Diablotin: Holiday Heist

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A one-shot adventure run in March 2014. Set during the holidays of 2275, it featured a group of people who were hired by Garlan Hyde, on behalf of another party, to steal the Glass of Indemnity, a magical magnifying glass held in safekeeping by the church. It was reportedly in the vaults underneath the Sacred Hall of the Reunified Arch, the large temple constructed atop the Black Down to preserve and protect the Arch. The group encountered various difficulties along the way, including finding that another group had also been engaged to steal the item, and ultimately learning that the original glass had already been removed by members of the Church (who had been tipped off of the possible theft) for safekeeping.

During the course of their endeavours, they also uncovered evidence that certain members of the Order of the Spoke and others in the church were attempting to systematically exterminate outsiders, including shadar-kai and those of partly-demonic blood as well as full-blooded demons.


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