Rachel, Nikolai, Domino, Will, Maxine & Asia at a bar, 11/16/2002

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  • Maxine wipes tables and whistles
  • Asia_ continues to fiddle with her gitar
  • Domino drinks some hard cider.

<Asia_> (one insterment anoung many) <Maxine> Outta tune again, asia <Domino> (can we get a desc of Asia? :) <Rachel_> (How about of all of you?) <Maxine> (ahh, yes, descriptions ;) <Asia_> ( yes, I'm working on it) <Domino> (I'll dig mine up as well) <Rachel_> (Kit and I don't know whatcha look like) <Rachel_> (Well, I sort of know Domino) <Rachel_> (But she doesn't) <Max> (hmm, play or not play...) <Maxine> (Oh, play ;)

      • Max is now known as Will

<Will> (fair enough. ;) )

  • Maxine leans back and lights a smoke
  • Asia_ is in her mid 20's. Built like a model. She has exotic green eyes, coffee coloured skin and mid back length straight cinnamon brown hair
  • Asia_ is wearing an elegant tank top, a green sarong that brings out the colours of her eyes and sandals that lace up to her knees

<Asia_> ( oh I'm an eshu)

  • Maxine is a tall girl (6' or so) with a bit of a slouch, a bit plain, but really bright blue eyes, and little ferret ears on top of her head. Her eyes (I have decided!) have the black and white masking that some ferrets do. She is dressed like a vaguely medieval bar wench... flowy skirt, and tight bodice that forces her meagre cleavage up, and a clean poofy sleeved white shirt under that
  • Maxine has straight brown hair that falls to her shoulders, and bangs
  • Domino is about average height, with a dancer's physique... She has short white hair/feathers which lie close to her head, like a swan's plumage. Wing-like sets of feathers cover up where her ears would be.
  • Domino 's skin is creamy, clear and fair, and her features are quite delicate and lovely.

<Maxine> anything new tonight, Asia? <Asia_> Of course <Maxine> I hear Nik might be dropping by with his new broad... <Asia_> oh really?

  • Maxine glances pointedly at Domino

<Asia_> I haven't seen him in quite some time <Maxine> and we will all want to make... an impression. Possibly with our fingernails ;) <Domino> (The skin around my eyes is dark, like I'm wearing a mask, or Annie-Lennox style makeup or something) <Maxine> a-yup <Asia_> ( do we like him or not?) <Maxine> he's been spending all his time with his foreigner <Maxine> (We do! He is hot and friendly ;) <Asia_> (okay)

  • Asia_ smiles

<Maxine> (Domino has had a big thing for him for a while though) <Asia_> there's nothing wrong with foreigners. <Domino> Non, rien du tout. <Maxine> (I, at least, have unofficially let her have 'dibs' though ;)

  • Will opens the door to the bar, and hangs up his old beat up hat and similar jacket. He's a fairly tall Eshu, with a shaved head and short beard. He's got on these shades he really likes, and never seems to take off. He's got a flame tattoo running up around the side of his head. He's got a loose hooded sweatshirt on, and some old jeans.

<Asia_> ( ack french!)

  • Domino always speaks with a thick french accent, although you know she isn't french.

<Will> Evening, ladies. <Maxine> heya Will <Asia_> hello will

  • Maxine wanders back over to the Bar and fixes Will a black russian

<Domino> Allo, Guillaume :)

  • Will takes up his usual spot along the bar rail.

<Asia_> (some one translate the french for me would they :P)

  • Domino is wearing the same outfit as last time, for convenience's sake.

<Maxine> (Hello will ;) <Maxine> (Before it was 'no, nothing at all) <Asia_> (okay)

  • Maxine is wearing a variation on the same thing, since it is kinda of a uniform/dress code thing for her

<Asia_> (puh uniforms) <Maxine> how's things? <Maxine> (I work here ;) <Domino> (actually)

  • Asia_ will finish up tuning her guitar and saunter over to the bar.

<Will> Got another trip coming up... down south this time. <Maxine> more Hockey stuff? <Asia_> oh? <Maxine> can I get you something, Asia?

  • Domino is wearing a green and pink choli-style top with denim short shorts, and saddle shoes with white knee socks.

<Asia_> Sure, I'll have my usual. <Will> Yeah. Doesn't make much sense, but, whatever. <Maxine> grooovy <Maxine> eh, a job is a job, I guess <Will> It's all on the team... It's like a paid vacation.

  • Will grins.

<Maxine> (what is Asia's usual? ;) <Asia_> ( something that doesn't screw up her voice. Milk = bad for singers. Its makes your throat all phlegmy and that’s bad) <Will> (Alabama Slammer) <Maxine> (Alcoholic or not?)

  • Domino swings her legs in the air.

<Asia_> ( So how about a single plum floating in perfume, served in a mans hat? :P) <Asia_> (alcoholic) <Maxine> (hee hee! How about a screwdriver?) <Maxine> (Vodka and orange juice.) <Domino> (probably she should just have water :P)

  • Maxine gets her a screwdriver ;)
  • Maxine also gets her a glass of water, for when she is singing later

<Asia_> thanks <Maxine> it's cause you're such a great tipper, see, you get the promptest service ;D <Maxine> (Asia's drinks are on the house, probably, when she is performing...) <Asia_> ( ^_^ ) <Asia_> ( I've decided she smells like Incense. It’s a good eshu smell) <Domino> ('tis :)

  • Rachel_ is animated and happy to be getting out! She misses the pubs of New Toronto.

<Asia_> ( I smell like cultures :P)

  • Rachel_ is also rather nervous about meeting Nik's friends.

<Domino> Oh, eef ih 'ad known Nique was coming, I would 'ave dressed less... provocatively

  • Maxine sniggers

<Maxine> I'm sure <Domino> You sink I am some kind of 'ussy? <Domino> ^-^ <Nikolai_> Yeah, so this place is called the Exchange... <Nikolai_> Most people just call it the X though. :) <Maxine> think it? <Maxine> heh heh <Domino> ha ha!

  • Asia_ is sitting next to you Will. She smells like incense (a good eshu smell)

<Domino> I need anozer drink.

  • Rachel_ is wearing burgundy leather pants (like the ones you tried on, Sas! ;^D) and a soft, expensive-looking, elegantly draping blouse.

<Domino> mmmm? <Maxine> (Will has a girlfriend.. in theory. None of us have met her, though ;) <Will> (hehe) <Maxine> What'll it be, then? <Asia_> ( I know. I'm just sitting) <Asia_> ( yeesh) <Maxine> the usual single plum in perfume deal? <Asia_> ( can't a pretty girl sit?)

  • Rachel_ 's hair is loose and her wings flutter slightly, belying her nerves.

<Maxine> (I'm just telling you ;)! <Rachel_> The X...

  • Rachel_ smiles.
  • Domino holds out her empty glass.

<Nikolai_> It's just a lounge, you don't have to be worried. :)

  • Maxine takes it and passe her a new full one
  • Will lights a cigarette up as he finishes his drink.

<Rachel_> I wasn't worried... <Nikolai_> No stuffy court types, no relatives with exceedingly high expectations...

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Nikolai_> They're just regular people. <Rachel_> I'm really looking forward to a great evening. <Domino> grazie mille...

  • Domino sips.

<Rachel_> I haven't been in a club for... I can't remember the last time.

  • Asia_ will check her watch, politely get up and walk back over to her things. Cigarette smoke makes her throat horse and that's bad if she's going to sing

<Nikolai_> I think Asia is playing tonight.

  • Nikolai_ says as he walks up the steps.

<Will> Sorry Asia, you know how addiction goes. <Asia_> Its all right

  • Will grins.
  • Rachel_ nods and glances up at the sign.
  • Maxine tries to blow the smoke away from known non smokers ;)

<Rachel_> I'd love to hear her play. <Asia_> I'll just have to kill you later and throw your body in the river <Nikolai_> Well, shall we? <Rachel_> We certainly shall.

  • Nikolai_ opens the door and holds it for Rachel.
  • Will laughs.
  • Maxine does too
  • Rachel_ steps in gracefully, used to the chivalry of the Seelie Court.

<Maxine> I get dibs on The Hat if you do ;) <Domino> <w> Don't look now, but Shirley Temple 'as arrived <Will> It's a good hat, it's treated me well.

  • Rachel_ moves aside to let Nik in, and takes a look around.

<Asia_> well you know how it is. Really in the long run I'm sparing you by granting you an early demise.

  • Will looks at the door.

<Domino> <w>~On ze good sheep, lo-li-pop <Domino> *drink* <Will> Hey, Nikko!

  • Will waves.

<Rachel_> (You know what she looks like... no need to describe! Radiant, as usual...)

  • Domino sets down her drink and puts on a big smile.

<Nikolai_> Hey everybody! <Nikolai_> :)

  • Domino hops off her stool.

<Domino> Nikko, mon cher! <Maxine> hey Nik

  • Maxine waves
  • Domino skips up coquettishly.

<Maxine> what can I getcha and your lady? <Asia_> how ya doin' handsome <Domino> Abbracciarmi, mio caro amico!

  • Asia_ says with a smile
  • Domino throws her arms around Nikolai and hugs him.

<Nikolai_> Uh, hi Dom...

  • Rachel_ smiles in a friendly but somewhat shy fashion and glances at Nik to take her cue, waiting for the old friends to greet one another and for him to make introductions.
  • Domino hops back.
  • Domino eyes Rachel.
  • Rachel_ smiles at Domino.... hugging him did not upset her. ;^)

<Nikolai_> Well, before I get around to drinking... <Nikolai_> Everyone, this is Rachel

  • Asia_ picks up her guitar from its stand and moves to her stool.

<Rachel_> Hello, everyone.

  • Rachel_ says cheerfully.

<Nikolai_> And Rachel this is Dom, Max, Will, and Asia. <Maxine> hey there

  • Nikolai_ gestures to each in turn.
  • Maxine waves a hand in friendly fashion
  • Will waves as his name is mentioned.
  • Asia_ will nod with a bright smile
  • Rachel_ smiles and nods a greeting to each one.
  • Domino twines her hands together behind her back and twists from side to side at the waist.
  • Maxine has a cigarette in hand still, but butts it out in an ashtray nearby

<Nikolai_> So you're back from Florence? <Domino> Di Roma. <Domino> :) <Rachel_> Oh, you were in Italy?

  • Nikolai_ walks over to the bar.

<Domino> No.

  • Will extends a hand as Nikolai walks up.

<Will> How've ya been, old man?

  • Asia_ will start playing. After all its what she's payed to do neh? She has a range like the woman from dead can dance.
  • Domino skips up and picks up her drink.

<Nikolai_> Fairly decent, I must say...

  • Rachel_ glides over to the bar and hops up onto a stool.
  • Domino takes a drink and watches Rachel over the rim of her glass.
  • Domino leans back against the bar so that her head is close to Maxine's.

<Will> Enjoying the posh life? <Nikolai_> Oh, you mean Wales?

  • Rachel_ smiles and listens to the conversation for now, feeling out the group dynamics.

<Maxine> (Lisa Gerrard) <Nikolai_> (who?) <Will> No, I meant the imperial palace in Japan. <Maxine> heh <Rachel_> (The female singer from DCD)

  • Will smirks.

<Nikolai_> It's not far off

  • Nikolai_ laughs.

<Nikolai_> Pretty ritzy, and about as formal. <Nikolai_> So what's new here? <Maxine> hmm... <Domino> Oh, vous savez. <Maxine> things that are new... <Domino> Maxine and I, we are dying <Domino> Dying of broken 'arts, are we not, Maxie? <Maxine> Will won't bring in his girlfriend for us to meet... that's new ;D <Maxine> and, yes, that

  • Maxine sighs dramatically
  • Will pulls at his shirt collar.
  • Nikolai_ chuckles.

<Maxine> drinks? <Maxine> I live to serve and all that ;D

  • Rachel_ smiles at the pooka's comment, glancing at her.

<Rachel_> It's a hard knock life. Can you fix me a Singapore Sling? What would you like, Nik? <Nikolai_> What's on tap? <Nikolai_> Anything new and exciting? <Maxine> nothing particularly no, but here, try a pint of this stuff... <Maxine> 's Canadian, I think. <Nikolai_> Well, I think I can handle it!

  • Domino whispers incredulously under her breath. "Lei ordina per lui???"
  • Maxine snickers
  • Domino keeps her perfect smile on though :)
  • Asia_ sings something ethnic sounding

<Nikolai_> Wow, Asia's in perfect form tonight.

  • Maxine has no idea what Dom just said, so doesn't reply, but shoots her a quizzical glance as she pours out a glass for Nik

<Will> It's your first night back, so the drinks are on me.

  • Rachel_ keeps an ear to the music, tapping her foot slightly to the music.

<Maxine> anything for you, Rachel? <Will> Max, put it on that tab I never pay off. <Nikolai_> Hey, thanks!

  • Maxine rolls her eyes

<Maxine> gladly ;p

  • Will winks.

<Rachel_> Yes, please, if such a thing as a Singapore Sling is available.

  • Rachel_ smiles.
  • Nikolai_ stands next to the bar.

<Will> So what brings you back to the old haunt? <Nikolai_> Well, Rachel wanted to meet you guys... <Maxine> I'll see if I can recall it

  • Maxine says, and reaches for the Gin

<Rachel_> I keep hearing about this place. I wanted to see it for myself. <Rachel_> I used to play in clubs in New Toronto... <Domino> Oh and so 'ave we. We 'ave been positively sick wis excitement, n'est-ce pas? <Asia_> ~we are the stars which sing~ <Domino> Srowing up our guts, yes? <Domino> :) <Asia_> ~we sing with our light~ <Asia_> ~we are the birds of fire,~ <Asia_> ~we fly over the sky~ <Nikolai_> Charming as always, Dom. <Asia_> ~our light is our voice~

  • Domino bows slightly.

<Maxine> heh

  • Will laughs.

<Asia_> ~we make a road for the spirit to pass over~ <Domino> As a pooka, eet ees considered my duty to spread sunshine wherever I go.

  • Domino leans into Rachel's personal space and looks her over again.

<Domino> So... Rachelle. <Domino> What ees eet that you do?

  • Rachel_ meets Domino's gaze.

<Asia_> ~outo, ba mwen son ou,e,~ <Asia_> ~outo, ba mwen son ou,e~

  • Domino looks at her with a confident smile and heavy-lidded eyes.

<Rachel_> At the moment, I'm mostly studying. <Domino> che studi? <Asia_> ~tanbouyé, o ba mwen son ou,~ <Rachel_> Arts and politics. <Domino> Ah yes, ze fine ladies are always so busy wits ze importante sings...

  • Maxine presents Rach with a pinkish-orange-y looking drink
  • Domino leans back against the bar again.

<Maxine> there ya go. <Rachel_> Thank you very much, Maxine. <Maxine> Might be a bit strong, I'm a bit out of practice on those <Asia_> ~soléy léve.~

  • Rachel_ smiles at the ferret pooka.
  • Maxine grins back

<Maxine> smoke? <Asia_> ~outo, give me your sound,~ <Domino> Maxie, when 'are you off tonight? <Maxine> . o O ( Nik would never date a smoker ;p ) <Rachel_> Ah, no, thank you. <Asia_> ~outo, give me your sound~

  • Will lowers his voice a bit.

<Asia_> ~drummer, give me your sound,~ <Will> So, she seems exceptionally polite. <Maxine> eleven, or whenever you sods finally clear out of here <Asia_> ~the sun rises~ <Domino> (who are you talking to? me?) <Rachel_> (To Maxine... she offered me a smoke)

  • Asia_ finishes the song off in Haitian

<Domino> (I meant Will) <Will> (Nik, sorry) <Rachel_> It's fine, Maxine. <Nikolai_> She comes from a family that's very big on formalities... <Maxine> (It is a bit strong, actually, but you may not taste it) <Nikolai_> Plus I think she's kinda nervous... :/ <Maxine> ( ;D ) <Maxine> all righty then <Maxine> should I add to the 'regular' drinks list? <Will> What, about us? We're hardly intimidating. <Rachel_> Sure, why not?

  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Domino> Usually Maxie puts rufies in Nikko's dates drinks

  • Rachel_ turns back to Domino and laughs.

<Rachel_> I guess I'd better have only one, then.

  • Will stands up, and walks over to Rachel.

<Rachel_> What do you do for a living?

  • Rachel_ asks Domino.

<Rachel_> You look like a dancer... <Domino> Breathe

  • Maxine snickers

<Maxine> don't we all, really?

  • Domino winks at Maxine.

<Maxine> some better than others, though <Rachel_> Hmmm. <Domino> Veramente!

  • Maxine says, lighting up a new cigarette
  • Rachel_ claps in appreciation when Asia finishes her song.
  • Maxine grins
  • Maxine glances around to see if any non regulars are looking, not counting Rachel, and casually pulls herself a draft

<Will> So, Max, can I get the darts?

  • Rachel_ notices, grins and winks at Maxine.

<Domino> Oh, we are playing newbie target practice? :D

  • Rachel_ turns back to her own drink so as to keep others from noticing Maxine.

<Asia_> ~the river is deep and this road is long~~daylight come and I want to go home~ <Asia_> ~Awoke this morning~ <Will> Nah, I figure Nik and his girlfriend need a little relaxing after their trip from wherever the hell it is. <Asia_> ~to find my peoples tongues were tied~ <Will> Up for a game, Dom? <Maxine> heh <Asia_> ~and in my dreams~ <Nikolai_> Ha ha, Domino. :P <Domino> Oh, well I don't usually <Asia_> ~they were given books to poison their minds~ <Domino> But tonight ees so spéciale. <Maxine> well, you *can* get the darts, I expect, you look capable. But you're not allowed behind the bar, see. <Asia_> ~Th river is deep and the mountain high,~ <Rachel_> I always wanted to try body piercing, but I hadn't thought of using darts to do it. <Will> Well, perhaps you'd like to hand them to me, then?

  • Rachel_ jokes.

<Asia_> ~how long before the other side?~ <Asia_> ~we are the mortar~ <Asia_> ~their building bricks and their clay~ <Maxine> oh, I suppose ^-^ <Asia_> ~their gold teeth mirror~

  • Maxine will bend down and fetch out the darts
  • Rachel_ tucks some hair behind an exquisitely pointed shell-pink ear.

<Asia_> ~both our joys and our pain~ <Asia_> ~the river is deep and the ocean is wide~

  • Rachel_ smiles at Nik to let him know she's not offended by Domino's comments.

<Asia_> ~who will teach us who to read the sings~ <Asia_> ~The earth is our mother~

  • Will takes the darts, and bows excessively to Maxine.

<Asia_> ~she taught us to embrace the light~ <Will> Thank you, fetcher of things behind the bar. <Asia_> ~now the lord is master~ <Asia_> ~She suffers an eternal night~ <Rachel_> Asia has a lovely voice...

  • Rachel_ murmurs.

<Domino> Come Guillaume, let us go srow sharp sings into soft sings. <Domino> :) <Asia_> ~You blocked up my ears~ <Asia_> ~you plucked out my eyes~ <Will> So, let's play. <Asia_> ~ you cut out my tongue~ <Asia_> ~you fed me with lies~ <Asia_> ~oh lord~

  • Asia_ finishes with a flute solo.

<Will> You and your girl and play against the locals, Nikko?

  • Domino skips over to the dart board.

<Domino> Scusa? <Will> Or do you want to make it random? <Domino> Moi, a 'local'?

  • Will walks over to the dart board.

<Nikolai_> Random? <Maxine> regular? <Will> It's a sliding scale. You're here more than he is.

  • Will grins.
  • Rachel_ takes another sip of her drink.

<Will> You know, pick teams by a coin flip, or something.

  • Maxine wanders off to collect empty glasses off the tables

<Nikolai_> Rachel? You want to play? <Rachel_> Sure, it will be fun.

  • Domino watches Rachel with her same smug smile.
  • Rachel_ sets her drink down on the counter and stands up.

<Asia_> (do people mind me writing out the songs? I can stop if its bothering people) <Domino> (doesn't bother me any) <Will> (doesn't bother me) <Asia_> (okay) <Rachel_> (It's fine Kit, and Asia does get to take a break after a set, you know!  :^D) <Rachel_> (Then you can hang out and talk with us) <Asia_> (I know) <Maxine> (It's ambient) <Maxine> ( :)

  • Rachel_ slides up to the toe line for the dart board.

<Rachel_> I don't mind either way... random or in set teams.

  • Will takes two darts, one of each color, and holds them behind his back.
  • Rachel_ smiles up at Nikolai.

<Nikolai_> :) <Will> So, ladies first. Which hand, Dom?

  • Rachel_ turns back to the little group of dart players.

<Domino> La droite!

  • Domino points to the left.
  • Will is really glad Dom pointed.
  • Rachel_ is too.

<Will> Ok, red.

  • Will puts them behind his back again. "Rachel?"

<Rachel_> Left.

  • Will reveals a blue dart.
  • Rachel_ steps aside to allow Nikolai to pick.
  • Will shuffles the darts up again. "Nikko, make the call!"

<Asia_> ~a Olorin i yaresse~

  • Maxine mutters something about 'shifty eshu' as she passes back by Will ;)

<Nikolai_> Right. <Asia_> ~Mentaner i Numeherui~

  • Will reveals... a red dart.

<Asia_> ~Tirien i Romenori~ <Domino> Ah, darn.

  • Will says nothing to Max's wild accusations.
  • Rachel_ grins.
  • Domino snaps her fingers and skips over to Nik's side.

<Will> So, milady, looks like you’re with me. <Rachel_> I guess it's you and I, Will. <Rachel_> Jinx.

  • Nikolai_ latches onto Nikolai's arm. "Caro Nikko!"

<Asia_> ~Maiaron i Oisaila~

  • Will grins.
  • Rachel_ tries not to be annoyed by *that*. Hugging was ok... hanging off him, not so much.

<Asia_> ~Manan elye etevanne~

  • Domino grins.
  • Nikolai_ smiles.

<Nikolai_> You're going to get me in trouble. <Domino> Meeee? <Domino> Non mai. <Asia_> ~ Morie i melanelye?~ <Rachel_> You're old friends.

  • Rachel_ shrugs.

<Domino> Oh, ze very oldest.

  • Maxine surveys the scene with impish amusement

<Asia_> ~Mithrandir, Mithrandir, A randir vithren~ <Will> So, since Nikko's weighed down, I guess we go first! <Rachel_> . o O (But do anything further and.... grrrr. I'm watching you.) <Domino> Nique and I, we do everysing togezer. <Rachel_> I guess so. <Domino> Simply *everysing*!

  • Will holds up some darts for Rachel.

<Domino> :) <Rachel_> Ah, she's singing something about the Lord of the Rings... <Domino> Well, arent you ze giant nerd!

  • Domino giggles.
  • Rachel_ plucks the darts from Will's hand.
  • Rachel_ grins mischievously at Domino.

<Asia_> ~u-renithach i amar galen~ <Rachel_> Well... there wasn't much else to do but read, when I was growing up. <Nikolai_> . o O (Who remembers a made up language from a book written hundreds of years ago? Yeah, sidhe have way too much time on their hands) <Asia_> ~I reniad lin ne mor, nuithannen~ <Rachel_> So yes, I plead guilty to your charge. <Rachel_> I really only recognized the word "Mithrandir".

  • Rachel_ shrugs.

<Asia_> ~In gwidh ristennin, i fae narchannen~ <Domino> But of course

  • Rachel_ lines herself up at the toe line.

<Asia_> ~I lach anor ed ardhon gwannen~

  • Domino glances back at Maxine... sorely tempted to cheat.

<Asia_> ~Caled veleg, ethuiannen....~

  • Maxine shrugs casually, watching, and polishing a glass
  • Rachel_ positions herself for the toss... does fairly well, but no bull's-eye.
  • Maxine is busy pouring drinks for other patrons atm

<Domino> Does zat mean eet ees my turn?

  • Rachel_ raises an eyebrow at her results, then steps aside for the next person.

<Will> Sure does.

  • Domino picks up her dart and flicks it with practised ease... she does this a lot.

<Domino> (in the green line around the bullseye) <Rachel_> <m> I'm surprised she'd have remembered a song in a made-up language about an imaginary world...

  • Asia_ finishes her set

<Domino> Ah, zut, I 'ave missed.

  • Asia_ will go over to the bar

<Rachel_> You did far better than I, though. <Rachel_> Will's turn! <Domino> I suppose darts are not among ze important sings ze sidhe study. <Domino> *shrug*

  • Will takes a dart, holding it by the tip.

<Asia_> So? <Will> Now, prepare to be amazed by my mastery of the game! <Rachel_> I haven't played in a while...

  • Asia_ looks at Maxine when she's not serving people.

<Domino> You were amazing, ma chère. Not like last night. <Domino> ;) <Domino> (to Asia)

  • Will throws his dart at the board, and it lands, very forcefully, in the '1' section.

<Maxine> so? <Rachel_> (that's bad, right? The outer ring or something?  ;^D) <Will> ...and by that, I meant no mastery at all. <Rachel_> (I can't remember) <Domino> I sink Guillaume ees not trying <Domino> ;) <Will> (It's one point. ;) ) <Rachel_> Ah well.

  • Rachel_ grins cheerfully.

<Rachel_> It's just fun to play. <Rachel_> Who knows, maybe Nik won't even get it on the board.

  • Rachel_ teases.
  • Maxine looks at Asia

<Maxine> where do you learn all those weird songs, anyway? <Nikolai_> :P

  • Asia_ smlies
  • Nikolai_ throws and does about as well as Rachel did.

<Domino> Ah mais non! <Asia_> You'd think I'd tell? That’s like a master chef telling all his secrets. <Domino> What 'as appened to your golden arm?

  • Nikolai_ shrugs sheepishly.

<Maxine> tch tch <Domino> Per'aps you need some more of my spécial private lessons! <Nikolai_> Uh, we'll see. <Maxine> it's only like, asking for the list of ingredients, at best <Maxine> it's still a matter of how you um... prepare them, or something ;)

  • Rachel_ laughs slightly.
  • Nikolai_ leans on the end of the bar.
  • Domino does as well, standing awfully close to him.
  • Domino leans over the edge to talk to Maxine.
  • Rachel_ walks up to the bar and takes a sip of her drink.
  • Domino drapes her torso over the bar and balances on her toes.

<Domino> Maxie, is zat pooka fellow playing zis week?

  • Rachel_ glances at Domino and then looks at Nikolai... does he look resigned? ;^D
  • Nikolai_ looks nonchalant.

<Maxine> which one? <Domino> You know, ze really 'andsome one.

  • Rachel_ raises her eyebrows questioningly but she is also staying quite cool about it.
  • Rachel_ sips her drink.

<Maxine> hmmm.. lemme check the schedule... I think he is on on Wednesday

  • Nikolai_ cocks his head to the side questioningly and mouths, 'What?'

<Domino> You sink? <Maxine> I kitchen sink, me dear

  • Rachel_ shakes her head slightly to let him know it's nothing important.
  • Maxine winks

<Domino> Parfait. <Maxine> oh! <Rachel_> Anyone up for another round of darts?

  • Maxine glances around, and then takes a deep gulp from her forgotten beer
  • Rachel_ asks no one in particular.

<Domino> What ees eet?

  • Maxine holds the glass up a bit

<Maxine> alcohol abuse <Nikolai_> I am...

  • Maxine says solemnly

<Maxine> heh heh <Domino> Oh. :)

  • Domino looks up at Nik.

<Will> Hey, speaking of which, can I get another drink off you?

  • Domino flips over so she's leaning *back* against the bar.

<Maxine> I'll give the newbie a while to get her arm back before I come out and wipe the floor with all y’all ;) <Domino> AH, Nikko <Maxine> Oh, I *suppose* <Maxine> It’s only my job and all <Maxine> ;p <Domino> An old favourite of mine ees playing zis week! <Rachel_> Thanks, I think. <Maxine> ;p <Will> You're too good to me, Max.

  • Rachel_ says dryly to Maxine.

<Rachel_> Same teams? <Domino> You must come. <Maxine> I know, and no appreciation of my fine talents.. <Nikolai_> Oh? what are they like?

  • Nikolai_ is distracted by Dom's question.

<Maxine> anyone else for another?

  • Maxine mixes up another Black Russian for Will

<Maxine> Asia?

  • Rachel_ listens too. She always enjoys listening to music.

<Asia_> yes? <Maxine> Another before your next set? <Asia_> pardon? <Asia_> Oh no. <Asia_> I'm fine <Maxine> ho-kay <Domino> Simply amazing, bien sur. Like butter, as zey say... I sink you will like 'im very much. <Maxine> see, *that's* why you guys get freebies, I say <Rachel_> What style of music do they play, Domino?

  • Rachel_ asks, interested.

<Domino> Domi-nique.

  • Maxine grins
  • Domino corrects.

<Maxine> still good for water? <Asia_> yes please

  • Domino smiles.

<Rachel_> My apologies. Dominique. <Asia_> yes I am thanks.

  • Asia_ smiles

<Asia_> still most of a pitcher <Maxine> fair enough <Maxine> you should come in more on nights where you *aren’t* playing, you know, so we can see you when you don't need to retain your coherence ;) <Domino> You will come of course, yes?

  • Domino smiles up at Nikolai.

<Asia_> I'll try <Nikolai_> Well, we'll try. :) <Maxine> there is no try! <Asia_> but you know. I'm always out searching for new songs. <Maxine> There is only do, or do not! <Domino> Ah yes, *of course* you must bring la jolie Rochelle... <Maxine> un-huh

  • Domino smiles.
  • Rachel_ is too young to get the Star Wars reference. ;^D

<Will> So, I heard something about more darts.

  • Maxine is too young to make a SW reference ;)

<Nikolai_> Well... <Maxine> I heard that nasty rumour too, Will, but I swear the exterminator was here just this afternoon. <Nikolai_> Okay! <Rachel_> I look forward to it, Dominique. And yes, Will... I'm up for another game if we can drag a few others in. <Will> Pesky little buggers, they are. <Will> Why, there's some on the counter now! <Domino> Family fun. Everyone will enjoy zemselves.

  • Will picks the set up.
  • Rachel_ takes another sip of her drink.
  • Domino pushes herself back up off the bar.

<Will> Shame on you, not cleaning the establishment of these pests.

  • Domino latches on to Nik's arm again.

<Domino> Eet can be a double date! <Maxine> well, maybe you guys can toss 'em out for me ;)

  • Domino grins widely, then skips off to find her empty glass.

<Will> Will do.

  • Will totes his drink over with him to the dart board.

<Maxine> oh oh, I smell trouble <Domino> Hmmm?

  • Maxine turns back to the bar to mix a bevarine for Dom

<Domino> NO, eet is Poison. <Nikolai_> Are we playing...? <Rachel_> I... think so? <Domino> I will be right zere, chéri- 2 shakes of a lamb's tail...

  • Rachel_ smiles at Nik and loops her arm through his, drawing him towards the dart board.

<Rachel_> (Since Domino is currently not hanging off of it!)

  • Will waits by the toe line, twirling a dart around.

<Will> (Who won last game? I timed out before I saw)

  • Rachel_ gives him a quick half-hug and leans her head against his arm briefly, then lets go so darts can be played.

<Rachel_> (Nik and Domino won) <Rachel_> Same teams? <Rachel_> We have to beat them, Will, it's a matter of honour.

  • Nikolai_ shrugs.
  • Rachel_ grins.
  • Will grins.

<Nikolai_> Sure. <Will> Your reign of terror ends here, Nikko. <Asia_> I'd play, but I fear the teams would become unbalanced.

  • Asia_ says to Max

<Rachel_> Hmmm... where did Dominique get to?

  • Rachel_ looks around.

<Domino> You should play on my team <Domino> And zen we can soroughly 'umiliate zem <Domino> ;) <Will> Hey, Dom, get over here so you can break us again!

  • Maxine passes Dom her drink

<Domino> I am juste taking care of my drinking problem! <Domino> Zere, all taken care of. <Maxine> heh

  • Domino sashays back to the board.

<Rachel_> We could always grab a random onlooker if we want two teams of three. <Asia_> true <Asia_> But I have to get back to work soon anyway <Nikolai_> Too bad June's not here; she has a mean arm. <Will> Hey Max, everyone's got drinks, get over here. <Rachel_> Do we have enough dar- ah... of course. Another set?

  • Rachel_ smiles at Asia.

<Rachel_> You have a beautiful voice. <Asia_> oh, thank you

  • Asia_ blushes somewhat

<Maxine> what? <Rachel_> You're welcome. I'm really enjoying your music. Makes my thumbs itch to play a bit myself. <Maxine> whose team am I to be assigned to? <Will> You and Asia, darts, play. <Domino> Maaaxiiiiine <Will> You draw for it. <Maxine> oh, righty-o then, twist my rubber arm

  • Domino sings to the tune of Roxanne

<Domino> ~Turn on the red light! <Maxine> wooh! <Maxine> The boss don't like that much, Dom, the customers object ;)

  • Domino giggles.
  • Asia_ will sigh happily and join the game.
  • Maxine saunters out from behind the bar

<Domino> I don't want Maxine on *my* team. She smells. <Domino> ^-^ <Nikolai_> She's also the best player in here <Nikolai_> ;D <Maxine> heh heh heh <Maxine> who, little old me? <Domino> As a triumvirate... <Nikolai_> We are unstoppable! <Domino> Arrr! <Domino> Posse up, girlfriend, you'd better pick red, or you're dead! <Maxine> flattery will get you nowhere, Nik <Will> So, why don't we just make these teams ridiculously large? <Maxine> wooh! <Will> One of you, pick a hand? <Rachel_> Right! <Will> You're on a team already, dear, you don't need to pick again.

  • Will grins.

<Rachel_> I know. <Rachel_> I was just trying to speed up the process.

  • Will laughs.

<Rachel_> Maybe you'd have thought it was one of them. <Domino> You are so funny, I think I just prolapsed! <Nikolai_> Ew, Dom. <Rachel_> Nice. <Nikolai_> Gross... :P

  • Maxine points to a hand

<Domino> I aim to please. ^-^

  • Will looks between Max and Asia, waiting for one of them to make a move.

<Will> Red it is. We are dead, Rachel. <Maxine> woooh! <Rachel_> Not yet. Never give up! <Domino> Ayayayayayay!!

  • Rachel_ grins.
  • Domino whoops like a crazy indian.
  • Asia_ will pick

<Maxine> hee!

  • Will hands Asia a dart.

<Rachel_> You're up, Asia. <Asia_> alright

  • Rachel_ gestures grandly to the toe line.
  • Asia_ will step up to the toe line and throw

<Rachel_> (where does it hit, Kit?)

  • Asia_ manages to get near the center, she looks pleased.

<Rachel_> Excellllllent... <Maxine> ooh, competition!

  • Rachel_ rubs her fingers together, Monty Burns style.

<Domino> Hee hee. <Domino> . o O (Who does she think she's fooling?) <Maxine> who's next? <Asia_> you won’t be the queen of darts for long love.

  • Domino nudges Maxine.

<Maxine> oooh goody <Maxine> we both open with our best players, apparently ;D

  • Rachel_ is just letting herself be silly. It's nice to be out, even if Dominique insists on making things difficult.

<Will> Yeah, so anticlimactic.

  • Maxine snaps up a dart and hops over to the line

<Maxine> doot de doot...

  • Maxine glances around the room once, and then flicks the dart right to the center of the board

<Maxine> *thunk* <Maxine> Yes! <Will> Gah...

  • Domino claps gleefully.

<Rachel_> Wow! <Nikolai_> Wooh! <Maxine> Two thirty seven!

  • Maxine hi-fives Will and Dom

<Maxine> Queen of Darts ;D <Domino> Rock and Roll, baby!

  • Will offers Rachel a dart.

<Will> Tough act to follow, eh? <Domino> Rub some of that off on me, Max... <Maxine> or is that two thirty eight? <Maxine> Will, I've lost count <Rachel_> Hmm... <Will> ...two forty, I think. <Maxine> sweet!

  • Rachel_ makes a somewhat comical show of eying the dart and the target, then narrowing her eyes, western gun-duel-style at Maxine. Then she steps up to the line... flips her wrist and also lands a bullseye.
  • Rachel_ smiles, satisfied.
  • Rachel_ steps back from the line.
  • Will whistles.

<Domino> !

  • Asia_ will clap

<Domino> <w> Maxy, did you see that look?! <Rachel_> (No Glamour used!) <Domino> <w> Think she cheated? <Rachel_> (I have no Wayfare or Legerdemain.  ;^D) <Domino> (and we have no psychic powers) <Rachel_> (I know, but if anyone kens, she didn't use a cantrip) <Will> (Maybe *you* don't. ;) ) <Maxine> hrmmm.. <Rachel_> (She is an archer... but mostly it was sheer luck.) <Domino> prrt,

  • Maxine narrows her ferret eyes slightly, but says nothing

<Maxine> cool <Domino> Mommy needs some new dancin' shoes...

  • Domino picks up her dart.
  • Rachel_ watches the competition closely.

<Domino> . o O (From Hell's heart, I stab at thee!) <Will> (heheheh)

  • Domino gazes calmly at the board.

<Domino> . o O (For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee!) <Rachel_> (Yeeesh, she really does have it out for Rach, doesn't she? o.O)

  • Domino takes a deep breath, spends a willpower, and lands in the red as well!
  • Domino spins a pirouette.

<Domino> ^-^ <Will> ...Yeesh. <Domino> Kiss kiss, bang bang, baby!

  • Rachel_ whistles.
  • Domino hops off.

<Maxine> nice!

  • Domino grabs Nik's arm again.

<Rachel_> It's all up to you, Will... not to put any pressure on you.

  • Rachel_ winks.

<Domino> Did I do good, Daddy?

  • Domino looks up at him.
  • Rachel_ glances at Domino and Nik.

<Nikolai_> Yeah, you did real good... now I'm gonna look like crap! :/

  • Will finishes his drink off, lights up a cigarette, and stretches out a bit.

<Domino> As long as we win... <Will> Ok, here we go. <Domino> Winning ees all I care about! <Rachel_> . o O (Hardly.)

  • Will picks up a dart, heads up to the line, and halts.

<Maxine> alright Will! <Maxine> woooh! <Will> So, think I can do it?

  • Will grins.
  • Nikolai_ claps for his friend.

<Domino> Maybe eef you cheat! <Domino> ;D

  • Domino claps as well.

<Rachel_> You can do it, Will! <Maxine> anything's possible Billy ;D

  • Rachel_ claps for her team mate.
  • Will reaches back, throws the dart, and shuts his eyes.
  • Rachel_ watches it as it plunks into the target.

<Maxine> oh, throwing blind!

  • Will opens one, to see the dart right near the center.

<Domino> Yippee!

  • Will exhales, looking quite relieved.

<Domino> Congratulations!

  • Rachel_ claps Will on the shoulder.

<Rachel_> Excellent, Will.

  • Domino hops over and kisses Will on the cheek.
  • Rachel_ smiles at him.

<Maxine> sweet! <Maxine> We're all in form tonight <Rachel_> . o O (Yeesh, make up your mind, would you, Domi*nique*.)

  • Will grins
  • Maxine hops over and gives will a hug

<Maxine> shit, customers, glare of death, oh, I'm wounded!

  • Maxine limps back to the bar

<Domino> Ah, nuts to zem <Maxine> (but quickly) <Domino> :/ <Rachel_> Thanks for the game, Maxine.

  • Rachel_ turns to Nik.

<Domino> OK, Nikko, eet ees up to you...

  • Maxine smiles apologetically at an impatient looking mortal

<Domino> To redeem our honour <Rachel_> Good luck, love. <Will> No pressure, old man. <Nikolai_> Yeah, sure...

  • Rachel_ moves closer to him and smiles encouragingly.

<Nikolai_> Stop callin' me old! ;)

  • Will grins.

<Rachel_> Yes, it makes me feel positively ancient.

  • Rachel_ grins.
  • Rachel_ looks like a very mature 15-year old.

<Nikolai_> Alright, I'm just going to throw it...

  • Nikolai_ chucks the last dart.
  • Maxine can't watch, alas.. stupid customers
  • Rachel_ holds her breath as he throws.

<Rachel_> . o O (Who wins?) <Nikolai_> I don't know if I beat Will or not... it looks pretty close.

  • Rachel_ moves up to the board.
  • Will walks up to the dart board as well.
  • Rachel_ peers closely at the darts without touching them.

<Rachel_> Much as I hate to admit it... I think you beat us by a millimetre or so...

  • Will nods.

<Will> Yeah, I think Nikko takes it. <Domino> Yippee! <Domino> you 'ave done it!

  • Domino throws her arms around Nik's neck!

<Domino> *hug*

  • Maxine grins over from the bar and gives a thumbs up
  • Domino then hops off towards the bar.
  • Will hangs his head.

<Will> So close. <Rachel_> Hey, it's all right. <Rachel_> It's having fun that counts.

  • Domino then calls over to the bar.
  • Rachel_ smiles at Will.

<Domino> Did you 'ear zat, Maxine? <Rachel_> And it was fun.

  • Rachel_ says with conviction.

<Will> Yeah, but I never beat Nikko. That's hardly fun.

  • Will grins.

<Rachel_> Ah, well, some day you will, I'm sure. <Nikolai_> Maybe you should throw with your eyes closed more often <Nikolai_> ;)

  • Rachel_ pulls darts out of the board and takes them back to the bar.

<Will> Of course! My depth perception has been bad all along. <Maxine> I can train you up

  • Maxine calls over from the Bar
  • Will heads back to the bar.

<Will> I may have to take you up on that. <Will> But right now, I think I'll take you up on another drink, perhaps. <Maxine> Lessons start at a beer an hour ;)

  • Rachel_ grins.
  • Maxine grins as she pours another black Russian

<Will> Sounds perfectly reasonable to me. <Rachel_> So it looks like we're getting better when in fact you're just getting more uncoordinated? <Will> Exactly! <Maxine> Shhhh, no giving away my secrets! <Maxine> but, come on... a beer an hour?

  • Maxine waves a hand dismissively

<Rachel_> From *each* student? Or are we talking private lessons? <Maxine> that's nothing <Maxine> I didn't realize there was such a large client base, hmmm... ;) <Rachel_> You could start a sideline, perhaps.

  • Rachel_ grins.
  • Rachel_ twirls around on her seat to see where Nik is at the moment.

<Maxine> bah... the only time Frankie might approve of that is when the championships roll around ;) <Maxine> (I've got to head out, guys, but it has been fun...)

  • Nikolai_ is chattin' with Dominique as he retrieves some abandoned glasses for Maxine
  • Maxine puts away the darts

<Maxine> I gotta rush off and grab mugs, guy, I hope no one will desperately need me for the next few min. <Maxine> Not everyone here is as nice as Nik <Rachel_> We'll survive, somehow. <Nikolai_> Here you go... <Nikolai_> A present

  • Maxine smiles at him, and then skips away

<Maxine> Gee, thanks, just what I always wanted!

  • Nikolai_ sets down six empty glasses.
  • Rachel_ smiles, pleased at the compliment directed towards Nik.
  • Domino skips up with Nikolai.
  • Maxine goes away to grab glasses from other people
  • Maxine will then have to go and wash them, and wait on other people, I guess, to prevent further socialization ;)
  • Rachel_ lays her hand on the juncture of Nik's neck and shoulder.

<Rachel_> Would you like something else to drink? <Nikolai_> I'm fine. <Rachel_> All right. <Domino> . o O (Am sure he can think for himself, dearie) <Domino> Et maintenant... que faisons-nous? <Will> So, you've got to have some sort of interesting story from far off Wales you can tell us. <Nikolai_> I don't know... I guess everyone's all darted out.

  • Rachel_ strokes her hand down his shoulder and releases him so he can go wherever he wants again.

<Nikolai_> Well, actually... <Nikolai_> I don't want to say for certain, but I think my father may be getting married again.

  • Rachel_ looks amused.

<Domino> Vraiment? <Domino> Il Duce? <Nikolai_> Yeah... It's kind of weird and complicated.

  • Rachel_ lets him tell the story and remains quiet, but she does catch up his hand and twine her fingers through his casually.
  • Domino leans back against the bar, facing Nik.

<Nikolai_> I think he's going to make some kind of announcement at court on Sunday. <Nikolai_> ¬_¬ <Domino> Poor kitten, I can see zis makes you very 'appy...?

  • Rachel_ squeezes his hand comfortingly.

<Nikolai_> Well, meh... It's just weird, like I said. <Domino> You can tell *moi*, can't you? <Will> Who's your step mom to be?

  • Domino looks up at him with big blue eyes.
  • Rachel_ lets go of his hand so he doesn't feel trapped.

<Domino> You can tell *moi*, can't you?

  • Domino looks up at him with big blue eyes.

<Nikolai_> ... <Nikolai_> Well... <Nikolai_> Rachel's grandmother... <Nikolai_> ¬_¬ <Domino> Oh, mon dieu! <Domino> O_o

  • Rachel_ looks down at the floor and smirks slightly, feeling a peculiar mixture of embarrassment and enjoyment at Domino's reaction.

<Domino> Well, I suppose zat is a beet weird <Domino> Poor poor kitten. <Domino> Zere is no more? <Rachel_> It is a rather unusual situation, but it's kosher.

  • Rachel_ looks up and looks at Domino.

<Nikolai_> Well...

  • Domino isn't looking at Rachel, but at Nikolai.

<Nikolai_> Know how I told you my father can't remember anything from before he met my grandfather? <Domino> I sink I can recall... <Will> Yeah, I remember that bit. <Nikolai_> Well, he does now... And I guess he was married to Rachel's grandmother long before *my* mom was even born...

  • Rachel_ glances at Nikolai to see if he's happy/comfortable or if he's looking for an escape.

<Nikolai_> :/ <Domino> Ah, chéri... C'est difficile? <Will> That's a little... close, isn't it? <Nikolai_> Well, a little. She is nice and everything... seems to like me... but obviously... it's strange

  • Rachel_ gives Will a look.

<Rachel_> There is no blood relation. <Domino> Nikko ees a bastard child, you know? <Domino> Il Duce ees not 'is real father

  • Rachel_ lets him decide for himself whether it's Nik or Rachel that's adopted. ;^D

<Nikolai_> Yeah, I'm adopted. <Nikolai_> I thought I told you that... <Nikolai_> Oh well.

  • Nikolai_ shrugs.

<Nikolai_> It's still bizarre.

  • Rachel_ nods slightly.

<Nikolai_> You should hear the rumours... I'm dating my niece.

  • Domino giggles,
  • Rachel_ cracks a mischievous grin.

<Domino> Quel scandale. <Rachel_> Indeed. <Domino> Don't worry, Nikko, we will pretend not to look down on your incestuous 'abits. <Rachel_> I'm used to being the center of various scandals, myself... but I'm afraid it is new for Nikolai. <Nikolai_> Thanks, Dom, you're a pal... <Domino> Ah ben... <Domino> Ees that the lady you were sent to placate?

  • Nikolai_ nods.
  • Rachel_ smirks slightly to herself, wishing at the same time that she were not invisible.
  • Will rises from his seat.
  • Rachel_ glances at Will.

<Rachel_> Leaving so soon? <Will> Yeah, I imagine my girl's gonna get sick of me waiting to come home.

  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Domino> Ah well, now ze real party can start <Will> You gonna be in town long, Nikko? <Rachel_> Better not piss off your girl. <Nikolai_> I think so, yes.

  • Rachel_ says nonchalantly.

<Will> Well, I'll be here more likely than not... stop by sometime before you leave, ok? <Will> 'S been good seeing you. <Nikolai_> I'll try to be around more, guys, really. <Nikolai_> :/ <Rachel_> It was nice meeting you, Will. <Domino> Ees good, we were starting to forget what you looked like

  • Will waves to the group, and heads out

<Rachel_> . o O (That is not my fault; Nikolai has been here in Rosehill more often than not.) <Rachel_> . o O (He's just busy with things for his father. Evidently you don't understand.)

  • Rachel_ stretches her legs and stands up.

<Rachel_> I'll be back. <Domino> Maxine ees going to crack ze whip soon...

  • Rachel_ heads outside to get some fresh air.

<Domino> So, chéri... Maxie and I are going to Salem's lot after we burn ze place out... <Domino> You want to come? <Nikolai_> Hmm... <Nikolai_> Well, I'll ask Rachel... <Domino> Of, you ave to ask permission? <Domino> Quel dommage... Maxie is not ze only one wit' a whip hmm? <Nikolai_> Ha ha <Nikolai_> I'm not just going to abandon her to run off with you guys.

  • Domino pouts.

<Domino> I 'ave not seen you since you left Firenze. I sought you were dead! <Nikolai_> I'm sorry... <Nikolai_> Between Rachel and my father, I've been busier than usual...

  • Rachel_ paces back and forth outside for a little while, trying to cool down.
  • Rachel_ glares at a drunkard who starts telling her he loves her.

<Nikolai_> I miss you guys, but you know how it is when you just start a new relationship...

  • Nikolai_ sighs happily.

<Nikolai_> Isn't she great? <Domino> A real peach, Nikko. <Rachel_> (Nik is O-blivious.  ;^D) <Domino> Like ze song says! <Domino> So... <Domino> You did not get to see me dance much in Firenze... <Nikolai_> Yeah, that little diplomatic mission was badly timed in that regard. <Domino> And I 'ad prepared my new special routine juste pour toi... Well, you and the duke, bien sur. <Domino> ^-^ <Nikolai_> Well, I'm sure I'll get the chance to see it sometime... <Domino> Maybe I perform at court 'ere. <Domino> Eet may bore some people, sough. <Nikolai_> Nuts to them though, right? Since when do you care? <Nikolai_> :) <Domino> Ah oui, I 'ad forgotten.

  • Domino laughs.

<Nikolai_> What piece were you performing again...? <Domino> Ze Rite of Spring... and zen maybe somesing by Prince.

  • Domino grins.

<Nikolai_> Sounds like a pretty good program! <Domino> Yes, you really must see my 'sexy MF' dance. <Domino> ;D <Domino> Zere ees a lot of 'shaking zat ass'

  • Nikolai_ laughs out loud.
  • Domino laughs as well.

<Nikolai_> I'd better go check on Rachel, she's been gone a while. <Domino> Per'aps she 'as fallen in. <Nikolai_> She went outside... are there many bottomless pits around the bar? <Domino> Oh... one or two... Maxie and I 'ave been very bored... <Nikolai_> I'll just be right back. <Domino> Can she not take care of 'erself?

  • Rachel_ is leaning against a wall outside now, giving Nikolai time to catch up with Domino without making Domino feel she has to continuously assert her non-possession of Nikolai.

<Domino> She ees a beeg girl, yes? <Nikolai_> Well yeah, but maybe this is one of those things where I get in trouble if I don't go. <Domino> You sink? <Nikolai_> Yeah. <Domino> You know.. eef you are looking to play guessing games, you maybe should look at ozher kiss. ;) <Nikolai_> You're a funny girl. ;) <Domino> Years of pratique... <Nikolai_> Be right back, OK? <Domino> Certes.

  • Nikolai_ steps outside.
  • Nikolai_ looks around for Rachel.
  • Rachel_ is looking at the stars and leaning against a wall.

<Nikolai_> Oh, there you are. <Nikolai_> You alright? <Nikolai_> Is the smoke bothering you?

  • Rachel_ turns to look at Nik.

<Rachel_> Oh, hey. <Rachel_> A little, yes. <Rachel_> Did you get a chance to catch up on things with Dominique? <Nikolai_> Yeah, it's too bad Maxine had to get back to work

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Nikolai_> And Will had to go... <Nikolai_> I didn't get to talk to them much.

  • Rachel_ peers at Nikolai curiously.

<Rachel_> Have you *really* neglected them for three months? <Rachel_> Give or take a week or two? <Nikolai_> Well, when all this stuff started, I had a lot less free time... <Rachel_> Tch tch.

  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Nikolai_> I've been to the X a few times, but not since Dom got back... And I haven't seen Will either. <Rachel_> You're lucky they're so forgiving. <Nikolai_> Yeah, I'm a jerk. <Nikolai_> :/ <Rachel_> Only sometimes. <Nikolai_> They're not really the grudge-holding types though

  • Rachel_ teases.

<Nikolai_> :P <Rachel_> Well, that's good to know. <Nikolai_> We've been friends for years.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Nikolai_> They're a great bunch, huh? <Nikolai_> :) <Rachel_> Sure. <Rachel_> Will is sweet. <Rachel_> Asia is really nice, too, and has a great talent. <Nikolai_> I don't know her quite as well, but yeah, she's nice. <Rachel_> I wish Dominique liked me a bit more, though. <Rachel_> Did you ever go out with her? <Nikolai_> What do you mean? She likes you fine. <Nikolai_> Dom?

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Nikolai_> What do you mean? <Rachel_> Nikolai...

  • Rachel_ looks at him squarely.

<Rachel_> She's jealous. <Nikolai_> Domino?

  • Nikolai_ laughs.
  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> You don't think so? <Nikolai_> I think you've got her all wrong. <Nikolai_> No way!

  • Rachel_ raises an eyebrow.

<Rachel_> . o O (I don't.) <Rachel_> ... <Nikolai_> She's a sweetheart. <Nikolai_> :) <Rachel_> Hmmm... yes, she adores you. <Nikolai_> Oh come on Rachel... <Nikolai_> So she's affectionate with her friends. <Nikolai_> She's not trying to steal me. <Rachel_> Maybe not. I trust you, anyway. <Nikolai_> We've been friends for years. Lets just say she did like me, why would she wait until I had a girlfriend, and then try to break us up? <Nikolai_> That wouldn't make any sense <Rachel_> Nik... I hate to be the one to point this out, but she's a pooka; you are a sidhe. <Nikolai_> So? Maxine is a pooka too <Nikolai_> What's you point? <Rachel_> Maybe she was too shy to say anything. <Nikolai_> Domino? Shy? <Nikolai_> Look, Rach, no offense, but you really don't know her. <Rachel_> No, you're right, I don't. <Rachel_> But I got the feeling that she was trying to bait me all evening. <Nikolai_> Bait you? <Nikolai_> O_o <Nikolai_> Where is all of this coming from? <Rachel_> Nikolai, every time she could she was hanging off of you. <Rachel_> She only hugged Will *once*. <Nikolai_> She hasn't seen me in a long time. <Nikolai_> She sees Will like every day.

  • Nikolai_ says, a little frustrated.
  • Domino grows bored.

<Domino> . o O (Crack that whip, baby) <Rachel_> Nikolai... <Rachel_> I know she's your friend and that's fine. I'm glad you have friends. I also realize that you haven't seen them in a long time. <Nikolai_> >:| <Rachel_> But there was just something about her behaviour towards me that rang a few bells. She kept giving me these looks; it made me uncomfortable. <Nikolai_> What looks? <Nikolai_> I was right there and I didn't see any looks <Rachel_> Nikolai, I don't expect you to stop spending time with her or anything. You don't have to get so defensive. <Rachel_> But maybe... just pay a bit more attention. <Rachel_> Maybe you're right. maybe I'm just imagining things. <Nikolai_> Pay more attention??

  • Nikolai_ sighs in exasperation.
  • Rachel_ is unhappy and uncomfortable; not used to fighting.
  • Rachel_ looks down at the ground and her wings droop slightly.

<Rachel_> I don't want to fight. <Nikolai_> Domino is my *friend*, I think I have a little more experience reading her. <Nikolai_> And now you're accusing her of wanting to steal me, or something? :( <Rachel_> No! <Nikolai_> Why would you say these things to me? So I'll feel guilty every time she wants to give me a hug? <Rachel_> No! <Rachel_> Just...

  • Rachel_ raises her hands to her temples and wrings her hair a bit.
  • Rachel_ is frustrated and exasperated and unhappy.
  • Rachel_ drops her hands to her sides again.

<Rachel_> Look, forget I mentioned it. <Nikolai_> ... <Rachel_> Why don't you go back inside and finish getting caught up with her. I trust you, all right? <Nikolai_> You want to leave? <Rachel_> Not really. <Nikolai_> You're not just going to stand out here all night, are you? <Rachel_> No... <Rachel_> Nikolai... <Nikolai_> They're going to close soon anyway... <Rachel_> Is it possible that maybe - oh, never mind. <Nikolai_> What? <Rachel_> No, I don't want to start arguing again. <Nikolai_> Fine... <Rachel_> This was supposed to be an enjoyable evening, and it was, for the most part. <Rachel_> Let's go back inside for a while, ok? <Nikolai_> Fine. <Rachel_> You're still angry. <Nikolai_> No I'm not. <Rachel_> All right. You're not.

  • Rachel_ isn't convinced.
  • Rachel_ looks at Nikolai sadly and apologetically.

<Rachel_> Come on.

  • Rachel_ sighs.
  • Rachel_ holds her hand out for him to take if he wants.

<Rachel_> (the true test of whether he's still angry or not.)

  • Nikolai_ does, but doesn't really look at her.

<Rachel_> . o O (He's angry.) <Rachel_> (Rachel has empathy, by the way... what's she picking up from him?) <Nikolai_> (annoyance.)

  • Rachel_ leans her head on his arm briefly, and perhaps apologetically.

<Rachel_> I love you. <Rachel_> . o O (In spite of your blindness. >:^( )

  • Nikolai_ pushes the door open.
  • Domino is half-draped over the bar again, chatting with Maxine.
  • Rachel_ walks with dignity over to the bar and smiles pleasantly at Dominique and Maxine.

<Domino> Ah darling, you meesed last call; zat means you pay for mine!

  • Rachel_ loses her hold on Nikolai's hand.

<Rachel_> I'll pay.

  • Domino 's sharp eyes quickly read the body language.

<Rachel_> What do I owe you, Maxine? <Domino> Sure sing, ma chouette. Fork eet over.

  • Domino gives her a smile which is somehow very... French.

<Rachel_> (Maxine probably gives a crazy price but Rachel looks at the price list and hands over a bunch of whatever passes for currency these days.) <Domino> . o O (Buy me all the drinks you want, chiquitita)

  • Rachel_ acts very calmly and hopes Nikolai will actually maybe pay more attention to Rachel/Dominique interactions.
  • Nikolai_ doesn't see anything wrong. Same old Dom :o
  • Rachel_ will talk pleasantly with whoever's left for the rest of the evening and tries not to act any differently towards Dominique than the others...

<Rachel_> (Then the place closes, Nik and Rach walk home (mostly in silence?) and retire to their respective rooms, I suppose)