Diablotin: Raven's Nest

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A one-shot run in August 2016, set during the Second Psyrene War.


The development of the warforged is a top secret project intended to turn the tide of the war in the favour of the Imperial forces. However one of the warforged, named Lock, has disappeared from the training facility at Kythrea. The authorities are very concerned in case he falls into enemy hands and the secret is revealed prematurely, and the PCs are tasked with recovering him.



After being briefed by Geffrard Charlier the PCs undertook to trace Lock's route out of the secret facility and into the surrounding mountains. They encountered an unusual raven construct of bones which Haft took a fondness to. Kythrea is located in a valley in the mountains near the former ancient stronghold of a band of warrior women who were supporters of Orelius' wife Livadhia of the Raven clan. This stronghold, now in ruins, was where the warforged's trail ultimately led. The warriors' spirits still inhabited the stone statues that lined the ruins, which attacked them as they approached. One of the spirits had possessed Lock for their queen's purposes, but they were ultimately able to free him from the possession.