Rachel & Soleil, 11/20/2002

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<Elanya> Soleil was saying that things were done differently in the old days <Rachel_> (ah yes, and I was getting him confused about who I was asking about. Well, at least I know he can't read my mind now) <Rachel_> Indeed. How so? <Soleil_> (She was going on about how she thought it was the Count he was related to, Count Anathene, and then I said that)

  • Rachel_ is curious to know what he means, now. Matrilineal descent?
  • Soleil_ flickers back into 'life' a few moments later.

<Soleil_> Oh, so tiresome...

  • Soleil_ looks vexed.

<Rachel_> Yes, it is. <Rachel_> Why do you fade out so often? <Rachel_> We're in a freehold where most chimera are able to manifest without effort. <Soleil_> Ah yes, but I am not like most chimera, as I'm sure you're aware. <Rachel_> You are very odd, yes.

  • Rachel_ smiles wryly.

<Rachel_> Where do you go when you're not here?

  • Rachel_ asks curiously.

<Soleil_> A place you do not wish to experience, my dear <Rachel_> Limbo? <Soleil_> It is the place where dreams and shadows meet. <Rachel_> ... <Rachel_> What sort of shadows? Not the Garou's halfworld...

  • Rachel_ thinks out loud.

<Soleil_> Perhaps I should have said 'shades'.

  • Soleil_ muses thoughtfully.

<Rachel_> ... <Rachel_> . o O (Ghosts indeed.)

  • Rachel_ looks thoughtful.

<Rachel_> What do you need in order to stay more fully in this realm? Is it possible to ameliorate things for you? <Soleil_> (how much gremayre/mythlore does Rachel have, anyway) <Rachel_> (a couple dots of mythlore, and a couple dots of theology) <Soleil_> Your presence facilitates things... <Soleil_> I am fettered to you... The more often you call, the more easily I answer. <Rachel_> Yet you only seem to show up when you wish to. Not when I ask for you. <Soleil_> It is far more difficult to manifest when others are present.

  • Soleil_ sort of combs his hair with the claw on his thumb.
  • Rachel_ sits down at her bureau and peers in at the mirror. Does he show up in it?

<Soleil_> (yes)

  • Rachel_ makes note of that, and then lets her hair out of its ponytail and begins brushing it.
  • Soleil_ watches her.

<Rachel_> Well... that's too bad. <Rachel_> I had hoped you might be more useful than just a source of information which may - or may not be- accurate - how would I know if the history you feed me is all true? <Soleil_> You could ask your lovely grandmother... <Soleil_> But I doubt it would please her. <Rachel_> and there would be questions... <Soleil_> Quite. <Rachel_> At any rate, I know I can't rely on you for protection, then. <Soleil_> That is not entirely so

  • Soleil_ lazily studies his fingernails.

<Rachel_> . o O (If indeed I could to begin with.) <Soleil_> (which are impeccably manicured) <Soleil_> You have but to ask... if it is in my power, it shall be done. <Rachel_> If and when you're around, you mean. <Soleil_> I hear thy call.

  • Soleil_ sometimes slips into strange speech patterns.

<Rachel_> And if I'm attacked before I can call? What then? <Soleil_> That would be a shame. <Soleil_> Alas, I am not omnipotent.

  • Rachel_ stares into the eyes of his reflection in the mirror.
  • Soleil_ is still looking at his nails.

<Rachel_> Indeed. <Soleil_> Would that it were so. <Soleil_> I would like nothing better than to provide you constant vigilance...

  • Rachel_ looks down as she sets down her hairbrush. She then begins to braid her hair.
  • Soleil_ looks at her reflection in the mirror.

<Rachel_> So, what sorts of things can you do, dear Soleil? <Soleil_> I can influence the mortal world in... minor ways <Rachel_> Such as? <Soleil_> Over fae things, I have more sway...

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> Of course. <Soleil_> whispers and dreams... <Rachel_> What sort of influences?

  • Soleil_ shrugs, still watching Rachel in the mirror.

<Soleil_> I do a rather good poltergeist, so I'm told.

  • Soleil_ quirks his mouth into a wry grin.
  • Rachel_ laughs a bit.
  • Rachel_ turns around to face him.

<Rachel_> I still don't know what to make of you. <Soleil_> Are you frightened?

  • Soleil_ asks casually.

<Rachel_> No... if you wished to harm me, you'd have done it by now. <Soleil_> That is well.

  • Soleil_ smiles.
  • Rachel_ scrutinizes him for a long moment.
  • Rachel_ looks resolute. If you do mean to twist her heart to hatred, she's on to you and will not be swayed. ^-^
  • Soleil_ doesn't seem too intent on anything

<Soleil_> A test, then? Is there something you wish me to do?

  • Soleil_ stretches his arms over his head.

<Rachel_> I'm not sure. <Rachel_> You say you don't know what happened to Kolya, the seer... <Soleil_> Not precisely... I gather it was unpleasant <Rachel_> Quite. <Rachel_> He is useful to me, and to the Countess... or, he was. <Rachel_> I would like to know what *did* happen to him. <Rachel_> And if there is a "cure" for it. <Rachel_> Maybe you cannot help. <Rachel_> But, if you can...

  • Rachel_ shrugs.

<Soleil_> I can investigate... <Soleil_> Where the dead walk, even crystal eyes cannot see

  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Rachel_> Death may have nothing to do with it. <Soleil_> That would be the hope, one supposes <Rachel_> I just meant that looking there may yield nothing. But it is a start, anyway. <Rachel_> And an angle others may not have.

  • Soleil_ debates explaining what he meant, and decides better of it.

<Soleil_> ... Quite so. <Rachel_> What are you keeping back from me, Soleil? <Soleil_> Hm? <Rachel_> You seem to be not telling me something. <Rachel_> I am not a child, Soleil. <Soleil_> (It doesn't seem like deceiving so much as, he was going to say something and then thought, no, that might upset her) <Soleil_> (I don't want to say, you stupid girl, I meant your grandmother can't see me because I'M DEAD)

  • Soleil_ sighs. It is of no matter.
  • Soleil_ waves his hand dismissively.

<Rachel_> (Oh, I thought he was hinting that he could look into things among the other restless dead.) <Soleil_> (well, I wasn't)

  • Rachel_ 's eyes darken.

<Rachel_> ... <Rachel_> Soleil... I'd appreciate it if you'd say whatever you need to say to me. Always. <Soleil_> I did not think it necessary to correct you. <Soleil_> Some might find it offensive.

  • Soleil_ seems untroubled.

<Rachel_> Correct me? What did I misunderstand?

  • Rachel_ relaxes a bit. That's all it was, huh?

<Soleil_> Your grandmother cannot see me, because I am *dead*, sweetling. <Soleil_> She cannot see past the shroud. <Rachel_> Ah. I thought perhaps you had some other avenues you could pursue, that she could not. <Rachel_> Thank you for clarifying.

  • Rachel_ doesn't seem perturbed by her misunderstanding or being corrected.
  • Rachel_ smiles towards Soleil.
  • Soleil_ smiles back charmingly.

<Soleil_> Am I off, then? <Rachel_> If you wish. <Soleil_> Do you wish me to begin immediately? <Rachel_> The sooner the better, I suppose. <Soleil_> I do so enjoy thy company... The sound of thy sweet voice is as music... <Soleil_> But if I must away... <Soleil_> So be it. <Rachel_> You must be pretty bored in among the shades.

  • Rachel_ says dryly in response to his flattery.

<Soleil_> I have learned to amuse myself... <Soleil_> Anon, sweet Rachel...

  • Soleil_ fades away

<Rachel_> . o O (Did he call his sister all those names... because I find that a little disturbing, if he did...)

  • Rachel_ finishes packing things up and heads off to meet whoever will be transporting her to Emerald Fields...