Codex Lunaticium

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The Codex is 27 volumes long, and is kept at the Athenaeum, technically available to anyone who wants to plough through it. These excerpts were researched by Seth and have been entered into the Society Archives.

"O Watcher of the Forbidden Entrance, why must I enter naked? And the Watcher answered Thus it is, the Covenant of old, set down before time began, so that the mark may be seen if you are Chosen." - v. 2, Amaspia

"I have found the Gate that leads to the Outside, by which the Watcher, who guards the entrance to our world, keeps eternal vigil. I have felt the presence of that Ancient One whose name is written in the forbidden texts, the testament of a dead civilization whose priests, seeking power, swung open the dread gate and were consumed. My fate is no longer written in the stars." - v. 3, Talith

"'Follow me,' (he will say); he will lead you to the dark chamber, the abode below the ground; The abode which none leave unchanged who have entered into it. A road from which there is no return; A House whose dwellers are bereft of light, where dust is in their mouths and clay is their food. O keeper of the door, I have brought my offerings; grant that I may bear the mark." - v. 5, Maferan

"Watcher of the Gate, remember! Open the door that I may enter! Open lest I attack the door, break apart its bars, attack the seal itself! Open the door! Open wide the Gate for my return, lest I cause the dead to rise! I will raise up the dead! I will cause the dead to rise and devour the living!" - v. 6, Zaalia

"The Gods forget. They are distant. They must be reminded. If they are not watchful, if the gatekeepers do not watch the gates, if the gates are not kept always locked, bolted and barred, then the One who is always ready will enter and bring with him the hordes of the demon armies." - v. 11, Terese

"Beyond the pool I see a set of stairs. Placed beneath the Arch, it falls down into the dank earth. My thirst and the heat compel me to enter. Nothing moves except the buzzing flies and the red clouds above. Darkness confronts me, but still I enter, seeking the coolness of the underground. Hiding myself from that awful red sky. On and on I walk. It is a good thing there is no hunger in this place, for surely I am years now away from my quiet home. Even the thirst I felt above has faded to nothing. Except for the flies outside, I have seen nothing alive, not even one rat in this entire sewer, until the boy." - v. 19, Nuallan

"Night! You'd please me even more without these stars which speak a language I know all too well. I long for darkness, silence, nothing there. Yet even shadows have their shapes, the hordes of vanished souls whose eyes acknowledge mine. Whether spawned by the Void or sprung from the stars, Fate like a spaniel follows at your heel, child; you sow haphazard fortune and despair, ruling all things, responsible for none." - v. 24, Ythan