Trolius & Rachel, 1/16/2003

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  • Rachel_ has summoned Trolius to her study, then. :^)
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<tROLIUS> ... -> *nickserv* identify gimmix

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  • Trolius will show up, then

<Trolius> (What was my last shift, wand when is my next one <Trolius> ?)

  • Rachel_ is writing at her desk and makes Trolius wait, standing awkwardly in her study/audience hall until she puts her quill down.

<Rachel_> (Why does your shift matter?) <Rachel_> (You just got off duty, say, you had a day shift. Your next one is the day shift tomorrow) <Trolius> ('k)

  • Rachel_ puts her quill pen down and moves her paper aside, then lays her elbows on the table and regards Trolius.

<Rachel_> Good afternoon, Sir Trolius.

  • Trolius 's hair is wet, and a bit dripping

<Rachel_> (It's raining out?)

  • Trolius is wearing a white linnen shirt and scuffy brown leather pants

<Trolius> (No) <Rachel_> (Or he just showered...) <Trolius> YOur ladyship

  • Trolius bows
  • Rachel_ raises an eyebrow at his sodden appearance.

<Rachel_> Have a seat, Trolius.

  • Rachel_ gestures to the chair in front of her desk.

<Rachel_> (It is the Bad chair.) <Trolius> Yes Your ladyship...

  • Trolius sits, somewhat nervously

<Trolius> . o O ( stupid Boggans... :p ) <Rachel_> Trolius, I've heard some rumours. Are they true? <Trolius> Well.... I can't say, your ladyship, unless you tell me what you've heard. <Rachel_> Supposedly you were observed in a rather compromising situation in my cellar.

  • Rachel_ doesn't sound angry or condemning or anything. Her voice is actually rather expressionless, as is her face.

<Trolius> Well, Your ladyship, I suppose that would depend on what exactly you consider compromising

  • Trolius can't help but grin

<Rachel_> Hmmm. <Trolius> <== Adolescent boy ;D <Rachel_> Trolius, I don't really think that it's my business whom my knights take up with unless it's someone I know means to do me harm. <Rachel_> However, I do expect my knights to be little more circumspect. <Rachel_> Next time, do you suppose you could find a place that is somewhat less public than the cellar?

  • Trolius hmms
  • Rachel_ seems to be trying not to smile herself. She's doing quite well.

<Trolius> It wasn't exactly my choice, your ladyship <Trolius> ...And I think the Boggans are carrying things out of proportion anyway.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> That's why I am not going to say anymore than what I already have. <Rachel_> Have you been in contact with your friend back at Aberystwyth? <Trolius> . o O ( yes, I'll try and be more discreet about my spontaneous sexual encouters in the future :p ) <Trolius> (How long has it been?) <Rachel_> (A few days) <Trolius> I'm expecting to have a letter this afternnon or tomorrow

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> I've discovered on my own that most of the books I would be interested in are not going to be in the library. <Trolius> oh? <Rachel_> Please inform your friend that he or she should stop looking into this matter for me.

  • Trolius gives rachel an appraising look

<Rachel_> And that no more mention of it must be made. <Trolius> If that's what your ladyship wants.

  • Rachel_ looks coolly back at him.

<Rachel_> It is. <Trolius> Do you want me to continue looking into it for you? <Rachel_> No thank you. <Rachel_> The situation is a bit more precarious than I had expected. <Rachel_> So that is an end to it. <Rachel_> Now... on to other business. <Trolius> Yes your ladyship

  • Trolius says, unsatifiedly

<Trolius> (dissatisfied, even) <Rachel_> There's a concert in Savannah next week Saturday night. I am going to it unless something urgent comes up. <Rachel_> There may be other kithain there so you'll be coming with me. <Trolius> Me, your ladyship? <Rachel_> Yes. <Rachel_> Do you have a problem with that?

  • Rachel_ m
  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Trolius> No, your ladyship, I'm just surprised <Rachel_> Why? Unlike most guards you have a gift for carrying on as if we're old friends in my presence. I like that. Why do you think I had you transferred here? <Trolius> I didn't think it was really your decision, your ladyship, to be honest.

  • Trolius admits

<Longpig> (heh heh, it wasn't :D) <Rachel_> Probably not, but I had requested for you to come. <Rachel_> I imagine the Countess saw an opportunity. <Trolius> Then you got lucky, your ladyship

  • Rachel_ smiles apologetically.
  • Rachel_ grins.

<Rachel_> Or something...

  • Trolius shrugs
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<Trolius> yeah, or something

  • Rachel_ grins a bit wider.

<Trolius> Why do you think it is advantageous that I act like I know you? <Rachel_> Anyway... I think you'll do admirably as a bodyguard for when I wish to spend some time with the mortals. <Rachel_> Just act like yourself but be prepared to defend us if need be.

  • Trolius has a very heavy English accent, for the record
  • Rachel_ does too.
  • Sleet has wedged herself in the chimney, woo-hoo.

<Trolius> I tihink I can handle that... <Trolius> What kind of concert is it? <Rachel_> We're less likely to draw attention if we seem to be old friends, and not a girl being guarded by someone as if she were important. <Rachel_> Christmas-y stuff. <Sleet> . o O (ugh) <Trolius> . o O ( ugh ) <Sleet> . o O (Christmas???) <Rachel_> Maybe not all that interesting. <Trolius> Won't that be... awfully churchy? <Sleet> . o O (the mortal god's name day?) <Trolius> . o O ( at lewast I'll know the words to all the songs ) <Sleet> . o O (maybe she thinks it will keep him away) <Rachel_> It's not at a church; it's in a club, believe it or not. It's more secular music than anything. But the point is that I want to get to know the mortals around here who have talent. <Sleet> . o O (mortals...) <Trolius> alright, your ladyship <Trolius> . o O ( and so I become a professional escort.... ) <Rachel_> (snick, never said Trolius would like the reasons Rachel asked for him) <Trolius> (You think Rachel will? ;D) <Rachel_> (hehe, she's willing to put up with him.  :^) Diamond wasn't, apparently) <Sleet> (that so has nothing to do with it) <Rachel_> (Diamond sent him as a spy then, whatever.) <Rachel_> (I can't read your minds...) <Trolius> Was there anything else, your ladyship? <Rachel_> No, that will be all. <Rachel_> Do you have any questions? Complaints? <Trolius> Not about this, ahh, appointment, no

  • Rachel_ shrugs.

<Rachel_> About anything else then? <Trolius> But if my friend has already sent me any information, did you care to know what it is? <Rachel_> If you do have some information already, you might as well tell me, yes. <Trolius> yes, yourladyship <Trolius> I'll let byou know if there is anything in the letter when it comes.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> If you have nothing further to ask, you may go then. <Rachel_> ... <Trolius> Your ladyship said no more mention of it was to be made

  • Trolius shrugs
  • Rachel_ nods and smiles approvingly.

<Rachel_> Except for anything in the letter, of course. <Trolius> of course.

  • Rachel_ stands up.
  • Trolius does an Eiluned-y fidget
  • Trolius stands as well

<Trolius> By your leave, your Ladyship.

  • Trolius will bow

<Rachel_> I'll see you at supper, Sir Trolius.

  • Trolius will exit

<Rachel_> . o O (I wish I had a feedback system. Maybe I should institute a monthly poll: Is Rachel doing a good job? 1= not good at all 5= excellent work... etc.) <Trolius> (*snick*)

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  • Trolius gives you a 3! ;)
  • Sleet slithers up the chimney, and away through some gaps in the stones...
  • Rachel_ wanders over to the fireplace and leans against the mantlepiece.
  • Trolius will go and check tos ee if any letters have come for him, and then read them

<Rachel_> . o O (Wish I'd had more exposure to al this sort of thing as a child...)

  • Rachel_ wanders back over to her desk, rolls up her letter to the guy who likes wines in the Kingdom of Apples, seals it and sends it off.

<Rachel_> (that would appear to be that)

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  • Trolius will write a letter to his friend then, thanking her for what she's sent and sayint that she shouldn't trouble herself any further, this was exactly everything we were looking for.

<Sleet> Aidan, Aidan, we should get Aidan.

  • Trolius gets two success on his willpower roll *not* to look into this anymore after Rachel tells him not to ;)

<Sleet> Kolya, spring into action <Trolius> :o

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