Tristane Dizon

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The younger daughter of her family, Tristane pursued the unusual course of action (for a noblewoman) of joining the Imperial Guard and serving in Pearl City, where she initally met the PCs. When Falke Sathin joined the squad, Tristane was transferred, but she remained friendly with her former squadmates.

Her older sister Sekia Kauzlarich, who had been considering putting herself forward as a candidate for the throne, was assassinated by Jux Maeda. As a result, Tristane wound up submitting to the test of the Arch in her place after the death of Enzephir, and was chosen as Empress. She retained a close bond with those who underwent the testing with her, especially Althea Deverara, who became her lover and, eventually, 'wife' (though they were technically never allowed to marry). Together, they raised Althea's daughter Theonée, and her three subsequent children, all of whom Tristane legitimized as her own offspring. The true identity of the childrens' father(s) remains unknown.

An attempt on her life by Nouel Izaguirre was thwarted by Althea's and Pasith Belden's timely intervention.

It was during her reign that the Arch was restored to its position on top of the Black Down, freeing the Rat who had been bound within it for over two millennia.

Preceded by Enzephir II Dyess, succeeded by Idaia Storms.