Savannah Lee

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Game: The Menagerie Project

Player: Elanya

Powers: Interface, Invulnerability

Group: Menagerie Project, Rosa Enterprises


Savannah, code name Echo, is a young woman who became a being of psychic energy after the failure of an early experiment with standing wave transfer technology (or transtech). Savannah lost many of her memories, and now interacts with the world through her ability to possess and control mechanical and electronic devices.

She has a holo transmitter, which projects an image of her body, which helps put people at ease when dealing with her, though she actually prefers other methods of communication.

On missions, she generally takes control of a robotic body which she has named Stella.


Savannah actually exists as a specialized Standing Wave, but the pattern is unstable and she needs to synch up with her master pattern on a weekly basis or suffer more permanent memory loss and other negative effects of pattern degradation including death.

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