Tally scares the bejeesus out of Kolya, 10/6/2005

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  • Tally is down at the beach, whipping rocks into the roaring surf.
  • Kolya has managed to slip away from whoever is watching him to come down to watch the stormy sea.
  • Tally 's red hair is whipping about in the wind, and every line of his body expresses anger.
  • Kolya doesn't see you initially, but starts when he realizes you are there

<Kolya> (You know I'm not sure if this particular scene is condusive to talking :o)

  • Tally throws a rock into the waves with great force, then roars out his pain and anger, also not realizing *you* are there.
  • Kolya hesitates, wondering whether he should just leave you alone
  • Tally 's rage has no effect on the unrelenting sea, predictably.
  • Tally kicks at the beach then turns around abruptly and sits, hanging his head in his hands. His shoulders are shaking.

<Kolya> ...

<Kolya> . o O ( maybe I should just leave him alone... )

  • Kolya feels guilty for intruding on a private moment
  • Tally 's head snaps up, and you can see his nostrils flare before he turns to stare directly at you.
  • Kolya was just starting to go, honest!
  • Kolya starts when you look at him.

<Kolya> ...sorry.

  • Tally doesn't look angry to see you, just surprised.
  • Kolya 's words are carried away by the wind, likely as not,

<Kolya> (but he seems apologetic, and uncertain)

<Tally> You're supposed to be in bed, aren't you?

  • Tally may also look a bit embarrassed to have been caught, and is trying to cover up and act as if nothing is wrong.

<Kolya> Oh, well... yeah.

<Kolya> not in bed...

<Kolya> but not down here.

<Tally> How long have you been here?

<Kolya> I just came down...

<Kolya> to watch the storm

  • Tally nods. Perhaps you didn't see his display of emotion, then.

<Kolya> same as you, I expect

  • Tally nods, gruffly, then turns back to stare at the sea. It's not a "Go the fuck away" gesture, though. It's a "Suit yourself, there's plenty of room for both of us" gesture.
  • Kolya nods as well, and will wander down a bit closer to the water
  • Kolya is wearing a thick wool sweater

<Tally> Have you seen anything else about her?

  • Tally asks. He is supposed to think she is dead, though. :o

<Kolya> ...

<Kolya> I can't talk about it.

  • Tally is on you like a ton of bricks.
  • Tally grabs you by the sweater and nearly lifts you off the ground.
  • Kolya is startled, and frozen, just for an instant, in recollection
  • Tally 's eyes look quite feral.

<Tally> Can't talk about it? Can't talk about it?!

<Kolya> Get off me!

  • Kolya says, scared or angry,, and will push you away, if possible

<Tally> I am her goddamned *brother*.

  • Tally shakes you once, then remembers himself and sets you down.

<Kolya> (I'm waaay bigger than you, and not exactly weak :o)

<Kolya> (Your leverage for lifting me up is, um, lacking o_O)

  • Kolya steps back, though

<Tally> (Adrenaline helps a person accomplish some crazy things, but he did put you down. He doesn't really want to pummel the life out of *you*.)

<Tally> (And your height is why I said 'nearly lifts you off the ground.  ;D)

<Kolya> (true)

<Kolya> That's not.....

  • Tally looks remorseful... he knows he has no right to lay hands on you.
  • Kolya buries his head in his hands, trying to reconcile his 'Tally' images in his mind

<Tally> What's wrong? I didn't hurt you, did I?

<Kolya> No.

<Kolya> It's just..

<Kolya> I'm not *ready* to do this, even if I was allowed.

  • Tally looks away.

<Tally> I could apologize but I've forgotten the words.

<Kolya> I understand.

  • Tally nods.
  • Kolya sighs, and looks back out to sea

<Tally> They're lying to me, my father is lying to me, and it hurts a little.

<Kolya> They're trying to protect you

<Kolya> *and* her.

<Kolya> how do you know?

<Tally> A little bird told me.

  • Kolya gives you a sidelong glance

<Tally> In a way, I know it's what they think they should do. But why let me believe there is no hope, when there is?

<Tally> How is that not cruel, Kolya? How?

  • Kolya shakes his head

<Kolya> I don't know what to tell you.

<Kolya> A life is such a fragile thing...

<Tally> But as long as there is still life, there is *hope.*

  • Tally says with some difficulty.
  • Kolya half laughs strangely, still not really looking at you

<Kolya> hope for *what*?

  • Kolya sounds supremely bitter

<Tally> ...

<Tally> For being rejoined with your family, for healing, I don't know.

  • Tally is regarding you with concern.

<Tally> If she comes back to us alive, how were they going to explain that to me and Aidan, anyway?

<Kolya> I don't know

  • Tally nods.

<Kolya> maybe they would hope you'd be happy enough to hear it that...

  • Kolya trails off, then sets his jaw.

<Kolya> I don't know.

<Tally> They're fucking stupid, sometimes.

  • Tally says with disgust.

<Kolya> Why not tell them that?

<Tally> Maybe I will.

<Kolya> But how *do* you know?

<Tally> I heard it through the grapevine.

<Kolya> they'll want to know

  • Tally sighs.

<Tally> It wasn't any way that would jeopardize things, okay?

<Kolya> Maybe. But it might be a way that would give them a new insight into their work.

  • Tally shakes his head.

<Tally> There's nothing magical about it, except trust and love.

<Kolya> mmm hmm.

<Kolya> still

<Tally> It was a member of your little Illuminati who sometimes disagrees with the ways you do things.

<Tally> I, for one, am kind of glad she does.

  • Kolya shakes his head

<Kolya> Some of us have more freedom than others

  • Tally nods.

<Tally> ...

  • Kolya watches the waves roll into shore
  • Tally also does.

<Tally> We promised we'd protect her, always, the day she was born... but we didn't.

  • Tally says quietly, after a time.
  • Kolya shudders onvoluntarily

<Tally> Are you cold?

  • Tally asks.

<Kolya> Some things are just ....beyond your control.

  • Kolya shakes his head.
  • Kolya sounds kind of hoolow, though

<Tally> You should go back to bed. Come on, I'll take you up and tuck you in.

<Kolya> I'm fine

<Kolya> ...more or less.

<Tally> No you're not, you're coming down with pneumonia or something.

<Tally> Her Majesty will kill me if I don't get you back there before you die. "Some things are just beyond your control."

  • Kolya sighs
  • Kolya takes another good long look at the sea

<Kolya> alright

  • Tally leads you back up to the warmth of the castle. You can tell he's still feeling kind of hurt and betrayed by his father and grandparents' lack of trust, and he's angry at himself for not having been there to prevent things, and for not being able to do anything to help her now, but he's mostly got it under control now.
  • Tally is mostly concerned for your safety and health at the moment. ^-^