can't assume that. And we know that the Irminsul is having its own influence on his mind and dreams, and that it is mixed up with Am.

  • Xandhil looks to Hugo

<Xandhil> Like some of the things he was rambling about...

<Hugonel> Yes, right, I understand.

<Diablotin_Narrator> You can make your way towards the large pyramid structure, then. As you approach, you can hear sounds of singing and chanting.

<Diablotin_Narrator> You emerge from an arched passage into a vast courtyard type area, where these animal-beings have gathered, standing on the steps of the pyramid to look down over the large pool in the center.

<Diablotin_Narrator> It appears to be full of still water, but when you look at it more closely, you can see that it doesn't reflect the structures and sky above it, but rather an inky blackness.

<Diablotin_Narrator> Standing at its edge is Sirris - or a younger version of him, perhaps. He looks maybe 15 or 16 years old, and wears a simple undyed robe.

<Xandhil> so the real well was full of poisoned water after the destruction. I don't know about now but, uh... just be careful.

  • Xandhil says to the others
  • Dorien wonders if he can get a sample...

<Xandhil> (that's about how old he was hen we first met him , yes?)

<Diablotin_Narrator> (it's hard to say... maybe around that, though, yes.)

<Xandhil> (okay)

<Diablotin_Narrator> (age is only a number when you're 2500 ;)

<Denise> (word)

<Xandhil> Sirris?

  • Sirris looks over as you say his name, and smiles with recognition

<Sirris> Xan, what are you doing here?

<Xandhil> We came to see you - what's going on?

<Sirris> It's the Ascencion - I'm supposed to open the gate.

<Xandhil> ...What do you think will happen?

<Sirris> Well, people get to talk to their ancestors and ask for advice or tell them news about their descendants.

<Sirris> Did you need to talk to your ancestors too? is that why you're here?

  • Xandhil glances over at Justen

<Justen> I'm pretty okay on talking with my ancestors... don't really need to do that right now @_@

<Xandhil> nnnnoooo. I don't think think so

<Hugonel> Uh, Sirris ... that's not why we're here. We're here for you, to ... help you.

<Sirris> Hugo, you came too :)

  • Sirris seems relaxed and happy to see you all

<Hugonel> Yes, of course.

  • Ilphere mumbles something under her breath
  • Denise looks over at her

<Denise> what?

<Ilphere> the tree is the pool... if I look from the other side...

<Denise> Like.... the water? or the actual well?

  • Ilphere closes her eyes, concentrating harder

<Ilphere> it's both at once

<Denise> then how do we take it out? :/

  • Denise seems a little dismayed, looking around

<Denise> is it a tree in the destroyed part of the dream?

  • Ilphere nods

<Ilphere> I can let this version of the world switch to the other, and then perhaps...!

  • Denise nods as well
  • Xandhil looks concerned

<Xandhil> We've come to find something, Sirris...

<Ilphere> you might need to distract Sirris, though... he's struggling against me.

<Sirris> what is it?

<Xandhil> A tree..

  • Xandhil will go up to him and take his hands if he'll let me
  • Sirris doesn't pull away

<Xandhil> Do you remember?

<Sirris> a... tree? there are lots of trees in the gardens...

<Xandhil> A special tree

  • Xandhil glances at Ilphere

<Xandhil> Maybe you can come and help me look?

  • Xandhil says to Sirris

<Sirris> I... I should really stay here, they need me for the ceremony, but... I guess I can help you.

  • Xandhil smiles

<Xandhil> They'll wait.

<Xandhil> come on - which way?

<Sirris> The gardens are this way...

  • Sirris will go with Xan, leaving the Well unattended.
  • Ilphere looks up, gesturing to the rest of you.

<Ilphere> <w> I'll flip the vision now and you'll see what I mean...!

  • Denise braces herself for firey doom >.>
  • Ilphere does... something... and your view of the scene changes. Instead of the still pool, there is a vast unnatural tree growing from the center of the well, its core open and glowing red. The sky is black and the people who were once here are gone, only traces of dust blowing in the empty courtyard now.
  • Ilphere switches it back after a moment.

<Denise> uhh

<Denise> so... how do we get it out D:

<Dorien> Well... it's a dream, right? Maybe it will respond to our thoughts?

<Denise> Can we just.... dream it littler?

<Denise> down to a seed or somethin'? >.>

<Ilphere> yes... if everyone concentrates, we may be able to manipulate it to a smaller state.

<Dorien> It's worth a shot.

  • Argent nods his agreement

<Dorien> A seed, then. Concentrate on that.

<Denise> are we aimin' for a baby tree or a seed?

<Denise> okay

<Hugonel> All right.

  • Denise thinks REAL HARD about it just being a little seed
  • Dorien will try to clear his mind of everything but the thought of the tree as a seed.
  • Ilphere will change it back to the tree side of the vision, so we can see if it's working.

<Diablotin_Narrator> Everyone who is contributing to the tree-shrinking efforts, make a Will save.

  • Hugonel thinks really hard of a seed.
  • Argent focuses on changing the tree

<Hugonel> (is this mind affecting?)

<Dorien> !roll 1d208

  • Denise rolls for Dorien: [ 1d208 ] getting [ 43 ].

<Dorien> (errr...)

<Dorien> !roll 1d20+8

  • Denise rolls for Dorien: [ 1d20+8 ] getting [ 13 ] which, after the modifier [ 8 ] totals [ 21 ].

<Hugonel> !roll 1d20+8

  • Denise rolls for Hugonel: [ 1d20+8 ] getting [ 18 ] which, after the modifier [ 8 ] totals [ 26 ].

<Argent> (are at least 4 people adjacent to me?)

<Hugonel> (26, or 33 if it counts as mind affecting)

<Diablotin_Narrator> Hugo: no, it's not, and Argent, yes they are.

<Xandhil> !roll 1d20+4

  • Denise rolls for Xandhil: [ 1d20+4 ] getting [ 11 ] which, after the modifier [ 4 ] totals [ 15 ].

<Xandhil> (for denise)

<Argent> !roll 1d20+19

  • Denise rolls for Argent: [ 1d20+19 ] getting [ 1 ] which, after the modifier [ 19 ] totals [ 20 ].

<Argent> (nat 1 sigh)

<Xandhil> (that's not good @_@)

<Xandhil> (Do you hve any destiny?)

<Dorien> (The tree is now a walrus)

<Argent> (ill use my destiny reroll... havent in a long while)

<Xandhil> (lol)

<Diablotin_Narrator> (okay)

<Argent> !roll 1d20+19

  • Denise rolls for Argent: [ 1d20+19 ] getting [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ 19 ] totals [ 27 ].

<Xandhil> (Also if justen s still there he shoudl get a roll)

<Diablotin_Narrator> (yup, and Ilphere too. I was just looking for his sheet ;)

<Diablotin_Narrator> !roll 1d20+16

  • Denise rolls for Diablotin_Narrator: [ 1d20+16 ] getting [ 5 ] which, after the modifier [ 16 ] totals [ 21 ].

<Diablotin_Narrator> !roll 1d20+5

  • Denise rolls for Diablotin_Narrator: [ 1d20+5 ] getting [ 18 ] which, after the modifier [ 5 ] totals [ 23 ].

<Xandhil> !roll 1d20+10

  • Denise rolls for Xandhil: [ 1d20+10 ] getting [ 10 ] which, after the modifier [ 10 ] totals [ 20 ].

<Diablotin_Narrator> Okay, you all concentrate your efforts. There is some resistance - Sirris's mind, or the tree itself, seem to struggle against your efforts to reduce it. But you continue to work together, focusing all your energy on shrinking the tree, and gradually you begin to see some results.

<Denise> (Xan's sheoul be a 23, actually I was looking at his unmodified stats :p)

<Diablotin_Narrator> Meanwhile, in the waking world, Gen, you and Silvia are paying attention to Sirris's state, and you can tell he's agitated, tossing and turning uneasily.

<Denise> (and denise's shoudlbe 4 higher as well... I can read my character sheets really :p)

  • Silvia puts her hand over his, trying to calm him.

<Silvia> do you think he's okay?

  • Silvia asks you
  • Genevriel will check him over (Heal check)

<Diablotin_Narrator> okay

<Genevriel> !roll 1d20+21

  • Denise rolls for Genevriel: [ 1d20+21 ] getting [ 1 ] which, after the modifier [ 21 ] totals [ 22 ].

<Genevriel> (Ugh.)

<Genevriel> (I think I've used all my Destiny rerolls.)

<Diablotin_Narrator> You think he's just restless, that's all.

<Genevriel> I think he's just restless...? But this isn't exactly a routine medical procedure.

  • Silvia does also have Heal, of course, and can give you a second opinion, but she's also his wife, so might be biased.
  • Genevriel will keep watching him with the Deathwatch goggles in case things go south.

<Genevriel> What do you think?

<Silvia> I'm worried about him... I just ... what if this is too much strain for his body to take?

<Genevriel> Well, that's why I'm here. Plan B.

  • Silvia nods uncertainly

<Silvia> I guess all we can do is keep watching.

<Genevriel> I know that isn't particularly reassuring.

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> If this works, we could try to help the other Seda Grove veterans.

  • Silvia nods

<Silvia> let's hope it does.

  • Genevriel nods.
  • Silvia holds Sirris's hand tightly, then, and eventually he settles back into a deeper sleep, if not necessarily a more restful one.

<Diablotin_Narrator> In the dream, you continue focusing your energy on the Irminsul, and it has shrunk to the size of a sapling now, not a huge towering tree. However, there is a problem...

<Diablotin_Narrator> Overhead, you hear the beating of huge wings.

<Justen> I said I *didn't* want to see my ancestors today.

  • Argent will look to see what is coming

<Diablotin_Narrator> The shape passes over you, casting its shadow across the courtyard where you stand, and you can see it is a vast dragon, or at least that's what it looks like.

<Dorien> Awwww, fuckberries.

<Xandhil> !roll 1d20+8

  • Denise rolls for Xandhil: [ 1d20+8 ] getting [ 9 ] which, after the modifier [ 8 ] totals [ 17 ].

<Argent> sappling may be small enough

<Diablotin_Narrator> From the dragon's mouth comes a blast of fire that seems to melt the very stones... the pyramid begins to crumble and fall, and you need to dodge to get out of the way.

<Diablotin_Narrator> (Reflex saves all around)

<Xandhil> !roll 1d20+12

  • Denise rolls for Xandhil: [ 1d20+12 ] getting [ 12 ] which, after the modifier [ 12 ] totals [ 24 ].

<Xandhil> (for me)

<Dorien> !roll 1d20+13

  • Denise rolls for Dorien: [ 1d20+13 ] getting [ 18 ] which, after the modifier [ 13 ] totals [ 31 ].

<Xandhil> (err, denise :P But do I also need to roll?)

<Diablotin_Narrator> (Xan doesn't need to roll this one)

<Argent> !roll1d20+11

  • Denise rolls for Argent: [ Error. The syntax is !roll xdx+x. ].

<Argent> !roll 1d20+11

  • Denise rolls for Argent: [ 1d20+11 ] getting [ 18 ] which, after the modifier [ 11 ] totals [ 29 ].

<Hugonel> !roll 1d20+5

  • Denise rolls for Hugonel: [ 1d20+5 ] getting [ 5 ] which, after the modifier [ 5 ] totals [ 10 ].

<Diablotin_Narrator> !roll 1d20+4

  • Denise rolls for Diablotin_Narrator: [ 1d20+4 ] getting [ 19 ] which, after the modifier [ 4 ] totals [ 23 ].

<Hugonel> (well, at least it's only a dream ... right?)

<Diablotin_Narrator> !roll 1d20+9

  • Denise rolls for Diablotin_Narrator: [ 1d20+9 ] getting [ 2 ] which, after the modifier [ 9 ] totals [ 11 ].

<Diablotin_Narrator> !roll 1d20+7

  • Denise rolls for Diablotin_Narrator: [ 1d20+7 ] getting [ 15 ] which, after the modifier [ 7 ] totals [ 22 ].

<Diablotin_Narrator> Hugo and Ilphere are struck by falling molten rocks and take... some damage.

<Diablotin_Narrator> !roll 4d6

  • Denise rolls for Diablotin_Narrator: [ 4d6 ] getting [ 6 1 3 3 ] for a total of [ 13 ].

<Diablotin_Narrator> could be worse.

  • Ilphere struggles to maintain her concentration, though.

<Ilphere> !roll 1d20+17

  • Denise rolls for Ilphere: [ 1d20+17 ] getting [ 12 ] which, after the modifier [ 17 ] totals [ 29 ].
  • Ilphere manages ;)
  • Dorien will try to grab the tree.

<Diablotin_Narrator> Dorien, the tree blazes with a red glow like an ember, but you manage to grasp it even though it hurts your hands. The tree continues shrinking as you grab hold. In your hands it dwindles down further, leaves and branches retreating into itself, until finally it is only a seed.

  • Dorien quickly shoves it into a sample jar for safe keeping.

<Dorien> Ow! Hot!

<Diablotin_Narrator> The seed is about the size of a bird's egg, so you can put it in a jar, where it glows and pulses uneasily.

  • Ilphere looks around at the world's end

<Ilphere> It's remarkable, really... ! but I suppose we should go.

<Argent> yes we should

<Dorien> That seems prudent

<Argent> Regular dragons are not that big!

<Hugonel> Yes, before I get burned again, please.

<Dorien> Tell him that. I'm sure he'll listen.

  • Ilphere is smouldering a bit herself ;p

<Ilphere> Oh, yes, it's not a dragon, it's a hellwyrm...!

  • Justen sighs a little

<Dorien> Great. Good. Fine distinction. Very important. CAN WE GO PLEASE?!?!

  • Argent looks for Xan

<Justen> I'll get him.

  • Justen says, glancing off where Xan headed.

<Diablotin_Narrator> As Justen heads off to retrieve his husband, the dragon (or hellwyrm, if we want to be precise) makes another pass over the ruined city, blasting it with more waves of hellfire. The walls are melting, the sand beneath your feet turning glassy from the heat, and the Well before you stands open into a field of stars, not just simple darkness...

<Denise> It's the place again :o

  • Denise says to Argent

<Diablotin_Narrator> Within the field you can see shapes moving, forms that are beyond your comprehension.

<Denise> but ther's.... things in it @_@

<Dorien> Oh... huh.

<Diablotin_Narrator> Shadowy figures, alien and unnatural, move behind and through the stars, reaching tendrils for the open gate...

<Denise> no you don;t!

  • Argent will try and fire a Sunbeam to hold them back

<Dorien> What... is that...

  • Denise gets ready to punch them back in if they try to get out

<Denise> nothin good....

  • Dorien pulls his revolver

<Diablotin_Narrator> They shrink away from the sunbeam, it seems to drive them back somewhat.

<Diablotin_Narrator> There are so many of them, though, and they can't all be caught in its beam.

  • Dorien will fire off explosive rounds as fast as he can.

<Denise> they ain't just gonna come out of his dreams into his head if we go are they? D:

<Denise> can't we like.... plu it some how?

  • Sirris and Xan will return with Justen, and Sirris rushes up to the edge of the gate, stopping in horror.
  • Denise thinks REALLY HARD about the well being full of sunlight

<Sirris> I'll close it - you all get out!

<Xandhil> Sirris D:

<Xandhil> We didn't go through all this just to... leave you with this D:

<Sirris> It's my job.

<Hugonel> Your job is to inspire and lead us. Not to do it alone.

<Xandhil> I'm not *leaving* you here.

<Xandhil> me will turn to the others

<Xandhil> Get the tree out

  • Dorien looks around at the others.

<Argent> (how do we get out of the dream?)

  • Xandhil turns into... basically a glowing ball of light in front of the hole of the well
  • Ilphere has to take you out.

<Denise> uhhh...

  • Denise looks at Justen and then Argent

<Ilphere> Well at least change into something we can touch so I can take you out, Xandhil... your father will be very upset if I don't bring you back...!

  • Ilphere will go over to the edge of the well and reach out to touch the glowing light ball as best as she can, holding out her hand for the rest of you.
  • Argent will take it

<Diablotin_Narrator> Xan's glowing form blocks the gate, preventing anything from emerging while Sirris works to close it.

  • Denise will take Denise's hand
  • Dorien will join up with the others

<Diablotin_Narrator> You all manage to get hold of each other, you think, and Ilphere casts the spell to get us out of here.

<Diablotin_Narrator> You emergy from the dream in the safety of Sirris's room, with the seed intact in its jar...

  • Denise will make sure someone grabs Justen on the way out too >.>

<Diablotin_Narrator> Xan, however, remains in the dream world... or somewhere.

<Justen> He... he said it was okay... he said he'd get out on his own...

<Dorien> Shit

<Dorien> How's Sirris?

  • Sirris remains asleep, and seems to be resting peacefully.
  • Dorien stumbles to his feet to check on him.

<Diablotin_Narrator> Do you want to wake him up?

<Diablotin_Narrator> or just check on his condition while he's asleep?

  • Dorien will defer to the more healy types on that.

<Dorien> (Just checking on his condition)

<Denise> is he okay?

<Denise> Are there cysts in him? D:

  • Genevriel looks a little alarmed that Xan is missing, but turns her attention back to Sirris when Denise says that.

<Genevriel> Ointment...

  • Genevriel digs her little container out and will use some Cyst-detecting ointment.
  • Dorien will give her the jar

<Dorien> (Or that too :) )

  • Hugonel stands nearby, not sure what else to do but worry.

<Diablotin_Narrator> You can inspect him and he appears to be free of cysts.

<Genevriel> He is Cyst-free.

<Genevriel> What happend to M. Orecalo?

<Dorien> He stayed behind...

<Denise> he turned into a big glowy thing?

<Justen> he can make it back on his own... I think...

  • Genevriel looks rather concerned.

<Genevriel> All right...

  • Genevriel gives Justen a sympathetic look.

<Genevriel> If there's anything I can do to help, just say the word.

  • Justen nods

<Dorien> We got what we went in for, though...

  • Dorien holds up the seed in it's jar.

<Genevriel> That is good, but can we get it to the First World without M. Orecalo?

<Denise> well... can we just take it through the other tree?

  • Ilphere nods

<Ilphere> That would be the easiest way...

<Genevriel> Very well. The sooner the better.

  • Genevriel will figure out with the group when and how we can do that. Is it just a matter of chucking the jar into the Irminsul in the Shade, for example? ;)

<Diablotin_Narrator> probably not quite that easy ;) we can save that for next time though, as most of the people who might want to discuss it have gone.

<Genevriel> (Yup, I know, that's why I described it as an action rather than attempting to speak it as Gen.)


The One, via Genevriel, heals Madds

<Madds> (what is our set up? :)

<Genevriel> (I was thinking something along the lines of Gen has some oracular intuition that she might be able to help ease Madds' pain finally (maybe via a dream). But true to Gen-form she will mull it over before mentioning anything to him. And maaaaybe they were planning a date night but Gen calls Madds from her work to suggest they have a night in, instead.)

<Genevriel> (Does that make sense?)

<Madds> (yup, that sounds fine to me - so Madds won't know what she has in mind?)

<Genevriel> (Not really, no. It's Gen.  ;) She *probably* sounds preoccupied over the phone so he can figure out that she has *something* on her mind.)

  • Madds will arrive at home, a bit concerned/unsure why you changed our plans - maybe you aren't feeling well?
  • Genevriel hasn't been home long herself, and had just sat down with a pot of after-work tea.

<Madds> hi - is everything okay?

  • Genevriel stands up and smiles when he steps in. He knows her well enough to see that she is trying to hide a certain anxiety from him.

<Genevriel> What? Yes?

  • Madds comes over to give you a hug and kiss.
  • Genevriel hugs and kisses him back.

<Madds> you just sounded a bit ... concerned, maybe. you've had a lot going on lately, I wasn't sure if maybe something else had happened.

<Genevriel> Nothing bad.

  • Genevriel smiles in an attempt to be reassuring, though she is still rather anxious.
  • Madds nods

<Genevriel> Would you like some tea?

<Madds> Sure, that would be nice.

  • Genevriel pours him a cup and doctors it the way he likes it before handing it over to him.

<Madds> thanks

  • Madds sits down with you
  • Genevriel smiles brightly and sits down next to you. Then her smile fades and she looks a little crestfallen.

<Genevriel> I made you worry, didn't I...

<Madds> Just a little.

<Genevriel> I'm sorry.

<Madds> Don't worry about it. I'm just glad to hear there's nothing bad.

  • Genevriel nods.

<Madds> And it'll be nice to have a more quiet night in, too.

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> I'm sorry. We could go to the movie tomorrow night, maybe?

<Genevriel> I just... I woke up with this feeling today. I think it comes from the One. I think I might be able to relieve some of the trauma to your leg, maybe. If you want me to try.

<Madds> oh... huh :o

<Genevriel> But it's just a feeling. I don't really *know*. So...

  • Genevriel shrugs.

<Madds> well, I guess it can't hurt to try... can it?

  • Genevriel shakes her head.

<Genevriel> It might hurt a little... Even healing the smallest injury feels... somehow raw to the patient? More raw than with a Cleric of the Wheel, anyway. And your leg was pretty badly damaged.

<Genevriel> I mean, Dorien told me that my healing magic feels raw.

  • Genevriel clarifies.
  • Madds nods

<Genevriel> So, do you want me to try?

<Madds> if you think it might help, I'm willing to give it a try.

<Genevriel> All right.

  • Genevriel sets her tea on the side table and kneels on the floor beside Madds so she can lay her hands on his thigh and pray to the One for healing.

<Genevriel> (Let's see if this Regeneration works, eh?)

  • Genevriel prays her very best because this is Madds, whom she loves.
  • Madds grimaces slightly at the sensation, then tries giving his leg an experimental stretch.

<Madds> ... huh...

  • Genevriel nearly forgets to breathe as she watches Madds stretch out his leg.

<Genevriel> How... how does it feel?

<Madds> it's... it doesn't hurt.

  • Madds says with amazement
  • Genevriel smiles happily.
  • Madds gets up and tries walking a few steps, then turns back to you

<Madds> you fixed it :D it worked!

  • Genevriel smiles a little wider, and comes close to hug you.
  • Madds hugs you tight

<Genevriel> I'm... I'm glad.

<Madds> thank you so much

<Genevriel> You're welcome.

  • Madds is overcome and doesn't know what to say, so just hugs you some more

<Genevriel> Is *all* the pain gone?

  • Genevriel asks eventually.

<Madds> well... I guess I don't know yet. I haven't tried walking up and down stairs or sitting in one position for a long time or other things that would be painful. But just walking normally is fine. It feels like it used to, before...

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> Do you want to try... some stairs?

<Madds> sure :)

<Genevriel> All right.

  • Genevriel releases Madds and follows him to the stairs to the front door of the apartment building.
  • Genevriel will stay close in case things aren't totally all right and she needs to catch him or something.
  • Madds will go with you and try walking up and down the stairs a bit. He walks carefully, like he's a bit unsure of his balance, but seems okay.

<Madds> it feels a bit strange, but I think I'm just still getting used to it. It doesn't hurt.

  • Genevriel nods and ushers him back into the apartment.

<Genevriel> Do you want to try... other things?

  • Madds looks briefly puzzled.

<Madds> do you think it fixed everything? :o

  • Madds manages to resist the urge to take off his pants in the living room to check ... barely :p
  • Genevriel is clearly rather anxious about this step for her sake, but willing to do it for his sake.

<Genevriel> I think there's a good chance it did.

  • Madds nods, a bit more uncertainly
  • Madds will do some surreptitious inspection, then.

<Genevriel> ...

  • Madds nods

<Madds> it seems normal.

  • Madds says a bit more quietly.
  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> I thought that might be the case.

  • Genevriel replies, also quietly.
  • Genevriel looks a little scared as well as anxious.
  • Madds comes to sit with you.

<Madds> can we talk about it? I can tell it's bothering you.

  • Genevriel nods, tears flooding into her eyes, though she tries to fight them.
  • Madds puts his arm around you

<Madds> Gen.. look... whatever happens, we can work through it, okay? I love you.

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> That last day, when my... while you slept I had decided, already, that I needed to talk to you about it. Our relationship... how could we make it work? But then everything happened, and I never got to.

<Madds> :/

<Genevriel> I know how much you like sex, and I should like it too, but I don't, not really. I really missed our other days together, when we'd just walk and talk and tease each other.

  • Madds smiles a little at that last part

<Madds> are you worried we won't do those things anymore?

  • Genevriel shakes her head.

<Madds> I mean, the walking part should be much easier, actually...

  • Genevriel smiles.

<Genevriel> Nineteen-year-old me was going to ask if there was some compromise we could reach. Twenty-three-year-old me still hopes there is, but isn't sure how well she can hold to it.

<Madds> what sort of compromise?

<Genevriel> Well, back then, we only got to see each other once a week, if we were lucky. And after I seduced you, all we did was have sex. I was going to ask if we could alternate Madds market days and Genny market days.

  • Madds nods

<Madds> but presumably that doesn't apply now... or not in the same way, anyway.

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> Now we see each other every day, but I don't think I would be able to do a Madds market day every other day.

<Madds> uh... to be honest I'm not sure I could either :p

<Genevriel> Well, that's some common ground to start from, at least.

  • Genevriel jokes through her tears.
  • Madds nods, hugging you closer

<Genevriel> How do we figure this out so that it's fair to both of us?

<Madds> I liked having sex with you... but that doesn't mean that I want to do it all the time, or do things that you don't enjoy.

<Madds> were there some parts you liked more... or disliked less?

<Genevriel> I like touching and being touched. I like kisses, but not tongue. I don't like oral, either giving or receiving it. I like being cuddled afterwards. I like the closeness.

  • Madds nods

<Genevriel> That must sound so boring.

  • Genevriel apologizes.

<Madds> no.. it sounds nice :3

<Madds> I don't think hearing about things you like sounds boring at all.

<Genevriel> Really?

<Madds> I like making you happy.

  • Genevriel cuddles you a little closer if that is possible.

<Genevriel> Maman was wrong about soldiers.

  • Madds smiles at that

<Madds> well I hope so, I guess?

<Madds> look, I... I won't say I won't have those kinds of desires. I had them even when I couldn't do anything about them.

  • Genevriel nods, listening carefully.

<Madds> but I can take care of them myself, if that's what you prefer. Or maybe we can find some way to explore them that we both enjoy, I don't know. but if we don't, it doesn't mean that I'm going to leave you, or that you aren't able to make me happy, because you do.

<Genevriel> I thought about things a lot at work today... I wondered if I would be okay with you being intimate with someone else while we're still in a relationship, and I honestly don't know the answer to that. I think I would probably get jealous.

<Genevriel> Not because of you, but just because of how I feel about myself.

  • Madds nods

<Madds> I didn't mean that... that I would go have sex with other people. I just meant, I can take care of myself, uh, manually :p

<Genevriel> You say that now, but that might change over time. I guess if that happens, we'll worry about it then. It's pointless now but you know me. I worry. I have anxieties.

  • Madds nods

<Genevriel> And it's not like I would *never* have sex with you. I do like... being able to do something nice for you... but I feel very much like I won't be able to fulfill all your desires, as you say.

<Genevriel> I wish I was different...

<Madds> if you were different, you wouldn't be who you are. You wouldn't be the woman I love.

<Genevriel> This supportive Madds? I *really* like this, too.

  • Genevriel uncuddles enough to be able to give you a kiss.

<Genevriel> Thank you for being you.

<Madds> well you did just heal me from crippling pain and injury... so maybe I'm especially soft on you right now ;)

  • Genevriel isn't sure what she has done to deserve such a lovely partner.
  • Genevriel unfastens the top button of her blouse.

<Genevriel> Would you rather be hard?

  • Madds laughs at that
  • Madds will give you a kiss in return and is happy to see how that goes, if you want to try :)

<Madds> (their tea will get cold.. oh well.)

  • Genevriel is willing, a good deal less anxious now, not scared at all, and will try her best to get pleasure out of the things she *does* like.

<Madds> (aww cuties)

<Genevriel> (They can make more tea afterwards. They have the whole evening to themselves.)

<Genevriel> (Thanks for the scene!)

<Madds> (heh, true)

Aubrienne and Titania talk show business with Korisse

  • Titania will attend the coronation with you, and maybe we can find some time to talk in between the ceremony itself and the ball that comes afterwards
  • Aubrienne is not quite as at home at these sorts of things as you, but always happy for a chance to get especially dressed up :)

<Titania> I've been thinking...

<Aubrienne> That's always a concerning start to a conversation.

<Aubrienne> What's the haps?

<Titania> I think I'm ready to re-open the club.

<Titania> I mean, if all my best acts haven't already gone and found jobs elsewhere...

<Aubrienne> That's awesome, sweetie!

<Aubrienne> Even if they've found other work, I'm sure they'd come back for you.

<Titania> well, maybe :)

<Aubrienne> I may be biased, but you're a pretty good boss.

<Aubrienne> You take care of your people, and the club was a great place to work.

<Titania> not everyone gets the perks you do, sweetheart ;)

<Aubrienne> Other than the occasional inter-dimensional disruptions.

  • Titania says, giving you a squeeze

<Aubrienne> I would hope not. At the very least, it seems like it would be very tiring for you.

<Titania> and I don't imagine some of them would appreciate it :p

<Aubrienne> It takes all kinds. You're the bees knees. :)

  • Titania smiles at that

<Aubrienne> So, actually, there's still some work to do, booking acts and all?

<Aubrienne> But the club itself is ready for reopening?

<Titania> Making sure acts are lined up... But other than that, yes.

  • Titania agrees

<Titania> Maybe I can get things ready to go in a week or two...

<Aubrienne> Who all did you have in mind?

<Titania> Well, I think Zola would be very put out if I didn't ask her.

<Titania> Obviously Hugo, unless he has something more important to do.

  • Aubrienne nods.

<Titania> You and Jed? or is he too busy being a big-time celebrity now? ;)

<Titania> movie star, imperial boy-toy...

  • Titania says with a smirk

<Aubrienne> Like I said, I imagine he could be persuaded. ;)

<Aubrienne> Though he might have to take off to do some movies now and then.

<Titania> good, he'll be a big draw. since he's not here, I'll say on his behalf that he was always a big draw ;p

<Aubrienne> You don't have to sell me. He was half my act. :)

  • Titania smiles

<Aubrienne> Largely because he was wearing half his clothes.

<Titania> I just didn't want him to feel disparaged, at a distance :)

<Aubrienne> Or less. :)

  • Titania smirks
  • Korisse spots the two of you there and will come over to say hi.

<Korisse> Hello there, you two :)

<Aubrienne> Hey, Kori!

  • Aubrienne will go to give her a hug.
  • Korisse hugs you back

<Aubrienne> How's it going? Filming the Emperor, pretty big deal, huh?

<Korisse> It's very exciting... although not a lot of scope for creativity, when it's footage destined for newsreels and the like, but still, a great honour.

<Korisse> Apparently she's a fan of my work.

  • Korisse says a bit shyly

<Aubrienne> Who isn't?

<Aubrienne> Besides, maybe it'll lead to more access. Imagine being able to film a historic epic *in* the Palace.

  • Korisse smiles at that thought

<Korisse> Well I do have a few projects coming up, but I'll keep that idea in mind.

<Aubrienne> Oh? What're you working on?

<Korisse> But there's one I was hoping to talk with you about... you know, I still feel just awful about the way things worked out last time. I mean, in the end it was fine, but I still would have loved to have you as my star.

<Korisse> So I thought, perhaps, if you were interested, we could talk about my next big film - there's a part for you if you're available and haven't been *completely* put off working with me.

<Aubrienne> Kori, *I'm* the one that inadvertently bailed. I'd love to work with you, if that's at all a possibility.

<Aubrienne> I'm amazed you're willing to take the chance. :)

<Korisse> Well, the whole thing is a bit of a gamble, really. But after the success of Shadows of Her Mind, people seem willing to give me the chance to do something risky.

<Korisse> It will be set at least partly in the First World.

<Titania> Using experimental film techniques as well as ... on-location shooting, if it can be arranged. and if our cameras will work there @_@

<Titania> (ww)

<Korisse> Using experimental film techniques as well as ... on-location shooting, if it can be arranged. and if our cameras will work there @_@

<Aubrienne> Oh, wow.

<Aubrienne> Well, I think I could help with that, and I'd love to be in it.

<Korisse> Wonderful :)

<Aubrienne> What's the story?

<Korisse> well, it's about a young woman - that would be you - whose child is taken by the Fey, or at least that's what it seems at first. She goes into the First World to try and get her daughter back.

  • Aubrienne nods

<Titania> Do you need a baby too? Because if so... ;)

<Korisse> Well, I hadn't thought of it, but if you have one to offer :)

<Korisse> My daughter Marie-Estelle insists that she should be in it too, though. She's old enough to have a few lines, perhaps.

<Aubrienne> Aww, that's adorable.

<Korisse> She's a handful. Very opinionated :)

<Aubrienne> I can't imagine where she might get that.

<Korisse> Mm, I wonder...

<Aubrienne> But, yes, that sounds fantastic. I'd love to be a part of it.

<Korisse> In any case, that's the next mainstream film I have planned. I also want to do a more personal project... going to some of the battlefields in Psyra and filming them as they recover from the war. But that is more of an art project than a potential blockbuster, I suspect, and will probably take several years to complete.

  • Aubrienne nods.

<Korisse> Obern sent some sketches of places he saw, and I'd like to juxtapose those with the actual sites...

  • Aubrienne smiles sadly.

<Aubrienne> I think he would have liked that.

<Korisse> I hope so.

<Korisse> Tell me, what did you think of the new Empress's speech? I was so busy filming it I barely took it in, but I've heard quite a few people talking about it.

  • Korisse says, moving the subject away from sad topics

<Aubrienne> I was pretty happy with it.

  • Titania nods

<Aubrienne> All that about wanting to improve our, ah, spotty record on diversity.

<Aubrienne> And, obviously, I'm an easy sell on the House Rat bits. :)

  • Korisse nods

<Korisse> Well, I hope it's a promising sign for the future. Although I imagine it will make some people upset.

<Aubrienne> Progress always does.

<Korisse> too true...

<Korisse> Well, I should get back to setting up for the grand entrance. I'm not going to film the whole evening, but at least the first part should be quite breathtaking, I hope. I'll be in touch, though - once I have a script ready :)

<Aubrienne> I look forward to it. And I don't want to take you away from it, but we should get lunch or something later this week. I feel like I haven't seen you in ages. :)

<Aubrienne> I'll give you a ring.

<Korisse> Great!

  • Korisse will give you another hug before she heads off
  • Aubrienne will happily give her a hug back.