The Spires of the Ancients

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The Spires are short for the Spires of the Ancients.

Spires are believed to be storehouse for supplies for armies in the times between the two Dark Wars. Some think they marked the trails between the major cities of the times or they were frontier markers and posts. The spires themselves are 8 sided pyramids that stand 50’ tall and 20’ in diameter at the base. Not really large enough or properly constructed as a fortification. The only Spire he knows of in Anistyre is near a sawmill town, called Roan, south east of Limberly. There may be other Spires, but he is not aware of where they are located.

Patrice Olvier

The party discovered another Spire near some old ruins in the foothills of the Iron Peaks. This second spire was almost completely burried, with only about 5 feet of the tip above ground. Access to the "door" of the spire was possible through a small cave.