Rachel & Analisa, 12/10/2002

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  • Rachel_ is in her study... there aren't a lot of rooms in this house, really. ^-^
  • Rachel_ sometimes wishes she had a music room and stuff but the parlour has to do.
  • Analisa will be announced/admitted by the guards
  • Rachel_ is sitting by the fireplace, thinking.
  • Rachel_ can't concentrate on number-crunching at the moment.

<Analisa> Your Ladyship?

  • Rachel_ looks up and smiles tiredly.
  • Analisa has a huge book in her arms

<Rachel_> Good afternoon, Analis. Come in. <Analisa> I found something for you!

  • Analisa smiles widely
  • Rachel_ gestures to another chair by the fireplace.

<Analisa> Of course, your ladyship

  • Analisa does a surprisingly graceful curtsy consider her armload of tome

<Rachel_> (there's a coffee table you can out it down on)

  • Analisa will out it down
  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Rachel_> You know you don't have to curtsey... <Analisa> If you say so, your ladyship :)

  • Rachel_ shakes her head.

<Rachel_> It's a futile effort on my part, isn't it. <Rachel_> :^/ <Rachel_> Very well, what did you find? <Analisa> well, your ladyship, I just find that it is easiest to stick to the formal manners rather than worry all the time about who you can and can't relax around <Analisa> It doesn't bother me to be polite <Rachel_> Fair enough...

  • Analisa smiles

<Analisa> As to what I've found... <Analisa> This is Arislan's Supernatural Compendium, volume three, Unrestful Spirits. <Rachel_> Sounds absolutely fascinating. <Analisa> well, it may be a bit dry, but it certainly does seem to be complete

  • Rachel_ smiles and leans forward to get a better look at the book.

<Analisa> I've marked a few sections

  • Analisa seems proud of her work
  • Rachel_ nods and opens the book to the first marker.
  • Rachel_ scans the page.

<Analisa> (This is a section on theory of what ghosts are... differences between ghosts, wraits and specters) <Rachel_> (ok)

  • Rachel_ nods thoughtfully.

<Analisa> There is an index in the back, it is a bit difficult to navigate at first, but I'm sure your ladyship is more than capable of grasping it

  • Rachel_ thumbs to the other markers to get the gist fo what those sections about.

<Analisa> (Section on what the shadowlands are) <Rachel_> I should hope so... I'd be a really sorry state if I couldn't use an index after growing up with books as my best friends. <Analisa> (A section on specific encounters between ghosts and Sluagh... basically how the sluagh can see with ghosts and why)

  • Rachel_ smiles nostalgically.

<Analisa> (There is a section on theory about how the shadolands and the dreaming intersect) <Analisa> (And about ghosts and freeholds, and ghosts in freeholds)

  • Rachel_ is especially interested in that section. ^-^
  • Rachel_ doesn't allow herself to become engrossed in the book, however.
  • Rachel_ looks up at Analisa.

<Rachel_> This is very good work. Thank you. <Rachel_> You've saved me a lot of time... <Analisa> YOur welcome your ladyship.. <Analisa> I actually found it in a dusty corner of our library...

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<Rachel_> I noticed there is a lack of any decent sort of locator system in the library. <Longpig> yo <Rachel_> (time to stop?  :^D) <Analisa> BUt I think it was borrowed from the Library of the Countess of Primrose Arbour some years ago, before the count died. <Curtana> arr <Curtana> () <Analisa> (We still have time, technically ;) <Curtana> (yes, you do, if you want to keep going :)

  • Analisa nods

<BalthCat> (ooc!)

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Curtana> (as long as I can ask Heather a couple of questions ;) <Rachel_> I suppose I ought to give it back eventually. <Analisa> Yes, Your Ladyship, we had noticed that but with our other duties, Melanie haven't had as much time as we'd like to spend on reorganization of the shelving system <Rachel_> Oh, I know, Analisa. I didn't mean you ought to do it. <Analisa> (There is in fact a note in the fromnt saying that it belongs to the County's library) <Rachel_> You and Melanie do quite enough as it is! <Rachel_> The library can wait until I can afford to hire on some extra help or have some free time of my own. <Analisa> Yes, your ladyship <Rachel_> Actually... maybe I'll set aside an hour or so each evening to go through it myself. <Rachel_> It will give me something to look forward to at the end of each day.

  • Rachel_ brushes a lock of hair behind an ear.

<Analisa> I think you deserve to have your days brightened, your ladyship <Analisa> you've been working very hard for all of us <Longpig> (she's hitting on you!) <Rachel_> (ah!)

  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Rachel_> Flattery is not necessary, Analisa. Everyone here works hard. <Rachel_> I'm very lucky to have such a good staff. <Analisa> well, then it isn't flattery to speak the truth, now is it your ladyship? <Analisa> Just because we all put in our time doesn't diminish the contributions that we all make <Rachel_> I've almost finished working out a budget that I think might work... I'll be so glad to get that over with. <Longpig> (I wanna see you rag out Trolius, btw :D)

  • Rachel_ closes the tome gently.

<Analisa> that's excellent news, your ladyship! <Rachel_> ... <Analisa> on that front, your ladyship, might I make a suggestion? <Rachel_> Certainly. <Analisa> I'm certain it is probably something you have already considered yourself, however...

  • Rachel_ sits back in her chair.

<Analisa> Well, we both know that the old baron *invested* a lot of the resources of his Barony into the buying of fine wines... <Analisa> And may of those vintages are still left in our cellar <Rachel_> And perhaps we ought to *sell* some? <Analisa> welll, yes. <Analisa> I did say you had most likely already thought of it

  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Rachel_> It had crossed my mind. <Rachel_> We'll keep some nice ones for the holidays but I'll try to find a market for the rest. <Rachel_> Do you know any other wine connoisseurs in the area who happen to be very rich? <Analisa> I have some friends who live in the Dutchy of Silver Leaves, in the Kingdom of Apples...

  • Rachel_ grins.

<Analisa> The Duke there is quite a known collector of such things, your ladyship, and my friends have said how he has often expesssed envy of some of the vintages held in our cellars.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Analisa> (I am the Best Boggan Ever ^-^) <Rachel_> I'll keep it in mind, Analisa. <Analisa> Yes, Your ladyship <Rachel_> Which address should the moogle be sent to with an offer?

  • Analisa will tell you, care of so and so, the steward
  • Rachel_ stands up and moves over to her desk to collect a quill pen and a scrap of parchment.

<Rachel_> (ok)

  • Rachel_ jots it down.

<Analisa> That is all the buisness I had to discuss, your ladyship... <Rachel_> Thank you Analisa, you've been very helpful. <Analisa> thank you, your Ladyship <Analisa> There are matters that require my attention in the kitchens, your ladyship, might I be dismissed? <Rachel_> Yes, of course. <Rachel_> Have a good afternoon.

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<Rachel_> I shall see you anon. <Analisa> Yes, your Ladyship <Rachel_> . o O (AH! Where did *that* come from... Grrr...)

  • Rachel_ smiles.
  • Analisa will stand, and curtsey, then go to the door, and close it with a little bow
  • Analisa is still smilling
  • Analisa seems to be pretty chipper