Cosmogony, according to the Almas Genara

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Common text, could be known by anyone who knows anything about religion

In the time before the stars, there was darkness, and in the darkness was Chaos. But even within the Chaos, there was thought, and as a pearl grows in an oyster, so the stars coalesced out of Chaos around those first formless thoughts, and shed their light to drive back the darkness. And as the darkness shrank away, the world emerged out of it, like an island out of the fog. And the stars knew then that they were gods, and that this world was their own, and they circled around it like a wheel, to guard it from the Chaos that remained. And they peopled it with creatures of all sorts. At first, humans were like any other beasts, and they walked with the beasts and had no fear of them, nor did the beasts fear them. They had no shame, no dreams, no knowledge of good or evil. There were, at that time, six sisters born of a single father, and each of the sisters joined with their father in turn, and they bore six sons. And the gods decreed that they would take only their own sons to be their mates, never the sons of their sisters. These sons grew to manhood, and wished to challenge the gods themselves. They slew their grandfather, who had become old and feeble, and crafted bows from his bones and his hair. They shot their arrows at the stars, and those they hit fell to the ground like shards of fire, leaving the sky in darkness and allowing Chaos to enter the world. The sons wanted to bring these shards as gifts to their mothers, but when they touched the pieces of fallen gods, their skins were pierced and burned. Wisdom came upon them with their pain, and they were ashamed of what they had done, and they cast aside the star-shards, crying for what was lost. Touched by Chaos, each blamed the others for their evil actions, and they fell to fighting one another, until at last their fear and anger drove them apart. They sought shelter with the beasts who had been their kin, but the beasts fled from them. Even their own mothers did not know them, and fled at their approach, and then they knew that they were truly accursed for what they had done. They lay down to rest, and each dreamed, the first dreams that they had ever known, and in those dreams they found the knowledge of what they had to do. Chastened, they sought once more the star-shards, to beg forgiveness and seek atonement. The fallen gods told them that they could make atonement in time, but that it would take longer than a single lifetime to do so. They pleaded for this chance, and swore that they would return the gods to the heavens. The gods were merciful, and granted to their creations the chance for rebirth before judgment, one lifetime for each god. Then the men fastened the star-shards as points to their arrows, and, going to the highest mountain-top, shot them once more into the heavens. And so the stars were returned to their rightful places, and the world was once more as it should be. But though they were no longer accursed, the men were still marked by their sin, set apart from the beasts by the gifts of thought, of dream, of regret, and of rebirth.