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Diablotin 3 session logs
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Session date: November 8, 2015
Diablotin date: Early Third-month


<DiablotinNarrator> It is the beginning of Third-month, a time of year when the weather should be growing mild and spring-like, but Diablotin remains locked in the grip of winter.

<DiablotinNarrator> Food supplies are running low, with goods having to be imported from further afield where the weather is less severe.

Dorien nearly kills Misery with his newest drug

<DiablotinNarrator> Dorien, you've been studying the fungus samples you took, so I'd like you to make an alchemy roll to see what you've been able to learn about them.

<Dorien> (ok, sec)

<Dorien> (22)

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay. You are able to determine that the black and sickly fungus from the trees is poisonous to humans if ingested, at least.

<Dorien> (good to know)

<DiablotinNarrator> (I like to assume that Dorien found this out by eating some ;p)

<Dorien> (...likely.)

<DiablotinNarrator> The effects are alarming and frightening hallucinations, and a decrease in Wisdom.

<Dorien> (iiiinteresting)

<DiablotinNarrator> After ingestion, you also found that even when the primary effects had disappeared, you suffered from nightmares and disturbed sleep for a night afterwards.

  • Dorien is not sure whether to chalk that up to the fungus or just his normal bad dreams :P

<DiablotinNarrator> (fair)

<DiablotinNarrator> What effects it might have on non-humans... well. have you tested it on Misery? ;)

  • Dorien was just about to say he would tell Misery about his experiments and see what she thinks >.>
  • Dorien is not going to dose his girlfriend with poison against her will

<Misery> (That's very noble of you)

<Dorien> (I try)

<Misery> What sort of hallucinations?

  • Misery inquires curiously

<Dorien> (Good question...)

<DiablotinNarrator> (answer: things like your body melting, or being attacked by swarms of spiders, or similarly alarming things)

<Dorien> Weird ones. very visceral.

<Misery> Well... if you'll keep an eye on me, I'm willing to try it, anyway. What's the worst that could happen :p

<Dorien> Well... your liver could shut down and your brain could aneurysm.

<Dorien> But otherwiuse... not much.

<Misery> heh

<Misery> You say that like it's a bad thing :p

<Dorien> ...it is.

<Misery> Maybe we can get something to neutralize poisons before we experiment with it more.

<Misery> in case it turns really bad.

<Dorien> That's not a bad idea. I have a few healing potions handy, but I could whip up some anti-fungal potions real quick, just in case.

  • Misery nods
  • Dorien will do so.

<Misery> Meanwhile... My father talked to Tilkiira, and she wants to meet with us.

  • Dorien will nod.

<Dorien> Do you trust her?

<Misery> Not really. But I'm pretty sure that if anyone can put Puce in his place, it'd be her.

<Dorien> Well, that alone is worth the chance, then.

<Misery> She'll want something in exchange. I just don't know what it'll be.

<Dorien> We'll burn that bridge when we get there.

<Misery> I wonder if this stuff could be useful to them.

  • Misery says, idly eyeing the fungus.

<Misery> Maybe we could make a deal for it.

<Dorien> It's possible. For now at least it would be undetectable. Until someone besides us identifies it.

<Misery> Right. And it doesn't seem like it kills people - at least, not humans.

<Dorien> So far...

<Misery> So I wouldn't feel too terrible about it :p

<Dorien> Yeah.

<Misery> It needs a catchy name for marketing :p

<Dorien> Heh

<Dorien> Any ideas?

<Misery> Ah... Blackblight?

<Misery> it's suitably ominous-sounding

<Dorien> Hmmm

<Dorien> Not bad.

<Misery> Also, we might need to figure out how to grow it somewhere else other than 'on a magic tree'.

<Dorien> That's next on my list

<Dorien> cultivation

  • Misery nods

<Dorien> It's not too useful if this is all we ever get.

  • Dorien shakes the petri dish

<Misery> So... Mme. Korisse had a Serious Talk with me.

  • Dorien will turn slightly paler.

<Dorien> Oh.

<Dorien> What about?

<Misery> She found out about the drugs, somehow...

<Dorien> Fuck...

<Misery> She didn't say it meant I couldn't work with her.

<Misery> But she had Concerns.

<Dorien> How did she find out?

<Misery> She didn't say.

<Dorien> What did you tell her?

<Misery> well, she wanted to know why.

  • Dorien nods

<Misery> So I told her about the situation, some... about my mother's debts and having to find a way to pay them back that wasn't whoring.

<Misery> I think she was a little bit sympathetic to that, anyway. She said things like 'how awful', like nice rich ladies do.

  • Dorien will sigh.

<Dorien> I'm sorry.

<Misery> it's okay... she's honestly nice. I don't think she really understands, but she tries.

<Dorien> Yeah. She's good people. But she comes from money. I know firsthand how that colors your outlook.

<Misery> racist :p

<Dorien> Said the kettle.

<Dorien> ;)

  • Misery says, kicking you affectionately from where she sits on the side of the bed

<Misery> now that's definitely racist :p

<Dorien> Hah!

<Misery> Anyway... basically she wants me to not be a drug dealer anymore. She didn't say anything about you - I think she figures that's not her business.

<Dorien> Well... we're working on that :/

<Misery> Yeah...

<Misery> I didn't say 'well if you care so much, you could pay off my mother's debts, it's probably pocket change for you'

<Misery> I thought about it really hard though.

<Dorien> Yeah, I think that's probably a good thing to not say.

<Misery> Not if I want to keep working for her.

<Dorien> Yeah.

<Misery> Which I do.

<Dorien> How has the actual work been?

<Misery> It's pretty good.

<Misery> Interesting things to work on...

<Dorien> I thought it would be kind of up your alley.

<Misery> I think she and I are good for now, anyway - as long as nothing else goes wrong.

<Dorien> Let's hope.

  • Misery nods

<Dorien> Speaking of... I think everything's ready.

<Misery> Okay. Well, let's give it a shot.

<Dorien> Just make sure you take a safe dose. less than half a milligram should do it. I took more than that so you should be fine.

  • Misery nods

<Dorien> I'll be right here the whole time

  • Dorien squeezes your hand

<Misery> I'm not going to try to resist it. I want to see what all it can do.

  • Misery squeezes back

<Dorien> Ok.

<Dorien> If you get too far under I'll does you with everything I have.

<Dorien> (dose)

  • Misery nods
  • Misery gives you a kiss
  • Dorien returns the kiss, lingering for a moment

<Misery> If I die, you can have my chemistry set, since you gave it to me anyway.

<Dorien> You'll be fine.

<Dorien> Have a good trip.

  • Misery takes a tiny piece of the fungus, then

<Misery> (for you, it had a somewhat delayed effect- took about 10 minutes to kick in)

  • Dorien will lay her down and stroke her head until it kicks in, then.
  • Misery almost immediately grabs at her throat, as if she can't breathe

<Dorien> (Oh...)

<Dorien> Shit...

<Dorien> Misery?

  • Dorien will grab for one of the potions
  • Misery flails her arms, writhing as if trying to claw her way out of something

<Dorien> Fuck!

<Misery> n-no

  • Misery tries to wave you back, you think?

<Dorien> Misery, can you hear me?

  • Misery then goes very still. she's still breathing, but just lying almost rigid

<Dorien> Ok... fuck this...

  • Dorien will attempt to get her to drink the potion
  • Misery can be forced to swallow it, although it takes a bit of effort

<Dorien> (Any effect?)

  • Misery groans, rolls over, and pukes on your bed :p

<Misery> that sucks

  • Dorien will hold her and keep reassuring her.

<Dorien> It's ok. You're ok...

  • Misery says after she's able to talk again

<Dorien> What happened?

<Misery> ah.. I felt like I was choking... then like the bed was sucking me into it

<Misery> maybe hallucinations?

<Dorien> It all happened so quick... I'm sorry, I never should have let you try that.

  • Misery shakes her head weakly

<Misery> it's okay...

<Misery> it must affect me faster I guess

<Dorien> I'll say...

  • Dorien will grab another nearby bottle.

<Dorien> Here, drink some of this.

<Dorien> (It's gin)

  • Misery eyes it, then will take a swig

<Misery> blech

<Misery> ... sorry about the blanket

<Dorien> That should help with the headache you're about to have.

<Dorien> No problem... it was old anyway.

<Dorien> Here, let me get you to the couch and I'll clean up.

  • Misery will spend the rest of the day recovering on the couch, but seems (for now) not to have any lingering serious effects

<Dorien> O_O

  • Dorien will do everything he can to pamper her for the rest of the day.

<DiablotinNarrator> (aww)

Zola and Hugo attend Geffrard and Osmyn's wedding, and catch the metal-armed man after he attempts to assassinate Osmyn

<DiablotinNarrator> Zola and Hugo, you've done your part for getting the club ready for Geff and Osmyn's wedding ceremony.

  • Zola is fluttering everywhere making things perfect.
  • Hugonel will keep a close eye on the staff, while adjusting his new copper-orange scarf.
  • Zola swoops by occasionally to give Hugo a peck on the cheek :3

<DiablotinNarrator> There aren't a lot of guests, just a few close friends, and the staff who are helping out.

<DiablotinNarrator> Rather a lot of warforged, perhaps not surprisingly.

  • Zola has prepared a selection of achingly romantic songs, including a couple from Psyra
  • Geffrard has nerves, but Osmyn seems fine
  • Zola exudes supportive excitement at Geff
  • Geffrard does have a very nice suit, though, thanks to Hugo's fashion advice ;p
  • Zola does watch to see what Osmyn thinks of it

<Osmyn> You look lovely :)

<Zola> .oO( Squeeeee )

  • Hugonel nods enthusiastically.
  • Osmyn tells him, picking an invisible bit of fluff off his lapel

<Hugonel> Zola, my dear, I don't know what is more lovely, you or this wonderful event you've put together.

<Hugonel> Not to mention our lovebirds here.

<Zola> Oh but we must mention them :3:3:3

  • Zola strokes the arm of Hugo's jacket, though, not entirely discarding his praise...

<Zola> You've chosen well yourself... complementing the groom ^_^

<Zola> Well, Geff.

<Hugonel> Why, thank you.

  • Zola plucks at his scarf a bit until it's a shape she likes.

<Hugonel> I think, though, given the recent events, a little checking around might be warranted at this point.

<Zola> Hmm?

<Zola> Checking for what?

<Hugonel> Trouble.

<Zola> You don't think?

<Hugonel> It's been on my mind.

  • Zola frowns in concern.

<Zola> Do you think I should get my gun?

  • Zola whispers

<Hugonel> If the club really is some sort of nexus or attractor for fey ... who knows? Warforged are not well-loved among them, I'm sure.

<Hugonel> It can't hurt.

  • Zola sighs... "I suppose..."

<Zola> I'll be back in a flash.

  • Zola scurries away to aquire her tiny pistol
  • Hugonel will cast Detect Magic in the club, at least
  • Zola will also cast Detect Magic just before re-entering the main area.

<DiablotinNarrator> I'm sure there is magic on some people (people's magic items that they are wearing, that sort of thing) but nothing that seems out of the ordinary?

<Hugonel> Hmm ... well, there's nothing to be done, really, but be alert.

  • Zola nods
  • Zola has her pistol in a thigh holster so as not to accidentally alarm anyone she hugs exuberantly

<DiablotinNarrator> (heh)

  • Valeen will move up to take her place so that the ceremony can begin
  • Valeen is wearing an adorable red dress ;)
  • Zola gives her an excited wave :D
  • Zola is also presumably in a red dress if Geff and Osmyn didn't have a preferred colour theme :P
  • Geffrard and Osmyn join hands, making their way together to front of the stage which is serving as an altar ;)
  • Zola is presumably singing

<Zola> (at some point)

<Zola> (Seems like the right point :P)

<DiablotinNarrator> (sure :)

<DiablotinNarrator> (you can make a roll to see how awesome you do ;)

<Zola> (23 boo)

<DiablotinNarrator> (that's perfectly adequate, anyway :)

  • Valeen smiles, and will give the traditional blessing to begin the ceremony

<Valeen> Today, we are gathered to join Geffrard and Osmyn in the bonds of marriage.

  • Zola forgets to be alert, watching Valeen and the two grooms :3

<Valeen> Gentlemen, may your marriage bring you all the joy a marriage should bring, and may life grant you patience, tolerance, and understanding for one another.

<Valeen> May you always need one another - not to fill your emptiness but to help you to know your completion.

<Valeen> When frustration, difficulties, and fear assail your relationship - as they threaten all relationships at one time or another - remember to focus on what is right between you, not only the part which seems wrong.

<Valeen> Together, you can withstand the storms that will sometimes that hide the stars - remembering that even if you lose sight of them for a moment, the stars are still there.

<Valeen> May your lives together be marked by abundance and delight, as you are reminded each day and each night of the love that brought you together.

<Valeen> Geffrard, do you take this man to be your husband, to love and honour him for as long as you live?

<Geffrard> I do.

<Valeen> Osmyn, do you take this man to be your husband, to love and honour him for as long as you live?

  • Zola shimmies discreetly.
  • Osmyn nods, and then realizes he probably has to say it out loud, so clears his throat slightly and says 'Yes'.
  • Zola shimmies less discreetly :D

<Valeen> Then I hereby bless your marriage in the name of the Seven.

<Valeen> You may now kiss one another :)

  • Hugonel tries to keep an eye out for trouble, but there's some water in there ...
  • Geffrard shares a kiss with his new husband :3
  • Zola applauds!

<DiablotinNarrator> Afterwards, there is of course refreshments and music. Zola can have a dance with Haft ;)

  • Zola flirts with all the warforged!
  • Zola does dance with Haft FIRST though.

<DiablotinNarrator> (aw :)

<DiablotinNarrator> The celebrations last for a couple of hours, but soon enough things will have to wrap up in order for the club to open as usual in the evening.

<DiablotinNarrator> Tits has, of course, given Geff the night off ;p

<DiablotinNarrator> You gather to see off the happy couple

<DiablotinNarrator> Their car is waiting outside the front door, but they hesitate for a little while, offering their thanks

  • Geffrard gives you a hug, Zola
  • Zola celebrates effusively
  • Zola hugs tight!

<Zola> So happy!

<Geffrard> Thank you for all your help :)

  • Zola wiggles with him during the hug
  • Hugonel smiles.

<Zola> You're welcome!

<Hugonel> It was our pleasure. Enjoy your night!

<Zola> Yes! Do :D

<Geffrard> Well, we'll try :)

<Zola> Try lots!

<Zola> :D

  • Zola allows herself a lascivious moment
  • Geffrard blushes a little

<DiablotinNarrator> At that moment, a shot rings out, and Osmyn gives a cry as he slumps over on the ground.

<Zola> ... oh!

  • Zola rushes over to him
  • Osmyn 's arms are suddenly wreathed with crackling electricity
  • Zola will Cure Light Wounds
  • Hugonel looks around to see if he can see where the shooter is coming from.
  • Zola will perhaps not cure light wounds
  • Geffrard does too, scanning the buildings across the street.

<Geffrard> Haft, up there!

<Zola> (I do if he's still down, but if he's getting up to fuck with people, not)

  • Geffrard says, pointing to a shadowy figure on one of the rooftops
  • Osmyn seems injured but not dying (yet anyway), and seriously pissed

<Hugonel> (is it less than 35 feet away?)

  • Zola will go with the heal then
  • Hugonel casts Hideous Laughter, if so.

<DiablotinNarrator> you can try it, Hugo

<Hugonel> (ok, save DC 19, 20 if the target is human)

<DiablotinNarrator> 'kk

<DiablotinNarrator> Hugo, you hear an echoing, eerie laughter

  • Zola is so mad she's not an evoker right now.

<Hugonel> Up there - I got him!

  • Zola pulls her pistol.
  • Hugonel will run up there and hope that he's not the only one.

<Zola> How do we get up there?

  • Geffrard draws his gun and will attempt to fire at the figure, and Haft is already running for the building

<Hugonel> (good question!)

<DiablotinNarrator> (probably by going inside the building across the street, which is a cafe)

<DiablotinNarrator> Haft seems inclined to scale the wall, though - probably that is less of an option for you

<Hugonel> (ok, you know what, I'm going to keep an eye on alleys / possible exits rather than running up there. If I see it/him move, time for an Ear-Piercing Scream)

  • Osmyn 's eyes are also glowing blue, like the electricity that flickers over his arms
  • Zola will insire courage :3

<DiablotinNarrator> The laughter stops before Haft makes it up the side of the building - possibly the target is now free of the effects of your spell

  • Hugonel will cast Ear-Piercing Scream if I see a target

<Zola> (Yeah, if dude peeks at us at any point he is kinda fucked.)

  • Zola will fascinate his ass.

<DiablotinNarrator> By the sounds of things, whoever it was is now running away, over the rooftops

<DiablotinNarrator> You can each see the figure long enough to try and cast your spells, depending on the range they have?

<Hugonel> (35 feet)

<Hugonel> (is that enough?)

<Zola> (Well, how far away are they? In theory, I can cast Allegro, and get 5 rounds at ouble-speed to catch up, and then fascinate the target once I get around in front.)

<DiablotinNarrator> (that is briefly enough, yes)

<Hugonel> (fine, Ear-Piercing Scream, Fort save DC 16)

  • Zola kicks off her heeled shoes and casts Allegro

<DiablotinNarrator> They are 35 feet for the moment, but they'll be running

  • Zola begins to chase him

<Zola> (or her)

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay, Hugo, you cast your spell, Zola you can give chase along the street

<Hugonel> (if save: 1d6 damage; if fail: 2d6 damage and dazed for 1 round to let people catch up)

<DiablotinNarrator> ('kk)

<DiablotinNarrator> Haft is also in pursuit at rooftop level

  • Geffrard goes to his husband's side, rather than trying to pursue

<Geffrard> it's okay...

<DiablotinNarrator> Zola - you reach the end of the street before he does, and you can try your fascinate

  • Osmyn 's eyes seem to flicker for a moment, and the lighting fades away, leaving him pale and still obviously injured
  • Hugonel will then stay near Osmyn in case there is more trouble there - if (as it seems) they didn't manage to kill him, they may be back
  • Zola will sing a song about bastards.

<Zola> DC 18

  • Hugonel will get someone to go inside and call the police, but he will stay near Geff and Osmyn.

<DiablotinNarrator> Zola - your song causes the fleeing figure to pause, and Haft tackles it to the ground. literally to the ground, from off the top of a roof.

<Zola> :o

<DiablotinNarrator> Zola, the warforged lands more or less at your (cold) feet, with a man underneath him

  • Zola aims her pistol

<Zola> Haft you OK?

<DiablotinNarrator> You're able to see that the man, whoever he is, has a metallic arm

<Zola> (I don't know about this dude at all do I?)

<Haft> I'm quite all right, thank you

<Zola> Is ... he?

  • Zola pokes him with her toe
  • Haft gives him a look as the man stirs and groans, and punches him in the side of the head

<Haft> He'll live.

<Zola> Good.

  • Zola says in a not entirely well meaning way.
  • Zola looks around to make sure he doesn't have any friends as Haft gets him under hand.

<DiablotinNarrator> The guards will arrive, having been called, and matters will be dealt with - I'm sure you'll all have to answer some questions.

  • Zola steals his shoes

<Zola> (for the walk back)

<DiablotinNarrator> (lol)

  • Zola charms him for good measure >_>

<Zola> (Oh hey I have share memory guys)

<Haft> He's Bloodforged.

  • Haft says to you, Zola, since you're nearest

<Zola> What's that?

  • Haft points to his arm

<Zola> Like ... half warforged?

  • Haft nods
  • Zola walks uncomfortably in the stranger's boots

<Zola> I didn't know that was a thing...

<Haft> I only heard rumours about it.

<Hugonel> Well, you know, Zola, when a human and a warforged love each other very much ... no?

<Haft> I didn't know they were real.

  • Zola does NOT know, despite trying all day.
  • Haft will haul him back for the guards, in any case

<Zola> Wait, Haft...

  • Haft turns back to you for a moment

<Zola> I could uh... try to fish some memories from him?

<Haft> I think we should take him to the guards before he wakes up again.

<Zola> OK.

<Zola> You know where to find me :)

  • Haft nods
  • Zola rushes back to the grooms.
  • Neva has healed Osmyn up the rest of the way, it seems

<Zola> We got the bastard!

<Geffrard> Good.

  • Geffrard has his arm around Osmyn protectively
  • Zola gives Geff a side-hug on his spare side

<DiablotinNarrator> The guards will take it from there, but the grooms and the rest of you will no doubt have to spend the next couple hours answering questions.

<DiablotinNarrator> So for now, we'll move on...

  • Hugonel will alert Tits to what's going on and try to keep calm around the club so we can still open on time that evening.
  • Zola tosses the boots in the trash spitefully
  • Zola sighs and digs them out and donates them instead.

Lathra agrees to a date with Leiris

<DiablotinNarrator> Lathra, you are at home one afternoon, and there's a knock at your door

  • Lathra peeks outside
  • Leiris stands there with a bouquet of flowers and a bottle

<Lathra> Oh!

  • Lathra checks her clothes and sniffs herself

<Lathra> . o O (Ugh... well, whatever)

<Leiris> (you're fine, hopefully!)

  • Lathra answers the door.

<Leiris> Hello... :)

<Lathra> (Fine for staying in probably, probably not for a date :P)

<Leiris> (heh)

<Lathra> Lieris! What a lovely surprise!

<Lathra> Will you come in?

<Leiris> I hope I'm not interrupting you at work or anything?

<Lathra> Nothing I can't take a break from, I assure you.

  • Leiris will step inside, then, and offer you the flowers (a non-ostentatious yellow and orange bouquet) and the bottle, which is gin

<Lathra> Why it's lovely, thank you!

  • Lathra admires the bottle

<Lathra> And uh...

  • Lathra retrieves the candlestick holding the dried-up flowers that Gen gave her, and quickly disposes of them to make room for the new ones.

<Leiris> I, ah, heard about the unfortunate incident... I wanted to see if you were all right.

<Lathra> Oh I'm fiiine, dear. It takes more than that, as they say!

<Lathra> Oh, these are still fine... I shall have to secure a real vase I suppose.

<Leiris> I'm glad you're okay.

  • Lathra grins and makes a "pshaw" gesture with her hand

<Leiris> This city... sometimes isn't very friendly to strangers. Or people who look like strangers, no matter how long they've been here.

<Lathra> Yes, well... honestly I've been pleasantly surprised that I haven't had more of that sort of thing.

<Lathra> I mean, it's terrible of course and I shouldn't make like of it. But I'm fine, really.

<Lathra> (*light)

  • Leiris nods

<Leiris> Well, other than that, how have you been?

<Lathra> Oh, simply overwhelmed, really. With all these political goings-on on top of my regular jobs...

<Lathra> I'm sorry, I haven't been very... outgoing... as a result.

<Leiris> that's quite understandable

<Leiris> My boss is out of town, so I have a bit more flexibility - although I have to keep things running, at least I'm not being asked to stay after work 'just to finish up these three books'.

<Leiris> I mean, I might do that on my own, but at least then it's my decision ;)

<Lathra> Yes, I know what you mean. It's quite different doing extra work when it's for yourself.

  • Leiris nods

<Leiris> I wondered if you might like to go out again sometime? I know with all that's going on it's difficult to find the time, but... I would very much like to see you again.

<Lathra> Well now I would like that, yes. Let's arrange that... and I have another idea, if you'd like to hear it?

<Leiris> All right?

<Lathra> Well if you're *really* interested in getting to know me - would you like to come along on the next suitable expedition that arises? The last two have really been quite something.

<Leiris> Oh! Yes, I'd like that very much :) It's been a while since I've gotten to go on an expedition.

<Lathra> Wonderful! It's settled then. I shall let you know as soon as I hear of something - it may be short notice though, these things sometimes are.

<Leiris> I think Xan will understand if I need to leave on short notice, assuming he's even around himself ;)

<Lathra> And as for going out - I think the sooner we can arrange something, the less likely it is that something Terribly Important will occur and postpone it.

  • Leiris nods

<Leiris> Well, what would you like to do? We could go to the Imperial Museum, I think we'd talked about that last time - or to Oracle's, if you'd rather something a bit more flashy :)

<Lathra> Oh let's do the museum - you must know a few stories about some of the things there?

<Leiris> Indeed, I do. One of them is actually about the last expedition I was able to go on :)

<Leiris> How would ... hmm, sometime next week work for you?

<Lathra> Well then I simply demand that we go to the museum.

  • Leiris smiles

<DiablotinNarrator> (I'll assume you can come to some agreement on a time that will work for both of you)

<Lathra> (Yeah, I don't have an IC calendar ;) )

<DiablotinNarrator> (Heh)

<Leiris> Well.. it was good to see you again, Lathra. I'll look forward to visiting the museum with you.

<Lathra> And I will look forward to opening your thoughtful gift!

<Lathra> Wink!

  • Lathra winks
  • Leiris seems completely charmed by that ;)
  • Leiris will bid farewell, and take his leave
  • Lathra waves him off, and then carries the bottle around the house trying to find somewhere to keep it where she'll save it for a special occasion.

Hettie, Denise, and Argent return to the undercity and meet the ghost of Ander's grandfather

<DiablotinNarrator> Hettie and Denise, along with Enver and Nycki you are able to coordinate times and gather supplies to make a return expedition into the sewers

<DiablotinNarrator> Denise has also asked Argent to go, for further reinforcements (and 'cause it's cool)

<Denise>  :D :D :D

<Argent> (yeah! 5th wheel!)

<DiablotinNarrator> (strangely, Mireva was not up for this as a date idea)

<Denise> (heh)

<Argent> (lol)

<Enver> (I assume you've filled Argent in on what you encountered last time?)

<Denise> (yes!)

  • Denise has brought rope and possibly other dungeoneering type things?

<DiablotinNarrator> (yes, lots of rope for everyone)

  • Denise isn't sure if thee i anything we could get tob help resist poison/diseasey type stuff in case we encounter more blighty musroomy things?

<DiablotinNarrator> (apparently you could talk to Dorien? ;)

<Hettienne> (we can wear like cloths over our mouths & noses at least)

<Denise> (yeah)

<Denise> (to both of those ;p)

<DiablotinNarrator> (I'll assume Dorien is helpful enough to give you a couple of those anti-fungal things he's working on)

<Argent> (ill pick up a healers kit, just in case)

<Denise> (cool)

<DiablotinNarrator> You are able to return to the point where you encountered the fungus rats, and the grate is still intact

<Denise> that's good, anyway

  • Enver takes a look at it
  • Denise can help leverage it out of the way again

<Enver> It doesn't look like they were gnawing at it any more

<Denise> (after he looks at it >.>)

<Denise> good

<Hettienne> Maybe that were all of 'em...

<Denise> un less they found another way in...

<Hettienne> Ugh.

<Nycki> Maybe we can find out what they were lookin' for, anyway...

<Denise> yeah

  • Argent will look around for signs of anyone else being here
  • Denise will *now* help get the grate out of the ay >.>
  • Enver will work on getting the rope secured

<DiablotinNarrator> Argent, you can make a Perception check to look around the area

<Argent> (28)

<DiablotinNarrator> There is a faint lingering sort of moldy smell, but you don't pick up on any recent tracks or anything like that.

<Argent> don't think anyone else has been here to look at it

<Nycki> I'm gonna hope that's a good thing.

<DiablotinNarrator> Once Enver has fastened the rope securely, you can begin to descend into the large cavern below...

<Denise> I guess we'll see :D

<DiablotinNarrator> Climb checks for everyone

<DiablotinNarrator> also it would be good to know what order you're going in

<Denise> !roll 1d20+10

  • Zola rolls for Denise: [ 1d20+10 ] getting [ 14 ] which, after the modifier [ 10 ] totals [ 24 ].
  • Denise can also assist other if needed?

<Denise> (maybe I shoudl go first?)

<Denise> (both for climbing and also for beefyness?)

<Argent> (im an ok climber (+7))

<Argent> (I can go second... unlikely I would fall)

<Argent> (boo only 13)

<DiablotinNarrator> (I'm just checking on N and E's scores)

<Hettienne> (also 13)

<DiablotinNarrator> (Enver has a +9, Nycki also forgot to buy it ;)

<Hettienne> (lol)

<DiablotinNarrator> !roll 1d20+9

  • Zola rolls for DiablotinNarrator: [ 1d20+9 ] getting [ 10 ] which, after the modifier [ 9 ] totals [ 19 ].

<Denise> (well lemme know if I can make assist rolls ;p)

<DiablotinNarrator> !roll 1d20

  • Zola rolls for DiablotinNarrator: [ 1d20 ] getting [ 17 ].

<DiablotinNarrator> (however she did okay without it ;)

<DiablotinNarrator> (I guess the Thundercunts never did second-story jobs ;)

<Denise> (heh)

<Denise> (they just took the stairs ;p)

<DiablotinNarrator> You manage to descend the long rope, although there are a couple of worrying moments, nobody slips or falls

<DiablotinNarrator> Denise, you reach the bottom first, and your feet crunch on something hard and brittle at the same time.

<Denise> . o O (That better not be bones but I bet it is >.>)

<DiablotinNarrator> (I put you on the map in roll20 :)

  • Denise will look

<DiablotinNarrator> (admire my piles of booones)

<DiablotinNarrator> You are standing in a field of bones, bare of flesh but some still with remains of tattered clothing and wisps of hair.

<Denise> D:

<Denise> ...

<Hettienne> Fuuuuuck me

<Denise> Well I guess we know what happened to the folks who stayed behind...

<Hettienne> THe boneyard, I guess.

<Enver> That's why they call it the Boneyard...

<Hettienne> DId they all die here, or did they get put here?

<Enver> I think it's not the folks who stayed behind, Denise... or not all, anyway. Our folks buried 'em here.

<Enver> Well, not 'buried' exactly >.>

<Denise> I thought there catacombs were like... more put there, but this is more like... piles?

<Denise> huh

  • Enver says, stepping carefully over someone's skeleton
  • Denise will tread carefully

<Enver> I think they used to be more... neatened up.

<Denise> :/

<Enver> Dunno why it's such a mess...

<Denise> what's up there?

  • Denise looks up at the dias-y thing

<Denise> (and is there really a clear-ish area?

<DiablotinNarrator> It is, as you surmised, a platform kind of thing, that looks deliberately carved, not a natural formation. It is at the edge of a deep crevasse.

<DiablotinNarrator> Yes there's an area where you can walk without stepping on dead people constantly - it isn't completely clear, but more scattered bits than full skeletons.

  • Denise will stick to that part
  • Argent will look around for any movement or threats
  • Denise will look, and also sniff the air?

<Hettienne> (samesies)

<DiablotinNarrator> And there's the sound of flowing water, as a stream runs along and falls into the hole in a waterfall.

<Denise> (per then scent)

<Denise> !roll 2d20+8

  • Zola rolls for Denise: [ 2d20+8 ] getting [ 6 20 ] for a total of [ 26 ] which, after the modifier [ 8 ] totals [ 34 ].

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay, you can roll for 'em

<Hettienne> !roll 1d20+10

  • Zola rolls for Hettienne: [ 1d20+10 ] getting [ 5 ] which, after the modifier [ 10 ] totals [ 15 ].

<Hettienne> !roll 1d20+10

  • Zola rolls for Hettienne: [ 1d20+10 ] getting [ 10 ] which, after the modifier [ 10 ] totals [ 20 ].

<Hettienne> (15/20 per/scent)

<Denise> (whoops, but I'm happy to count that as an 14 and a 28 ;p)

<DiablotinNarrator> (heh)

<Argent> (36 Per)

<Denise> (both skills are at 8)

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay, not going to bother to roll for Enver and Nycki since you guys did well enough on your own

<DiablotinNarrator> There are signs that someone or something else has been in here. The way the bodies are disarrayed is one clue, but you can also pick up on subtler signs - some tracks in the dust, a faint odour of living humans instead of long-dead ones.

<Denise> (recent?)

  • Denise looks Concerned

<Denise> Someone's been down here - I can smell 'em

<DiablotinNarrator> Yes, probably fairly recent.

<DiablotinNarrator> But like, a few days ago, not two minutes ago - that sort of recent.

<Denise> Maybe a few days?

  • Argent will try to get a sense of the origin of the tracks and see if he would be able to follow them

<DiablotinNarrator> You can do that, Argent

<Argent> (33 survival, and they are considered 1 day fresher from Celestial Hunter trait)

<DiablotinNarrator> You are able to see the path they make through the cavern - they seem to lead in the direction of the far wall from where you descended. The tracks are human, or humanoid anyway - not rodents.

  • Argent will pass the information to the group

<DiablotinNarrator> Before you can get too far away, though, something odd happens...

<DiablotinNarrator> Hettie, you notice it first - a glowing ball of light appears, hovering over the crevasse but slowly drifting closer to you.

<Hettienne> Whoah...

<Enver> (it's small, like about the size of a hand, say)

  • Denise turns to watch

<Denise> huh :o

<Hettienne> ANyone got an idea?

  • Nycki draws her gun - that's an idea >.>

<Denise> it's gotta be some kinda magic...

  • Denise eyes Argent

<Argent> (dancing lights? Spellcraft? Wisp or Undead K>?)

  • Denise takes a defensive stance though she doesn't know ho you can punch a ball of light.....

<Hettienne> It don't look like a mushroom, at least

<Denise> yeah

<DiablotinNarrator> Above the platform, the ball of light shifts and expands, becoming the translucent, faintly glowing figure of a man. He wears what look like old-fashioned, simply-made clothing, and carries a staff. His hair is long, and his eyes are white and shine as if from a light within.

<Denise> :o

<Hettienne> Uh.

<Denise> a ghost? :o

<Ghost> <w> Leave this place.

<Ghost> <w> Too many have trespassed here.

<Argent> (Do I figure its a Ghost? K:Religion?)

<Hettienne> We ain't trespassin'. This is where we come from. :|

<Denise> yeha - this is our place too

<Denise> who are you? :o

<DiablotinNarrator> (sure, you can make a check, Argent)

<Argent> (12... no idea unless its really common)

<DiablotinNarrator> Yeah, you don't know - it would be hard to tell the difference between various types of ethereal or insubstantial creatures unless it attacks you or uses some power, anyway

  • Ghost drifts slightly closer, as if it's ... examining you somehow
  • Argent will detect evil
  • Denise stands firm though her first instinct is to lean away

<DiablotinNarrator> The entity does not radiate evil, Argent

<Argent> Are you the protector or watcher of this place?

<Ghost> <w> Who am I? I am the last guardian of this sacred place.

  • Ghost turns to you, Argent

<Ghost> <w> Who are you? You have the mother's blood within you.

  • Ghost floats right up to you, Argent
  • Hettienne eyes Argent.
  • Argent does not shrink back
  • Denise watches this carefully

<Argent> I am called Argent. What happened here, who desicrated this place?

  • Ghost peers into your face, its dead eyes meeting yours

<Ghost> <w> The builders from the surface

<Ghost> <w> They come with tools that destroy, not create

<Argent> do you know what they were looking for?

<Ghost> <w> A path through

<Denise> ...for the subway, maybe?

  • Denise remembers her da mentioning that >.>

<Enver> Maybe, yeah. I know they're doin' work on that.

<Denise> were they just... humanfolk?

  • Denise asks

<Hettienne> They can't just plow a train track through our graveyards!!!

  • Hettienne sputters
  • Ghost is speaking in Rat by the way - I should have mentioned that earlier, but I think you can all speak it anyway?

<Denise> yeah >:/

<Denise> I

<Denise> 'll let the boss know, for sure.

<Hettienne> I bet we'd never have even found out if this see-through bird weren't here!!

<Ghost> <w> Humans, yes... they do not know what else lurks here

<Denise> ...

<Hettienne> ...

<Denise> what else does lurk here? o_O

<Hettienne> Mushrooms?

<Ghost> <w> When the fungus destroys them, my children will gnaw their bones.

<Hettienne> <m> God damn mushrooms

<Enver> Uh.. that seems ... not so good.

<Denise> what iof the musrooms take over your children >.>

<Ghost> <w> My children will not be taken by the invaders... they know how to scurry and hide

<Denise> we saw some rats what were all infected when we came down here before

<Denise> well, when we tried >.>

  • Ghost raises his hand and there is a rustling, unsettling sound from somewhere in the midst of the bones

<Denise> ...

<Argent> what do the invaders want here? we believe they seek this place.

<Ghost> <w> I guard the mother's tomb and the resting place of all our dead - if they do not seek that, then I have no quarrel with them.

<Denise> ...is the mother Emkathon?

<Denise> Isn't she already gone?

<Ghost> <w> Her resting place is a sacred site... I chose to stay, to guard it forever...

<Hettienne> We just came lookin' for something that's supposed to be here... like some kinda piece of our heritage

<Nycki> Who are you? I mean, do you have a name, so that we can be... on friendly terms, like?

<Ghost> <w> Name... yes. I had a name once. My name was Jann.

  • Ghost says as if it's been a long time since he's had to use it, or even think about it

<Hettienne> (does that mean anything to us scrubs)

<DiablotinNarrator> (ahh, I guess if anyone has k:history? or Denise, I think Ander's told you that particular story...)

<Denise> (he did't use the name)

<DiablotinNarrator> (okay)

<Denise> (though I can guess still :p)

<Denise> YOu're the ones who stayed back when the others left

<Ghost> <w> Yes... my children and I...

<Denise> ....not all your children >.>

<Argent> Jann, we fear the servants of the Fungus Queen seek something here. May we approach the alter and examine it?

  • Hettienne gives Den a look like 'what are you on about, girl'

<Denise> Didn't I tell you the story I had from Ander?

  • Denise whispers to her aunt

<Ghost> <w> You may.

<Hettienne> noooope

  • Ghost says with an emphasis on the 'you', to Argent.

<Denise> ...

<Denise> :|

  • Argent shrugs
  • Denise says when Aregnt can go

<Argent> any hints?

  • Argent asks before he goes
  • Ghost is going with you... he drifts along beside you, Argent, peering at you with unsettling blank eyes
  • Argent will go up to the alter and "check it out" as best he can... use detect magic and stuff...not really sure what he is looking for.

<DiablotinNarrator> (You can make a Perception roll, too)

  • Denise shuffles over towards the others to confer while he does that

<Hettienne> Well while he's gettin' a tour o' the tomb...

<Hettienne> ANyone see anything what looks like a red road?

<Denise> Ander said there were a bunch of folks who stayed behind at the emergence....

<Argent> (31)

<Denise> That it was his granda who led them >.>

<Denise> They were stayin' to rotect somethin' - he thought it was Emkathon, but no oenwver knew what happened to em @_@

<Hettienne> So this ghost it Ander's...?

<Hettienne> (is)

<Denise> I guess so :o

<Denise> he said all the sons satyed with theier da, but all the girls came out with their mam

<Hettienne> Huh.

<Nycki> We could check out the stream, maybe... that's the only thing even at all like a road that I see here.

  • Nycki says in answer to your question, Hettie
  • Denise nods

<Denise> yeah

<Hettienne> Maybe if you told him you're tight with his grandkid he'd help us more :p

<Hettienne> Yeah...

  • Hettienne ambles over towards the water/
  • Nycki sticks close with you

<Denise> Maybe, but like, I dunno of it were a friendy split >.>

  • Denise goes too, dividing her attention between picking her way through the bones with you guys and keeping an eye on Argent

<Denise> His gran is still alive though, but she's like really old @_@

<DiablotinNarrator> Hettie, the water has a reddish tint to it - maybe there's clay in it or something like that, but it's definitely a rusty shade.

<Hettienne> Hey hey.

<Hettienne> Red road.

<Denise> yeah

<Hettienne> What's the next bit?

<Nycki> I'm not sure how we're gonna follow it

<Hettienne> Is it deep?

  • Nycki points to the crevasse it flows into

<Hettienne> Hmmm...

<Nycki> Uh, door locked with a feather.

  • Nycki says re. the next bit

<Hettienne> Well, we got rope.

<Denise> do we got a boat? >.>

<Nycki> Yeah... but not sure Spooky there is gonna let us go down, if that's where he's guarding.

<Denise> :|

<Hettienne> Well let's have a chat when he's done with the boy.

<Denise> Argent

<DiablotinNarrator> Argent - you examine the raised platform carefully, but you don't find anything magical or especially strange about it, other than that it is sort of hanging right at the edge of this deep hole.

  • Argent looks back to the group when he hears his name
  • Argent ask Jenn

<Argent> Do you know what is down the hole?

<Ghost> <w> The mother's tomb.

<Ghost> <w> Your mother's mother's tomb.

  • Argent will go back to the group near the river

<Ghost> <w> You could join me here...

  • Ghost whispers after you as you go
  • Ghost drifts along after you

<Argent> <w> I cannot join you, there is too much for me to do still

<Argent> So nothing special on the alter... but down the pit...

<Ghost> <w> what could be more important than this?

<Ghost> <w> all of you could stay... you are all my children...

<Denise> ...

<Hettienne> Uhhhh what?

<Denise> like no way dude

<Denise> We got to take care of folks who are still livin' >:/

<Nycki> Yeah, thanks for the offer an' all, but we gotta be goin'

  • Enver holds on to Denise's hand, edging away from creepy dead grandpa.

<Nycki> Been real good talkin' with you though

<Denise> yeah...

  • Denise squeeaes Enver's hand, but will extricate herself from his grip incase she needs her hands >.>

<Argent> Jann, we cannot stay with you.

  • Ghost raises his hand again, and a cluster of ghostly rats emerge from the bones, approaching you on stealthy, insubstantial paws

<Hettienne> Awww nawwww man. -_-

<Ghost> <w> My duty will never be done... my children can never sleep.

<Denise> @_@

<Nycki> Okay fuck that.

  • Nycki is heading back to the noperope.

<Denise> yeah well.... looks like you got plenty to help you out @_@

<Denise> we're just gonna... go @_@

  • Hettienne will go with Nycki!

<Hettienne> We are out

  • Denise also, keeping herslef between the others and the ghostrats
  • Enver will make sure Denise is coming too, backing away carefully in the direction of the exit
  • Ghost will not pursue you further, then, as you depart from his territory
  • Argent goes with the group

<Argent> well that was... strange.

<Nycki> creepy as fuck, you mean?

<Hettienne> So much for treasure :/

<Hettienne> Let's go get drunk.

<Enver> Man, I don't wanna fight that guy... I just feel kinda sorry for him :/

<Denise> yeah @_@

<Denise> That's gonna be fun to tell the boss about later >.>

<Argent> at least we have an idea of what is down there

<Denise> yeah

<Denise> and

<Denise> like

<Enver> Maybe we can figure out some other way to get around him.

<Denise> we really can't let 'em build threogh there @_@

<Denise> first, that just ain't right

<Enver> Or like... get him to ... go to wherever dead folks go >.>

<Denise> \plus, like, folks'll just get et by ghostrats @_@

<Hettienne> Yeah.

<Hettienne> We gotta stop that.

  • Nycki nods

<Argent> there is likely a way we can get him to move on

<Denise> well though, if the treasure really were Emkathon's tomb then there ain't nothin' there

<Argent> are you certain?

<Denise> well... I now she ain't there

<Denise> I guess maybe there was stuff?

<Denise> I guess I figure if there were anythin', by now the folks who run that big temple woulda come got it?

<Nycki> Maybe they don't know about it?

<Hettienne> So what, we need a priest? Or a channel?

  • Nycki shrugs

<Argent> a priest

<Nycki> Maybe a channel might have better luck with this fella... dunno that he'd have much use for a priest.

<Nycki> but depends what they're gonna do, I guess

<Nycki> if it's to talk some sense into him, yeah :p

<Denise> I can let Mickey know and see that the channels think?

<Denise> Liek, they may wanna deal with it anyway?>

  • Nycki nods

<Denise> they can sort out a proest if that's what's right

<Denise> (priest)

Gen and Madds establish that neither of them is up for anything more than friendship

  • Madds will meet you at the Eleusinian Museum, Gen, since it's free and warm ;)
  • Genevriel is in the lobby reading a book called "Teach Yourself Celestial!" by Sister Grace Charlevoix, when he arrives.

<Madds> Hello :)

  • Genevriel tucks it away in her satchel and smiles for Madds.

<Genevriel> Hi... You've probably been here a million times before, but it's my first. So... anything you recommend seeing?

<Genevriel> If not, I'd be interested in checking out the Eastern Empire gallery.

<Madds> All right, sure.

  • Madds will lead the way in that direction, then.
  • Genevriel will head there and check out statues of ancient Psyrene gods, among others.

<Madds> How are you doing?

  • Genevriel silently asks in Celestial "Are you the One?" as she makes her rounds, chats a bit with Madds, and keeps an eye on him in case he needs to stop standing/walking, so that she can sit down with him before he has to ask.

<Genevriel> (It's the only phrase she has mastered so far.)

<Genevriel> Pretty good - and you?

<Madds> I'm all right.

<Genevriel> How's work?

<Madds> Busy.

<Genevriel> There were that many of us wrongdoers, were there?

  • Madds smiles slightly

<Madds> Well, even in cases where there wasn't actually wrongdoing, we still need to investigate what happened.

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> So, I've been wondering, given the restrictions placed on me - how far out is your uncle's farm? Will I need to get permission to leave the city overnight, or something like that? Whenever we decide to go.

<Madds> Well, it's about three or four hours' drive - but that's in good weather.

<Genevriel> I suspect we can't count on good weather.

  • Madds nods

<Madds> Maybe by the time the weather is better, the limitations on your travel will also have been lifted.

<Genevriel> If the weather gets better...

<Madds> Well, surely it has to eventually...

<Genevriel> I've been reading my uncle's papers - the winter is unusually bad, isn't it? And curiously, only within a certain distance of the city, where these ice fey happen to be settling in.

<Madds> Yes, that does seem to be the case.

<Madds> But that means there's something to be done about it, hopefully. If it was just natural, but awful, weather, we might be stuck with it ;)

<Genevriel> Perhaps.

<Genevriel> Madds... You mentioned last time that you have nightmares. Every night?

<Madds> Not every night... Some nights I don't sleep.

<Genevriel> ... Why?

<Madds> Because if I don't sleep, then I don't have nightmares. Duh ;)

  • Madds says with a faint hint of his old teasing smile
  • Genevriel looks a little embarrassed for having asked.

<Genevriel> I might be able to help with that, if you like.

  • Genevriel says in a rush.

<Madds> Oh? How?

  • Genevriel finds a gallery with nothing worth looking at and sits on a bench there.
  • Madds will sit down beside you, carefully because of his leg.

<Genevriel> This will sound crazy, and believe me, I did think I was probably crazy for the longest time after the war ended...

  • Madds listens

<Genevriel> When I rescued that Psyrene child soldier, I didn't do it alone... He was so badly burnt. He was dying. I asked the stars for help, and an entity I call the One answered. The One healed him. And... I can still call on it to heal people. A little. I wouldn't be able to fix your leg, I don't think.

<Genevriel> But I have learned a spell that lets me sleep through the night. I can cast it on you, if you like.

  • Madds nods slowly

<Madds> All right. I don't see how it could hurt, anyway.

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> And it will also be some proof for you that I really am not crazy.

  • Genevriel smiles slightly.

<Madds> I don't think you're crazy, Genny.

  • Genevriel will call on The One to cast Pleasant Dreams on Madds.

<Madds> I... suppose I won't know if it works until tonight?

<Genevriel> (Well, if he feels the tingling raw power like Dorien did, he'll know something weird just happened.  ;) )

<DiablotinNarrator> (he'll know something happened, but whether it fixes his nightmares, he won't know until later)

<Genevriel> Not unless you decide to take a nap sooner.

  • Genevriel smiles a little.
  • Madds smiles back

<Genevriel> It will last until this time tomorrow, but then it will have worn off.

<Madds> Well, thank you for trying, regardless. I'll let you know if it's effective.

<Genevriel> You're welcome. I wish I could make it last longer.

<Madds> It would be a good excuse to see you more often :)

  • Genevriel smiles a little nervously.

<Genevriel> About that... I think you know that some of your words last time scared me a little.

  • Madds nods

<Genevriel> I asked August - you remember him? - for advice, which boiled down to my having to speak with you about it.

  • Madds nods again

<Madds> That's usually sensible advice.

<Genevriel> Yes... but I am not always the most sensible person when it comes to feelings or understanding other people.

<Genevriel> So...

<Madds> Yes?

<Genevriel> I'm just wondering whether we're just friends, or if you would, ideally, like for us to be something more.

  • Genevriel says in a nervous rush.

<Madds> ...

<Madds> I don't know.

<Madds> I don't know whether I can be something more.

<Genevriel> Well, that makes two of us, then!

<Madds> I do know that I'm glad we found one another again, and that I enjoy spending time with you.

  • Genevriel nods.

<Madds> I know I've thought about you a lot over the years.

  • Genevriel nods again.

<Madds> But, ah... it wasn't only my leg that was injured. If you see what I mean.

  • Madds says quietly.

<Genevriel> (SM: he got castrated, or something else...?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (I don't know how you would know? he is suggesting he has some other sort of injury that would make intimacy difficult)

<DiablotinNarrator> (but that could be mental as much as physical)

<Genevriel> Oh, well...

<Genevriel> To be honest, that probably isn't such a big deal, for me.

<Madds> It's sort of a big deal for me, though.

<Genevriel> Yes, of course.

<Madds> And I might not be in any sort of shape to be a ... romantic partner for anyone.

  • Genevriel nods, mixed relief and regret evident in her features.

<Genevriel> I don't know if I could, either.

  • Madds nods

<Madds> For now, I think being friends is for the best.

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> That's good; I was going to tell you I needed time to get to know you again, anyway.

  • Madds nods

<Madds> All right. Thank you.

<Genevriel> Thank you, too.

  • Madds seems a bit relieved and regretful as well

<Genevriel> Um... May I hug you, at least?

<Madds> Yes, of course.

  • Madds will hug you
  • Genevriel hugs him tight. He still smells so good. ^-^

Aubrienne stops Jean-Faust from murdering Dasra and Raimond

<DiablotinNarrator> Aubrienne, your phone rings at an unacceptably early hour.

  • Aubrienne will wait a few rings to see if Jed will get it, then grumble as she gets up to get it herself.

<Aubrienne> Hello?

<Ethaine> He's gone!

  • Ethaine sounds panicky and upset over the phone line

<Aubrienne> Who's gone, Mama?

<Aubrienne> Jean-Faust?

<Ethaine> Your brother!

<Aubrienne> Void!

<Aubrienne> I mean, dang.

<Aubrienne> Do you know when he left? Like, recently?

<Ethaine> He didn't come to breakfast this morning. I thought maybe he was sleeping in, so I let him rest...

<Ethaine> But then I stepped outside to pick up the milk and I saw that his bedroom window was open, and it's so cold, I thought that was odd...

<Ethaine> And he wasn't in his room at all!

<Ethaine> I already called the Orecalos and they said he hasn't come there, but they're keeping an eye out in case he does. Your father's out looking for him.

<Aubrienne> Huh, I thought for sure he'd be at the Orecalos' if he wasn't home...

<Aubrienne> I'll be there as soon as I can and I'll help Papa look.

<Ethaine> They - or someone else? I don't know - might be able to scry on him, but it'll take some time.

<Ethaine> Thank you, please, come as soon as you can!

  • Aubrienne will go get dressed
  • Jedrezej stirs groggily

<Aubrienne> (Is Jed home? Also, is my car fixed?)

<Jedrezej> Something wrong?

<Aubrienne> (Answers the one :))

<DiablotinNarrator> (your car should be fixed by now, yeah)

  • Aubrienne throws a coat onto Jed

<Jedrezej> uhh

<Aubrienne> I need your help.

<Jedrezej> 'kay?

<Aubrienne> Jean-Faust is missing,

  • Jedrezej will pull it on, also some pants >.>

<Jedrezej> Oh. Shit.

<Aubrienne> (Pants? Meh,)

<Jedrezej> (man, it's cold out there, he has to protect his assets)

<Aubrienne> (The moneymaker, as it were?)

<Jedrezej> (indeed)

  • Jedrezej gets ready to go, then
  • Aubrienne will head down to the car and race over to her parents' house

<Jedrezej> I don't have any spells... I mean, I barely got any rest. So I hope I don't need them...

<Aubrienne> (I assume Aubrienne is pretty tapped out, too?)

<Jedrezej> (yeah, probably - whatever you use in the show, anyway)

<Aubrienne> You and me both, pal.

<Jedrezej> Any idea where to start looking?

<Aubrienne> I just can't imagine where he would go.

  • Jedrezej thinks about it for a bit

<Jedrezej> What about the creepy trees?

<Aubrienne> It's certainly possible. Let's let my mother know and then we'll head that way.

<Jedrezej> Or... maybe to talk to other soldiers from his unit? I don't know.

  • Jedrezej nods

<Aubrienne> Possibly Raimond, if he still has trees in his head...

<Jedrezej> that seems bad, either way

  • Aubrienne will call some of the neighborhood patrol folks/people who helped rescue her brother when she gets to her parents' house.

<Aubrienne> (Just to let them know what's going on)

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay, I'll assume you can get some of them anyway - those who have phones, and are home

<DiablotinNarrator> (Zola gets an early morning phone call ;)

  • Zola stumbles around a bit cursing Hector
  • Aubrienne will apologize profusely for the hour

<Zola> Aubrienne? O_o

<Aubrienne> Zola, I'm really sorry to be calling right now, it's just there may be something of an emergency.

<Zola> What is it, honey?

<Aubrienne> My brother is missing.

<Zola> He is? What about Eirlys?

<Aubrienne> He's not at home and he's not at the Orecalos', and he didn't tell anyone where he was going.

  • Zola wishes Bastien could make coffee.

<Aubrienne> (Unseen servant could, if you have that spell. ;))

<Zola> Oh no :/

<Zola> Is there something I can do?

<Aubrienne> I guess I just wanted to let people know. He's so wrapped up in all this fey stuff, and it seems like we do better when everyone is informed, so...

<Aubrienne> I'm not sure? I don't want to ask everyone to drop what they're doing and look for him, but I guess keep an eye out? If he visits the club, maybe?

<Zola> Sure...

  • Aubrienne makes a mental note to ask Lathra to check in on Raimond.

<Zola> I'll get my things together in case we need to go after him.

<Aubrienne> I appreciate it, Zola. You're a doll.

<Zola> Do you have somewhere to look?

<Aubrienne> Jed and I are going to check the growth in the Shade, and then call on Raimond. I guess we'll see from there.

<Zola> OK, you give me a call when you have a plan. And if I'm not here, try me the club or Hugo's. I might go get him prepped too.

<Aubrienne> Okay. Thanks again.

<Zola> Hugs!

<Aubrienne> Likewise. Stay safe! And warm!

<Zola> You too.

  • Aubrienne will get ready to head out

<Zola> Hey, don't do anything unsafe at the mushroom farms OK?

<Zola> Call us first.

<Aubrienne> I'll do my best.

<Jedrezej> So, first stop, the creepy forest?

<Aubrienne> (Which I almost typed as 'I'll do my beast', which is a whole other thing...)

<Aubrienne> It's as good an idea as any, unless there was anything in his room that might indicate his plans.

  • Ethaine didn't find any note or obvious sign of that - his coat and boots are missing, so at least he's dressed for the weather, but otherwise nothing taken

<Jedrezej> Maybe you should let me drive... that way you can be on lookout duty.

  • Jedrezej politely does not say 'you're too upset to drive' ;p

<Aubrienne> Sure.

  • Aubrienne tosses him her keys.

<Aubrienne> Mama, we'll find him.

  • Aubrienne gives her a hug.
  • Ethaine gives you a tight hug back

<Ethaine> I'll stay here, in case he comes back, or anyone calls...

<Aubrienne> That's a good plan. Hopefully he just wanted some time to himself and he'll be back on his own.

  • Aubrienne doesn't sound convinced, but tries to make it sound plausible for her mom.
  • Ethaine nods
  • Jedrezej will drive us to creepy trees, then
  • Aubrienne will keep a lookout

<DiablotinNarrator> The trees look taller, and still creepy, but you don't see your brother anywhere near them.

<Aubrienne> Jean-Faust!

<Aubrienne> Hello?!

<DiablotinNarrator> The branches whisper softly to you, unhelpfully.

<DiablotinNarrator> A pair of guards walks by and gives you a puzzled look.

<Aubrienne> I don't suppose you've seen anyone around here?

<Aubrienne> Looks like this?

  • Aubrienne produces a photo.

<DiablotinNarrator> The guards look at it and shake their heads. "You need some help, miss?" one of them asks.

<Aubrienne> It's rather a lot to explain, but my brother is missing, and he has a connection to the fey, and these trees are also related...we're just trying to find him.

<DiablotinNarrator> "Well, we patrol along here. We can keep an eye out if we see him in the area."

<Aubrienne> I'd really appreciate it, thank you.

  • Aubrienne will give him their parents' number and her and Jed's.

<Aubrienne> (Which might not be the best idea, but she's distraught)

<Jedrezej> To M. Treebrain's house next?

  • Jedrezej asks you

<Aubrienne> Yes, but be careful. If we have an accident, there will be rumors about me and shadar-kai passengers.

<Jedrezej> Well as long as it doesn't involve an axe to the fender, it should be fine.

  • Jedrezej will drive us across the river, then, to the Grand

<Aubrienne> I'm just saying, we weren't expecting it last time.

  • Aubrienne rides along keeping a pointless lookout

<DiablotinNarrator> You arrive at Dasra and Raimond's house. The door is slightly ajar, which is odd given the weather.

<Jedrezej> ...

<Aubrienne> Well, shit.

<Aubrienne> Give me a moment.

  • Jedrezej nods
  • Aubrienne will open her spellbook to switch out for some useful spells

<Aubrienne> (I'm assuming she had it along specifically for this. She keeps it on her more since the got the thing that lets her change her prepared spells)

<DiablotinNarrator> ('kk)

  • Aubrienne will Mage Armor us both up (unless he has one prepped and available), and give him Invisibility before we go inside.

<DiablotinNarrator> He can probably manage his own Mage Armor - he's low but not totally tapped out, anyway.

<Aubrienne> (Heh. Is it human privilege to think you wouldn't need Mage Armor prepped for a normal day? ;))

<DiablotinNarrator> (heh)

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay - heading inside, then?

  • Aubrienne will try to be as quiet as possible heading in, keeping any eye (and ear, and...nostril, I guess out)

<Aubrienne> (Again with scent being a weird power)

<DiablotinNarrator> (heh)

<DiablotinNarrator> (roll Perception and Scent I guess?)

<Aubrienne> !roll 1d20+8

  • Zola rolls for Aubrienne: [ 1d20+8 ] getting [ 13 ] which, after the modifier [ 8 ] totals [ 21 ].

<Aubrienne> !roll 1d20+5

  • Zola rolls for Aubrienne: [ 1d20+5 ] getting [ 2 ] which, after the modifier [ 5 ] totals [ 7 ].

<Aubrienne> (per then scent)

<DiablotinNarrator> Once you make it inside the door, you can hear some sounds from upstairs - probably in the direction of Raimond's room.

<Dasra> please... please don't...

  • Dasra begs, sounding distraught
  • Aubrienne will rush up the stairs

<Aubrienne> Dasra!

  • Dasra is standing across the doorway, with Jean-Faust pointing a gun at her.

<Jean-Faust> I'm sorry... I don't want to hurt you.

<Aubrienne> Jean-Faust!

  • Jean-Faust says, sounding as if he's crying

<Aubrienne> What are you doing?

  • Jean-Faust turns in your direction

<Jean-Faust> the seed needs to grow

<Aubrienne> Okay...

<Aubrienne> What does that mean, bratic?

  • Aubrienne tries to sound as soothing as possible

<Jean-Faust> It's inside him... it needs to come out.

<Aubrienne> All right, I can understand that.

  • Aubrienne will try to get closer, edging towards Dasra.

<Aubrienne> Is this something we can talk about?

<Jean-Faust> Don't try to stop me!

  • Jedrezej invisibly circles around Jean-Faust, and will tackle him from behind, becoming visible when he does so.
  • Aubrienne will push Dasra out of the way and go for the gun
  • Jean-Faust 's gun goes off, fortunately only injuring the wallpaper
  • Jean-Faust struggles, but between you and Jed, you can manage to pin him down, and soon he just starts sobbing instead of fighting back

<Aubrienne> (Once he's not fighting back, Aubrienne will try to wrangle him into more of a hug-hold.)

<Aubrienne> <rat> It'll be okay, little brother, it will be all right.

  • Dasra goes to grab the phone
  • Dasra will call the guards, unless you want to try and prevent her from doing so

<Aubrienne> Dasra, please, don't.

  • Dasra hesitates
  • Dasra hangs up again, slowly

<Aubrienne> I'm sorry, but he needs help, and the guards will just get him to them eventually.

<Dasra> Who should I call?

<Aubrienne> We can get him some assistance sooner.

<Aubrienne> (Wait a sec, aren't the Orecalos' out of town?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (Xan and Justen are, but San and co. are home)

<Aubrienne> (Ah, okay)

  • Aubrienne will give Dasra their number,
  • Dasra will phone them, then.

<Aubrienne> It may mean guards are sent, but they'll know more what's going on.

<Aubrienne> Dasra, I'm so sorry.

<Dasra> He... he said he didn't want to hurt me...

<Dasra> but what was he going to do to Raimond?

<Aubrienne> I'm not sure, but I don't think anything good.

<Aubrienne> We need to find a solution to Raimond's problem, and sooner rather than later.

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay, once she phones, San will show up basically immediately, teleporting in - he's polite enough to teleport to the front door and walk in, at least ;)

<DiablotinNarrator> Probably San can put Jean-Faust out cold if that's easiest - he will probably think that's easiest anyway >.>

<Aubrienne> Seems fair.

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay - then he'll subdue him, and say he's taking him to his house, and suggest you let your parents know where he is.

  • Jedrezej will make sure you're okay
  • Aubrienne will stay to try to calm Dasra as best she can and help Raimond if necessary, then phone her parents and head over to pick them up and head to the Orecalos'

<Aubrienne> I'm okay, Jed. Are you?

<Jedrezej> I'm okay... not really built for full-contact sports though.

<Jedrezej> Other than the fun ones.

<Aubrienne> You were quite dashing, though. Shame no one else saw you do it.

<Jedrezej> You can spread the tale of my glory far and wide.

<Jedrezej> C'mon... let me get you home?

<Aubrienne> Least I can do, I suppose.

<Aubrienne> Sure.


Denise tells Ander about the ghost in the Undercity

  • Denise thinks Denise might not leave this to just 'whenever she can score a few minutes of the boss's time at work'

<Ander> *nod*

<Ander> want to go to his apartment, then? or at least, phone his apartment and arrange to meet sooner?

<Denise> Go to his place

<Denise> I dn't know where she'd get a phone >.>

<Ander> k

<Denise> I wasn't sure what the usual routine was - if she usually met them there to drive to the club or what

<Ander> that would make sense, if she's driving him these days

<Denise> yeah

  • Denise will show up early then and hope that is not terribly inconvenient

<Ander> (oh I guess I might need a Ralf too, huh)

<Ander> (unless you want to talk to Ander privately?)

<Denise> (although I don't know that they keep a tight schedule >.>)

<Denise> (nah<, I think she figures probably he'll hear it anyway :p)

  • Denise knocks
  • Ander and Ralf are having a bit of quiet time - Ander reading, Ralf cleaning and sharpening his knives
  • Ralf will get up to go answer the door, though

<Ralf> Oh, hey - kinda early, ain't ya?

<Denise> uh, yeah.... I gotta talk to the boss though, if that's okay

<Ralf> Somethin' wrong?

<Denise> mmm... sorta, yeah

<Ralf> Well, c'mon in

<Denise> not anything that can be fixed quick though, I don't think

<Denise> thanks Ralf

<Ralf> There's coffee made if you want some

  • Denise will come in and glance around, giving Killer and Prince a quick smile :3

<Denise> swell, thanks.

  • Ralf will get you some, then

<Ander> Hey Dee - what's up?

  • Denise will procure some, since making herslef at home always seems slightly less awkward than expecting them to wait on her :V

<Denise> hey boss...

  • Denise stes down in onf ot the living room chairs

<Denise> a bunch if stuff is up

<Denise> :|

<Ander> Yeah?

<Ander> By the look on your face, it ain't good stuff either

<Denise> no, not so much

<Denise> so, you remember me sayin' 'bout how me and Enver was goin' with Aunt Hettie an' Nyckie looking for that treausre that's supposed to be down in the undercity?

<Ander> Yeah...

<Denise> so, we got further this time

<Denise> no more mushrooms this time, t least, though I know they're still down there

<Denise> well

  • Ander nods, listening

<Denise> so, you know how, like, a lot of our folk are supposed to be laid out down there?

  • Denise decides to start with the practical stuff first >.>

<Denise> in the Boneyard, I gues is how its called?

<Ander> Yeah, there's a big catacomb somewhere, from what I read.

  • Ander nods

<Denise> yeah

<Denise> well, we found that

<Denise> only, like, instead of filks bein' laid out in any kind of proper way.... its' just a big *mess* :|

<Ander> well... it's been a long time, yeah? Maybe water got in there, or animals messed it up...

<Denise> I don't think so

<Denise> no

  • Denise is pretty mad about this, the more she thinks about it

<Denise> >:|

<Denise> other folks had been through there, in the past few days

<Ander> What other folks?

<Denise> we're pretty sure it was folks from the trams

<Denise> the ones who wanna put them lines that goes underground :|

  • Ander frowns

<Denise> like.... there was a path cleared through

<Denise> yeah

<Denise> that ain't right boss!

<Ander> They gonna run a line through our people's graveyard?

<Denise> we can't just let 'em do that!

<Ralf> That's some fuckin' nerve.

<Denise> but like....

<Denise> even if that weren't *terrible*

<Denise> Like... ugh

<Denise> It *is* terrible but also, uh...

<Denise> there's, um..... a guardian there

<Ander> What sorta guardian?

<Denise> A ghost.

<Ander> well, that ain't good

<Denise> an, like.... his "children"

<Denise> which far as we can figure is a whole bunch of ghost rats >.>

<Denise> but, um, boss.... it ain't just any ghost.

  • Ander looks puzzled

<Denise> You know the story you told me, 'bout the folks who stayed behind....

<Ander> ...yeah...

<Denise> Yeah

<Denise> Well, he said his name was Jann, anyway

<Denise> if that's got some meanin' for you >.>

<Ander> ...

<Ander> yeah. it does.

  • Denise nods

<Ander> you talked to him?

<Denise> yeah

<Denise> he was real focused on the whole guardian thing

<Denise> Guardin' the bones....

  • Ander nods slowly, as if trying to absorb this

<Denise> and the tomb of 'the Mother'

<Denise> which I figure peolly is Emkathon

<Denise> least when I said she was gone, he said he was gonna stay an guard the place anyway 'cause it was scared.

<Denise> sacred

<Ralf> So if he's guardin' the place, what's he gonna do when they run a tram line through there?

<Denise> I do't know much about ghosts

<Denise> but I bet nothin' real nice >.>

<Denise> he was like 'you shoudl stay with me and guard this place' and we just got the void right out of there @_@

<Ander> That was prolly a good plan.

<Ander> From anythin' I know he didn't quite have all his marbles even when he was alive... I can't imagine bein' a ghost helps >.>

<Denise> yeah

<Denise> he just seemed real.... single minded, say >.>

<Ander> this whole thing ain't right.

<Denise> no, it really ain't

<Denise> *plus* the mushroom folk are still down there too

<Denise> he didn't seem to care much 'bout them though

<Denise> 'cause they weren't messing with the stuff he was lookin' after, I guess

<Ander> I wonder if Rionet knows 'bout the tram stuff.

<Ander> 'cause I can't imagine he'd be on board with that, if he knew

<Denise> I can't figure anyone who ain't a right asshole would be onboard if they knew >:|

<Denise> there's gotta be something we can do, right?

<Ander> Well, for starters, I'm gonna talk to him. He wants me to do all this politics shit, so I'm gonna do it. We'll get it in the paper too, if we gotta.

  • Denise nods

<Ander> Figure out whose bright idea it was, an' get 'em to find a different route

<Ander> If they wanna have us folks work on their tunnels - an' I bet they will - they're gonna have a surprise comin'.

<Denise> un huh

<Denise> no kiddin' >:|

<Ander> I dunno what to say about my... about the ghost, though.

<Denise> I don't know, boss :|

<Denise> I just figured you oughtta know about it

  • Ander nods

<Denise> I would advice agains't goin' down an lookin' though, cuaee I bet he'd not be real keep to let you go an I ain't realy sure on how to fight a ghost

<Ander> I... appreciate it

<Ander> I don't plan on fightin' him, anyhow.

<Ander> You shouldn't either :p

<Denise> yeah

<Denise> I'd rather not, anyway

<Denise> I dunno if folks are planin' on goin' back still or what, maybe tryin' to find another way

  • Ander nods

<Denise> ...

<Ralf> There's gotta be some way to get him to ... give up the ghost? ;p

<Denise> well, I figured, maybe the channels can deal with him some how?

<Ander> Maybe they'll have some idea, I guess, yeah...

<Denise> maybe they even knew he was there alread, I dunno

<Denise> I was gonna get my brother to tell the others

<Ander> They go down there more'n just about anyone else, so maybe they do already know, yeah...

  • Ander isn't sure how to feel about that either

<Denise> maybe you shoudl talk to Channel Sylvia, if you're gonna go see the other Rionet anyway >.>

<Ander> I'll see, yeah.

<Denise> ...

<Denise> So does all that mean you *are* gonna do that politics thing?

<Ander> Oh, ah. Yeah, well. Gonna give it a go.

<Denise> oh. okay.

<Denise> I bet you'll be real good at it :)

<Ander> thanks :)

  • Ander musters a slight smile, but is still a bit preoccupied with all this other stuff
  • Denise doesn't realllllly know what that means for her but worry about that later maybe >.>

<Ander> It's still a ways off, we'll figure it out.

<Denise> yeah...

<Denise> we got other things to worry about now @_@

  • Ander nods

<Denise> ...

<Denise> are we still gonna go to the club tonight?

<Ander> I, uh...

<Ander> I dunno if I'm up to it tonight.

<Ander> Might be I gotta make some phone calls, too.

<Denise> sorrym boss

<Denise> :/

<Ander> ain't your fault

<Ander> void, you're doin' all this extra work I ain't even asked you to, I prolly owe you a bonus or summat :)

<Denise> you want me to go, an see if there's anythin' important comes up there?

<Ander> Well, if you go, you take your fella.

<Denise> :3

  • Ander gets his wallet out and hands you a 50.

<Denise> :o

<Ander> Just a little somethin' extra.

<Denise> thanks boss @_@

  • Ander nods

<Denise> I guess I'll get goin' then, and leave you to do....whatever you gotta do :3

<Ander> Sure. Anythin' urgent comes up, you know where to find me.

<Denise> yeah, I'll give you a call :3

<Ander> sure thing

  • Denise will go collect Enver then and go to the club :3 :3 :3
  • Denise feels better putting some of that in responsible adult hands >.>
  • Ander will make some phone calls

Denise and Enver chat with Zola

  • Zola mills about the place
  • Denise will go collect Enver after her talk with Ander and tell him what's up >.>

<Denise> (possibly collect him from the cellar to let georn know she is borrowing him >.>)

  • Enver is filled in ;)
  • Denise will show up then sans her usual entourage with with a boooooooooy :o
  • Enver wears his least-crappy clothing
  • Denise will help him with that ^-^
  • Zola is standing off to the side, smoking as she watches one of the musical acts, and taps her feet along.
  • Denise will try and flag down Zola at some point, anyway :3

<Denise> hey Mlle. Zola :3

  • Zola catches sight of the two and looks a bit confused at first, before it dawns on her.

<Zola> Heyyy, Kid!

  • Zola spreads her arms, holding the cigarette a safe distance away, and leans in to give her a peck.

<Zola> This must be that handsome fellow you were telling me about.

  • Denise will give you a hug

<Denise> uh huh ^-^

  • Zola gives him a pointedly knowing smile.

<Enver> Ah, hi

<Denise> Enver this is Mlle Zola :3

  • Enver smiles back nervously

<Enver> Nice to meet you.

  • Denise has surely talked to him about her and all ^-^

<Zola> Enver, right?

<Enver> That's right.

<Zola> You two here on your own tonight?

<Denise> Yeah, the boss couldn't make it tonight so he tlk=d me to bring him along :3

<Denise> (told)

<Zola> Well good... spend all your time at a place on duty and it can spoil it, even as fun a place as this :)

<Enver> It's real swell

<Denise> well, 'm kiiinda still on duty, but I ain't expectin' anything exciting, so it ain' like *real* work ;3

  • Enver says, looking around the room

<Zola> Who're you musclin' for right now, your boy? :)

<Denise> heh

<Denise> ^-^

  • Enver smiles at that

<Denise> naw, but just someone's gotta be in here case someone comes lookin' for the boss, is all

<Zola> Anyone disrespects you, you just get her to clock 'em. She's good at that :D

<Enver> Yeah, she sure is :)

<Zola> Ah, well, on-call's better than nothing...

<Zola> You two hitting the dance floor, or do you have time for a drink?

<Denise> We could have a drink :3

<Enver> Sure

<Zola> Alright, first round's on me :)

<Denise> then mabe see if we can figure out the dancin'

  • Denise says, glancing at Enver :3
  • Zola waves to Neva to have someone come 'round to pick up the order and takes us to a table

<Denise> that's swell of you :3

<Enver> well, we could give it a try

  • Enver says re. dancing

<Enver> I don't know all the steps an' that, but it looks fun

<Denise> yeah, same

<Zola> Well if things get too out of hand I might be able to run you through the moves. :D

<Denise> heh, if we get real mixed up we'll let you know ^-^

<Denise> I figure some of it's like fightin' an I can figure it out by watchin' other folks

  • Zola laughs.

<Zola> Just remember not to make contact quite so hard, or he'll really feel it in the morning.

<Enver> heh

  • Denise maybe blushes a little
  • Denise takes a drink

<Enver> Ah, I can take it ^-^

<Zola> I like that in a fella :V

  • Denise takes another drink, blushing more
  • Enver sips his drink as well

<Denise> so um, how're things with you? :3

<Zola> I should be good, or your gal won't be able to dance.

<Zola> (What'll this be, relative to the ewdding?)

<Zola> (datewise even)

<Enver> (not sure - couple days later maybe?)

<Zola> (k)

<Zola> Pretty crazy, actually... did you hear about the shooting?

<Denise> no, I don't think so?

<Denise> who got shot? :o

<Zola> (Hmm, maybe this is the day after talking with Ander?)

<Zola> (I suppose maybe C just has them spaced arbitrarily :P)

<Denise> (it can be rearranged)

<Zola> Well, we had a bit of a wedding here on 4th-day and after a lovely evening, someone felt the need to shoot one of the grooms on the way out.

<Zola> (Yeah I was just thinking I'd leave it to her to space out again :P)

<Zola> Well, I guess it wasn't an evening, even if it felt like one... more of an afternoon.

<Denise> (according to the timeline now, the wedding was on the 4th and this would be on the 6th)

<Denise> (So I think its fine)

<Denise> aww man, that ain't no way to do a weddin' :/

<Enver> was he okay?

<Zola> Yeah, he seemed pretty pissed, which is a lot more together than I'd be if osmeone just shot me.

<Zola> Then again, maybe if it was on my wedding...

<Denise> did the shooter get caught? :o

<Zola> You bet your bunnies he did.

<Zola> Haft, you know the bouncer? He takes off after this jerk on the roof across the street, climbing the outside of the building and everything.

<Denise> aww yeah :D

<Enver> wow

<Denise> Haft's a warforger

<Denise> (d)

  • Denise explains for Enver

<Zola> Hugo gets in this spell, called Hideous Laughter, so you can hear the rascal cackling something creepy... while I get a little healing into the groom.

  • Enver nods, listening

<Zola> Haft gets up onto the roof to give pursuit, but he's liable to get away, and I'm pretty pissed myself. A wedding, REALLY?

<Denise> yeah, that just ain't on

<Zola> So I know this trick that can let me act real speedy, so I figure I'll give chase and see if I can razzle-dazzle him... and it all works out... Hugo says he zinged him with something to slow him down too, last time he spots him on the rooftops

<Zola> I kick off my shoes and tear down the street to cut him off... and it works! And then there Haft is... BAM.

<Denise> :D

<Zola> Takes him clean off the roof and into the cobblestone!

<Denise> oh wow!

<Enver> that's gotta smart

<Zola> I kinda thought maybe we'd have to call a priest to ask him questions at that point, but he managed to survive that, AND Haft's knock out punch for good measure.

<Denise> huh, that's one tough fella :o

<Zola> Not sure what his beef was with the groom, but Haft said he was some sort of bloodforged? Had a metal arm stuck on like he was half warforged.

<Denise> ...

<Denise> SERVAN AIGEL? :o

<Denise> You *caught* him? :o

<Denise> :o :o :o

<Enver> is that the same guy who took a shot at Ander?

<Zola> <r> Was that some Rat I don't know?

<Denise> he ain't no rat

<Denise> just an asshole >:|

<Denise> an yeah

<Zola> Oh a name!

<Denise> yeah

<Zola> Well that's odd, him knowing your boss...

<Denise> well, he don't really *know* him

<Denise> The boss was tryin' to find out who he was for me an' Aunt Hettie

<Zola> I don't know his name, exactly, I haven't really followed up with the police...

<Denise> 'cause he's mixed up in gettin my uncle's man killed >:|

<Zola> Awww :/

<Zola> I suppose there can't be many metal armed men in town, and if it's not this Servan guy, he might well know him.

<Denise> yeah

<Zola> (What kind of name is Servan Aigel?)

<Zola> (Like, geographically or whatev.)

<Denise> I ougtta buy half a drink or somethin'

<Denise> "csept I don;t know that he can drink >.>

<Enver> (I think you can afford a whole drink ;)

<Zola> (I took a long time to figure out what that should be, and was so confused.)

<Denise> (haft)

<Zola> (Does Haft drink? :P I'm guessing no?)

<Enver> (I don't think he needs to. In theory maybe he could just for the experience?)

<Enver> (geographically, uh... pseudonymous, perhaps? I don't think it evokes any specific region/area for Zola)

<Zola> (kk)

<Zola> Well, I'm sure we can figure something out as a prize :)

<Zola> And I guess if your boss Ander wants words with him, he can drop by his cell.

<Denise> It ain't that easy to get a word with somoene when they're in the slammer >.>

<Denise> Once they're in the Creux they only let you in to see 'em if somethin' real bad goes down

<Denise> but I dunno of they could keep him there,

  • Denise ponders

<Denise> he can shoot fire outta that arm of his, an other stuff

<Zola> o_O

<Enver> Did you figure out why he attacked this fella?

<Zola> Well... I do hope Haft warned them about that sort of thing...

<Zola> No, I figured they could sort that out with the police...

<Zola> Not much I could do about it, either way.

<Denise> yeah :/

<Denise> but he were alright?

<Denise> I didn't now there was anyway guys could get married :o

<Denise> (know)

<Zola> Yeah, Neva came out as we were dragging this guy back and got the groom all patched up.

<Zola> Well, you can and you can't...

<Zola> It's more about ... the symbol of your bond, sworn before the Gods.

<Zola> The law's not going to pay it much mind.

<Enver> huh

<Zola> Cat knows all kinds of love ^_^

<Denise> enh

<Denise> I guess I ain't too worried about the law, anyway :p

<Zola> Anyway, it's certainly not something to hang out on a rooftop and shoot someone over...

<Denise> yeah, no kiddin'

<Enver> Maybe he had a beef with the guy for some other reason

<Denise> I should let the boss know - an Serges Yves

<Denise> an Aunt Hettie

<Denise> maybe there is some way to get in an get some answers outta him >.>

<Zola> Well, he was from Psyra, but he fought on our side... so I'm not sure that's what matters.

<Zola> Maybe Ander knows someone who can take up the case for your uncle's boy?

<Denise> maybe

<Denise> ...

<Denise> >.>

<Denise> I know someone who maybe could >.>

  • Denise eyes Enver

<Denise> I'll let AUnt Hettie sort that out though

  • Enver nods

<Zola> Well, feel free to pass on a spare kick in the teeth on behalf of me 'n G-... the grooms.

<Zola> If the opportunity arises.

<Denise> I think we got plenty of them gto go around

<Zola> For a city so big... it sure seems awful small lately.

<Denise> yeah

<Zola> I guess there's a reason for all the stuff happening here though...

<Denise> oh yeah?

<Denise> like, in the city?

<Zola> Well, I imagine, but I mean in the club itself. I guess that river that runs under the club, all build over, it's sort of... powerful?

<Zola> That's what's drawing things here.

<Denise> huh

  • Denise looks at Enver

<Denise> you know what's under here?

  • Enver thinks about it for a moment

<Enver> Round here, there's a stream, the Stonerun. Goes from up north of the city somewhere, down through Rhenea an' the Castalia to the Ousel. Mostly all built over nowadays.

<Zola> I guess it's got some power left in it, from whoever knows how many centuries ago... millennia?

<Denise> Like, fey power stuff?

<Zola> Yeah. Seems to be why the Cold Rider was summoned here.

<Denise> huh

<Enver> It ain't hardly but a trickle in some places... like, you could step over it easy.

<Denise> but if it runs all under the city, that don't still say why *here* an not in like, some cellar somewhere

<Denise> maybe its bigger?

<Enver> I could look into what all's down under here

<Enver> Like, maybe there's somethin' else apart from just a stream

<Zola> Might not want to do that ...

<Zola> Our friend in the band might object.

<Denise> well, if there's fey power stuff... I don't want you lookin' by yourself

  • Zola looks at Denise

<Denise> *plus* maybe that's where them mushroom folks are all at >.>

<Zola> It's probably his river after all

<Denise> well then he shouldn't be lettin folks be summonin' antler folks with it!

<Enver> I don't gotta go there to look - I could ask around if anyone knows, though. Like if there's some thing particular.

<Denise> okay

<Zola> Well, he might not exactly be able to do anything about that.

<Zola> But it'd be a shame if he was down there pretending to be a pile of gold and then drowns your boy here for his impertinence.

<Zola> Who knows what sort of sensitivities he's got about it

<Denise> maybe someone oughhta ask hij if them mushroom folks *are* down there >..

  • Enver looks puzzled at that

<Denise> So.... he's in the band, huh?

<Zola> (His name was said in the chat with Argent/Aubrienne)

<Denise> (oh right)

<Denise> (Maybe D didn't make the connection >.>)

  • Denise looks at Enver

<Denise> remember when I was asking about that uh.... grim... fey....thing

<Denise> ?

<Denise> with the rivers?

<Enver> oh, yeah

<Denise> yeah

<Enver> there's so much weird stuff goin' on...

<Denise> no kiddin' :/

<Zola> I used to think it was wierd just thinking about that big Shadar-kai city sharing the same space across the planes with Ariege... but this city blows that well out of the water.

<Denise> yeah :/

<Zola> More shops though :V

<Denise> an other bstuff

  • Denise says, thinking about that subway >.>

<Zola> Not that it's really great fashion weather. But I guess that's a blessing in disguise too... it's keeping the blight at bay...

<Denise> eh?

<Zola> All the cold... the blight can't spread

<Denise> oh...

<Denise> I guess that's why they're all underground, maybe

  • Denise pokes Enver

<Zola> ... they're what?

<Denise> you be careful :3

<Denise> the mushroom folks!

<Denise> and then rats

<Denise> it ain't so cold everywhere in the undercity

<Enver> Yeah

<Zola> ... you mean like that one in the mushroom farm? There's more?

<Enver> I will, I promise

<Zola> And mushroom rats?

  • Zola looks confused

<Enver> plus undead rats

<Denise> I told you 'bout them already...

<Zola> (Oh, whoops)

<Zola> (>_>)

<Denise> I don't even know if the undeead rats got anything to do with the fey

<Denise> but the fungusy ones, for sure

  • Enver nods

<Zola> What the hell, Diablotin?

<Denise> well

<Denise> Our folks lived under the city for a rea long time without no one knowin' thgat

<Denise> who knows what other kinda secrets its got?

<Zola> I was thinking that about the river... maybe there were fey living here around it for a long even time after the Empire set up shop.

<Denise> prolly

<Denise> maybe thyey were in the undercity too :p

<Denise> Maybe ask your friend if he'd been there

<Denise> in the band

<Zola> Maybe we'll get the chance.

<Denise> oh hey

  • Denise pokes Enver

<Enver> yeah?

<Denise> Maybe you coudl see if there's any of that old writin on the walls down around there, without actually goin' down there?

<Denise> or we coould

<Enver> sure :)

<Zola> Just be careful, you two.

<Denise> we will :3

<Zola> No necking in dangerous environs

  • Zola tut tuts

<Denise> >.>

<Enver> >.>

<Zola> I mean it! That's what fake danger is for... like public parks and things.

<Denise> only danger there is freezin' ;p

<Zola> And getting caught with his hand on your boob.

<Denise> pfft

<Denise> I ain't talkin my tits out when its that cold ;p

  • Zola laughs

<Zola> That's what the hand is �for�

  • Denise still looks dubious

<Zola> It's not so bad?

<Zola> Well... I guess that was before this cold rider >_>

<Denise> un huh

<Enver> we got better places to get up to that sorta thing ;)

<Denise> yeah ^-^

<Zola> Well good.  :3

<Enver> So, ah, do you wanna try some dancin' now?

  • Enver asks Denise now that our drinks are done

<Zola> Yes! Go! Dance! :D

<Denise> okay :3

Aubrienne tries to figure out why Jean-Faust was trying to murder people

  • Jean-Faust has one of the Orecalo sons who isn't Xan keeping an eye on him ;p

<Jean-Faust> (I think Taz would be eminently qualified ;p)

<Jean-Faust> (as both a war veteran and skilled puncher-inthe-face if necessary ;p)

<Jean-Faust> (ps that was totally Dozilva's idea and not San's :p)

<Aubrienne> (Does Aubrienne know him? If I recall correctly, Jed does.)

<Jean-Faust> (Jed did meet him - I'm not sure if Aubrienne has met him yet, but I guess she has now, if not before :)

<Aubrienne> (heh, fair)

<Jean-Faust> (he's half-SK, and kind of surly and tattooed ;)

<Jean-Faust> (so, you know, par for the course for SK...)

<Aubrienne> (Hmm, is it presumptuous to speak in SK?)

<Aubrienne> <quietly, in SK> How's he doing?

<Jean-Faust> (I don't think it would be - perhaps unexpected but not rude :)

  • Jean-Faust is now known as Tazenir

<Tazenir> <sk> He's resting now... kinda messed up, though.

<Tazenir> <sk> San poking around in his head doesn't help.

<Aubrienne> <sk> Has he found anything? Or is he just keeping him...calm?

<Tazenir> <sk> Well, he wouldn't tell me if he did.

<Aubrienne> <sk> Jean-Faust hasn't been any more trouble, has he?

<Tazenir> <sk> But he's keeping him calm anyway.

<Tazenir> <sk> No, he's no trouble. Or at least, I see it like anyone else who came back from the war hurt somehow. I feel bad for the kid, and I hope someone can help him.

<Tazenir> <sk> So don't worry about whether he's getting in the way, or any of that sort of thing. Just worry about your brother.

<Aubrienne> <sk> Thank you. I appreciate all the help everyone has been. And I am, deeply, worried about him.

<Tazenir> <sk> I'll stay outside in case there's any trouble.

  • Aubrienne will give a grateful nod and tentative smile in thanks and head inside.
  • Tazenir is now known as Jean-Faust

<Aubrienne> (Is he awake? How is he looking?)

  • Jean-Faust is lying in bed, but awake, and seems calmer than the last time you saw him. He looks like he's been crying a lot, though.

<Aubrienne> Hey there.

<Jean-Faust> hey

  • Jean-Faust says quietly

<Aubrienne> May I sit?

  • Jean-Faust shrugs and nods
  • Aubrienne takes a seat on the bed.

<Aubrienne> How are you feeling?

<Jean-Faust> tired... scared, but mostly confused...

<Aubrienne> Can you talk about it?

<Jean-Faust> I don't know what to say

<Jean-Faust> it's all like... a dream

<Aubrienne> As in you can't remember much of it?

<Jean-Faust> it feels like I was watching it, not ... not like it was really something I did

<Aubrienne> Do you feel like you weren't in control of yourself?

  • Jean-Faust nods

<Aubrienne> Did it seem like someone else was in control?

  • Jean-Faust thinks about that for a moment

<Jean-Faust> No... more like I just knew things that I had to do

<Aubrienne> What exactly did you feel you had to do?

<Jean-Faust> I had to go to that house, and find that man, and ... and...

<Aubrienne> Okay, okay.

<Aubrienne> It's all right.

  • Jean-Faust starts to shake a little
  • Aubrienne pats his hand.

<Aubrienne> It's okay, bratic, it's passed.

<Aubrienne> You're all right.

<Jean-Faust> maybe

<Jean-Faust> what if it hasn't?

<Aubrienne> For now, at least, and let's be thankful for that.

<Aubrienne> Everything that can be done to find out what's going on is.

<Aubrienne> The finest minds in the Empire are helping. We'll find a solution.

<Aubrienne> Do you remember when you started feeling the compulsion?

<Jean-Faust> I ... I had visited with Eirlys

<Jean-Faust> they let me see her sometimes

<Jean-Faust> and then...

<Jean-Faust> ...we, ah...

  • Jean-Faust looks embarrassed
  • Aubrienne smirks

<Aubrienne> Sowed your oats?

<Jean-Faust> >.>

<Aubrienne> So to speak...

<Aubrienne> Okay, and after the marital duties?

  • Argent (~vess@CPEbc4dfb296af3-CMbc4dfb296af0.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #changeling

<Jean-Faust> she seemed like she was ... upset. I wanted to help.

<Jean-Faust> I asked how I could ... could get her out of here, if that was what she wanted.

<Aubrienne> And she said?

<Jean-Faust> she said... the seed had been planted, but it needed to have room to grow.

<Aubrienne> And she specifically meant the one in Raimond's dreams?

<Jean-Faust> I... I'm not sure if that's the only one

<Aubrienne> You think there are more seeds?

<Jean-Faust> maybe

<Jean-Faust> I don't know

<Aubrienne> Hmm.

<Aubrienne> I'll talk to some of the others about it.

<Aubrienne> I know you want to help Eirlys, but I think you should try to focus on yourself right now.

<Jean-Faust> they aren't going to let me see her anymore anyway

  • Aubrienne frowns.

<Aubrienne> I doubt they'll let you see her unsupervised after that, but I'll see what I can manage.

<Jean-Faust> I don't know if I want to...

<Jean-Faust> I don't know if it was something she did, or made me do, or... I don't know.

<Jean-Faust> I just don't want it to happen again

<Aubrienne> I know.

<Aubrienne> And we'll do everything we can to keep it from happening again.

<Aubrienne> I'm so sorry, Jean-Faust.

<Jean-Faust> what if you hadn't come and stopped me

<Aubrienne> We did, so you don't need to think about it.

<Aubrienne> I'm going to be here for you, bratic.

<Aubrienne> (It occurs to me only now this whole conversation is probably in Rat)

<Jean-Faust> (makes sense)

<Aubrienne> There are a lot of people here for you.

<Aubrienne> We just want to help.

  • Jean-Faust nods

<Jean-Faust> maybe things would have been better if ... if I just had died at Seda Grove

<Jean-Faust> instead everything is all such a m-mess...

  • Aubrienne leans down/pulls him into a hug
  • Jean-Faust hugs you back

<Aubrienne> No, they wouldn't!

  • Aubrienne will hug him for a while before pulling back

<Aubrienne> I'm happy you're back. So are mom and dad and everyone else.

<Aubrienne> I'm sorry this is so hard, but we will get through it.

<Aubrienne> I promise.

<Jean-Faust> and the baby, what about her...

<Jean-Faust> if something happens to me, would you make sure she was safe?

<Aubrienne> Of course I would, but nothing is going to happen to you.

<Aubrienne> I know it's difficult, but it will get better.

  • Jean-Faust just gives a nod that doesn't seem like he really believes that
  • Aubrienne just gives him another big hug
  • Jean-Faust accepts that

<Jean-Faust> they aren't going to let me see her anymore anyway

  • Aubrienne frowns.

<Aubrienne> I doubt they'll let you see her unsupervised after that, but I'll see what I can manage.

<Jean-Faust> I don't know if I want to...

<Jean-Faust> I don't know if it was something she did, or made me do, or... I don't know.

<Jean-Faust> I just don't want it to happen again

<Aubrienne> I know.

<Aubrienne> And we'll do everything we can to keep it from happening again.

<Aubrienne> I'm so sorry, Jean-Faust.

<Jean-Faust> what if you hadn't come and stopped me

<Aubrienne> We did, so you don't need to think about it.

<Aubrienne> I'm going to be here for you, bratic.

Aubrienne tells Jed about her brother; Jed tries to cheer her

  • Aubrienne enters the apartment, throws off her coat onto whatever furniture is nearby and collapses onto the sofa
  • Jedrezej wanders in from his room

<Jedrezej> did you eat anything in the last 8 hours?

<Aubrienne> Mrmhph

  • Aubrienne says into the cushions

<Jedrezej> there's some cold noodles left over

<Jedrezej> by definition right now, all noodles are cold noodles

  • Aubrienne reluctantly pushes herself up

<Aubrienne> Noodles is good

<Aubrienne> Alcohol is also good

<Jedrezej> you stay there

<Jedrezej> I'll bring you noodles and alcohol

<Aubrienne> I think I can manage that

<Aubrienne> You're the best

  • Jedrezej brings you a bowl of noodles and a glass of whiskey

<Aubrienne> Hoorays

<Aubrienne> Thank you again, for everything

<Jedrezej> hey... it's okay

<Jedrezej> how is he doing?

<Aubrienne> Awful.

<Jedrezej> :/

<Aubrienne> But I can't blame him.

<Aubrienne> I thin Eirlys put the whammy on him again.

<Aubrienne> Whether she meant to or not, I don't know.

<Aubrienne> But I'm starting not to care.

<Jedrezej> ugh

<Aubrienne> I don't know what to do.

<Aubrienne> I just want to protect my brother, but this is all so big.

<Jedrezej> it doesn't sound like it's all up to you

<Jedrezej> which is both good and bad, I guess

<Aubrienne> Yeah, folks're looking after him right now, and I'm grateful.

<Aubrienne> I'm just worried about a lot right now.

<Aubrienne> Not just him.

<Jedrezej> I get it

<Jedrezej> there's a lot to worry about

<Aubrienne> I'm not exactly used to this heavy stuff. I'm more used to, you know, the good stuff.

  • Aubrienne takes a drink.

<Aubrienne> Well, okay, decent stuff.

<Aubrienne> Remind me to get better booze.

<Jedrezej> I've got a bottle of Onyx in my room, but you aren't allowed that :p

<Jedrezej> it makes you punchy :p

<Aubrienne> It makes anyone punchy. It's a drink for punching.

<Jedrezej> but what about some mist?

<Aubrienne> :p

<Aubrienne> Yeah, that sounds good. I have some of that good stuff Titania gave me in my dresser.

  • Aubrienne freezes for a second to see if Jed thinks that's strange...

<Jedrezej> uh huh...

<Jedrezej> why don't I get bonuses like that from the boss, hm? ;)

<Aubrienne> Because you're not as pretty as I am.

<Jedrezej> Please, I'm pretty as fuck.

<Aubrienne> I didn't say you weren't.

  • Jedrezej swishes his hair dramatically

<Aubrienne> Merely that my prettiness eclipses your own.

<Aubrienne> :p

<Jedrezej> hmph

<Aubrienne> That's going to cost me later, isn't it?

<Jedrezej> I'll forgive it, because you're distraught.

<Aubrienne> I'll need to be more distraught more often if it lets me get away with things.

<Jedrezej> get the mist and if it's as good as all that, I'll probably forget about your wounding insults

  • Aubrienne takes another bite of noodles and pushes herself up to go get the 'mist.

<Aubrienne> Please tell me things are less complicated in your life right now.

<Aubrienne> Give me some vicarious simplicity.

<Jedrezej> hmm

<Jedrezej> probably telling you I think I got propositioned by a princess would just confuse things

<Jedrezej> not the boss

  • Jedrezej hastens to add ;p

<Aubrienne> Oooh

<Aubrienne> What princess then?

<Jedrezej> The one who came with us on that dream .. tree... thing... The younger one I mean. Vera.

<Aubrienne> Oh yeah? She was cute.

<Aubrienne> You gonna take her up on it?

<Jedrezej> She wanted to meet again to 'go over things'.

<Aubrienne> And you think she wants you to go over her?

<Jedrezej> Man, I don't know. Princesses are complicated and you asked for simplicity :p

<Jedrezej> Also, her mother scares the shit out of me.

<Aubrienne> Well, that's just smart. Her mother is terrifying. Fun, but terrifying.

<Aubrienne> Besides, complicated schmomplicated. You know I like gossip.

<Jedrezej> If she finds out, and she doesn't think too highly of her daughter dabbling in cross-species breeding programs, I'm pretty sure I would regret it a lot.

<Aubrienne> That's true, but I get the feeling she can't talk much about crossing planar barriers.

<Jedrezej> nyah

<Aubrienne> I didn't mean it like that.

<Jedrezej> and yet

<Jedrezej> the mental image remains

<Aubrienne> Well, in any event, I *hope* that interpretation isn't accurate.

<Jedrezej> I thought Vera was cute. And, honestly... she seems kind of lonely.

<Jedrezej> I'll take her up on the offer of a one on one consultation, and see what happens, I guess.

<Aubrienne> All in all, I get the impression that being royalty is a pretty lonely gig.

<Jedrezej> yeah...

<Jedrezej> but hey, no one's put her into an eternal sleep and locked her in a tower, or you know, the usual things that happen to princesses.

<Aubrienne> Is there a usual for princesses? I mean, almost by definition they have to be kind of rare.

<Aubrienne> (Aubrienne may be getting into a "why do they call them fingers if I've never seen them fing" sort of drug-fueled discussion)

<Jedrezej> And yet, now we know at least three

<Jedrezej> (heh)

<Aubrienne> Yeah, and I thought working for one was going to be a big deal.

<Aubrienne> I mean, it is, but our lives have gotten a lot stranger lately.

<Jedrezej> definitely true

Argent fills Margaux in on what he's been doing, and learns about Laeken (among other things...)

  • Argent will have prepared warm drinks for Margaux's visit, sits patiently for her arrival.
  • Margaux arrives, with a bag of something that smells tasty

<Argent> Hi, come on in out of the cold.

<Margaux> I brought some roasted chestnuts, I hope you like them

<Argent> They smell...

  • Margaux says a bit nervously
  • Argent breathes deeply in

<Argent> irresistable

  • Margaux smiles
  • Margaux comes inside and will take off her coat and boots

<Argent> I just made some coffee too

<Margaux> that sounds wonderful

  • Argent relieves her of her bag setting down on the table and returns with mugs

<Margaux> thank you

<Argent> so how have you been doing? Keeping busy?

<Margaux> keeping warm, or trying to

<Argent> so is everyone

  • Argent adds some heat from the coffee to himself
  • Margaux nods

<Margaux> how are you?

<Argent> Cold, but busy.

<Argent> Did you hear how the dream venture went?

<Margaux> no, what happened?

  • Margaux leans in to listen, cupping her hands around the warm mug

<Argent> we found Aubrienne's brother, and brought back a fey

<Argent> The flower queen

  • Margaux 's eyes widen in surprise

<Argent> so not too bad.

<Argent> your advice helped

<Margaux> why did you bring her back? where is she?

<Argent> She's pregnant with Jean-Faust's child, Aubrienne's brother... at the or Orecalo house...did we do something wrong? She helped us fight another fey.

<Margaux> no, I don't think so. I mean, I don't know?

<Margaux> I just didn't expect it

<Argent> I really didn't know what to expect when we went.

<Argent> we may be going back as well, to try and remove the portal... do the dream imaging idea you mentioned.

  • Margaux nods

<Argent> just didn't have enough time.

<Margaux> was it beautiful?

  • Margaux asks a bit wistfully

<Argent> It was different... I don't think I would call it beautiful... too much sense of danger for that.

  • Margaux nods

<Margaux> I'm glad you came back safely

<Argent> thanks, I'm glad we all made it safely back.

<Argent> I'm gonna change subjects a little, cause there is something else that happened recently that I wanted to talk to you about.

<Margaux> all right...

<Argent> What do you know about Emkathon?

<Margaux> She's...

  • Margaux pauses, trying to put it into words

<Margaux> She's the Mother of Mercy... she's the next closest thing to a god

<Argent> do you know anything about her children? her daughter?

<Margaux> More practically, she's one half of a set of forces that embody the balance of Serpent... of the universe, really.

<Margaux> Well, the angels are her children, in some sense. But I'm guessing that isn't what you mean, exactly?

<Argent> not exactly... let me explain where I'm coming from first.

<Argent> I was helping some friends explore an area in the sewer tunnels, where we found a ghost of what I figured was a Rat priest.

  • Margaux listens, nodding along

<Argent> He recognize me... or at least my blood... called Emkathon my grandmother.

<Argent> He was the guardian of Emkathon's tomb... but as far as I know she's not there anymore, so I'm not sure what he's still guarding.

<Margaux> She's not there anymore... but something of her essence could be said to remain behind.

<Margaux> But also, if he's a ghost, he might not realize that his job is finished.

<Argent> I know they get a little fuddleminded after time.

  • Margaux nods

<Margaux> Emkathon did have a daughter with Laeken, the leader of the Wolves when the tribes first came here.

<Argent> that was a while ago, wasnt it.

<Argent> a long while ago

<Margaux> She preserved the blood of Serpent in her offspring, so that one day it could be restored.

<Margaux> Yes... over two thousand years.

<Margaux> There are probably hundreds, thousands of people who are descended from her. But not who could call her their grandmother, not literally anyway.

<Argent> the ghost said mother's mother's tomb... that sounded a little more specific.

  • Margaux nods
  • Argent shakes his head

<Margaux> Her child would have been a powerful being in her own right. She might be very long-lived, or even immortal.

<Argent> that would make sense

<Argent> I guess

  • Argent shakes his head

<Margaux> There's someone who would know more, but, uh.

<Margaux> it might be difficult to get hold of him to ask.

<Argent> oh?

<Argent> who?

<Margaux> Laeken.

<Argent> how is that even possible?

<Margaux> He became undead... a demi-lich, to be precise.

<Argent> doesn't sound like a reliable source to me

<Argent> but maybe I'm just being a little biased against undead.

<Margaux> I don't think you're wrong. He could lie, or have reason to obscure the truth, aside from being potentially very dangerous.

<Argent> how do you even know he exists?

<Margaux> I've met him.

  • Argent looks surprised

<Margaux> sometimes he would come to, ah, consult the Arch.

<Argent> I suppose we have Endless Winter brought on by the Cold Rider, a demi-lich visiting the Arch doesnt seem that far fetched these days.

<Margaux> I didn't like him.

<Argent> Another endorsement for not seeking him out.

<Margaux> not as a first resort, anyway

<Argent> I'm sure someone else may know something, but I'm not sure if I want to ask too many questions

<Margaux> The Truebloods are directly descended from Emkathon's daughter... maybe they have some information about her.

<Argent> Truebloods...

<Argent> (have I met any? I don't think so?)

<Margaux> (your boss... ;)

<Argent> (duhh)

  • Argent shakes his head

<Argent> I work for one

<Argent> and I've been meaning to talk to her about something else as well.

<Margaux> Oh, the princess, yes!

<Margaux> if you feel safe talking to her about something like that

<Argent> That just it... I wonder if I'm being foolish persuing this.

<Argent> Do you think its reckless?

<Margaux> I think it's normal to want to know where you come from

<Margaux> But...

<Margaux> you have to be prepared that you might not find the answers you're looking for. or if you do, that they might not be what you wanted.

  • Margaux reaches out and takes your hand in hers
  • Argent looks at Margaux

<Argent> I was abandoned to an orphanage in the Shambles... my expectations are not high.

<Margaux> whatever your parents are, or were, it doesn't define who you are.

<Margaux> all of us have to make our own decisions - our own paths

<Argent> You've been a help to me on that path. I hope you understand how much I appreciate it.

  • Margaux blushes

<Margaux> I... I'm just glad that I found you.

<Argent> I'm glad you did too. I just wish I could help you out is some way, return the favour.

  • Margaux leans in and kisses you
  • Margaux then jumps back and drops your hand, looking awkward and embarrassed

<Margaux> I, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have...

<Argent> No its ok, please don't be embarassed.

  • Argent tries to calm the situation

<Margaux> I should go >.>

<Argent> No please, just hold on... you need to understand.

  • Margaux pauses nervously, waiting to see what you say

<Argent> I do feel a closeness with you...we have a shared heritage... but I'm seeing someone.

<Margaux> .... oh

<Argent> You have to understand I'm not someone who can break that trust.

<Margaux> I know

<Margaux> I .. I wouldn't think you would

<Margaux> you're an honourable person

<Margaux> maybe you can forget I ever said anything... things can go back to the way they were

  • Margaux looks like she would like to curl up into a ball and disappear

<Argent> We will be fine Margaux. I'm glad it happened so I know how you feel.

  • Margaux nods

<Margaux> I...

<Margaux> I should probably go.

<Argent> I don't want this to be a wedge between us.

<Margaux> neither do I

<Argent> I'll write and let you know how things go with Titania.

<Margaux> oh... yes. all right.

<Argent> or we can meet if you want.

<Argent> Its up to you.

<Margaux> I'll see.

<Argent> thankyou

  • Margaux nods and will get her things on to leave.
  • Argent lets her go, not wanting to make things worse

Hettie tells Nycki that Servan Aigel is in custody; Nycki proposes babies

<Nycki> (talking at home? and when?)

<Hettienne> (home yes... when? not sure... sometime soon after I found out about SA being caught)

<Nycki> (okay)

<Nycki> (so maybe in the morning when you crawl into bed after work? ;)

<Hettienne> (sure :)

  • Nycki is already in bed, but will roll over and smile at you sleepily when you join her

<Nycki> hey beautiful

<Hettienne> Hey babe... :)

  • Nycki puts her arm around your waist to snuggle up with you
  • Hettienne snuggles up close... it's cold outside!

<Hettienne> Glad you're awake... I got some news at work tonight

<Nycki> yeah?

<Nycki> good news, or bad

<Hettienne> Well, not sure....

<Hettienne> THe cops nabbed that one-armed bird.

<Hettienne> He was tryin' to bust up a wedding at Tits' the other day.

<Nycki> oho!

<Hettienne> You hear about that?

<Nycki> Nah, but I don't hear 'bout every fella gets nicked.

  • Hettienne nods.

<Hettienne> Den says they got him coolin' his heels in the clink for the now.

  • Nycki nods

<Hettienne> So I was wonderin'...

  • Hettienne twirls one of your curls around a finger

<Nycki> You wanna have a word with him off the record, like?

  • Nycki guesses

<Hettienne> If my beautiful lady friend might be persuaded to have a word :3

<Hettienne> Or that

<Nycki> it could be arranged... might take a little pullin' strings, but if it's tied up with bigger stuff, I might be able to.

<Hettienne> well, your people were investigatin' that bird's lab, an' he's related to that, right...?

<Nycki> yeah

<Nycki> well, prolly?

<Nycki> it'd bear findin' out, anyway

<Hettienne> Thanks, love...

  • Hettienne gives you a kiss.
  • Nycki kisses back

<Hettienne> Might even help with Serge-Yves, heh.

<Nycki> make him hate me less, you mean? ;p

<Hettienne> Somethin' like that.

  • Hettienne kisses you again.

<Nycki> family, man :/

<Hettienne> ...You ever talk to yours now?

<Nycki> nah. not in a long while.

<Nycki> can't make 'em happy no matter what, so why try?

<Hettienne> You ever miss 'em?

<Nycki> >.>

<Hettienne> (SM)

<Nycki> sometimes

<Hettienne> (well I'll take the 30 :v)

<Nycki> (heh)

<Nycki> but like... I don't miss 'em tellin' me what to do or how to live my life

  • Hettienne nods.

<Nycki> an' it seems like there ain't one without the other

<Hettienne> It's a bit like that with Pat I guess.

<Nycki> void, like... if I went back to see 'em even now, my ma'd be on about 'how about you see that nice Ander Suterre, he's good looking, got a good family' :p

<Hettienne> A family, heh, you could say that :p

<Nycki> She don't like it if I say I figure he's got a dick too, an' that don't interest me even a bit :p

  • Hettienne snorts.

<Hettienne> Ah well.

<Hettienne> I'll be your family. :3

  • Nycki smiles at that

<Nycki> That'll be enough

<Nycki> ... well... like, maybe not quite enough ... but good

<Hettienne> (What does that mean O_o)

<Hettienne> (sense motive?)

<Nycki> (it is a mystery!)

<Hettienne> (17 -_-)

<Hettienne> NOt enough? :p

  • Hettienne pokes you playfully.

<Nycki> ah, I don't mean like that, babe

<Nycki> I just meant... maybe sometime, if you wanted... like, what about a kid?

<Nycki> that'd be family too

  • Hettienne is stunned for a second.

<Hettienne> Really...? :o

<Hettienne> YOu... you mean it??!

<Nycki> well... sure

<Nycki> if you wanted

<Hettienne> Hon... that would be... the most amazing thing

<Hettienne> You got no idea ;_;

<Nycki> aww, hey

<Nycki> if you wanted a kid all that much, how come you didn't say?

  • Nycki strokes your hair

<Hettienne> I dunno I just...

<Hettienne> I guess I didn't wanna scare you off >.>

<Nycki> I ain't scared of that

<Nycki> lotta other things, maybe... but I know you'd be a real good mother

<Nycki> prolly a lot better'n me :p

<Hettienne> We'll be a team, babe.

  • Hettienne hugs you close.
  • Nycki hugs back

<Nycki> if we were gonna, how would you wanna work all the... like, mechanics side of it ;p

<Hettienne> Well, I guess there's things you can do with like, a turkey baster

<Hettienne> We'd just need to find a fella to make a... donation >.>

<Nycki> heh

<Hettienne> Maybe that nice Ander Suterre fella. I hear he has a real good family.

<Nycki> yeah, you wanna ask him or should I? ;p

  • Hettienne snickers.

<Hettienne> The look on his face's be somethin, I'll bet...

<Nycki> Okay, that settles it

<Nycki> we gotta ask, just to see the look

<Hettienne> Yer on :D

<Nycki> if he says no, then at least we got a good laugh out of it ;p

<Hettienne> Alrighty then. :D

  • Nycki grins

<Nycki> do you wanna... get basted? or should I?

  • Nycki says with a smirk

<Hettienne> I wouldn't mind... Unless you wanna...

<Hettienne> (sm)

<Hettienne> (ffs -_-)

<Nycki> well... I can get time off work for somethin' like that, gettin' knocked up, 'cause they get touchy 'bout puttin' ladies in delicate condition in the line of danger, that sorta thing.

<Hettienne> Ooh, good point

<Nycki> But if you wanna do it, I'm good with that too. Void, we could each try an' see which takes ;)

<Nycki> 'course that's a good way to end up with two babies at once :p

<Hettienne> Heh... not a bad idea ;D

<Hettienne> Well, we don't gotta decide everything right now in the middle of the night, neither.

<Nycki> no, I know

<Nycki> just now we brought it up, it gives me all kinda thoughts ^-^

<Hettienne> Me too...

  • Hettienne giggles
  • Nycki kisses you
  • Hettienne kisses back happily.
  • Nycki might take a while to settle down again ;)
  • Hettienne is happy to stay up a while ;)

Hettie learns that Gen knits

  • Genevriel has been arriving at the Cabaret much earlier than usual for the past week and a half; to keep herself busy after she warms up from prolonged exposure to the cold, she knits in the green room.
  • Genevriel is knitting away early one evening as performers and other staff are trickling in.
  • Hettienne strolls in and pours herself a coffee from the green room pot.
  • Hettienne takes a sip and wrinkles her nose in disgust.

<Hettienne> Ugh.

<Hettienne> Fuckin' *swill*.

<Hettienne> Least it's free, right?

  • Genevriel smiles slightly.
  • Hettienne winks at you, since you're the only person here.

<Genevriel> I usually put lots of sugar in; that helps.

  • Hettienne appears to notice for the first time what your hands are doing.

<Hettienne> Hey, what's that you're makin'?

  • Genevriel glances down at her work.
  • Hettienne plops herself down in the chair nearest yours.

<Genevriel> A hat, I hope. Only I'm not sure if I have enough yardage left. It'll be close...

  • Hettienne eyes it critically.

<Hettienne> Looks good to me...

<Hettienne> Didn't know you were a knitter.

<Genevriel> Oh, yes. My mother taught me when I was a girl.

<Hettienne> Huh... mine too.

  • Hettienne softens ever so slightly.

<Hettienne> I taught Den.

<Hettienne> We're *tryin*' to teach Zola. ;)

<Genevriel> I take it she is not the best student? Too distracted by other things, maybe?

<Hettienne> Maybe. But she's havin' a good time so... *shrug*

  • Genevriel nods.

<Hettienne> You oughtta come by some time when we're doin' it.

<Genevriel> Oh, ummmm... Maybe? When and where do you 'do it'?

  • Genevriel is rather unused to being invited anywhere, apparently.

<Hettienne> Well, usually my place. When is more flexible.

<Hettienne> I can let you know next time we set it up if ya want.

<Hettienne> More the merrier.

  • Genevriel nods thoughtfully.

<Genevriel> Do you by any chance have any odds and ends of yarn that you'd be willing to give up?

<Hettienne> Oh honey.

<Hettienne> @_@

<Genevriel> I know it's a lot to ask... if you're anything like my mother was.

<Hettienne> I got loads of bits left over from projects, or stuff I never finished.

<Genevriel> But... this is all- oh.

  • Genevriel smiles slightly.
  • Hettienne eyes you.

<Hettienne> I do costumes, girlie. I make for a livin'. I've always got,... stuff about.

  • Hettienne shrugs.

<Genevriel> I asked only because I'm making this for a man I met. I think he's a vet, like me, only he doesn't have anywhere to stay. It's so cold... A lot of people are getting frostbite.

<Hettienne> That's real thoughtful...

<Hettienne> THree of my brothers were in the war.

<Genevriel> Oh? Where did they serve?

<Hettienne> Well, one's in the Navy; that's Serge-Yves. And Alain was a radio operator (I think, we can change this later if I'm misremembering). And Georges was fightin' on the line in Psyra.

<Hettienne> He didn't make it home.

<Hettienne> 'S a shame we don't take better care of them who did.

<Genevriel> Oh - I'm sorry.

<Hettienne> Everybody's lost someone...

<Hettienne> Anyway.

  • Hettienne shakes it off.
  • Genevriel nods and rubs at her eyes a little.

<Hettienne> I gotta get busy. Lemme know if you wanna come have a dig at mine.

<Hettienne> You can come by sometime before work if you don't wanna wait until we get together again.

<Genevriel> That might work - where do you live?

<Hettienne> Not too far, over on Blah street (an address in Rhenea)

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> That should be easy - I'm usually in the area afternoons.

<Hettienne> Great! Just say when.

  • Hettienne gets up, downing another gulp of sub-par coffee.
  • Genevriel will make arrangements with Hettie to raid her stash.

Zola sets up a 'mutual pleasure' date with Haft

  • Zola will approach Haft at the bar during the little reception after the ceremony.

<Zola> Hey, big fella. Care to dance?

  • Haft 's face doesn't really convey emotions clearly, but he seems surprised?

<Haft> with you?

  • Zola laughs, "Well, yeah... but I guess if you'd rather dance with someone else I can go fetch them. I'll be a little disappointed though."

<Haft> No, I would not rather dance with someone else.

<Zola> Would you like to dance at all?

<Haft> I have never been invited to dance before.

<Haft> But there is a first time for everything, I believe?

<Zola> No?? That's a shame...

<Zola> And yes!

<Zola> Maybe you'll like it :)

  • Haft nods
  • Haft stands up
  • Zola has picked a song that is relatively easy and slow in case of such a situation.
  • Zola will extend her hand to lead him to a suitable spot

<Zola> The music's nice and slow so you don't have to worry about knowing any fancy moves yet :)

  • Haft will accompany you, his metal hand smooth and cool
  • Haft has evidently at least watched people dancing before, so knows how to put his arm around you appropriately, and pull you closer
  • Zola will stop, and turn to face him... "Ooh! :o"

<Haft> is this acceptable?

<Zola> Observant :)

  • Zola takes his other hand with hers, "Just follow my lead..."
  • Haft nods
  • Zola begins to lead him, hoping he's not quite as immobile as he sometimes seems >_>
  • Haft is quite nimble actually :)
  • Zola smiles

<Zola> You're lighter on your feet than I expected :)

  • Haft is also good at following someone's lead

<Haft> I was made for the battlefield.

<Zola> I don't imagine there's much dancing there, though.

<Haft> Being slow there is not a good way to win.

<Zola> No, I suppose not.

<Haft> Unless you are a tank.

<Zola> A tank?

<Zola> Wouldn't a fast tank still be better?

<Haft> Yes, if they made one. But tanks are able to withstand being slow by also being very well armored and having a large gun.

  • Zola chuckles

<Zola> I think I'd make a lousy tank.

<Haft> Maybe you need a larger gun.

  • Zola laughs outright.

<Zola> Well I don't know how I could keep it hidden if it was any bigger.

<Haft> Keeping it hidden is not really an option for a tank.

<Zola> Well, if you can't hide it, it might as well be big.

<Zola> It's just so easy to think of you like a tank... so heavy and immovable. It's nice to feel otherwise up close like this.

<Haft> You find this ... pleasant?

<Zola> How heavy are you? Could I pick you up, do you think?

<Haft> I weigh two hundred and ninety-five pounds.

<Haft> So, I doubt it.

<Zola> Maybe a whole herd of me could.

<Zola> And yes, I do find this pleasant... I love to dance. And dancing close like this is so intimate...

<Zola> How are you liking it so far?

<Haft> It is interesting. The patterns seem fixed, but you can alter them as you proceed.

<Zola> Sure, a flourish here or there adds to the fun.

  • Haft tries an experimental turn of his arms to spin you around (gently, not like a top ;)

<Zola> And if you get bored, the song won't be that long :)

  • Zola is a little surprised, but goes for it! :D

<Zola> Woo!

<Zola> That's the spirit :D

<Zola> What sort of things do you do for fun, when you're not defending our front gates?

<Haft> I enjoy going to the cinema, and I listen to music. I also collect keys.

<Zola> Music :D

<Zola> And keys?

<Zola> What kind of keys, just any kind?

<Haft> I prefer old ones.

<Zola> How many do you have so far?

<Haft> Four hundred and twenty seven.

  • Zola looks quite surprised

<Zola> That's ... a large collection

<Haft> Yes.

<Zola> It must take up a lot of space. Where do you keep them all?

<Haft> I have many hooks on my walls.

<Haft> Also, some of them are quite small.

<Zola> That must be a sight... walls just covered with keys

<Haft> I enjoy looking at them.

  • Haft agrees
  • Zola smiles

<Zola> What sort of music do you like? Jazz?

<Haft> I like many kinds of music. I do like jazz, but also older styles.

<Haft> One of the reasons I agreed to work here is because I could listen to music while I am on duty.

<Zola> That's swell :D

<Zola> Perk of the job!

<Haft> Yes.

<Zola> Ooh, I recognise this next song... it's a little bit more upbeat.

<Zola> Here, put your arms up, like so...

  • Zola gets him in position for a foxtrot...
  • Haft follows your lead
  • Zola grins

<Zola> What kind of shows do you like best at the cinema?

<Zola> I'm a sucker for love stories, which is probably no big surprise :)

<Haft> I find all of them interesting. Although I admit I do not understand the appeal of war films.

<Haft> Love stories can be very informative.

  • Zola nods in at least some agreement with his stance on war films, then chuckles... "Informative?"

<Haft> People can be complicated.

  • Zola sighs. "So very true."

<Haft> In the films, they usually at least show you why a person does something.

<Zola> Right, you get the whole story.

  • Haft nods

<Zola> What I like is seeing the characters make it through all that... complexity in the end...

<Haft> You like them to have a happy ending?

  • Zola looks a little sheepish. "Yes, usually..."

<Zola> I can appreciate a sad story, but my favourite will always be a happy ending :)

<Haft> Another way in which films are easier to grasp than real life.

  • Haft says, but not harshly

<Zola> Sometimes, though, there's no better way to know the bounds of a love than to see its close.

<Haft> I can understand why people wish to have companionship... and that humans find physical closeness pleasurable. But to make yourself bonded with another person like that seems like it can only lead to sorrow, one way or another.

<Haft> But I am glad that Geff is happy now, because he has found someone to be with.

<Zola> Stepping out your door in the morning can lead to sorrow too. We hope the reward is greater than the cost.

<Zola> That reward :)

<Haft> Surely the greater the reward, the greater the eventual price?

<Zola> This dance is getting quite philosophical :o

<Haft> I apologize.

<Zola> No, don't, it's alright... who needs a dance with too many rules :)

<Haft> I have a lot of time to think.

<Haft> But I know this is meant to be a happy occasion. Discussing things that are too weighty is not appropriate.

<Zola> I can handle it :)

<Zola> It's a day of love, and this is talk of love, so it's just a different kind of appropriate...

<Zola> Just ... maybe not with Geff and Osmyn :D

  • Haft nods

<Zola> I'm not really sure how to answer you. Sure, some people through luck or misfortune won't see anything like that sort of balance... but in the best case, you may lose someone precious to you.

<Zola> I guess we just see the Loving as worth more than the Losing.

<Zola> Some of us... sometimes :)

<Zola> Do you ever think it might happen to you... love like that?

<Haft> I don't know.

<Haft> I care for my friends.

<Haft> I can feel all the things a human can feel, or so they say.

<Zola> Do you know of any warforged like yourself who've fallen in love?

<Haft> I suppose so. I don't know if it's the same as what Geff and Osmyn feel for each other.

<Zola> Well, if it looks like a duck :)

<Haft> But some have chosen to be close with each other. Or, a few, with a human.

<Zola> Well, then it's possible, I'd say :)

<Haft> Possible in theory, yes. Some humans never feel that way for another, though.

<Zola> It's true :(

<Haft> So I don't know if it will happen to me. Maybe I am too cynical.

  • Haft says with a slight incline of his head that you're starting to think means he's smiling
  • Zola smiles in return.

<Zola> Love afflicts the cynical too, sometimes, whether they like it or not :)

<Haft> Yes... there are a number of movies that illustrate that point.

  • Zola chuckles.

<Zola> Some night, I'll make sure to throw in your name when I pray to Cat :)

<Haft> I appreciate the thought.

<Zola> So... do you mind if I ask an... inappropriate question? :)

<Haft> No.

<Zola> You don't get anything at all from being up close with us softies? :)

<Haft> How do you mean, 'get anything'?

<Zola> I don't know? I mean, anything I guess?

<Zola> I'm not sure even what you feel.

<Haft> I find this closeness interesting.

  • Zola chuckles

<Haft> I can feel sensations on my body - if that is what you mean?

<Zola> All over?

<Haft> I can feel your skin is warm to my touch.

<Zola> I wonder what it feels like...

<Zola> Maybe I ought to make friends with someone who can polymorph :)

<Haft> Yes, all over.

<Haft> Although I understand that humans have different sensations in different areas.

<Zola> And you have nothing ... analogous? :)

<Haft> There are some sensations I enjoy more than others.

<Zola> Do tell :)

<Haft> Being polished.

  • Zola laughs rather loudly at that

<Zola> Oh, I'm sorry...

<Zola> It's ... just, you know the euphemism? :D

<Haft> Oh - for sex?

<Zola> Well, for going solo...

  • Zola scratches that

<Zola> Well, for one kind of it... yes.

<Zola> Many gentlemen like to get their knobs polished :)

<Haft> heh

<Zola> For that matter, a good massage isn't something to turn down either.

<Haft> I don't know that I'm capable of that particular kind of enjoyment. But I have not really... tried?

<Zola> That's a bit like a polish... except we're lumpier :)

<Zola> >_>

<Zola> Well, you ought to keep your mind open for that too... you might find out something interesting... even if it's not the same :)

  • Haft nods
  • Zola flushes a little.

<Zola> You know, as a curious woman and a devotee of pleasurable things... I would be honoured to help you experiment... :)

<Haft> You would?

<Zola> You sound so surprised.

<Haft> I understood that the things humans enjoyed about sex were about... warmth and softness and affection. Those aren't things I can provide.

<Haft> well... perhaps I can provide the affection.

<Zola> Are you sure about that?

  • Haft amends

<Zola> (Hah, obviously not like "ARE YOU SURE YOU CAN BE AFFECTIONATE, COLD METAL MAN???")

<Haft> (heh)

<Zola> I think you can provide the others, in your own way...

<Zola> Think of it this way... at least you have a head start.

<Zola> I think my task would be a lot harder :)

<Haft> I admit I am curious about the... details.

<Haft> The films don't show those parts.

<Zola> I'm not even sure where to start.

<Zola> It doesn't have to be all warmth and softness and affection all the time.

  • Haft nods

<Zola> And it really isn't! I'm guessing you've never been to the Penumbra :D

<Haft> No, I haven't.

<Haft> Do you wish to go there?

<Zola> We could, sometime, if you'd like. It'll really give you a different perspective on ... some of the more physical aspects of us softies :)

  • Haft nods

<Zola> Or we could try something more private.

<Zola> All I ask is that you respect me in the morning :)

<Haft> I don't have concerns about modesty, but ... if I make mistakes, I might rather do that in private.

<Haft> Of course. Why would it change how I feel about you?

<Zola> Remember that part about people being complicated?

  • Haft nods
  • Zola realizes that might not really be informative enough...

<Haft> Will it change how you feel, then?

<Zola> Good question!

<Zola> Well, sometimes people find physical intimacy shameful, but they crave it nonetheless... so they feel ashamed afterwards, and look down on their partners for being a physical being...

<Zola> I don't think that's likely to me... even the smallest bit :)

<Zola> But I think I'll probably understand you better.

<Haft> Would you expect it to happen again?

<Zola> And if we're lucky we might learn something fun for you...

<Zola> No, you might not even like it.

<Zola> I can be silly for it, but not that silly :)

  • Haft nods

<Haft> All right.

<Zola> Would you like to think on it?  :)

<Haft> I already have.

<Zola> And your conclusion?

<Haft> It is something I have been curious about, and you are a kind person, Zola. I think you would be considerate and patient. I can follow instructions well, and I would be willing to try.

<Zola> Aww :3

<Zola> Your place or mine? :D

<Haft> My place does not have a bed, which I think is customary for such activities.

  • Zola laughs

<Zola> True. But I could bring blankets if you'd be more comfortable at home.

<Zola> This is pretty comfortable territory for me, so you pick :)

<Haft> Your place?

<Haft> The surroundings are less important than who you're with, I think.

<Zola> Usually.

<Zola> Well, now we'll just have to figure out a good time :)

<Haft> Tonight after work?

<Zola> Oh, I think I need a bit longer to prepare.

<Zola> A good experiment needs good equipment, certainly :)

<Haft> All right

  • Zola suggests a few days later, or the week after, giving her time to acquire props

<Haft> I rarely have other commitments, so you can decide when would be suitable.

  • Zola is pretty clearly excited :D
  • Zola will also give Haft another kiss on the cheek after their dancing :*

Denise chats with Haft about the 'Bloodforged'

<Haft> (where/when do you want to talk?)

<Denise> (at work, in the next day or so after hearing about SA?)

<Haft> (okay)

  • Denise will have already told Ander!
  • Haft keeps an eye on the room (and the stage ;)

<Denise> (I don't know if they have ever really met/talked? Obviously she knows his name ;p And he was there when she saved Zola form Jerks, as per the story)

  • Denise will wander over during a quiet time
  • Haft gives you a nod

<Denise> Ummm, hi!

<Denise> I dunno if we ever really met for real before

<Haft> Hello.

<Denise> I'm Denise :)

  • Haft 's voice sounds like a human male's coming from inside a metal tube.

<Haft> Hello, Denise. I am Haft.

  • Denise has heard him talk before at least
  • Denise grins more

<Denise> Yeah, I think everyone here much knows who you are

<Denise> but it's nice ta meetcha anyway :)

<Haft> Can I help you with something?

<Denise> welll... you kinda already did!

<Haft> I did?

<Denise> yeah - well. Mlle Zola said you tackled Servan Aigel off a roof :D

<Haft> Oh, yes.

<Haft> I did do that.

<Denise> yeah :D

<Denise> Prolly it woulda been harder for him to set you on fire to get away :p

<Haft> He did attempt it, but with limited success.

<Denise> yeah, that's what happened when we tangled with him - I clocked him good a few times but then I had to go chase after his little friend >.>

<Haft> He has a friend?

<Denise> Yeah, I didn't see too much of her though - she were real fast

<Haft> Hm.

<Haft> I though there was another person there, but as you say, they were fast.

<Denise> Plus it were rainin - harder for chasin' folks on roofs. Didn't seem to bother her but prolly she just had like,,, fancy feet or somethin' :p

<Denise> oh hyeah?

<Denise> prolly

<Denise> she's the one took a shot at the boss a while back

<Denise> but it was on account a Aigel

  • Haft nods

<Haft> Perhaps they installed treads in her feet and springs in her legs.

  • Haft says, and does not seem to be joking.

<Denise> yeah - fancy like that is what I meant

  • Haft nods

<Haft> I suppose the bloodforged must stick together.

<Denise> We were tryin' to find 'em, an we found a whole place where this science guy had been workin' on folks, but it were all cleared out 'cept a few... um.... constructs?

<Denise> is that what they're called?

<Haft> Constructs are non-sentient.

<Haft> They don't think or feel.

<Denise> yeah

<Denise> that's right then

  • Haft nods

<Denise> but I ain't heard them other folks called Bloodforged before

<Haft> It's what we called them. Perhaps there is another name for them.

<Denise> you know much about 'em?

<Denise> or maybe why they might wanna go 'round offin' sailors? >.>

<Haft> Somewhat. The people who worked on our creation hoped they could apply some of the things they had learned to assisting those who were maimed in the war.

<Haft> They were not as successful as they hoped.

<Denise> oh yeah?

<Denise> how d'you mean?

<Haft> I may not be the best person to consult on the nuances of human behaviour. But my impression is that they were changed by the process.

<Denise> weel, you're the first I found who knows much about it - so changed how?

<Denise> they get more mean?

<Haft> I suppose you could say that, yes.

<Haft> I'm not certain if 'mean' is precisely right, but... colder.

<Denise> like, not carin' so much about folks?

<Haft> Yes.

<Denise> well, that ain't no real surprise

<Denise> You know why they'd be bustin up that weddin' you was at?

<Haft> I can guess, but it is not my place to say.

<Denise> maybe they just got somethin against fellas who like fellas :p

<Haft> No, I don't believe that is the case.

<Denise> >.>

<Denise> Well, that was all I had to go on :p

<Denise> They killed my uncle's boyfriend

<Denise> well, we're pretty sure >.>

<Haft> I am sorry to hear that.

  • Denise grudginly admits that she is not 100% certain

<Denise> We just ain't got no idea why :/

  • Denise considers

<Denise> You know if there's someone I could ask, bouth those other fellas, whose place maybe it's be to say?

<Denise> ('bout)

<Haft> You could speak to Geff - however, he is away for a few days.

  • Denise considers

<Denise> well

<Denise> maybe you should warn 'em about that other lady if you got some way?

<Denise> Just in case?

<Haft> I have.

  • Denise grins
  • Denise drops her voice quieter

<Denise> were it Geff gettin' married?

  • Haft considers for a moment if he can tell you that, and then nods.

<Denise> :D

<Denise> aww, that's swell! Not so swell to get shot at, but still :3

<Denise> When he gets back I oughtta buy him a pint or somethin' :3

<Haft> He would likely appreciate that gesture.

<Denise> I oughtta buy *you* a pint really, for catchin' Aigel, but I figure you don't drink, do you?

<Haft> No, I do not.

<Haft> I do like keys, however, if you come across any that are interesting.

<Denise> Keys?

  • Haft nods

<Haft> Old ones, preferably.

<Denise> I bet I could come up with some real swell ones ^-^

  • Denise tried to remember if Enver has any in his collection that he might not ind parting with

<Denise> you just collect 'em?

<Haft> (he might!)

<Haft> Yes.

<Denise> does it matter what they go to?

<Haft> No. Sometimes I can tell, but I also enjoy not knowing.

<Denise> Keys is way easy ^-^

<Haft> Each one was made to keep something safe.

<Haft> I can appreciate that.

<Denise> huh - I ain't never thought of it that way

<Denise> But I can bring you some real swell ones.

<Haft> That would be very thoughtful of you.

<Denise> alright - well, then thanks :3

Denise gets the low-down on Margaux from Argent

  • Denise can fix us a snack before we retire to her room to hang out
  • Argent will help!

<Denise> alright, you can grab the drinks ^-^

<Denise> so, what's up?

  • Argent grabs away

<Denise> well, other than all the other stuff I guess

<Denise> @_@

<Argent> Turns out I'm a big jerk

  • Argent shakes his head

<Argent> Let me explain...

<Denise> eh?

<Argent> so I had Margaux to my place to see what she knew about the whole Emkathon's tomb.. she knows stuff

<Denise> un huh

<Argent> and she's been real valuable help to me... her advice on the dream world was bang on.

  • Denise listens

<Argent> and I'm being all appreciative... cause, you know, big help... and I should have seen it coming... I'm trained to spot stuff like this...

  • Denise is not sure where you are going with this

<Argent> Margaux kisses me and things get really awkward.

<Denise> aww, man

<Denise> ...

<Denise> so how are you a big jerk, specific, liek then?

  • Denise asks, cautiously

<Argent> I explain to her I'm seeing someone, and she's all embarressed and just wants to run out.

<Argent> I try to smooth things over... who knows if it worked.

<Denise> ...okay...?

<Argent> I just feel like crap over the whole thing...like I could have done something to prevent it.

<Denise> :/

<Denise> well, I don't figure on what

<Denise> It ain't like you got control over how folks feel, right?

<Argent> I'm trained to read people... like really read them... I just don't on my friends, cause, it doesn't feel right.

  • Denise thinks about that

<Denise> I think if I liked someone that way, an I hadn't said nothin' an they was all "I just like you as a friend don't get no ideas"....

<Denise> I dunno if that'd be better?

<Argent> straight forward at least

<Argent> better... hard to say, really depend on who was recieving it

<Denise> Well like.... generaly of someone kisses you an you were askin' or expectin' it, it ain't you who's the jerk

<Denise> I mean

<Denise> I only met her once, right

<Denise> She didn't seem like a jerk but also, like, she didn't seem like she were real good at people, neither

<Argent> see, thats why I feel bad, I should be better with people.

<Argent> Im dwelling on this and I probably shouldn't

<Denise> nah

<Denise> :/

<Denise> I mean

<Denise> Feeelin's are all confusin and they don't make no sense

<Denise> you can't always sort 'em out, I guess

<Denise> but they don't just always let you alone just 'cause they want you too, neither

<Denise> but it don't sound like you were *really* a jerk

<Denise> you didn't laugh at her or nothin'

<Argent> of course not

<Argent> I know what you're saying too

<Argent> this is not a situation I'm used to

<Denise> were there no girls... or boys who like boys, at that monastery? ;p

<Argent> if you're being taught to lie and infiltrate, it's hard to take anyone seriously in that regard.

<Argent> I mostly just avoided it

<Denise> I guess :/

<Argent> and there wasn't a whole lot of time for that stuff anyway

  • Denise nods

<Denise> I dunno, I seen other folks get in messes like that, an they don't seem to know much better

<Denise> Like, Maisie settled with her fella now an they're real happy

<Denise> but like, when she first got knocked up she were like *fer sure* sure it were his

<Denise> and they had great big rows for a bit

<Argent> well that sounds even more complicated

<Denise> yeah

<Denise> She told me, anyway, that she always loved him, just for a bit, she was confused 'bout how she felt about this other guy too

  • Denise shrugs

<Denise> I dunno, it weren't me

<Argent> The only person I ever had a real crush on wasn't at the monestary.

<Denise> oh yeah?

<Denise> was it Collette? ^-^

  • Denise takes a wild guess - Collette is pretty awesome :V

<Argent> well who could blame me if it was... but no

<Argent> It was after I left and came back, before I got back with everyone

<Denise> whooooooo? :D

<Argent> you met her.

<Argent> its kinda embarrassing now

<Denise> Sister Briony?

<Argent> yeah

<Argent> like I said a little embarrassing.

  • Denise grins

<Denise> well she do make cute kids ^_^

  • Denise teases

<Argent> it was totally inappropriate... she's kinda my boss.

<Denise> yeah well

<Denise> feelin's

<Denise> don't make sense

<Argent> speaking of kids, when are you and Enver gonna start makin' some... Uncle Argent needs to bounce some off his knee.

  • Denise makes a face imagining havibg a crush on her boss

<Denise> o_O

  • Denise makes a different face

<Denise> ugh!

<Denise> I mean

<Denise> Like

  • Argent laughs

<Denise> not *ugh* Ugh

<Denise> Just like

  • Argent laughs more
  • Denise sighs

<Denise> :|

<Argent> I hear that's how they're made... lots of 'ugh's

<Denise> I know it shoudl be funny just...

<Denise> there ain't nothin 'ugh

<Denise> ' about that >.>

<Argent> I'm being horrible

<Denise> Yvie was buggin' us about it when I took him to meet folks

<Denise> it ain't you

<Denise> An' then Da was just.... bein' da

<Denise> like he just can't figure I can keep myself from gettin' knocked up and if I did that I'd be all crawlin' back home for them to take care of me >:|

<Argent> Does he have any idea who you are?

<Denise> I can't figure if he don't or he do an he just don't like it so much he wants me to fuck up or what :|

<Argent> Im not sure which would be worse...

<Denise> yeah, me neither

<Denise> I dunno

<Denise> He said he didn't mean what he said to sound liek he did but I can't figure if it makes a difference an... anyway, sorry, I know you was just makin' a joke :/