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Maddox Falgout comes from a lesser branch of the illustrious House Wolf family that has produced three emperors. His ancestress Raya Falgout was, in fact, Empress when Psyra was brought into the Empire in 1836.

A younger child from a long line of younger children, his best hope for carving out a name for himself was to join the military. After graduating from military academy, he became a junior officer. Outwardly cocksure, he nonetheless proved to have a good head for leadership and became a favourite among his soldiers, though perhaps not among his superiors.

In 2276, as tensions continued to grow, then-lieutenant Falgout and his soldiers were transferred to the military outpost town of Arguvan in Psyra. During this time, he became friends with Genevriel Doucette. Lt. Falgout and his troops remained stationed in the area until several outlying Aveyronnais homesteads (including the Doucette farm) were attacked on the 18th of Sixth-month, 2277. Shortly afterwards, Falgout received orders to mobilize his troops; they saw heavy action until the rebels surrendered in 2280. He fell out of contact with Gen after being redeployed.

Falgout was injured during the war but served admirably enough, having gained the rank of Major by its end. He now works a desk job for the military justice branch.

Hobbies include hunting, reading, and philosophy.

Family Info

Parents Rosalie and Lionel Falgout own a textile mill and live in the Pavillion. Petras Falgout, Duke of Breese is his uncle. The Duke raises racehorses on a country estate.

Four older sisters; three of whom were already married and had children in 2277. Madds is the youngest child of the family.

  • Eldest sister: Helen. Married and the mother of at least one little girl (2277).
  • Second eldest: Stefanie. Married with children (2277).
  • Third eldest: Irine. Married with children (2277).
  • Youngest sister: Alsa. Unmarried, no children (2277).