Rachel, Seraph, Viridia & Allegra, 5/12/2002

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  • Seraph is in a small grassy part of the garden, practising her dancing to music that doesn't seem to be coming from anywhere in particular
  • Viridia works on replacing all the flowers trampled during the Beltane celebrations.
  • Viridia is wearing the same thing as last time, fyooci, but with a coarse-woven, dun coloured wool sweater. While it's sunny out again today, there's a definite crisp note in the air.

<Viridia> My poor little plants... They don't care who they trample, do they? All they care about is getting pretty, getting drunk, and then getting fucked, while the rest of us work, work, work...

  • Seraph is wearing a harem girl outfit in green and turquoise and gold highlights
  • Viridia grumbles and swears under her breath while she works.

<Viridia> >:(

  • Viridia wipes her forehead absentmindedly, leaving a streak of grime in place of the sweat.
  • Seraph stops dancing mid song, deciding she needs a drink and that she should go back to the place where she stashed her water bottle

<Viridia> *dig dig*

  • Viridia stabs her spade into the ground.
  • Seraph traipses out into the garden, bringing her strange arabic tune with her for the moment
  • Seraph hums along obliviously, jingling a bit as well
  • Viridia scowls at the newcomer.
  • Seraph reaches down, pushes a little bush to the side and picks up her water bottle from where she had hidden it

<Seraph> ahhh...

  • Seraph stands up and lets the bush spring back

<Viridia> . o O (All they do is play.)

<Viridia> Careful!!

  • Viridia snaps

<Viridia> That's not your personal fucking beer fridge, you know!!

<Seraph> hmm?

  • Seraph starts

<Seraph> what?

  • Seraph glances at her water bottle
  • Viridia picks up the three leaves that fell from the bush when it snapped back and holds them up in front of Seraph's face.

<Seraph> ummm.... yes?

<Viridia> See what you did??

<Seraph> ...

<Seraph> It's a tree?

<Seraph> Three leaves lost aren't going to kill it

<Viridia> It's a bush, you brainless bint

<Viridia> Apparently your head's as empty as your closet

<Seraph> mini tree

<Seraph> not particularly.

<Seraph> what's your problem?

<Viridia> Everyone thinks this place is their personal playground! Stomping around wrecking everything we work for!

<Seraph> ...

<Seraph> it is a garden, lady, people are *supposed* to use it

<Seraph> or play in it, or whatever.

<Viridia> Oh forgot.

<Viridia> You people are allowed to play wherever you want

  • Viridia says bitterly.

<Viridia> Sometimes I forget not everyone has to *work* for a living.

<Viridia> . o O (Freeloading sellout)

<Seraph> what is that supposed to mean exactly?

  • Seraph is looking cross

<Viridia> You figure it out, Jingles

  • Viridia mutters, as she turns over some more soil

<Viridia> . o O (I hate Beltane.)

<Seraph> You presumptuous cow! You have no idea what I do for a living! >:|

<Viridia> Your outfit gives me a pretty good idea

<Seraph> My *mother* made this for me, you narrow-minded... oooh!

<Seraph> You wouldn't know culture if it bit your ass

<Seraph> I hope... a thousand camels worth of fleas infest you and... a plague of locusts on your stupid garden!

  • Seraph whirls around in a jingle of shiny things and a billow of chiffon

<Viridia> Yeah, see you later Jingles.

<Viridia> . o O (Culture? I'm chokin' on it!)

  • Seraph stalks off in great annoyance

<Seraph> ...

<Seraph> . o O ( People like that give Nockers a bad name. >:p )

  • Rachel_ overheard the shouting.

<Rachel_> What was *that* all about, Seraph?

<Seraph> some... stupid Nocker

<Seraph> Pretty much called me a hooker because I accidentally knocked three leaves off a stupid bush!

<Rachel_> Oh...?

<Seraph> yes!

  • Rachel_ frowns.

<Rachel_> I've heard similar things from my brothers.

<Rachel_> If it's the same nocker...

<Seraph> Like, oh poor her, she has to plant some flower, life is harsh, what ever. >:|

<Seraph> I'm sorry, Rachel, I didn't mean to be snippy...

<Seraph> She just caught me off guard and now I'm in a foul mood

<Rachel_> Not at all. We're both in unpleasant moods at the moment.

<Rachel_> I understand completely.

<Seraph> People shouldn't just assume things...

  • Seraph sighs

<Seraph> yeah...

<Rachel_> I agree...

  • Rachel_ sighs.

<Seraph> I'd noticed that earlier

<Seraph> The gardens just aren't safe these days :o

<Seraph> what with random cat-killing Satyrs and vitriolic Nockers..

  • Seraph sighs

<Rachel_> I don't mind the bagpipes so much...

<Seraph> Is that what that was?

<Rachel_> If they're at a distance...

<Rachel_> And played well.

<Rachel_> Yes.

<Seraph> Well, yeah, that guy was pretty rude anyway

<Rachel_> Well, not rude, really... I think he just didn't know better.

<Seraph> I guess...

<Rachel_> If he'd told me I was a stuck up bint for being so uppity about having my hand grabbed and kissed, then I'd say he was rude.

<Rachel_> I hope I wasn't too nasty to him... I've been snapping at a lot of people lately.

<Rachel_> But really...

<Rachel_> I hate men touching me without my permission...

<Seraph> well, that's fair enough, I guess.

  • Rachel_ looks glum.

<Seraph> How are you doing?

<Rachel_> I was wonderful this morning...

<Seraph> I'd think you'd be in a better mood, after spending Beltane with your new boyfriend :D

<Seraph> what happened?

<Rachel_> Oh, last night Isabel was attacked.

<Seraph> what?

<Seraph> Again?

<Rachel_> I sent Dovev to go help her and now she's holding it against me.

<Rachel_> Yes...

<Rachel_> It's very complicated.

<Seraph> ...I guess so.

<Rachel_> Now I'm trying very hard to get into a good mood again.

<Seraph> hmm well....

<Seraph> what about sorbet?

<Seraph> lime for preference

<Rachel_> Sounds like a plan...

<Rachel_> It might work.

<Seraph> right, I could use something to put me in a better mood as well

<Seraph> to the kitchens then?

<Rachel_> Indeed.

<Rachel_> My goal is to be in a good mood before seeing Nikolai... I don't want him to think I'm in a bad mood because of him.

<Rachel_> Because that certainly is *not* the case.

  • Seraph smiles

<Seraph> well, I'm sure once you do see him, all the rest of the morning will just evaporate anyway

  • Rachel_ smiles slightly.

<Rachel_> I hope so.

  • Allegra is a boggan cook.

<Rachel_> All right... let's go.

<Allegra> (assistant to the head chef. She's very important!)

  • Seraph smiles back and then starts off towards the kitchens
  • Rachel_ walks companionably beside Seraph.

<Rachel_> Do you know that nocker's name, by any chance?

<Seraph> um, no...

<Seraph> it didn't exactly come up

<Rachel_> I'm concerned that she might continue speaking to people that way...

<Rachel_> It's bad enough that she does it to you, Tally and Aidan...

<Seraph> probably only ones she thinks she can get away with it to

<Rachel_> But what if a visiting noble were to be strolling through the gardens?

  • Allegra is curvy, but thin for a boggan. She has pale blonde hair, curly, in kind of a thirties chin length cut. She wears a pale grey-blue dress with a long white apron overtop, and a white cap on her head.

<Rachel_> It would look very bad for my grandmother if her servants spoke that way...

<Seraph> well, I guess so...

  • Allegra 's eyes are cornflower blue... She has a pretty face with a pert nose. :)

<Seraph> Maybe someone should mention it to Marguerite

<Seraph> anyway

  • Seraph will go with Rachel, then

<Rachel_> Perhaps I will.

  • Allegra wants someday to be head of staff... sigh... lofty ambitions. :)
  • Rachel_ knocks on the kitchen door and tries to catch Allegra's eye... it wouldn't be unusual for Rachel to be there. ;^D
  • Seraph looks around the kitchen

<Rachel_> Hello...?

  • Allegra gasps and scurries to the door, wiping her hands on her apron. She'd been helping the others wash up the dishes from lunch.

<Allegra> Milady!

  • Allegra curtseys deeply.

<Allegra> You know you're not supposed to be down here! If I've told you once, I've told you a million times!

<Allegra> 'Tisn't proper, milady!

  • Rachel_ tries not to notice the curtsey, etc.

<Seraph> ...

<Rachel_> I grew up doing the dishes at my house.

<Rachel_> Are you busy?

<Allegra> Oh, milady we are always very busy down here...

<Rachel_> Yes... you are. The food last night for Beltane was marvellous, by the way.

  • Allegra 's hands are red from the hot water, and her hair is frizzing slightly from the steam.
  • Seraph will Let Rachel Handle It ;D

<Seraph> Oh yeah, it really was...

<Allegra> Thank you milady. I'll pass your compliments along to Marilisa...

<Allegra> 'Twas her vision...

<Rachel_> She couldn't have done it without everyone's help.

  • Rachel_ smiles.
  • Allegra does not make eye contact with Rachel.

<Rachel_> (does she always not make eye contact with Rachel or is this unusual?)

  • Allegra self-consciously tucks a bit of frizz back under her cap.

<Allegra> (always)

<Allegra> (you should not be here...)

<Rachel_> Seraph and I don't want to keep you... we were hoping to beg for some sherbet, if you have any.

  • Allegra glances back over her shoulder at the line of people washing.

<Allegra> Oh of course, milady; certainly we do, milady.

<Allegra> Where shall I send it?

<Seraph> ...

<Rachel_> We'll just be outside the door here, no need for you to track down a page.

  • Seraph glances at Rachel

<Allegra> Oh, milady shouldn't be hanging about the kitchen door like some ragamuffin!

<Allegra> We shall send it up to your favourite sitting room, right proper, milady.

<Rachel_> I am not a ragamuffin. But I am in the mood for sherbet, and I don't feel like having pages flutter about me this afternoon.

<Allegra> Yes, milady...

  • Allegra curtseys.

<Seraph> well, I can be a ragamuffin, anyway

<Allegra> Begging your pardon, milady... I will get it for you.

  • Allegra hurries off.

<Rachel_> Thank you very much, Allegra...

  • Rachel_ wishes they weren't all so jumpy around her.
  • Rachel_ turns to look at Seraph.

<Rachel_> I suppose I'll have to give in some day soon and have everyone do everything for me.

  • Rachel_ doesn't look pleased with the prospect.

<Allegra> (everything is so much slower, for some reason, when you're here. ;D)

<Allegra> (it takes us three times as long to get anything done!!)

<Rachel_> It's ridiculous, I have two hands and a good pair of legs...

<Rachel_> (It's no worse than having a page go fetch it. They're not all Boggans)

  • Rachel_ steps away from the door so the Boggans can be fast.

<Seraph> I wouldn’t really know, I suppose...

<Rachel_> You're lucky.

<Seraph> I suppose it might be aggravating to have people bending over backwards to please you

  • Rachel_ laughs.

<Rachel_> Oddly enough, it is.

<Seraph> probably... I've got somewhat of an ambiguous status around here...

<Rachel_> I know that must sound strange.

<Rachel_> But I grew up in a small household...

<Rachel_> I used to help Tara.

<Rachel_> I liked it and I was friends with her...

<Rachel_> Here it's all so impersonal.

<Seraph> I suppose

<Rachel_> And I get frustrated... I'm not any better then any one of them but they all seem to think I am.

<Rachel_> Just by sheer accident of birth...

  • Rachel_ looks a bit unhappy.
  • Rachel_ waits for Allegra... she's not in line of sight with the Boggans so they should be fast again. ^-^

<Allegra> (they are... you can hear them murmuring as they work, and occasional laughter :)

<Rachel_> . o O (I'm glad they're happy at least... I hope they got to celebrate last night, too)

  • Allegra returns with two bowls of sherbet, one scoop each of lime and raspberry in each bowl.

<Allegra> (and spoons, of course)

<Seraph> oooh, what's the pink one?

  • Rachel_ stops leaning against the wall and smiles warmly at Allegra.

<Allegra> Raspberry, lady.

  • Rachel_ takes the dishes from the Boggan.
  • Allegra holds out the bowls.
  • Allegra curtseys.
  • Seraph takes her

<Rachel_> Thank you very much, Allegra...

<Seraph> I've never had raspberry...

<Seraph> Thanks :)

<Rachel_> I hope I didn't cause too much trouble. I miss working in the kitchen myself... if you ever need help with the dishes, let me know.

  • Rachel_ tries to joke.

<Allegra> That wouldn't be proper, milady...

<Allegra> We would get in trouble.

<Allegra> You really ought not to be here...

  • Rachel_ looks sad.
  • Allegra looks around nervously.

<Seraph> really?

<Seraph> Oh, I don't want to get anyone in trouble...

<Rachel_> Do you actually get punished for my decisions?

<Allegra> Milady...

<Allegra> We shouldn't talk about these things

  • Rachel_ is a bit angry, but not at Allegra.

<Allegra> Run along now, and enjoy your dessert...

  • Allegra waves her skirt in your direction, as if to shoo you out
  • Allegra is only a wilder herself... ;D

<Rachel_> Thank you, Allegra...

<Seraph> yes, thanks...

  • Allegra curtseys again.

<Allegra> You're welcome, ladies.

  • Seraph smiles vaguely supportively
  • Seraph will turn to walk off then
  • Rachel_ leaves too, her eyes cloudy with suppressed anger.
  • Seraph will wait for Rachel too
  • Allegra closes the door behind you.

<Seraph> do you think they'd really get in trouble?

<Rachel_> I don't know.

<Rachel_> I hope not.

  • Rachel_ kicks a rock.
  • Seraph will go someplace away from Viridia's garden, though ;D

<Rachel_> (Isn't it all Viridia's garden?  ;^)

<Allegra> (depends on where she's working that day I guess :)

<Rachel_> If they are...

  • Rachel_ looks like she'd like to do something violent.
  • Rachel_ restrains herself though because it's unfounded suspicions.

<Allegra> (what's unfounded?)

<Rachel_> (Well, are they in fact punished because Rachel talks to them?)

<Rachel_> (Or are they just saying that to get her to go away because she makes them uncomfortable?)

<Allegra> (They are... discouraged from fraternizing with the nobles)

<Allegra> (but Rachel wouldn't know anything about that)

  • Rachel_ releases her anger all at once... it will do no good here and now. She looks pale and fragile all of a sudden.
  • Rachel_ sits down and tries to eat her sherbet.
  • Rachel_ leans her forehead on the palm of her hand, propped up on her knee.

<Allegra> (it's delicious, home-made :)

<Rachel_> (I'm feeling smothered by Diamond though so not really in a mood to enjoy it as fully as I might otherwise)

<Allegra> (yay, smothering!)

  • Seraph eats hers, picking at the raspberry carefully

<Seraph> You look like someone is trying to swallow your soul, Rachel :o

<Rachel_> I suppose I do...

<Rachel_> The Countess wants me to be a mini-her... but I'm not.

<Rachel_> I never will be.

<Seraph> oh...

<Seraph> I guess I still don't know very much about how things work around here

<Seraph> I've heard rumours though

<Rachel_> Such as?

<Seraph> and there was that whole thing with the Duke last night

<Seraph> Just that, well, she likes to know everything that is going on, all the time...

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Seraph> that sort of thing

  • Rachel_ wishes she could talk more openly but doesn't want to badmouth the Countess in front of Seraph too much.

<Seraph> It's like half the people who work here are afraid of her.. and everyone is in awe

  • Rachel_ does love Diamond, after all...

<Rachel_> She is very powerful...

<Rachel_> And she likes being in control.

<Rachel_> . o O (And being in control at the expense of other peoples' lives and happiness doesn't bother her. I don't think she really thinks much about other people at all.)

<Seraph> yeah

<Rachel_> She comes from the old school of thought...

<Seraph> and I guess she likes to keep things quite formal

<Rachel_> Yes...

<Rachel_> I'm not even supposed to call her "grandmother".

  • Rachel_ smiles ruefully.

<Seraph> which I guess would be why her servants are so anxious about nobles who don't stick to the rules

<Rachel_> Yes, Seraph. I realize that.

  • Rachel_ sounds a bit annoyed.

<Seraph> ...

<Rachel_> There's no reason *they* should be punished for what *I* do, though.

<Rachel_> That is ridiculous.

  • Seraph eats her sherbet

<Seraph> well...

  • Rachel_ stirs her bowl... much of the sherbet has melted.

<Seraph> Just out of curiosity...

<Rachel_> (It's an interesting puce colour now)

  • Rachel_ spoons a bit more into her mouth half-heartedly.

<Seraph> And, well, don't take offence or anything. I can understand your point about having working hands and feet, so to speak...

  • Rachel_ waits for Seraph to get to her point. ;^)

<Seraph> But if you know that it displeases your grandmother, *and* it makes the servants anxious, why do you still do things like stop by the kitchens in person?

<Rachel_> Arrogance, I suppose.

<Rachel_> If I stop, it will be giving in to her.

<Rachel_> I will have to stop now, though...

<Rachel_> I don't want them to suffer.

  • Rachel_ sighs.

<Rachel_> And so I am worn down, bit by bit.

<Rachel_> Soon I won't recognize the face in the mirror.

<Seraph> It can't be all that bad, can it?

  • Seraph refrains from mentioning that the servants would probably be relieved themselves.

<Rachel_> No, of course not. Letting someone pound your own beliefs into the dirt and turn you into someone you aren't is never bad.

<Seraph> There has to be some things you can do, even as a 'proper lady', that can help you stay yourself...

<Rachel_> (Rachel knows that they'll be relieved and wishes it wasn't so.)

<Seraph> I mean, I've heard rumours about stuff you did in Concordia...

<Seraph> How did you keep it all together there, in the face of much stricter rules?

<Rachel_> I was my own boss there.

<Rachel_> Here I am not.

<Seraph> Didn't you have anyone who was above you at all?

<Rachel_> Not at my terminus.

<Rachel_> I was working with some nobles who were of higher rank.

<Rachel_> But they believed in the same things I did and supported me.

<Rachel_> The Countess does not.

<Rachel_> She doesn't even know what I *really* did there.

<Seraph> no loopholes in things for you to exploit here?

<Rachel_> She has never asked and whenever I try to straighten things out, she doesn't want to listen.

<Rachel_> She prefers to believe the rumours she's heard over my own words.

  • Viridia is tired from working all morning, and hungry...
  • Viridia looks up at the sun; it's time to eat, finally, for herself and the rest of her shift...
  • Viridia stows her tools and heads inside...
  • Viridia still has that stripe of grime on her forehead; her knees and gloves are also filthy.

<Viridia> . o O (Kitchen door is the closest...)

<Rachel_> No loopholes.

  • Rachel_ sits her bowl on the bench next to her.
  • Viridia tromps down the path.
  • Rachel_ is feeling worse than ever. Today started off perfectly, why couldn't it have lasted?
  • Seraph scrapes the last of the sherbet out and licks her spoon clean

<Viridia> . o O (Oh crap, it's Jingles... and she's with Lady Rachel!!)

<Viridia> . o o (Figures, grrr.)

<Seraph> Well, there's got to be something

<Viridia> . o O (They look busy, maybe they won't hassle me... )

<Seraph> ...

<Rachel_> Do what she wants.

  • Seraph looks up from setting her bowl down
  • Rachel_ shrugs disconsolately.

<Viridia> . o O (Yeah right.)

<Seraph> something *else*

<Seraph> ...

  • Seraph gives the Nocker an annoyed glance
  • Viridia tries to walk by inconspicuously
  • Rachel_ turns to see what Seraph is looking at.

<Seraph> Hmm. That's her, by the way

<Rachel_> . o O (Oh. Great.)

<Rachel_> Ah.

<Viridia> . o O (Crappy von crap crap!)

  • Rachel_ stands up and faces the nocker.

<Rachel_> Good morning, Miss...?

  • Viridia stops, and looks up at Rachel with her big green eyes.
  • Rachel_ waits for the name.
  • Seraph hadn't actually meant for Rachel to do anything, but whatever. Her prerogative
  • Viridia curtseys clumsily. She ain't no courtier...

<Viridia> Viridia Machynlleth, ma’am.

  • Viridia mumbles.

<Rachel_> Miss Machynlleth.

<Viridia> . o O (crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap)

<Rachel_> I wanted to tell you what a lovely job you've done on my grandmother's gardens.

  • Viridia shoots a sideways look at Jingles.
  • Rachel_ gives Viridia a searching gaze... she *knows* of course.
  • Seraph shrugs unsympathetically
  • Viridia looks down.

<Viridia> Yes ma'am...

<Rachel_> I hope you'll continue on with us.

  • Viridia shifts her weight...

<Viridia> Yes ma'am...

<Rachel_> (Rach said that with a certain degree of significance...  ;^D)

<Viridia> (I figured)

<Rachel_> You must be hungry, you're on your way to the kitchens.

<Viridia> . o O (I can see the family resemblance)

  • Viridia nods.

<Rachel_> Well, you may go.

<Viridia> Yes, ma'am.

  • Viridia curtseys again, equally clumsily, and scurries off...
  • Rachel_ 's eyes are on Viridia until she disappears from sight.
  • Seraph shakes her head
  • Viridia ducks into the kitchen...
  • Rachel_ turns back to Seraph.

<Rachel_> What were you saying?

<Seraph> Really...

  • Viridia lets out a string of welsh curses which causes many a boggan to blush! ;D

<Seraph> Oh, I don't know

<Rachel_> Someone would have said something to her eventually, anyway.

<Seraph> I suppose

<Seraph> Wonder if it will have any effect

<Rachel_> I'll leave it at that unless I hear anything further. No need to go telling anyone if she improves.

  • Seraph nods

<Rachel_> If she doesn't improve, well...

  • Rachel_ shrugs.

<Seraph> I'm sure she'll think about it, at least

<Rachel_> I hope so.

<Seraph> So...

<Seraph> Tell me about your boy

<Seraph> :D

  • Rachel_ smiles patiently.

<Rachel_> He is perfect.

<Rachel_> And hopefully I'll be allowed to visit him a bit... that will get me out of here for a while, anyway.

<Rachel_> Funny how I was perfectly fine staying here until I told her I wished I had something useful to do... she assumed I meant I was bored.

<Rachel_> Bored with Aberystwyth, anyway.

<Rachel_> Which I was not. And I still am not bored. But all I can think of now is how to get away.

<Seraph> Because of Nik or because of everything else?

<Rachel_> Because of everything else, I suppose. I'd be willing to go anywhere. Going to Rosehill is just especially pleasant because he will be there.

<Rachel_> He makes me happy.

<Rachel_> He actually listens to me.

<Seraph> that's good!

<Rachel_> And thinks I am a capable person.

<Seraph> That's hard to find these days..

<Rachel_> Yes, it's very good. He's a wonderful man.

  • Rachel_ smiles slightly; thinking of Nikolai can't help but cheer her up.

<Rachel_> (She's still bitter about her situation here though... down inside.)

  • Rachel_ sighs.

<Seraph> And cute too... Of course, that's not really what's important...

<Seraph> but it is certainly a nice bonus ;D

  • Rachel_ half-smiles again.

<Rachel_> And you? Do you have any prospects on the horizon?

  • Rachel_ tries to change the focus onto Seraph. ;^D

<Seraph> Well... I don't know

<Seraph> Maybe

<Rachel_> That's fair.

  • Seraph smiles slyly

<Seraph> I certainly had a good time last night anyway...

  • Rachel_ smiles, pleased for Tally.

<Seraph> But, well, you never know.

<Seraph> Beltane is Beltane, after all, and the rules are different

<Rachel_> Indeed.

<Seraph> We'll see I guess

<Rachel_> He's a project.

  • Rachel_ smiles a bit more broadly.

<Rachel_> If anything further happens, that is.

<Rachel_> He has been so much happier these past couple of weeks though.

<Seraph> Well, yeah...

<Rachel_> I'm glad. I was very worried about him for a long time.

  • Seraph smiles happily, but maybe a bit reservedly

<Rachel_> Anyway, best of luck if it's something you want to pursue.

<Seraph> Yeah, the first time I ran into him, he seemed, well, reclusive, I guess

<Seraph> I'm definitely interested in seeing how things go, anyway

  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Rachel_> I haven't seen him yet today...

<Rachel_> Or I'd tell you what I could.

<Seraph> Well, I've been keeping an eye out for him, but he seems to have disappeared off somewhere..

<Seraph> I don't know

<Seraph> I don't want to chase him away

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Seraph> He's really sweet and all, but there's something else... like he's nervous, or reserved, or flightly... I don't know

<Rachel_> ...

<Rachel_> He... had a girlfriend, 8 years ago.

<Rachel_> Meilge killed her.

<Seraph> I don't know..

<Seraph> Maybe you shouldn't tell me

<Seraph> I'll just let things go as they may

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Seraph> Someone killed her?

  • Seraph looks a bit shocked
  • Seraph wouldn't have known Meilge if he bit her on the ass ;D

<Rachel_> Yes, Meilge was a king in Concordia... he was the strongest supporter of the Common Laws.

<Rachel_> Sylvie was a victim of them...

<Rachel_> Tally feels guilty over her death, I think.

<Rachel_> That might be what you're picking up on... he's ready to try living again but he may be nervous that something similar will happen.

<Seraph> ohhh...

<Seraph> . o O ( oh... I really don't know if I wanted to hear about this so early.... )

<Seraph> oh...

<Seraph> oh.

<Seraph> Well.

<Rachel_> It's not you, is what I'm trying to say.

<Rachel_> I'm not very good at this sort of thing though.

<Seraph> Well... I didn't really think it was, I don't think...

<Seraph> Just there was something...

<Seraph> Well... we'll see, I guess, how things go.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> . o O (I said too much.)

<Rachel_> He's a wonderful person, really.

<Rachel_> He has a lot of love to give. Aidan says he's like our mother that way.

  • Seraph smiles

<Seraph> You don't need to market him, you know

  • Rachel_ smiles too.

<Rachel_> OK, no more talking about Tally.

<Rachel_> I wonder what Nik is doing...?

<Seraph> . o O ( Rachel really isn't so good about these things, is she? :o )

<Seraph> well...

<Seraph> Maybe he is looking for you?

<Rachel_> Maybe...

<Rachel_> If he is, should I make him work to find me?

  • Rachel_ grins.

<Seraph> I bet he is...

<Seraph> or, we could look for him?

<Rachel_> No, no... it's funner to make him find us, don't you think?

<Rachel_> We should return our dishes to the kitchen, though...

  • Rachel_ picks hers up.

<Rachel_> We won't have to talk to anyone... there's a pass-through counter where we can just leave them.

  • Rachel_ stands up.

<Rachel_> Are you done with yours?

  • Rachel_ holds her hand out for Seraph's sherbet dish.

<Seraph> Alright then!

  • Seraph hops up, empty bowl in hand

<Seraph> well, I actually ate all of mine, seee...

  • Rachel_ 's bowl has puce-coloured sherbet soup swimming about in it...

<Seraph> And I also have functional hands :D

<Seraph> Here, gimme that....

<Rachel_> Now that I feel like eating mine again I'm not sure I want to try it...

<Seraph> oh, just drink it!

<Seraph> :D

<Seraph> It'll be fun, and unladylike :D

<Seraph> And tasty!

  • Rachel_ glances with disdain at the unpleasantly-coloured soup.

<Rachel_> It would be just my luck that someone important would happen across me just as I was drinking from the bowl...

<Rachel_> So I think not.

<Seraph> Oh come on!

<Seraph> I'll keep watch!

<Seraph> You could tell them it's a bunk

<Seraph> Anyway

<Rachel_> Then I'd have to cast a cantrip.

<Seraph> Well, so?

<Seraph> That's only if someone sees you :)

<Rachel_> But Allegra and the others will be upset if I don't eat it after troubling them about it... so...

<Seraph> Just drink it!

  • Rachel_ faces the wall, lifts the bowl to her lips and drinks down the sweet sludge.
  • Rachel_ does it as quickly as possible without spilling it down the front of her clothes so as to minimize the chance of anyone seeing her being so unladylike.

<Seraph> See? Not so bad, and no witnesses!

<Seraph> Think of it as a little victory

  • Rachel_ wipes her pretty lips off with the tips of her fingers.

<Rachel_> Sticky.

<Rachel_> All right...

<Rachel_> It's not the first time I've done it, you know.

<Rachel_> It's just I haven't since I was a childling.

  • Rachel_ heads inside and drops off the dish for the boggans to wash.

<Rachel_> So... now what?

<Rachel_> We could go play in the music room...

<Rachel_> I haven't broken my guitar out in a little while, if you'd like to dance.

<Seraph> I don't know... I had just meant to take a break from practising, really...

<Rachel_> Oh, all right.

<Rachel_> You suggest something, then.

<Seraph> iI keep getting interrupted...

<Seraph> we could do that, though :)

<Seraph> that does sound like fun, and a win -win situation for me, anyway :)

<Rachel_> Great.

  • Rachel_ smiles.
  • Rachel_ goes to the music room and plays some Spanish guitar music. She's got deft fingers and can play a lively tune!

<Seraph> well, lets go, then!

<Rachel_> Indeed.

<Seraph> (hurrah, much better than bagpipes :)

<Rachel_> (With middle eastern influences, too!)

  • Seraph boogies like the Queen of Boogie :D)