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  • Seraph is with Tally
      • Olivia has joined #faeriegrrrls

<Seraph> \/me was serious about playing that game though.

  • Seraph tests the waters ;)
  • Tally goes along with it...
  • Debbie has finally managed to get a dance in with Nikolai, and they come over to Seraph and Tally when they are done.
      • Debbie is now known as Rachel_

<Rachel_> (snuick) <Seraph> (How about hanging your name there dead girl ;) <Seraph> (changing, and too late) <Tally> Wow, you have pretty good taste.

  • Tally drawls.
  • Olivia is a pretty Sidhe girl off in the distance. She has dark brown hair with reddish highlights and startling blue eyes.
  • Olivia is wearing a blue gown that picks up on her eye colour.

<Rachel_> What are you two doing?

  • Rachel_ pulls up alongside her brother and Seraph.

<Tally> (you there? ^-^) <Seraph> nothing

  • Seraph 's eyes glint mischeviously

<Seraph> well, look at what I picked out first, eh? <Tally> (The sooner we get this done the faster we can move on to whatever is going to happen the morning after...)

  • Seraph says belatedly to tally

<Seraph> oooh, lok at her?

  • Seraph points out Olivia

<Seraph> she has pretty eyes

  • Rachel_ glances at the girl.

<Rachel_> (ww)

  • Tally glances at the girl.

<Tally> Oh... yeah...

  • Tally seems guarded.
  • Olivia is making a beeline for the little knot, smiling hugely.
  • Tally glances at Seraph.

<Seraph> ... <Seraph> do you know her? :o <Tally> Maybe...

  • Seraph seems surprised :o

<Olivia> Rachel! <Seraph> I hope she didn't get the wrong idea.. <Seraph> ..

  • Olivia has an infectious grin.

<Seraph> oh.

  • Seraph smiles
  • Seraph seems in a good mood and maybe slightly tipsy
  • Rachel_ turns and smiles back at Olivia.

<Rachel_> Lady Olivia.

  • Olivia hugs Rachel.

<Rachel_> Good to see you! <Olivia> You too!

  • Olivia turns to look at the other people.
  • Seraph waits to b e introduced

<Nikolai> . o O (This is the most touchy-feely Tara Nar affair I've ever been a party to O_o) <Olivia> Oh... you *must* be Lord Nikolai. No wonder she's happy... <Nikolai> I suppose I must be. <Olivia> (Hey, Meurig was a bit more into ceremony.) <Olivia> (Get used to it, not everyone is stuck on formality the way Diamond is. ^-^)

  • Olivia swings towards Tally.

<Nikolai> 9MORWEN should be) <Olivia> Tally! <Olivia> (why?) <Seraph> . o O ( yeep :o What have I done )

  • Seraph clings to her boy

<Rachel_> This is Lady Olivia of House Gwydion... <Seraph> (She always was before) <Nikolai> (Yeah, even when *you* played her.) <Rachel_> (She only hugged Rachel, briefly, and that was for a political reason)

  • Rachel_ says by way of introduction.

<Nikolai> (you don't hug for political reasons!!!!) <Tally> (n/m) <Tally> Hi, Lady Olivia...

  • Tally says weakly.
  • Seraph doesn't get introduced, I guess :o
  • Olivia turns towards Seraph and smiles...
  • Nikolai inclines his head politely.

<Rachel_> This is Seraph, a friend of mine. <Seraph> hello, Lady Olivia.

  • Olivia 's eyes sparkle as she looks over Seraph.
  • Seraph says politely

<Olivia> Hi, pleased to meet you.

  • Olivia smiles warmly.

<Olivia> Care for a drink, anyone?

  • Olivia glances at everyone.

<Nikolai> I'm quite alright, thanks.

  • Olivia curtseys acknowledgement.

<Seraph> I think I'm good, but thank you

  • Rachel_ holds up a glass of wine she picked up by way of saying no thanks.

<Tally> I'm already tanked... thanks.

  • Olivia shrugs.

<Olivia> Suit yourselves.

  • Olivia smiles and heads back into the crowd.
  • Rachel_ looks mildly amused.

<Rachel_> I'm not sure she needs any more, either... <Seraph> ... <Seraph> who is she? <Nikolai> Now, now, play nice... <Rachel_> Lady Olivia, a friend of mine. Usually quite levelheaded.

  • Rachel_ smiles.
  • Rachel_ glances up at Nikolai.

<Seraph> I didn't realize people were so... huggy in the High Court :o

  • Rachel_ shakes her head.

<Nikolai> They aren't, in my experience. <Rachel_> I was taken aback when Her Majesty... was so familiar.

  • Rachel_ admits.

<Rachel_> Lady Olivia is just... happy.

  • Rachel_ shrugs.

<Rachel_> Aided no doubt by several cocktails. <Seraph> I guess so <Rachel_> But yes, the hugs are wearing a bit thin. <Seraph> oh... <Rachel_> Lady Olivia will be joining me in Emerald Fields. <Rachel_> We worked together in the Underground... <Seraph> well, that's good, if you are already friends..

  • Seraph nods

<Nikolai> It will be good to have someone familiar around

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> You'd best get used to her...

  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Rachel_> But tonight might not be the best time. <Nikolai> Oh had I? <Rachel_> Indeed.

  • Rachel_ says archly.

<Seraph> (Pause for Hazel's turn, arr)

  • Tally smiles weakly.

<Nikolai> ... <Nikolai> . o O (What does *that* mean, anyway)

  • Rachel_ is just being silly.

<Seraph> (I think that is probably good enough for that anyway. And it means Tally can ask Seraph about what was up later, if he wants. or not ;) <Rachel_> (we go our separate ways)

  • Olivia smiles in a quite friendly fashion towards Seraph when she catches glimpses of her over the course of the evening.
  • Rachel_ approaches Michael once she has an opportunity to do so.
  • Rachel_ curtseys.

<Rachel_> Your Grace? <Michael_> Good evening, Lady Rachel.

  • Michael_ says warmly.

<Rachel_> Good evening.

  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Rachel_> It's a bit of an odd court gathering, is it not? <Michael_> Yes, I did notice some odd elements to the proceedings.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> I am honoured that you came... <Michael_> I would not dare to miss it.

  • Rachel_ smiles shyly.

<Rachel_> I hope you have not been too bored. <Michael_> Oh, certainly not. <Michael_> I brought a book.

  • Michael_ laughs.
  • Rachel_ laughs.

<Rachel_> I'll have to remember that, next time...

  • Rachel_ says thoughtfully.

<Michael_> Years of experience speaking here, my dear... <Rachel_> Then I would do well to learn by them.

  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Rachel_> I hope you haven't been worn out by too many overly familiar ladies... <Michael_> There's some life left in this old ghost yet...

  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Michael_> Don't you worry! <Rachel_> Hardly fitting words to describe my grandfather!

  • Rachel_ smiles warmly.

<Rachel_> I was hoping you might... do me the honour of... a dance?

  • Rachel_ asks, a bit awkwardly perhaps.
  • Rachel_ isn't sure how he'll take it. ^-^

<Michael_> Certainly.

  • Michael_ says nonchalantly.
  • Michael_ takes her by the hand.
  • Rachel_ follows him onto the dance floor, hoping he doesn't think she's too... er, something.
  • Michael_ doesn't really seem to be thinking about it all
  • Michael_ is an excellent dancer, of course, having had ages of practice...
  • Rachel_ is pretty good, herself. ^-^

<Rachel_> Will you be staying until the morrow or returning home this evening?

  • Rachel_ asks as they dance.

<Michael_> I will probably stay.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Michael_> I have no pressing engagements tomorrow morning. <Rachel_> Would it be possible to meet with Your Grace? After breakfast perhaps? <Michael_> Certainly. <Michael_> I will send a page.

  • Rachel_ nods and smiles.

<Rachel_> Thank you. <Michael_> It is nothing.

  • Michael_ says with a smile.

<Michael_> We are family, after all. <Rachel_> Indeed.

  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Rachel_> I was disappointed that Her Excellency was unable to make it this evening. <Rachel_> Will you be seeing her in the near future? <Michael_> Most likely.

  • Rachel_ nods. You can tell she is saddened by the state of affairs with Diamond.

<Michael_> I am sorry to hear that the two of you are having difficulties.

  • Rachel_ smiles sadly.

<Rachel_> She has her reasons, all of which are entirely valid, I'm sure... <Michael_> Her reasons are her own... <Rachel_> I would count it a great favour of you might give her my regards...

  • Michael_ says with a small shrug.

<Michael_> Of course. <Rachel_> And of course, Your Grace and Her Excellency would be more than welcome to come to Emerald Fields if you ever wished to do so. <Rachel_> For a brief respite from the harsh northern climes, perhaps. <Michael_> I do believe she thrives on those harsh northern climes, if she does not in fact create them!

  • Michael_ says with a laugh.
  • Rachel_ grins.

<Rachel_> Touche, Your Grace. <Rachel_> <m> It's going to be interesting... <Michael_> I have every confidence in you, of course... <Michael_> But if things should ever prove more interesting than you'd like, you can, of course call on me.

  • Rachel_ smiles and lowers her eyelids modestly.

<Rachel_> Your offer is most kind, Your Grace... but, meaning no offense - I hope I shall not have to. <Michael_> As do we all.

  • Michael_ says sincerely.
  • Rachel_ nods, and seems to be gathering her courage.
  • Rachel_ looks up and right into Michael's eyes.

<Rachel_> Your Grace... you have known her longest... is there anything about me... that is remotely like she was, when she was a girl? <Michael_> You have led a very, very different life, Lady Rachel.

  • Rachel_ nods, swallowing.
  • Michael_ sounds slightly sad.
  • Rachel_ looks away.

<Rachel_> (The song ends, thankfully)

  • Rachel_ curtseys to the Duke.

<Rachel_> Thank you, Your Grace. I will see you tomorrow. <Michael_> I look forward to it.

  • Rachel_ smiles, managing to maintain her composure.

<Rachel_> Good evening, Your Grace.

  • Rachel_ says calmly and quietly.

<Michael_> Good evening, my Lady.

  • Rachel_ grins.

<Rachel_> "Your Ladyship" if you wish to be formal.

  • Rachel_ gently reprimands the Duke! :^D

<Michael_> Oh my dear... you wouldn't like me when I'm formal.

  • Michael_ winks.
  • Rachel_ looks like she's not sure whether to believe him... ;^)

<Rachel_> Hmmm...

  • Rachel_ smiles thoughtfully.
  • Rachel_ heads off into the crowd.