Tally & Janus, 5/13/2005

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  • Tally is sitting in bed, propped up on some pillows. Seraph has prolly just left him. ^_^
  • Janus knocks on the door.
  • Tally is trying to read but he's very upset about what happened.
  • Janus has heard about some new girl, and so doesn't want to interrupt something that might embarrass everyone...

<Tally> Hello?

  • Tally calls.
  • Janus cracks the door open.

<Janus> Hello?

  • Tally smiles happily in spite of being upset inside.

<Tally> I was wondering if you cared.

  • Tally is glad to see his dad.

<Janus> Bah.

  • Janus opens the door and walks in, then closes it behind him.

<Janus> I hear you have far more attractive nurses than I...

  • Janus pulls up a chair and sits down.

<Tally> No way Dad, you know you were my first true love.

  • Tally sets the book aside and watches his father.

<Janus> So... <Janus> How are you doing? <Tally> Never felt better. <Janus> I have heard some from Aidan, and some from your grandmother... <Janus> ¬_¬

  • Tally lifts his injured arm and tries to move it around, mostly unsuccessfully.
  • Tally winces and cradles it with his other hand.

<Janus> Careful! <Tally> I tried running a few laps today but my blood's low. <Tally> Tiring. <Janus> I can imagine... <Janus> You were quite fortunate not to receive worse... <Janus> I do wish you would be more careful...

  • Janus sighs.

<Tally> It was the guy who tried to rape Isabel. <Janus> Yes, I know. <Tally> No one hurts my family and gets away with it without killing me.

  • Tally says with conviction.

<Janus> Tally, the situation is rather complicated... on many levels.

  • Janus rubs his temples.

<Janus> Your grandmother is quite upset. <Tally> (His Unseelie legacy is Ringleader... his family is his gang. ^-^) <Janus> Luckily Windrider had calmed her down enough that she agreed to let me talk to you instead.

  • Tally glances down and away.

<Janus> Apparently she's quite fond of that kinain boy... She says she has 'big plans' for him. <Janus> Anyway, that is another matter. <Tally> I expect she thinks I shot Kolya on purpose. It's one of my favourite pastimes, killing friends.

  • Janus waves his hand.

<Janus> No, that is not what she thinks. <Janus> She thinks that you endangered him, and yourself, and a great many other people, without considering the consequences...

  • Tally glances back at Janus and listens.

<Janus> But in fairness... there is really no way you could have known just how serious this was. <Janus> Argh.

  • Janus makes an exasperated noise.

<Tally> What?

  • Tally wonders why Janus is exasperated.

<Janus> I feel you have a right to know ... but ... <Janus> ¬_¬

  • Janus thinks...

<Janus> If I tell you, you must swear not to speak of it to anyone else, not even your sister!

  • Tally raises an eyebrow while rubbing his injured shoulder (trying to put some warmth back into it... cold iron sucks)

<Tally> Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a pin in my eye. <Janus> ... <Janus> Well. <Janus> The situation with Isabel is rather a delicate one. <Janus> Mother has performed many auguries of her own, as well as consulting the kinain seer.

  • Tally nods.

<Janus> At present, the matter lies chiefly between Isabel and ...

  • Janus forgets the name for a minute...

<Tally> Kolya?

  • Tally suggests.

<Janus> No... <Janus> Caelan. <Janus> So say the auguries... <Tally> Who's Caelan? <Janus> Oh, that's right... <Janus> You know him as Kirk Williston, I suppose <Tally> Oh...

  • Tally absorbs that.

<Janus> Anyhow... this has the potential to explode in a most unpleasant manner. <Tally> Well... yeah, if he harms her again I'll bloody well hang, draw and quarter him. And if that's all he gets, he can count himself lucky. I know my foe this time. <Janus> Mr. Williston is currently in the employ of a very powerful individual. He is important enough in the structure of this person's organization that if something were to happen to him... <Janus> Well. <Janus> It would be unpleasant on both sides. <Tally> So... you're saying I should keep my nose out of it and let him hurt her or kill her? <Janus> Would you rather we end up at war with House Balor? <Tally> Sounds fun. <Janus> Quite.

  • Tally looks troubled.

<Janus> My mother seems convinced that Isabel will not be killed, if that is of any reassurance. <Tally> Sometimes being left alive is worse.

  • Tally fixes Janus with a penetrating gaze.

<Janus> Oh, let's not start that again. <Janus> ¬_¬ <Janus> Isabel is a resilient young girl. <Janus> . o O (So I'm told...)

  • Tally drops his gaze and sighs.

<Tally> I was only trying to help, you know? <Janus> Yes, I know. <Janus> . o O (But really, Tally! You + unarmed Kinain vs. house Balor General??) <Tally> (Tally was like that even as a kid. ^-^) <Tally> (He often fought with childlings at court and usually got pummelled but he was defending Rachel and Aidan. ^-^) <Janus> (but this time you directly endangered Kolya!) <Tally> (Also, how was I s'posed to know he was a House Balor General?)

  • Janus isn't saying anything about that, though...

<Tally> (And one time Tally was overconfident, he lost Sylvie...  :^( ) <Tally> (It can be a nasty flaw) <Janus> (Well, even if he wasn't... Kolya is no fighter, and you sent him in to risk his life... 'Course, Kolya could have *told* you it was a stupid idea...) <Janus> (Kolya *did* know Caelan was pretty hardcore...) <Tally> (yeah. he could have.  ;^D) <Janus> Well, now you know. <Janus> My mother would prefer to avoid confrontation in this case.

  • Tally nods and looks ashamed.

<Tally> . o O (She was being so nice at Beltane and I let her down.) <Janus> There was no way you could have known, Tally.

  • Tally draws his legs up and hugs his knees and nods.

<Janus> I'm telling you this so that you won't think she is just... <Janus> Well, I don't know.

  • Tally glances sharply at Janus.

<Tally> Am I going to be punished? <Janus> No. <Tally> . o O (phew.)

  • Janus looks a bit surprised.

<Janus> I just don't want you to think she is looking for reasons to be cross with you... <Janus> If that makes any sense. <Tally> Okay... <Tally> I don't think Kolya will want to hang with me anymore... he's very unreasonable that way.

  • Tally says sadly.

<Janus> Well, give him some time... <Tally> That's sort of what Seraph said, too... <Janus> Ah, Seraph... <Janus> I hear you have been spending a good deal of time with her since Beltane.

  • Tally smiles a bit.

<Tally> Maybe. <Janus> I'm glad to hear it...

  • Janus smiles back.

<Janus> She seems like a nice young lady. <Tally> (Until she breaks his heart!  ;^D) <Tally> Actually, she's a very naughty young lady. <Janus> Well, I don't need to hear about that... <Tally> (Pookinese!  ;^D) <Tally> She takes after her father. <Janus> (I know)

  • Janus nods, smiling again.

<Tally> Are you going to stay here again now? <Tally> . o O (I hope so, home is Bad for you.)

  • Janus 's smile falters momentarily.

<Janus> I may stay here tonight... <Janus> Beyond that... I don't know.

  • Tally nods.

<Tally> I'd kind of like to go home if you do but Seraph might hunt me down. <Janus> I don't think you should travel just yet, anyway. <Tally> Everyone here seems to be kind of angry at me... I'm afraid I might get murdered in my sleep. <Janus> Oh, I doubt that very much.

  • Janus says dismissively.
  • Tally notices that he's losing Janus' interest.

<Janus> I suspect rather that they are *concerned*. <Janus> (not that kind of dismissive) <Tally> (Oh, ok) <Janus> (The 'You're-being-ridiculous' kind of dismissive) <Tally> (heheh) <Tally> (Rachel was a bit snappish, and Kolya hates him.  ;^D() <Janus> (I don't know Kolya, but know Rachel doesn't hate you :) <Tally> Maybe. <Tally> (Rachel sure doesn't!  ;^D) <Janus> No maybe.

  • Tally shrugs, then realizes that's probably a bad idea.
  • Tally grimaces in pain.

<Tally> If I stay here much longer, I'm going to lose all my muscle tone and then no girls will look at me! <Janus> (how many days has it been? just one or two, ne?) <Tally> That's a disaster beyond imagining. <Janus> It's only been two days. <Janus> I'm sure they can't atrophy quite that quickly... <Tally> How would you know?

  • Tally grins, teasing.

<Janus> Hmf. <Tally> (Since Janus doesn't work out or anything!  ;^D) <Janus> (I don't have to. I'm a Sidhe. I'm never going to be flabby ;) <Tally> (heheh, I know) <Tally> (Tally's thinking the same thing. so unfair.  ;^D) <Janus> (hey some people work at it anyway...) <Tally> (Do you suppose Janus has any muscle definition just 'cause he's pretty? Like pectorals or anything?) <Janus> (caelan is like... a health freak) <Janus> (yup) <Tally> (Hrmf! some people have all the luck.  ;^D) <Janus> (gettin' hot in here.... ) <Tally> (My room too) <Tally> Dad, I wrote some new poems last night- would you like to read them? <Janus> (I need curtains... I'm going to want to keep out the sun) <Tally> (Yeah, I have blinds...) <Tally> (Tally is craving parental attention!) <Janus> Certainly!

  • Tally smiles and laboriously opens the drawer of the bedside table with one arm - waving away any offered assistance.

<Janus> I can...

  • Tally is trying to prove he's not an invalid. ;^D
  • Janus stops when his offered assistance is waved away
  • Tally pulls out a little book and opens it one-handedly, shoving it into the hand on his injured side which is pretty numb. He then flips through a few pages and hands the book over to Janus.
  • Janus reads it over...

<Tally> (They're mostly about remorse over having hurt a friend - he's feeling pretty torn up by that. But there's also a sonnet to Seraph. It's kind of good, and he's actually using proper poetic structure for once.  ;^D)

  • Tally fidgets while Janus reads.

<Tally> . o O (I wonder if they're any good?)

  • Janus smiles to himself as he reads the sonnet.

<Janus> (I don't always use structure, myself) <Janus> Very nice... <Janus> The last one is particularly lovely.

  • Janus hands the book back.
  • Tally turns back to his father and beams.

<Janus> You should give it to her... <Janus> Perhaps not right away... <Janus> But you should. <Tally> (He hadn't been watching; cause it's hard to read when someone is and he also wasn't sure he wanted to see any expressions of disapproval) <Tally> You think so?

  • Janus nods.

<Tally> I don't want to scare her... <Janus> Well, that's why you don't do it right now.

  • Tally nods.

<Janus> But don't wait *too* long, either. <Tally> You'd know, wouldn't you?

  • Tally smiles at his father.

<Janus> . o O (I am the last person who should be giving this advice...) <Tally> (Tally seems to gobble up Janus' advice.  ;^D) <Tally> (You're a good dad.) <Janus> (I try) <Janus> Well, as much as anyone, I suppose.

  • Tally nods.

<Tally> It's nice to see Rachel with Nikolai, isn't it? I thought she'd die an old maid.

  • Janus nods.

<Tally> But if he ever hurts her, I'll kill him. <Janus> I think there will be a lineup, so you'd better get there early...

  • Janus smiles a bit.
  • Tally grins.

<Tally> You wouldn't share? <Janus> Well, there's your brother, too... <Tally> You really think Aidan would fight Nikolai? <Tally> Well... maybe to get his hands on him.

  • Tally jokes.

<Tally> (I need to sleep soon...)

  • Janus chuckles.

<Janus> (well we can stop anytime; this is really just small talkish) <Tally> (yeah... I guess they'll keep chatting for a bit. Tally loves man-to-mans with Janus.  ;^D) <Tally> (But, no need to roleplay it) <Janus> (Janus is happy because he doesn't feel so alienated from tally) <Tally> (Tally is happy 'cause he doesn't feel that Janus despises him anymore) <Tally> (Yay, ending misunderstandings.) <Tally> (They really are nice kids... they have done some mean things I guess but I think a lot of kids unintentionally hurt their parents) <Janus> (True) <Tally> (Taking off to Concordia on such short notice was pretty mean... but they weren't sure he'd have let them go and they really wanted to wander.) <Tally> (It was mostly Tally's idea, I think..) <Tally> (But they did write letters!) <Tally> (Anyway... now everyone is more mature and they're establishing good relationships with Janus, I think...) <Tally> (They're out of the rebellious teen phase.  ;^D) <Tally> (And now into the early adult phase. "Hey, Dad's pretty cool after all) <Janus> (heh) <Tally> (And things should go fairly smoothly from here on in... there will be an occasional flare-up of tempers but that's normal) <Tally> (Conflict is healthy and important in small amounts.  ;^D) <Janus> (y'arr.) <Janus> (I am pleased with the development of the relationships in the Gwydaine family) <Tally> (:^) ) <Tally> (me too) <Tally> But now I really should try to get some sleep! Yawning...

      • Tally is now known as Debbie

<Debbie> Tally loves his daddy so much! <Debbie> We'll leave them to talk about manly things. <Debbie> lates! <Debbie> Thanks for IC-ing. It was very fun. <Debbie> I'm glad Tally's not going to be thrown into an oubliette or disowned. ^-^ <Janus> n/p <Janus> Twas fun and whatnot <Janus> laterinos <Debbie> yup!