Rachel, Fletcher & Dovev, 4/12/2003

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  • Rachel_ is teaching Emily and a couple other childlings the alphabet in her study
  • Longpig kicks Fletcher into the study
  • Fletcher will be in the study, watching her teach.
  • Emily_ and the other childlings are eager to learn.
  • Emily_ is a dog pooka.
  • Emily_ and the others have arrived since Rachel went around her Barony; she had offered to teach anyone who was interested to read and write and stuff.
  • Rachel_ teaches. Whee! Not going to monologue. I thought someone could interrupt the class to talk to me or something. :)
  • Dovev walks through the door at the back of the room. *Through* the door.
  • Fletcher listens intently. As usual he carries most of his possesions with him, including his bow and a sword.
  • Rachel_ looks up at the newcomer and looks surprised for a split second.
  • Rachel_ turns to her students.
  • Dovev quietly sniffs the air.

<Rachel_> Class, please take out your pens and paper and practice writing the letters B, D, P. <Rachel_> Capital and lower case. <Rachel_> I'll be back in a moment.

  • Dovev looks briefly at each fae in the room.
  • Rachel_ heads over to the dragon.
  • Fletcher will Ken Dovev.
  • Rachel_ heads over to the dragon.

<Rachel_> Dovev, welcome... I was not told to expect you. Is there anything I can help you with? <Dovev> <w> Yesss.

  • Dovev seems to glide backward back through the door
  • Rachel_ glances at her students to make sure they're behaving, then heads out after the dragon, wondering what this is about.
  • Fletcher will quietly follow Rachel, picking up his stuff as he goes. (just so I don't get cut out of the IC completely)
  • Rachel_ can't remember saying anything requiring chiding when Isabel and Kolya visited... Maybe he's angry about her talk of swimming lessons.

<Dovev> (yay!)

  • Rachel_ steps outside -where is Dovev now?

<Dovev> (in the hallway) <Rachel_> (fuck, I'm all shaky all of a sudden...)

  • Rachel_ strides over to the dragon.

<Rachel_> (hope I'm not getting sick  :P) <Dovev> <w> The ssssssssseer. Kolya. <Rachel_> Yeeees...?

  • Rachel_ wonders if they've learned anything about him.
  • Dovev makes an annoyed rattling sound at the back of his throat, disapproving of the tone.

<Rachel_> (it wasn't an insolent tone) <Rachel_> (It was a thoughtful one) <Dovev> <w> He visited here the day before yessssterday. <Rachel_> He did, yes. <Dovev> <w> Yessssterday afternoon he eckssssperienssssed a difficulty...

  • Rachel_ looks concerned.

<Rachel_> Really...? <Rachel_> What sort of difficulty? <Dovev> <w> He is in disssstresssss... psssychically. <Rachel_> . o O (*Sigh* Is it Soleil after all...?  :/ )

  • Rachel_ looks around the hall.

<Rachel_> Come, let's go to the library where there is a bit more privacy.

  • Dovev glances at the sluagh.

<Rachel_> This is Fletcher. I trust him.

  • Fletcher is standing respectfully behind Rachel.
  • Fletcher is standing respectfully behind Rachel.

<Rachel_> Fletcher, this is Dovev, who works for the Countess Diamond Gwydaine. <Fletcher> <w>Pleasure to meet you. <Dovev> <w> ssssssssssssss.... <Dovev> <w> Library?

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> It's small but it will do. <Rachel_> This way...

  • Rachel_ leads the dragon and the sluagh to the library.

<Rachel_> (no one is there at the moment, happily) <Rachel_> Please, sit if you like, Dovev.

  • Rachel_ indicates the comfy chairs around the one table that could be fit into the library.

<Rachel_> And you too, Fletcher.

  • Rachel_ remains standing, herself.
  • Dovev remains standing.
  • Fletcher will lean against a bookcase but remain standing.

<Rachel_> What happened, exactly...? <Dovev> <w> While sssscrying, he began to bleed <Rachel_> ...

  • Rachel_ didn't know he did Soothsay.

<Dovev> <w> The blood ran cold... not as cold as the firssst time, but no lesssss unnaturally cool

  • Rachel_ frowns.

<Rachel_> What was he trying to scry, do you know? <Dovev> <w> a relapsssse...

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Dovev> <w> Nothing of import.

  • Rachel_ looks concerned and thoughtful.

<Dovev> <w> A sssssatyr. <Rachel_> ... <Dovev> <w> We do not believe the timing, ssso ssssoon after coming here, to be entirely a coinssssidensssse. Sssssssertain omens point to thisss plassssse...

  • Rachel_ closes her eyes briefly.

<Dovev> <w> The Countesssss believes you know ssssssomething you are not sssssharing. <Dovev> <w> Meanwhile, Kolya bleedsssss...

  • Rachel_ feels her heart sinking.

<Rachel_> I don't have anything to do with these attacks. It is not something I wanted or requested. <Dovev> <w> Sssssomething here gave the ssssplinter in his eye the power to resisssst... <Dovev> <w> You are being evassssive. <Dovev> <w> You ssssssend sssspies and dead ssstones to our cassstle... <Dovev> <w> What is your purpossssse?

  • Dovev narrows his black eyes.

<Rachel_> No purpose insofar as Kolya is concerned. <Rachel_> The stone was something I saw in a dream; it seemed significant. I don't know what it was. <Rachel_> ...

  • Rachel_ doesn't want to betray Soleil now that push comes to shove.
  • Rachel_ doesn't know what else it could be, though.

<Rachel_> (just a sec) <Dovev> (k)

  • Rachel_ tries to think of a suitable way to word this...
  • Rachel_ sighs.

<Rachel_> Dovev... there is someone who may be responsible for this. <Dovev> <w> Yesss. <Rachel_> There is a problem, though. <Dovev> <w> Isss there... <Rachel_> He's been dead for quite some time. <Rachel_> I can try to get him to come, but I'm quite sure he won't be interested...

<Dovev> <w> You knew thissss... <Rachel_> I didn't know it for sure. But the coincidence now is too strong to ignore. <Rachel_> Fletcher... would you please go find out if Soleil is to be found in the basement at the moment. <Dovev> <w> It calss itssssself... Ssssoleil? <Fletcher> <w>Yes, of course. <Rachel_> It does.

  • Fletcher will very quietly pick up his belongings and go down to the basement.
  • Rachel_ looks Dovev right in the eye to see if there is a glimmer of recognition.
  • Dovev 's black eyes are unreadable.

<Fletcher> (Once I'm out of the library I will walk quite quickly, so I don't miss much of the conversation.) <Rachel_> Thank you, Fletcher.

  • Rachel_ says as he leaves.
  • Sleet sings some little song in italian :)
  • Rachel_ waits silently with Dovev unless he says something more.
  • Fletcher will respectfully approach Sleet.

<Sleet> <w> Fletcher... <Sleet> <w> What a surprise. <Fletcher> <w>Greetings.... <Sleet> <w> What can I do for you...? <Fletcher> (Does she actually seem surprised?) <Sleet> (not really) <Fletcher> <w>A very powerful Chimera named Dovev has arrived to speak to Rachel. They have asked to meet with Soleil.

  • Fletcher watches Sleet for her reaction.

<Sleet> <w> Dovev serves her grandmother... <Sleet> <w> So, why have you come to me, then? <Fletcher> <w>Actually...Rachel asked me to check the basement for Soleil... <Fletcher> <w>If he was here, you would be the one to know. <Sleet> <w> I don't see him... Do you? <Fletcher> <w>No, but that does not mean he is not here. <Fletcher> <w>I will tell her I could not see him if that is what you would like. But I feel this Dovev will most likely look into things himself if he does not get the answers he wants from Rachel. <Fletcher> (Fletcher's tone say..."I'll cover for you if you want me to, but this Dovev will come down her and look himself." <Fletcher> (This is more Fletcher warning Sleet, than him threatening her.) <Sleet> <w> I won't give him up. <Fletcher> <w>I don't intend to say you have him. <Fletcher> <w>Who is he? <Sleet> <w> The winter sun. <Fletcher> <w>I hope this goes well for you. <Sleet> <w> I no longer fear death.

  • Fletcher will bow respectfully then turn to leave.
  • Sleet shrugs fluidly.

<Fletcher> <w>Death means many different things.

  • Fletcher will leave and return to the library.
  • Fletcher will enter the library.
  • Rachel_ and Dovev are still waiting silently... ^-^

<Rachel_> Ah, Fletcher. <Rachel_> Was he there? <Dovev> <w> It did not come. <Fletcher> <w>I saw no ghost in the basement.

  • Rachel_ frowns.

<Fletcher> <w>No it did not. <Rachel_> I'm sorry, Dovev... <Rachel_> There's no way I can compel it to come, I'm afraid. <Dovev> <w> It musssst ansssswer. <Dovev> <w> It musssst ansssswer. <Rachel_> For the attacks? If it's responsible, of course it should be punished. <Rachel_> I'm not sure how we can effect that, though.  :/ <Dovev> <w> I do not believe that you don't know. <Dovev> <w> Ssssssssoleil... indeed <Rachel_> I don't know for sure. I agree that at this time, it seems Soleil is most likely responsible for Kolya's difficulties. <Dovev> <w> It issss the icccccccy claw of the Winter Sssssssssun. <Dovev> <w> You know it! <Dovev> <w> We did not think it possssssible... A trick, perhapssssss... <Dovev> <w> It is *not* a trick, is it? Another dead sssssssstone? <Rachel_> Soleil exists. Indeed he does. <Rachel_> But I have nothing to do with the attacks on Kolya. <Rachel_> It is not something I wished for, nor is it something I condone. <Dovev> <w> You musssssst tell me all that you know.

  • Dovev steeples his fingers below his chin.

<Rachel_> Very well. I will tell you what I know. <Rachel_> Soleil first appeared to me at my father's house in Oxford. I was not happy with his presence and, in fact, told him more than once to leave me be. <Rachel_> I did not see him again for some time after that initial contact. <Rachel_> At the ball in Tara Nar, Kolya took me aside and told me he had had a vision about a power that wished to turn my heart to hatred. <Rachel_> My immediate instinct was that, perhaps it was this Soleil, but I had not seen him in some days and did not wish to jump to conclusions. <Rachel_> I expect Kolya told Her Excellency about this vision as soon as he was able; it benig his job. <Rachel_> Earlier that day, Soleil had made himself known to me once more to give me his best wishes on my appointment. <Rachel_> Overnight, the attack occurred. <Rachel_> I did suspect it might be Soleil, especially in light of the vision Kolya had, but I had no way to proove this. I have often been accused of acting on impulse and so I did not trust my line of thought. <Rachel_> I did not see Soleil again for some time, at any rate, and had no opportunity to question him about it. <Rachel_> The next time I saw him, I did accuse him of the attack but he vehemently denied it. I decided I was probably wrong. <Rachel_> He visited on occasion and we had some interesting discussions, but I've never really been quite sure what to make of him. I still am not. <Rachel_> I was not generally very kindly disposed towards him, so eventually he ended his visits. <Rachel_> I haven't seen him since and hoped he had left. Recently I discovered that he hadn't actually left; he just hadn't been manifesting himself to me. <Rachel_> And now you come and say that Kolya has suffered an episode so similar to the one in Tara Nar that I cannot deny offhand that Soleil isn't, in fact, responsible for the attack. <Rachel_> And there you have it. <Rachel_> If there were some way I could compel him to appear, I certainly would/ <Rachel_> But I have no power over him at all. <Dovev> <w> How did you discover that it was still here? <Rachel_> Some of my employees are sensitive to the presence of spirits. <Rachel_> But they cannot compel him to appear any more than I can. <Dovev> <w> Is it often found in the basement> <Dovev> ? <Rachel_> Soleil comes and goes as he wishes. He may be here right now, listening; I wouldn't know. <Rachel_> If he is, I am quite sure he will be making himself scarcer than usual if he is in fact guilty. <Dovev> <w> You could summon your medium. <Dovev> ... <Rachel_> Sir Zahra is away at the moment. <Dovev> <w> In any cassse... Sssshe will want to rout him out. Sssshe will find a way to do it.

  • Rachel_ shrugs.

<Dovev> <w> Your information will doubtlesss prove invaluable in aiding the ssseeer... <Rachel_> If he is guilty he must answer for his crimes. <Rachel_> I only wish I had trusted my instincts in the first place. <Dovev> <w> ssssshe sssspoke often of the chill of his hand...

  • Dovev says thoughtfully.

<Dovev> <w> Sss... <Rachel_> . o O (So you do know him.) <Dovev> <w> We may have to ssssssssummon your lord father. <Fletcher> <w>He is not in this room at the moment.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> If there is anything I can help with; preparations or what-have-you, please let me know. <Rachel_> I am anxious to resolve this issue myself. <Dovev> <w> I mussssst return to her; ssshe is mosssst anxioussss to sssseee Kolya recover... <Dovev> <w> I am cccccertain that we will return sssssooon. <Fletcher> <w>May I ask how you travel back and forth? <Dovev> <w> Many thanksssssss I offer to you. <Rachel_> I am sorry abour Kolya.  :/

  • Dovev turns to look at Fletcher.

<Dovev> <w> Many pathsssss are known to me, sssssluagh.

  • Dovev turns back to Rachel.
  • Rachel_ raises a eyebrow at the cryptic comment directed towards the sluagh

<Dovev> Good day, Rachel... You mussssssst come to visit sssooon.

  • Rachel_ turns back to Dovev.

<Dovev> <w> Windrider... misssssses you terribly. <Rachel_> I miss *everyone* there...

  • Dovev sinks into the floor.
  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Rachel_> (Dovev is gone?) <Longpig> (yes)

  • Rachel_ looks very unhappy as soon as he's gone and sinks into a seat.

<Rachel_> Poor Kolya...

  • Rachel_ glances towards Fletcher.

<Rachel_> I should have trusted myself, but I didn't. And now Kolya has paid again.  :/

  • Rachel_ hangs her head in her hands.

<Fletcher> <w>Was he your friend?

  • Rachel_ smiles ruefully.

<Rachel_> Not really. But that doesn't mean I wanted harm to come to him. <Rachel_> And I've grown to like him since... he came by with Lady Isabel the other day. <Rachel_> :( <Fletcher> hmmmm <Fletcher> <w>What do you know of Soleil. <Rachel_> <w> I'm afraid that... he may have attacked Kolya because of me, but it is not something I ever wanted or asked for.

  • Rachel_ looks away; doesn't wish to show weakness in front of Fletcher.

<Rachel_> <w> I hope that's not why he did it but I don't know why else he might... <Fletcher> <w>How was Kolya attacked? <Rachel_> Overnight, in a heavily guarded castle - the High Queen's... <Rachel_> We awoke to one of the chambermaids screaming that he was dead. <Rachel_> I ran to his room and there he was, lying in a pool of blood. And cold, so cold. <Rachel_> But he was alive still, thank Dana. <Rachel_> Something had attacked his mind. He is kinain and he had the Sight; but it was taken from him, forcefully. <Fletcher> hmmmm <Rachel_> Now he tries to scrye and he is attacked in the same way, after visiting me - being here, where Soleil is.

  • Fletcher will sit in a chair and appears to fall into deep thought.

<Rachel_> And Soleil does call himself the Winter Sun. The wounds are both cold, very cold... <Rachel_> So the coincidence is too strong to ignore now. And I should have trusted my instincts to begin with.

  • Rachel_ looks and sounds quite upset as she speaks.

<Fletcher> <w>What will you do? <Rachel_> I don't know. Soleil must know now that they will come for him. I can't do anything to make him stay or go. I am worried about Sleet, though. If they come, they will find him with her. <Rachel_> And they might wonder. <Rachel_> She is innocent. I should go talk to her. <Fletcher> <w>Why is she innocent?

  • Rachel_ turns to look at Fletcher, surprised.

<Rachel_> Well... I suppose I don't know that for sure. <Rachel_> But everyone is innocent until proven guilty. <Fletcher> <w>No, the are innocent until they commit a crime. <Rachel_> ...

  • Fletcher is waiting for Rachel to answer

<Rachel_> You are right, in a way. But we don't know that she has. Nor do we know that Soleil has, for that matter. <Rachel_> Still, the Countess will come. She does not take injury to her person lightly. And Kolya was someone she had use for.

  • Trolius guards

<Fletcher> <w>What did Dovev mean by the stones being silenced? <Rachel_> That stone I asked you to learn about if you could. It has something to do with them. <Rachel_> But I don't know anymore than you do about them, really.

  • Rachel_ sighs.

<Rachel_> I should go see if the childlings have figured out that I'm not there so they can run off and play. <Rachel_> I ought to go check on them, then see Sleet. <Rachel_> I sent her a mock stone because I did see it in a dream. It seemed significant. <Fletcher> <w>Be careful with Sleet.

  • Rachel_ half-smiles.

<Rachel_> I haven't forgotten your last warning. Thank you. <Fletcher> And search your history books for the name the winter star. <Rachel_> The winter sun. <Fletcher> <w>The dead lived once...and I strongly suspect you could find the name, somewere. <Rachel_> I'll see if I can fit it in somewhere.

  • Fletcher glances at all the books.
  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Rachel_> You're welcome to read if you like. But I don't think there will be mention of Soleil in any of these books. <Rachel_> He is older than they are. <Fletcher> <w>I was never taught to read. <Rachel_> ... <Rachel_> You weren't? <Rachel_> You should join in the classes then! <Fletcher> <w> Slaves are kept ignorant. <Fletcher> <w> No. <Rachel_> Ah - if you don't mind learning with childlings half your age... <Rachel_> Or I can teach you on your own if you like. <Fletcher> <w>I will look into the stones......perhaps there are other ways I can help. <Fletcher> <w>You would be wise to have someone check the books for the name. <Rachel_> ... <Rachel_> I already have, Fletcher. I already have. <Fletcher> hmmmm <Rachel_> I really must go, though. <Fletcher> <w>Dovev knows more than he let on, of course.

  • Fletcher will stand to go.
  • Trolius did that, damnit, and was told to stop :p

<Fletcher> <w>Thank you for your time. Good day. <Trolius> (I can't even remeber, suddenly, if Rachel asked me to tell her what I learned o_O) <Rachel_> (Yes, and she is being truthful when she says she has already had someone check the books for the name, now, isn't she?) <Trolius> (yes, she is, I just couldn't remember what i reported back :o) <Rachel_> (I don't think you learned anything at all, if I remember correctly. Or nothing I didn't already know, anyway)

  • Rachel_ takes her leave of Fletcher.