Trent Walker

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Trent - Trenton Andrew Walker IV - is the eldest of two boys from an important Houston political family with a history that extends back to when the State was still its own Republic. The Walkers are well-connected, influential, and rich.

More importantly, Trent is one of Chad's Sigma Pi brothers, and a (fifth year) senior at A&M. Although he is content to let most people make what assumptions they like, he's actually quite levelheaded and clever, with longterm political ambitions he hopes to realize by attending Harvard law after graduating with a double major in Political Science and History.

Trent is something of a quiet power within the frat - he holds an officer position and still lives at the chapter house, and is often looked to as a problem solver and voice of reason when problems arise.

He is quite commonly found playing Halo in the lounge, when he's not studying or out with his girlfriend, Tracy.

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