Oshairana Bertrand

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Player: Ladyiolanthe

Class: Harper

Race: Human

Appears in: Five Kingdoms


Oshairana is the eldest of seven children (five girls and two boys) born to Nebibit, a woman of Khet, and Aleix Bertrand, a man of Medeira.

Oshairana takes after her mother in appearance, but her father in ability, and is quietly his favourite child, though he is a good father to all the children. Like him, she is an accomplished singer and musician. In addition she is a quick study. She was a bright and pretty child, and the eldest daughter of the 'Queen' so she was spoiled by most everyone in The Leopard's Coterie. She had a natural aptitude for picking up languages and learned them easily from members of the troupe who came from various backgrounds. She can speak almost every language spoken in the Five Kingdoms and can write several.

She is a gregarious, easy-going person and she is quite fond of other people. She loves to sing and play her lute and will often play to entertain her friends, as well as for official performances.

As the eldest child, Oshairana was given a fair bit of responsibility by her parents and often would look after the younger children when her parents were busy with their other activities. She gets along well with most of her siblings and most of the troupe members. Several young men in the troupe have developed quite a liking for Oshairana, and they, in part, are responsible for her strong desire to get away from the troupe for a while. It's not that they're especially awful, it's just that their attentions make her feel a little uneasy. In the past few months it's been hard to find any place to just spend some time alone without one of those young men finding her and trying to get all romantic.

Oshairana is now 18 years old, and wants to strike out on her own. Her parents were a bit concerned (Aleix moreso than Nebibit) about her leaving the safety of the caravan but finally relented and permitted their eldest daughter to leave. Oshairana plans to make her way as a translator and a guide. She is proud of her roots and proud that she has travelled the Five Kingdoms all her life; she feels that she knows them almost as well as the back of her hand. She is quite an exuberanand independent girl. She is excited about the prospect of new adventures and of meeting new people and possibly, seeing new places. She can be quite naive about the world, having spent all her life so far amongst the close-knit and protective members of The Leopard's Coterie. She figures she will probably return to The Coterie eventually, but for now, she just wants to spread her wings and fly.

Vital statistics:

Age: 18

Height: 4'11"

Weight: 100 lbs

Eyes: Amber

Hair: Black

Skin: coffee-and-cream


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