Tally, Seraph, Meyarne & Tsubasa, 3/11/2003

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  • Tally is visiting of course.

<Tally> So... how do you say "fox" in Arabic?

  • Tally has been pestering the girls for lessons so he will be able to communicate.

<Meyarne> You mean like the animal, or like an attractive person? ;) <Lemia> ( no not Giant, a collosial squid, which are bigger then giant squid) <Tally> Both, maybe...

  • Tally grins.
  • Seraph smiles
  • Meyarne does as well

<Tally> Well...?

  • Tally prompts, impatient. ^-^

<Seraph> welll, the animal is ______, but you are also ___ ;) <Tally> Ah! I'm both. And you both are ___ <Lemia> (anyoe want the collosial squid link?) <Meyarne> (I've seen it) <Tally> (I thought that said "colloquial squid link, for a moment... o.O) <Seraph> (sure) <Tally> (sure) <Lemia> http://www.cnn.com/2003/TECH/science/04/03/colossal.squid.reut/index.html <Lemia> (sorry) <Tally> What have the lovelt desert roses been up to today? <Tally> (lovely)

  • Seraph shares a look with Meyarne

<Seraph> um, dancing> ^-^ <Meyarne> ^-^ <Meyarne> We have to do *something* to keep warm.

  • Tally raises an eyebrow.

<Tally> It's spring! The weather's balmy!

  • Tally smiles.

<Meyarne> o_O <Meyarne> You're sure that's not just you... <Meyarne> Balmy, I mean.

  • Tally leads the girls over to a window overlooking the gardens.
  • Seraph shakes his head

<Seraph> He is going to melt, I know it! <Seraph> (HER!) <Tally> Look, see for yourselves. <Seraph> (goodness :o)

  • Tally points out a couple sidhe strolling without coats on. :)

<Seraph> yes, but people here think that 'overcast' means 'nice weather', dear ;D <Meyarne> Lunatics, clearly :) <Tally> (You were in Wales in March/April, weren't you?  :D) <Seraph> (yeah, I got a sunburn, but it was still sweater weather!) <Tally> (I didn't say they weren't wearing *sweaters*) <Seraph> (though parts of the day were quite nice, I was wishing for shorts at one point, andthere *werew* naked men running around on the beach outside out window at night.... ;) <Seraph> (crazy Welsh! ;) <Tally> All right, so no walks in the garden with my delicate desert blooms, then... <Tally> What would you *like* to do, now that I have blessed you with my glorious presence?

  • Tally jokes.

<Seraph> hmmm... <Seraph> I don't know :o

  • Tally doesn't seriously think he's all that and a bag of chips. :)

<Seraph> We could go out...

  • Meyarne shrugs to show she doesn't care either way

<Seraph> (Probably easier for kit if we do... any idea who you wanbt to play, yet?) <Tally> How do you say "ice" in Arabic? Is there even a word for it?  :D <Lemia> (don't worry about me. I'm happy watching) <Seraph> (in which case I *won't* suggest goign to see if Andrea and Ulysses are around ;) <Meyarne> It's _____.  :) <Meyarne> It can get cold at night...

  • Seraph nods

<Seraph> We arabs did invent seherbet, afterall ;) <Lemia> (andrea is probably top worried about Kolya anyhoo :P) <Seraph> (sherbet) <Meyarne> Again, the need to keep warm is pressing ;) <Seraph> yes :D <Tally> I'll probably heat up so much during the day that I'll radiate it back out at you all night long. Your own mobile space heater, no batteries necessary. <Seraph> hmmm... <Meyarne> mmm ... <Seraph> :) <Tally> Should I grow a beard? I read that all the *real* men sport beards. Is that true? <Seraph> you;ll melt! <Seraph> :o <Seraph> hmmm.. <Tally> I could grow a great huge thing, and never have to wear clothes. <Tally> I could wrap my beard about myself, and anyone who needs to stay warm too.

  • Seraph steps back and eyes you critically, though

<Meyarne> :o <Seraph> I don;t think you'll have that much time, thank goodness! :o <Tally> And when I brush my beard out, we can spin the hairs into wool, and make sweaters out of it for when we come back here to visit.

  • Seraph rolls her eyes, amused

<Seraph> well, *you* can spin them <Seraph> I am not a sweater girl ;) <Meyarne> No? <Tally> But you always say my hair is such a pretty colour! You wouldn't want a sweater that colour? I'm hurt, stricken to the core. <Tally> Wouldn't you want a sweater as orange as my hair?

  • Tally asks Meyarne, teasing.
  • Meyarne reaches out to touch his hair, rubbing a strand between her fingers

<Meyarne> Better than my prize goat :)

  • Tally lets her, then laughs.

<Meyarne> But your beard might be rough... <Meyarne> ;) <Seraph> might be! <Seraph> You should see what he is liek when he doesn't shave ;D <Tally> Soft as a peach! <Tally> Soft as the hair of my tail.

  • Tally smirks.

<Seraph> exactly ;)

  • Seraph squeezes said tail

<Tally> (t's really soft!) <Tally> (It's fox fur!) <Tally> (Unless you squeeze his other tail...  :o) <Tally> (In which case it might *start out* soft...) <Seraph> well... <Seraph> hmmm...

  • Seraph squeezes tally's butt ;D

<Tally> Rich ladies spend tons and tons of money to have coats made out of fox-fur, you know. <Tally> (that's hard and muscular  :D ) <Tally> Hey!

  • Tally jumps.

<Tally> Randy, are you?

  • Meyarne laughs at their antics

<Tally> Let's go out, let's do something! Or let's play a game or something! <Seraph> like what? :o <Seraph> what kind of game :D <Tally> I don't know. Something fun, all three of us.

  • Meyarne nods agreeably

<Tally> Truth or dare, or twenty questions, or something! <Tally> Twister, if we had more people...

  • Tally grins.

<Seraph> I've never played truth or dare <Seraph> But it made isabel grab my bottom!

  • Tally snicks.

<Tally> I think I remember. <Meyarne> :o <Meyarne> Who grabbed your bottom?

  • Meyarne asks curiously

<Seraph> Lady Isabel... <Seraph> She is a friend of mine... <Seraph> The pregnant Sidhe, if you might have seen her around :)

  • Tally watches Meyarne, interested in her reaction.

<Meyarne> Ah, so you do not need me to defend your honour ;)

  • Meyarne jokes

<Seraph> such as it is ;)

  • Seraph pats her own slowly growin belly ;)

<Tally> Hey!

  • Meyarne gives junior a pat as well

<Seraph> what? <Meyarne> You can still have honour, though :) <Seraph> you can have your turn ^-^ <Seraph> well, yes ;) <Seraph> but usually they mean 'maidenhead' ;) <Meyarne> You can't lose that from someone grabbing your bottom :o <Seraph> well, yes, true enough <Seraph> unless someone has... very long fingers? :o <Tally> You can't?

  • Tally looks wide eyed.
  • Meyarne laughs

<Tally> Can you not get pregnant by kissing a boy, either? <Tally> Or... by sitting on a toilet seat? <Seraph> That depends on what you kiss him with, I think ;)

  • Seraph is feeling naughty

<Meyarne> heehee

  • Tally looks as if the horizons of his world have suddenly expanded. Then he ends that silliness and just laughs.

<Meyarne> These people have made you a very lewd woman, my dear ;) <Tally> . o O (Fingers are so skinny, though...) <Tally> She was like that the day she got here. I think someone *else* is to blame, personally... <Seraph> oh, they can't take all the credit <Meyarne> ^-^

  • Seraph says with false modesty
  • Tally tugs on a lock of Meyarne's hair playfully, then pulls his hand back suddenly.

<Tally> Heh. <Tally> So do you want to go outside, or stay in here? <Seraph> oh, lets' go out <Seraph> it is pretty out, even if it isn't *warm*

  • Meyarne sighs expressively

<Meyarne> Alright, I suppose :) <Tally> All right, get your coats. <Tally> Maybe I won't take you to Antarctica this time.

  • Meyarne has acquired a coat since she got here - a knee-length rust-coloured soft wool one.

<Seraph> you'd better not!

  • Tally follows the girls to their room((s)?) so they can get their coats/

<Seraph> (one room, I think, by now...) <Tally> Hey, look at that - you'va already got a fox-wool coat.

  • Seraph is a naughty little girl
  • Meyarne too
  • Tally sighs.
  • Seraph has not so much self-control ;)

<Seraph> hmmm?

  • Meyarne just missed Seraph a lot ;)

<Tally> I guess I'm relieved of having to grow a beard to provide you with warm clothes, then... <Meyarne> You could still decide to grow one... shaving in the desert is not as easy as you might think ;)

  • Seraph will smiles as she slips on a rough silk overdress over her more revealing costume]

<Seraph> there is that

  • Meyarne sits on the bed and pulls on a pair of thick tights to keep her legs warm.
  • Seraph adorns herself with a couple of scarves... one for her hair, one for her hips :)

<Tally> My father won't have a clue who I am when I come home for visits...

  • Tally leans against the wall while the girls get ready.

<Tally> Or my sister, or my brother...

  • Meyarne braids her hair to keep it out of her face, and ties it at the bottom with a green scarf

<Seraph> hmmm, that could be a problem

  • Seraph looks in her trunk, but resists the urge to further acessorize

<Seraph> oh, wait <Tally> We should get Liston to take some pictures; maybe it will help them remember who we are.

  • Seraph will pull on a long full skirt, under the dress and over her pantaloons

<Seraph> oh! <Seraph> Ahh, yes :) <Seraph> We should ... do that...

  • Seraph says, maybe sounding a weeee bit guilty
  • Tally raises an eyebrow.

<Tally> Have you two already had pictures taken without me?

  • Seraph tries an innocent smile

<Seraph> ...

  • Meyarne doesn't notice, being busy finding a pair of boots to wear

<Seraph> maybe.... <Seraph> :o <Tally> So they'll know who *you* are but not me? <Tally> How tragic, but I suppose it's for the best. <Meyarne> *we* will look the same ;) <Seraph> yes, there is that ;) <Meyarne> Except, less bulk with clothing. <Meyarne> (+y) <Seraph> and baby ;) <Meyarne> that too :) <Tally> Hmmm.... I'm not sure that those sorts of pictures would be the best to give to my father... <Tally> What a lucky guy Liston is, though... <Tally> Why didn't I become a photographer...?

  • Tally muses aloud.
  • Seraph smiles

<Seraph> They are for my mother, actaully <Meyarne> Sounds like someone is trying to persuade us to stay here instead of going out ;) <Seraph> that too, yes <Seraph> after I have put on all these layers, should I start taking them off again, hmmm? <Tally> Uh - oh, ah. Let's go out.

  • Tally says in a hurry, blushing.

<Tally> We should enjoy the sun while it's out.

  • Seraph glances at Meyarne, and shrugs a bit

<Meyarne> ^-^

  • Meyarne shrugs back

<Seraph> alright then :)

  • Tally tries to recoup his losses.

<Tally> (^-^) <Seraph> . o O ( boys... *sigh* ) <Tally> (I'm just trying to get us somewhere so Bronwen can join in, if she wants to) <Tally> (If not, you might be able to twist Tally's rubber arm.) <Seraph> (She said she was happy to watch, but I suppose it depends on how long we want to prolong the playableness of this IC ;) <Lemia> (Cool! 11 diffeent types of sharks can be found in the bay of fundy! And sometimes we can get whale sharks!) <Tally> (yes) <Tally> (We get basking sharks here a lot. The fishermen used to catch them frequently by accident) <Tally> (we also get leatherback turtles)

  • Meyarne will gesture for Tally to lead the way, then

<Seraph> If you're sure ^-^ <Tally> (http://www.seaturtle.ca/) <Tally> (you can follow leatherback turtles they tagged off NS) <Tally> You got all bundled up... <Meyarne> Just more to take off later ;)

  • Meyarne says, opening the door to head out
  • Tally glances at Seraph questioningly.
  • Seraph smiles

<Seraph> It has to come off eventually ;) <Tally> . o O ('s not what I meant. Oh well.)

  • Tally shrugs.

<Tally> All right.

  • Tally follows Meyarne out.
  • Seraph will follow Meyarne out, though
  • Tally feels relieved and ashamed.

<Tally> How do you say "stupid moron" in Arabic?

  • Seraph giggles

<Seraph> "Tally" ;D

  • Meyarne giggles too
  • Seraph teases

<Tally> I thought that might be the case...

  • Tally looks glum.
  • Meyarne stops laughing. She sort of feels bad for Tally.
  • Seraph will lean over and kiss on him the cheek
  • Tally smiles slightly.

<Seraph> There are lots of different pronounciations for that one. <Seraph> sometimes it is "seraph" too <Seraph> :/

  • Tally shakes his head.

<Seraph> well, lets go out :)

  • Tally nods.
  • Seraph tries to recover the earlier mood

<Meyarne> (where are we going?) <Seraph> (outside!) <Seraph> (apart from that, I have no idea ;) <Meyarne> (heh)

  • Meyarne shivers theatrically at the breeze outside

<Seraph> oh!

  • Tally smiles shyly at Meyarne.

<Tally> What?! <Seraph> Lets' go into town!

  • Tally turns to Seraph.

<Tally> Oh, sure... <Seraph> I haven't been to the bakery there for a while <Meyarne> Craving sweets? <Meyarne> ;) <Seraph> no, but they make these pasteries with stew inside... <Seraph> and I'm cravibng one of *those* :o <Tally> Okay. I'll buy a million doughnuts and then we can match Seraph's expanding waistline so she won't feel awkward, Meyarne. <Meyarne> :) <Seraph> (I could really go for a cornish pasty right about now, mmmm....) <Meyarne> Only you would have to do that... *I* could have other ways of making my waistline expand ;)

  • Tally reaches his arm around Seraph to give her a half-hug.

<Seraph> :D <Tally> Heh! <Seraph> Besides, most of mine will be coming off sonn enough :D

  • Meyarne nods

<Seraph> fastest way to lose ten pounds ;D

  • Tally lets Seraph go, not wanting to be seen as "hogging" her, perhaps. ^-^

<Seraph> anyway, Meyarne, you have to try one of these pasties, they are very tasty :) <Tally> Let's go!

  • Tally holds out his elbows on either side so each of the women can take one if they want.
  • Tally is trying. :)

<Meyarne> I will :) <Seraph> good!

  • Seraph will take an arm
  • Meyarne only hesitates a moment before taking the other one

<Tally> Did Seraph give your roses to you or did she hog them all to herself?

  • Tally asks Meyarne.

<Seraph> I gave them! <Meyarne> No, I got them ! <Tally> I was asking *her*, Seraph.

  • Tally grins.

<Seraph> :(

  • Seraph is just playing

<Meyarne> THey were lovely, thank you :) <Seraph> I still wasnt to know where he got them :o <Tally> You're welcome, I guess. <Tally> It's a family secret. <Seraph> They were very beautiful, and such a lovely smell! <Seraph> I know, Aidan wouldn't tell me either! <Tally> But if I tell you, you might not ever want flowers from me again. <Seraph> I could tell he knew, though <Seraph> maybe there is a secret rose garden in the midddle of your father's hedge maze, hmm?

  • Tally grins and shakes his head.

<Tally> Nothing so romantic. <Seraph> hmm?

  • Tally looks like he's up to mischief of some sort.

<Meyarne> hmm?

  • Meyarne echoes

<Tally> Do you read fairy tales? <Seraph> we have different kinds of stories at home...

  • Tally nods.
  • Meyarne nods

<Seraph> we have flying carpet stories :) <Meyarne> djinni, not fairies :) <Seraph> A thousand and one Arabian nights ;) <Tally> Well, there's a European tale of a donkey who spits out gold if you spread a cloth under his mouth and whisper "bric-a-brac" in his ear. <Tally> Only that's just the modern version... <Meyarne> o_O <Seraph> how strange... <Seraph> what's the old version, or s\do I want to know where the gold comes from ;) <Tally> Somewhere along the way, someone changed an "h" into a "p."

  • Tally smirks.

<Seraph> ahhh, I thought so ;) <Seraph> maybe I don't want to know where those flowers came from, afterall! :o

  • Tally laughs.

<Meyarne> :o <Seraph> were they well fertilized? ;o

  • Tally pulls both girls in closer in an affectionate manner, linked through his elbow as they are.

<Tally> Maybe... <Tally> (elbows) <Tally> (kind of a hug with no hands free sort of thing.  :) ) <Seraph> (arr) <Seraph> ^_6 <Tally> There are roses in my father's garden.

  • Tally concedes.
  • Tally raises his head and sniffs the air, nostrils flaring.

<Tally> I can smell the town already. <Seraph> what does it smell like? <Tally> Would it be fair to race the two of you the rest of the way? <Meyarne> Fair? No. <Meyarne> Fun, perhaps ;) <Tally> It smells like meat pasties and woodsmoke and sewage and perfume. <Tally> Let's run then!

  • Tally lets the girls go and takes off like an arrow from a bowstring.

<Seraph> :o

  • Seraph glances at meyarne, and then takes off running!
  • Meyarne gives Seraph a look and runs off!

<Tally> Whoever gets there last has to buy everybody else a treat!

  • Tally shouts from his headstart.

<Seraph> :o

  • Seraph fears she is at somethign of a disadvantage
  • Tally pops off a few handsprings as he runs, showing off.
  • Meyarne passes Seraph, laughing
  • Seraph falls behind

<Seraph> oof.

  • Tally turns around and runs backwards to see where the girls are, grinning frmo ear to ear.

<Seraph> Junior, someday, you will have to buy us all a treat to make up for this!

  • Seraph mutters, mostly to herself
  • Tally is such a big showoff. Showoff, showoff, showoff!

<Seraph> oof!

  • Meyarne sticks her tongue out at Tally as she tries (but fails) to catch him
  • Tally doesn't notice a root poking up. He falls to the ground, breath knocked out of him.
  • Seraph slows down

<Seraph> :o <Meyarne> Oh! <Seraph> silly boy... <Tally> OOOF!

  • Meyarne runs up to Tally to check if he's okay
  • Tally tries to sit up, gasping for breath.

<Seraph> (That document is insane, julie o_O) <Meyarne> Are you hurt?

  • Seraph ambles over
  • Tally shakes his head, unable to speak.

<Meyarne> (Yeah, I know. I know now why my supervisor only wrote "too hard to read" in her notes about it ;) <Seraph> Junior didn't feel like running either, dear... Like father like, um, Junior? :o

  • Meyarne gives Tally an arm to help him up
  • Seraph offer him a hand up
  • Tally struggles to catch his breath, waving the girls off amiably.

<Meyarne> <m> Men ;) <Seraph> stubborn! <Seraph> ;) <Tally> You... should... should have... kept.... kept going. <Seraph> well, then we will meet you at the bakery, and you can buy us a treat ;)

  • Seraph waves down at her stubborn boy
  • Seraph offers Meyarne her hand instead
  • Meyarne takes it
  • Tally grins up at her through the involuntary tears in his eyes.
  • Seraph will skip off, looking back to wink at tally ;D
  • Tally wheezes.
  • Meyarne trots alongside her best girl :)
  • Tally gets to his feet finally and jogs to catch up.

<Tally> I could beat you still! <Tally> But you were so chivalrous, stopping, that it would not be becoming of me to do so and make you pay for our food!

  • Tally trails behind, not really putting any effort into beating them.

<Seraph> oh, well, it was easy for me, I was goign to lose anyway ;)

  • Seraph offer him her other hand
  • Tally takes it; his hand is really warm. :)

<Tally> (boys are warm... )

  • Seraph sighs happily

<Seraph> . o O ( yay the middle! )

  • Meyarne smiles at Seraph's happiness
  • Seraph hums a little tune

<Seraph> have you got all your breath back yet, my silly boy? <Tally> How could I? Accompanied by two such lovely maidens. You've quite taken my breath away. <Seraph> ^-^ <Seraph> flatterer ;p <Meyarne> :p <Meyarne> Silver tongued devil ;)

  • Tally smiles and ducks his head.

<Seraph> YOu are a pooka, so obviously we cna;t trust anything you say. We must be the biggest hags in the country :/

  • Tally looks back at them, hurt reflected in his face.

<Meyarne> :/ <Tally> I am a pooka, and there were no lies, certainly not the bit about *maidens* <Seraph> it is a good thing we are taking him away from all these english girls

  • Tally grins evilly.
  • Seraph smiles innocently
  • Meyarne chuckles

<Seraph> see,

  • Seraph says toi Meyarne

<Meyarne> hmm? <Seraph> now we are hags *and* shameless hussies ^-^

  • Meyarne laughs out loud at that
  • Seraph pokes Tally with her elbow
  • Tally rolls his eyes but grins good-naturedly.

<Meyarne> Well, what does it say about him that he would be seen with two such women? ;) <Seraph> Clearly he is a man of low moral character ;) <Tally> I'm a terrible rascal, yes. <Tally> Everyone knows that though.

  • Seraph squeezes his hand, though, so he will know she is just teasing
  • Tally squeezes her hand back.
  • Tally 's ears perk.

<Tally> Hark! Hark! I hear a dog's bark! <Tally> We're nearly there. <Seraph> oh, goodf, because I am starving now! <Meyarne> All that exercise! <Tally> We'll have a horse butchered immediately, my deat. <Tally> (dear) <Meyarne> We've worked up an appetite :) <Tally> Two horses then! <Seraph> none for yourself? ;)

  • Meyarne leans over and gives Seraph's ear a light bite

<Tally> I'll be a happy man just feasting on the leavings of my que- <Meyarne> ;) <Tally> Is she a cannibal?

  • Tally asks Seraph, teasing.

<Meyarne> ^-^ <Seraph> Only if asked very nicely ;) <Tally> :o <Tally> ... <Seraph> ^-^

  • Meyarne makes a little biting motion in Tally's direction, teasing him
  • Tally looks past Seraph at Meyarne.

<Tally> Maybe I ought to raise Junior up here in case you're a wicked witch who likes to eat small babes!

  • Tally teases.
  • Meyarne licks her lips at him

<Tally> Those moors! Heathens you know! Monsters, every one of them. <Tally> Here we are at last. <Seraph> aren't we terrible? ^-^ <Tally> Yes. <Seraph> But if you are goign to be that way, We'll take our 'zero' bak, thank you very much :D <Meyarne> I thought we were all sultry temptresses ;) <Tally> Why don't you take all our numbers while you're at it! <Tally> And our alphabet too. <Seraph> okay :D <Tally> And our sewer systems! <Seraph> no, you can keep those :p <Meyarne> Those are smelly. <Meyarne> You've used them for too long ;)

  • Seraph nods'they'd be worse in the heat, too

<Tally> Could you please, please take the bagpipes back too? <Seraph> I'm not sure I'm ready to accept responsibility for those :o

  • Seraph looks at Meyarne

<Seraph> have you heard what they do with those? <Seraph> The poor cats... :/

  • Meyarne shakes her head

<Meyarne> Cats? <Seraph> well, it *sounds* liek tortured cats... <Meyarne> :o <Tally> Obviously you've never tortured a cat.

  • Tally jokes; he really hasn't either! :o
  • Tally opens the door to the bakery; delicious smells waft out.

<Meyarne> Mm! <Tally> What will you have, ladies? <Meyarne> It all smells wonderful :)

  • Tally makes a grand sweeping gesture.

<Lemia> (sex on the beach)

  • Tally goes up to the counter.

<Meyarne> I will have one of whatever Seraph is having ;) <Tally> Do you keep a tab for the castle, by any chance? <Tally> (the guy behind the counter shakes his head)

  • Tally turns back to the girls.

<Tally> I'm sorry, can't buy the whole place out then...

  • Seraph wants a cornish Pasty!

<Seraph> me snaps her fingers <Seraph> We'll each have a cornish pasty, unless you don't have nay more :o <Tally> (guy behind the counter says they have two left, it's your lucky day) <Tally> Hmmm... <Meyarne> (brb, getting food - all of this talk has made me hungry ;) <Seraph> (mmm, portable stew pie....) <Tally> Do you have any sausage rolls left? <Tally> (guy behind the counter gives Tally and odd look; there's a whole platter of them there. He nods and says yes and asks how many Tally wants) <Tally> Could I have 2?

  • Tally asks questions to avoid the lying. :D

<Tally> (guy behind the counternods and gets two cornish pasties and two sausage rolls out) <Tally> Anything else?

  • Tally asks the girls.
  • Seraph shakes her head

<Seraph> oh!

  • Meyarne shakes her head

<Seraph> wait <Seraph> maybe an apple pie?

  • Seraph points to a little turnover thingy
  • Meyarne looks intrigued

<Meyarne> Make it two.

  • Tally orders three of those as well.
  • Tally passes the man whatever passes for coin these days and returns to the girls, distributing little paper bags of pastries. :)

<Tally> Back to the woods? <Meyarne> Somewhere to sit down and eat might be in order :) <Tally> We can have a picnic in the woods. <Tally> And then we could play Truth or Dare, maybe.

  • Meyarne nods agreeably :)
  • Tally leads the girls back and finds a nice dry, sheltered spot to sit then.

<Seraph> (yay!) <Tally> Okay... <Lemia> (arrr) <Tally> Do you know the rules?

  • Tally says between mouthfuls of sausage roll.

<Seraph> It seemed fairly simple :o <Meyarne> someone explain it to me :) <Tally> Could you?

  • Tally asks Seraph; he is not really suited to explain rules. :)

<Seraph> um...

  • Tally assumed she meant she knew how to play. :D

<Seraph> I think you have toi either answer a question, or someone dares you to do something, like grabbing my butt ;)

  • Tally smiles.

<Meyarne> I can do that ;) <Seraph> :D

  • Tally snickers.

<Tally> Seraph, why don't you start?

  • Meyarne licks crumbs off her fingers contentedly

<Seraph> (I have the impression that this game could go down hill really fast :o) <Tally> Ask one of us "Truth or Dare?" <Seraph> um, me? :o <Seraph> okay.... <Tally> (Don't you think Tally might have reasons for suggesting such a game?  :) ) <Seraph> Tally? Truth? or Dare? <Tally> ... <Tally> Truth. <Seraph> hmmm.. <Tally> . o O (The dares will come later.) <Seraph> :o

      • Rum-away is now known as Rumor

<Seraph> I don't know what to ask! <Meyarne> :) <Lemia> (arr, Think I'll go watch peoples homes be ruined on decorating challange) <Seraph> (sounds thrilling ;p) <Lemia> (oh joy oh rapture) <Tally> Come on! <Seraph> hmmm... <Tally> Surely there's something you're just dying to know about me!

  • Meyarne watches curiously

<Tally> Or do you know all my secrets already...? <Seraph> where *did8 you get the flowers? :D

  • Tally smiles.

<Tally> That's not very naughty! <Tally> Hmmm.... <Seraph> I can ask somethign else naughty later ^-^ <Meyarne> Plenty of time for that... <Tally> I suppose I could say my better half made them. <Seraph> I'm not your better half? :( <Meyarne> <m> Better third ;) <Seraph> I suppose ^-^

  • Tally gives Seraph a *look,* reminding her he's a pooka! :D

<Seraph> I'll have to think then, hmmmm <Seraph> anyway, your turn, I guess :o <Tally> Meyarne, Truth or Dare? <Meyarne> Hm.. Truth :) <Tally> How long have you and Seraph known each other?

  • Tally asks, curious.
  • Meyarne looks thoughful.

<Meyarne> Forever, nearly :) <Seraph> (our parents were friends, so, yeah ;) <Tally> ok

  • Tally smiles

<Meyarne> Oh, is it my turn now?

  • Seraph nods

<Tally> No, it's our ghostly companion's.

  • Tally grins

<Meyarne> Well, it has not been Seraph's turn yet, so Seraph, truth or dare? <Seraph> ummm..... dare? <Meyarne> ooh :)

  • Meyarne tries to think of what is good...she hasn't seen one of these done yet

<Meyarne> Um, show us your stomach :)

  • Tally laughs.

<Tally> We've both seen it already! <Meyarne> I want to see it again :) <Seraph> okay :o <Seraph> hold this..

  • Seraph unties her hip scarf
  • Meyarne will hold it
  • Tally holds her pastries.
  • Seraph will pull up her over dress, and pull down her skirts over her belly

<Meyarne> :)

  • Tally smiles happily, shy but proud.

<Seraph> happy? <Meyarne> <m> Beautiful :)

  • Tally thinks Seraph is even more beautiful than before, if that's possible, with her belly promising a new life.
  • Seraph shows it off
  • Seraph will do a little belly roll

<Seraph> ;D <Tally> ! <Tally> Is that safe?  :o

  • Seraph covers up again

<Seraph> why not? <Seraph> Junior isn't attached to those musclers <Tally> Uh... but they might squish him...

  • Tally blushes, embarrassed.

<Seraph> As stroing as they are, I'm fairly sure my uterus is mightier ;) <Tally> <m> The neutral "him" <Seraph> ^-^ <Seraph> Junior ;D <Tally> Deborah, maybe...

  • Tally smiles fondly, then recollects himself.

<Tally> Your turn! <Seraph> (in Foucault's Pendulum, they (protagonist and gf) call their unborn kid The Thing ;) <Tally> (hehe) <Seraph> (even after he is born ;) <Tally> (poor kid) <Seraph> (yeah :/ But for other reasons) <Seraph> Hmmm... <Seraph> Well... hmmm! :o <Seraph> Meyarne! <Seraph> Truth or dare ^-^

      • Lemia is now known as Tsubame_

<Meyarne> Well, dare, I suppose ;) <Seraph> this is a hard game :o <Seraph> well, hmmm....

  • Seraph looks at her girlfriend
  • Seraph glances at Tally
  • Tally looks back at Seraph calmly. He wonders if she has figured it out.

<Seraph> I dare you to... kiss Tally? <Meyarne> Naughty girl ;) <Meyarne> You like to watch, is that it? ;) <Tsubame_> *slight breeze*

  • Tally blushes and ducks his head briefly, the straightens up, a nervous smiles tugging at his lips as he regards Meyarne.
  • Seraph gives a little half shrug

<Tsubame_> aren't you getting wet sitting on the ground like that? <Seraph> huh? :o

  • Meyarne scoots over towards Tally, but is interrupted by the new voice
  • Tally looks up.

<Tsubame_> (of the invisible person) <Seraph> (Is Tsubame actually anywhwre to be seen? :o) <Tsubame_> (no) <Tsubame_> ( she's being silly and being wind) <Tally> . o O (Darn! Interrupted...) <Seraph> ...

  • Tally 's nervousness increases.

<Seraph> is someone there? <Seraph> ... <Meyarne> o_O <Tsubame_> Seraph... <Seraph> ... <Seraph> Tsubame....? <Tsubame_> Bingo!

  • Seraph only knows one person who can turn into wind ;)

<Seraph> YOu scared me :o <Tally> No wonder I couldn't smell anything... <Tsubame_> Oh? I did? I'm so sorry <Tsubame_> ( sounds like she means it)

  • Seraph glances at taly and Meyarne

<Seraph> It's okay :o <Tsubame_> Should I go? <Tsubame_> I didn't mean to interupt.

  • Meyarne has no idea what's going on

<Seraph> ahhh...

  • Tally looks back at Meayarne and shrugs helplessly.

<Seraph> you should show yourself, at least :o <Seraph> Then I can at least introduce you :o

  • Tsubame_ will materialise in a small whirlwind to th left of you all.

<Tsubame_> Sorry. I forgot <Seraph> forgot? :o

  • Tally turns to look at the newcomer; Aidan has mentioned her to him.
  • Tally remembers her from the restaurant as well, come to think of it.

<Seraph> anyway :) <Tally> You were at the restaurant, I think. Our waitress.

  • Tally looks towards Meyarne to see if she remembers.

<Seraph> I don't know if you know Tally or not, but I'm pretty sure you don't know Meyarne :D

  • Meyarne shakes her head

<Seraph> (she was? I don't remember :o) <Seraph> (I thought T wasn't there)

  • Tsubame_ is a japanese woman with long silver hair dressed today in a light lavender Kimono and a japanese overcoat. She probably dosn't look like any fae you've ever seen. maybe kinda like a sidhe but not quite

<Seraph> This is my friend Tsubame <Tally> (maybe she wasn't, but Tally has been to the restaurant more than once) <Tsubame_> Its a pleasure.

  • Tsubame_ bows

<Meyarne> Nice to meet you too. <Tsubame_> (Tsubame never waitresses) <Tally> (at least one of the times he was there, Tsubame was. It may not have been when Seraph, Meyarne and Tally were there, though) <Seraph> She works at the Imperial Gardens... <Meyarne> Oh, really? <Tsubame_> well not quite <Tsubame_> ^_^ <Seraph> but I'm never exactly sure what she does ^-^ <Seraph> or, her boyfriend owns it <Seraph> or something like that? <Tsubame_> yeah <Tsubame_> Hikaru owns it. <Tsubame_> ^_^

  • Tally nods.

<Seraph> we were just, um... having a picnic :o

  • Tally nods.

<Tally> And playing.

  • Meyarne scoots back from Tally a bit shyly

<Seraph> :D <Tally> Kind of. <Seraph> yeah.. <Tsubame_> oh. I interupted didn't I? I'm very sorry.

  • Tsubame_ bows agin aplogetically

<Seraph> it's okay... <Seraph> we can do that, um later <Meyarne> :) <Seraph> maybe inside where it is warmer, too ;) <Tally> . o O (If I don't run off back home before then. I'm such a coward.)

  • Seraph kind of unconsciously gropes around for a hand from each of her lovers

<Seraph> it is getting nice out these days, but not warm enough for us southern girls ;) <Tsubame_> I could just go, I was just in the area ( air-ia ha ha). don't stop on my account

  • Meyarne settles back, leaning gently against Seraph

<Tally> . o O (The game, a game I thought... bound by its own peculiar set of rules. It wouldn't seem like I was cheating on her.... it wouldn't seem like anything important, but it might get me used to it.  :/) <Tally> Not at all. <Tally> Here, have a pie?

  • Tally offers Tsubame his apple pie pastry.
  • Seraph remembers her half eaten pasty

<Seraph> oh, right, pie :op <Seraph> I forgot!

  • Tally picks up a smal dry branch and pulls out a dagger and begins whittling.

<Tally> What are you doing today, Tsubame? Anything in particular?

  • Seraph munches pie

<Tally> Any wonderful things to see? <Tsubame_> I was jus...wandering? <Tally> I was trying to get these delicate desert roses outdoors because spring's come finally, but I practically had to drag them kicking and screaming. <Tsubame_> oh? <Tally> Oh... too bad. No snowdrops poking up their delicate heads in some forgotten farmwife's garden? <Tsubame_> snowdrops? <Seraph> snowdrops? <Tally> No daffodils nodding to the sun their father? <Tally> No fritillary tulips unfurling their checkered sails, hmmm? <Tally> Too bad. <Seraph> what?

  • Seraph gives Tally an odd look
  • Meyarne does as well

<Tsubame_> .oO( I did intrude.:( ) <Tally> Flowers... <Tsubame_> oh! <Tsubame_> I'm so sorry, I didn't understand. I'm not familiar with the names of the flowers here.

  • Tally smiles.

<Meyarne> Nor am I :) <Seraph> or me :o <Tally> Early spring flowers, that's all. I'd like to find some to scatter in my true love's hair. <Tally> I'd crown you all queens of the spring if we could find enough. <Meyarne> Where do they grow? <Tally> Here and there; escapes from ancient gardens. <Seraph> :o <Seraph> we should try and find some :D <Tally> Would you like to go a-hunting then? <Meyarne> :) <Tally> Three maids and one young gentleman? <Seraph> yes! <Meyarne> That would be nice :)

  • Tally stands up and offers a hand each to Seraph and Meyarne.
  • Meyarne takes one and stands up herself
  • Tally helps them up.

<Tally> (Is Tsubame sitting too?) <Tsubame_> (no. She was standing)

  • Seraph gets up

<Tally> This quarry won't be found by straining ourselves; we must merely amble along, and keep our eyes on the ground. <Seraph> well, good :D <Tally> This way; there were cottages once.

  • Meyarne follows his lead
  • Tally heads off. :)

<Tally> Do any of you sing? <Meyarne> I can :) <Tally> A song might help us find them. Flowers like songs, you know. <Meyarne> But I don't know any of your songs.

  • Seraph nods

<Seraph> they do, do they? <Tally> Well, we can take turns then. <Tsubame_> I know songs...just not in english

  • Meyarne nods to Tsubame.

<Tally> Don't you, my red desert rose?

  • Tally smiles at Seraph.

<Seraph> I suppose I do ^-^

  • Tally is not usually so strange. ;D
  • Tally is just in a strange mood.

<Tally> Who will sing first? <Seraph> Tsubame :) <Tally> Very well.  :) <Seraph> I want to hear a Japanese song :o <Tsubame_> O_O

  • Seraph looks at her

<Seraph> ...unless you don't want to :o

  • Meyarne gives the newcomer an encouraging smile

<Tsubame_> (gimmie a sec)

  • Tally turns to Tsubame as well and smiles encouragingly.

<Seraph> (LOL I am remembering my changeling l\session where the Fox Ninjas made them make up a tune to the cardcaptor movie song for their kareoke machine. I *heart* the dreaming ;) <Seraph> (...not that any of you were there for that, mind ;) <Tally> (hehe) <Tsubame_> ( I was trying to find the lyrics to a song, Its not working) <Seraph> (eh, you can just say you sing and we'll believe you ;) <Tally> (just say you sing)

  • Tsubame_ will sing a traditional Shimboda song called "the black ships"

<Tally> Very nice, don't you think?

  • Tally asks his other two companions.

<Meyarne> Beautiful :) <Tsubame_> (its actually a very sad song:P) <Tally> (beautiful then) <Meyarne> (things can be sad and nice ;) <Tally> (I always love the sad songs best) <Tally> Who next?

  • Seraph sniffs

<Seraph> it seems sad :o <Tsubame_> ( its about the gaisha that took it for the team and became concubines to the american diplomat who brought the black hips to japan) <Tally> ~O mistress mine, where are you roaming? O stay and hear; your true love's coming, That can sing both high and low. <Seraph> (stiupid Perry) <Tsubame_> (yup) <Tally> ~Trip no further, pretty sweeting; Journey's end in lovers' meeting, Every wise man's son doth know. <Tally> ~What is love? 'tis not hereafter. Present mirth hath present laughter; What's to come is still unsure. <Tally> ~In delay there lies no plenty, Then come kiss me, sweet and twenty, Youth's a stuff will not endure.

  • Tally does a little bow when he's done.
  • Meyarne claps :)
  • Seraph smiles

<Seraph> Oooh! <Seraph> what's that?

  • Tally grins. He has a very pleasant tenor voice when he sings.

<Tally> What?

  • Seraph points to a little white thing in the ground
  • Tally crouches down and sniffs. Is it a snowdrop? :D
  • Seraph doesn't want to look closer for fear she'll be tolsd it is just some stubborn snow ;)

<Seraph> (could be ;) <Seraph> (maybe it's a really old tenacious granola bar wrapper ;) <Tally> 'Tis a flower sang the fox in the maiden's bower. <Meyarne> :) <Tally> All alone though, dare we pick it? <Meyarne> Leave it... maybe it's the last one of its kind.

  • Seraph nods

<Meyarne> What kind is it, anyway?

  • Seraph will crouch down at it

<Tally> I think it's a snowdrop. <Seraph> it is preetty... very small though :o

  • Meyarne crouches down to look at it too

<Meyarne> so delicate... <Tally> Small but brave, the first of the flowers. It pokes its head up through the snow even. <Tsubame_> pretty. <Tally> Do you wish to inhale its pleasing fragrance as well?

  • Tally asks Tsubame.

<Tally> Here, take my place.

  • Tally stands up and moves aside so she can crowd close to the flower. :)
  • Seraph sniffs it to see if it actually has a fragrance

<Tally> (I don't remember if snowdrops do.  :) ) <Seraph> (probably not. A lot of wildflowers don't) <Tally> (I have tulips and daffodils putting up their leaves at my house here) <Seraph> (keen. I bet mom has crocuses on her lawn) <Tally> ~Where the bee sucks, there suck I; In a cowslip's bell I lie: There I couch when owls do cry. <Seraph> (http://www.twofrog.com/snowdrops.html ;) <Tally> ~On the bat's back I do fly After summer merrily: Merrily, merrily shall I live now, Under the blossom that hangs on the bough. <Tally> Shall we move on?

  • Meyarne gets up from her crouch

<Tally> I have the scent in my nose now; I'll find a huge patch and there I'll crown you. <Seraph> okay :) <Meyarne> :)

  • Tally helps Seraph up, and offers to help Tsubame up as well.
  • Tally leads the ladies on, and comes out into a small meadow next to a ruins of a cottage. The meadow is green with new grass, and dotted with hundreds of snowdrops.
  • Tally smiles, pleased.

<Meyarne> Oh! <Meyarne> I guess it wasn't the last one after all...

  • Tally picks some and starts weaving a crown.

<Seraph> :o <Seraph> pretty! <Tsubame_> it's like snow. <Tally> This little meadow is where all us children of Aberystwyth used to come to play. It always got greener faster than the lands surrounding...

  • Seraph spreads her skirts and kneels down in the field

<Seraph> it's cold but I like it anyway <Tally> It might once have been a Glen, we thought... <Meyarne> Like an oasis :) <Tally> But if it was, the fire's long gone...

  • Tally finishes one crown of snowdrops and starts on another.
  • Seraph kind of hums and does somewavy hand movements

<Tally> We used to come here... and we'd crown Rachel the queen of our hearts, but now there are new queens to crown.

  • Meyarne will sing a song while he weaves, since she never got to sing on the way here ;)
  • Seraph dances in place to meyarne's song, then :)
  • Tally watches people dance as he weaves. :)
  • Tally finishes the second and starts on a third.
  • Tally finishes it at last.

<Tsubame_> I wish i could take a picture...

  • Tally smiles.

<Tsubame_> .oO( but my camera is at home) <Seraph> ahh well... <Seraph> wwe can just remember :) <Tally> Now for the coronation. I proclaim myself King of the Meadow! If you want a crown, you'll have to kneel before me.

  • Tally teases.

<Seraph> I'm already kneeling! <Seraph> we can pretend that it's for you ;)

  • Tally walks over to Seraph and holds a crown out in front of him.

<Tally> Seraph of the Desert, I name you first Lady of the Meadow!

  • Tally places the crown solemnly on her head.
  • Seraph smiles

<Tally> Rise and let the world applaus your beauties! <Tally> (applaud)

  • Seraph gets carefully to her feet
  • Tally seems really quite serious; like a child playing such a game might be. :D
  • Seraph curtseys to the meadoe

<Seraph> (w)

  • Tally smiles and leans forward to kiss her on each cheek.
  • Tsubame_ will clap
  • Meyarne claps as well
  • Tally picks up the second crown and goes to Meyarne.

<Seraph> :D

  • Meyarne looks aside humbly as he approaches

<Tally> Meyarne, also of the Desert, I name you Lady of the Snowdrop!

  • Tally places the crown solemnly on her head.

<Tally> Rise and let the world applaud your beauties!

  • Seraph claps this time :D
  • Meyarne accepts the crown equally solemnly
  • Tsubame_ will clap again
  • Tally kisses Meyarne on each cheek once she stands. :)

<Meyarne> :)

  • Tally picks up the third crown and goes over to Tsubame.

<Tally> Tsubame of the Land of a Thousand Dreams, I name you Lady of the Wind! <Tally> Rise and let the world applaud your beauties!

  • Meyarne claps for Tsubame
  • Seraph does too

<Tally> No man may kiss the wind though, save the one who's mastered her.

  • Tally bows to Tsubame. :D

<Tsubame_> ( no one masters me! hikaru works for my dad!) <Tsubame_> ( I chose him)

  • Tally grins and lets himself fall to the ground.
  • Meyarne spins around in a circle, laughing happily
  • Tally looks up at the clouds in the sky, and wonders what's taken him. He feels happier than he has in a long long time.
  • Tally sighs happily and inhales the sweet scent of new grass and clean earth.
  • Seraph doesn't feel like spinning, so she just sits back down

<Seraph> :D <Seraph> (I'm wussing out here shortly. Thursdays always seem so long for me, even though Saturdays are actually the longest days I work...) <Tsubame_> (I'm getting tired too) <Tally> (ok... Tally never got to be kissed by Meyarne though!  :o ) <Tally> Do you think I'm terribly silly?

  • Tally asks no one and everyone.

<Seraph> (well, I'm sure we would try and convince him to go back to playing games with us back at the castle ;) <Seraph> of course ^-^ <Meyarne> Not "terribly" - nicely ;)

  • Meyarne stops spinning and kneels beside Seraph, whispering in her ear :)

<Tally> This was where I spent all of the best days as a childling...

  • Meyarne giggles
  • Seraph pounces!

<Tally> Childlings are so much freer, aren't they...? Pookas can be kings and Nockers can be princes...

  • Meyarne pounces at the same time!

<Tally> (on me?  :o ) <Seraph> (who else?) <Meyarne> (quite :) <Tsubame_> :o <Tally> OOh! Aaaah!

  • Meyarne aims for one of those ticklish spots Seraph told her about ;)
  • Tally tries to fend them off but it's not very effective since he doesn't want to hurt anyone.
  • Seraph does too ^_^

<Tally> Oooooooooooooh! Aaaaaaaa! Aaaaahhaaahaahahaha! <Tally> Stop!

  • Tally gasps, writhing under the tickling fingers.
  • Tsubame_ will polily look away
  • Seraph can't stop giggiling
  • Meyarne neither

<Tally> Aaaahahahahahahahahaha! <Tally> I can't breathe! <Tally> Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! <Tally> Stop it! Stop!

  • Meyarne will eventually roll off Tally onto the ground beside him, still laughing
  • Seraph is a bit more merciless, but not much

<Seraph> :D

  • Tally flops back once the torture is done, trying to regain his breath.
  • Meyarne leans over and gives him a kiss, not too fast, on the lips

<Meyarne> <w> I had a dare ;) <Seraph> !  :)

  • Tally tenses up when she first makes contact but then relaxes.

<Tally> You did, didn't you?

  • Meyarne nods

<Tally> I guess you're not *that* bad.

  • Tally teases.

<Seraph> oh! ;p

  • Meyarne giggles

<Seraph> *you* are ;p <Meyarne> :)

  • Tally reaches out and takes one hand from each of the girls in his own, and brings them to his chest. He puts your hands into each other's, and then holds them close to his heart with his own.
  • Seraph squeezes meyarne's hand, and bends down and kisses tally
  • Tally kisses her back, of course. :)
  • Tsubame_ will politly turn to wind and go back to her own boyfriend.
      • Tsubame_ is now known as Lemia

<Meyarne> <w> Please, don't leave tonight. It would mean so much to Seraph... and to me... <Tally> ...

  • Tally nods, hesitantly.
  • Meyarne smiles with a hint of relief
  • Seraph smiles very happily

<Seraph> Thanks you

  • Seraph will lie down beside you, still holding M's hand

<Seraph> (I think we're done?) <Tally> (seems that way.  :) )