Anastasius and Aneirin, 4/19/2001

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  • Anastasius is relatively young at this point as well

<Anastasius> (16-17)

  • Aneirin has taken Anastasius from the people who brought him and has brought him down to his study.

<Aneirin> ooc awwww! <Aneirin> ooc cute little albino boy

  • Aneirin has done so silently. He leads Ana into a chamber with a fireplace and gestures for him to sit down.

<Aneirin> Please, sit.

  • Aneirin 's first words since a discussion with those who brought you here.
  • Anastasius sits
  • Anastasius seems kind of nervous
  • Aneirin sits down across from him.

<Aneirin> So boy, tell me your name. <Anastasius> (First words in how long since I was brought here?)

  • Aneirin 's manner is commanding but not intimidating.
  • Anastasius looks Aneirin over
  • Anastasius has had a very abbreviated intro to the faery world...

<Anastasius> Jeremy Vale <Aneirin> ooc: hmmm, I'm going with you've just been brought to F'ton. It was a confusing, probably harrowing trip. <Aneirin> ooc: the people who brought you didn't volunteer too much information. How long do you suppose it has been since Jeremy's Chrysalis.

  • Aneirin will ask that in game.

<Aneirin> Good, good. <Anastasius> (ooc: maybe a month? Time enough for it to be happen, be noticed by other changelings, be noticed by the *right* cahngelings, and then acted upon...) <Aneirin> ooc ok, sounds good. <Anastasius> twenty seven days. <Aneirin> I am Aneirin ap Puk. Have you been told anything about your recent transformation? <Anastasius> very little <Aneirin> Good, those imbeciles did something right.

  • Anastasius looks like he's trying not to squirm
  • Anastasius is oocly trying to recall what Aneirin looks like besides the purple hair ;)

<Aneirin> I am glad to hear this. It means I will not have to do extensive deprogramming. Very good. <Anastasius> ahh...yeah... <Anastasius> . o O ( deprogramming? )

  • Aneirin is tall, slender, with light purple hair and dark violet eyes, fair skin, exquisitely pointed ears; well-attired in obviously expensive garments, good breeding evident, cultured demeanor, commanding presence.
  • Aneirin doesn't bother pretending he's Dana's gift to Changelingdom to you, though. So although he is not exactly cruel to you, he isn't indulging you like he does the childlings of his duchy, either.
  • Aneirin is observing Ana quite intensely.
  • Anastasius isn't quite sure what to make of the scrutiny
  • Anastasius has balor's eyes, awwwww ;)

<Anastasius> (They flash red ;) <Aneirin> You are now a Changeling. Forget about your past, your human family if you still have one, your old friends, your old school, all of that, because frankly, it is now meaningless to you. <Aneirin> Unless-

  • Aneirin draws this out.

<Aneirin> They can do something for you. <Anastasius> what do you mean? <Aneirin> People are marvelous tools. Use them, if you can think of any use for them. <Anastasius> so this.. (gestures to himself) means that I never see my parents again, unless it's to trick something out of them, then.

  • Aneirin gets a bit hard-featured.

<Aneirin> Think about it, Jeremy. <Aneirin> ooc: ooh, backtrack. I was assuming his parents are human. stupid Ceiridwen. he will have asked whether they were, knowing that they probably aren't, or Jeremy wouldn't be here. <Aneirin> ooc I mean, knowing they probably are human or Jeremy wouldn't be here! <Anastasius> (They are) <Aneirin> ooc ok, good. <Aneirin> ooc back on track then, <Aneirin> What do your parents do, Jeremy? <Anastasius> (his dad is a professor of history and mythology ;) <Anastasius> My father is a professor at Acadia. My mom is a legal secretary. <Aneirin> ooc ok, good, back to "Think about it, Jeremy." <Anastasius> (when would he have asked this? Right after my insolent question?) <Aneirin> ooc he asked whether his parents were human right after talking about deprogramming. Then I'm assuming we had the rest of the conversation in the order we had it- the insolent question and all. <Aneirin> What does your father teach? <Anastasius> .... <Anastasius> History and Mythology <Aneirin> Really? <Aneirin> That's excellent. <Aneirin> Although it would be human history, and human mythology. <Anastasius> oh? <Anastasius> Is this Where you tell me that that is all wrong too? <Aneirin> By 'human mythology' I mean it probably has some grain of truth to it but it has likely been altered by those who documented it, those who translated it, those who collated it, and all the millions of other human hands that that information has gone through. <Aneirin> So no, I would never say it is all wrong. <Aneirin> It could actually be quite useful to you. <Aneirin> But, Jeremy, you say your parents are human. <Aneirin> You are not, anymore. <Aneirin> The lives of humans, and what you have now become, seldom cross, because humans for the most part can't bring themselves to believe such as we might exist. <Aneirin> Do you understand? <Aneirin> Humans see us as creatures of your father's mythology. Which, most of them believe, is an explanation of things beyond their ken. <Aneirin> And since it is beyond their ken, they prefer to sweep it under their carpet. <Aneirin> They'd rather not deal with things they don't understand.

  • Anastasius looks away, to the side, as if he is thinking about something

<Aneirin> Jeremy, I would like you to know that I encourage you to always speak your mind. <Aneirin> Please, if you feel you can share your thought with me, tell me. <Aneirin> The pursuit of knowledge is neverending, and ideas you have may further my own understanding of things.

  • Anastasius looks up at Aneirin and considers

<Aneirin> I hope you will view my ideas as a way to expand your own body of knowledge. <Aneirin> Not as dogma. <Aneirin> You may embrace or reject them as you see fit. <Anastasius> I've always been seen as different. People have come to accept me anyway <Anastasius> Why should that change now? <Aneirin> Hmm. Why have you been seen as different? Because of your colouring? Or something else? <Anastasius> Mostly because of that <Aneirin> Hmm-mm

  • Aneirin nods sagely.

<Aneirin> Humans can explain away your colouring. It's a genetic default, which results in the lack of pigmentation. <Aneirin> See? They understand that. So they come to accept it, although I must assume it took your schoolmates, when you first started formal schooling, quite a while to accept you. <Aneirin> But how would a human explain away this? <Anastasius> what is there for them to explain? <Aneirin> ooc just sec, trying to think of a cantrip whose effect cannot be written off to sleight of hand or something... <Aneirin> ooc: is Ana asking about how a human could explain his becoming a changeling? <Aneirin> ooc: or taking something out to show Aneirin? (the limits of IC's...)  ;^) <Anastasius> (asking what there is for humans to have to explain away) <Aneirin> ooc ok. <Aneirin> Most things. <Aneirin> What is science, but the pursuit of explaining things satisfactorily to oneself and other humans? <Aneirin> Of discovering /why/ things work the way they work. <Aneirin> Of finding out how humanity, and other lifeforms, came to be? <Anastasius> not all humans are scientists <Aneirin> True. <Aneirin> But all humans have a desire to find reasons for why things are the way they are. <Aneirin> Now, humans have developed a certain blind spot. <Aneirin> For creatures like us, and others, whom I will tell you about in due course. <Aneirin> We can do things that seem to defy their ideas of what can and can't be done. <Aneirin> This makes a lot of humans uncomfortable. <Aneirin> For example, humans can fly. But only when they are aided, by wings, propulsion, hang gliders, and other means. <Aneirin> How would they explain away what you are doing right now, though?

  • Aneirin has caused Ana to levitate.

<Aneirin> Granted, this is not flying. It's a confined space. <Aneirin> If we were outside, or in a larger room, I could make you fly. On your own. No wings, no engine. <Aneirin> And you can learn how to do this too. <Anastasius> ...

  • Anastasius is kind of staring at himself in interest

<Anastasius> <Aneirin> I think you will see that there are no strings attached...

  • Aneirin smiles.

<Aneirin> Ah-ha. It's a cantrip. <Aneirin> One of many that you may wish to study.

  • Anastasius looks interested now
  • Anastasius looks down at the floor

<Aneirin> I can't really explain how I do it. I can just make it happen. <Aneirin> Want down now that I have caught your attention? <Anastasius> ... <Anastasius> alright

  • Aneirin puts him down.

<Aneirin> Have you ever read Peter Pan? <Anastasius> but if there is no cause to do that in front of humans... <Anastasius> yes. <Aneirin> You can do it if you believe you can, and if you know the right way to manipulate things. <Aneirin> You're catching on quickly. <Aneirin> You don't have to do that in front of humans. <Aneirin> In fact, you probably would find it rather difficult to do in front of humans. <Aneirin> So you can still associate with humans, if you like. <Aneirin> The thing is, what will you discuss with them? <Anastasius> the same things I discuss with them now, I suppose...

  • Aneirin shrugs.

<Aneirin> True. <Aneirin> But I think soon, as you learn more about being a Changeling, your old life may grow... a bit dull. <Aneirin> And you are bright enough to understand that the things I can teach you aren't really suitable topics for conversation. <Aneirin> In fact, you'd likely end up on a psychiatrist's couch, or even in an institution.

  • Anastasius smirks

<Aneirin> What, already been there?

  • Aneirin grins; he's teasing.

<Anastasius> not yet.. <Aneirin> And you won't, either. <Anastasius> hmm <Aneirin> Because just to have undergone the change, I know you must be somewhat open to all this. <Aneirin> Some never do. <Aneirin> And here, I think, is a good place to tell you about what you are, and how you came to be it.

  • Anastasius is listening with interest

<Aneirin> Unless you have some other questions? Objections? <Anastasius> o... go on <Anastasius> (no, even) <Aneirin> ooc I knew what you meant...  ;^) <Aneirin> Very well. <Aneirin> We will be here for a while. <Aneirin> Do you drink wine? <Anastasius> On occasion...

  • Aneirin settles in for a long discussion.

<Aneirin> Good. <Anastasius> . o O ( with parental approval... But then. )

  • Aneirin snaps his fingers, and a big ugly grey-skinned guy with no nose and red hair comes in.

<Tel> What, Lord?

  • Anastasius eyes the guy warily, but I expect he sin't my first redcap...

<Aneirin> Tel. Please bring some wine for myself and my young friend. <Tel> Sure thing, Boss.

  • Tel goes away and comes back a bit later with two golden goblets encrusted with gems, and a bottle of vintage wine.

<Aneirin> Thank you, Tel.

  • Aneirin pours some for himself and Ana, and passes a goblet over to the boy.

<Aneirin> Tel is a Redcap, another of our kind. <Aneirin> But what is our kind?

  • Aneirin swirls his goblet and takes a sip.
  • Anastasius sniffs the wine, imitating his dd, and sips it

<Anastasius> changelings? <Aneirin> Yes. But what are they? In our earliest form, we were nature spirits, thought up by a group of primates with nascent consciousness. We were how they explained things like wind, and thunder and fire and we were the spirits of trees and streams and mountains. <Aneirin> As this group of primates evolved, we evolved with them, constantly being molded in their imaginations, growing with them, and often a step or two ahead of them because we were what they dreamed they could be someday. <Aneirin> Eventually, we had established forms, many of which have lived on in the collective human consciousness to this day, though they would like to forget us. <Anastasius> why? <Aneirin> Because they believe they have grown beyond us. <Aneirin> They don't need us anymore. <Aneirin> Science has largely reassured them that many phenomena are not supernatural but indeed something they can explain with logic. <Aneirin> Wind is a movement of air molecules from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure. <Aneirin> Not playful spirits pushing the air around to make the trees dance. <Aneirin> Fire is a chemical reaction, the oxidation of compounds, which releases a large amount of energy which had formerly been tied up in the bonds of the molecules of the compound. <Aneirin> In the form of heat. <Aneirin> Not a magical, living entity that kept the early humans alive and made possible all their other achievements. <Aneirin> You see? <Aneirin> And all this technological advancement has weakened us. <Anastasius> because they don't believe in us? <Aneirin> Once, we were truly magical entities, spirits of trees, and we lived completely off the power of the humans' imaginations. <Aneirin> This power we call Faerie Glamour. <Aneirin> We still must live off of it, and indeed, it is the energy I used to make you levitate, and I can use it for many other things. <Aneirin> But since the Renaissance, the humans have turned more and more to science, to rationalization, and there is less superstition, less imagination going around. <Aneirin> So, less Glamour. <Aneirin> But you are making me jump ahead. <Aneirin> Before I go further into this weakening, I must tell you of the various forms we come in. <Anastasius> imagination is superstition? <Aneirin> Not quite. <Anastasius> hmm <Aneirin> They are two separate things, and perhaps I am misleading you. I have not had a pupil in some time.

  • Anastasius half shrugs

<Aneirin> Suffice it to say that when humans still believed that bogeymen waited for them in the dark, they made up lots of stories about it which uses imagination. Really, what I should have said is that Glamour is belief. <Anastasius> ahh <Aneirin> Belief in Faerie creatures and Faerie magic. <Aneirin> Which, I think you will agree, requires imagination.

  • Anastasius nods

<Anastasius> or proof <Aneirin> Yes, yes! <Aneirin> But sadly, most humans cannot accept the proof that we exist. <Anastasius> if their scientific minds require to explain us... why not simply prove it to them? <Aneirin> That is the irony of our situation. <Aneirin> The humans would believe in us if they had proof, but since they have stopped believing in us, for the large part, they have made it impossible for themselves to see us, hence, we cannot offer them proof of our existence. <Aneirin> They generally explain anything unusual they see in terms they can understand. <Anastasius> hmm <Anastasius> so it's a paradox, then? <Anastasius> and we can't do anything about it? <Anastasius> and eventually we will just cease to exist... <Aneirin> Not really a paradox, I'd say. An irony. <Aneirin> And yes, it seems likely that eventually we will cease to exist. <Anastasius> unless their thinking comes to accept us, or we change? <Aneirin> But as long as there are a few humans who have the courage to believe that there may be more to the world than is conventionally accepted, we will persist. <Anastasius> hmm <Aneirin> There is also a matter of politics. <Aneirin> A large proportion of the Changelings believe it is wrong to force our presence onto humans. <Anastasius> hmmm <Anastasius> they want to die? <Anastasius> or, want us to die? <Aneirin> No, I would not say that. <Aneirin> Perhaps it is merely ignorance. <Aneirin> Mainly, it is fear. <Anastasius> fear of what? <Aneirin> There are some humans, and other supernatural creatures who would hunt us down if they knew we existed. <Aneirin> Scientists would probably like to do tests on us, to see how we work. <Anastasius> hmm <Aneirin> And in fact for many centuries since the Renaissance, our kind have been hunted wherever they made themselves known, accused of witchcraft, or other nonsense. <Aneirin> I myself do not hold that we should hide our presence completely from humans or not make use of our advantages, so long as we do so subtly. <Aneirin> I do occasionally use cantrips to have things go smoothly when dealing with humans, if I know there is more to be gained by such usage than lost.

  • Anastasius nods

<Aneirin> Caution is the byword of the day, not only when dealing with humans, but also with others of our kind, and certainly with the other supernatural creatures. <Anastasius> Politics? <Aneirin> The other thing you must always remember is that some humans have so thoroughly denounced even the possibility of our existence that our cantrips simply will not work on them. <Aneirin> I'll tell you of the politics at a later date. <Anastasius> Oh

  • Anastasius ponders for a moment

<Aneirin> One must learn the basics before dabbling in larger things... <Anastasius> (How much more do we want to continue in this vein? I'm thinking I might like to skip time a bit)

<Anastasius> (This is good and all, but we're not really talking about anything either of us don't already know.) <Aneirin> ooc sure, he'll basically make sure you know about the various kiths, including the rarer ones such as Selkies, Clurichauns, etc., that you know about Houses, and the difficulties between Sidhe and Commoner, Seelie and Unseelie Court, tell you about the Parliament of Dreams, etc, over a period of a couple weeks. <Aneirin> This will give you an idea of Ana's first reaction to / opinion of Aneirin, anyway. Ought to help a bit, I hope. <Aneirin> ooc where to now? <Anastasius> Some sort of social interaction that isn't necessarily a teaching thing or a formal lesson. <Aneirin> ooc: hmm. <Anastasius> Maybe some sort of discussion of plans or dreams or something like that <Aneirin> ooc: sure, once Ana has a good ground in things, Aneirin will ask him about what he hopes to achieve now that his life is significantly altered. By the way, Aneirin will not have told Ana about the Shadow Court until he was fairly sure the kid would remain loyal to him, also after performing some Soothsay on him to find out what House he belonged to... fairly obvious but Caution is the Byword so Aneirin would wish to make sure. <Anastasius> ('k)

  • Aneirin comes down one afternoon (you think it's afternoon but you haven't been outdoors in weeks and the clock's a twelve hour one so no help there, could be am or pm. ;^) ) and has Draco and Tel bring in a delicious meal for you and him to share.

<Anastasius> (which one is Draco again?) <Aneirin> ooc They're both Redcaps. They're brothers, but not twins. <Aneirin> ooc: Draco's the older brother. <Anastasius> (oh, right) <Aneirin> ooc They ran DT Hempster's but they didn't just sell hemp wallets and shirts and things... <Anastasius> (what would my relationship to them be, anyway?) <Aneirin> ooc: They are Aneirin's henchmen. They'd prolly treat you reasonably well because Aneirin would have told them to. <Aneirin> ooc: But they're also Redcaps, so reasonably well means prolly little respect. <Aneirin> ooc: They tolerate you, bring you food when Aneirin doesn't, make sure you don't go places you're not supposed to yet (like the dungeon and lab) <Aneirin> ooc: And they'll talk to you sometimes and try to be friendly but they're not really interested in becoming chums. <Anastasius> (Fair enough) <Anastasius> (How henchmen-y are they, anyway?) <Aneirin> ooc: Aneirin trusted them quite well. They're who he sent to kidnap childlings when the time came. They're prolly geased not to betray him but they like being with him anyway because torturing people is fun and they usually got to eat the leftovers. <Aneirin> Well, good afternoon, Jeremy. <Aneirin> How have you been making out? <Anastasius> well <Aneirin> Glad to hear it. <Aneirin> Glad to hear it. <Aneirin> I hope you'll join me for dinner. <Anastasius> You have an interesting library

  • Anastasius stands

<Aneirin> It's fresh from my hotel's kitchens. The Master Chef, Taso, is really quite a treasure. <Anastasius> of course... <Aneirin> Thank you. I've collected my books over years. <Aneirin> I trust you have found some that interest you? That you enjoy?

  • Anastasius nods

<Aneirin> Good. Tell me about them. <Aneirin> What have you learned from them? Have they helped equip you for your future? <Anastasius> The histories... the magics <Aneirin> Mmm-hmmm. <Aneirin> Practiced any magic yet? <Anastasius> the different versions of each <Anastasius> some <Aneirin> Good. <Aneirin> So you've been reading some of the Seelie histories, as well as those of the various kiths?

  • Anastasius nods

<Aneirin> I always enjoy the different perspectives. <Aneirin> I find they give you much to think about. <Anastasius> (did you tell me what house I am yet? ;) <Anastasius> (or you, for that matter. I'm sure I would have asked by now) <Aneirin> ooc prolly by now! You've shown a keen interest and he's prolly mildly impressed by you. <Anastasius> (yaaaay! ;) <Aneirin> ooc: I mean, you don't often find a kid who is so interested in scholarship these days. <Anastasius> Our house is rarely mentioned <Aneirin> Yes. We like to keep it that way. <Anastasius> (good home environment for it ;) <Anastasius> it makes it harder to learn anything about it <Aneirin> The entire Shadow Court, as a matter of fact, is nearly mythical to those of the Seelie Court. <Aneirin> You can ask me whatever you wish to know. <Aneirin> I think, too, that you will also find your father's human mythology most useful in the pursuit of knowledge relating to our House. <Anastasius> The shadow court? <Aneirin> Yes. <Aneirin> Our House, House Leanhaun and House Ailil make up the Shadow Court. <Aneirin> We tend to move in the shadows of Changeling Society, hence the denomination. <Anastasius> what do we do? <Aneirin> We are the movers and shakers. <Aneirin> We pull strings in the background, and make the Seelie dance. <Aneirin> They never know quite who does it, though. <Aneirin> They never know quite who does it, though. <Anastasius> what do you mean?

  • Aneirin smirks.

<Aneirin> There are great wheels in motion, turning, turning.

  • Anastasius thinks

<Aneirin> Have you read your pre-Sundering history, Jeremy?

  • Anastasius nods

<Anastasius> some of it <Aneirin> What have you learned about the Seelie and Unseelie courts back then, in your readings? <Anastasius> They each ruled for half the year, taking over from each other at the spring and fall equinoxes... <Aneirin> ooc: Sorry, he always has to do a bit of teaching... you're his student. <Aneirin> Yes. And what has happened since? <Anastasius> Seelie in summer, Unseelie in fall <Anastasius> Seelie rule all the time <Aneirin> Yes. <Aneirin> And why did the courts alternate, before the Sundering? <Anastasius> I'm not exactly sure. The books don't explain everything. It was more than politics. I think it was because of our nature. Our duality represented in our leadership <Aneirin> Yes... but it was also to keep a balance. <Aneirin> All things are poised on a knife's edge, and our duality is no exception.

  • Anastasius nods

<Aneirin> Did you know that everything, all existence, is a carefully choreographed dance? <Aneirin> But since the Seelie have ruled nonstop for six hundred years, things have been thrown off balance. <Aneirin> The dancers make sprightly leaps and airy twirls when the music is slow and somber, and they move with solemnity when the music is fast. <Aneirin> The dance and the music of the spheres is in discord, the balance gone awry, and the orchestra faltering. <Anastasius> hmm

  • Anastasius thinks

<Anastasius> and all our other problems... are because of this? being out of balance? <Aneirin> It seems the most likely explanation. <Anastasius> And so the wheels of the Shadow Court turn, to fix this? <Aneirin> Something like that, yes. <Anastasius> And they are turning down in your lab?

  • Aneirin raises an eyebrow and a corner of his mouth curls up in a smirk.

<Aneirin> Not entirely here. <Anastasius> hmm <Aneirin> And don't think this has all happened in a very short period of time. <Aneirin> The wheels have been grinding slowly onwards towards this goal for centuries. <Aneirin> Do you think it is foolish or rash? <Aneirin> Or /not possible/? <Anastasius> ... <Anastasius> It seems to make sense... <Aneirin> Speak, boy. <Aneirin> Yes, it does. And many of both courts have come to a similar conclusion. <Anastasius> both courts? <Anastasius> I suppose, if they were wise... <Aneirin> Yes. The Seelie Courts seem to turn a deaf ear on those soothsayers of doom, however. <Aneirin> They prefer not to think that their rule could be flawed. <Aneirin> It's only among the Unseelie Court that anyone seems to take things seriously.

  • Anastasius nods

<Aneirin> and it is certainly only in the Shadow Court that anyone has the courage, the gall, to actually act upon it. <Anastasius> And what is going to happen? <Aneirin> Well. <Aneirin> Many things. <Aneirin> Even now things are in motion, gathering impetus. <Aneirin> There will be a war, most certainly. <Aneirin> I will be forcing the Seelie Court's hand in this issue.

  • Anastasius seems mildly surprised

<Anastasius> you personally? <Aneirin> Why not? Someone must do it. <Aneirin> And I'm already in a perfect position to do so. <Anastasius> what is your position? <Aneirin> Well, not perfect. Never, ever rely on a false feeling of perfection. <Aneirin> But close to. <Aneirin> Dear boy. <Aneirin> I'm a fair bit older than I look. <Aneirin> I've been working on this for centuries. <Aneirin> Slowly, slowly, gaining the ear of the most powerful Shadow Court members.

  • Anastasius listens intently

<Aneirin> You will find that time, and patience, are your best allies. <Aneirin> You also must be diplomatic. <Aneirin> And you must understand what will draw people to your cause. <Aneirin> That is why reading all those histories, from different points of view, is so very useful. <Aneirin> You get an insight as to how the minds of the different kiths work, and while I would hate to generalize- never generalize, Jeremy- most members of a kith share a common heritage, a common tradition handed down through the ages, and so it is possible to predict how they may react. <Aneirin> As a whole. <Aneirin> Offer them what they would like.

  • Anastasius nods

<Aneirin> And then act on it! <Aneirin> Give them some of what they want, so they know it is within your power to do so. <Aneirin> But don't give it all. <Aneirin> Not until they've done what you want them to do. <Aneirin> And even then, it is useful to hold some back. <Aneirin> They'll keep coming, if they think they can get something more from you. <Aneirin> Also get to know individuals.

  • Anastasius nods again

<Aneirin> While the various social gatherings of the Courts may sometimes be dreary affairs, go to them. <Aneirin> Speak with people, joke with people. Get to know their names, ask about their families, their farms, whatever. <Aneirin> They'll swiftly learn to like you. <Aneirin> Be kind to their children. <Aneirin> Encourage the best in all your subjects, and they will do their best for you. <Aneirin> But also, show them a hint of steel.

  • Anastasius nods

<Aneirin> So they know that you are not someone they want to cross. <Aneirin> Subtlety. <Aneirin> It is another good ally. <Anastasius> . o O ( so that's what goes on in the dungeons.... showing people 'a hint of steel'.... ) <Aneirin> If someone really displeases you, don't suffer them to live, but don't make a huge affair of their death either. <Aneirin> Arrange for them to disappear.

  • Anastasius 's eyes narrow a bit, thinking about killing people and Aneirin's downstairs activities
  • Aneirin catches it.

<Aneirin> You don't like the idea of killing, do you.

  • Aneirin narrows his eyes.

<Anastasius> I've never done it before. I've never needed to <Aneirin> And you shouldn't, unless you really have to. <Aneirin> My planning has taken me hundreds of years. <Aneirin> I can't afford to have one person, one lonely person, possibly destroy all that. <Aneirin> Think of all the lives that have been lost because of the six hundred years of Seelie rule. <Aneirin> The lives that never came to be because Banality prevented them.

  • Anastasius wonders...

<Aneirin> A good general knows that to save the country, some soldiers must die. <Aneirin> Think of the human world wars. <Aneirin> How many people died during them? Thousands. <Aneirin> Yet thousands more lived because of the sacrifice of some few.

  • Anastasius nods again

<Aneirin> Life is cruel. <Aneirin> But we must make what we can of it. <Aneirin> And Jeremy, you must learn that truth, embrace it, for otherwise you will never succeed. <Aneirin> You can achieve anything you desire, so long as you are willing to take the necessary actions to achieve it.

  • Anastasius seems to be considering what you've said

<Aneirin> But if you are too weak to do so, you might as well just give up now.

  • Aneirin lets him consider it.
  • Aneirin eats some of his food, which has grown a bit cold.

<Anastasius> I'm not weak

  • Aneirin looks at Ana proudly.

<Aneirin> Of course you're not. That's why I am telling you all this. <Aneirin> Because I believe you will make good use of it.

  • Anastasius smiles in slight satisfaction at Aneirin's comment

<Aneirin> Have some food; it's growing cold.

  • Aneirin lifts his plate up with one hand, gestures, and heats it from underneath with a small fireball held in his palm.

<Aneirin> Have you grown weary yet of the rooms I have given you down here, Jeremy? <Anastasius> It's very confined down here

  • Aneirin nods.

<Aneirin> I am sorry for that. <Aneirin> And truly, it is not only your mind you must exercise but your body as well.

  • Anastasius nods

<Aneirin> Perhaps you should start learning swordplay. <Aneirin> Or maybe you prefer archery? <Aneirin> More modern weapons are also available. Guns and the like. <Aneirin> Does any of that appeal to you? <Anastasius> I've taken some fencing <Aneirin> Hmm. <Anastasius> People think that I'm frail because I'm pale. <Aneirin> People should learn not to judge others by their appearances. <Aneirin> But that, too, is something you can turn to your advantage. <Aneirin> In some situations, it may be useful to have people underestimate you. <Aneirin> Would you like to continue to learn more swordplay, Jeremy? <Anastasius> I think I would

  • Aneirin nods.

<Aneirin> Well. <Anastasius> I need to do something active <Aneirin> There are some good knights at my estate who can teach you a lot. <Aneirin> Tomorrow, I'll start teaching you a useful cantrip. <Aneirin> You'll be able to disguise yourself. <Anastasius> (Rondell? Fiachra? ;)

  • Anastasius nods

<Aneirin> Then you can come and practice swordplay a few hours each day. <Aneirin> I think you are ready to interact a bit more with others of our kind. <Aneirin> See what you can learn about my servants... Befriend them. <Aneirin> Because that's another thing you should know. It is useful to have contacts in all places. <Aneirin> Regardless of their stations in life. <Aneirin> Each person has some talent, skill, or knowledge that may be useful to you.

  • Anastasius nods

<Aneirin> Perhaps not right this moment, but in the future you may be glad of their friendship. <Aneirin> Well then. <Aneirin> You've been immersed in Changeling things for over a month now. <Aneirin> What sort of goals would you like to see yourself achieve? <Aneirin> What sorts of plans do you have for your future, Jeremy?

  • Aneirin finishes up his meal, pats at his lips with his napkin, and sits back, ready to talk about Jeremy for a while.

<Anastasius> I still need to lean more.... about Magic, and about our house <Anastasius> And now you're telling me that there is a war coming, and that you hope to change what is <Anastasius> So, I'm not sure what my plans are yet <Anastasius> I suppose I will have to wait and see how the world is reshaped, and fit myself into it <Aneirin> No, Jeremy, fit the world to yourself. <Aneirin> But you have nothing for the immediate future? <Anastasius> Right now, you are the only connection I have to the world I'm supposed to belong to now. I don't thihk that it is enough leverage.... Unless I want to stand in your shadow forever

  • Aneirin pauses a bit.

<Anastasius> For now, I wish to continue my studies, and expand on them <Aneirin> Not forever, Jeremy, but you'd do well to stand there for a while yet. <Aneirin> Very well. Are there any particular areas you'd like to delve into more deeply? <Aneirin> This library-

  • Aneirin gestures to the one full of arcane and rare books you're sitting in.

<Aneirin> Is by no means all of my collection. <Anastasius> oh? <Aneirin> I can bring some further study material in for you, if you like, in areas you are particularly interested in. <Aneirin> Hmm... there will be a gathering at my freehold a week from today. <Aneirin> I think you might like to come see what it's about. Immerse yourself a bit deeper in Changeling culture. <Anastasius> I want to know more about our house... everything in the histories here is very vague... but it contradicts so much of what others says about the Sidhe and the other houses

  • Anastasius nods

<Anastasius> That would be interesting.... <Anastasius> what is the date? <Aneirin> It's one of our festivals- Highsummer Night. July 17.

  • Anastasius nods

<Anastasius> That is something else I have been reading about... the various festivals, the reasons behind them... <Anastasius> (That's when Aneirin got hitched, isn't it?) <Aneirin> Good. <Aneirin> ooc yes it is, but I'm assuming this isn't the same year. <Anastasius> (You know, I'm such the perfect student. And then, you went and taught Janus naming instead of me. :p)

<Anastasius> (true ;) <Aneirin> ooc Rondelle and Fiachra are here, because they're beholden to Aneirin. <Aneirin> ooc: I didn't know you existed yet. And he had a reason to teach it to Janus. He had Janus perform a service in return for him, if I remember correctly. <Aneirin> ooc: He isn't as stuck up about who should have what magics as Seelies might be. But he wouldn't give it to a stupid person who didn't understand the consequences of the Art. Janus did.  :^) <Anastasius> (Yup.... I think he didn't, in the end, though...) <Aneirin> ooc Anyway, who says he didn't teach Ana Naming? <Anastasius> (ooc the fact that Ana doesn't have that much naming? ;) <Aneirin> ooc well, that's not /my/ fault, is it?  ;^D <Anastasius> (ooc well, I couldn't give him *everything*.....) <Aneirin> ooc: I know. But you could give him anything you wanted... Aneirin knew ALL arts and ALL realms.  ;^D <Aneirin> ooc: he had centuries and a predisposition to it on his side.  :^) <Aneirin> ooc plus, of course, access to evil stuff. <Anastasius> (yeah... he does have some naming.... just not all of it. I think up to 4) <Aneirin> Highsummer Night, I'm sure you've read, is one of the few nights of the year that Seelies actually condone interference with mortals. <Aneirin> We'll have some enchanted and brought to the Freehold. While they are enchanted of course, they can see us as we truly are, and interact with us. <Aneirin> It usually results in an interesting evening.

  • Anastasius nods

<Aneirin> . o O (If we get some street people, I'll have a very interesting evening. No one notices missing derelicts...) <Aneirin> Well. Do you have any more questions, Jeremy? <Aneirin> Can I do anything more for you this evening? <Anastasius> I have a lot to think about now, I think <Aneirin> . o O (Draco brought in that new Childling today... good, I can put some of my hypotheses to work.) <Anastasius> I'd like to learn more about the Shadow Court... your plans <Anastasius> all of it <Aneirin> Well, all in due time, Jeremy.

  • Anastasius nods

<Aneirin> But if you have no further use for me, I believe I have some business to attend to down the hall.

  • Aneirin calls for Tel.

<Aneirin> Tel! <Aneirin> Please clean up the meal once young Jeremy has had his fill.

  • Tel comes in.

<Tel> Sure thing. <Tel> Hi there, kid. <Anastasius> hello <Anastasius> (How old is Tel?) <Tel> ooc An older Wilder- looks about 18.

<Aneirin> Good night, Jeremy. <Anastasius> good night...

  • Aneirin leaves and heads down the hall.

<Anastasius> (What am I supposed to call him?) <Tel> ooc he introduced himself as Aneirin ap Puk, and never told you to use any honorific. So, Aneirin. ;^) <Tel> Had enough to eat yet, Jeremy? <Anastasius> ahh, no. <Tel> Ok. <Tel> Too much here for you? <Anastasius> Too busy listening...

  • Tel looks hopeful.

<Anastasius> help yourself though

  • Tel grins a frighteningly large-toothed grin.

<Anastasius> I don't eat that much

  • Tel digs in.
  • Anastasius picks at food, thoughtfully

<Tel> Draco's missin' out. Has to help the boss...

  • Anastasius seeems relatively immune to simple bullying

<Anastasius> help him with what? <Tel> Experimentation. <Anastasius> oh? <Tel> The boss is trying to develop the perfect soldier. <Tel> Fearless, big, and powerful. <Anastasius> hmmm.. that makes sense <Anastasius> Loyal too, presumably <Tel> Of course. <Anastasius> how is he doing this? <Tel> <m> All his troops are loyal, 'cept maybe for those Ailil. Backstabbers, the lot of them... <Tel> Why don't you get him to show you some time?

  • Anastasius frowns a bit

<Tel> It's really educational. Hawhawhaw <Anastasius> I'm sure he will, in time <Tel> I don't think you could watch for long. <Tel> You're too nice. <Anastasius> oh? <Tel> Yeah. <Tel> I remember the first days you were here, you missed your family. <Anastasius> and? <Anastasius> That makes me nice, does it? <Tel> Makes you a wuss. <Anastasius> Draco's your brother, right? <Tel> Do you miss them still, Jeremy? <Tel> Yeah, he is. Whatcha gonna do about it? <Tel> He'd tear you limb for limb if you tried anything, and swallow your still-beating heart whole.

  • Anastasius shrugs casually, but his eyes just do that weird freaky balor glowy thing at juuuust the right time

<Anastasius> Awfuly defensive for someone who thinks that relying on one's family is for wussies <Tel> No way. I'd kill him myself if I had anything to gain from it. <Tel> But right now, suits me fine that he's alive.

  • Anastasius shrugs

<Tel> Do you have a brother? Or a sister? <Anastasius> no <Tel> Too bad. <Tel> I've never fucked albino pussy before.

  • Tel grins to himself.

<Anastasius> Well, if you ever do, I'm sure your life will be fulfilled. <Anastasius> Keep me posted <Tel> Hawhaw, that's the spirit, kid. <Tel> You're not so bad, y'know? <Anastasius> hmm <Anastasius> I've heard that one before <Tel> Sure. <Tel> Really, though, you ain't so bad for a Sidhe kid. <Tel> Most of them are fucking brats. <Tel> I'd eat 'em all for breakfast if boss'd let me. <Tel> Maybe I'll get to, tomorrow morning.

  • Tel grins in anticipation.

<Anastasius> I can't say I've ever met any... except Aneirin. I don't think he qualified as a kid, though. Or a brat.

  • Anastasius raises an eyebrow

<Tel> Nope, and you know, I don't think he's exactly a Sidhe, either. <Tel> He's a fucking monster. <Anastasius> oh? <Tel> 's why I love working for him so much. <Tel> Hell yeah. <Tel> The fringe benefits are great. <Tel> Well, see ya! <Anastasius> ... <Tel> Give me a shout when you're done eating.

  • Anastasius nods
  • Anastasius narrows his eyes as Tel leaves the room

<Tel> ooc you gonna do anything more? 'Cause that's all I really had planned for this segment. <Anastasius> (that was groovy. I'll definitely use that. but I'd like to explore the whole crazy torturer Aneirin parts...) <Tel> ooc things are still quiet down the hall. <Tel> ooc no screams quite yet. <Anastasius> (thats' not quite what I mean, but brb <Tel> ooc we can do another time leap, if you like. <Anastasius> (yeah. See, mostly I'd like to do a short one about what Aneirin might do to Ana, not really detailed necessarily, I'm good enough at gore on my own, but still, A was crazy, and it'll help flesh out Ana's ideas about why his house is crazy.... I'd also like to do one nearer to the war, so I can get a grasp on what Ana would have been doing then) <Aneirin> ooc: Ok, Aneirin likely wouldn't harm Ana unless Ana did something to displease him. <Anastasius> ooc are you sure? he was kinda crazy after all ;) <Aneirin> ooc: He likes Ana, remember. In a twisted, psychopathic sort of way. <Anastasius> Ooc: yeah, well, hanible Like clarise, too ;) <Anastasius> ooc mind, having said that, I'm not really sure if he did anythig to her besides make her crazy... <Aneirin> ooc: I don't think he would. He likes torturing women for sheer art, and the childlings to satisfy his curiosity about how Changelings work, and to see what he can make of them. <Anastasius> ooc okay, then we'll just assume it never happened, which is fair too. <Aneirin> ooc: he didn't harm her ever. Made her eat her rival's brain and stuff. But he never hurt her. <Aneirin> ooc Well, no, it might happen if you even said one thing that Aneirin might think was stupid. Or if you bungled a small mission or something. <Aneirin> ooc: Aneirin was a perfectionist. <Aneirin> ooc: not even bungled a small mission. Made one clumsy mistake, although the mission pulled through fine. <Aneirin> ooc he'd whip out a knife and give you an idea of how it felt to die, and how making a single mistake could lead to your death. To make a point, you see. <Aneirin> ooc: he tortured women because of unresolved issues with his mother. <Anastasius> Ooc how freudian ;) <Aneirin> ooc: he might eventually take Ana in to the chamber to watch the transformation from childling to nightmare monster... <Aneirin> ooc indeed. It is very Freudian. <Anastasius> (I think Ana could handle the childling thing better than the women thing, personally) <Aneirin> Well, he might get to watch Aneirin do that to a woman, too, if he were ever to say he wished he knew his teacher more, or do everything his teacher did.  ;^) <Anastasius> I can see him saying that once, near the beginning of their relationship, and never again <Anastasius> :D <Anastasius> what would Aneirin do to that? <Aneirin> ooc: All right. Aneirin will tell Ana a bit about himself, and then start talking reverently about his art, since it is an expression of himself. <Aneirin> ooc and if Ana wanted to see his art, Aneirin would show him the next night, after procuring a woman. <Anastasius> (well, would Aneirin say what his art was, or would he insist that it required a demonstration?) <Aneirin> ooc Aneirin is not ashamed of what he does because he doesn't really register that it's wrong. <Aneirin> ooc: "I render beauty even more beautiful." <Aneirin> ooc: "I can't really express in words the transcendent beauty I create. It would be best if you were to see it." <Anastasius> ooc I mean, if he doesn't come right out an say 'I liek to put ladies under the knife'.... probably he would want to see. If he does, then, probably not <Anastasius> ooc well, then he'd have to see <Aneirin> ooc: He wouldn't say it that way because he doesn't see it that way. He's fucked up. <Aneirin> ooc: okely dokely. Wanna do this then? <Anastasius> ooc sure <Aneirin> ooc ohhh-kaaaay... You of course can embellish the gore in your write-up, in case I don't think of sufficiently gory details. <Anastasius> 'k

  • Aneirin ushers Ana into the forbidden section of his underground complex, the night after they have the conversation about being more like his teacher. ;^D
  • Anastasius is not sure quite what to expect

<Aneirin> ooc: hopefully this will be long enough into the relationship for ana to have come to respect the brilliant aspect of Aneirin, so he won't completely turn away from his teacher, which would kinda wreck things.

  • Aneirin leads him past some cold iron cells, most of which are empty but one holds an emaciated Pooka of some sort, clasped in irons.

<Aneirin> He broke an oath to me. <Anastasius> ahh <Anastasius> (was that anyone in specific?)

  • Aneirin continues down the corridor to a well-lit room. It has natural stone walls like everything else but there's stainless steel trays with various wicked-looking medical implements.

<Aneirin> ooc no, I made the Pooka up just now. <Anastasius> ooc 'k :)

  • Anastasius looks from the tray to Aneirin, slightly worried
  • Aneirin smiles at a reasonably attractive woman strapped down to a high surgical table, looking past panic, and nearly too weak to struggle. She summons up a last bit of strength to struggle against the straps as Draco looks on.

<Aneirin> She's lovely, Draco. Where did you find her? <Anastasius> (just to note, for the poor girl, that on top of everything, I have slipped seeming ;) <Draco_> Brothel in Thailand. She's clean, just been sold by her family. Being saved for a rich customer.

  • Aneirin looks saddened.

<Anastasius> (white is the colour of deaaath in many eastern mythologies ;) <Aneirin> My poor, dear girl. If only you could understand me.

  • Girl looks with widened eyes at Aneirin, responding to the warmth in his voice.
  • Anastasius is still not exactly sure what is going to happen here...

<Aneirin> What sort of world holds people that sell their own beautiful daughters into such a terrible life?

  • Girl sees you for the first time past Aneirin. Her eyes widen in fear and she starts blubbering and screaming something in a language you don't understand.

<Aneirin> Oh, shh-shh-shh. <Aneirin> I've rescued you from that fate.

  • Anastasius glances cautiously at Draco, trying to gage from him what he should be expecting here

<Aneirin> When I am done with you, you will never have to fear again. Never cry, never be sad.

  • Aneirin says it in a very gentle, soothing voice.

<Aneirin> I will take your beauty to its fullest extent.

  • Draco_ licks his lips in anticipation.
  • Anastasius purses his lips unconsciously
  • Aneirin slowly removes the girl's clothing, as if she were a delicate gift.
  • Aneirin looks over her body, nodding in appreciation.

<Aneirin> Such beautiful skin... <Aneirin> Such small hips.... such perfect breasts.

  • Anastasius shifts a bit, trying to remain impassive, but still not comfortable with here he should be resting his eyes...

<Aneirin> Your eyes... I always loved oriental eyes, you know. There is something about them, they add so much more mystery to a woman... <Anastasius> (LOL! Sugar Sugar on my playlist o_O) <Aneirin> The high cheekbones, sweetly curved lips... an elf-lord's dream come true. <Aneirin> But you are made ugly!

  • Aneirin strikes her.
  • Girl 's eyes well up with tears as the red mark comes up on her face.
  • Anastasius flinches at the suddenness of it, but hopes that Draco and Aneirin are too wrapped up in what's gong on to pay attention to him right now...

<Aneirin> You are made ugly by your appetite. You feel like nothing without a man. You hunger for a man. You want to feel him inside you, to make him give you children, whom you will poison with your false love! <Aneirin> You are no creator! You are a destroyer! <Aneirin> But I.. I can change all this. i can make you beautiful.

  • Aneirin turns to Ana.
  • Anastasius tries to be impassive again, but is clearly tense

<Aneirin> She has such beautiful eyes, don't you think? <Aneirin> But first, I must make her lose her hunger for men.

  • Anastasius nods briefly
  • Aneirin proceeds to the cart with surgical tools and selects a scalpel.

<Aneirin> Pain purifies. <Aneirin> It cleanses out the poisons of the system, makes you think clearly. <Aneirin> And I will cleanse her of her hunger. <Anastasius> (just to make thin more interesting for you, I'll type out my thoghts for ya ;)

  • Aneirin gestures to Draco, who seems to know the routine. He moves to help Aneirin spread the girl's legs. They rearrange the straps and things to make it possible.

<Aneirin> A woman's hunger is derived from the pleasure she takes from the act. <Anastasius> .... <Aneirin> Take away the pleasure, and she will no longer hunger. <Anastasius> . o O ( no... he can't... )

  • Aneirin proceeds to give the girl a 'circumcision'.
  • Girl screams.
  • Anastasius can't help but stare in gaping horror
  • Aneirin lays the parted flesh gently on a bare table.
  • Anastasius stands in shock for the time being

<Anastasius> . o O ( this.... isn't real... )

  • Aneirin pauses for a moment to contemplate what he should do next.
  • Aneirin turns to Ana, a happy expression on his face. He thinks he's making something beautiful. He doesn't seem to notice Ana's look of horror.
  • Aneirin turns to Ana, a happy expression on his face. He thinks he's making something beautiful. He doesn't seem to notice Ana's look of horror.

<Aneirin> That's not enough, though. <Anastasius> . o O ( he's utterly insane! ) <Aneirin> They have children, even without their pleasure. <Aneirin> And then they fil their children's ears with poison.

  • Aneirin moves up to the girl’s face.
  • Draco_ moves up and pries the girl's mouth open.
  • Anastasius can't help thinking of his own mother when he's going on about this...
  • Aneirin looks in her mouth for a moment, brow creasing.
  • Aneirin selects a clamp and some surgical scissors from his table.
  • Aneirin nods at Draco.
  • Draco_ pulls her tongue out and places the clamp on it, holding it out of her mouth.
  • Anastasius knwows what's coming next
  • Aneirin moves in with the large scissors, and proceeds to cut the girl's tongue out. He lays this on the table next to her other appendage.

<Anastasius> (its like a car wreck...)

  • Anastasius would be pale as a sheet, if he weren't pale as he could possible get already.
  • Draco_ moves quietly over to a suction tube like they have at the dentists' office, which he holds in her mouth to suck the blood away.
  • Draco_ winks at Ana.
  • Anastasius swallows hard once

<Draco_> Can't have her choke to death before she's pure!

  • Anastasius is frozen, for now, by Draco's casual reaction and Aneirin's ecstatic demeanor

<Aneirin> Still, they have children! And they are never happy with their children, always urging them to do better, go farther. <Aneirin> Best to go to the source.

  • Aneirin carefully changes the blade of his scalpel, and then moves to hover over the girl's abdomen.
  • Draco_ continues sucking blood out of her mouth, matter-of-factly.
  • Anastasius closes his eyes

<Anastasius> . o O ( He's sick. They're both sick. )

  • Aneirin procedes to give the girl a hysterectomy. Thankfully she faints before too long.
  • Anastasius turns and leaves the room before the 'operation' is complete
  • Aneirin lays the excised uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries on the side table.
  • Aneirin goes to the door and calls after him.

<Aneirin> Jeremy! <Aneirin> Where are you going?

  • Anastasius can't untense his jaw enough to answer....
  • Anastasius pauses at the corridor exit to look back when Aneiring calls afer, but can't force himself to go back there

<Aneirin> I'm not done yet... you haven't seen her made beautiful yet. <Aneirin> Shall I call you when I'm done?

  • Anastasius 's face contorts in a horrible grimace, and turns away more briskly
  • Aneirin wonders what he did wrong.
  • Aneirin wipes his hands on his apron and goes after Ana.
  • Aneirin locates Ana, looking genuinely concerned.
  • Anastasius is in his room, washing his face

<Aneirin> Jeremy... Jeremy. <Aneirin> I'm sorry. I don't understand. I seem to have upset you.

  • Anastasius just shakes his head, still deeply disturbed

<Anastasius> ... <Anastasius> Don't ever talk to me about your 'art' again

  • Aneirin looks a bit angry.

<Aneirin> You asked to see! <Aneirin> And I decided to let you. <Anastasius> I'm very sorry I did. <Aneirin> I shared something very beautiful with you. <Aneirin> And this is how you repay me?

  • Aneirin looks angrier.

<Aneirin> Scorn! <Aneirin> You are scorning me, aren't you? Think you're better?

  • Anastasius looks kind of wild eyed

<Anastasius> You have an amazing mind, Aneirin, but you are very, very sick

  • Aneirin looks very wild-eyed, in an angry sort of way.

<Aneirin> I am not sick. I am an artist. <Anastasius> I'd read.... but I *never* thought... <Aneirin> What?

  • Anastasius shakes his head
  • Aneirin paces up angrily to Ana.

<Aneirin> Tell me, boy.

  • Anastasius steps back
  • Aneirin reaches out and shakes him.

<Aneirin> I share everything with you. I teach you how to be great, let you read my books. <Anastasius> let go of me! <Aneirin> You could be courteous enough to return the favour.

  • Aneirin lets go, shoving the boy roughly into a wall.
  • Aneirin pulls the scalpel out of his apron, and leaps down to the boy, holding the scalpel up against Ana's throat.
  • Anastasius freezes
  • Aneirin fixes Ana with a crazed, intense stare.

<Aneirin> You don't understand, do you?

  • Aneirin pushes the scalpel into Ana's skin.

<Aneirin> Life-

  • Anastasius can't really look away. It's like a deer being caught in headlights....
  • Aneirin pushes it a bit more, drawing blood.

<Aneirin> Is-

  • Anastasius tries desperately not to breathe or swallow...
  • Aneirin pushes in a bit deeper.

<Aneirin> Made-

  • Anastasius pushes Aneirin away

<Anastasius> Get off of me!

  • Aneirin is causing real pain.
  • Aneirin is too large and has Ana pinned.
  • Aneirin draws the blade across Ana's throat.

<Anastasius> (just makin' sure... ;) <Aneirin> More beautiful because of its brevity.

  • Aneirin has not cut deep enough to kill.
  • Aneirin knew what he was doing, kind of.
  • Aneirin sees the blood pouring from the gash he made in Ana's neck and immediately sobers up.
  • Aneirin says coldly.

<Aneirin> Don't ask to see things you aren't ready for.

  • Anastasius puts his own hands to his throat

<Aneirin> Get up now.

  • Aneirin stands up so Ana can get up.
  • Anastasius gets up, quickly, but still holding his bleeding throat with one hand

<Aneirin> Come with me. We have to bandage that. <Aneirin> . o O (He must learn who is his master. I'll let him suffer through the healing process for a while. Then maybe I'll Heather Balm it...) <Anastasius> . o O ( I'll never *ever* be ready for that.... ) <Anastasius> . o O ( I should have known... )

  • Aneirin steers Ana to a seat and attends to his bandage.

<Anastasius> . o O ( after everything I've read here... ) <Aneirin> This hasn't been a total loss, Jeremy. <Aneirin> You must learn your limits.

  • Anastasius stares fixedly at a wall.

<Aneirin> Sometimes, you have to do that the hard way.

  • Aneirin smiles encouragingly at Ana.
  • Anastasius is still looking at Aneirin kind of apprehensively

<Aneirin> You did well, with the knife to your throat. I'm proud of you- you didn't back down or give up. <Aneirin> I might have killed you if I felt you give up.

  • Aneirin gives Ana a friendly shove on the shoulder.

<Anastasius> . o O ( why him? )

  • Anastasius make a concerted effort not to flinch
  • Anastasius makes a concerted effort not to flinch

<Aneirin> You'll do well, at your Sain Day. Very well.

  • Aneirin smiles mysteriously, eyes glinting.

<Anastasius> . o O ( gods... what next? ) <Aneirin> Some wine?

  • Aneirin pours two goblets.
  • Aneirin hands one to Ana and sips the other himself.
  • Anastasius stares at it
  • Anastasius takes an experimental sip
  • Aneirin seems perfectly at ease now, and pleased with the world, but particularly with Ana.

<Aneirin> If I were going to kill you, I wouldn't use poison.

  • Anastasius makes an odd face, because it hurts to swallow

<Aneirin> But it's good that you're being so cautious.

  • Anastasius nods

<Aneirin> It could save your life some day.

  • Anastasius winces again because his throat is still bleeding
  • Aneirin watches him carefully.
  • Anastasius half considers quipping something about forgetting his canvas, but decides *not* to remind him
  • Anastasius takes another careful sip of the wine

<Aneirin> ooc wise decision.  ;^) <Aneirin> Do you think I am hard on you, Jeremy?

  • Anastasius looks at Aneirin, measuring
  • Anastasius whispers "Sometimes."
  • Aneirin crouches down and looks into Ana's eyes.

<Aneirin> If I am, it is for your own good.

  • Anastasius will not look away

<Aneirin> In the end, no matter how many alliances you have made, no matter how carefully orchestrated your plan is, you may only have yourself to rely upon. <Aneirin> Good night, Jeremy.

  • Aneirin turns to go.

<Aneirin> ooc: how was that? Gory enough? <Anastasius> ooc it was wonderful :D <Aneirin> ooc: good. I hope Aneirin met your expectations. <Anastasius> ooc oh yeah :) <Anastasius> you know, I've realized that Ana could probably never do anything to hurt irene <Aneirin> ooc: phew. <Aneirin> Awww, that's good. <Aneirin> 'Cause Hayley would avenge Irene or die in the attempt, if he ever did. <Anastasius> and just how Aneirin's psychoses helped shaped his views on beauty, and women, and love <Anastasius> heh <Aneirin> He likes women because of what Aneirin did? <Aneirin> Thinks Aneirin was totally wrong? <Anastasius> see, I already had his views on these things worked out, but Aneirin just helps to reinforce them ;) <Aneirin> What are his views??

  • Aneirin is curious.

<Anastasius> He sees physical beauty as a false mask. <Anastasius> party because of how house Balor works, where you're either a freak or a psycho <Aneirin> Right. <Anastasius> so not being 'beautiful' is good, it means you have something else to offer <Anastasius> Beauty is an illusion <Anastasius> I really don't think he could ever lay a hand on a woman, either, after seeing that <Aneirin> You mean in a cruel way? <Anastasius> well, not in the violence sense ;) <Aneirin> Or never ever? <Anastasius> yeah <Aneirin> Like he won't consummate his marriage ever? <Aneirin> Ok. <Anastasius> like he would never hit her <Aneirin> Good. <Anastasius> heh <Anastasius> poor Irene ;) <Anastasius> I wouldn't do that to her ;) <Aneirin> That might be one of the good things Hayley would pick up on in him. <Aneirin> That would be, I think. <Anastasius> *nod* <Aneirin> After the school... <Anastasius> now that's not to say he wouldn't manipulate her in other ways, but never physically <Aneirin> Yeah. <Aneirin> I'm counting on him manipulating her! <Anastasius> I think, actually, that acusations that he would or might, or has, or anything like that, would really make him angry, too. <Aneirin> But one of the reasons she'd put up with him and keep going to him for help is because she would pick up on his innate kindness to women. <Aneirin> Well, Hayley wouldn't accuse him of physically abusing Irene. <Aneirin> But psychologically? <Aneirin> Hayley wouldn't put that past him, probably, since she herself will have been a victim of his manipulations. <Anastasius> see, that's the sort of thing he might not necessarily be aware of ;) <Anastasius> somethings, yes, on purpose, but other, no

  • Anastasius is becoming a less and less coherent typist

<Aneirin> Yeah.  ;^) <Aneirin> It's late, we ought to go to bed. <Aneirin> Did you log this? <Anastasius> *nod* <Anastasius> yup <Aneirin> If not I'll locate mine and send you a copy... <Aneirin> ok, n/m <Aneirin> I hope that will help you out a bit. <Anastasius> groovy. I'm going to bed :) <Aneirin> It was fun! <Aneirin> If a bit disturbing... <Anastasius> now I just have to get to this part ;) <Aneirin> heheh <Anastasius> indeed ;) <Anastasius> night! <Aneirin> It will give you something to look forward to. <Aneirin> A carrot on a stick.