Adventure World - Sword Coast

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  • GM: Josh
  • System: Modified Pathfinder
  • First session: TBD


The city in which this will be set is called Riguethe (pronounced ree-yeth), and you guys work for the Jabatan Perahan Syurga (Department of Heavenly Extraction). Essentially, there was an empire that was ruled by...kind of proto-kalashtar that was overthrown by their own advisors exactly 150 years ago. They became the heads of the merchant houses, and the houses themselves arose out of the old state monopolies. The one you work for happens to be the earthmote mining one.



  • Burung Penyanyi - head of the Jabatan Perahan Syurga; your boss's boss's boss.
  • Ikan Singa - the member of Jabatan Perahan Syurga responsible for security; your boss's boss.
  • Babi Jani - employee of the Jabatan Perahan Syurga who manages house security contractors; your boss.

Character creation notes

  • Species and Backgrounds Reference
  • Pathfinder with some D&D races
  • 80 point buy, 1 for 1
  • At every even-numbered character level, you may take one feat that is not generally useful, otherwise referred to as a "silly feat."
  • Wounds and Vitality instead of hit points. Wounds are equal to Constitution score, Vitality is equal to class hp. It's easiest to record on the character sheet as hp and temp hp respectively. Vitality works like hp in all respects. Taking wound damage requires you to make a DC 15 Fortitude save, with a penalty equal to the damage taken, or gain the staggered condition.
  • Critical hits deal 1x less damage, but damage from critical hits is applied directly to wounds. For example, a longsword only does 1d8 damage on a critical hit, whereas a longbow deals 2d8 damage on a critical hit. In either case, this damage is dealt to wounds, rather than vitality.
  • Instead of an AC bonus, armor grants Damage Reduction equal to it's AC bonus, i.e. a chain shirt (+4 AC) grants DR 4/Armor.
  • You have a class defense bonus according to the chart below. If you wear armor, the armor check penalty applies to your defense. For example, a 1st-level rogue (class defense bonus +4) wearing a chain shirt (armor check penalty -2) only gains +2 to their defense from their class defense bonus.
Level A B C D E
1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6
2 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6
3 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7
4 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7
5 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7
6 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8
Use column A for witch. Use column B for alchemist, mesmerist, and vitalist. Use column C for oracle and rogue. Use column D for brawler, ranger, and shifter. None of the current PCs use column E
  • You have 15 background points to spend, distributed as you wish between the following features:

Allies: (2, 4, or 6 pts) This background represents skilled or knowledgeable friends that your character can call on to help them out in a pinch. Players should outline each Ally and the nature of the characters' relationship. Of course you can have friends and associates without taking this background, but the advantage of spending points on Allies is that they will always help you, if they are able, with no Charisma roll required. It is important to note, however, that the more you call upon your Allies for help, the more likely they are to return the favour, so to speak. If you betray an Ally, you lose the advantage of this background.

  • 2 pts – a single Ally
  • 4 pts – two Allies
  • 6 pts – three Allies

Bonus Attribute Points: (2 or 4 pts) You have bonus attribute points to spend on your attributes. You cannot use these points to raise any attribute higher than 18.

  • 2 pts - 1 attribute point
  • 4 pts - 2 attribute points

Bonus Feat: (5 pts.) You have one more feat than normal at 1st level. You must otherwise meet all the usual prerequisites for the feat.

Bonus Traits: (2 or 4 pts) You have bonus traits beyond the two standard at 1st level.

  • 2 pts - 1 trait
  • 4 pts - 2 traits

Destiny: (3 or 6 pts) You are clearly destined for some great event. Once per session per three points you spent on this background, you may use this background to re-roll any roll you have just made, or to ask the GM to re-roll a roll an NPC has just made that affects you (e.g. an attack or damage roll, a Heal check, etc.)

Special Gift: (1-5 pts) You have a special gift, an item passed down to you, or perhaps discovered by accident. This item may have magical properties or may just be of particularly fine quality. The level of Special Gift determines the approximate worth of the item.

  • 1 pt – approx. 500 gp
  • 2 pts - approx. 1000 gp
  • 3 pts – approx. 2000 gp
  • 4 pts - approx. 3000 gp
  • 5 pts – approx. 4000 gp

Status: (1, 3, or 5 pts) You have some level of social status that is outside the ordinary. This is either related to your family (noble birth, child of a renowned person) or your own personal achievements (fame as a healer or musician, for instance). Your status may grant you special privileges and modifies any interaction rolls where social status is relevant; however, it also has the potential to hinder you in some situations (for instance, aristocrats are not universally beloved!) Note that Status does not automatically bring Wealth.

  • 1 pt – Lesser Status (Of noble blood, but family holds no titles, younger child of a titled family, closely related to a local celebrity; minor fame), +2 bonus to interaction rolls
  • 3 pts – Moderate Status (Heir to a major title, or holder of a minor title; moderate fame), +4 bonus to interaction rolls
  • 5 pts – Greater Status (Holder of a major title; major fame), +6 bonus to interaction rolls.

Wealth: (1-5 pts) You are wealthy, not only receiving additional starting money but receive a regular monthly income without having to work for it (e.g. as income from property or investments, or an allowance from your family). You cannot have 5 pts in wealth without at least 1 pt in Status (minor fame).

  • 1 pt – 250 gp starting money, receive 25 gp each game month
  • 2 pts - 400 gp starting money, receive 40 gp each game month
  • 3 pts – 600 gp starting money, receive 60 gp each game month
  • 4 pts - 900 gp starting money, receive 90 gp each game month
  • 5 pts – 1200 gp starting money, receive 120 gp each game month